Essex County, New York
Gravestone Photo Project

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Essex County, New York Gravestone Photo Project

Column One: Surname (if 2 surnames is given, maiden then married surname)
FI = French-Indian | RW = Revolutionary War | IW = Indian Wars | 1812 = War of 1812 | MEX = Mexican War | CW = Civil War | SA = Spanish American War |
PI = Philippine Insurrection | WWI = World War I | WWII = World War II | KOR = Korean Conflict | VN = Vietnam War | WT = War on Terrorism
Column Two: Given

ALLEN                                  Addie
ALLEN                                  Alpheus
ALLEN                                  Edward
ANNO                                   Rosa A
ANNO DRUE                              Rosa A
ANO                                    Rose
ANO MARCY                              Rose
BAILEY                                 Elizabeth
BAILEY REID                            Elizabeth
BAKER                                  Aaron
BAKER                                  Anna
BAKER                                  Anna H
BAKER                                  Annie L
BAKER                                  Annis
BAKER                                  Claricy
BAKER                                  Cyntha
BAKER                                  Daniel B
BAKER                                  Elisha
BAKER                                  Elisha
BAKER                                  Ethel L
BAKER                                  John
BAKER                                  Jonas
BAKER                                  Julia
BAKER                                  Lucretia
BAKER                                  Lucy
BAKER                                  Minerva
BAKER                                  Phebe
BAKER                                  Rachel
BAKER                                  Rhoda
BAKER                                  Roxana
BAKER                                  Sally
BAKER                                  Sarah A
BAKER                                  Silas H
BAKER                                  Zurial P
BAKER KELLOGG                          Julia
BAKER KNOX                             Annie L
BAKER TAYLOR                           Anna H
BANKS                                  Edward
BANKS                                  Hanora M
BANKS                                  William T
BASCOM                                 Elizabeth
BASCOM                                 Elizabeth
BASCOM                                 Jason W
BENNAJAH                               Tyrrel
BENNAJAH (RW)                          Tyrrel
BENNETT                                Etta T
BENNETT WEST                           Etta T
BIBBEY                                 Della M
BIBBEY                                 Dora L
BIBBEY                                 Margaret J
BIBBEY                                 Thomas L
BIBBEY HAMMOND                         Hattie J
BIBBEY PALMER                          Margaret J
BIBBEY TRUESDELL                       Della M
BIBBY                                  Ann
BIBBY                                  Dorethea
BIBBY                                  Margaret
BIBBY                                  Thomas
BLANCHARD GATES                        Polly
BLANCHARD TRIPP                        Jemima
BLINN (CW)                             G W
BLOOMFIELD                             Alvin P
BOND                                   Polly
BOOTHE                                 Chloe
BOOTHE DRESSER                         Chloe
BOUKER                                 Benjamin
BOWEN                                  Hannah
BOWEN JONES                            Hannah
BOWKER                                 Alma
BOWKER                                 Benjamin
BOWKER                                 Olive
BOYCE                                  Ellen
BOYCE CALLAHAN                         Ellen
BOYLE                                  Mary Ann
BRADLEY                                Anna
BRADLEY                                Catharine
BRADLEY                                Catherine
BRADLEY                                Henry
BRADLEY                                Margaret
BRADLEY                                Patrick
BRADLEY                                Rosannah
BRADLEY VANDERWERKER                   Anna
BRALEY                                 Ruth A
BRALEY STOWELL                         Ruth A
BRIGHT (WWII)                          Cecil J
BROOKS                                 Laura A
BROOKS                                 Nathan
BROWN                                  Eva E
BRYAN (WWII)                           Red
BRYANT                                 Red
BULLARD                                Elizabeth
BULLARD LIBERTY                        Elizabeth
BURCKHARDT                             Rosina
BURGEY                                 Martha L
BURNELL                                Joseph
BURTON                                 Matilda
BURTON BURNELL                         Matilda
BUTLER                                 Edmond
BUTLER                                 Edmond
BUTLER                                 Ellen
BUTLER                                 John
BUTLER                                 Margaret
BUTLER                                 Mary E
BUTLER                                 Rose
BUTLER                                 Rose Agnes
BUTLER                                 William E
BUTLER (WWII)                          William E
BUTLER POWERS                          Mary E
BUTTLES                                Myron
BYRNE                                  Patrick
CALLAHAN                               Dennis
CALLAHAN                               Ellen
CALLAHAN                               Michel
CAMPBELL                               Donald H
CAMPBELL (KOR)                         Donald H
CARRY                                  Frances
CARRY GREGORY                          Frances
CATLIN                                 Sally
CHAMPNEY                               Cheney M
CHAMPNEY                               Louesa
CHAMPNEY                               Lucius
CHAMPNEY TALBOT                        Louesa
CHASE                                  Lydia M
CHEENEY                                Lydia
CHEENEY THAYER                         Lydia
CHELLIS                                Sarah
CHELLIS                                Timothy
CHELLIS (RW)                           Timothy
CHILLIS                                Elizabeth
CLARK                                  George H
CLARK                                  Irena
CLARK                                  Mariamne
CLARK PARKER                           Irena
CLIFFORD                               Ellen
CLOUGH                                 Charles
COLLAR                                 Eliza A
COLLAR JOHNSTON                        Eliza A
COLWELL                                Ellen
COMAN                                  Eunice
CONVERSE                               Charles I
CORSCADEN                              Anna
CORSCADEN WEST                         Anna
COX                                    Edward
CRANDELL                               Mercey
CRANDELL RUSSELL                       Mercey
CRAWFORD                               Charlotte
CRAWFORD                               James A
CRAWFORD (CW)                          James A
CRONIN                                 Aida
CRONIN                                 Rose Agnes
CRONIN BUTLER                          Rose Agnes
CRONIN MORRISON                        Aida
CULVER                                 Elizabeth
CULVER WARREN                          Elizabeth
CUMINS                                 Benjamin
CUMINS                                 Catharine
CUMMINS                                John
CUNNINGHAM                             Cormick
CUNNINGHAM                             Cornelia N
CUNNINGHAM                             James
CUNNINGHAM (CW)                        James
CUSHMAN                                Louisa
CUSHMAN                                Maryann
DANA                                   Amariah
DANIELS                                Aiken
DANIELS                                Henry
DANIELS                                Hiram H
DANIELS                                Mary Ann
DECOR                                  Evelyn
DECOR HAMMOND                          Evelyn
DELORME                                Alexander L
DELORME                                Josephine D
DONNELLY                               Hannah
DONNELLY                               Kate
DONNELLY                               Lizzie
DONNELLY                               Peter
DOOLITTLE                              Laverna P
DOUGHERTY                              Ann
DOUGHERTY                              Catherine
DOUGHERTY                              Fanny
DOUGHERTY                              Mary Ann
DOUGHERTY                              Patrick
DOUGHERTY                              Peter
DOUGHERTY MCARDLE                      Mary Ann
DRESSER                                Anna
DRESSER                                Benjamin Booth
DRESSER                                Chloe
DRESSER                                Elizabeth
DRESSER                                Oliver
DRESSER BASCOM                         Elizabeth
DRESSER SMITH                          Anna
DRUE                                   Rosa A
DUEL                                   Mary A
DUFFY                                  Andrew P
DUFFY                                  Loretta Anne
DUFFY (WWII)                           Andrew P
DUFFY (WWII)                           Loretta Anne
DUNLAP                                 Sarah
DUNTLEY                                Hattie A
DUNTLEY PEPPER                         Hattie A
DUPREY                                 Delia W
DURSHAM                                Felise
DURSHAM MARCY                          Felise
FAIRFIELD                              Edna F
FAIRFIELD                              Lucina
FAIRFIELD                              Martha A
FAIRFIELD PATRAW                       Martha A
FARR                                   Cyrus
FARR                                   Maria M
FARR                                   Perlina E P
FARR                                   Rufus
FARRELLY                               Ellen
FARRELLY                               Margaret
FARRELLY                               Patrick
FARRELLY CLIFFORD                      Ellen
FELCH WEST                             Sally
FERGUSON                               Addie
FERGUSON                               Charlotte
FERGUSON                               Hellen
FERGUSON                               Mary A
FERGUSON                               Serena
FERGUSON ALLEN                         Addie
FERRIS                                 John
FISH                                   Mary
FISH GREGORY                           Mary
FISK                                   Eber
FISK                                   Martha
FISKE                                  Olive
FLEMING                                Katherine E
FLOYD                                  Margaret
FLOYD                                  McClellan B
FLYNN                                  Patrick H
FLYNN (WWII)                           Patrick H
FORD                                   James
FRENCH                                 Rebecca
FRENCH WARREN                          Rebecca
FUGATE                                 Stephen E
FUGATE (WWII)                          Stephen E
FULAN                                  Margaret
FULLEN                                 Barney
FULLER                                 John L
FULLER                                 Pearl D
GAFFNEY                                Catharine
GALAWAY                                Amanda
GALLAGHER                              Francis
GALUSHA                                Dennis R
GALUSHA                                Lida M
GARFIELD                               Almer M
GARFIELD                               Elijah
GARFIELD                               Fanny
GARFIELD                               Lemon
GARFIELD                               Salome
GARFIELD                               Selucius
GATES                                  Achsah
GATES                                  Anna
GATES                                  David
GATES                                  Leonard W
GATES                                  Lyman
GATES                                  Polly
GATES                                  Rachel
GATES JONES                            Almira W
GATES WEST                             Achsah
GATES WEST                             Anna
GILL                                   Margaret
GILL BUTLER                            Margaret
GONNOUD                                Edward
GOODMAN                                J Donnelly
GOODRICH                               Milo
GOODRICH (CW)                          Milo
GOODSPEED                              Emeline Jones
GRAVLIN                                Henry
GRAVLIN                                Johnathan
GRAVLIN                                Julia
GRAVLIN                                Sophia
GRAVLIN PEPPER                         Sophia
GREGORY                                Frances
GREGORY                                Jesper
GREGORY                                Mary
GREGORY                                Peter
GREGORY                                Peter
GREGORY                                Stephen
GRISWOLD                               Eleanor
GRISWOLD                               Elihu
GRISWOLD                               Lydia
GRISWOLD                               Sidney
GRISWOLD SMITH                         Eleanor
GRISWOLD SMITH                         Lydia
HALL                                   Benjamin F
HALL                                   Emoline
HALL                                   H Ellen
HALL                                   Harrison J
HALL                                   Henry
HALL                                   Jane A
HALL                                   Patty
HALL (CW)                              Benjamin F
HALL (WWII)                            Harrison J
HAMMOND                                Cordelia
HAMMOND                                Evelyn
HAMMOND                                Floyd
HAMMOND                                George W
HAMMOND                                Hattie J
HAMMOND                                Phebe
HAMMOND                                Ulysses G
HARIMAN                                George E
HARRIS                                 Sherman Garfield
HARRIS (WWII)                          Sherman Garfield
HAVRON                                 Rose
HAVRON VANDERWARKER                    Rose
HAWARD                                 Mariah
HAWARD RISING                          Mariah
HAYES                                  Kenneth Robert
HELLAWELL                              Alice
HELLAWELL                              George
HELMS                                  Mildred M
HELMS                                  Mildred M
HELMS POHL                             Mildred M.
HERRIAMN                               Reuben D
HERRIMAN                               Clarissa
HERRIMAN                               Eddy
HERRIMAN                               George
HERRIMAN                               Helen F
HERRIMAN                               Julia
HERRIMAN                               Lydia A
HERRIMAN                               Polly
HERRIMAN NORTH                         Clarissa
HERRIMAN NORTH                         Julia
HERRIMAN SCRIPTURE                     Lydia A
HERRIMAN VARNEY                        Helen F
HEWETT                                 Arzelia J
HEWITT                                 Edmond P.
HEWITT                                 Jerusha
HIGGINS                                William S
HILL                                   Elizabeth
HILL                                   William
HINDS                                  Elizabeth
HINDS                                  Mary
HINDS                                  Uzal
HOCTOR                                 Joseph L
HOFFMAN                                Carl
HOLDEN                                 Anna
HOLDEN RAWSON                          Anna
HOUGHTON                               Louis
HOZLEY                                 Amelia
HOZLEY                                 Elie
HUDSON                                 Inez M
HUDSON                                 William J
JENKS                                  Avis L
JENKS                                  Charles F
JENKS                                  Loren
JENKS                                  Norman
JENKS                                  William
JENKS (CW)                             Charles F
JOHNSTON                               Alexander
JOHNSTON                               Andrew H
JOHNSTON                               Anna
JOHNSTON                               Eliza A
JOHNSTON                               Thomas
JOHNSTON (CW)                          Alexander
JOINER                                 Lysander
JONES                                  Almira W
JONES                                  Eliza
JONES                                  Hannah
JONES                                  Increase
JONES                                  Levi Philonzo
JONES                                  Pelatiah
JONES KNICKERBOCKER                    Eliza
KARR                                   Margaret
KAYS                                   Eliza J
KAYS WILSON                            Eliza J
KELLEY                                 Dennis
KELLEY                                 Ellen
KELLOGG                                Eunice
KELLOGG                                Julia
KELLOGG                                Mary Ann
KELLOGG                                Orrin
KELLOGG                                Orson
KELLOGG                                Rhoda E
KELLOGG                                Valentine
KELLOGG                                William L
KELLOGG STEWART                        Rhoda E
KELSO                                  James
KELSO                                  James K
KELSO                                  John
KELSO                                  Margaret
KELSO                                  Mary E
KENEDY                                 Peter
KENISON                                Jane
KENRICK                                Clarissa
KING                                   Rosanna
KNICKERBOCKER                          Charles
KNICKERBOCKER                          Eliza
KNICKERBOCKER                          Harry
KNICKERBOCKER                          Henry
KNOX                                   Annie L
KNOX                                   Daniel S
KNOX                                   Forrest H
KNOX                                   Lucelia P
LA CLAIR                               Frank
LA CLAIR                               Louise
LA ROSE                                Ferdnand
LA ROSE                                John J
LABIER                                 Marie
LABIER                                 Zoe
LABIER PELLERIN                        Zoe
LANE                                   Jennie A
LANE TYRELL                            Jennie A
LAVERTY                                Mary L
LAVERTY                                Wilber T
LAVERY                                 Anna E
LAVERY                                 Edward
LAVERY                                 Emma V
LAVERY                                 Ethel T
LAVERY                                 Helena
LAVERY                                 Hugh
LAVERY                                 Joannah B
LAVERY                                 Josephine E
LAVERY                                 Julia L
LAVERY                                 Lee W
LAVERY                                 Mary E
LAVERY                                 Rosannah
LAVERY                                 William
LAVERY                                 William H
LAYMOND                                Lucinda
LAYMOND TYRRELL                        Lucina
LEONARD                                Eleanor
LEONARD                                Thomas
LEWIS                                  Dolly
LIBERTY                                Ceasar
LIBERTY                                Elizabeth
LIBERTY                                Joseph
LIBERTY                                Mary
LINCOLN                                Eliza A
LINCOLN                                Mary J
LINCOLN                                Truman
LOCKE                                  Addie
LOCKE                                  Charles R
LOCKE                                  Elmore D
LOCKE                                  Lucy J
LOCKWOOD                               Abel D
LOCKWOOD                               Amanda
LOCKWOOD                               Jeremiah
LOCKWOOD                               Jeremiah
LOCKWOOD                               Margeret
LOCKWOOD                               Mary
LONG                                   Margaret
LONG KELSO                             Margaret
LONGWARE                               Susan E
LYNCH                                  Bridget
LYNCH                                  Edward
LYNCH                                  Georgiana
LYNCH                                  Patrick
LYNCH                                  Phillip E
LYNCH                                  Terance
LYNN                                   Daniel
LYNN                                   Eliza
LYNN                                   Manella
LYNN                                   Michael
LYNN                                   Michael, Jr
LYNN                                   Thomas C
LYNN PECK                              Manella
LYON                                   Chester
MACEY                                  Frank J
MACEY (WWII)                           Frank J
MAGUIRE                                James
MAGUIRE                                John Henry
MAGUIRE                                Matilda C
MAGUIRE LYNN                           Eliza
MAGUIRE MCGINN                         Matilda C
MANSFIELD                              Catherine
MANSFIELD BRADLEY                      Catherine
MARCY                                  Felise
MARCY                                  John
MARCY                                  Joseph
MARCY                                  Rose
MATTHEWS                               Rachel
MATTHEWS                               Rachel
MATTHEWS GATES                         Rachel
MCARDLE                                Fannie M
MCARDLE                                Henry
MCARDLE                                Mary Ann
MCARTHUR                               Frances M.
MCARTHUR POHL                          Frances M.
MCCABE                                 John
MCCABE                                 Owen
MCCULLOUGH                             Margaret
MCCULLOUGH                             Micheal
MCGAUGHRIN                             Terence
MCGINN                                 Annie E
MCGINN                                 Charles
MCGINN                                 Matilda C
MCGUIRE                                Christie
MCINTYRE                               Ann E
MCINTYRE                               Charles
MCINTYRE                               Charlotte
MCINTYRE                               Edward
MCINTYRE                               Ellen
MCINTYRE                               Fidelia
MCINTYRE                               Mary J
MCINTYRE                               Patrick
MCINTYRE (CW)                          Charles
MCKEE                                  Jane
MCKEE WILSON                           Jane
MCKENNA                                Chas J
MCKENNA                                Eliza
MCKENNA                                Frank
MCKENNA                                John
MCKENNA                                Mary
MCKENNA                                Matie
MCKENNA                                Patrick
MCKENNA                                Sarah A
MCLAUGHLIN                             Francis
MCLAUGHLIN                             Margaret E
MCLAUGHLIN                             William J
MCLAUGHLIN THOMPSON                    Francis
MCNALLY                                Thomas
MCNAMEE                                Mary
MCNAMEE                                Mary
MCNAMEE RIELLY                         Mary
MCSWEENEY                              Margaret E
MCSWEENEY MCLAUGHLIN                   Margaret E
MILLER                                 Amanda
MILLER                                 Richard
MILLER                                 Waitsey Watcy
MILLER TALBOT                          Amanda
MILLS                                  Edward
MILLS                                  Isabella
MONROE                                 Edith
MONROE                                 Owen J
MONROE                                 Robert C
MONROE (WWII)                          Owen J
MOOR                                   George
MOOS                                   William
MOOS (KOR)                             William
MORRISON                               Aida Cronin
MORRISON                               John
MORSE                                  Asa
MORSE                                  Esther J
MORSE                                  Horace
MORSE WEST                             Esther J
MULHERN                                Teresa
MULHERN TALBOT                         Teresa
MURPHY                                 Rosanna
NORTH                                  Clarissa
NORTH                                  Harry W
NORTH                                  Hazel
NORTH                                  Henry C
NORTH                                  Julia
NORTH                                  Kenneth
NORTH                                  Myrtle
NORTH                                  Orville L
NORTH                                  Stephen
NORTH (WWII)                           Harry W
O'BRIEN                                Hanora M
O'BRIEN BANKS                          Hanora M
O'CONNOR                               Anne
O'CONNOR                               Patrick
O'CONNOR                               Robert C
O'DONNELL                              Margaret
OAKLEY                                 Sarah
PAGE                                   Volney
PALMER                                 Margaret J
PARKER                                 Harry
PARKER                                 Irena
PARKER                                 Jane Ann
PARKER                                 Timothy
PASSINO                                Josephine D
PASSINO DELORME                        Josephine D
PATRAW                                 Martha A
PATTESON                               Ellen
PECK                                   Henry
PECK                                   Manella
PELLERIN                               Zoe
PEPPER                                 Edwin
PEPPER                                 Ernest A
PEPPER                                 Hattie A
PEPPER                                 Joseph
PEPPER                                 Sophia
PERKINS                                Nellie M
PERSON                                 Orlando C
PHELPS                                 Avis L
PHELPS                                 Clara E
PHELPS                                 George W
PHELPS                                 Sarah
PHELPS JENKS                           Avis L
PHELPS REYNOLDS                        Sarah
PLATT                                  Jabezh
PLATT                                  Minerva
PLATT                                  Rachel
PLATT SMITH                            Minerva
POHL                                   Frances M.
POHL                                   Joseph P.
POHL                                   Joseph Peter
POHL                                   Mildred M.
POHL                                   William
POND                                   Benajah
POND                                   Benjamin
POND                                   Jane
POND                                   Julia
POND (1812)                            Benjamin
POTREY                                 Amelia
POTREY HOZLEY                          Amelia
POTTER                                 A
POTTER                                 Charles
POTTER                                 Charlotte
POTTER                                 Clara G
POTTER                                 Clarence T
POTTER                                 Clifford T
POTTER                                 Orpha
POTTER CRAWFORD                        Charlotte
POWERS                                 Jeanne
POWERS                                 Mary E
POWERS                                 Thomas
POWERS (CW)                            Thomas
RATIGAN                                Mary Ann
RATIGAN KELLOGG                        Mary Ann
RAWSON                                 Anna
RAWSON                                 Anna
RAWSON                                 Betsey A
RAWSON                                 Clark
RAWSON                                 Laverna P
RAWSON                                 Simeon
RAWSON BAKER                           Anna
RAWSON DOOLITTLE                       Laverna P
REID                                   Elizabeth
REIDY                                  James J
REYNOLDS                               Nellie M
REYNOLDS                               Sarah
REYNOLDS PERKINS                       Nellie M
RICHARDS                               Abigail
RICHARDS                               Joseph
RICHARDS                               Lydia
RICHARDS                               Maria
RICHARDSON                             Cecil C
RICHARDSON                             Elise
RICHARDSON                             Estella E
RICHARDSON                             Laura
RICHARDSON SHERMAN                     Laura
RICKERT                                David B
RICKERT                                George H
RIELLY                                 John
RIELLY                                 Mary
RISING                                 Mariah
ROACH                                  Isabelle Stowell
ROBLEE                                 Bertha
ROLLINS                                Caroline R
ROLLINS WRIGHT                         Caroline R
ROUNDS                                 H Ellen
ROUNDS                                 Olive
ROUNDS HALL                            H Ellen
RUSSEL                                 Elizabeth
RUSSEL                                 Johnathan
RUSSEL                                 Milley I
RUSSEL                                 Submit G
RUSSEL                                 Thaddeus B
RUSSELL                                Clarence
RUSSELL                                Clarence S
RUSSELL                                Eva E
RUSSELL                                John J
RUSSELL                                Jonathan
RUSSELL                                Mary E
RUSSELL                                Mercey
RUSSELL BROWN                          Eva E
RUSSELL LAVERY                         Mary E
RYAN                                   Edmund
RYAN                                   Katharine
RYAN                                   Margaret
RYAN                                   Rosa
SAGE                                   Christie
SAGE MCGUIRE                           Christie
SARGENT                                Diana
SAWEY                                  Clara E
SAWEY PHELPS                           Clara E
SCALES                                 Angela
SCALES                                 Charles J
SCARRITT                               Geo F
SCOFIELD                               Josephine
SCOFIELD                               Lydia Cornelia
SCRIPTURE                              Betsey
SCRIPTURE                              Lydia A
SCRIPTURE                              Samuel
SEAMAN                                 George W
SEAMAN                                 Harriet L
SEAMAN                                 Luelia K
SEAMAN TAYLOR                          Luelia K
SEAMANS                                Ransom
SEAMANS                                Susan D
SHARP                                  Clara G
SHARP                                  Mary M
SHARP POTTER                           Clara G
SHAW                                   Deborah
SHAW                                   Emeline Jones
SHAW                                   Jane
SHAW                                   John C
SHAW                                   Lucia F
SHAW                                   Robert
SHAW (CW)                              John C
SHAW GOODSPEED                         Emeline Jones
SHAW TALBOT                            Lucia F
SHERMAN                                Laura
SHERMAN                                Nathan W
SHEVLIN                                Hugh John
SHEVLIN (WWII)                         Hugh John
SHUFELT                                Edith
SHUFELT MONROE                         Edith
SMITH                                  Abijah
SMITH                                  Abijah
SMITH                                  Anna
SMITH                                  Edwin A
SMITH                                  Eleanor
SMITH                                  Harlow J
SMITH                                  Hiram H
SMITH                                  Jacob
SMITH                                  Joseph
SMITH                                  Kezia
SMITH                                  Laura A
SMITH                                  Lucelia P
SMITH                                  Lucy
SMITH                                  Lurana
SMITH                                  Lydia
SMITH                                  Minerva
SMITH                                  William M
SMITH BROOKS                           Laura A
SMITH KNOX                             Lucelia P
SNYDER                                 Eve Maria
SOLBERGER                              Jacob
STEWART                                George H
STEWART                                Rhoda E
STOEL                                  Abigal L
STOEL                                  David
STOEL                                  Elizabeth
STOEL                                  Henry
STOEL                                  Mercy M
STOEL                                  Molly
STOEL                                  Sumner J
STOEL (1812)                           John
STOEL (CW)                             Byron D
STOEL (RW)                             David
STOWELL                                Byron Sayre
STOWELL                                Malcolm S
STOWELL                                Minerva
STOWELL                                Ruth A
STOWELL (WWII)                         Malcolm S
STOWELL BAKER                          Minerva
SULLIVAN                               Adeline A
SULLIVAN                               Angela
SULLIVAN                               Margaret
SULLIVAN                               Mary J
SULLIVAN                               Patrick
SULLIVAN                               Thomas F
SULLIVAN                               W H
SULLIVAN                               William
SULLIVAN                               William E
SULLIVAN SCALES                        Angela
SUNDERLAND                             Caroline
SUNDERLAND                             Nelson J
SUNDERLAND                             Samuel
SURPRENANT                             Mary
TALBOT                                 Amanda
TALBOT                                 Edward
TALBOT                                 Edward
TALBOT                                 Edward M
TALBOT                                 Eliza
TALBOT                                 John
TALBOT                                 Louesa
TALBOT                                 Lucia F
TALBOT                                 Lucy J
TALBOT                                 Martin
TALBOT                                 Sarah
TALBOT                                 Sarah E
TALBOT                                 Teresa
TALBOT LOCKE                           Lucy J
TAYLOR                                 Anna H
TAYLOR                                 Jesse
TAYLOR                                 Lorenzo D
TAYLOR                                 Luelia K
TAYLOR                                 Maude A
TAYLOR                                 Nathan
TAYLOR (RW)                            Nathan
TEN EYCK                               Lee E
TEN EYCK (WWII)                        Lee E
THAYER                                 Emery
THAYER                                 Lydia
THAYER                                 Polly
THAYER HERRIMAN                        Polly
THOMPSON                               Francis
THORP                                  Margaret
TITUS                                  Martha
TITUS WEST                             Martha
TOOMEY                                 Patrick
TOWNER                                 Benjamin
TOWNER                                 Jane Ann
TOWNER                                 Sophia G
TOWNER PARKER                          Jane Ann
TOWSLEY                                Betsey
TOWSLEY                                Rufus
TRAVER                                 Betsey
TRAVERS                                Mary
TRAVERS HINDS                          Mary
TRIPP                                  Alvin
TRIPP                                  Calvin
TRIPP                                  Infant Son
TRIPP                                  Jemima
TRIPP                                  Palmer
TRIPP                                  Phebe
TRIPP BAKER                            Phebe
TRUESDELL                              Della M
TUBBS                                  Mary
TUBBS                                  Zepheniah
TURNER                                 Eleanor
TURNER                                 Ellen
TURNER LEONARD                         Eleanor
TURNER PATTESON                        Ellen
TYRELL                                 Jennie A
TYRELL                                 Julius
TYRREL                                 Betsey
TYRREL                                 Harriet
TYRREL                                 Rila
TYRREL                                 Rosamond
TYRREL                                 Stillman
TYRREL                                 Truman E
TYRREL                                 Velorus
TYRREL                                 Wolcott
TYRRELL                                Clarence H
TYRRELL                                Edward I
TYRRELL                                Joel I
TYRRELL                                Lucina
TYRRELL (WWII)                         Clarence H
TYRRELL (WWII)                         Edward I
TYRRELL (WWII)                         Joel I
UNDERHILL                              Polly
VAN DERWERKER                          Anna
VAN WERT                               Evidney
VANDERWALKER                           George
VANDERWARKER                           Hazel M
VANDERWARKER                           Rose
VANDERWARKER                           Thomas S
VANDERWARKER (WWI)                     Thomas S
VANDERWORKER                           Norman
VARNEY                                 Helen F
VARNEY                                 James C
WAID                                   Orilla
WALKER                                 Anna
WALKER                                 Ellen
WALKER                                 Joseph G
WALKER                                 Sally
WALKER                                 Titus
WALKER BAKER                           Sally
WALL                                   Elizabeth
WALL                                   John C
WAMSLEY                                James
WAMSLEY                                Jane
WARD                                   Daniel
WARD                                   Margaret
WARD                                   Mary Ann
WARD                                   Michael
WARD                                   Patrick
WARREN                                 Aaron
WARREN                                 Elizabeth
WARREN                                 Rebecca
WELCH                                  Anne
WELCH                                  Peter C
WELCH                                  Richard
WELCH                                  Thomas
WELCH (WWI)                            Richard
WELLS                                  Elwin D
WELLS                                  Frances E
WELLS                                  Minor
WELLS                                  Sarah Anna
WEST                                   Achsah
WEST                                   Anna
WEST                                   Anna
WEST                                   Chester R
WEST                                   Clinton A
WEST                                   Clinton A
WEST                                   David G
WEST                                   Della M
WEST                                   Earl P
WEST                                   Elmer J
WEST                                   Esther J
WEST                                   Etta T
WEST                                   Eunice
WEST                                   Harold C
WEST                                   Ithamar
WEST                                   Joseph
WEST                                   Lenox T
WEST                                   Lenox T, II
WEST                                   Levi G
WEST                                   Lucy A
WEST                                   Martha
WEST                                   Nathan
WEST                                   Olive B
WEST                                   Sally
WEST                                   Samuel F
WEST                                   Sidney C
WEST (CW)                              Lenox T, II
WEST (RW)                              Nathan
WEST (WWII)                            Earl P
WEST (WWII)                            Harold C
WEST KELLOGG                           Eunice
WHORF                                  John
WILLIAMS                               Maria
WILSON                                 Eliza J
WILSON                                 Jane
WILSON                                 John R
WILSON                                 Joseph
WILSON                                 Margaret
WILSON                                 Mary Jane
WILSON                                 Samuel
WILSON FLOYD                           Margaret
WISWELL                                Sally
WISWELL                                Samuel H
WOLCOTT                                Betsey
WOLCOTT TYRREL                         Betsey
WORTHINGTON                            Olive
WORTHINGTON BOWKER                     Olive
WRIGHT                                 Caroline R
WRIGHT                                 George R
WYMAN                                  Emoline
WYMAN HALL                             Emoline
YOUNG                                  Ira
YOUNG                                  Mary E
YOUNG (CW)                             Ira
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