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Common Mistakes to Avoid

Is it correct and current order form?

Is the order form filled in properly?

Common mistakes to avoid:

Step by Step Instruction:

1. Changed Address? Check and write in your old address

2. Changed Email? Check

All spaces marked ** must be filled in.

  1. Your name
  2. Your email address
  3. Your mailing address
  4. Your City, State, Zip (if you are not of USA, you know what your address format is)

The next part is very important to successful processing of your order. Mistakes to avoid....

Name of Person: the name listed on first column (Doe, John - not John Doe)

Place of Residence: the place where the person lived when he/she wrote the will. If there is an asterisk or 2, it means no town was recorded in the will (no town listed - "ntl" in newest and updated pages). This is NOT the same as "County of Record"

County of Record: This is very important piece of information. The county of record is always listed right at top of each index page (it always show xxxx county, state). Enter the name of county the name of person was listed under. This is NOT the same one as listed under "Place of Residence"

State, county #, Vol #, page #: The information as shown on the right column. Copy exact the same.

Double-check the information to be sure.

Please take extreme care with the following information:

Please be sure the numbers and letters are clear.
"letter H and letter N"
"number 5 and letter S"
"letter C and letter G"
"letter I and number 1"

Please note there are some entries with 3 or 4 asterisks listed. (high recommended scanned images order instead of paper. Paper copy is very costly if it's 20 or more, no matter what.

The entries that have 3 asterisks right after the name, they are 20 pages or more and cost $40.00. Please use correct form for this.(Scanned images is preferred)

The entries that have 4 asterisks right after the name, they are 40 pages or more and you must email to inquire for price quote before you attempt to order. Please use correct form for this. (Scanned images is preferred)


Mail your order along with check or money order - or - email the filled order form to SAMPUBCO and go to PayPal and make the payment OR REQUEST CREDIT CARD INVOICE. Invoice is sent from PayPal.com. Do NOT include the filled order form inside the PayPal payment order form. PayPal distort the information.

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