Cattaraugus County, New York
Gravestone Photo Project

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Cattaraugus County, New York Gravestone Photo Project

Column One: Surname (if 2 surnames is given, maiden then married surname)
FI = French-Indian | RW = Revolutionary War | IW = Indian Wars | 1812 = War of 1812 | MEX = Mexican War | CW = Civil War | SA = Spanish American War |
PI = Philippine Insurrection | WWI = World War I | WWII = World War II | KOR = Korean Conflict | VN = Vietnam War | WT = War on Terrorism
Column Two: Given

ALLEN                                  Mary Ann
ALLEN                                  Stephen
BALL                                   Elizabeth
BALL                                   Mary
BALL DEREMER                           Elizabeth
BARNES                                 Edith
BUCKLES                                Fredrycka
BUCKLES                                Fredrycka
BUCKLES                                Herman L
BUCKLES                                John  L.
BUCKLES                                Matilda
BUCKLES                                Theresa
BUCKLES GREEN                          Matilda
BUCKLES SHATTUCK                       Theresa
BUTLER                                 Viola
BUTLER MILLIGAN                        Viola
COLF                                   Erastus
CONNOR                                 Clifford  D.
CONNOR                                 Cordelia
CONNOR                                 Frederick  S.
CONNOR                                 Mary Edna
CONNOR                                 Merlyn
CONNOR                                 Minnie
CONNOR                                 Oliver
CONNOR SHATTUCK                        Mary Edna
CRANDALL                               Ira B.
CRANDALL                               Rebecca D.
CRANE                                  Nancy
CRANE MILLER                           Nancy
DAKE                                   Emma
DAKE                                   William
DENNIS                                 Evangeline K.
DENNIS                                 Joseph B.
DEREMER                                Elizabeth
DOW                                    Gertrude Melvina
DOW TEFFT                              Gertrude Melvina
DROWN                                  Maude Alice
DROWN MILLIGAN                         Maude Alice
DUNNING                                Florence Generva
DUNNING VANAKEN                        Florence Generva
EVANS                                  Jennettie E.
FISH                                   Lydia S
FISH                                   Nathaniel
FISH HARRISON                          Lydia S.
FORD                                   Dennis D.
GALLOWAY                               C. Dexter
GILES                                  Clarrissa
GILES                                  Cyrus
GREEN                                  Anna B
GREEN                                  Matilda
GREEN STONE                            Anna B
HARRISON                               Lydia S.
HATCH                                  Amanda M.
HATCH                                  Augusta
HATCH                                  Donald E.
HATCH                                  Ernest C.
HATCH                                  Eugene L.
HATCH                                  Family Monument
HATCH                                  Family Monument
HATCH                                  Harriet
HATCH                                  Hattie A.
HATCH                                  Herbert
HATCH                                  Leonard
HATCH                                  Leonard
HATCH                                  Lillian L.
HATCH                                  Orson L.
HATCH                                  Reuben L.
HATCH                                  Samuel R.
HATCH                                  Violet
HATCH                                  Willard
HATCH                                  Wilson
HAWLEY                                 Clara
HAWLEY                                 Minnie Bell
HAWLEY WILTSIE                         Clara
HAWLEY WOODRUFF                        Minnie Bell
HOLLISTER                              Alson
HOLLISTER                              Marcia Maria
HOLLISTER                              Mary
HOLLISTER                              Samuel
HOLLISTER                              Sibyl
JARK                                   Augusta Caroline
JARK                                   John H
JARK                                   Mary Elizabeth
JARK                                   Peter
JARK                                   Peter Frederick
JARK WEISE                             Augusta Caroline
JOBE                                   Ann Eliza
JOBE                                   Charles
JOBE                                   Elnora
JOBE                                   George H.
JOBE                                   James
JOBE                                   Margaret
JOBE                                   Murvin
JOBE                                   Sarah
JOBE                                   family marker
JOHNSON                                Sarah Josephine
JOHNSON STONE                          Sarah Josephine
KAYES                                  Beatrice Bell
KAYES                                  Vincent Henry
KING                                   Fannie B.
KING                                   Fred R.
MAPES                                  Bessie A.
MAPES                                  David C.
MAPES                                  Hattie E.
MAPES                                  Phinando
MAPES TENEYCK                          Bessie A.
MAPLES                                 Ernest P.
MARSEILLES                             Mary
MARSEILLES BALL                        Mary
MARSH                                  Harriet
MARSH HATCH                            Harriet
MEACHENS                               Edith
MEACHENS STONE                         Edith
MILLER                                 Almon
MILLER                                 Ann Eliza
MILLER                                 Cynthia A.
MILLER                                 Mary A.
MILLER                                 Nancy
MILLER                                 Nathan R.
MILLER                                 Silas
MILLER SIBLEY                          Ann Eliza
MILLIGAN                               Harry
MILLIGAN                               Jesse Titus
MILLIGAN                               Maude Alice
MILLIGAN                               Viola
MILLIGAN (WWII)                        Harry
NICHOLS                                Martha Helen
NICHOLS TEFFT                          Martha Helen
NILES                                  Deborah
NILES                                  Oliver D.
NILES TEFFT                            Deborah
NITSCHE                                Arthur Vine
NITSCHE                                Helen Lucille
NITSCHE                                Louis C
NITSCHE                                Wyvetta
NITSCHE OFFERBECK                      Wyvetta
NORTON                                 Sibyl
NORTON HOLLISTER                       Sibyl
OFFERBECK                              Fred S
OFFERBECK                              Wyvetta
PAGE                                   Minnie
PAGE CONNOR                            Minnie
RICE                                   Justus
SAVAGE                                 Mabel F
SAVAGE WILBER                          Mabel F.
SCHANG                                 Helen M.
SCHANG                                 John T.
SCHANG                                 Milton H
SCHANG (WWII)                          Milton H.
SHATTUCK                               Bernard Gerald
SHATTUCK                               Bernard Jerald
SHATTUCK                               Bernard Merle
SHATTUCK                               Bernard Merle
SHATTUCK                               George Edgar
SHATTUCK                               George William
SHATTUCK                               Howard Lavern
SHATTUCK                               Lucius
SHATTUCK                               Mary Alice
SHATTUCK                               Mary Edna
SHATTUCK                               Onnolle Ethel
SHATTUCK                               Sylvia Estelle
SHATTUCK                               Theresa
SHATTUCK                               Virginia Amy
SHATTUCK (VN)                          Bernard Merle
SHATTUCK (WWII)                        Bernard Jerald
SHATTUCK (WWII)                        Howard Lavern
SHATTUCK KAYES                         Beatrice Bell
SHELDON                                Mary Ann
SHELDON                                Mary Ann
SHELDON ALLEN                          Mary Ann
SIBLEY                                 Ann Eliza
SIBLEY                                 Judson
SMITH                                  Lester R
STEBBINS                               Mary
STEBBINS HOLLISTER                     Mary
STONE                                  Anna B
STONE                                  Anson
STONE                                  Anson Rovila
STONE                                  Clifton Charles
STONE                                  Edith
STONE                                  Helen
STONE                                  Lee Thomas
STONE                                  Marcia Maria
STONE                                  Orpha B.
STONE                                  Sarah Josephine
STONE                                  Theodore Motimore
STONE                                  Victor Alfred
STONE (WWI)                            Clifton Charles
STONE HOLLISTER                        Marcia Maria
TAYLOR                                 Sylvia Estelle
TAYLOR                                 Virginia Amy
TAYLOR SHATTUCK                        Sylvia Estelle
TAYLOR SHATTUCK                        Virginia Amy
TEFFT                                  Alexander
TEFFT                                  Alexander
TEFFT                                  Deborah
TEFFT                                  Dewey
TEFFT                                  Gertrude Melvina
TEFFT                                  Martha Helen
TEFFT                                  Nathaniel Niles
TEFFT                                  Oliver D.
TEFFT                                  Polly
TENEYCK                                Bessie A.
TENEYCK                                Ernest J.
UPDYKE                                 Arthur S.
UPDYKE                                 Orrilla M.
UPDYKE                                 family marker
VAN AKEN                               Edith
VAN AKEN BARNES                        Edith
VAN VALKENBURG                         Cornelia
VAN VALKENBURG                         Francis H.
VAN VALKENBURG (CW)                    Francis H.
VANAKEN                                Florence Generva
VANAKEN                                Harry Clinton
VIEW                                   Chestnut Hill
WEISE                                  Augusta Caroline
WIEHORST                               Mary Elizabeth
WIEHORST JARK                          Mary Elizabeth
WILBER                                 Love H.
WILBER                                 Mabel F.
WILTSIE                                Clara
WILTSIE                                Nathan
WOODRUFF                               Charles E.
WOODRUFF                               Della
WOODRUFF                               Dora C.
WOODRUFF                               Emmett
WOODRUFF                               George B.
WOODRUFF                               Llewellyn J.
WOODRUFF                               Lucinda
WOODRUFF                               Lucy  E.
WOODRUFF                               Minnie Bell
WOODRUFF                               Wilson M.
WOODRUFF                               family marker
WOOSTER                                Helen M
WOOSTER SCHANG                         Helen M.
ZINTEK                                 Helen Lucille
ZINTEK NITSCHE                         Helen Lucille
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