Broome County, New York
Gravestone Photo Project

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Broome County, New York Gravestone Photo Project

Column One: Surname (if 2 surnames is given, maiden then married surname)
FI = French-Indian | RW = Revolutionary War | IW = Indian Wars | 1812 = War of 1812 | MEX = Mexican War | CW = Civil War | SA = Spanish American War |
PI = Philippine Insurrection | WWI = World War I | WWII = World War II | KOR = Korean Conflict | VN = Vietnam War | WT = War on Terrorism
Column Two: Given

ALEXANDER                              Bertha May
ALEXANDER                              Charles E.
ALEXANDER                              Jessie V.
ALLEN                                  Lou
ARNOLD                                 Emma L.
ARNOLD                                 Thomas Whitney
BADGER                                 Elizabeth M
BADGER BEARDSLEE                       Elizabeth M.
BAKER                                  Mary
BAKER SPARROW                          Mary
BARTLEY                                Polly
BEACH                                  A. Maria
BEACH                                  Alma S.
BEACH                                  John
BEACH                                  Mercy Ann
BEACH WOODRUFF                         A. Maria
BEAGLE                                 Beatrice B
BEAGLE                                 Etta D.
BEAGLE                                 Robert J.
BEAGLE BELL                            Paula D.
BEAGLE SMITH                           Beatrice B.
BEARDSLEE                              Elizabeth M.
BEARDSLEE                              Pernet P.
BEARDSLEE                              infant son
BEARDSLEY                              Dewitt W.
BEARDSLEY                              Sarah A.
BELDING                                Alma
BELDING                                Rosetta
BELDING HUBBARD                        Alma
BELDING SEYMOUR                        Alma
BELDING WALTON                         Rosetta
BELL                                   Angelo O.
BELL                                   Paula D.
BODE                                   Elsie E
BODE                                   Mary Anne
BODE                                   Rudolf
BODE BODE                              Mary Anne
BORNT                                  Althea
BORNT RICKARD                          Althea
BOYNTON                                Helen S
BOYNTON SEYMOUR                        Helen S.
BRADLEY                                Ann
BRADLEY                                George
BREWER                                 Laura A.
BROCKWAY                               Sarah Ann
BROCKWAY FREEMAN                       Sarah Ann
BROWN                                  Albert Curtis
BROWN                                  Caroline Lord
BROWN                                  Hiram
BROWN                                  Marshall Lord Curtis
BROWN                                  Olive G.
BROWN                                  Sophronia
BROWN RICKARD                          Sophronia
BURCHARDT                              Betsey
BURCHARDT HOWLAND                      Betsey
CAPEN                                  Frank Sumner
CAPEN                                  Louise M.
CAPRON                                 Anna C.
CAPRON                                 Esther E
CAPRON HEALY                           Esther E.
CLARK                                  Emma Belle
CLARK                                  Polly
CLARK                                  Timothy
CLARK                                  Timothy P.
CLARK GLEZEN                           Emma Belle
CLAW                                   Polly
CLAW BARTLEY                           Polly
CLINTON                                Sarah Jane
COLLIER                                Evaline
COLLIER                                Mary Ann
COLLIER                                Norris
COOK                                   Frances M.
COOK                                   Marcy
COOK                                   William
CRANDALL                               Leon
CURTIS                                 Caroline Lord
CURTIS BROWN                           Caroline Lord
DAVIS                                  Jane
DAVIS                                  Jane
DAVIS                                  Jennie Frances
DAVIS                                  Noah H.
DAVIS DRUMMOND                         Jane
DRUMMOND                               Jane
ECHENBURGH                             Mary E
ECHENBURGH SPARROW                     Mary E.
EDMINSTER                              Eugene L.
EDMISTER                               Sophrona
EGGLESTON                              Jessie V
EGGLESTON                              John W
EGGLESTON (CW)                         John W.
EGGLESTON ALEXANDER                    Jessie V.
ELLIOTT                                Jennette
FOLEY                                  Mary E
FOLEY HAWLEY                           Mary E.
FOOT                                   Dorcas
FOOT                                   Lemuel
FOOT                                   Wealthy M.
FOOTE                                  Elizabeth
FRANCES                                Samuel
FREEMAN                                Albert Dwight
FREEMAN                                Charles R.
FREEMAN                                Clarissa
FREEMAN                                Elizabeth G.
FREEMAN                                Henry C
FREEMAN                                Mary
FREEMAN                                Sarah Ann
FREEMAN                                Stephen
FREEMAN                                Stephen D.
FREEMAN (1812)                         Stephen
FREEMAN (CW)                           Henry C.
FREEMAN SEYMOUR                        Mary
FRENCH                                 Aaron H.
FRENCH                                 Hepzibah
FRENCH                                 Mary B.
FRENCH                                 Sally
FULMER                                 Coonrad J.
FULMER                                 Eve
FULMER                                 John
FULMER                                 Mary Ann
FULMER                                 Peter P.
FULMER                                 Sarah
GAGE                                   Daniel
GAGE                                   Derinda
GLEZEN                                 Eleanor N.
GLEZEN                                 Emma Belle
GLEZEN                                 Ezra W.
GLEZEN                                 Hazel L.
GLEZEN                                 Jane
GLEZEN                                 John C.
GLEZEN                                 Joseph W.
GLEZEN                                 Joseph W. II
GLEZEN                                 Martha A.
GLEZEN                                 Welthy
GREAVES                                Susan D.
GREEN                                  Clara A
GREEN VROMAN                           Clara A.
GURNSEY                                Aai
GURNSEY                                Ella A.
GURNSEY (CW)                           Aai
HARDER                                 Eve
HARDER FULMER                          Eve
HARRINGTON                             Sally
HARRINGTON FRENCH                      Sally
HARRIS                                 Mary
HARRIS SWEETLAND                       Mary
HARRISON                               Iva M.
HARRISON                               Orval S.
HAVERLY                                Sarah Ann
HAVERLY RICKARD                        Sarah Ann
HAWLEY                                 Charles F.
HAWLEY                                 Mary E.
HEALY                                  Esther E.
HEALY                                  Francis Joseph
HODGES                                 Sally
HOLAND                                 James
HOLAND                                 Susan
HOLDRIDGE                              Cynthia
HOLDRIDGE SEYMOUR                      Cynthia
HOWELL                                 Polly
HOWELL MCCALL                          Polly
HOWLAND                                Abijah S.
HOWLAND                                Angeline
HOWLAND                                Betsey
HOWLAND                                Cloe
HOWLAND                                Consider
HOWLAND                                Elizabeth
HOWLAND                                James B.
HOWLAND                                Warren
HOWLAND                                Warren
HOWLAND                                William Jr.
HOWLAND (CW)                           Warren
HUBBARD                                Alma
HUBBARD                                Maria E.
HUBBARD                                Sally
HUBBARD SEYMOUR                        Sally
HURLBUT                                Homer A.
HURLBUT                                Lucy A.
HYDE                                   Calvin
HYDE                                   Eunice
HYDE                                   Norman
HYDE                                   Rhoda
HYDE STODDARD                          Rhoda
JACKSON                                Anna
JACKSON MANNING                        Anna
JOCHUM                                 Elsie E
JOCHUM BODE                            Elsie E
JOHNSON                                Amos
JOHNSON                                Eunice
JOHNSON                                Oringe
JOHNSON                                Pamelia W.
JOHNSON                                Stoddard
JONES                                  Frances M.
JONES                                  James
LAMB                                   Ada Gladys
LAMB                                   Roy A.
LASURE                                 Etta D
LASURE BEAGLE                          Etta D.
LIVERMORE                              Esther Allen
LIVERMORE                              William Byron
LIVERMORE (CW)                         William Byron
LOCKWOOD                               Donna M
LOCKWOOD MARBLE                        Donna M
LUSK                                   Adella E.
LUSK                                   D. Brainerd
LUSK                                   Delia
LUSK                                   George A.
LUSK                                   Guy C.
LUSK                                   Pomeroy H.
LYON                                   Hepzibah
LYON FRENCH                            Hepzibah
MANNING                                Anna
MANNING                                David
MANNING                                David Jr.
MANNING                                Sophronia
MANNING THOMPSON                       Sophronia
MARBLE                                 Donna M
MARBLE                                 Ernest Frederick
MARBLE                                 Ethel
MARBLE                                 Walter Miles
MATTHEWS                               Alma
MATTHEWS                               Carl
MATTHEWS                               Ella E.
MATTHEWS                               Woodrow
MCCALL                                 Hiram
MCCALL                                 Polly
MITCHELL                               Carrie M.
MITCHELL                               Vern V.
NASH                                   Experience
NASH STODDARD                          Experience
NICHOLSON                              David R
NICHOLSON (SERV)                       David R.
NORTHRUP                               Lucy E.
NORTHRUP                               Solomon J.
ORTON                                  Azariah G.
ORTON                                  Charles D.
ORTON                                  James
ORTON                                  Minerva
ORTON                                  William J.
PARK                                   Charlotte
PARK                                   Elizabeth
PARK WHITNEY                           Charlotte
PARK WHITNEY                           Elizabeth
PATTERSON                              Ann Elizabeth
PATTERSON                              Diantha
PATTERSON                              Joseph Seymour
PECK                                   Louise M
PECK CAPEN                             Louise M.
PELLET                                 Eliza Ann
PENDEL                                 Eliza M
PENDEL WILSON                          Eliza M.
PENDELL                                Ardelia
PENDELL                                Sarah Jane
PHILLIPS                               Catharine D
PHILLIPS ROOT                          Catharine D.
PURDY                                  Catherine
PURDY                                  Ella
PURDY                                  Harvey B.
PURDY                                  William E.
RICKARD                                Althea
RICKARD                                Edna Helen
RICKARD                                Ethel
RICKARD                                George W.
RICKARD                                Iva M.
RICKARD                                Miles
RICKARD                                Sarah Ann
RICKARD                                Sophronia
RICKARD HARRISON                       Iva M.
RICKARD MARBLE                         Ethel
ROBERTS                                Ada Gladys
ROBERTS LAMB                           Ada Gladys
ROOD                                   Alfred  Birdsall
ROOD                                   Caroline
ROOD                                   Emma S. B.
ROOD                                   Loren C.
ROOD                                   infant
ROOD ELLIOTT                           Jennette
ROOT                                   Adella E
ROOT                                   Catharine D.
ROOT                                   Henry M.
ROOT                                   Hiram C.
ROOT                                   Jennette
ROOT LUSK                              Adella E.
ROSSETER                               Lois
ROSSETER WOODRUFF                      Lois
RUSSEL                                 Giles
SEYMOUR                                Abigail
SEYMOUR                                Albert
SEYMOUR                                Albert
SEYMOUR                                Alma
SEYMOUR                                Ann
SEYMOUR                                Annie L.
SEYMOUR                                Charles Alvord
SEYMOUR                                Cynthia
SEYMOUR                                David
SEYMOUR                                George W.
SEYMOUR                                Harriet E.
SEYMOUR                                Harry
SEYMOUR                                Helen S.
SEYMOUR                                Henry Augustus
SEYMOUR                                John
SEYMOUR                                John
SEYMOUR                                John B.
SEYMOUR                                John E.
SEYMOUR                                Louisa Thompson
SEYMOUR                                Maria E
SEYMOUR                                Mary
SEYMOUR                                Mercy
SEYMOUR                                Miriam
SEYMOUR                                Nancy
SEYMOUR                                Nancy Manning
SEYMOUR                                Olive Ann
SEYMOUR                                Ralph Augustus
SEYMOUR                                Sally
SEYMOUR                                Sarah
SEYMOUR                                Sarah Belding
SEYMOUR                                Stella Maria
SEYMOUR                                Susan
SEYMOUR BRADLEY                        Ann
SEYMOUR HUBBARD                        Maria E.
SEYMOUR WALTER                         Nancy
SMITH                                  Beatrice B.
SMITH                                  Catherine M.
SMITH                                  James E.
SMITH                                  John R.
SMITH                                  Julia P.
SMITH                                  William
SMITH                                  William G.
SMITH (VN)                             William
SMITH GURNSEY                          Ella A.
SPARROW                                Lillie L.
SPARROW                                Mary
SPARROW                                Mary Ann
SPARROW                                Mary E.
SPARROW                                Mary E.
SPARROW                                Soloman
SPARROW                                Thomas J.
SPARROW COLLIER                        Mary Ann
SPAULDING                              Amy
SPAULDING STODDARD                     Amy
SQUIRE                                 Ann Elizabeth
SQUIRE                                 Minerva
SQUIRE                                 Nancy Manning
SQUIRE                                 Wood
SQUIRE ORTON                           Minerva
SQUIRE PATTERSON                       Ann Elizabeth
SQUIRE SEYMOUR                         Nancy Manning
SQUIRE WHITNEY                         Wood
STANLEY                                Diantha
STANLEY PATTERSON                      Diantha
STILES                                 Harriett
STILES                                 Oliver
STILES                                 Oliver J.
STILES                                 Simeon
STODDARD                               Amy
STODDARD                               Charlotte Whitney
STODDARD                               Experience
STODDARD                               George Washington
STODDARD                               Harriett
STODDARD                               James
STODDARD                               James Whitney
STODDARD                               Mary Louise
STODDARD                               Orange
STODDARD                               Rhoda
STODDARD                               Rhoda Hyde
STODDARD                               Sarah
STODDARD                               Sarah Guthrie
STODDARD SEYMOUR                       Sarah
STODDARD WHITNEY                       Mary Louise
SWEETLAND                              Alanson
SWEETLAND                              Jonah
SWEETLAND                              Mary
TAFT                                   Sarah Jane
TAFT CLINTON                           Sarah Jane
TAYLOR                                 Polly Ann
THOMPSON                               Clarissa
THOMPSON                               Sophronia
THOMPSON FREEMAN                       Clarissa
THURSTON                               Frank J.
THURSTON                               Lucy
TWINNING                               John H.
VET                                    Aafje
VET                                    Dirk
VET                                    Mary
VROMAN                                 Clara A.
VROMAN                                 Lenwood S.
WALTER                                 Nancy
WALTON                                 Lewis
WALTON                                 Rosetta
WALTON                                 Susan A.
WALTON (CW)                            Lewis
WARREN                                 John
WHEELER                                Daniel A.
WHEELER                                Fanny
WHEELER                                Joshua
WHEELER                                Levi F.
WHITNEY                                Adelbert R.
WHITNEY                                Charlotte
WHITNEY                                Charlotte Elizabeth
WHITNEY                                Elizabeth
WHITNEY                                Emma L
WHITNEY                                Erwin B.
WHITNEY                                Frances M
WHITNEY                                George Stoddard
WHITNEY                                Harold A.
WHITNEY                                Henry T.
WHITNEY                                Hiram Northrup
WHITNEY                                Jean J.
WHITNEY                                Jennie Frances
WHITNEY                                Luella M.
WHITNEY                                Marintha C.
WHITNEY                                Mary Louise
WHITNEY                                Pamelia W
WHITNEY                                Raymond D.
WHITNEY                                Sarah Guthrie
WHITNEY                                Sarah Guthrie
WHITNEY                                Thomas
WHITNEY                                William
WHITNEY                                Wood
WHITNEY ALLEN                          Lou
WHITNEY ARNOLD                         Emma L.
WHITNEY COOK                           Frances M.
WHITNEY DAVIS                          Jennie Frances
WHITNEY JOHNSON                        Pamelia W.
WHITNEY STODDARD                       Sarah Guthrie
WILBUR                                 Angeline
WILBUR HOWLAND                         Angeline
WILLIAMS                               George W.
WILLIS                                 Abel P.
WILLIS                                 Maria L.
WILMS VET                              Mary
WILSON                                 Eliza M.
WILSON                                 George W.
WILSON (CW)                            George W.
WINKEL VET                             Aafje
WOODRUFF                               A. Maria
WOODRUFF                               Lois
WOODRUFF                               Lucy
WOODRUFF                               Porter
WOODRUFF                               Rachel
WOODWORTH                              Fay
WOODWORTH                              Frances C.
WOODWORTH                              Lottie F.
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