SAMPUBCO, A pictorial outline history of Darke County, Ohio, pub. 1889

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A pictorial outline history of Darke County, Ohio, pub. 1889

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Column One: Name of Person
Column Two: Book Code #, Page #

ALLREAD, CHARLES HAROLD                OH0001-243
ALLREAD, JAMES I.                      OH0001-243
ALLREAD, MARIE                         OH0001-243
ANDERSON, CHARLES M.                   OH0001-191
ANDERSON, JOHN MILTON                  OH0001-111
ANDERSON, LEWIS C.                     OH0001-111
ANDERSON, ROBERT T.                    OH0001-191
ANDERSON, WILLIAM H.                   OH0001-191
ARCHARD, JOSIE S.                      OH0001-331
ARCHARD, WILLIAM                       OH0001-331
ARMACOST, C. M.                        OH0001-141
ARMACOST, ELI                          OH0001-141
ARNOLD, EFFIE A.                       OH0001-265
ASHMAN, ELIZABETH                      OH0001-213
ASHMAN, PETER                          OH0001-213
BAKER, CHESTER A. A.                   OH0001-275
BAKER, DAVID                           OH0001-105
BAKER, JACOB                           OH0001-223
BAKER, JACOB                           OH0001-235
BAKER, LULU                            OH0001-275
BAKER, MABEL                           OH0001-275
BAKER, OSCAR A.                        OH0001-275
BAKER, SARAH ALICE                     OH0001-223
BAKER, SUSANAH                         OH0001-223
BAKER, VIRGIE                          OH0001-275
BATES, JESSIE G.                       OH0001-273
BAUSMAN, ESTHER                        OH0001-335
BAUSMAN, JOHN                          OH0001-335
BAUSMAN, SUSANNAH                      OH0001-335
BEAM, R. K.                            OH0001-139
BEEM, R. D.                            OH0001-339
BERTCH, DANIEL J.                      OH0001-211
BERTCH, LILLY MAY                      OH0001-211
BICKEL, DORA D.                        OH0001-109
BICKEL, HARRISON C.                    OH0001-109
BICKEL, HENRY IRVINE                   OH0001-109
BICKEL, HENRY M.                       OH0001-109
BICKEL, J. M.                          OH0001-247
BICKEL, JOHN C.                        OH0001-109
BICKEL, LUCILLE                        OH0001-247
BICKEL, LUCY JANE                      OH0001-109
BICKEL, MARY ADALINE                   OH0001-109
BICKEL, PAUL CLARK                     OH0001-247
BOOKWALTER, BELLE                      OH0001-255
BOWMAN, ABRAHAM                        OH0001-196
BOWMAN, DAVID P.                       OH0001-196
BOWMAN, DAVID WELLER                   OH0001-195
BOWMAN, GEORGE W.                      OH0001-195
BOWMAN, HELEN                          OH0001-195
BOWMAN, JASPER                         OH0001-196
BOWMAN, MARY                           OH0001-196
BOWMAN, PHEBE JANE                     OH0001-195
BOWMAN, WILLIS                         OH0001-196
BRANDON, AARON C.                      OH0001-233
BRANDON, C. W.                         OH0001-331
BRANDON, THOMAS A.                     OH0001-331
BRAWLEY, MARY C.                       OH0001-345
BRAWLEY, NANCY                         OH0001-345
BRAWLEY, THOMAS C.                     OH0001-345
BREADEN, LILLIAN F.                    OH0001-295
BREADEN, PIERSON                       OH0001-295
BRIGGS, ISABEL S.                      OH0001-277
BRIGGS, JOHN                           OH0001-277
CALDERWOOD, ENOS                       OH0001-200
CALDERWOOD, GEORGE                     OH0001-200
CALDERWOOD, GEORGE W.                  OH0001-200
CALDERWOOD, JOHN                       OH0001-200
CALKINS, CHARLES                       OH0001-219
CALKINS, GEORGE                        OH0001-219
CALKINS, HARRIET                       OH0001-219
CALKINS, HENRY                         OH0001-219
CALKINS, LUELLA                        OH0001-219
CALKINS, MOSES                         OH0001-219
CARTER, GEORGE L.                      OH0001-391
CASSATT, JOHN W.                       OH0001-79
CHENOWETH, CHRISTENA                   OH0001-265
CHENOWETH, JAMES                       OH0001-265
CHENOWETH, LEVI E.                     OH0001-265
CHENOWETH, MILLIE                      OH0001-265
CHENOWETH, THOMAS F.                   OH0001-265
CLAPP, CATHARINE                       OH0001-133
CLARK, JOHN C.                         OH0001-269
CLARK, MERTIE                          OH0001-247
COLE, HENRY M.                         OH0001-253
COMPTON, ,CATHARINE A.                 OH0001-171
COMPTON, HARRY                         OH0001-81
CONKLING, F. T.                        OH0001-295
COOPER, AUGUSTUS F.                    OH0001-308
CRISLER, JENNIE D.                     OH0001-97
CRONE, ADAM                            OH0001-183
CROUSE, ELLEN                          OH0001-378
CROUSE, OLIVE                          OH0001-378
CRUMRINE, MARY                         OH0001-109
CRUSE, MARTHA ELLEN                    OH0001-167
CRUSE, PETER                           OH0001-167
DAY, ANNIE ELIZABETH                   OH0001-167
DAY, ELIZABETH                         OH0001-167
DAY, HENRY                             OH0001-167
DEARDOFF, MARY A.                      OH0001-97
DEVOR, ELIJAH                          OH0001-207
DEVOR, JAMES                           OH0001-205
DEVOR, JOHN                            OH0001-205
DUNLAP, ELIZABETH                      OH0001-357
EAGY, RACHAEL A.                       OH0001-391
EASTON, ESTHER                         OH0001-115
EIDSON, BYRON                          OH0001-310
EIDSON, LORETTA                        OH0001-310
ELLIOTT, ANISE HYACINTH                OH0001-115
ELLIOTT, CLARISSA MARY                 OH0001-115
ELLIOTT, EBENEZER                      OH0001-115
ELLIOTT, ESTHER VIOLA                  OH0001-115
ELLIOTT, JAMES CALVIN                  OH0001-115
ELLIOTT, JOHN                          OH0001-115
ELLIOTT, LESLIE ADDISON                OH0001-115
ELLIOTT, PEARL                         OH0001-115
ELLIOTT, S. S.                         OH0001-115
ELSTON, MAGGIE                         OH0001-310
ELSTON, WILLIAM C.                     OH0001-310
ETZLER, D. B.                          OH0001-163
EYLER, JACOB                           OH0001-136
EYLER, MARY C.                         OH0001-136
FEY, HENRY                             OH0001-393
FISHER, JONATHAN                       OH0001-367
FISHER, SARAH                          OH0001-367
FREES, REBECCA                         OH0001-388
FRY, CATHARINE                         OH0001-335
FRY, GEORGE                            OH0001-335
FRY, MELVIN J.                         OH0001-335
FRY, WILLIAM S.                        OH0001-335
GARBER, HARVEY C.                      OH0001-100
GARTLEY, BERYL M.                      OH0001-167
GARTLEY, ERMIE H.                      OH0001-167
GARTLEY, JOHN                          OH0001-167
GARTLEY, MAGGIE F.                     OH0001-167
GARTLEY, STANLEY G.                    OH0001-167
GILBERT, C. W.                         OH0001-123
GILBERT, WILLIAM HARRY                 OH0001-217
GLUNT, ANNIE E.                        OH0001-359
GRIFFIS, REBECCA                       OH0001-310
HARDINGER, BARBARA                     OH0001-149
HART, ELLA                             OH0001-191
HART, MOSES                            OH0001-191
HARTZELL, DANIEL                       OH0001-227
HARTZELL, HANNAH M.                    OH0001-227
HARTZELL, LUCINDA                      OH0001-261
HASSINGER, A. S.                       OH0001-155
HECKERMAN, LUCETTA                     OH0001-378
HENNE, DANIEL                          OH0001-309
HENNE, JACOB FREDERICK                 OH0001-309
HENNE, ROSENIA GERTRUDE                OH0001-309
HOOVER, SARAH                          OH0001-141
HUNTER, MARGARET H.                    OH0001-299
IDDINGS, BENJAMIN                      OH0001-287
IDDINGS, DAVIS                         OH0001-287
IDDINGS, JOSEPH                        OH0001-287
IDDINGS, NATE                          OH0001-287
IRWIN, DAVID P.                        OH0001-223
JAMISON, ANGELINE E.                   OH0001-288
JAMISON, ELIZABETH                     OH0001-288
JAMISON, ESTHER M.                     OH0001-149
JAMISON, JAMES M.                      OH0001-149
JAMISON, JAMES M.                      OH0001-288
JEFFRIES, HANNAH B.                    OH0001-386
JOBES, GEORGE A.                       OH0001-249
JONES, FANNIE                          OH0001-129
JUDAY, ELIZABETH                       OH0001-117
JUDY, HAWES                            OH0001-211
JUDY, SWAN                             OH0001-211
KATZENBERGER, CHARLES L.               OH0001-213
KATZENBERGER, GEORGE A.                OH0001-213
KERLIN, BELLE                          OH0001-195
KERLIN, HANNAH B. (JEFFRIES)           OH0001-386
KERLIN, OSCAR CALM                     OH0001-386
KERLIN, WILLIAM K.                     OH0001-195
KERLIN, WILLIAM K.                     OH0001-307
KERLIN, WILLIAM K.                     OH0001-386
KINNEY, ROSA BELLE                     OH0001-107
KLINGER, A. J.                         OH0001-353
KLINGER, ALMY S.                       OH0001-353
KLINGER, D. O.                         OH0001-353
KLINGER, DELIA F.                      OH0001-353
KLINGER, LAURA                         OH0001-353
KLINGER, PETER W.                      OH0001-353
KLINGER, SARAH E.                      OH0001-353
KLINGER, WATSON J.                     OH0001-353
KLIPSTINE, LOUIS C.                    OH0001-107
KNOX, HARRY                            OH0001-277
KNOX, JOHN REILY                       OH0001-277
KOESTER, JOHN H.                       OH0001-181
KUNTZ, ELIZABETH                       OH0001-181
LANSDOWNE, ELIZABETH K.                OH0001-277
LANSDOWNE, JAMES M.                    OH0001-277
LECKLIDER, HARRY T.                    OH0001-121
LECKLIDER, THOMAS                      OH0001-121
LIGHT, ARMIRA                          OH0001-211
LIMBERT, LEVI F.                       OH0001-225
LOWELL, H.                             OH0001-167
LOWRY, J. N.                           OH0001-215
LOWRY, MINNIE                          OH0001-215
MAHER, CECELIA                         OH0001-131
MAHER, MARY CLARE                      OH0001-131
MAHER, PATRICK H.                      OH0001-125
MANIX, ELLEN                           OH0001-125
MARLATT, ABRAHAM                       OH0001-200
MARLATT, MARY ANN                      OH0001-200
MARSHALL, HANNAH                       OH0001-345
MARTIN, JACOB W.                       OH0001-375
MARTIN, JESSIE                         OH0001-129
MARTIN, JOHN H.                        OH0001-312
MARTIN, JOHN HERSHEY                   OH0001-375
MARTIN, JOHN ROBINSON                  OH0001-375
MARTIN, LOLA R.                        OH0001-375
MARTIN, MARIA                          OH0001-375
MARTIN, MAUD E.                        OH0001-375
MARTZ, ADELBERT                        OH0001-149
MARTZ, BENJAMIN F.                     OH0001-149
MARTZ, GEORGE H.                       OH0001-288
MARTZ, JACOB T.                        OH0001-149
MARTZ, JAMES J.                        OH0001-149
MARTZ, JOHN                            OH0001-149
MARTZ, JOHN                            OH0001-288
MARTZ, JOHN H.                         OH0001-149
MATCHETT, ELEANOR                      OH0001-200
MATCHETT, ERICK                        OH0001-200
MAYER, C. H.                           OH0001-71
MCALL, OLA M.                          OH0001-171
MCALL, OLIVER W.                       OH0001-171
MCGINNIS, FANNIE                       OH0001-113
MCMILLAN, MARGARET                     OH0001-115
MCWHINNEY, FRANK                       OH0001-325
MEEKER, ADAM HATZLER                   OH0001-273
MEEKER, D. L.                          OH0001-215
MEEKER, DAVID L.                       OH0001-97
MEEKER, W. S.                          OH0001-215
MIESSE, G.                             OH0001-308
MIESSE, SOPHIA                         OH0001-308
MILLER, ELIZABETH                      OH0001-231
MILLER, GEORGE D.                      OH0001-231
MILLER, MICHAEL                        OH0001-357
MILLER, VOLNEY                         OH0001-231
MOORE, GEORGE W.                       OH0001-357
MYERS, J. C.                           OH0001-365
MYERS, MILLARD FILMORE                 OH0001-227
MYERS, MINNIE                          OH0001-227
MYERS, REBECCA                         OH0001-83
NEAL, ALICE                            OH0001-175
NEAL, AMANDA                           OH0001-175
NEAL, VENORA                           OH0001-175
NISONGER, SALLIE C.                    OH0001-340
OTWELL, E. C.                          OH0001-261
OTWELL, E. C.                          OH0001-282
OTWELL, E. W.                          OH0001-261
OTWELL, E. W.                          OH0001-282
OTWELL, NILLIE                         OH0001-261
PARKS, C. F.                           OH0001-237
PERRY, GEORGE W.                       OH0001-113
PERRY, HOWARD                          OH0001-113
PERRY, JAMES                           OH0001-113
PERRY, PEARL                           OH0001-113
PERRY, ROBERT E.                       OH0001-113
PORTER, ELIZABETH                      OH0001-253
PORTER, JOHN W.                        OH0001-357
PORTER, MARY                           OH0001-357
REAM, MARY E.                          OH0001-196
REITENOUR, EMMA R.                     OH0001-275
RENZLER, CARL                          OH0001-179
RENZLER, CATHARENA                     OH0001-179
RENZLER, FREDERICK                     OH0001-179
RENZLER, MARTIN                        OH0001-179
RENZLER, WILHELM                       OH0001-179
ROBESON, MARGARET                      OH0001-200
ROBINSON, NANCY O.                     OH0001-312
ROBINSON, NANCY O.                     OH0001-375
ROLAND, EMMA S.                        OH0001-243
ROUTSON, LIZZIE E.                     OH0001-282
ROYER, CLYDE                           OH0001-155
ROYER, EDWIN                           OH0001-155
ROYER, ESTELLA                         OH0001-155
ROYER, JOHN S.                         OH0001-155
ROYER, MINNIE                          OH0001-155
ROYER, RAY                             OH0001-155
RUBEY, ADA BELLE                       OH0001-359
RUBEY, DAVID H.                        OH0001-359
RUBEY, J. W.                           OH0001-359
RUE, SARAH C.                          OH0001-139
RUPE, HALLECK                          OH0001-173
RUSH, ANDREW W.                        OH0001-143
RYAN, KATE C.                          OH0001-131
SATER, JOHN W.                         OH0001-259
SCHMERMAND, CATHARENA                  OH0001-179
SHIVELEY, D. W.                        OH0001-310
SHIVELEY, IDA                          OH0001-310
SMITH, EARNEST                         OH0001-367
SMITH, EZRA                            OH0001-367
SMITH, HARRY                           OH0001-367
SMITH, ISAAC N.                        OH0001-367
SMITH, MATTIE                          OH0001-367
SMITH, NETTIE                          OH0001-367
SNOWDEN, CARRIE E.                     OH0001-367
SNOWDEN, LYDIA                         OH0001-367
SNOWDEN, WILLIAM                       OH0001-367
SNYDER, DANIEL                         OH0001-127
SNYDER, EMILY R.                       OH0001-388
SNYDER, FRANK                          OH0001-388
SNYDER, LEVI                           OH0001-388
SNYDER, REBECCA (FREES)                OH0001-388
STAMM, ELIZABETH                       OH0001-219
STAPLETON, SAMUEL J.                   OH0001-133
STAUP, ANN REBECCA                     OH0001-136
STCLAIR, HENRY                         OH0001-311
STCLAIR, HENRY                         OH0001-319
STEINHILBER, CONRAD                    OH0001-185
STEINHILBER, EVA                       OH0001-185
STEINHILBER, ROSCOE                    OH0001-185
STEPHENS, CATHARINE M.                 OH0001-141
STEPHENS, DAVID                        OH0001-141
STOVER, DOLLY                          OH0001-185
STUBBS, W. Y.                          OH0001-255
TEAL, THOMAS E.                        OH0001-378
THOMPSON, WILLIAM                      OH0001-175
TOBIN, EDWARD J.                       OH0001-221
TRAVIS, ELIZABETH                      OH0001-205
TRAVIS, JOHN                           OH0001-205
TULLIS, OLIVE                          OH0001-111
TURPIN, WILLIAM S.                     OH0001-299
ULERY, GENEVRA                         OH0001-391
VANDYKE, A. H.                         OH0001-319
VANDYKE, ELLA                          OH0001-319
VANTILLBURGH, CORA B.                  OH0001-123
WAGNER, LYDIA                          OH0001-141
WALKER, (DAUGHTER)                     OH0001-345
WALKER, CHRISTOPHER                    OH0001-345
WALKER, CHRISTOPHER C.                 OH0001-345
WALKER, DANIEL                         OH0001-345
WALKER, DOUGLAS                        OH0001-345
WALKER, EDWIN                          OH0001-345
WALKER, HANNAH (MARSHALL)              OH0001-345
WALKER, HARRY G.                       OH0001-345
WALKER, LON C.                         OH0001-159
WALKER, LON C.                         OH0001-345
WALKER, MARY                           OH0001-345
WALKER, MINNIE                         OH0001-345
WALKER, NANCY B.                       OH0001-345
WALKER, NELLIE                         OH0001-345
WALKER, THOMAS C.                      OH0001-345
WARD, PAULINE V.                       OH0001-388
WEITHBRCHT, ANNA M.                    OH0001-309
WELKER, E. M.                          OH0001-119
WELKER, EDGAR                          OH0001-117
WELKER, ELI M.                         OH0001-117
WELKER, JOHN                           OH0001-117
WELKER, ORLA                           OH0001-117
WELKER, STELLA B.                      OH0001-117
WEST, CAROLINE                         OH0001-353
WEST, PETER                            OH0001-353
WILSON, AUGUSTUS N.                    OH0001-340
WILSON, CYNTHIA H.                     OH0001-136
WILSON, EDITH G.                       OH0001-136
WILSON, IDA MAY                        OH0001-136
WILSON, IOLA BELLE                     OH0001-136
WILSON, ISAAC                          OH0001-211
WILSON, MARY F.                        OH0001-136
WILSON, MINERVA J.                     OH0001-136
WILSON, MINNIE BLANCHE                 OH0001-136
WILSON, SAMUEL                         OH0001-136
WILSON, SAMUEL SR.                     OH0001-136
WILSON, WILLIAM J.                     OH0001-136
WINTERROWED, LYDIA I.                  OH0001-127
WRIGHT, CATHARINE                      OH0001-121
WUNDER, SUSANNA                        OH0001-79
ZEMER, GEORGE                          OH0001-167
ZEMER, HENRY                           OH0001-167
ZEMER, JOHN H.                         OH0001-167
ZEMER, NOAH                            OH0001-167
ZEMER, P. C.                           OH0001-167
ZEMER, SETH I.                         OH0001-167

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