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In the beginning there was a company startup named Samuelsen Publishing Company, way before 1995. It published several books of lists. This was before three was the Internet that started in 1996. When the Internet started up, Mr. Samuelsen found it was prudent to find a shorter name, SAMPUBCO, which is SAM for Samuelsen, PUB for Publishing and CO for Company. Now you have the name of the company.

2 April 2009

Due to a number of impatient customers demanding reponse
Contact after 30 days if your order is not filled.

Notice of Price Changes (Prices Adjustment)
Please scroll down to Price

PLEASE double-check the information in your order forms. That includes "County of Record", a must and important.

New addition - If any type of record, it is listed in What's New in Last 4 Months?

Effective 1 January 2017 postmark:
Price changes: Please note price change as of 1 February 2016. Prices are listed on order pages.

Order forms revamped with specific instructions listed for each order form. The links to forms for ordering are near the top of each listing "Good Quality copy of record?.

Order forms are available and REQUIRED. Please follow the Instructions on the form.

  1. Prices
  2. Notice of Orders Received
  3. Now that I have the records, how do I transcribe?
  4. Orders Backlog
  5. Problems Noted and Fees Assessed
  6. Missing Email Addresses
  7. Quality of Paper Copies
  8. Reporting Errors and Broken Links and Questions
  9. Right of Refusal
  10. Cancellation Policy
  11. Contact Us

1. Price
Notice - Effective 1 January 2016
Prices are reflected on current order forms. Please discard any old forms.

The entries marked with three (3) asterisks (***) immediately after a name are 20 to 40 pages long. The ones with four (4) asterisks are over 40 pages or longer. You will be contacted for special arrangements.

No paper copy will be accepted for these ones. Scanned copy only - to be emailed, no paper copy will be sent because they are over 20 pages long.
Four (4) asterisks (****), scanned only - no paper copy sent. Cost way to much for paper copy.
Average number of pages is usually less than 8. You get copy of record in 8x11 size.

2. Notice of Wills Received
(orders are processed within 30 days from the next day after the day the orders are received, there may be one or two delayed orders at times. The count of 30 days begins next day after the orders are received, with deposited checks begin the first banking day following month. PayPal orders are invoiced the following Monday, or Tuesday if banking holiday. All orders are not invoiced.) Errors in orders can and will delay other customers' orders. Please make sure your order has correct information. Email notices are sent to you, the customers to download zipped folders and you have 5 days to do so.

3. Now that I have the record, how do I transcribe it?
Go to the website:

4. Order Backlog Status
All orders are in locked batch processing in chronological order. You will be notified when it is on the way, by email. "30 days" begins when orders are received the day, NOT when you send - due to variations in mail delivery which is anywhere from 3 days to 6 days from you to Salt Lake City. The orders are processed within 30 days unless there's special circumstances interferring with the processing (out of toner, illness, wrong form, wrong information - the company is ONE PERSON doing all work, customers/clients in town from out of state - yes time to time.)

Do not delete the message "SAMPUBCO order on way to you - don't delete!" It contains further instructions what to do when you receive your order. If you do not hear from us, your order is ok, otherwise if something is wrong with your order, you will be emailed concerning the problem(s) with your order.

5. Problems Noted and Fees Assessed
1. Altered information - different from the information as given on the page.
2. Incomplete information - part of information as given on the page were omitted
3. Fee Assessed
Errors - in orders had been noted again - reason - the Order instructions were NOT followed! Penalty fee rule is $5.00 PER will record in error (Effective May 1, 2001)(that includes leaving out "County of Record")
4. Attempts to order something SAMPUBCO does not have. Fee is charged at $5.00 or 20 percent which ever is greater and the rest of amount is refunded.

6. Missing Email Addresses
Some of you did not bother to include your email addresses on your orders, making it difficult for me to notify you when your orders are on way.

7. Quality and Size of Paper Copies?:
Paper copies are discontinued competely for all types except will book records. Only Scanned Images will be delivered by email.

Here's the trick to read the darkened part of papercopies... get a reading lamp with fluorescent bulb. The lighting from fluorescent bulb is different from usual incandescent bulbs (the normal bulbs.)

8. Reporting Errors and Broken Links and Questions
Please report any site problems and errors and requests for clarification or suggestions, or questions. to dsam52 at sampubco dot com

9. Right of Refusal
The Company reserves the right to reject any order accompanied by money orders or checks NOT printed in US Dollars as issued by foreign banks. The orders will be accepted if the money orders or checks are issued by the foreign banks with US bank affiliates printed on these checks.
Out of USA, you are encouraged to use PayPal method to pay for orders instead of sending the checks (it's cheaper for you, too)

10. Cancellation Policy
Cancellation of order(s) and refund(s) will be done with a deduction of the fee of 20 percent of the order's value or $5.00 which ever is greater.

Still not resolved? Contact me, dsam52 @

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