SAMPUBCO, Index Biographical review : containing life
sketches of Camden and Burlington counties
, pub. 1897

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A complete history of Fairfield County, Ohio, pub. 1877

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Column One: Name of Person
Column Two: Book Code #, Page #

ASHBAUGH, JOHN                         OH0002-177
BARR, THOMAS                           OH0002-292
BEERY, GEORGE W                        OH0002-173
BOPE, JACOB                            OH0002-199
CARLISLE, B. W                         OH0002-165
CHANEY, JOHN                           OH0002-161
CHERRY, THOMAS                         OH0002-204
COLE, THOMAS                           OH0002-222
COURTRIGHT, JOHN                       OH0002-219
CROOK, JOHN                            OH0002-209
CRUMLEY, DANIEL                        OH0002-216
EWING, THOMAS                          OH0002-171
EWING, THOMAS E                        OH0002-232
FISHBAUGH, MORDECAI                    OH0002-211
FOSTER, DAVID                          OH0002-238
FOSTER, F. A                           OH0002-243
GRIFFITH, SAMUEL                       OH0002-276
HARMON, GEORGE                         OH0002-214
HATHAWAY, A                            OH0002-248
HEYL, CHRISTIAN                        OH0002-252
HUNTER, ANDREW                         OH0002-264
HUNTER, HOCKING H                      OH0002-172
IRIC, JOHN                             OH0002-220
JACKSON, THOMAS                        OH0002-196
KESTER, SAMUEL                         OH0002-296
KING, FLORA                            OH0002-176
LANDIS, MARTIN                         OH0002-237
LEIST, MICHAEL                         OH0002-192
LEITH, JOHN                            OH0002-158
LEONARD, HENRY                         OH0002-182
LYLE, DAVID                            OH0002-228
MCCLUNG, JANE                          OH0002-268
MCCLUNG, WILLIAM                       OH0002-176
MURPHY, THEODORE                       OH0002-218
MURPHY, WILLIAM                        OH0002-203
PETERS, WESLEY                         OH0002-230
RADIBAUGH, MARY                        OH0002-206
REAM, JONAS A                          OH0002-178
REECE, THOMAS                          OH0002-277
RUDOLPH, CHRISTIAN ;                   OH0002-241
RUTTER, MRS. CATHARINE                 OH0002-262
SEE, JOHN                              OH0002-255
SHAWK, CHARLES A                       OH0002-261
SHEAFFER, JACOB                        OH0002-207
SHERMAN, CHARLES                       OH0002-172
SHERRICK, ELIZABETH                    OH0002-266
SITES, FREDERICK                       OH0002-234
STEMEN, NICHOLAS                       OH0002-167
STEWART, LEVI                          OH0002-179
VANDEMARK, ELIAS                       OH0002-245
VANPEARCE, JOHN (MRS)                  OH0002-242
VANZANT, JOHN                          OH0002-271
WILLIAMS, JOHN                         OH0002-173
WISEMAN, JOSEPH                        OH0002-194
YOUNG, RACHEL                          OH0002-258

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