Columbia County, New York
Gravestone Photo Project

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Columbia County, New York Gravestone Photo Project

Column One: Surname (if 2 surnames is given, maiden then married surname)
FI = French-Indian | RW = Revolutionary War | IW = Indian Wars | 1812 = War of 1812 | MEX = Mexican War | CW = Civil War | SA = Spanish American War |
PI = Philippine Insurrection | WWI = World War I | WWII = World War II | KOR = Korean Conflict | VN = Vietnam War | WT = War on Terrorism
Column Two: Given

ACKER                                  Emma Frances
ADRIANCE                               Amanda
ADRIANCE                               Elizabeth
AIMES                                  Edna
AIMES                                  Francis M
ALLEN                                  June Louise
ALLEN                                  Louise M
ALLEN                                  Wendell P
ALLEN (WWI)                            Wendell P
ASHLEY                                 Charles W.
ASHLEY                                 Chauncey S
ASHLEY                                 Chauncey S.
ASHLEY                                 Chester S.
ASHLEY                                 Fanny
ASHLEY                                 George H
ASHLEY                                 George H.
ASHLEY                                 Hannah
ASHLEY                                 Henry
ASHLEY                                 Henry A.
ASHLEY                                 Jane
ASHLEY                                 Jennie S
ASHLEY                                 Katie
ASHLEY                                 Katie
ASHLEY                                 Mary
ASHLEY                                 Mary Ella
ASHLEY                                 S Louise
ASHLEY                                 Susan A.
ASHLEY BATEMAN                         Jennie S
ASHLEY BEMISS                          Mary Ella
AUSTEN                                 Lewis T
AUSTEN                                 Robert Lewis
AUSTEN                                 Ruth
AUSTIN                                 A Elmer
AUSTIN                                 Allen J
AUSTIN                                 Artemas
AUSTIN                                 Clara
AUSTIN                                 Evangeline C
AUSTIN                                 Harriet
AUSTIN                                 James
AUSTIN                                 Mary E
AUSTIN                                 Millard G
AUSTIN                                 Polly
AUSTIN                                 Sarah E
AUSTIN DUNNE                           Sarah E
AUSTIN MILLER                          Harriet
AVERY                                  Catherine
AVERY                                  Florence Susan
AVERY                                  Henry
AVERY                                  Henry
AVERY SCHILLER                         Florence Susan
BABCOCK                                Lodowick S
BACHMAN                                Annie
BACHMAN                                Charity
BACHMAN                                Emma A
BACHMAN                                Mary E
BACHMAN                                Robert
BACHMAN                                Sylvester
BACHMAN ROSSMAN                        Emma A
BAIN                                   Chloe
BAIN                                   Eliza
BAIN                                   John A
BAIN                                   Levi
BAIN                                   Mary
BAKAITIS                               Marion M.
BAKAITIS HAYES                         Marion M.
BAKER                                  Charity
BAKER                                  Henry Lawrence
BAKER (WWII)                           Henry Lawrence
BAKER BACHMAN                          Charity
BALDWIN                                Flora
BARRY                                  Theresa
BARRY COOK                             Theresa
BARTLETT                               Evangeline C
BARTLETT AUSTIN                        Evangeline C
BATEMAN                                Jennie S
BECKER                                 C G
BECKER                                 Fred J
BECKER                                 Hannah
BECKER                                 Harriette E
BECKER                                 Ralph M
BECKWITH                               Benjamin
BECKWITH                               Mercy
BECKWITH                               Nancy
BEEBE                                  Richard
BELCHER                                Arabella
BELCHER CULVER                         Arabella
BEMIS                                  Sarah
BEMIS                                  Sarah
BEMISS                                 Alice
BEMISS                                 Anna
BEMISS                                 Charles E.
BEMISS                                 Charles W.
BEMISS                                 Charles W.
BEMISS                                 Charlotte A.
BEMISS                                 Chloe
BEMISS                                 Ephraim
BEMISS                                 Evelyn
BEMISS                                 Fay
BEMISS                                 Fay Jr.
BEMISS                                 Frank
BEMISS                                 Ida Jane
BEMISS                                 Ida May
BEMISS                                 Luella
BEMISS                                 Marjorie
BEMISS                                 Mary
BEMISS                                 Mary Ella
BEMISS                                 Samuel H.
BEMISS                                 Walter L
BEMISS                                 William
BEMISS PULVER                          Marjorie
BEMUS BECKWITH                         Nancy
BEMUS HUDSON                           Nancy
BENEDICT                               Hannah
BENT                                   Lalia E
BENT POWELL                            Lalia E
BETTS                                  Henry W
BINGHAM (WWII)                         William
BINZER                                 Henry H
BINZER (WWI)                           Henry H
BISSEL                                 Lydia
BISSEL SNYDER                          Lydia
BIXBY                                  Sally M
BIXBY CONVERSE                         Sally M
BLAKEMAN                               David LeRoy
BLASS                                  Peter
BLASS (RW)                             Peter
BOSWORTH                               Catharine
BOSWORTH                               Isaac Foster
BOSWORTH                               John Pixley
BOSWORTH                               Stephen
BOW                                    Susanna
BOWERS                                 Emma H.
BOYCE                                  Charlotte E
BOYCE                                  Isaac K
BOYCE                                  Sarah E
BRANT                                  John
BRANT                                  Mary
BRANT (CW)                             John
BRAZEE                                 John A
BRIZZIE                                Eliza
BRIZZIE PHILLIPS                       Eliza
BROCKWAY                               Deidamia E
BROCKWAY FOSMIRE                       Deidamia E
BROOKS                                 Franklin
BROOKS (CW)                            Franklin
BROWN                                  Laura B
BROWN                                  Margaret A
BROWN                                  Phebe
BROWN                                  Waterman L
BRUSIE                                 Mariette
BRUSIE LOOMIS                          Mariette
BRYAN                                  Ambrose
BRYAN                                  Purnelly
BUCKBEE                                Calvin
BUCKBEE                                Elizabeth
BUCKBEE                                Jane
BULL                                   Dorcus
BULL                                   John
BULL (RW)                              John
BUNT                                   Amelia H
BURDICK                                Catharine
BURDICK                                J Wesley
BURDICK                                Jane
BURDICK HAYWOOD                        Jane
BURGER                                 Charles
BURGER                                 Louisa
BURNETT                                Warren H
BURNETT (WWII)                         Warren H
BURNS                                  David Q
BURNS                                  Hannah
BURR                                   Bessie M
BURR                                   Fred
BURTON                                 Bessie M
BURTON                                 John F
BURTON                                 Lester
BURTON BURR                            Bessie M
CADY                                   Allen
CADY                                   Allen, Jr
CADY                                   Elizabeth
CADY                                   Hattie C
CADY DALEY                             Elizabeth
CAMERON                                Cornelia
CAMERON SCUTT                          Cornelia
CARLSON                                Edwin O
CARLSON                                Lovisa
CARLSON                                Oscar
CHADWICK                               Prudence
CHAMPION                               Caroline
CHAMPION                               Lydia
CHAMPION HUDSON                        Lydia
CHRYSTLER                              Betsey
CLAPPER                                Evelyn
CLAPPER                                Margaret E
CLAPPER BEMISS                         Evelyn
CLAPPER WRIGHT                         Margaret E
CLARK BEMIS                            Sarah
CLARK BEMISS                           Luella
CLUM                                   Elizabeth
CLUM PULVER                            Elizabeth
COLE                                   Catharine
COLE                                   Jacob S
CONKLIN                                Eliza
CONKLIN                                John
CONKLIN                                Mena
CONKLIN SPENCER                        Mena
CONVERSE                               Alice
CONVERSE                               Sally M
CONVERSE                               William H
CONVERSE PULVER                        Alice
COOK                                   Frances B
COOK                                   Paulina C
COOK                                   Theresa
COOK DECKER                            Paulina C
COOK MARTIN                            Frances B
COON                                   Margaret
COONS                                  Catherine
COONS                                  Eliza
COONS                                  Katy Maria
COONS                                  Mary
COONS                                  William H.
COONS                                  William Henry
COONS ASHLEY                           Mary
COONS HOFFMAN                          Catherine
COOPER                                 Anna
COOPER                                 John
CORBITT                                Elsa B
CORBITT                                Hugh Blake
CORBITT                                Joseph B
CORBITT (SERV)                         Joseph B
CORBITT (WWI)                          Hugh Blake
CORSEY                                 Alfred L
CORSEY                                 Caroline S T
CORSEY                                 Charlotte J
CORSEY                                 Louise M
CORSEY                                 Peter S
CORSEY ALLEN                           Louise M
COUSE                                  Frederick
COX                                    William Gordon
COX (WWI)                              William Gordon
CRAPSER                                Cyrena
CRAPSER                                Josephine
CRESSY                                 E. H.
CRESSY                                 Emma H
CRESSY BOWERS                          Emma H.
CRISTIE                                David
CRISTIE                                Polly
CULVER                                 Arabella
CULVER                                 Simeon
CURTIS                                 Charlotte
DALEY                                  Daniel
DALEY                                  Elizabeth
DALEY                                  Mabel T
DALEY WILLIAMS                         Mabel T.
DECKER                                 Almira
DECKER                                 Ambrose
DECKER                                 Ambrose L
DECKER                                 Annie E
DECKER                                 Jacob
DECKER                                 Mary S
DECKER                                 Paulina C
DECKER                                 Robert
DICK                                   Henry
DICK                                   Lana
DICK (RW)                              Henry
DIEE                                   George J Jr
DIEE (WWII)                            George J Jr
DINGMAN                                Esther
DINGMAN                                Jane Ann
DINGMAN                                John L
DINGMAN                                John L
DINGMAN                                Maria L
DINGMAN DINGMAN                        Jane Ann
DORR                                   Annie
DORR                                   John Pixley
DORR                                   Julia
DROWNE                                 Gordon Brooke
DROWNE                                 Lawrence R
DROWNE                                 Nita
DROWNE (SERV)                          Gordon Brooke
DUMBERGER                              Dorathea
DUMBERGER                              Jacob
DUNNE                                  Charles A
DUNNE                                  Cora Edith
DUNNE                                  Daniel J
DUNNE                                  James Henry
DUNNE                                  John P
DUNNE                                  Joseph Gorden
DUNNE                                  Lilla May
DUNNE                                  Sarah E
ELLIOT                                 Berton W
ELLIOT                                 Sarah L
EMERICK                                Catharine Maria
EMERICK SHARP                          Catharine Maria
EVERTS                                 Electa
EVERTS FORD                            Electa
FAIRCHILD                              Don E
FAIRCHILD                              Lizzie A
FEDIGAN                                Elizabeth
FEE                                    Francelia H
FELLOWS                                Nathaniel
FELLOWS                                Susan M
FENNELL                                Florence
FINGAR                                 Conrad
FINGAR                                 Elias
FINGAR (1812)                          Elias
FINGAR (RW)                            Conrad
FINKLE                                 Catherine Augusta
FINKLE MILLIUS                         Catherine Augusta
FORD                                   Electa
FORD                                   Elizabeth
FORD                                   Esther
FORD                                   Francis A
FORD                                   Horace W
FORD                                   Jesse
FORD                                   Mary E
FORD                                   Silas J
FOSMIRE                                Deidamia E
FOSMIRE                                Garret H
FOSMIRE                                Henry
FOSMIRE                                Henry
FOSMIRE                                Martha S
FOSMIRE                                Mary A
FOSMIRE                                Sarah A
FOSMIRE (1812)                         Henry
FOSMIRE GREEN                          Sarah A
FOSTER                                 Hitty
FOX                                    Mildred
FRADENBURGH                            David
FRADENBURGH                            John H
FREEMAN                                Mary H
FREEMAN SMITH                          Mary H
FRISBEE                                Permelia B
FRISBEE LAY                            Permelia B
FRITTS                                 Dennis
FRITTS                                 Susan M
GARDENIER                              Mary R
GARDENIER HOLLAND                      Mary R
GARDNER                                Francis
GARDNER                                George
GARDNER                                Mildred
GARDNER                                Nellie
GARDNER FOX                            Mildred
GARRISON                               Grace M.
GARRISON                               Lester G.
GATHEN                                 Laura
GATHEN WILLIAMS                        Laura
GEHLBACK                               Elizabeth
GEHLBACK VOUGHT                        Elizabeth
GENTRY                                 Edna
GENTRY AIMES                           Edna
GIBBONS                                Mary
GIBBS                                  Rebecca B
GIBBS GROAT                            Rebecca B
GILE                                   Asa
GILE (RW)                              Asa
GLENN                                  John
GLENN                                  Sarah A
GOODRICH                               Comfort
GOODRICH                               Zenas
GRANT                                  Eleazar
GRANT                                  Eleazer
GRANT (RW)                             Eleazer
GRAY                                   Colee
GREEN                                  Sarah A
GREENER                                Caroline S T
GREENER                                Louis F
GREENER CORSEY                         Caroline S T
GRIFFIN                                John H
GRIFFIN (WWII)                         John H
GROAT                                  Catharine
GROAT                                  Jacob
GROAT                                  Rebecca B
GROAT                                  Ruth
GROAT AUSTEN                           Ruth
GROVES                                 Rebeccah A
GROVES                                 Ruth E
GROVES HAYWOOD                         Ruth E
GROVES LOUDEN                          Rebeccah A
HAGAMAN                                Charity
HAGAMAN                                Cornelia
HAGAMAN                                Isaac
HAGAMAN                                John
HAGAMAN (RW)                           John
HALL                                   Lucy
HALL                                   Stephen
HAM                                    Amelia
HAM                                    Anna S
HAM                                    Edgar H
HAM                                    Jacob
HAM                                    Martin
HAM                                    Mary Rebecca
HAM                                    Minnie
HAMILTON                               Madeleine C
HAMILTON                               William M
HAMILTON                               William M
HAMILTON (WWII)                        William M
HAMILTON (WWII)                        William M
HAMM                                   Isa
HARDY                                  Sarah A
HARDY GLENN                            Sarah A
HARP                                   Grace M.
HARP GARRISON                          Grace M.
HARRIS                                 Hannah
HARRIS SNYDER                          Hannah
HART                                   Ellen
HART                                   Ellen
HART                                   Lilla May
HART                                   Mary Ann
HART DUNNE                             Lilla May
HART PLATNER                           Ellen
HAYES                                  Antoinette
HAYES                                  Elsie
HAYES                                  Frederick John
HAYES                                  John S.
HAYES                                  Leo Joseph
HAYES                                  Marion
HAYES (WWI)                            Leo Joseph
HAYES MOLINSKI                         Antoinette
HAYNOR                                 George
HAYNOR                                 Mary I
HAYNOR                                 Sarah E
HAYWOOD                                Alzina
HAYWOOD                                Cynthia
HAYWOOD                                Daniel E
HAYWOOD                                Florence
HAYWOOD                                Frank H
HAYWOOD                                Fred
HAYWOOD                                Ida
HAYWOOD                                Jane
HAYWOOD                                Jennie M
HAYWOOD                                John
HAYWOOD                                John M
HAYWOOD                                Katie M
HAYWOOD                                Lewis
HAYWOOD                                Lewis M
HAYWOOD                                Lizzie
HAYWOOD                                Louise
HAYWOOD                                Margaret
HAYWOOD                                Martha D
HAYWOOD                                Martin
HAYWOOD                                Mary Elizabeth
HAYWOOD                                Ruth E
HAYWOOD                                Saloma
HAYWOOD                                Shadic
HAYWOOD                                Stephen
HAYWOOD                                Stevie M
HAYWOOD                                Wellington
HAYWOOD                                William
HAYWOOD                                Zilpha M
HAYWOOD MILLER                         Cynthia
HAYWOOD PULVER                         Ida
HEATON                                 Helen
HELM                                   Henry
HELM                                   Magdalene
HELM                                   Magdalene
HELM                                   Maria
HELM                                   Peter H
HERING                                 Adam
HERING                                 Philippine
HERMANCE                               Catherine
HERMANCE AVERY                         Catherine
HICKEY                                 Edmund Patrick
HICKEY                                 Elizabeth
HICKEY                                 Jeannette I
HICKEY                                 Margaret L
HICKEY                                 Thomas
HICKEY VOUGHT                          Jeannette I
HICKS                                  Charlotte E
HICKS BOYCE                            Charlotte E
HOFFMAN                                Catherine
HOFFMAN                                Grosvenor
HOFFMAN                                Henry
HOFFMAN                                Peter H.
HOFFMAN (CW)                           Grosvenor
HOLDRIDGE                              Amanda
HOLDRIDGE                              Ashley
HOLDRIDGE                              Roswell
HOLDRIDGE                              Thomas H
HOLDRIDGE ADRIANCE                     Amanda
HOLLAND                                Annie
HOLLAND                                John E
HOLLAND                                Mary R
HOLLENBECK                             Aaron
HOLLENBECK                             Hannah
HOLLENBECK                             Nicholas
HOLMES                                 Georgiana
HOLMES PULVER                          Georgiana
HOLSAPPLE                              Jonas
HOLSAPPLE                              Katie
HOLSAPPLE (CW)                         Jonas
HOLSAPPLE LAMPMAN                      Katie
HOLT                                   Charlotte
HOLT                                   John E
HONICKER                               Frank J
HONICKER                               Olive E
HOPKINS                                Parish B
HOUSE                                  Heletia
HOUSE                                  Jacob
HOUSE                                  Nathaniel
HOVER                                  Belinda
HOVER                                  Gertrude
HOVER                                  Maud
HOVER                                  William
HOVER LAPE                             Maud
HOVER SNYDER                           Belinda
HOWE                                   Lucy
HOWE SHUMWAY                           Lucy
HUDSON                                 Albertine C
HUDSON                                 Anna Varney
HUDSON                                 Augusta
HUDSON                                 Chauncey B
HUDSON                                 Clara V V
HUDSON                                 Elijah
HUDSON                                 Elijah
HUDSON                                 Elijah S
HUDSON                                 Esther F
HUDSON                                 Francelia
HUDSON                                 Hosea
HUDSON                                 Josephine Root
HUDSON                                 Lydia
HUDSON                                 Mary P
HUDSON                                 Nancy
HUDSON                                 Phebe
HUDSON                                 Thomas R
HUDSON (RW)                            Elijah
HUDSON FEE                             Francelia
HUDSON PEASLEE                         Augusta
HUDSON POMEROY                         Albertine C.
HUDSON REYNOLDS                        Esther F
HUDSON VAN VALKENBERGH                 Anna Varney
HUESTED                                Charles P
HUESTED                                George
HUESTED                                Louisa
HUESTED                                Louisa
HUESTED                                Olive
HUESTED                                Sackett
HUESTED                                Sarah
HUESTED                                Sarah L
HUESTED ELLIOT                         Sarah L
HUGHES                                 John Roger
HUGHES (WWI)                           John Roger
HULBERT                                Sadie C
HULBERT WHEELER                        Sadie C
HUNT                                   Eleanor
HUNT                                   Eliza C
HUNT                                   Hannah
HUNT BENEDICT                          Hannah
HUNT PALMER                            Eliza C
HYSON                                  Louisa
HYSON SCHILLER                         Louisa
JACOBIA                                Arthur Charles
JACOBIA                                Kenneth Howes
JACOBIA (WWII)                         Arthur Charles
JACOBIA (WWII)                         Kenneth Howes
JORDAN                                 Abram I
JORDAN                                 Eleanor
JORDAN                                 Mary
KELLOGG                                Raymond
KELLOGG (WWI)                          Raymond
KELLOGG (WWII)                         Raymond
KILLMER                                Peter A
KILMER                                 Clara
KILMER                                 Elizabeth
KILMER                                 William
KILMER AUSTIN                          Clara
KING                                   Asael
KING                                   Caroline
KING                                   Catherine
KING                                   Chauncey A
KING                                   Leulalia
KING                                   Martha
KING                                   William Harrison
KITTLE                                 Andrew
KITTLE                                 Sophia A
KNICKERBOCKER                          Catherine
KNICKERBOCKER                          George W
KNICKERBOCKER                          Maria
KNICKERBOCKER LANGDON                  Maria
LACEY                                  Florence
LACEY FENNELL                          Florence
LACEY HAYWOOD                          Florence
LAMOREE                                Charlotte A
LAMOREE                                Cynthia
LAMOREE                                John B.
LAMOREE                                John W.
LAMOREE                                Mary Elizabeth
LAMOREE                                Sarah
LAMOREE BEMISS                         Charlotte A.
LAMPMAN                                Frank
LAMPMAN                                Katie
LANE                                   Martha D
LANE HAYWOOD                           Martha D
LANGDON                                Gilbert
LANGDON                                Maria
LANGDON                                Norman
LANGDON                                Sabrina
LANGDON                                Spencer
LAPE                                   Maud
LAPHAM                                 Hiram
LAPHAM                                 Reuben R
LATTING                                Nancy M
LATTING ROSSMAN                        Nancy M
LAURANGE                               Ida
LAURANGE OGDEN                         Ida
LAWRENCE                               Peter
LAY                                    Edward
LAY                                    Elizabeth
LAY                                    George W
LAY                                    Permelia B
LAY                                    Reuben
LAY (RW)                               Reuben
LESTER                                 Cynthia
LESTER                                 Guy
LOOMIS                                 Lyman
LOOMIS                                 Mariette
LOUDEN                                 Geo
LOUDEN                                 Rebeccah A
MARTIN                                 Ambrose
MARTIN                                 Asa
MARTIN                                 Earl
MARTIN                                 Ernest N
MARTIN                                 Frances B
MARTIN                                 Gertrude E
MARTIN                                 John
MARTIN                                 Jordon L
MARTIN                                 Sally
MARTIN (RW)                            John
MCDONALD                               Donald
MCDONALD                               Neal
MEIER                                  Kenneth L
MEIER                                  Margaret M
MEIER (WWII)                           Kenneth L
MELIUS                                 Sidney
MERRITT                                Sarah
MESICK                                 Harry M
MESICK (WWII)                          Harry M
METZGER                                Clifford M
METZGER (WWII)                         Clifford M
MICHAEL                                Gertrude E
MICHAEL MARTIN                         Gertrude E
MICKLE                                 Cynthia
MICKLE KING                            Caroline
MICKLE LAMOREE                         Cynthia
MILLER                                 Albert
MILLER                                 Angelica
MILLER                                 Ann Eliza
MILLER                                 Catherine Caty
MILLER                                 Celia
MILLER                                 Cynthia
MILLER                                 Edmond
MILLER                                 Gertrude
MILLER                                 Harriet
MILLER                                 Jesse J
MILLER                                 John
MILLER                                 Mary E
MILLER                                 May
MILLER                                 Sarah
MILLER                                 Sarah E
MILLER                                 Sylvester
MILLER (RW)                            Jesse J
MILLER BACHMAN                         Mary E
MILLER COONS                           Katy Maria
MILLER HAYNOR                          Sarah E
MILLER HOVER                           Gertrude
MILLER SNOOK                           Catherine Caty
MILLER WILCOX                          Sarah
MILLIUS                                Catherine Augusta
MILLIUS                                Earl Jacob
MILLIUS                                Harmon Henry
MOLINSKI                               Antoinette
MOON                                   John
MOON                                   Mary E
MOON                                   Sarah
MOORE                                  Annis
MOORE                                  Churchill
MOORE                                  Wayne J
MOORE (WWII)                           Wayne J
MOORE VAN ALEN                         Annis
MULHOLLAND                             B Delia
MULHOLLAND                             William
MULHOLLAND (WWI)                       William
MURPHY                                 Elizabeth
MURPHY HICKEY                          Elizabeth
MYRICK                                 Barbara A
NIVER                                  Catharine
NIVER SHUFELT                          Catharine
O'MEARA                                B Delia
O'MEARA MULHOLLAND                     B Delia
O'NEALL                                Grosvenor Pixley
O'NEALL                                Josephine
O'RIORDAN                              Sean
OAKLEY                                 Gilbert
OAKLEY                                 Miles
OAKLEY                                 Rebecca
OAKLEY                                 Sarah
OAKLEY                                 Stephen
ODELL                                  Jennie
ODELL                                  Mary
OGDEN                                  Frances P
OGDEN                                  George H
OGDEN                                  Henrietta
OGDEN                                  Ida
OGDEN SCHILLER                         Frances P
PALMER                                 Alfred C
PALMER                                 Earl S
PALMER                                 Eliza C
PALMER                                 Enoch
PALMER                                 Ruth
PALMER                                 Stanley A
PALMER HAMM                            Isa
PATCH                                  F Earl
PATCH (WWII)                           F Earl
PEASLEE                                Augusta H
PETER                                  Acker
PETERSON                               Lovisa
PETERSON CARLSON                       Lovisa
PETRE                                  Johann Conradt
PHELPS                                 Zilpha M
PHELPS HAYWOOD                         Zilpha M
PHILLIPS                               Chester W
PHILLIPS                               Eliza
PIERSON                                Dean H
PIERSON                                Helmer Thor
PIERSON (WWII)                         Helmer Thor
PITTS                                  Mary A
PITTS FOSMIRE                          Mary A
PIXLEY                                 Anna
PIXLEY                                 Edwin
PIXLEY                                 Ephraim
PIXLEY                                 Grosvenor
PIXLEY                                 John
PIXLEY                                 Josephine
PIXLEY                                 Julia
PIXLEY                                 Maurice
PIXLEY DORR                            Julia
PIXLEY O'NEALL                         Josephine
PLATNER                                Caroline
PLATNER                                Elizabeth
PLATNER                                Ellen
PLATNER                                Martin
PLATNER                                Mary J
PLATNER (CW)                           Martin
POMEROY                                Albertine C H
POMEROY                                Lemuel
POST                                   Elizabeth
POST                                   Hannah
POST                                   John O.
POST HOLLENBECK                        Hannah
POWELL                                 Anna Lucretia
POWELL                                 Jonathan R
POWELL                                 Lalia E
POWELL                                 Lefferts M
POWELL                                 Martha
PRICE                                  Catherine
PRICE SHILLINGER                       Catherine
PROSEUS                                Eliza
PROSEUS CONKLIN                        Eliza
PULVER                                 Alice
PULVER                                 Chester
PULVER                                 Chester
PULVER                                 Edna M
PULVER                                 Elizabeth
PULVER                                 Freeland
PULVER                                 George C.
PULVER                                 Georgiana
PULVER                                 Ida
PULVER                                 Kenneth C
PULVER                                 Marjorie
PULVER                                 Mark E.
PULVER                                 Nellie A
PULVER                                 Orson Converse
PULVER                                 Sarah M.
PULVER HAYES                           Elsie
PULVER PULVER                          Sarah M.
RACE                                   Catherine
RANSFORD                               Henry
RANSFORD                               Mary
RANSFORD                               Polly
RANSFORD WILLIAMS                      Mary
REYNOLDS                               Esther F
REYNOLDS                               Laura B
REYNOLDS BAIN                          Chloe
REYNOLDS BROWN                         Laura B
RICH                                   David
RICH                                   Elizabeth
RICH (RW)                              David
RICHARDSON                             Ann Eliza
RICHARDSON MILLER                      Ann Eliza
RIDER                                  Anna
RIDER                                  Frebon
RIDER                                  William Johnson
RIDER                                  William Kirk
RIDER POWELL                           Anna Lucretia
RIVENBURG                              Nina
RIVENBURGH                             John
RIVENBURGH                             John
RIVENBURGH (CW)                        John
ROBERTS                                Audrey R
ROBERTS                                Joe Vaughan
ROBERTS (WWII)                         Joe Vaughan
ROBISON                                James
ROCKEFELLER                            Anna M
ROCKEFELLER                            Eliza
ROCKEFELLER                            Robert
ROCKEFELLER SHOOK                      Eliza
ROSE                                   Jean
ROSHIRT                                Frederick
ROSSMAN                                Emma A
ROSSMAN                                Jacob
ROSSMAN                                Maude A
ROSSMAN                                Nancy M
ROSSMAN                                Ralph B
ROSSMAN                                Ralph B
ROUSE                                  Eve
ROUSE                                  Gertrude
ROUSE                                  John
ROUSE (RW)                             John
ROWE                                   Mary Elizabeth
ROWE LAMOREE                           Mary Elizabeth
SACKETT                                Buell
SACKETT                                Esther
SACKETT                                Norman
SACKETT (RW)                           Buell
SAMMIS VINCENT                         Edith
SCHAFER                                Ronald Ralph
SCHAFER (SERV)                         Ronald Ralph
SCHILLER                               Charlotte
SCHILLER                               Edward
SCHILLER                               Edward
SCHILLER                               Florence Susan
SCHILLER                               Frances P
SCHILLER                               Grovener
SCHILLER                               Hubert Avery
SCHILLER                               Louisa
SCHIPP                                 Charlotte J
SCHIPP CORSEY                          Charlotte J
SCUTT                                  Catherine
SCUTT                                  Cornelia
SCUTT                                  Harmon
SCUTT KNICKERBOCKER                    Catherine
SEE                                    Cornelius L
SEE                                    Frederick
SEE                                    William H
SEE (CW)                               Frederick
SHAFER                                 Betsey
SHAFER                                 Jacob F
SHAFER                                 Mary
SHAFER CHRYSTLER                       Betsey
SHARP                                  Catharine Maria
SHARP                                  Jacob
SHARTS                                 Andreus
SHARTS                                 Cornelia
SHARTS                                 George
SHARTS                                 Harriette E
SHARTS                                 Jane
SHARTS                                 Mary
SHARTS                                 Nicholas
SHARTS (RW)                            Nicholas
SHARTS BECKER                          Harriette E
SHEFFER                                Harriet
SHEFFER SNYDER                         Harriet
SHEPARD                                Albert
SHEPARD                                Amos D
SHEPARD                                Caroline
SHEPARD                                James
SHEPARD                                Maria
SHEPARD                                Persis
SHEPARD                                Willard
SHEPARD (RW)                           Willard
SHEPARD CHAMPION                       Caroline
SHILLINGER                             Austin A
SHILLINGER                             Catherine
SHILLINGER                             Frank Albert
SHILLINGER                             Fred
SHILLINGER                             Gladys Martha
SHILLINGER                             Ruth
SHOOK                                  Eliza
SHOOK                                  Susan M
SHOOK                                  William
SHOOK FRITTS                           Susan M
SHUFELT                                Armond
SHUFELT                                Betsey
SHUFELT                                Caroline
SHUFELT                                Catharine
SHUFELT                                Christina
SHUFELT                                George A
SHUFELT                                Hannah
SHUFELT                                Jeremiah
SHUFELT                                Peter
SHUFELT                                Thomas
SHUFELT (CW)                           George A
SHUMWAY                                Abner
SHUMWAY                                Lucy
SHUNNEY                                Dennis James
SHUNNEY                                Eleanor
SHUNNEY (WWII)                         Dennis James
SILLIMAN                               Thorne C
SILLIMAN (WWII)                        Thorne C
SIMMONS                                Katherine
SIMMONS                                Mary
SIMMONS ODELL                          Mary
SIMPSON                                Annie E
SIMPSON DECKER                         Annie E
SMITH                                  Charlotte
SMITH                                  Coonradt
SMITH                                  Eleanor
SMITH                                  Hannah
SMITH                                  Hannah
SMITH                                  Helen
SMITH                                  James
SMITH                                  Leonard
SMITH                                  Martha
SMITH                                  Martin
SMITH                                  Mary
SMITH                                  Mary
SMITH                                  Mary H
SMITH (CW)                             Leonard
SMITH ASHLEY                           Hannah
SMITH BECKER                           Hannah
SMITH GIBBONS                          Mary
SMITH HEATON                           Helen
SMITH POWELL                           Martha
SMITH SCHILLER                         Charlotte
SNOOK                                  Catherine Caty
SNOOK                                  Tunis
SNYDER                                 Andrew
SNYDER                                 Belinda
SNYDER                                 Chauncey
SNYDER                                 Chester
SNYDER                                 Conrad
SNYDER                                 Fanny
SNYDER                                 Hannah
SNYDER                                 Harriet
SNYDER                                 Lydia
SNYDER                                 Susan M
SNYDER (RW)                            Conrad
SNYDER FELLOWS                         Susan M
SONRIER                                George W
SONRIER (WWII)                         George W
SPENCER                                Chloe
SPENCER                                Mena
SPENCER                                Mervin
SPENCER BEMISS                         Chloe
SPOOR                                  Abraham
STALKER                                Norman
STALL                                  Mary J
STALL WILLIAMS                         Mary J
STANLEY                                Hattie C
STANLEY CADY                           Hattie C
STEELE                                 Lucius J
STICKLE                                Frederick
STOCK                                  Henry W
STOCK (WWI)                            Henry W
STOCK (WWII)                           Henry W
STRANAHAN                              Daniel B
SYNDER ASHLEY                          Fanny
TEAL                                   Celia
TEAL                                   Nellie
TEAL GARDNER                           Nellie
TEAL MILLER                            Celia
TINKLEPAUGH                            Anna M
TOBIAS                                 Helen N
TOBIAS WILLIAMS                        Helen N.
TUBBS                                  Rebekah
TUCZYNSKI                              Kenneth E
TUCZYNSKI (VN)                         Kenneth E
TURCK                                  Leulalia
TURCK KING                             Leulalia
TURNER                                 Nita
TURNER DROWNE                          Nita
URBAN                                  Louisa
URBAN                                  Nellie C
URBAN HUESTED                          Louisa
VAN ALEN                               Abraham
VAN ALEN                               Annis
VAN ALEN                               Gilbert
VAN ALEN                               Gilbert
VAN ALEN                               Maria
VAN ALEN                               Polly
VAN DE BOE                             Betsey
VAN DE BOE                             Louisa
VAN DE BOE                             Phebe M
VAN DE BOE                             Polly A
VAN DEBOE                              Mary S
VAN DEBOE DECKER                       Mary S
VAN DEUSEN                             Catherine
VAN DEUSEN                             Minnie
VAN DEUSEN HAM                         Minnie
VAN DEUSEN RACE                        Catherine
VAN VALKENBERGH                        Anna Varney
VAN VALKENBERGH                        Heber
VAN VALKENBURGH                        Catharine
VAN VALKENBURGH                        Elsie Maria
VAN VALKENBURGH WILBOR                 Elsie Maria
VAN VOLKENBURGH                        Angeline
VAN VOLKENBURGH                        Annis
VAN VOLKENBURGH                        Katharine Fitch
VAN VOLKENBURGH WILLIAMS               Katharine Fitch
VAN WYCK                               Clarence B
VAN WYCK                               Cornelia L
VARNEY                                 Anna
VARNEY                                 Phebe
VARNEY HUDSON                          Phebe
VARNEY RIDER                           Anna
VIELE                                  Aermont
VINCENT                                Edith
VINCENT                                Harry B
VINCENT                                Wm Douglas
VOUGHT                                 Elizabeth
VOUGHT                                 Elizabeth
VOUGHT                                 Emma Frances
VOUGHT                                 George
VOUGHT                                 Jeannette I
VOUGHT                                 Louis Philip
VOUGHT ACKER                           Emma Frances
VOUGHT FEDIGAN                         Elizabeth
WAIT                                   Deliverance
WATERBURY                              Annie
WATERBURY                              Margaret A
WATERBURY BROWN                        Margaret A
WATERBURY HOLLAND                      Annie
WEBSTER                                Alfred
WEBSTER                                Chloe
WEBSTER                                Ruth
WEBSTER SHILLINGER                     Ruth
WHEELER                                Edna M
WHEELER                                Sadie C
WHEELER                                Walter J
WHEELER PULVER                         Edna M
WHITBECK                               Mary E
WHITBECK AUSTIN                        Mary E
WHITE                                  Isaac
WHITE                                  Jennie M
WHITE HAYWOOD                          Jennie M
WHITESIDE                              Margaret R
WHITESIDE WILBOR                       Margaret R
WILBER                                 Franklin
WILBOR                                 Amanda
WILBOR                                 Cornelia
WILBOR                                 Elsie Maria
WILBOR                                 Hannah
WILBOR                                 Margaret R
WILBOR                                 Margaret R
WILBOR                                 Samuel
WILBOR                                 Samuel
WILBOR                                 Sophia W
WILBOR                                 Thomas Whiteside
WILCOX                                 Frank
WILCOX                                 Sarah
WILLBOR                                Samuel S
WILLIAMS                               Aaron Ford
WILLIAMS                               Charles Cady
WILLIAMS                               Fletcher F.
WILLIAMS                               Harry Van Valkenburgh
WILLIAMS                               Helen N.
WILLIAMS                               John
WILLIAMS                               John M
WILLIAMS                               Katharine Fitch
WILLIAMS                               Laura
WILLIAMS                               Mabel T
WILLIAMS                               Mary
WILLIAMS                               Mary J
WILLIAMS                               Nabby
WILLIAMS                               Peter
WILLIAMS                               Roger
WILLIAMS                               Russell A
WILLIAMS                               Russell B
WILLIAMS                               Sarah
WILLIAMS                               Sarah C
WILLIAMS (WWI)                         Roger
WILLIAMS (WWII)                        Russell B.
WINTERS                                Raymond T
WINTERS (KOR)                          Raymond T
WIXSON                                 Earl C
WIXSON (WWII)                          Earl C
WOLCOTT                                Alice
WOLCOTT BEMISS                         Alice
WRIGHT                                 Margaret E
YOUNG                                  Delilah J
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