Greene County, New York
Gravestone Photo Project

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Greene County, New York Gravestone Photo Project

Column One: Surname (if 2 surnames is given, maiden then married surname)
FI = French-Indian | RW = Revolutionary War | IW = Indian Wars | 1812 = War of 1812 | MEX = Mexican War | CW = Civil War | SA = Spanish American War |
PI = Philippine Insurrection | WWI = World War I | WWII = World War II | KOR = Korean Conflict | VN = Vietnam War | WT = War on Terrorism
Column Two: Given

MABIE                                  Adelaide
MABIE                                  Annie I
MABIE                                  Sabrina
MABIE BRYANT                           Sabrina
MABIE HARE                             Annie I
MACKEY                                 Catharine
MACKEY                                 George
MACKEY                                 Henry
MACKEY                                 Thomas J
MACKEY                                 William H
MAGEE                                  Carrie J
MAGEE                                  David W
MAGEE                                  Jay C
MAGEE                                  John H
MAGEE                                  Margaret
MAGEE                                  Rachel A
MAGEE                                  Thomas
MAGILTON                               Julia A
MAGILTON GREENE                        Julia A
MANNING                                Mary A
MANNING WEBBER                         Mary A
MANSFIELD                              Byron
MANSFIELD                              Jehoiakim
MANSFIELD                              Julia A
MANSFIELD                              Maria
MANSFIELD                              Maria A
MANSFIELD CAINE                        Julia A
MANZER                                 Martha J
MANZER OWEN                            Martha J
MARGISON                               Barbara
MARGISON                               Edgar
MARGISON                               Ivan
MARGISON                               Sally Ann
MARSHALL                               Ann Eliza
MARSHALL                               Frances A
MARSHALL                               John H
MARSHALL                               Tunis
MARSHALL (CW)                          John H
MARSHALL (CW)                          Tunis
MARSHALL BURLINGHAM                    Frances A
MARSHALL POTTS                         Ann Eliza
MATTICE                                Cordelia
MATTICE                                M. B.
MAXWELL                                Annie
MAXWELL KEATING                        Annie
MAYNARD                                Augusta
MCCABE                                 Amos B
MCCABE                                 Bradley S
MCCABE                                 Helen M
MCCABE                                 John C
MCCABE                                 Mary L
MCCABE                                 Mollie B
MCCABE (WWI)                           John C
MCCABE SMITHERS                        Mollie B
MCCARRICK                              Joseph H
MCCARTY                                Barclay E.V.
MCCARTY                                Hortense
MCCARTY                                John Barclay
MCCARTY                                Marie Antoinette
MCCARTY                                May
MCCARTY                                Wilson Chamberlain
MCCARTY VAN SLYCK                      Marie Antoinette
MCCORMICK                              Catharine
MCCORMICK                              Luke
MCDANIELS                              Harriet
MCDANIELS PALMER                       Harriett
MCHENCH                                Andrew C
MCHENCH                                Jane B
MEAD                                   Carrie
MEAD                                   Della
MEAD                                   Henry W
MEAD                                   Lydia
MEAD                                   M. Elizabeth
MEAD                                   Phebe Ann
MEAD                                   William R
MEAD (CW)                              Henry W.
MEAD JOHNSON                           Della
MEAD MARGISON                          Carrie
MEAD SPALDING                          Phebe Ann
MEEKER                                 Elizabeth
MEEKER GEORGE                          Elizabeth
MERRITT                                Gabriel
MERRITT                                Mary
MERRITT                                Permelia A
MERRITT HAYNES                         Mary
MERRITT LITCHFIELD                     Permelia A
MICHAELS                               Charles
MILKINS                                Susan
MILKINS COMPTON                        Susan
MILLAR                                 Catherine
MILLAR                                 Samuel
MILLAR WIXSON                          Catherine
MILLER                                 Abby K
MILLER                                 Albert V
MILLER                                 Ann E
MILLER                                 Betsey
MILLER                                 C. Amanda
MILLER                                 Caroline
MILLER                                 Charles O.
MILLER                                 Clarence E
MILLER                                 Cornelia E
MILLER                                 Daniel S
MILLER                                 Eliza
MILLER                                 Emeline
MILLER                                 Emeline
MILLER                                 Emily
MILLER                                 Esther M
MILLER                                 Eugene
MILLER                                 Hannah
MILLER                                 Hannah Jane
MILLER                                 Hawley
MILLER                                 Henry P
MILLER                                 James K
MILLER                                 Jane A
MILLER                                 Jessie E
MILLER                                 John
MILLER                                 Josephine C
MILLER                                 Lydia
MILLER                                 Lydia
MILLER                                 M. Silas
MILLER                                 Margaret
MILLER                                 Margaret
MILLER                                 Margaret
MILLER                                 Margaret A
MILLER                                 Mary E
MILLER                                 Mary Jane
MILLER                                 Maude K
MILLER                                 Peter
MILLER                                 Rowena A
MILLER                                 Sarah A
MILLER                                 Susie
MILLER                                 Timothy J
MILLER                                 Valentine J
MILLER                                 William
MILLER                                 William Emery
MILLER                                 William J
MILLER                                 Winnie
MILLER BURROUGHS                       Betsey
MILLER GARRATT                         Lydia
MILLER GRIFFIN                         Winnie
MILLER HICKOK                          Jane A
MILLER MAGEE                           Margaret
MILLER MOORE                           Rowena A.
MILLER SMITH                           Margaret A
MILLER TURNER                          Caroline
MILLER WELCH                           Mary Jane
MILLET                                 Wilona
MILLINGTON                             Harriet A
MONAHAN                                Catherine
MONAHAN                                Patrick
MOORE                                  Blanche E.
MOORE                                  Clark L
MOORE                                  Edwin L.
MOORE                                  Elijah
MOORE                                  Elijah
MOORE                                  Elijah C.
MOORE                                  Eliza Catherine
MOORE                                  Emily
MOORE                                  Estella
MOORE                                  Franklin S.
MOORE                                  Hannah
MOORE                                  James
MOORE                                  James W.
MOORE                                  Louisa
MOORE                                  Mary
MOORE                                  Mary
MOORE                                  Mary A
MOORE                                  Miner B
MOORE                                  Patty
MOORE                                  Rowena A.
MOORE                                  Samuel
MOORE                                  Sarah C
MOORE                                  Sumner
MOORE                                  William Uriah
MOORE HOUGH                            Sarah C.
MOORE JONES                            Mary A
MOORE REYNOLDS                         Hannah
MOOT                                   Agnes
MOOT ORR                               Agnes
MORE MILLER                            Emily
MOREHOUSE                              Lucinda
MORGAN                                 George T
MORGAN                                 John
MORGAN (WWI)                           George T
MORRISON                               Catherine
MORRISON                               Eliza
MORRISON                               Joseph
MORRISON BROOKS                        Catherine
MORRISON SMITH                         Eliza
MOSLEY                                 Mary
MOSLEY TALMAGE                         Mary
MULLEN                                 Barnard
MULLEN                                 Betsey J
MULLEN                                 John
MULLEN                                 Mary Ann
MULLEN                                 Thomas
MULLIGAN                               Elizabeth
MULLIGAN CLEARY                        Elizabeth
MUNDIN                                 Abraham
MUNDIN                                 Evennia
MUNSON                                 Alice A
MUNSON BLOODGOOD                       Alice A
MURPHY                                 Sylvia
MURPHY JOHNSON                         Sylvia
MYERS                                  Philip Stoddard
NEBENBURGH                             Isaac
NEBENBURGH (CW)                        Isaac
NELSON                                 Hannah J
NELSON                                 Lillie E
NELSON COWELL                          Hannah J
NELSON SCHERMERHORN                    Lillie E
NICKERSON                              Eunice D
NICKERSON PALMER                       Eunice D
NODINE                                 Benjamin
NODINE                                 Harriet
NODINE                                 Willis
NORTON                                 Ambrose
NORTON                                 Cynthia
NORTON                                 Eliza
NORTON                                 George W
O'CONNOR                               Thomas
O'DWYER                                Margaret
O'DWYER DOLAN                          Margaret
O'HARA                                 Abram
O'HARA                                 Catharine
O'HARA                                 Lucretia
O'HARA                                 Lucretia
O'HARA                                 Peter, Sr.
O'HARA                                 Peter, Sr.
O'HARA                                 Stephen
O'HARA KIMBALL                         Catharine
ORR                                    Agnes
OSBORN                                 Eliza
OSBORN                                 Emeline
OSBORN                                 Riley
OSBORN                                 Stephen N
OVERBAGH                               Cyrus
OVERBAGH                               Jane C
OVERBAGH                               John A
OVERBAGH                               Lydia E
OVERBAGH                               Mary E
OVERBAGH DEDERICK                      Jane C
OVERBAUGH                              Edward C.
OVERBAUGH                              Ignatius F
OVERBAUGH                              Maria
OVERBAUGH                              Ranson
OVERBAUGH                              Rebecca
OVERBAUGH                              Sarah
OVERBAUGH                              William A.
OVERBAUGH PALMER                       Maria
OVERBAUGH WEBBER                       Rebecca
OWEN                                   Andrew C
OWEN                                   Harriet
OWEN                                   Martha J
OWEN BACKUS                            Harriet
PAGE                                   Sally
PALMER                                 Ada
PALMER                                 Adaline
PALMER                                 Alfred B
PALMER                                 Ann E
PALMER                                 Anna
PALMER                                 Arthur Day
PALMER                                 Beatrice
PALMER                                 Benjamin
PALMER                                 Calvin
PALMER                                 Caroline
PALMER                                 Carrie
PALMER                                 Charles A.
PALMER                                 Charles R
PALMER                                 Clara J
PALMER                                 Clarissa J
PALMER                                 Cythella
PALMER                                 Dorothy
PALMER                                 Egbert N
PALMER                                 Eliza M
PALMER                                 Elizabeth
PALMER                                 Ellen M.
PALMER                                 Eunice
PALMER                                 Eunice D
PALMER                                 Evelyn L.
PALMER                                 Ezra A.
PALMER                                 Floyd W.
PALMER                                 George
PALMER                                 George E
PALMER                                 Gertrude E.
PALMER                                 Hannah L
PALMER                                 Hannah M
PALMER                                 Harriett
PALMER                                 Henry W.
PALMER                                 Ira
PALMER                                 James
PALMER                                 James J.
PALMER                                 James S
PALMER                                 Jane E
PALMER                                 Jason M
PALMER                                 Jennie M
PALMER                                 Jonathan
PALMER                                 Louise
PALMER                                 Lucinda R
PALMER                                 Lucy E
PALMER                                 Lydia
PALMER                                 M. Elizabeth
PALMER                                 Mabel M.
PALMER                                 Malinda
PALMER                                 Margaret
PALMER                                 Margaret M
PALMER                                 Maria
PALMER                                 Maria
PALMER                                 Martha
PALMER                                 Mary E
PALMER                                 Mary E
PALMER                                 Mary E.
PALMER                                 Milton
PALMER                                 Nellie May
PALMER                                 Phebe Jane
PALMER                                 Philip
PALMER                                 Reuben J.
PALMER                                 Samuel
PALMER                                 Sarah
PALMER                                 Sarah A
PALMER                                 Shadrach
PALMER                                 Sheridan B
PALMER                                 Spencer
PALMER                                 Stephen B
PALMER                                 Susan
PALMER                                 Walden
PALMER                                 William
PALMER                                 William H.
PALMER                                 William M.
PALMER                                 Willis
PALMER ABRAMS                          Carrie
PALMER ALEY                            Martha
PALMER BRANDOW                         Adaline
PALMER JOHNSON                         Sarah Elizabeth
PALMER SANFORD                         Jennie M
PALMER TAYLOR                          Sarah A
PALMER TOMPKINS                        Louise
PALMER WEBBER                          Mary E.
PALMER WEBBER                          Susan
PARKER                                 Albert
PARKER                                 Diantha
PARKER                                 James M, Jr.
PARSONS                                Georgiana
PARSONS                                Melvin
PARSONS VANSLYKE                       Georgiana
PATRIE                                 Hannah
PATRIE                                 Margaret N
PATRIE                                 William H
PATRIE HAINES                          Margaret N
PAUSLEY                                William H
PAYNE                                  Etta
PAYNE HIDECKER                         Etta
PEABODY                                Diantha
PEABODY PARKER                         Diantha
PECK                                   Eli R.
PECK                                   Lucina
PECK                                   Sarah
PECK HENDERSON                         Lucina
PECK JOHNSON                           Sarah
PERSON                                 Deborah
PERSON BRANDOW                         Deborah
PIERCE                                 Charles W.
PIERCE                                 Eliza O
PLANK                                  Adeline
POLLOCK                                Sarah A
POLLOCK CONNOR                         Sarah A
PONSOMBY                               Hannah
POTTER                                 Eleanor
POTTER                                 Shadrach R
POTTS                                  Ann Eliza
POWELL                                 Ambrose
POWELL                                 Annie L
POWELL                                 Charity
POWELL                                 Clarissa I
POWELL                                 Daniel E
POWELL                                 Harriet A
POWELL                                 Rachel A
POWELL                                 Sarah E
POWELL                                 Solomon C
POWELL BEDELL                          Sarah E
POWELL SWEET                           Harriet A
PRENDERGAST                            Edward P
PRENDERGAST                            Ellen
PRENDERGAST                            Michael
PRENDERGAST (SERV)                     Edward P
PRIEST                                 Angeline
PRIEST                                 Burton
PRIEST                                 Cornelia L.
PRIEST                                 James
RAMSDELL                               Addie H
RAMSDELL                               Alvina
RAMSDELL                               Caroline
RAMSDELL                               Carrie H
RAMSDELL                               Eugene L
RAMSDELL                               Ezekiel
RAMSDELL                               Mary Jane
REA                                    Leonard W
REDMOND                                Bridget
REED                                   Ann Eliza
REED                                   Jane Ann
REED                                   John D.
REED                                   Lois
REED TALMAGE                           Jane Ann
REYNOLDS                               Amanda
REYNOLDS                               Amy J
REYNOLDS                               Edgar L
REYNOLDS                               Ella
REYNOLDS                               Ernest
REYNOLDS                               Hannah
REYNOLDS                               Henry S
REYNOLDS                               Louisa E
REYNOLDS                               Mary J
REYNOLDS DIETZ                         Mary J
REYNOLDS WHEAT                         Ella
RICHARDSON                             Charles
RICHARDSON                             Helen M
RICHARDSON                             Mary E
RICHTERS                               George J.
RICHTERS                               Hermina M.
RICHTMEYER                             Elizabeth
RICHTMEYER WEST                        Elizabeth
RICHTMYER                              Grant H
RICHTMYER                              Hattie
RICHTMYER                              Naomi M
RICHTMYER                              Nelson H
RICHTMYER                              Sarah C.
RICHTMYER BARKER                       Sarah C
RICHTMYER BUDD                         Sarah C
RICHTMYER HALLENBECK                   Hattie
RIDER MILLER                           Hannah
RIEWE                                  Harriet C
RILEY                                  Francis
RILEY (CW)                             Francis
RIVENBURGH                             Emeline
RIVENBURGH OSBORN                      Emeline
ROACH                                  Maurice
ROBBINS                                Adelaide E
ROBBINS                                Maria T
ROBBINS                                Mary H
ROBBINS BAKER                          Adelaide E
ROBBINS BOTSFORD                       Mary H
ROBERTS                                Catharine A
ROBERTS                                Luman
ROBERTS                                Mary E
ROBERTS                                Susan M
ROBERTS WELLS                          Catharine A
ROBINSON                               Alonzo
ROBINSON                               Maryetta
ROBINSON                               Wilona
ROBINSON MILLET                        Wilona
ROCKEFELLER                            Catharine
ROCKEFELLER                            Peter
ROE                                    Marietta
ROE LAMPMAN                            Marietta
ROGERS                                 Alice
ROGERS                                 Eliada
ROGGEN                                 Aaron
ROGGEN                                 Elizabeth
ROGGEN                                 Emily
ROGGEN                                 Julia
ROGGEN                                 Peter
ROSA                                   Catherine C
ROSA                                   Estella
ROSA                                   Thomas P.
ROSA BUTLER                            Estella
ROUSE                                  Cornelia Huie
ROUSE                                  Pauline
RUDOLPH                                George W
RUDOLPH (WWI)                          George W
RUGG                                   Anna
RUGG                                   William M
RUNDELL                                Angeline
RUNDELL                                Charles
RUNDELL                                Hattie A
RUNDELL                                Horace H
RUNDELL                                Jane C
RUNDELL                                John S
RUNDELL                                Lillian
RUNDELL                                Maria L
RUNDELL                                Orloff L
RUNDELL                                Phebe
RUNDELL                                Phebe
RUNDELL                                Seth
RUNDELL                                Susan Ann
RUNDELL PALMER                         Jane E
RUNDLE                                 Hannah A
RUNDLE BENTLEY                         Hannah A
RUSS                                   Hannah
RUSS PATRIE                            Hannah
RUSSELL                                Orpah
RUSSELL LAMB                           Orpah
RYAN                                   Margaret
RYAN                                   Patrick
RYAN                                   Thomas
RYFF                                   Katherine F
RYFF JOHNSON                           Katherine F.
SALISBURY                              Barent Staats
SALISBURY                              Catherine
SALISBURY                              Nelley
SALISBURY (RW)                         Barent Staats
SALISBURY DEWEY                        Catherine
SALISBURY SOUSER                       Nelley
SANFORD                                Bettie A
SANFORD                                Cassius M
SANFORD                                Edith M
SANFORD                                George Weeks
SANFORD                                Herbert L
SANFORD                                Jennie M
SANFORD                                Lydia Adelia
SANFORD                                Lyman B
SANFORD                                Mary Eola
SANFORD                                May
SANFORD                                Sarah W
SANFORD                                Sherman T
SANFORD                                Silence
SANFORD                                Susan J
SANFORD BRIGGS                         Bettie A
SANFORD EVANS                          Edith M
SANFORD MOORE                          Louisa
SARLES                                 Elizabeth
SAYERS                                 Ella
SAYERS                                 Maud
SAYERS                                 Robert L
SCHERMERHORN                           Isaac C
SCHERMERHORN                           Lillie E
SCHILLINGER                            John Jacob
SCHILLINGER                            Maria Barbara
SCHUEMAN                               Elsey
SCHUNEMAN                              Anna Maria
SCHUNEMAN                              Johannis
SCHUNEMAN                              Rachel
SCHUNEMAN                              William
SCHUNEMAN (RW)                         Johannis
SCHUNEMAN KENYON                       Elsey
SCOTT                                  Carrie
SCOTT                                  Walter M
SCUTT                                  Dency
SCUTT                                  Henry
SCUTT                                  Mary R
SCUTT (CW)                             Henry
SCUTT TRAVER                           Dency
SCUTT YOUNG                            Mary R
SEABRIDGE                              Agnes
SEABRIDGE                              Charles D
SEAMAN                                 T.C.
SEARLE                                 Clara
SEARLE                                 Samuel T
SEARLES                                Carrie
SEARLES                                Mary
SEARLES                                Mattie A
SEARLES                                Susie
SEARLS                                 Elizabeth
SEARLS                                 Isaac
SEARLS ARMSTRONG                       Elizabeth
SEBOLT                                 Catharine
SEBOLT                                 Grace M.
SEBOLT ROCKEFELLER                     Catharine
SEBOLT SHERMAN                         Grace M.
SEDWICK                                Elizabeth
SEDWICK HIDECKER                       Elizabeth
SHARP                                  Esther M
SHARP                                  George W
SHARP                                  John F
SHARP                                  Maria
SHARP                                  Rachel
SHARP                                  Susan M
SHARP COVEY                            Rachel
SHARP GAY                              Maria
SHARP KENNEDY                          Susan M
SHARPE                                 Margaret
SHARPE COOK                            Margaret
SHAW                                   Bethiah
SHAW                                   Catharine E
SHAW                                   Elijah
SHAW                                   Grace
SHAW                                   Howard E
SHAW                                   Mary A
SHAW                                   Matilda
SHAW                                   Noah
SHEAR                                  Catherine
SHEAR HUNT                             Catherine
SHEEHAN                                Catherine
SHEEHAN                                Thomas
SHEEHAN                                Thomas
SHEEHAN (CW)                           Thomas
SHEPLEY                                Dan
SHEPLEY                                Eunice
SHERMAN                                Arthur G
SHERMAN                                Grace M.
SHERMAN                                Joseph
SHERRILL                               Emogene
SHERRILL                               Ezra
SHERRILL                               Johnathan
SHERRILL                               Lucena
SHERRILL                               Luman
SHERRILL                               Margaret
SHERRILL                               Mary Ann
SHERRILL                               Vina
SHERRILL MILLER                        Margaret
SHERRILL TALMAGE                       Mary Ann
SIGNOR                                 Charles
SIGNOR                                 Ida Maria
SIGNOR                                 James Edgar
SIMMONS                                Abraham
SIMMONS                                Benjamin
SIMMONS                                Frances E
SIMMONS                                Maria
SIMMONS                                Mary
SIMMONS                                Peter
SIMMONS                                Samuel W
SIMMONS                                Sarah C
SIMMONS                                William H
SIMMONS STEVENS                        Maria
SIMPKINS                               Catharine M
SIMPKINS KNOWLES                       Catharine M
SLATER                                 David M
SLATER                                 Elizabeth
SLATER                                 Ella
SLATER SWOPE                           Ella
SLAWSON                                Hannah M
SLAWSON PALMER                         Hannah M
SMALLING                               Ira
SMITH                                  Adella B
SMITH                                  Barbara
SMITH                                  Bertha Josephine
SMITH                                  Betsey
SMITH                                  Catharine A
SMITH                                  Charles L
SMITH                                  Eleanor
SMITH                                  Elenor
SMITH                                  Eliza
SMITH                                  Elizabeth
SMITH                                  Ella
SMITH                                  Elmer
SMITH                                  Frelove
SMITH                                  Glenn
SMITH                                  Harriet E.
SMITH                                  Henry W
SMITH                                  Horton H.
SMITH                                  James H
SMITH                                  Jane A
SMITH                                  Jared
SMITH                                  Joseph P
SMITH                                  Josephine
SMITH                                  Josephine
SMITH                                  Louisa
SMITH                                  Lyman
SMITH                                  Margaret A
SMITH                                  Maria
SMITH                                  Mary
SMITH                                  Mary
SMITH                                  Mildred S
SMITH                                  Moses M
SMITH                                  Oberon C
SMITH                                  Phila
SMITH                                  Rachel Jane
SMITH                                  Raymond P
SMITH                                  Robert
SMITH                                  Roscoe D
SMITH                                  Sarah E
SMITH                                  Ursula
SMITH (CW)                             Joseph P
SMITH ALLEN                            Lida
SMITH ANDERSON                         Adella B
SMITH DUNNINGTON                       Josephine
SMITH GAGE                             Mary
SMITH GREENWALD                        Barbara
SMITH HUSTED                           Mildred S
SMITH TAYLOR                           Eleanor
SMITH WALKER                           Ursula
SMITH WHEAT                            Elizabeth
SMITHERS                               Joseph P
SMITHERS                               Mollie B
SNYDER                                 Ellen M
SNYDER                                 Ezra
SNYDER HALLENBECK                      Ellen M
SOUSER                                 Nelley
SOUSER                                 Peter
SOUTHARD                               Jemima
SOUTHARD                               Samuel
SOWLES                                 Newton
SOWLES (CW)                            Newto
SPALDING                               Carrie L
SPALDING                               Darwin
SPALDING                               Jerome
SPALDING                               Phebe Ann
SPEANBURGH                             George H
SPEANBURGH                             Isaac
SPEANBURGH                             Mary Jane
SPEANBURGH                             Willie
SPEES                                  Deborah A
SPEES                                  Fanny W
SPEES                                  S. G.
SPEES                                  Samuel B
SPENCER                                Dorothy
SPENCER                                Gertrude
SPENCER                                Isaac D.
SPENCER                                James Munson, Sr.
SPENCER                                John
SPENCER                                Merrett T.
SPENCER                                Merrill J.
SPENCER GLENNON                        Dorothy
SPITZER                                Irene A.
SPITZER LAUTEN                         Irene A.
SPOOR                                  Casper
SPOOR                                  Catharine
SPOOR                                  Catherine E
SPOOR                                  Christina
SPOOR                                  Elizabeth
SPOOR                                  Elizabeth
SPOOR                                  Hellen
SPOOR                                  Irving
SPOOR                                  Jane
SPOOR                                  Kate R
SPOOR                                  Maria
SPOOR                                  Peter
SPOOR                                  William
SPOOR                                  William V.B.
SPOOR BRIGGS                           Hellen
SPOOR HALLENBECK                       Catharine
SPOOR TRUESDELL                        Maria
SQUIRES                                Henry
SQUIRES                                Miranda
ST. JOHN                               Ludlum
ST. JOHN                               Rosetta
STEVENS                                Augustus W
STEVENS                                Conrad
STEVENS                                David
STEVENS                                James E
STEVENS                                Maria
STEVENS                                Mary
STEVENS                                Minor
STEVENS                                Sarah
STEVENS AUSTIN                         Mary
STEVER                                 Elizabeth
STEVER DUBOIS                          Elizabeth
STEWARD                                James H
STEWART                                Agnes
STEWART                                Alexander
STEWART                                Carrie
STEWART                                Jane Ann
STEWART                                Robert
STEWART SCOTT                          Carrie
STEWART WAKELEY                        Jane Ann
STICKLES                               Luther
STICKLES (CW)                          Luther
STILES                                 Phebe E.
STILES GORSE                           Phebe
STILWELL                               Melissa R
STODDARD                               Abella M
STODDARD                               Alida
STODDARD FOOTE                         Abella M
STOKES                                 Sally
STOKES TOWNSEND                        Sally
STONE                                  Jay Arch
STONE                                  Levine
STONE                                  Levine
STONE                                  Nathan
STONE                                  Russel
STONE                                  Ruth Ann
STORM                                  Catharine
STORM TRUESDELL                        Catharine
STORY                                  Catharine E
STORY                                  Dorothy S
STORY                                  Lucinda M
STORY                                  Sylvanus L
STORY HOWARD                           Dorothy S
STORY SHAW                             Catharine E
STOUTENBURGH                           Elisabeth C
STREET                                 Aletta
STUART                                 Ezekiel
SUTTON                                 Anna
SUTTON                                 Maria
SUTTON                                 Thomas B
SWARTOUT                               Cornelius
SWARTOUT                               Hannah
SWAZEY                                 Martha R
SWAZEY CAREY                           Martha R
SWEET                                  Adeline
SWEET                                  Angeline
SWEET                                  Harriet A
SWEET                                  James A
SWEET                                  Newton
SWEET (CW)                             James A
SWEET VANDERPOOL                       Angeline
SWEZEY                                 Mary B
SWEZEY                                 Stephen
SWEZEY HILTON                          Mary B
SWOPE                                  Charles S
SWOPE                                  Ella
SYLVESTER                              Jane E
SYLVESTER                              John F
TALMADGE                               Fanny B
TALMADGE                               Jane B
TALMADGE                               Mary V
TALMADGE                               Roswell C
TALMADGE EASLAND                       Fanny B
TALMADGE MCHENCH                       Jane B
TALMAGE                                Ann
TALMAGE                                Celina
TALMAGE                                David
TALMAGE                                Henry
TALMAGE                                Jane Ann
TALMAGE                                Mary
TALMAGE                                Mary Ann
TALMAGE                                Rachel
TALMAGE                                William
TANNER                                 Martha
TANNER ALEY                            Minerva
TAYLOR                                 Eleanor
TAYLOR                                 Sarah A
TAYLOR                                 William
TEATS                                  Caroline A
TER BUSH                               Jemima
TER BUSH SOUTHARD                      Jemima
THOMAS                                 Charlotte
THOMPSON                               Anna
THOMPSON                               Charity
THOMPSON                               James
THOMPSON HAINES                        Charity
THORNE                                 Jane
THORNE DIBBLE                          Jane
THURSTON                               Rachel M
THURSTON VAN STEENBURG                 Rachel M
TOMPKINS                               Anna
TOMPKINS                               Augusta
TOMPKINS                               Elizabeth
TOMPKINS                               Elizabeth
TOMPKINS                               Emory G
TOMPKINS                               Grace
TOMPKINS                               Griffin P
TOMPKINS                               Irving G
TOMPKINS                               Irving R
TOMPKINS                               Jacob
TOMPKINS                               Jeremiah
TOMPKINS                               Laura A
TOMPKINS                               Loretta
TOMPKINS                               Louise
TOMPKINS                               Margaret
TOMPKINS                               Sarah A
TOMPKINS                               Susan E
TOMPKINS                               Susie E
TOMPKINS HERBERT                       Augusta
TOMPKINS KENYON                        Laura A
TOMPKINS VINES                         Margaret
TOMPKINS WHITFORD                      Susan E
TOWNSEND                               Cordelia
TOWNSEND                               H. Adelia
TOWNSEND                               Jane
TOWNSEND                               John T
TOWNSEND                               Maryette
TOWNSEND                               Sally
TOWNSEND GAGE                          Jane
TOWNSEND WINANS                        H. Adelia
TRAVER                                 Abram
TRAVER                                 Cornelia
TRAVER                                 Damaris A
TRAVER                                 Dency
TRAVER                                 John
TRAVER                                 William
TRAVER WHITE                           Damaris A
TRAVERS                                Emma J
TRAVERS                                Grant
TRAVIS                                 Anna G
TRAVIS                                 Florence A
TRAVIS                                 Hannah Jane
TRAVIS                                 Herbert A
TRAVIS MILLER                          Hannah Jane
TREMAIN                                Levi
TREMAIN                                Mindwell
TREMMEL                                Leonard C
TREMMEL                                Margaret
TREMMEL                                Mary
TREMMEL BAUNACH                        Margaret
TRIPP                                  Eugenia H
TRIPP LAMPMAN                          Eugenia H
TRUEDELL                               Mary
TRUESDELL                              Agusta
TRUESDELL                              Catharine
TRUESDELL                              John M
TRUESDELL                              Maria
TRYON                                  Edwin A
TRYON                                  Lucretia
TRYON                                  Nancy L
TRYON EARL                             Lucretia
TRYON GARRISON                         Nancy L
TUCKER                                 William F
TURK                                   Anna
TURK                                   Blanche E
TURK                                   Jacob
TURK MOORE                             Blanche E.
TURNER                                 Caroline
TURNER                                 Clara
TURNER                                 David
TURNER                                 Jane A
TURNER DEDRICK                         Jane A
TURNER SEARLE                          Clara
TURPIN                                 Ann E
TURPIN                                 George E
TURPIN                                 Rachel B
TUTTLE                                 Rebecca
TUTTLE LAKE                            Rebecca
TYNAN                                  Bridget
TYNAN                                  Catharine
TYNAN MCCORMICK                        Catharine
TYNAN REDMOND                          Bridget
VAIL                                   Catharine
VAN AKEN                               Cornelius
VAN AKEN                               Loretta J
VAN BENTHUYSEN                         Mary
VAN BERGEN                             Anna Maria
VAN BERGEN                             Esther
VAN BERGEN                             Henry
VAN BERGEN                             Phebe J
VAN BERGEN SCHUNEMAN                   Anna Maria
VAN BUREN                              Aaron R
VAN BUREN                              Edward R
VAN BUREN                              Nancy
VAN BUREN                              Rebecca
VAN BUREN COURT                        Rebecca
VAN BUSKIRK                            Abram R
VAN BUSKIRK                            Eliza Jane
VAN BUSKIRK                            Elizabeth
VAN BUSKIRK (CW)                       Abram R
VAN BUSKIRK FRELIGH                    Elizabeth
VAN DER POOL                           James A
VAN DEUSEN                             Alvina
VAN DEUSEN RAMSDELL                    Alvina
VAN DYCK                               Abraham
VAN DYCK                               Infant daughter
VAN DYCK                               Stephen
VAN HEUSEN                             Albert
VAN HEUSEN                             Hannah
VAN HEUSEN                             Henry
VAN HOESEN                             Elizabeth
VAN HOESEN                             Elizabeth
VAN HOESEN                             Jane
VAN HOESEN                             Maria
VAN HOESEN                             Rachael A
VAN HOESEN CHERITRE                    Rachael A
VAN HOESEN JANSEN                      Elizabeth
VAN HOESEN SPOOR                       Jane
VAN HOESEN SUTTON                      Maria
VAN LOAN                               Charlotte
VAN LOAN                               Hezekiah
VAN LOAN JEROME                        Charlotte
VAN ORDEN                              Adaline S
VAN ORDEN                              Catherine
VAN ORDEN                              Chauncy
VAN ORDEN                              Temperance
VAN ORDEN                              W TenBroeck
VAN ORDEN (WWI)                        Chauncy
VAN SCHAACK                            Derreck
VAN SCHAACK                            Mary A.
VAN SCHAACK                            Peter G
VAN SCHAACK (CW)                       Derreck
VAN SCHAACK (CW)                       Peter G
VAN SLYCK                              Marie Antoinette
VAN SLYKE                              Alida
VAN SLYKE                              Andrew
VAN STEENBURG                          Ingra A
VAN STEENBURG                          Rachel M
VAN STEENBURG ENGEL                    Ingra A
VAN STEENBURGH                         Jane E
VAN STEENBURGH CONINE                  Jane E
VAN VALKENBURGH                        Athenia
VAN VALKENBURGH                        Charles E
VAN VALKENBURGH                        Clara
VAN VALKENBURGH                        Dorothy
VAN VALKENBURGH (CW)                   Charles E
VAN VALKENBURGH FANCHER                Clara
VAN VALKENBURGH PALMER                 Dorothy
VAN VECHTEN                            Sarah (s)
VAN VECHTEN                            Sarah C
VAN VECHTEN                            Teunis S
VAN VECHTEN SIMMONS                    Sarah C
VAN VOORIHAS TRUEDELL                  Mary
VAN VORIS                              Sarah E
VAN VORIS SMITH                        Sarah E
VAN ZANDT                              Henry
VAN ZANDT (CW)                         Henry
VANDENBERGH                            Anna M
VANDENBERGH GALLUP                     Anna M
VANDENBURGH                            Christina
VANDENBURGH                            Edwin L
VANDENBURGH                            Emma
VANDENBURGH                            Lavina
VANDER PYLE                            Frank
VANDER PYLE (WWII)                     Frank
VANDERBILT                             Mary J
VANDERPOEL                             Ella
VANDERPOEL                             Zachary T
VANDERPOOL                             Angeline
VANDERPOOL                             Phineas
VANDYCK                                Lavinia
VANDYCK                                Mary F
VANSLYKE                               Georgiana
VAUGHN                                 Caroline
VAUGHN                                 Jay
VERMILYEA                              Luella
VERMILYEA COLLIER                      Luella
VIEW                                   Cemetery
VIEW                                   Cemetery
VIEW                                   Church Cemetery
VINCENT                                Catharine
VINCENT                                Charles W
VINCENT                                John
VINCENT                                Joseph
VINCENT                                May
VINCENT                                Sarah A
VINCENT BAGLEY                         May
VINES                                  Eli P
VINES                                  Margaret
VOORIHAS                               Mary
VROOMAN                                Daniel
WAGGONER                               Maria C
WAGGONER GAYNOR                        Maria C
WAGNER                                 Carrie
WAGNER                                 Maria
WAGNER                                 Orville S
WAGNER LAMPHIER                        Maria
WAGONER                                Caroline
WAGONER RAMSDELL                       Caroline
WAKELEY                                Abel
WAKELEY                                Annis
WAKELEY                                Charles Alfred
WAKELEY                                Eliza M
WAKELEY                                Jane Ann
WAKELEY                                Margaret E.
WAKELEY                                Mary E
WAKELEY                                Russell
WAKELEY                                Ruth Ann
WAKELEY                                S. Persons
WAKELEY BROWN                          Mary E
WAKELEY LUSK                           Eliza M
WAKELEY STONE                          Ruth Ann
WAKELEY WOOD                           Margaret E
WAKELY                                 Abner
WAKELY                                 Ellen
WAKELY                                 Phebe
WAKELY HICKOK                          Ellen
WALKER                                 Melvin
WALKER                                 Ursula
WALLACE                                William
WATERBURY                              Adaline S
WATERBURY VAN ORDEN                    Adaline S
WEBBER                                 Alice S.
WEBBER                                 Annie E
WEBBER                                 Benjamin
WEBBER                                 David
WEBBER                                 Harriet C.
WEBBER                                 James D
WEBBER                                 Jane Ann
WEBBER                                 Joseph P.
WEBBER                                 Lucy Ann
WEBBER                                 Mary A
WEBBER                                 Mary E.
WEBBER                                 Oliver M
WEBBER                                 Rebecca
WEBBER                                 Susan
WEED                                   Amanda E
WEED                                   Anna
WEED                                   Catherine A.
WEED                                   Deborah
WEED                                   Hervey
WEED                                   Phebe Eleanor
WEED SMITH                             Catharine A
WEED SUTTON                            Anna
WEEKS                                  Clarissa I
WEEKS                                  William H
WEEKS POWELL                           Clarissa I
WELCH                                  John Thomas
WELCH                                  Mary Jane
WELLS                                  Catharine A
WELLS                                  Charles E
WELLS                                  Sarah W
WELLS SANFORD                          Sarah W
WEST                                   Elizabeth
WHEAT                                  Catherine
WHEAT                                  Elizabeth
WHEAT                                  Ella
WHEAT                                  William
WHEAT                                  William B
WHEELER                                Caroline E
WHEELER                                Elizabeth
WHEELER                                Noah
WHEELER                                Sarah S
WHEELER                                Thomas M
WHITBECK                               Jane A
WHITBECK                               M. Elizabeth
WHITBECK                               Maria C
WHITBECK                               Mary A
WHITBECK                               Richard H
WHITBECK (CW)                          Richard H
WHITBECK MEAD                          M. Elizabeth
WHITBECK SHAW                          Mary A
WHITCOMB                               Mary
WHITCOMB MOORE                         Mary
WHITE                                  Damaris A
WHITFORD                               Alexander
WHITFORD                               Amos
WHITFORD                               Daniel
WHITFORD                               Loretta
WHITFORD                               Lucy A
WHITFORD                               Mary
WHITFORD                               Susan E
WHITFORD CUNNINGHAM                    Lucy A
WHITFORD TOMPKINS                      Loretta
WHITNEY                                Manetta C
WHITNEY HAMM                           Manetta C
WICKES                                 Ellura
WICKES                                 Lucinda
WICKES                                 Selah
WICKES BEDELL                          Ellura
WICKS                                  Mary
WIDDLETON                              May
WIDDLETON MCCARTY                      May
WILBER                                 Albert
WILBER                                 Ann
WILBER                                 Ann Eliza
WILBER                                 Catharine
WILBER                                 Coonley
WILBER                                 Lewis
WILBER REED                            Ann Eliza
WILBUR                                 Mary
WILBUR GIBSON                          Mary
WILLIAMS                               Asa G
WILLIAMS                               Emily P
WILLIAMS                               Henry V. D.
WILLIAMS                               Hulda E
WILLIAMS                               John M
WILLIAMS                               Mary
WILLIAMS                               Mary E
WILLIAMS                               Peter
WILLIAMS                               Rebecca
WILLIAMS                               Thomas H
WILLIAMS                               William T
WILLIAMS CARMAN                        Emily P
WILLSEY                                Hannah
WILLSEY SWARTOUT                       Hannah
WILSON                                 Mary
WILSON WHITFORD                        Mary
WINANS                                 Emily
WINANS                                 H. Adelia
WINANS                                 Philo S
WINN                                   Jason
WINN                                   Rosetta
WINNE                                  Adeline
WINNE SWEET                            Adeline
WINTERS                                Loretta J
WINTERS VAN AKEN                       Loretta J
WITBECK                                Laura C
WITBECK                                Richard V
WIXSON                                 Catherine
WIXSON                                 Moses J
WIXSON (CW)                            Moses J
WOLF                                   Peter
WOLFE                                  Amanda
WOLFE                                  Cornelia E
WOLFE                                  Dolly
WOLFE                                  George
WOLFE                                  Maria
WOLFE                                  Martha
WOLFE                                  Philipp
WOLFE DAVIS                            Dolly
WOLFE FANCHER                          Amanda
WOLFE LISK                             Maria
WOLFE MILLER                           Cornelia E
WOOD                                   Alice
WOOD                                   Alice S
WOOD                                   Courtney B
WOOD                                   Margaret E
WOOD                                   Phebe
WOOD                                   Rozella
WOOD                                   Sarah
WOOD BLENIS                            Alice
WOOD WAKELY                            Phebe
WOOLFORD                               Clarence
WOOLFORD                               Cora B
WOOLFORD                               Rachel A
WOOLFORD                               William
WORDEN                                 A. H.
WORDEN                                 Nora
WORDEN (CW)                            A. H.
WORDEN CUMMING                         Nora
WREN                                   Ann
WREN                                   Stephen
WREN (CW)                              Stephen
WRIGHT                                 Adaline
WRIGHT                                 Anson P
WRIGHT                                 Elizabeth
WRIGHT                                 Emogene
WRIGHT                                 Eunice
WRIGHT                                 Olney F
WRIGHT                                 Oscar F
WRIGHT                                 Peter Dwight
WRIGHT                                 Sarah
WRIGHT SHERRILL                        Emogene
YEOMANS                                Susan M
YEOMANS ROBERTS                        Susan M
YOUMANS                                Samuel
YOUNG                                  Mary R
YOUNG                                  Matilda
YOUNG                                  Obadiah
YOUNG                                  Ralph
YOUNG SHAW                             Matilda
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