Warren County, New York
Gravestone Photo Project

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Warren County, New York Gravestone Photo Project

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Column One: Surname (if 2 surnames is given, maiden then married surname)
FI = French-Indian | RW = Revolutionary War | IW = Indian Wars | 1812 = War of 1812 | MEX = Mexican War | CW = Civil War | SA = Spanish American War |
PI = Philippine Insurrection | WWI = World War I | WWII = World War II | KOR = Korean Conflict | VN = Vietnam War | WT = War on Terrorism
Column Two: Given

EAGAN                                  Robert E
EAGAN (WWII)                           Robert E
EASTMAN                                Harriet E
EASTMAN COWLES                         Harriet E
EATON                                  Anna
EATON                                  Benjamin
EATON                                  Betsey
EATON                                  Brigham
EATON                                  Lauretta B
EATON                                  Melinda
EATON                                  Melinda
EATON (RW)                             Brigham
EATON EATON                            Anna
EDDY                                   Violeta
EDWARDS                                Mary J
EDWARDS ARMSTRONG                      Mary J
ELDRIDGE                               Florence A
ELDRIDGE CHAMBERS                      Florence A
ELLIS                                  Ezekiel
ELLIS                                  Jerusha
ELLIS (RW)                             Ezekiel
ELWELL                                 Chloe Ann
ELWELL                                 John H
ELWELL                                 John N
ELWELL                                 Mary J
EMRICK                                 Barbara J
EMRICK                                 Harry W
ENGSTROM                               William Henry
ENGSTROM (KOR)                         William Henry
ERIKSON                                Anna I
ERIKSON                                Fredrik W
ESBER                                  Louis
EVEARTS                                Arthur P
EVEARTS                                Horace
EVEARTS                                Sarah A
EVERITTS                               Cora D
EVERTS                                 Abigail
EVERTS                                 Aurilla
EVERTS                                 Braman
EVERTS                                 Lafayette
EVERTS                                 Maria
EVERTS                                 Sarah M
EVERTS                                 Stephen H
EVERTTS                                Byron
EVERTTS                                Emma
EVERTTS KENYON                         Cora D
EYSINGER                               Gary B
EYSINGER (VN)                          Gary B
FAGAN                                  Margaret
FAGAN SMITH                            Margaret
FARMER                                 Daisy D
FARMER                                 Louis B
FARRAR                                 Cora A.
FARRAR                                 Hartwell S
FARRAR                                 Justin P.
FARRAR (WWII)                          Hartwell S.
FARRELL                                Michael E
FARRELL (WWII)                         Michael E
FARRINGTON                             Betsey A
FAUSNER                                Johanna
FAUSNER                                John D
FERRIS                                 Jacob
FERRIS                                 Sarah
FERRIS                                 Solomon
FERRIS                                 William
FERRIS                                 William J
FERRISS                                Antha Jane
FERRISS                                Catharine
FERRISS                                David
FERRISS                                Elizabeth
FERRISS                                Elizabeth
FERRISS                                John A C
FERRISS                                Joseph
FERRISS                                Joseph F
FERRISS                                Luthera
FERRISS                                Lydia
FERRISS                                Martha M
FERRISS                                Mercy
FERRISS                                Nancy M
FERRISS                                Pamelia
FERRISS                                Phebe
FERRISS                                Reuben C
FERRISS                                Sanders P
FERRISS                                Sarah
FERRISS                                Sarah J
FERRISS                                Wesley L
FERRISS                                William J
FERRY                                  Mary A
FERRY SWAN                             Mary A
FINKLE                                 Albert L
FINKLE                                 Arthur D
FINKLE                                 Flora
FINKLE                                 Hannah
FINKLE                                 Thomas
FINKLE WOOD                            Flora
FISH                                   Alexander
FISH                                   Alice
FISH                                   Allice
FISH                                   Alma H
FISH                                   Amy
FISH                                   Annis
FISH                                   Burton
FISH                                   Caroline
FISH                                   Charles
FISH                                   Charles E
FISH                                   Charles H
FISH                                   Clarissa
FISH                                   Delia
FISH                                   Ebenezer
FISH                                   Effie W
FISH                                   Elijah Benson
FISH                                   Elizabeth
FISH                                   Ellen E
FISH                                   Ellen L
FISH                                   Emma
FISH                                   Flora A
FISH                                   Florence A
FISH                                   Floyd
FISH                                   Fostinah C
FISH                                   Frances
FISH                                   Franklin L
FISH                                   Gardner A
FISH                                   Hannah P
FISH                                   Howard M
FISH                                   Ira M
FISH                                   Isaac
FISH                                   Jeanne E
FISH                                   John R
FISH                                   Jonathan
FISH                                   Jonathan
FISH                                   Laura E
FISH                                   Lawrence
FISH                                   Lucy C
FISH                                   Mabel E
FISH                                   Marshall E
FISH                                   Martha C
FISH                                   Martin J
FISH                                   Maurice Cuthbert
FISH                                   Merill W
FISH                                   Merwin E
FISH                                   Merwin W
FISH                                   Nellie
FISH                                   Nora
FISH                                   Obedience
FISH                                   Olive B
FISH                                   Orvis
FISH                                   Phebe A
FISH                                   Richard C
FISH                                   Robert B
FISH                                   Rosie B
FISH                                   Sanford B
FISH                                   Walker A
FISH                                   Winslow H
FISH (WWI)                             Floyd
FISH (WWII)                            Franklin L
FISH (WWII)                            Merwin E
FISH (WWII)                            Robert B
FISH MEAD                              Laura E
FISH MOREHOUSE                         Nellie
FISH SOUTHWICK                         Hannah P
FISH WELLS                             Rosie B
FISH WEST                              Mabel E
FLANDERS                               Louise M
FLANSBURGH                             Charlotte
FLANSBURGH MILLIS                      Charlotte
FLANSBURGH WAGNER                      Charlotte
FLEMMING                               David
FLEMMING                               Sarah J
FLEMMING (CW)                          David
FOOTE                                  Philo
FORBES                                 Caroline
FORBES                                 Laura
FORBES                                 Laura M
FORCE                                  Elizabeth
FORCE                                  Frederick
FORCE                                  Horace
FORCE                                  William
FORD                                   Arthur W
FORD (KOR)                             Arthur W
FOREST                                 Sadie
FORREST                                Carol
FORREST                                Wilfred
FOSMER                                 Ellsworth E
FOSMER                                 Emeline
FOSTER                                 Ester S.
FOSTER                                 Susan
FOSTER CLARK                           Susan
FOURNIER                               Delia
FOURNIER                               Dosithe
FOURNIER                               Harry A
FOURNIER                               Homer
FRAISER                                Hiram M
FRASER                                 John
FRASER (CW)                            John
FRASIER                                Albert
FRASIER                                Arnold Z
FRASIER                                Belle
FRASIER                                Benjamin W
FRASIER                                Caroline Lamanda
FRASIER                                Carson L
FRASIER                                Clarinda
FRASIER                                Clifford R
FRASIER                                Clifton
FRASIER                                Daniel
FRASIER                                Darwin H
FRASIER                                Earl H
FRASIER                                Edith
FRASIER                                Emmer
FRASIER                                Erastus
FRASIER                                Ethel M
FRASIER                                Fanny M
FRASIER                                Fayette
FRASIER                                Gilbert E
FRASIER                                Gladys G
FRASIER                                Harriet
FRASIER                                Harriet J
FRASIER                                Harvey
FRASIER                                Henry H
FRASIER                                Henry O
FRASIER                                Ira
FRASIER                                Ira Eldorado
FRASIER                                Irvin L
FRASIER                                John
FRASIER                                Joseph
FRASIER                                Joseph C
FRASIER                                Lexcy Helen
FRASIER                                Lexie Helen
FRASIER                                Lincoln L
FRASIER                                Linda
FRASIER                                Lucinda
FRASIER                                Lyman H
FRASIER                                Marshall
FRASIER                                Mary A
FRASIER                                Mary Ann
FRASIER                                Minerva
FRASIER                                Mitchell D
FRASIER                                Myrtle M
FRASIER                                Orville
FRASIER                                Reuben H
FRASIER                                Rubin H
FRASIER                                Sarah
FRASIER                                Scott
FRASIER                                Stephen H
FRASIER                                Walter E
FRASIER                                William
FRASIER (CW)                           Henry H
FRASIER (CW)                           John
FRASIER (WWII)                         Arnold Z
FRASIER (WWII)                         Gilbert E
FRASIER BELDEN                         Clarinda
FRASIER BUTLER                         Lexcy Helen
FRASIER HILL                           Cynthia
FRASIER MONROE                         Gladys G
FRASIER SMITH                          Lexie Helen
FRASIER WILCOX                         Edith
FRASIER YOUNES                         Mary Ann
FRAZIER                                David
FRAZIER                                George
FRAZIER                                Lura A
FRAZIER                                Morgan E
FRAZIER                                Morgan P
FRAZIER                                Valeda
FRAZIER                                William A
FRAZIER (CW)                           George
FREEBERN                               Elizabeth
FREEBERN                               Hattie
FREEBERN                               William
FREEBERN (CW)                          William
FREEBERN ALDOUS                        Elizabeth
FRENCH                                 Abagail
FRENCH                                 Abigail
FRENCH                                 Achsah E
FRENCH                                 Alton H
FRENCH                                 Calvin
FRENCH                                 Caroline
FRENCH                                 Dorothy
FRENCH                                 Eleanor Rebecca
FRENCH                                 Eliza S
FRENCH                                 Elsie M
FRENCH                                 Emeline
FRENCH                                 Erastus D
FRENCH                                 Esther
FRENCH                                 Frank S
FRENCH                                 George Watson
FRENCH                                 Harriet
FRENCH                                 James E
FRENCH                                 Jonathan
FRENCH                                 Jonathan
FRENCH                                 Julian B
FRENCH                                 Lorenda
FRENCH                                 Maria
FRENCH                                 Mary
FRENCH                                 Mary C
FRENCH                                 Mary S
FRENCH                                 Samuel
FRENCH (KOR)                           Frank S
FRENCH (WWII)                          Alton H
FRENCH (WWII)                          Frank S
FRENCH CULVER                          Mary S
FRENCH PERKINS                         Mary C.
FRENCH SHEDD                           Esther
FRENCH WINTER                          Abigail
FRENCH WINTER                          Emeline
FREW                                   Elizabeth
FREW MILLER                            Elizabeth
FROST                                  Azuba
FROST                                  Emily
FROST                                  Enos
FROST                                  Horace
FROST                                  Mercy
FROST                                  William
FROST (CW)                             Enos
FROST PENDELL                          Azuba
FULLER                                 Abigail
FULLER                                 Ernest R
FULLER                                 Harriet A
FULLER                                 Jane
FULLER                                 Joel
FULLER PEER                            Harriet A
GAILEY                                 Jennie
GAILEY CRANNELL                        Jennie
GALLUP                                 Esther A
GALLUP                                 Orville
GALLUP                                 Phebe A
GALLUP                                 Winifred
GALLUP REYNOLDS                        Phebe A
GALUSHA                                Charles
GALUSHA                                Edna
GALUSHA                                Eve Dennie
GALUSHA                                Fannie
GALUSHA                                George W
GALUSHA                                Halse H
GALUSHA                                Jonas
GALUSHA                                Lillian F
GALUSHA                                Morgan
GALUSHA                                Silas
GALUSHA (CW)                           Charles
GALUSHA (CW)                           Jonas
GALUSHA (CW)                           Morgan
GALUSHA (CW)                           Silas
GAMBLE                                 Rosilla
GARDINER                               Cornelia M
GARDINER                               Steven
GARDNER                                Ace
GARDNER                                Angelina
GARDNER                                Francis V
GARDNER                                Martin B
GARDNER                                Rufus P
GATES                                  Aaron
GATES                                  Henry
GATES                                  Julia Ann
GATES                                  Lauretta
GATES                                  Mary J
GATES                                  Rozella
GATES RANDALL                          Julia Ann
GEER                                   Alice M
GEER                                   Carrie
GEER                                   George
GEER                                   Washington
GETCHELL                               Horace A
GETCHELL (CW)                          Horace A
GIBSON                                 Roger
GIFFORD                                Abraham
GIFFORD                                Frankling
GIFFORD                                Ira
GIFFORD                                Louisa
GIFFORD                                Louisa L
GIFFORD                                Mariah
GIFFORD                                Martha J
GIFFORD                                Mary Jane
GIFFORD                                Nathan H
GIFFORD                                Nora
GIFFORD                                Orpha O
GIFFORD                                Rosannah
GIFFORD                                Truxton
GIFFORD BAKER                          Louisa L
GIFFORD HASTINGS                       Orpha O
GIFFORD PERSONS                        Martha J
GILCHRIST                              Elizabeth
GILCHRIST                              Grace
GILCHRIST                              Robert
GILCHRIST JARVIS                       Grace
GILLINGHAM                             Catherine
GILLINGHAM                             John King
GILLINGHAM (WWII)                      John King
GILLINGHAM PARKER                      Catherine
GILSON                                 Asahel
GILSON                                 Elizabeth
GLASIER                                Henry W
GLASIER                                Polly
GLASSBROOK                             Mary E
GLASSBROOK                             Minerva
GLASSBROOK                             William
GLASSBROOK BROOKS                      Mary E
GLYNN                                  Eliza M
GLYNN                                  Harriett H
GLYNN                                  Jarvis A
GLYNN                                  Jessie
GLYNN                                  Lorettie B
GLYNN                                  Rhoda
GLYNN                                  Rhoda M
GLYNN                                  William L
GLYNN BENNETT                          Rhoda M
GLYNN SHAW                             Jessie
GODDARD                                Anna
GODDARD HASTINGS                       Anna
GONYOE                                 Charles J
GOODCHILD                              Dorothy
GOODCHILD MONROE                       Dorothy
GOODMAN                                Allen
GOODMAN                                Clarissa
GOODMAN                                Eldad W
GOODMAN                                Eleazar
GOODMAN                                Eleazar
GOODMAN                                Hannah
GOODMAN                                Helen Amanda
GOODMAN                                Infant
GOODMAN                                Lovice A
GOODMAN                                Lucy
GOODMAN                                Lucy
GOODMAN                                Lucy
GOODMAN                                Lucy Caroline
GOODMAN                                Nathan
GOODMAN                                Origin
GOODMAN                                Oton
GOODMAN                                Rebecca
GOODMAN                                Robert T
GOODMAN                                Roxa
GOODMAN                                Samuel C
GOODMAN                                Samuel Catlin
GOODMAN                                Sarah
GOODMAN (WWII)                         Robert T
GOODMAN TUTTLE                         Roxa
GOODNOW                                Lottie
GOODNOW VAN DUSEN                      Lottie
GOODRICH                               Elias
GOODSPEED                              Maria
GOODSPEED LOCKE                        Maria
GOODWIN                                Howard N
GOODWIN (WWII)                         Howard N
GORDON                                 Sally A
GORDON HOUGHT                          Sally A.
GOULD                                  Anna
GOULD                                  Fernando C
GOULD                                  Jeremiah A
GOULD                                  Lucy A
GOULD                                  Mary A
GOULD                                  Prudence B
GOULD                                  Ruth B
GOULD                                  Willard
GOULD (RW)                             Willard
GOULD LATHAM                           Lucy A
GOULD SMITH                            Ruth B
GOUNDREY                               Arthur James
GOUNDREY                               George
GOUNDREY                               Lydia L
GOUNDREY                               Mary
GRAHAM                                 Ann
GRAHAM                                 Joyce Amy
GRAHAM CARDLE                          Ann
GRAHAM MARANVILLE                      Joyce Amy
GRANGER                                Charlotte
GRANGER                                Deborah P
GRANGER                                Fred W
GRANGER                                Roberta Ann
GRANGER (WWI)                          Fred W
GRANGER WALKER                         Eliza M
GRAVES                                 Abigail R
GRAVES                                 Amanda
GRAVES                                 Bethiah
GRAVES                                 Charlotte
GRAVES                                 Elmira
GRAVES                                 Israel Peet
GRAVES                                 Leander William
GRAVES                                 Maria
GRAVES                                 Martha
GRAVES                                 Sheldon
GRAVES                                 Truman
GRAVES (CW)                            Leander William
GRAVES WHITAKER                        Abigail R
GRAY                                   Ann Eliza
GRAY                                   Charles O
GRAY                                   Dora
GRAY                                   Ellen
GRAY                                   Herbert
GRAY                                   Polly
GRAY                                   Terrance
GRAY                                   Thomas S
GRAY (CW)                              Charles O
GRAY PASCO                             Polly
GREEN                                  Abbey J
GREEN                                  Caroline
GREEN                                  Frances H
GREEN                                  Maria
GREEN                                  Martha C
GREEN                                  Oscar
GREEN                                  Roxania Annie
GREEN                                  William
GREEN TRUESDELL                        Roxania Annie
GREEN VAN DUSEN                        Maria
GREENE                                 Anna
GREENE                                 Artemas
GREGORY                                Alonzo
GREGORY                                Clark L
GREGORY                                David
GREGORY                                Edgar
GREGORY                                Eliza A
GREGORY                                Elizabeth L
GREGORY                                Elsie
GREGORY                                Harmon F
GREGORY                                Helen
GREGORY                                Henry J
GREGORY                                Irena
GREGORY                                Irena
GREGORY                                Levi
GREGORY                                Mary A
GREGORY                                Minnie T
GREGORY                                Phylinda
GREGORY (CW)                           David
GREGORY HAYES                          Helen
GREGORY ROBBINS                        Elsie
GREGORY STEVENS                        Elizabeth L
GREGORY STRINGHAM                      Irena
GRENO                                  Emma S
GRENO LATHAM                           Emma S
GREY                                   Blanche G
GREY                                   Ernest G
GRIFFIN                                Electa
GRIFFIN                                Eliza M
GRIFFIN                                Ella May
GRIFFIN                                George
GRIFFIN                                George Smith
GRIFFIN                                Harriet
GRIFFIN                                John W
GRIFFIN                                Lucy Ann
GRIFFIN                                Marguriete
GRIFFIN                                Myron B
GRIFFIN                                Vesta
GRIFFIN                                Zekie B
GRIFFIN FRENCH                         Harriet
GRISWOLD                               James L
GRISWOLD                               Martha E
GRISWOLD                               Nancy
GRISWOLD ROUND                         Martha E
GROGAN                                 Hattie A
GROGAN                                 Martin
GWINUP                                 Cynthia J
GWINUP                                 Jane A
GWINUP TRIPP                           Cynthia J
HAFF                                   Earie Eva
HAFF                                   Elmer
HAFF                                   Emily
HAFF                                   Jane
HAFF                                   Lewis
HAFF                                   Peter
HAFF                                   Sarah
HAFF HARVEY                            Sarah
HALL                                   Aaron
HALL                                   Abial E
HALL                                   Albert
HALL                                   Benjamin
HALL                                   Celestia
HALL                                   Clara
HALL                                   Clarissa
HALL                                   Elizabeth
HALL                                   George P
HALL                                   Gilbert H
HALL                                   Hannah
HALL                                   Harold S
HALL                                   Hial E
HALL                                   Ida M
HALL                                   Ira
HALL                                   Janette
HALL                                   Kathleen E
HALL                                   Lucretia
HALL                                   Martha J
HALL                                   Nancy M
HALL                                   Rhoda
HALL                                   Robert
HALL                                   Thomas G
HALL (CW)                              Gilbert H
HALL GLYNN                             Rhoda
HALL LEGGETT                           Janette
HALL MAXIM                             Martha J
HALL WALLACE                           Lucretia
HALPIN                                 Mary A
HALPIN TUBBS                           Mary A
HAMMOND                                Agnes L
HAMMOND                                Burnis M
HAMMOND                                Catherine E
HAMMOND                                Collins R
HAMMOND                                Cora B
HAMMOND                                Cora E F
HAMMOND                                Delbert W
HAMMOND                                Elizabeth
HAMMOND                                Frankie J
HAMMOND                                George Freddie
HAMMOND                                Gilbert E
HAMMOND                                Harriet
HAMMOND                                Harriet
HAMMOND                                Hiram
HAMMOND                                Janet
HAMMOND                                Jennie A
HAMMOND                                John N
HAMMOND                                Leslie
HAMMOND                                Louise M
HAMMOND                                Lucinda E
HAMMOND                                Mary A
HAMMOND                                Raymond
HAMMOND                                Reginald A
HAMMOND                                Sheridan
HAMMOND                                Vernando M
HAMMOND                                Willard L
HAMMOND (SA)                           Vernando M
HAMMOND (WWII)                         Burnis M
HAMMOND VARNUM                         Lucinda E
HANDEE                                 Betsey
HANDEE                                 Mercey
HANDEE                                 Sally
HANDEE HAYES                           Betsey
HANDEE HAYES                           Mercey
HANDY                                  Cornelius
HANDY                                  Jerusha
HANDY ELLIS                            Jerusha
HANNA                                  Mary E
HANNA BARLOW                           Mary E
HARP                                   Ella S
HARP                                   Sarah A
HARP BAKER                             Sarah A
HARPP                                  Edna E
HARPP                                  Mary S
HARPP HILL                             Edna E
HARRINGTON                             Andrew S
HARRINGTON                             Ann Eliza
HARRINGTON                             Curtis V
HARRINGTON                             Edward H. Sr.
HARRINGTON                             Eliza J
HARRINGTON                             Elizabeth
HARRINGTON                             Florence
HARRINGTON                             George W
HARRINGTON                             Helen
HARRINGTON                             Huldah
HARRINGTON                             Jane
HARRINGTON                             Jerome H.
HARRINGTON                             Job
HARRINGTON                             Joseph
HARRINGTON                             Joseph
HARRINGTON                             Leonard
HARRINGTON                             Marguerite
HARRINGTON                             Marion
HARRINGTON                             Martin Z
HARRINGTON                             Melvin
HARRINGTON                             Myrtle
HARRINGTON                             Rachel Chloe
HARRINGTON                             Susan Julia
HARRINGTON                             Susannah
HARRINGTON                             Synthia
HARRINGTON                             Warren
HARRINGTON                             Wesley
HARRINGTON                             Zail G
HARRINGTON (CW)                        George W.
HARRINGTON (KOR)                       Curtis V
HARRINGTON (WWII)                      Andrew S
HARRINGTON (WWII)                      Curtis V
HARRINGTON DUELL                       Eliza J
HARRINGTON HARRINGTON                  Ann Eliza
HARRINGTON HARRINGTON                  Elizabeth
HARRINGTON HERRINGTON                  Susannah
HARRINGTON MARCH                       Susan Julia
HARRINGTON TAYLOR                      Rachel Chloe
HARRINGTON WARNER                      Marguerite
HARRISON                               Elizabeth
HARRISON NEEDHAM                       Elizabeth
HARTELL                                David W
HARTELL (WWII)                         David W
HARVEY                                 Forest R
HARVEY                                 Gary B
HARVEY                                 Gordon F
HARVEY                                 Hattie
HARVEY                                 Irene D
HARVEY                                 Jasper
HARVEY                                 Jessie M
HARVEY                                 Josephine
HARVEY                                 Maggie
HARVEY                                 Richard L
HARVEY                                 Robert
HARVEY                                 Robert A
HARVEY                                 Sarah
HARVEY                                 William
HARVEY (VN)                            Gary B
HARVEY (VN)                            Richard L
HARVEY WELCH                           Jessie M
HASKIN                                 Ann A
HASKIN                                 Anna
HASKINS                                Clarence
HASKINS                                Delia
HASKINS                                Edward L
HASKINS                                Elizabeth
HASKINS                                Philetus
HASTINGS                               Anna
HASTINGS                               Asa
HASTINGS                               Benjamin
HASTINGS                               Cynthia C
HASTINGS                               Dasia B
HASTINGS                               Jonas L
HASTINGS                               Lowell J
HASTINGS                               Lydia Ann
HASTINGS                               Orpha O
HASTINGS                               Purlina T
HASTINGS                               William H
HASTINGS HAYES                         Cynthia C
HASTINGS PRATT                         Lydia Ann
HATCH                                  Susan P
HATCH BENNETT                          Susan P
HAVENS                                 Bessie
HAVENS                                 Catherine M
HAVENS                                 Effie M
HAVENS                                 Frank D
HAVENS                                 Isaac V S
HAVENS                                 Kittie E
HAVENS                                 Vanreansler
HAVENS BUTLER                          Kittie E
HAVENS MONROE                          Bessie
HAVRON                                 Bessie
HAVRON                                 Harry D
HAVRON                                 Harry S
HAVRON (WWII)                          Harry S
HAWKES                                 Anna M
HAWKES MILLER                          Anna M
HAWKINS                                Martha R
HAWKINS JENKS                          Martha R
HAWLEY                                 Hannah
HAYES                                  Adnrinum
HAYES                                  Alison
HAYES                                  Ann Mariah
HAYES                                  Benjamin
HAYES                                  Betsey
HAYES                                  Charles R
HAYES                                  Charlotte A
HAYES                                  Charlotte A
HAYES                                  Charlotte A
HAYES                                  Cynthia C
HAYES                                  Eloise
HAYES                                  Emma
HAYES                                  Etna J
HAYES                                  Eugene F
HAYES                                  Foster B
HAYES                                  Gaynell
HAYES                                  Gerald Roger
HAYES                                  Halsey Halver B.
HAYES                                  Hannah
HAYES                                  Harriet J
HAYES                                  Helen
HAYES                                  Henry F
HAYES                                  Irena
HAYES                                  Irenus S
HAYES                                  Jared
HAYES                                  Jonathan
HAYES                                  Lorenzo C
HAYES                                  Louisa J
HAYES                                  Lulu J
HAYES                                  Lydia A
HAYES                                  Martha P
HAYES                                  Mercey
HAYES                                  Minerva J
HAYES                                  Nora C
HAYES                                  Paul Shattuck
HAYES                                  Perlie
HAYES                                  Phebe
HAYES                                  Ralph
HAYES                                  Richard S
HAYES                                  Rita I
HAYES                                  Sarah H
HAYES                                  Sidney R
HAYES                                  Simeon
HAYES                                  Susan
HAYES                                  Susan M
HAYES                                  Thomas J
HAYES                                  Zilpha R
HAYES (CW)                             Foster B
HAYES (CW)                             Irenus S
HAYES (CW)                             Isaac
HAYES (SERV)                           Charles R
HAYES BARTLETT                         Hannah
HAYES BENNETT                          Sarah H
HAYES CULVER                           Charlotte A
HAYES DRAKE                            Zilpha R
HAYES GREGORY                          Irena
HAYS                                   A.
HAYS                                   Benjamin
HAYS                                   Betsey
HAYS                                   Elizabeth
HAYS                                   Huldah
HAYS                                   Isaac
HAYS                                   Loretta
HAYS                                   Martha
HAYSE                                  Lexie D
HAZELTON                               Catharine
HAZELTON                               Duane
HEGGENS                                Samuel
HEGGENS                                Sarah A
HEMENWAY                               Lorenzo
HEMENWAY                               Rosanna M
HEMENWAY                               William O
HENDERSON                              Amanda
HENDERSON                              Horace
HENDRICKSON                            Isaac
HERRICK                                Abigail
HERRICK                                Susan
HERRICK                                Susan
HERRICK DICKINSON                      Abigail
HERRICK WILCOX                         Susan
HERRICK WILCOX                         Susan
HERRINGTON                             Susannah
HEWETT                                 Hiram
HEWETT                                 Lillian F
HEWETT                                 Lovina
HEWETT GALUSHA                         Lillian F
HEWITT                                 Abigail
HEWITT                                 Clarinda J
HEWITT KNOWLTON                        Clarinda J
HEWS                                   James F
HEWS                                   Sarah A
HEWS                                   William
HEWS                                   William H
HIBBELL                                Mary D
HICKS                                  Freelove A
HICKS                                  Hiland J
HIER                                   Newman A
HIER (CW)                              Newman A
HIGGINS                                Alison
HIGGINS                                Alison
HIGGINS                                Charles M
HIGGINS                                Roxcy A
HIGGINS (CW)                           Joseph
HIGGINS (WWI)                          Charles M
HIGGINS HAYES                          Alison
HIGGINS SMITH                          Roxcy A
HIGLEY                                 Charles
HIGLEY                                 Charles W
HIGLEY                                 Gertrude E
HIGLEY                                 Herbert
HIGLEY                                 Margaret
HIGLEY                                 Maria E
HIGLEY                                 Patty
HIGLEY                                 Seba
HIGLEY                                 Susan A
HIGLEY                                 Sylvia
HIGLEY (CW)                            Charles W
HIGLEY MITCHELL                        Maria E
HIGLEY WENDELL                         Susan A
HILL                                   Abigail
HILL                                   Ada Louise
HILL                                   Adelbert
HILL                                   Alanson
HILL                                   Amasa J
HILL                                   Ann E
HILL                                   Axey
HILL                                   Benjamin
HILL                                   Carol A
HILL                                   Carrie
HILL                                   Catharine
HILL                                   Charles L
HILL                                   Charles P
HILL                                   Charles W
HILL                                   Charlotte
HILL                                   Clarissa
HILL                                   Cynthia
HILL                                   Delia A
HILL                                   Dora A
HILL                                   Edna E
HILL                                   Emma F
HILL                                   Fanny
HILL                                   George M
HILL                                   George W
HILL                                   Gerald Arthur
HILL                                   Hannah
HILL                                   Henrietta
HILL                                   Henry B
HILL                                   Hiram A
HILL                                   Infant
HILL                                   Irwin K
HILL                                   Isaac
HILL                                   Jessie
HILL                                   John
HILL                                   John P.
HILL                                   John R
HILL                                   Kate B
HILL                                   Levi
HILL                                   Louisa J
HILL                                   Lyman
HILL                                   Major
HILL                                   Marcha A
HILL                                   Maria
HILL                                   Martha M
HILL                                   Martin G
HILL                                   Mary
HILL                                   Mary
HILL                                   Mary E
HILL                                   Mary E
HILL                                   Mercy A
HILL                                   Nancy
HILL                                   Orpha
HILL                                   Phebe M
HILL                                   Polly
HILL                                   Ramson R
HILL                                   Ruth A
HILL                                   Sally Ann
HILL                                   Sidney
HILL                                   Stephen
HILL                                   Timothy
HILL                                   Warren B
HILL                                   William G
HILL                                   William H
HILL                                   William J
HILL (CW)                              Amasa J
HILL (CW)                              Timothy
HILL (WWII)                            Gerald Arthur
HILL BAKER                             Ada Louise
HILL BAKER                             Carrie
HILL HAYES                             Louisa J
HILL ROBERTS                           Axey
HILL ROSS                              Delia A
HILL WELLER                            Marcha A
HILLMAN                                Sarah
HILLS                                  Mary E
HILLS                                  Nathan
HITCHCOCK                              Caroline
HITCHCOCK                              Cora
HITCHCOCK                              Electa
HITCHCOCK                              Mary F
HITCHCOCK ALLEN                        Cora
HITCHCOCK DALABA                       Electa
HOAG                                   Isaac
HOAG                                   Martha Ann
HOAG                                   Nancy
HODGSON                                Arvilla
HODGSON                                George
HODGSON                                Susan B
HOEY                                   Marie
HOLCOMB                                Asa J
HOLCOMB                                Bertha J.
HOLCOMB                                Charles F
HOLCOMB                                Emma W
HOLCOMB                                Frederick C
HOLCOMB                                Howard L
HOLCOMB                                Leroy
HOLCOMB                                Mary E
HOLCOMB                                Pearl
HOLCOMB (WWII)                         Frederick C
HOLFOLTER                              Albert E
HOLFOLTER (WWII)                       Albert E
HOLLAND                                Fred
HOLLAND                                Jane
HOLLAND                                Mary E
HOLLEY                                 Anna R
HOLLEY                                 Benjamin
HOLLEY                                 Bernice G
HOLLEY                                 Betsey
HOLLEY                                 Eliza S
HOLLEY                                 Ephraim
HOLLEY                                 George
HOLLEY                                 Harvey
HOLLEY                                 Hepsibah
HOLLEY                                 Mary A
HOLLEY                                 Rebecca
HOLLEY ARNOLD                          Eliza S
HOLLEY LAWRENCE                        Rebecca
HOOLIHAN                               Francis J
HOOLIHAN                               William A
HOOLIHAN (KOR)                         Francis J
HOOLIHAN (WWII)                        William A
HOOSE                                  Pauline L
HOTCHKISS                              Elizabeth
HOTCHKISS                              Jeremiah
HOTCHKISS                              Mary
HOTCHKISS SMITH                        Elizabeth
HOUGHT                                 Sally A
HOWE                                   Darius
HOWE                                   Hannah
HOWE                                   Mary A
HOWE                                   Mary J
HOWE                                   Phebe L
HOWE                                   Rachel M
HOWE                                   Sarah M
HOWE                                   Seth F
HOWE MEAD                              Mary A
HOWE WILCOX                            Sarah M
HOYT                                   Abigail A
HOYT                                   Eunice
HOYT                                   Fred M
HOYT                                   Gorham M
HOYT                                   Hattie
HOYT                                   Kate D
HOYT                                   Minnie
HOYT                                   Nellie
HOYT LEGGETT                           Nellie
HOYT SMITH                             Abigail A
HUBBELL                                Christain
HUBBELL                                Mary D
HUBBELL STAATS                         Christain
HUDSON                                 Mary J
HUDSON SANDERS                         Mary J
HUGHES                                 Maria L
HUGHES LOCKHART                        Maria L
HUMES                                  Emmaline A
HUMES                                  Martha
HUMES                                  Samantha
HUMES                                  William
HUMES TYREL                            Emmaline A
HUNTINGTON                             Adoniram J
HUNTINGTON (CW)                        Adoniram J
INEZ                                   Ellen
INEZ CAMERON                           Ellen
INGALLS                                Daniel
INGALLS                                William
INGALLS (CW)                           William
INGALS                                 Percy A
INGALS DEMORS                          Percy A
INGRAHAM                               A P
INGRAHAM                               Clarice E
INGRAHAM                               Edgar P
INGRAHAM                               Frank
INGRAHAM                               John H
INGRAHAM                               Mary C
INGRAHAM                               Melissa C
INGRAHAM                               Minnie F
INGRAHAM (CW)                          John H
INGRAM                                 Charles
INGRAM                                 David
INGRAM                                 George H
INGRAM                                 Lucy A
INGRAM                                 Mary
INGRAM                                 Nathaniel
INGRAM                                 Sarah A
INGRAM                                 Sophia
INGRAM (CW)                            Charles
INGRAM EVEARTS                         Sarah A
IRISH                                  Elizabeth
IRISH HAMMOND                          Elizabeth
JACKSON                                Lovina
JACKSON HEWETT                         Lovina
JACOBS                                 Almira
JACOBS                                 Cyrus
JACOBS                                 Huldah
JACOBS                                 Richard L
JARVIS                                 Grace
JEFFERS                                Eliza
JEFFERS TRIPP                          Eliza
JEFFREYS                               Mary
JEFFREYS PRICHARD                      Mary
JENKINS                                Hiram
JENKS                                  A Monroe
JENKS                                  Amy
JENKS                                  Charles H
JENKS                                  Charles W
JENKS                                  Dana B
JENKS                                  Francis M
JENKS                                  Hannah B
JENKS                                  Jarvis J
JENKS                                  John
JENKS                                  Josephene
JENKS                                  Livingston H
JENKS                                  Lucinda D
JENKS                                  Lyman
JENKS                                  Malinda
JENKS                                  Martha R
JENKS                                  Mary
JENKS                                  Mary L
JENKS                                  Philander E
JENKS                                  Sarah M
JENKS                                  Sidney F
JENKS                                  Tamer Fanny
JIDDELL                                Nancy
JIDDELL WAKLEY                         Nancy
JIPSON                                 Moses
JOHNSON                                Abigail
JOHNSON                                Alice
JOHNSON                                Betsey Y
JOHNSON                                Charles F
JOHNSON                                Ebenezer
JOHNSON                                John
JOHNSON                                John
JOHNSON                                Kendall
JOHNSON                                Marcia L
JOHNSON                                Mary
JOHNSON                                Mary
JOHNSON                                Sarah J
JOHNSON                                Susanna
JOHNSON                                William
JOHNSON                                William
JOHNSON (CW)                           John
JOHNSON FRENCH                         Mary
JOHNSON GOUNDREY                       Mary
JOHNSTON                               Howard C
JOHNSTON (WWI)                         Howard C
JONES                                  Aaron B
JONES                                  Amasa
JONES                                  Beecher
JONES                                  Bertha
JONES                                  Charles H
JONES                                  F A
JONES                                  Ida L
JONES                                  James F
JONES                                  Jane
JONES                                  Jennie
JONES                                  Jennie M
JONES                                  Julius
JONES                                  Julius
JONES                                  Lucy A
JONES                                  Melvin A
JONES                                  Paul H
JONES                                  Sarah M
JONES                                  William Davis
JONES (CW)                             Julius
JONES BROWN                            Lucy A
JORDAN                                 Raymond J
JORDAN (WWII)                          Raymond J
JORDON                                 Mary E
JORDON HILL                            Mary E
JOSLIN                                 J C
JOSLIN                                 Thomas J
JOSLIN (CW)                            J C
JOYCE                                  Catherine
JOYCE                                  Catherine T
JOYCE                                  John
KEITH                                  Henry F
KEITH (SERV)                           Henry F.
KELLER                                 Samuel H
KELLER (WWII)                          Samuel H
KELLY                                  Margaret E
KELLY                                  Mary
KELLY                                  Owen
KELSO                                  Charlotte A
KELSO                                  Edward O
KELSO                                  Elma E
KELSO                                  Emma E
KELSO                                  Fannie B
KELSO                                  Gertrude
KELSO                                  James
KELSO                                  Julia A
KELSO                                  Martha
KELSO                                  Violet
KELSO BOGLE                            Violet
KELSO LAVERY                           Fannie B
KENDRICK                               Ethel
KENDRICK                               Mary E
KENDRICK                               Samuel D
KENDRICK WALKER                        Ethel
KENNEDY                                Aduh
KENNEDY                                Mary E
KENNEDY WHITAKER                       Mary E
KENYON                                 Ada P
KENYON                                 Albert J
KENYON                                 Allen H
KENYON                                 Amos
KENYON                                 Amy F
KENYON                                 Augusta A
KENYON                                 Birtie A
KENYON                                 Charles
KENYON                                 Charlie H
KENYON                                 Clayton L
KENYON                                 Clayton Y
KENYON                                 Clayton Y.
KENYON                                 Cora A
KENYON                                 Cora D
KENYON                                 Darius
KENYON                                 Ebenezer
KENYON                                 Effie A
KENYON                                 Eliza Ann
KENYON                                 Elizabeth
KENYON                                 Ella May
KENYON                                 Emily
KENYON                                 Emma
KENYON                                 Emma L
KENYON                                 Emma O
KENYON                                 Eva
KENYON                                 Geo W
KENYON                                 Gordon S
KENYON                                 Grace D
KENYON                                 Harvey
KENYON                                 Holden
KENYON                                 Jabez
KENYON                                 Jabez T
KENYON                                 James L
KENYON                                 Jane Ann
KENYON                                 Jane E
KENYON                                 Jane P
KENYON                                 Jennie
KENYON                                 John
KENYON                                 John J
KENYON                                 John S
KENYON                                 Lansing
KENYON                                 Laura Ann
KENYON                                 Lloyd Otis
KENYON                                 Lorenzo D
KENYON                                 Lurana
KENYON                                 Lyman
KENYON                                 M Pamelia
KENYON                                 Mahettebel
KENYON                                 Margaret
KENYON                                 Margaret J
KENYON                                 Maria M
KENYON                                 Martha
KENYON                                 Martha M
KENYON                                 Martha R
KENYON                                 Marvin
KENYON                                 Mary
KENYON                                 Mary A
KENYON                                 Mary A
KENYON                                 Mary A
KENYON                                 Mary V
KENYON                                 May Bertha
KENYON                                 Nelson
KENYON                                 Nora May
KENYON                                 Perlina
KENYON                                 Sanford A
KENYON                                 Sarah
KENYON                                 Sarah A
KENYON                                 Sephronia
KENYON                                 Sibyl
KENYON                                 Stephen
KENYON                                 Stephen, Jr
KENYON                                 Susan
KENYON                                 Viletta
KENYON                                 William Henry
KENYON                                 Zeno D
KENYON (WWII)                          Lloyd Otis
KENYON BAKER                           Maria M
KENYON BOWEN                           Mary
KENYON DOW                             Nora May
KENYON EVERTTS                         Emma
KENYON HALL                            Elizabeth
KENYON REYNOLDS                        Martha R
KENYON WILCOX                          Cora A
KETCHUM                                Beulah
KETCHUM                                Henry
KETTENBACH                             Cyrus W
KETTENBACH                             Elizabeth
KIBLING                                Caroline
KIDDER                                 Emma O
KIDDER KENYON                          Emma O
KILDUFF                                John J
KIMMERLY                               Aron
KIMMERLY                               Patricia
KIMMERLY (WWII)                        Aron
KING                                   Eva V
KING                                   Harry E
KING                                   Jane R
KING                                   John
KING                                   John E
KING                                   Mary E
KING                                   Nellie E
KING                                   Norman William
KING                                   Susannah H
KING                                   William
KING (CW)                              Norman William
KING ALGER                             Susannah H
KING KNOWLTON                          Nellie E
KINGSLEY                               Dell W
KINGSLEY                               Evangeline
KINGSLEY                               Irene V
KINGSLEY                               Marcus
KINGSLEY                               Melvin H
KINGSLEY (WWII)                        Dell W
KINYON                                 David I
KINYON                                 Johnson
KINYON                                 Sarah
KINYON                                 Thurston
KINYON (CW)                            Johnson
KIPP                                   John
KIPP                                   John L
KIPP                                   Rebecca
KIPP                                   Susan
KNAPP                                  Aaron J
KNAPP                                  Addie
KNAPP                                  Almira
KNAPP                                  Almira Saloskia
KNAPP                                  Benjamin
KNAPP                                  Benjamin 2
KNAPP                                  Benjamin R
KNAPP                                  Betsey
KNAPP                                  Ernest
KNAPP                                  George H
KNAPP                                  Harriet N
KNAPP                                  Juliana
KNAPP                                  Katie L
KNAPP                                  Leander
KNAPP                                  Lexie
KNAPP                                  Mary
KNAPP                                  Mary Polly
KNAPP                                  Mary S
KNAPP                                  Milo Dean
KNAPP                                  Obadiah
KNAPP                                  Obadiah Mead
KNAPP                                  Patty
KNAPP                                  Phebe
KNAPP                                  Phebe Landon
KNAPP                                  Polly A
KNAPP                                  Rachel
KNAPP                                  Samantha
KNAPP                                  Sarah
KNAPP                                  William
KNAPP (CW)                             George H
KNAPP HARPP                            Mary S
KNAPP HIGLEY                           Patty
KNAPP LANDON                           Phebe
KNAPP WALLACE                          Phebe Landon
KNAPP WIGHTMAN                         Mary Polly
KNOWLES                                Frederick C S
KNOWLES                                Grace
KNOWLTON                               Clarinda J
KNOWLTON                               Jonathan C
KNOWLTON                               LaFayette
KNOWLTON                               Nellie E
KNOWLTON                               Pearl
KNOWLTON HOLCOMB                       Pearl
KNOX                                   Dorothy
KNOX MONROE                            Dorothy
KRUG                                   Edward T
LA FLURE                               Elizabeth
LA FLURE                               Joseph
LA FLURE                               Mary A
LA FLURE                               William R R
LA FLURE KETTENBACH                    Elizabeth
LA FOND                                Marcel L
LA FOND (KOR)                          Marcel L
LA MAR                                 Arthur L
LA MAR (WWII)                          Arthur L
LA PRAIRIE                             Beacher S
LA PRAIRIE                             Hazel P
LACKEY                                 Lottie E
LAKE                                   Caroline S
LAKE                                   Harriet
LAKE                                   Helen M
LAKE                                   Mary
LAKE                                   Philander M
LAKE                                   Rev. Wesley P
LAKE                                   William
LAKE KNAPP                             Lexie
LAMB                                   Augusta M
LAMB                                   Edgar
LAMB                                   Sarah
LANDON                                 Elizabeth
LANDON                                 Martin B
LANDON                                 Mary
LANDON                                 Phebe
LANDON                                 Samuel H.
LANDON HOTCHKISS                       Mary
LANFAIR                                Candace
LANFAIR                                Roswell
LANFEAR                                Orilla L
LANFEAR BAKER                          Orilla L
LANGWORTHY                             Eunice
LANGWORTHY CRANDAL                     Eunice
LARROW                                 Martin I
LARROW                                 William
LARROW (WWII)                          Martin I
LATHAM                                 Abbie D
LATHAM                                 Emma S
LATHAM                                 John J
LATHAM                                 Lawton W
LATHAM                                 Lucy A
LATHAM                                 Luthera M
LATHAM                                 Sarah J
LATHAM                                 Willard
LATHAM SMITH                           Sarah J
LATHUM                                 Joseph
LAUDER                                 Esther
LAUDER ALSTON                          Esther
LAVANWAY                               Sarah J
LAVANWAY FLEMMING                      Sarah J
LAVERY                                 Billy M
LAVERY                                 Catherine
LAVERY                                 E Frederick
LAVERY                                 Fannie B
LAVERY                                 Laura E
LAVERY                                 Michael
LAVERY                                 Ninah
LAWDER                                 Mary
LAWDER BURNET                          Mary
LAWRENCE                               Ambrose M
LAWRENCE                               Clarissa
LAWRENCE                               David A
LAWRENCE                               Edna
LAWRENCE                               L D
LAWRENCE                               Rebecca
LAWRENCE                               Sarah
LAWRENCE                               Sarah
LAWRENCE GALUSHA                       Edna
LAWRENCE HILLMAN                       Sarah
LAWSON                                 Ray W
LEACH                                  Ellen
LEACH                                  William
LEACH ROBERTS                          Ellen
LEAVENS                                Valeria A
LEBARON                                Martha
LEBARON CRANDAL                        Martha
LEE                                    Gertrude A
LEE                                    Lucretia
LEE                                    Sarah
LEE                                    Sarah D
LEE WILCOX                             Lucretia
LEE YOUNES                             Gertrude A
LEGGETT                                Annis
LEGGETT                                Arthur G
LEGGETT                                Benjamin F
LEGGETT                                Charles
LEGGETT                                Charles R
LEGGETT                                Charles S
LEGGETT                                Clark H
LEGGETT                                Eliza
LEGGETT                                Elizabeth
LEGGETT                                Elizabeth H
LEGGETT                                Florence M
LEGGETT                                Helen J
LEGGETT                                Janette
LEGGETT                                Jeanette Marie
LEGGETT                                Joseph W
LEGGETT                                Katharine H
LEGGETT                                Katie H
LEGGETT                                Nellie
LEGGETT                                Patricia Helene
LEGGETT                                Phebe
LEGGETT                                Phebe
LEGGETT                                Priscilla Dykes
LEGGETT                                Stephen A
LEGGETT                                T Clarkson
LEGGETT                                Willson
LEWIS                                  Abbie D
LEWIS                                  Anne M
LEWIS                                  Celestia
LEWIS                                  David W
LEWIS                                  Elizabeth
LEWIS                                  Ettie
LEWIS                                  Florence D
LEWIS                                  Harold D
LEWIS                                  Holden K
LEWIS                                  Lissa
LEWIS                                  Mary
LEWIS                                  Orley J
LEWIS                                  William Edgar
LEWIS (WWII)                           Harold D
LEWIS LANDON                           Elizabeth
LEWIS LATHAM                           Abbie D
LEWIS ROCKWELL                         Celestia
LEWIS TUBBS                            Mary
LIDDLE                                 Catharine
LIDDLE                                 George E
LIDDLE                                 Gordon W
LIDDLE                                 Jane P
LIDDLE (KOR)                           Gordon W
LIDDLE KENYON                          Jane P
LILLBRIDGE                             Margaret E
LILLERBRIDGE                           Baker
LILLERBRIDGE BAKER                     Eusebia
LILLIBRIDGE                            Ella
LILLIBRIDGE WESCOTT                    Ella
LILLIBRIDGE WOOD                       Margaret E
LILLIEBRIDGE                           Allen P
LILLIEBRIDGE                           Helen
LILLIEBRIDGE                           Helen
LILLIEBRIDGE (CW)                      Allen P
LINCOLN                                Maggie
LINCOLN HARVEY                         Maggie
LITTLE                                 Mary Jane
LITTRELL                               Edward James
LITTRELL (VN)                          Edward James
LOBDELL                                Alvira P
LOCKE                                  Dora
LOCKE                                  Maria
LOCKHART                               Edith M
LOCKHART                               George
LOCKHART                               Jannet
LOCKHART                               Lester C
LOCKHART                               Lillian
LOCKHART                               Maria L
LOCKNER                                Elthera
LOCKNER                                Frederick A
LOCKWODO                               Debrah
LOCKWOOD                               Alva
LOCKWOOD                               Eliza A
LOCKWOOD                               George P
LOCKWOOD                               George T
LOCKWOOD                               Mary
LOCKWOOD                               Ruth
LOCKWOOD PALMER                        Debrah
LOGIE                                  Harry
LOVE                                   Mary
LOVE HILL                              Mary
LOVELAND                               Alathear
LOVELAND                               Elizabeth
LOVELAND                               George
LOVELAND                               George D
LOVELAND                               Hattie F
LOVELAND                               Laura E
LOVELAND                               Lelia J
LOVELAND                               Lyman
LOVELAND                               Maria
LOVELAND BELDIN                        Lelia J
LOVELAND EVERTS                        Maria
LOVELAND LAVERY                        Laura E
LOVELAND WETHERBEE                     Hattie F
LOY                                    Adliza
LOY                                    Charles
LUCAS                                  Lydia
LUCAS BENNETT                          Lydia
LYMAN                                  Solomon
LYON                                   Almira
LYON JACOBS                            Almira
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