Oswego County, New York
Gravestone Photo Project

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Oswego County, New York Gravestone Photo Project

Column One: Surname (if 2 surnames is given, maiden then married surname)
FI = French-Indian | RW = Revolutionary War | IW = Indian Wars | 1812 = War of 1812 | MEX = Mexican War | CW = Civil War | SA = Spanish American War |
PI = Philippine Insurrection | WWI = World War I | WWII = World War II | KOR = Korean Conflict | VN = Vietnam War | WT = War on Terrorism
Column Two: Given

AMES                                   Sarah
AMES                                   Sarah
AMES                                   Sarah
AMES PLUMB                             Sarah
AMES PLUMB                             Sarah
AMES PLUMB                             Sarah
AMIDON                                 Eunice
AMIDON PHELPS                          Eunice
ARMSTRONG                              Lucy
BARKER                                 Lucille
BARKER PITCHER                         Lucille
BARNES                                 Jessie Kate
BARNES MCKOON                          Jessie Kate
BATES                                  Delida Jane
BATES HUIE                             Delida Jane
BELL                                   Cora A.
BELL                                   Eliza J.
BELL                                   Elizabeth J.
BELL                                   Jacob
BELL                                   Jacob N.
BELL                                   Jacob Wm.
BELL                                   James Albert
BELL                                   Jane
BELL                                   Mary
BELL                                   Mary
BELL                                   Mary Jane
BELL                                   Robert
BELL                                   Warner Sr.
BELL MCKOON                            Mary Jane
BENNETT                                Marilyn
BENTLEY                                Gideon
BENTLEY                                Isabel
BENZ                                   Charlotte
BENZ SCOVILLE                          Charlotte
BENZ WORKMAN                           Charlotte
BERNET                                 Kathryn L
BERNET HOLMES                          Kathryn L.
BLAIR                                  Margaret
BLAIR PITCHER                          Margaret
BOIGEOL                                Ella M.
BRANCHAUD                              Victorine
BRANCHAUD MARTELL                      Victorine
BURDICK                                Abigail Nabby
BURDICK PERFIELD                       Abigail Nabby
BURT                                   Amelia C
BURT TANNER                            Amelia C.
CALKINS                                Adelbart
CALKINS                                Angeline
CALKINS                                Anna H. (Angeline)
CALKINS                                Daniel
CALKINS                                James R.
CALKINS                                Joseph James
CALKINS                                Sophronia
CARD MASON                             Sarah
CASTER LESTER                          Alice
CASTOR                                 Alice
CASTOR                                 Anna
CASTOR                                 Earl J.
CASTOR                                 Harold
CASTOR                                 Joseph
CASTOR CUMMINS                         Mable
CATHOUT BELL                           Mary
CHIVERS HALE                           Miriam
CLAPSATTLE MCKOON                      Margaret
CLARK                                  Carrie B
CLARK SHERMAN                          Carrie B.
CLINE                                  Jane
CLINE BELL                             Jane
COFFEY                                 Mary
COFFEY                                 Michael J.
COLEMAN                                Charles F
COLEMAN                                Mary A
COLEMAN                                Mary E.
COLEMAN                                William P.
COLEMAN                                William T.
COLEMAN (WWII)                         Charles F.
COLEMAN O'BRIEN                        Mary A.
COMSTOCK                               Alta Margaret
COMSTOCK                               Anna L.
COMSTOCK                               Demas B.
COOK                                   Mima
COOK HOLBROOK                          Mima
COUNTRYMAN                             Anna
COUNTRYMAN CASTOR                      Anna
COVILLE                                Harriet
COVILLE HOLBROOK                       Harriet
CREIGHTON                              Catherine
CREIGHTON                              Frederick
CROLIUS                                George
CROLIUS                                Martha N
CUMMINS                                Clark
CUMMINS                                Mable
CURTIS                                 Bertha Alice
CURTIS HOLBROOK                        Bertha Alice
DAVIS                                  Jennie S
DAVIS PITCHER                          Jennie S.
DINGMAN                                George
DINGMAN                                George E.
DINGMAN                                Viola
DISTIN                                 Delos Randall
DISTIN                                 Joyce
DISTIN                                 Martha C.
DISTIN                                 Serena M.
DISTIN WRIGHT                          Joyce
DUPRE                                  Elizabeth
DUPRE ROWE                             Elizabeth
DWYER                                  James
ELLIOTT                                Mary
FITZGIBBONS                            Catherine
FITZGIBBONS                            Eliza L.
FITZGIBBONS                            Gracie
FITZGIBBONS                            James
FITZGIBBONS                            Patrick
GANTLEY                                Eileen P
GANTLEY                                Esther A.
GANTLEY                                Everett F
GANTLEY                                Francis W.
GANTLEY                                Mary Margaret
GANTLEY (WWII)                         Everett F.
GANTLEY GOINS                          Eileen P.
GARDNER                                Isabel
GARDNER BENTLEY                        Isabel
GILBERT                                Mary L
GILBERT MCKOON                         Mary L.
GOINS                                  Eileen P.
HALE                                   Beatrice
HALE                                   Family
HALE                                   Harriette (Hattie)
HALE                                   Henry
HALE                                   Imogene
HALE                                   Isaac Le
HALE                                   Joseph M.
HALE                                   Miriam
HALE HOWARD                            Emma (Emily) C.
HALE SHERMAN                           Beatrice
HAWKS HALE                             Harriette (Hattie)
HILL O'BRIEN                           Edna
HOGOBOOM                               Catherine B.
HOGOBOOM                               Charles L.
HOGOBOOM                               Frances A.
HOGOBOOM                               Samuel J.
HOLBROOK                               Alice Amanda
HOLBROOK                               Benton
HOLBROOK                               Bertha Alice
HOLBROOK                               Ephraim L.
HOLBROOK                               Harriet
HOLBROOK                               Hazel V.
HOLBROOK                               Herbert G.
HOLBROOK                               Ida I.
HOLBROOK                               Mima
HOLBROOK                               Samuel T.
HOLBROOK                               Stephen S
HOLBROOK                               Stephen S.
HOLBROOK                               Sylvia L
HOLBROOK                               Sylvia M.
HOLBROOK                               Warren
HOLBROOK  (CW)                         Stephen S.
HOLBROOK SHERMAN                       Alice Amanda
HOLBROOK SHERMAN                       Sylvia L.
HOLMES                                 Kathleen M.
HOLMES                                 Kathryn L.
HOLMES                                 Raymond J.
HOWARD                                 Emma (Emily) C.
HOWARD                                 Frank Barliss
HOWARD                                 John Edwin
HOWARD                                 John Henry Hale
HOWARD                                 Myrtle Adele
HUIE                                   Delida Jane
ISELIN                                 Grace
JONES                                  Margaret
JORDAN                                 Mary
KEELER                                 Nancy
KENDALL                                Sarepta Maria
KENDALL MCKOON                         Sarepta Maria
KING                                   Cora A
KING LOOKER                            Cora A.
LANGSHORE                              Caroline
LANGSHORE                              Edwin
LANGSHORE                              Edwin Jr.
LANGSHORE (CW)                         Edwin
LEHTONEN                               George
LEHTONEN                               Leola S.
LENOCI                                 Evelyn
LEROY                                  Elizabeth Dezell
LEROY                                  Jacob
LEROY MCKOON                           Elizabeth Dezell
LESTER                                 Alice
LESTER                                 Allen
LESTER                                 Earl
LESTER                                 Earl L.
LESTER                                 Fern
LESTER                                 Viola
LESTER DINGMAN                         Viola
LOOKER                                 Alonzo S.
LOOKER                                 Cora A.
LOOKER                                 Golda
LOOKER MCKOON                          Golda
LORD                                   George S
LORD (CW)                              George S.
MANNING                                Mary
MANNING O'BRIEN                        Mary
MARTELL                                Edward
MARTELL                                Eliza
MARTELL                                Moses
MARTELL                                Victorine
MASON                                  Loring
MASON                                  Sarah
MCKOON                                 Charles
MCKOON                                 D. Gilbert
MCKOON                                 Dana
MCKOON                                 Dana O.
MCKOON                                 Dennis D
MCKOON                                 Elizabeth Dezell
MCKOON                                 Ella M
MCKOON                                 Ellen F.
MCKOON                                 Eveard D.
MCKOON                                 Frankie
MCKOON                                 Fremont C.
MCKOON                                 Golda
MCKOON                                 Helen F.
MCKOON                                 Jessie Kate
MCKOON                                 John E.
MCKOON                                 Margaret
MCKOON                                 Martha
MCKOON                                 Martin M.
MCKOON                                 Mary Jane
MCKOON                                 Mary L.
MCKOON                                 Mary Margaret
MCKOON                                 Sarepta Maria
MCKOON (CW)                            Dennis D.
MCKOON BOIGEOL                         Ella M.
MCKOON GANTLEY                         Mary Margaret
MELVIN                                 Mina J.
MELVIN                                 William Jay
MULVIHILL                              Charles F
MULVIHILL (CW)                         Charles F.
MURRAY                                 Charles
NORTHROP                               Nancy
NORTHROP KEELER                        Nancy
O'BRIEN                                Dennis M.
O'BRIEN                                Edna
O'BRIEN                                Ellen F
O'BRIEN                                Eva Mary
O'BRIEN                                Evelyn
O'BRIEN                                Harry M.
O'BRIEN                                Harry M. Sr.
O'BRIEN                                John
O'BRIEN                                Mary
O'BRIEN                                Mary
O'BRIEN                                Mary A.
O'BRIEN                                Michael
O'BRIEN                                Nellie
O'BRIEN                                Nora
O'BRIEN                                Patrick
O'BRIEN                                Patrick Joseph
O'BRIEN                                Sena
O'BRIEN                                Teresa Mary
O'BRIEN LENOCI                         Evelyn
O'BRIEN MCKOON                         Ellen F.
OLMSTEAD                               Alzina
OLMSTEAD                               Elizabeth E
OLMSTEAD                               Hiram K.
OLMSTEAD PITCHER                       Alzina
OLMSTEAD PITCHER                       Aurilla
OLMSTEAD PITCHER                       Elizabeth E.
PERFIELD                               Abigail Nabby
PERFIELD                               George
PERFIELD                               George II
PERFIELD                               Russell
PERFIELD (CW)                          George
PHELPS                                 Eunice
PITCHER                                Alzina
PITCHER                                Anna
PITCHER                                Aurilla
PITCHER                                Charles
PITCHER                                Cleo
PITCHER                                Derestus W.
PITCHER                                Dion M.
PITCHER                                Elizabeth E.
PITCHER                                Enos J
PITCHER                                Ernest William
PITCHER                                Esther A
PITCHER                                George
PITCHER                                Gotleib
PITCHER                                Grace
PITCHER                                Hamilton
PITCHER                                Harriet
PITCHER                                Harvey Day
PITCHER                                James W
PITCHER                                Jennie S.
PITCHER                                Leola S
PITCHER                                Linnes
PITCHER                                Lucille
PITCHER                                Margaret
PITCHER                                Mary
PITCHER                                Mina J
PITCHER                                Orr Caswell
PITCHER                                Peter
PITCHER                                Stella M
PITCHER                                William E
PITCHER (1812)                         Gotleib
PITCHER (CW)                           James W.
PITCHER (CW)                           Peter
PITCHER (CW)                           William E.
PITCHER (WWII)                         Enos J.
PITCHER BENNETT                        Marilyn
PITCHER ELLIOTT                        Mary
PITCHER GANTLEY                        Esther A.
PITCHER ISELIN                         Grace
PITCHER LEHTONEN                       Leola S.
PITCHER MELVIN                         Mina J.
PITCHER SHERMAN                        Stella M.
PLUFF                                  Ella J.
PLUFF                                  Parvey
PLUFF (CW)                             Parvey
PLUMB                                  Alta Margaret
PLUMB                                  Catherine
PLUMB                                  Daniel
PLUMB                                  Rosanna
PLUMB                                  Samuel Jr.
PLUMB                                  Samuel, Sr.
PLUMB                                  Samuel, Sr.
PLUMB                                  Samuel, Sr.
PLUMB                                  Sarah
PLUMB                                  Sarah
PLUMB                                  Sarah
PLUMB COMSTOCK                         Alta Margaret
POMMERVILLE                            Eliza
POMMERVILLE MARTELL                    Eliza
RILEY                                  Teresa Mary
RILEY O'BRIEN                          Teresa Mary
ROOT                                   Lucy
ROOT SHERMAN                           Lucy
ROWE                                   Anthony
ROWE                                   Elizabeth
ROYCE                                  Sena
ROYCE O'BRIEN                          Sena
SCOVILLE                               Charlotte
SEYMOUR                                Harriet
SEYMOUR PITCHER                        Harriet
SHAVER                                 Sophronia
SHAVER CALKINS                         Sophronia
SHERMAN                                Alice Amanda
SHERMAN                                Ann
SHERMAN                                Anna
SHERMAN                                Azuba
SHERMAN                                Beatrice
SHERMAN                                Carl Frank
SHERMAN                                Carrie B.
SHERMAN                                Caswell
SHERMAN                                Florence
SHERMAN                                Gilbert
SHERMAN                                Harriet
SHERMAN                                Job
SHERMAN                                Jonathan
SHERMAN                                Kittie A.
SHERMAN                                Lucy
SHERMAN                                Lydia E.
SHERMAN                                Mary E.
SHERMAN                                Mason B
SHERMAN                                Melvina M.
SHERMAN                                Minnie M.
SHERMAN                                Reuben
SHERMAN                                Reuben
SHERMAN                                Reuben F.
SHERMAN                                Samuel H
SHERMAN                                Serena M
SHERMAN                                Stanley G
SHERMAN                                Stella M.
SHERMAN                                Sylvia L.
SHERMAN                                William H.
SHERMAN                                Zula H.
SHERMAN (1812)                         Jonathan
SHERMAN (CW)                           Caswell
SHERMAN (CW)                           Reuben
SHERMAN (CW)                           William H.
SHERMAN (WWI)                          Mason B.
SHERMAN (WWII)                         Stanley G.
SHERMAN DISTIN                         Serena M.
SHERMAN PITCHER                        Anna
STEVENS                                Annie
TANNER                                 Amelia C.
TANNER                                 Lettie
TANNER                                 Mary
TANNER                                 Reuben
TANNER (CW)                            Reuben
TANNER COFFEY                          Mary
TANNER TILKINS                         Lettie
TEMPLE                                 Minnie M
TEMPLE SHERMAN                         Minnie M.
TILKINS                                John
TILKINS                                Lettie
WADE                                   Lucy
WADE ARMSTRONG                         Lucy
WALKER                                 Myrtle Adele
WALKER HOWARD                          Myrtle Adele
WHEELER                                Harriet
WHEELER SHERMAN                        Harriet
WHITNEY                                Frances A
WHITNEY HOGOBOOM                       Frances A.
WHITTAKER                              Alice
WHITTAKER CASTOR                       Alice
WOODARD                                Charles
WOODARD                                Donald F.
WOODARD                                Eliza C.
WOODARD                                Evelyn L.
WOODARD                                Olga F.
WOODARD                                Richard
WOODARD                                William H.
WORKMAN                                Charlotte
WORKMAN                                Robert Walter
WRIGHT                                 Carrie M.
WRIGHT                                 Elliot Hale
WRIGHT                                 Joyce
WRIGHT (WWII)                          Elliot Hale
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