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You have More Options!
1. Google Search Box - last updated 20 Jun 2023
2. FreeFind - last updated 20 Jun 2023
3. Browse the indexes NOT to miss any different spellings.
(Don't forget the different spellings of surnames)
4. Use all of above options to find them in different places you never thought of.

The BEST Results?? Be mindful - all lists are always "SURNAME, given name"
Three best ways with QUOTEMARKS " | (These are the recommendations from the search engine reports)

1. "Surname, " (put a space after , then ")
2. "Surname, given name" (don't bother to try for middle name (middle names produce poor results)
3. "Given name Surname" will not work at all, will give wrong results.
4. ", Mary" - will work if you are not sure of married name but will produce a LOT of results!

1. Don't bother trying without quotemarks, you get more unwanted results.
2. Don't try county name, just go to the county list and you get more results there.
3. Don't try state name, just go to the state in question and browse.
4. Don't try these words - probate, guardianship, etc. Just go to appropriate sections. You get better results.

1. Google Search

Google Search Box is back! Please note the date latest is included (24 Nov 2020). Newer updates since this date are not included yet, browse instead.
The results will show other stuff that are NOT part of this site. Scroll down to "Sampubco" portion of results.
Best results - "Surname," or "Surname, givenname". Any other ways will give wrong results. | Google Search Box |

2. FREE Find

index sitemap advanced
search engine by freefind

3. Plow / Read Through
You read through the alphabetical lists. Go to Home Page for searching through the lists.

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