Cayuga County, New York
Gravestone Photo Project

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Cayuga County, New York Gravestone Photo Project

Column One: Surname (if 2 surnames is given, maiden then married surname)
FI = French-Indian | RW = Revolutionary War | IW = Indian Wars | 1812 = War of 1812 | MEX = Mexican War | CW = Civil War | SA = Spanish American War |
PI = Philippine Insurrection | WWI = World War I | WWII = World War II | KOR = Korean Conflict | VN = Vietnam War | WT = War on Terrorism
Column Two: Given

AUCHMOODY                              Esther A
AUCHMOODY                              James
AUCHMOODY                              Lillie
AUCHMOODY                              Lillie
AUCHMOODY                              Sarah S.
BEEBEE                                 Eben B.
BEEBEE                                 George B.
BENTLEY                                Mariah
BENTLEY KEELER                         Mariah
BLAUVELT                               Catherine
BLAUVELT                               Laura
BLAUVELT                               Mary Catherine
BLAUVELT                               Peter P
BLAUVELT (CW)                          Peter P.
BLAUVELT FEAR                          Mary Catherine
BROCKWAY                               Alice
BROCKWAY                               Darius
BROCKWAY                               Eizabeth
BROCKWAY                               Frankie
BROCKWAY                               Libbie
BROCKWAY                               Martie
BROCKWAY                               Sylvina
BROCKWAY                               Whitman
BROCKWAY LATHAM                        Alice
BROWN                                  Ann Elizabeth
BROWN                                  Blanche
BROWN                                  Florence Mariah
BROWN                                  Frances Adelia
BROWN                                  Oscar Alansin
BROWN                                  Thomas Jefferson
BROWN (CW)                             Oscar Alansin
BROWN DUNCAN                           Florence Mariah
CADY                                   Zadoc
CADY (RW)                              Zadoc
CALLEAR                                Carolyn A
CALLEAR NOBLE                          Carolyn A
CHAFFEE                                Esther A
CHAFFEE AUCHMOODY                      Esther A
CLAPP                                  Adelbert B.
CLAPP                                  Elmer D.
CLAPP                                  Frances
CLAPP                                  Howard S.
CLAPP                                  Margaret
CROUCH                                 Amelia
CROUCH FLINN                           Amelia
CULVER                                 Alice R.
CULVER                                 Andrew J.
CULVER                                 Clayton A.
CULVER                                 Coral C.
CULVER                                 Luella
CULVER                                 Marion M.
CULVER                                 Mary
CULVER                                 Mary J.
CULVER                                 Nellie M.
CULVER HUDSON                          Mary
DAVIS                                  Harriet
DAY                                    Ruth B
DAY MCKAY                              Ruth B.
DONNELLY                               Catherine
DONNELLY                               John J.
DONNELLY (WWI)                         John J.
DONNELLY HOLMES                        Catherine
DORNEY                                 Susan
DORNEY PENTECOST                       Susan
DUNCAN                                 Avis Rita
DUNCAN                                 Florence Mariah
DUNCAN                                 Franklin Jason
DUNCAN LAUB                            Avis Rita
ELLIS                                  Laura
ELLIS BLAUVELT                         Laura
FAATZ                                  Mary L.
FEAR                                   Eliza
FEAR                                   Hattie Permilia
FEAR                                   John
FEAR                                   Joseph K.
FEAR                                   Mary Catherine
FEAR                                   Theodore Blauvelt
FLINN                                  Amelia
FLINN                                  Frank W.
FLINN                                  James S.
FLINN                                  Jessie M.
FLINN                                  Mary Annie
FLINN                                  Nellie V
FLINN                                  Patrick
FLINN                                  Sarah
FLINN                                  Sarah V.
FLINN QUINN                            Nellie V.
GODFREE FEAR                           Eliza
GOODYEAR'S CORNER                      Cemetery
GOODYEARS CORNERS                      Cemetery
HAWKINS                                Eleanor
HAWKINS LYON                           Eleanor
HAWLEY                                 Ezra
HAYDEN                                 Emily
HAYDEN PENTECOST                       Emily
HILL                                   Maud
HILL SAXTON                            Maud
HOLMES                                 Alice
HOLMES                                 Anna E
HOLMES                                 Catherine
HOLMES                                 John
HOLMES                                 Lillian
HOLMES                                 Margaret
HOLMES                                 Mary A
HOLMES                                 Mary A.
HOLMES                                 Mary L
HOLMES                                 Thomas
HOLMES                                 William
HOLMES CLAPP                           Margaret
HOLMES FAATZ                           Mary L.
HOLMES MYERS                           Alice
HOLMES SNYDER                          Anna E.
HOLMES SWEET                           Mary A.
HUDSON                                 Herbert Grant
HUDSON                                 John A.
HUDSON                                 Mary
HUNT                                   Betsy
HUNT                                   James H.
HUNTLEY                                Lydia
HUNTLEY                                Samuel A.
KEELER                                 Alfred
KEELER                                 Charles D
KEELER                                 Frances Adelia
KEELER                                 Mariah
KEELER BROWN                           Frances Adelia
KNAPP                                  Charles Horace
KNAPP                                  Susan
LAKE-VIEW                              Cemetery
LAKE-VIEW                              Cemetery Sign
LATHAM                                 Alice
LATHAM                                 Allan
LATHAM                                 George
LATHAM                                 Susan
LATHAM KNAPP                           Susan
LAUB                                   Avis Rita
LOOMIS                                 Ann Elizabeth
LOOMIS BROWN                           Ann Elizabeth
LYON                                   Eleanor
LYON                                   George Bancroft
MACOMBER                               Mary J
MACOMBER CULVER                        Mary J.
MAPLEWOOD CEMETERY                     Sign
MCKAY                                  Donald I
MCKAY                                  ROBERT WOOLSEY
MCKAY                                  Ruth B.
MCKAY (WWII)                           Robert Woolsey
MILLER                                 Luella
MILLER CULVER                          Luella
MITCHELL                               Katherine G
MITCHELL                               Marion M
MITCHELL CULVER                        Marion M.
MITCHELL SWAYZE                        Katherine G.
MYERS                                  Alice
NOBLE                                  Carolyn A
NOBLE                                  Kristine D
NOBLE                                  Thomas Bird
NOBLE SEAMAN                           Kristine D
OVERSAUGH                              Cornelia
OVERSLAUGH                             Cornelia
OVERSLAUGH                             Laverne William
PALMER                                 Jessie M
PALMER FLINN                           Jessie M.
PAYNE                                  Fred A
PENTECOST                              Emily
PENTECOST                              Martha H
PENTECOST                              Mary May
PENTECOST                              Susan
PENTECOST                              William Henry Harry
PENTECOST                              William, Sr.
PENTECOST THORNTON                     Martha H.
POST                                   Catherine
POST BLAUVELT                          Catherine
PRINE                                  Sarah S
PRINE AUCHMOODY                        Sarah S.
QUINN                                  McKinley C.
QUINN                                  Nellie V.
QUINN                                  Rayfield
RIX                                    Eunice
RIX ROBINSON                           Eunice
ROBINSON                               Edward
ROBINSON                               Edward
ROBINSON                               Eunice
ROBINSON (RW)                          Edward
SAXTON                                 Cornelia
SAXTON                                 Cornelia
SAXTON                                 Maud
SAXTON                                 Urin T
SAXTON OVERSAUGH                       Cornelia
SAXTON OVERSLAUGH                      Cornelia
SCHENCK                                Eva W.
SCHENCK                                Marion C
SEAMAN                                 Kristine
SMITH                                  Elizabeth
SMITH BROCKWAY                         Eizabeth
SNYDER                                 Anna E.
SULLIVAN                               Mary Annie
SULLIVAN FLINN                         Mary Annie
SWAIN                                  John B.
SWAIN                                  Martha
SWAIN VANAKEN                          Martha
SWAYZE                                 Ben L.
SWAYZE                                 Katherine G.
SWEET                                  Augustus
SWEET                                  Louise B.
SWEET                                  Mary A.
SWEET (CW)                             Augustus
SWIFT                                  Sylvina
SWIFT BROCKWAY                         Sylvina
THORNTON                               Martha H.
THORNTON                               William T.
TUBMAN                                 Harriet
TUBMAN DAVIS                           Harriet
VAN AKEN                               Lena
VAN AKEN                               Martha
VAN AKEN                               Martin
VIEW                                   Cemetery Entrance Sign
WALL                                   Anna
WALL                                   James
WALL                                   Mary A
WALL                                   Mary C.
WALL HOLMES                            Mary A.
WARNER                                 Lydia
WARNER HUNTLEY                         Lydia
WEAVER                                 Alice R
WEAVER CULVER                          Alice R.
WOOD                                   Edgan Holmes
WRIGHT                                 Betsy
WRIGHT HUNT                            Betsy
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