Greene County, New York
Gravestone Photo Project

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Greene County, New York Gravestone Photo Project

Column One: Surname (if 2 surnames is given, maiden then married surname)
FI = French-Indian | RW = Revolutionary War | IW = Indian Wars | 1812 = War of 1812 | MEX = Mexican War | CW = Civil War | SA = Spanish American War |
PI = Philippine Insurrection | WWI = World War I | WWII = World War II | KOR = Korean Conflict | VN = Vietnam War | WT = War on Terrorism
Column Two: Given

ABEEL                                  Lydia E
ABEEL OVERBAGH                         Lydia E
ABRAMS                                 Carrie
ACKLEY                                 Elliot
ADAMS                                  Eliza A
ADAMS                                  Jeannette
ADAMS                                  Kate
ADAMS COONLEY                          Kate
AHLHOF                                 Catharine
AHLHOF FRANKEN                         Catharine
AHUES                                  Hermina M.
AHUES RICHTERS                         Hermina M.
AKELEY                                 Lorenzo
ALEXANDER                              Catharine
ALEXANDER KERR                         Catharine
ALEY                                   Frederick P
ALEY                                   Hamilton W
ALEY                                   Jane A
ALEY                                   Martha
ALEY                                   Minerva
ALEY                                   Rita W
ALEY DOOLITTLE                         Rita W
ALEY SMITH                             Jane A
ALLEN                                  Delia A
ALLEN                                  Edith C
ALLEN                                  Eliza J
ALLEN                                  Emily F
ALLEN                                  Emily F
ALLEN                                  Helen M
ALLEN                                  J Esper
ALLEN                                  Lida
ALLEN                                  Margaret
ALLEN                                  Samuel S
ALLEN BECKER                           Helen M
ALLEN HAYES                            Eliza J
ANDERSON                               Adella B
ANDREWS                                Harriet E
ANDREWS SMITH                          Harriet E.
ANTHONY                                Fred Seth
ANTHONY                                Margaret
ANTHONY                                Seth
ARMSTRONG                              Carrie
ARMSTRONG                              Catherine E
ARMSTRONG                              Charles H
ARMSTRONG                              Elizabeth
ARMSTRONG                              John M
ARMSTRONG                              Maria
ARMSTRONG                              Sarah A
ARMSTRONG CUTLER                       Maria
ARMSTRONG MILLER                       Sarah A
ARMSTRONG SPOOR                        Catherine E
ARMSTRONG WAGNER                       Carrie
ARNOLD                                 Emma L
ARNOLD                                 Gilbert
ARNOLD                                 Louisa
ARNOLD                                 Ransom
ARNOLD                                 Sylvia
ATKIN                                  Elizabeth
ATKIN HALLOCK                          Elizabeth
AUGUSTUS                               Nathan
AUGUSTUS (CW)                          Nathan
AUSTIN                                 Charlotte
AUSTIN                                 Elias B
AUSTIN                                 Mary
AUSTIN                                 S Grosvenor
BABCOCK                                Almus M
BABCOCK                                Ann Eliza
BACKUS                                 Harriet
BACKUS                                 Laura C
BACKUS                                 Sylvanus
BACKUS WITBECK                         Laura C
BAGLEY                                 Frank B
BAGLEY                                 May
BAGLEY                                 Pauline W
BAILEY                                 Clarissa J
BAILEY                                 Emma J
BAILEY PALMER                          Clarissa J
BAILEY TRAVERS                         Emma J
BAKER                                  Adelaide E
BAKER                                  Albert W
BAKER                                  Charles A
BAKER                                  Deborah L
BAKER                                  Louisa
BAKER                                  Luman
BAKER                                  Mary
BAKER                                  Phebe
BAKER ARNOLD                           Louisa
BAKER CONKLING                         Deborah L
BAKER RUNDELL                          Phebe
BALDWIN                                Reuben
BANKER                                 Mary G.
BANKS                                  Burr
BARKER                                 Ayers G
BARKER                                 Esther
BARKER                                 Glenn
BARKER                                 Juliet
BARKER                                 Ransom
BARKER                                 Saphronie H
BARKER (CW)                            Ayers G
BARKER JUDSON                          Esther
BARKER SMITH                           Glenn
BARLOW                                 Carrie
BARLOW                                 George W
BARLOW                                 Hilda
BARLOW                                 Wellmina
BARLOW BRADT                           Carrie
BARLOW GUNTHER                         Hilda
BASCOME                                Eunice S
BASCOME BATES                          Eunice S
BATES                                  Eunice S
BATES                                  Henry H
BAUNACH                                Margaret
BEANEY                                 James
BEATTY                                 Alice E
BEATTY                                 Arthur
BEATTY                                 Arthur W
BEATTY                                 B. Franklin
BEATTY                                 C. Elizabeth
BEATTY                                 Elbert O
BEATTY                                 Elizabeth
BEATTY                                 Fredrick N
BEATTY                                 John
BEATTY                                 William A
BEATTY                                 William H
BECKER                                 Helen M
BECKER                                 James
BECKER                                 Josephine
BECKER SMITH                           Josephine
BECKNESS                               Wellmina
BECKNESS BARLOW                        Wellmina
BEDELL                                 Ellura
BEDELL                                 Esther J
BEDELL                                 Malbone H
BEDELL                                 Rebecca C
BEDELL                                 Sarah A
BEDELL                                 Sarah E
BEDELL CARMAN                          Esther J
BEDELL VINCENT                         Sarah A
BELL                                   Eva
BELL                                   Grover
BENHAM                                 Casparus
BENHAM                                 Cornelius
BENHAM                                 Elizabeth
BENHAM                                 Garieghe
BENHAM                                 Gertrude
BENHAM                                 Peter D
BENHAM                                 Sarah V B
BENHAM DEDERICK                        Garieghe
BENJAMIN                               Aria A
BENJAMIN                               Augustus
BENJAMIN                               Sarah
BENNETT                                Alice E
BENNETT                                Syntha A
BENNETT BEATTY                         Alice E
BENNETT HUNT                           Syntha A
BENTLEY                                Alexander N
BENTLEY                                George N.
BENTLEY                                Hannah A
BENTLEY (CW)                           George N
BIRKETT                                Ethel
BIRKETT                                Harriet
BIRKETT                                Walter
BISHOP                                 Joseph
BISHOP                                 Loretta
BISHOP                                 Sally
BISHOP INGALLS                         Loretta
BLENIS                                 Alice
BLENIS                                 William
BLOODGOOD                              Alice A
BLOODGOOD                              Cyrus E
BLOODGOOD                              Lydia A
BOGARDUS                               Catharine
BOGARDUS                               Eliza A
BOGARDUS                               Elizabeth
BOGARDUS                               Jacob P
BOGARDUS                               Mary Esther
BOGARDUS                               Mary F
BOGARDUS ADAMS                         Eliza A
BOGARDUS CRABBE                        Mary Esther
BOGARDUS CRAW                          Catharine
BOGARDUS VANDYCK                       Mary F
BOOS                                   Henry Frank
BOOS (WWII)                            Henry Frank
BORTHWICK                              Emma
BORTHWICK                              Frank
BOTSFORD                               Abiah
BOTSFORD                               Amos
BOTSFORD                               Henry T
BOTSFORD                               Jane E
BOTSFORD                               Joseph C
BOTSFORD                               Mary H
BOTSFORD                               Mary L
BOTSFORD                               Mary Louise
BOTSFORD                               Mary Louise
BOTSFORD                               Olive
BOTSFORD CHERITREE                     Olive
BOTSFORD MCCABE                        Mary L
BOUTON                                 Israel S
BOWKER                                 Eunice
BOWKER SHEPLEY                         Eunice
BOYD                                   Ellen M
BOYD                                   Lucinda M
BOYD STORY                             Lucinda M
BOYLE                                  May
BOYLE SANFORD                          May
BRADT                                  Carrie
BRADT                                  D. D.
BRADT                                  Maud
BRAND                                  Delia C
BRAND FLOWER                           Delia C
BRANDOW                                Adaline
BRANDOW                                Angeline
BRANDOW                                Athenia
BRANDOW                                Deborah
BRANDOW                                Elizabeth
BRANDOW BOGARDUS                       Elizabeth
BRANDOW PRIEST                         Angeline
BRANDOW VAN VALKENBURGH                Athenia
BREWER                                 Charles
BREWER                                 Jane
BREWER                                 Laura H
BREWER                                 Maria
BREWER                                 Mary E
BREWER                                 Sally Ann
BREWER CARR                            Laura H
BREWER MARGISON                        Sally Ann
BRIGGS                                 Bettie A
BRIGGS                                 Effa B
BRIGGS                                 Eugene
BRIGGS                                 Hellen
BRIGGS                                 Jennie
BRIGGS                                 Lewis
BRIGGS                                 Mary E
BRIGGS                                 Sylvester W
BRIGGS CRAW                            Jennie
BRINK                                  Mary
BRINK SIMMONS                          Mary
BRONK                                  Adelaide Ely
BRONK                                  Edwin E
BRONK                                  Leonard, Jr.
BRONK                                  Maria
BRONK                                  Mary
BRONK                                  Philip
BRONK LAMPMAN                          Adelaide Ely
BROOKS                                 Catherine
BROOKS                                 Roswell
BROUILLARD                             Emma Asenath
BROUILLARD BUDD                        Emma Asenath
BROWN                                  Ada A
BROWN                                  Charlotte G
BROWN                                  Danley F
BROWN                                  Dora E
BROWN                                  Dorothy
BROWN                                  Elizabeth
BROWN                                  Ida
BROWN                                  Mary E
BROWN                                  Robert
BROWN GARDNER                          Ada A.
BROWN SPOOR                            Elizabeth
BRYAN                                  Ann Augusta
BRYAN HUNT                             Ann Augusta
BRYANT                                 Ann
BRYANT                                 Austin
BRYANT                                 Jane E
BRYANT                                 Maria L
BRYANT                                 Oliver
BRYANT                                 Sabrina
BRYANT RUNDELL                         Maria L
BRYDEN                                 John
BUDD                                   Edith Lorena
BUDD                                   Emma Asenath
BUDD                                   Hughes
BUDD FISH                              Edith Lorena
BURHANS                                Catharine
BURHANS                                Eytie
BURHANS MACKEY                         Catharine
BURKE                                  Mary G
BURKE BANKER                           Mary G.
BURLINGHAM                             Frances A
BURROUGHS                              Benjamin
BURROUGHS                              Betsey
BURROUGHS                              Catherine Elizabeth
BURROUGHS                              Deborah
BURROUGHS                              Hermina A.
BURROUGHS                              Mary
BURROUGHS                              William
BURROUGHS WEED                         Deborah
BUTLER                                 Earl D
BUTLER                                 Estella
BUTLER                                 H. Dewight
CAINE                                  Julia A
CALDER                                 Charles S
CALDER                                 Eleanor C
CALDER                                 Marion
CALDER                                 Miranda J
CALDER                                 Sarah
CALDER                                 William Dunn
CALHOUN                                Alexander
CALHOUN                                Augusta
CALHOUN                                Clara J
CALHOUN                                Eunice
CALHOUN                                George B
CALHOUN                                George W
CALHOUN                                James
CALHOUN                                Jane
CALHOUN                                Willie R
CALHOUN PALMER                         Clara J
CALLENDER                              Anna A
CALLENDER                              Annie M
CALLENDER                              Charles H
CALLENDER                              John
CALLENDER                              Sarah L
CAMMER                                 Amy j
CAMMER                                 Effie A
CAMMER REYNOLDS                        Amy J
CANNEFF                                Maria
CANNEFF MANSFIELD                      Maria
CAREY                                  Martha R
CARLEY                                 Mary Eola
CARLEY SANFORD                         Mary Eola
CARLING                                Mary E
CARLING OVERBAGH                       Mary E
CARMAN                                 Aaron
CARMAN                                 C. W.
CARMAN                                 Clara
CARMAN                                 Cummings
CARMAN                                 David E
CARMAN                                 Elisha P
CARMAN                                 Emily P
CARMAN                                 Esther J
CARMAN                                 Fred A
CARMAN                                 Pauline W
CARMAN (CW)                            C. W.
CARMAN BAGLEY                          Pauline W
CARMAN COLE                            Clara
CARR                                   Gideon A.L.
CARR                                   Laura H
CARRICK                                Alice
CARRICK                                Catherine
CARRICK                                James
CARRICK                                Patrick H
CARRICK ROGERS                         Alice
CARRICK SHEEHAN                        Catherine
CARTER                                 Ann Matilda
CARTER                                 Dorcas A
CARTER                                 William M
CARTER ECKLER                          Ann Matilda
CARY                                   Maria
CARY                                   Reuben
CASE                                   Naomi M
CASE RICHTMYER                         Naomi M
CHAMBERLAIN                            Anna
CHAMBERLAIN                            Benjamin
CHAMBERLAIN TURK                       Anna
CHAPMAN                                Abigal
CHAPMAN                                Eliza B
CHAPMAN                                Lucena
CHAPMAN                                Robert L
CHAPMAN                                Robert W
CHAPMAN HAYES                          Abigal
CHASE                                  Lydia A.
CHASE BLOODGOOD                        Lydia A
CHERITRE                               Frances F
CHERITRE                               Henry H
CHERITRE                               James D
CHERITRE                               John H
CHERITRE                               Judson
CHERITRE                               Louisa
CHERITRE                               Mary K
CHERITRE                               Rachael A
CHERITRE                               Rhoda
CHERITRE SMITH                         Louisa
CHERITREE                              Eliza O
CHERITREE                              Ella E
CHERITREE                              Olive
CHERITREE                              Sheldon
CHERITREE HOAGLAND                     Ella E
CHERITREE PIERCE                       Eliza O
CHERRITREE                             Emily
CHERRITREE ROGGEN                      Emily
CHESBRO                                Affa J
CHESBRO JONES                          Affa J
CHURCH                                 William C
CLEARY                                 Elizabeth
CLEARY                                 Michael
CLEVELAND                              Horace Baker
CLOUGH                                 Mary E
CLOUGH WILLIAMS                        Mary E
CLOW                                   James
CLOW                                   M. Matilda
CLOW                                   Sarah M
CLUTE                                  Maria C
CLUTE                                  N.
COCHRAN                                Edwin
COCHRAN                                Tunis
COLE                                   Clara
COLE                                   George C
COLLIER                                Anna V
COLLIER                                Christina
COLLIER                                Ella May
COLLIER                                John
COLLIER                                Luella
COLLIER                                Maria C
COLLIER                                William A
COLLIER SPOOR                          Christina
COLLIER WHITBECK                       Maria C
COLLINS                                Eunice
COLLINS                                Eunice
COLLINS                                Harriet
COLLINS                                Japhet
COLLINS GRIFFIN                        Harriet
COLLINS HOLLY                          Eunice
COMFORT                                Absalom
COMFORT                                Charles H
COMFORT                                William H
COMPTON                                John
COMPTON                                Susan
CONGER                                 Cordelia
CONGER TOWNSEND                        Cordelia
CONINE                                 James
CONINE                                 Jane E
CONINE                                 Philip
CONKLIN                                C. Amanda
CONKLIN                                Caroline E
CONKLIN MILLER                         C. Amanda
CONKLIN WHEELER                        Caroline E
CONKLING                               Deborah L
CONKLING                               George W
CONKLING                               Hannah
CONKLING                               Thomas
CONNOR                                 Sarah A
CONNOR                                 Sarah E
COOK                                   Barnet
COOK                                   Caroline
COOK                                   Catherine
COOK                                   Elizabeth
COOK                                   Frederick W
COOK                                   H. Adelia
COOK                                   Margaret
COOK                                   Mary
COOK                                   Peter
COOK                                   Samuel W. D.
COOK                                   William
COOK DUNBAR                            H. Adelia
COOK KENNEDY                           Elizabeth
COOKE                                  Margaret
COOKE PALMER                           Margaret
COONEY                                 Bridget
COONEY                                 John
COONLEY                                Ann E
COONLEY                                Kate
COONLEY                                Maria
COONLEY                                Platt
COONLEY GRIFFEN                        Maria
COONLEY TURPIN                         Ann E
COONS                                  Eliza
COONS                                  Hannah
COONS OSBORN                           Eliza
COONS VAN HEUSEN                       Hannah
COOPER                                 Eliza Ann
COURT                                  Harriet
COURT                                  Henry
COURT                                  Rebecca
COURT NODINE                           Harriet
COVEY                                  James S
COVEY                                  Rachel
COVEY                                  Willie
COWELL                                 Abagail
COWELL                                 Abigail
COWELL                                 Adaline
COWELL                                 Benjamin
COWELL                                 Hannah J
COWELL                                 Sanford
COWELL                                 Sarah
COWELL GRIFFIN                         Adaline
COWELL INGALLS                         Abagail
COY                                    Mary Jane
COY RAMSDELL                           Mary Jane
CRABBE                                 Charles R
CRABBE                                 Mary Esther
CRANE                                  Thomas S
CRAW                                   Ambrose W
CRAW                                   Caroline
CRAW                                   Catharine
CRAW                                   Charles L
CRAW                                   Jennie
CRAW                                   Mahala
CRAW (CW)                              Ambrose W
CRAWFORD                               Annie L
CRAWFORD POWELL                        Annie L
CRIPPEN                                Charles H
CRIPPEN                                Elizabeth A
CROSS                                  Caroline
CROSS                                  Rozella
CROSS HOWE                             Caroline
CROSS WOOD                             Rozella
CRUM                                   Ella
CRUM VANDERPOEL                        Ella
CUMMING                                Daniel
CUMMING                                Daniel
CUMMING                                Edward R
CUMMING                                Nora
CUNNINGHAM                             George A
CUNNINGHAM                             Lucy A
CUTLER                                 Maria
CUTLER                                 Nathan
DANIELS                                Lavinia
DANIELS                                Maria
DANIELS VANDYCK                        Lavinia
DARBEE                                 Lucretia
DARBEE O'HARA                          Lucretia
DAVIDS                                 Sarah
DAVIS                                  Dolly
DAY                                    Caroline
DAY PALMER                             Caroline
DE LA MATER                            Anna
DE LA MATER TOMPKINS                   Anna
DE MAUGH                               Victoria L
DE MAUGH DOOLITELL                     Victoria L
DE WITT                                John
DE WITT                                Temperance
DE WITT VAN ORDEN                      Temperance
DEAN                                   Catherine C
DEAN                                   Sarah A
DEAN ROSA                              Catherine C
DEAN TOMPKINS                          Sarah A
DECKER                                 Agnes
DECKER SEABRIDGE                       Agnes
DEDERICK                               David A
DEDERICK                               Garieghe
DEDERICK                               Garret P
DEDERICK                               Jane C
DEDRICK                                Jane A
DEDRICK                                Mary A
DEDRICK VAN SCHAACK                    Mary A.
DEFRIEGHT                              Amos
DELAMARTER                             Phebe J
DELAMARTER VAN BERGEN                  Phebe J
DELAMATER                              Grace
DELAMATER TOMPKINS                     Grace
DEWEY                                  Catherine
DEWEY                                  Catherine E
DEWEY                                  Samuel
DEWITT                                 Betsey
DEWITT                                 Daniel
DEWITT                                 Deborah
DEWITT                                 Hannah
DEWITT                                 Henry
DIBBLE                                 Deborah
DIBBLE                                 Esbon S
DIBBLE                                 Jane
DICKENSON                              Harriet A
DICKENSON MILLINGTON                   Harriet A
DIETZ                                  Mary J
DODGE                                  Alton
DODGE                                  Dorcas
DODGE                                  Louisa
DOLAN                                  Edward
DOLAN                                  Margaret
DONNELLY                               Margaret J
DONOVAN                                Mary
DONOVAN                                Patrick
DOOLITELL                              Talmadge F
DOOLITELL                              Victoria L
DOOLITTLE                              Rita W
DOUBLE                                 Charles
DOUBLE (CW)                            Charles
DOWLING                                Mary J
DRYER                                  Harriet
DUBOIS                                 Catharine
DUBOIS                                 Elizabeth
DUBOIS                                 Margery
DUNBAR                                 H. Adelia
DUNBAR                                 Jerry R
DUNBAR                                 M. Alice
DUNNINGTON                             Josephine
DYER                                   Hannah A
DYER                                   Polly H
DYER                                   Thomas H
DYER FOSTER                            Polly H
EARL                                   Anna A
EARL                                   Lucretia
EARL CALLENDER                         Anna A
EASLAND                                Fanny B
EASLAND                                George
ECKLER                                 Ann Matilda
ECKLER                                 Hezekiah S
EDWARDS                                William
ELDRED                                 Dorcas A
ELDRED                                 S. Elizabeth
ELDRED CARTER                          Dorcas A
ELDRED HOOD                            S. Elizabeth
ELLIOTT                                Emma
ELLIOTT                                Hattie A
ELLIOTT                                Mary
ELLIOTT BORTHWICK                      Emma
ELLIOTT RUNDELL                        Hattie A
ELLIS                                  Adelaida T
ELLIS                                  Charles A
ELLIS                                  Jennie
ELLIS                                  Legrand T
ELY                                    John
ELY                                    John W
ELY                                    Juliaette
ELY                                    Maria
ELY BRONK                              Maria
EMMERICH                               John H Sr
EMMERICH (WWII)                        John H Sr
ENGEL                                  Ingra A
ENGEL                                  Peter V
ENGEL                                  Valentine
ETCHEBERY                              Hortense
ETCHEBERY MCCARTY                      Hortense
EVANS                                  Edith M
EVANS                                  Frank
EVORY                                  Susan J
EVORY SANFORD                          Susan J
FAGAN                                  Margaret
FAGAN GREY                             Margaret
FAIRCHILD                              Azuba G
FAIRCHILD                              Elizabeth
FAIRCHILD                              Phebe G
FAIRCHILD                              Tallmadge
FAIRCHILD SPOOR                        Elizabeth
FANCHER                                Amanda
FANCHER                                Clara
FANCHER                                Elias D
FANCHER                                William P. S.
FARMER                                 Margaret
FARMER                                 Sarah
FARMER                                 Thomas
FARMER                                 William C
FAULKNER                               Mary
FAULKNER MOORE                         Mary
FERRY                                  Rhoda
FERRY CHERITRE                         Rhoda
FEURY                                  Bridget
FEURY COONEY                           Bridget
FINCH                                  Allena C
FINCH                                  Deborah
FINCH                                  Glenroy W
FINCH                                  Jane Ann
FINCH                                  Jennie
FINCH                                  John C
FINCH                                  Mabel
FINCH                                  Wellington H.
FINCH DIBBLE                           Deborah
FINCH ELLIS                            Jennie
FINCH WEBBER                           Jane Ann
FISH                                   Edith Lorena
FITZGERALD                             Ellen
FITZGERALD PRENDERGAST                 Ellen
FLOWER                                 Ambrose H
FLOWER                                 Delia C
FLOWER                                 Elijah
FLOWER                                 George
FLOWER                                 Lucina
FLOWER                                 Mary M
FLOWER                                 Roxeline
FLOWER FRAYER                          Mary M
FLOWER HENDERSON                       Lucina
FOLLEY                                 Margaret
FOLLEY RYAN                            Margaret
FOOTE                                  Abella M
FOOTE                                  Alfred
FOOTE                                  Charles W
FOOTE                                  Florence S
FOOTE                                  John A
FOOTE                                  Margaret
FORD                                   Frankie G
FORD GREEN                             Frankie G
FOSTER                                 Ann
FOSTER                                 Benjamin E
FOSTER                                 Polly H
FOX                                    Mary J
FOX DOWLING                            Mary J
FRANKEN                                Catharine
FRANKEN                                Philip
FRAYER                                 Mary M
FRELIGH                                Elizabeth
FRELIGH                                William S
FRELIGH (CW)                           William S
FRENCH                                 Miranda
FRENCH SQUIRES                         Miranda
FYFE                                   Anna L
FYFE                                   Ella
FYFE                                   Robert S
FYFE SMITH                             Ella
GABELE                                 Charles
GABELE                                 Katherine
GABELE                                 Louis
GABELE (WWII)                          Charles
GAGE                                   Albert Newton
GAGE                                   David
GAGE                                   David H
GAGE                                   George W
GAGE                                   Harriet Nancy
GAGE                                   Jane
GAGE                                   Mary
GAGE                                   Melvina
GALLUP                                 Anna M
GALLUP                                 Henry S
GARDNER                                Ada A.
GARDNER                                Linda
GARDNER                                Luella V
GARDNER                                Mansfield
GARDNER HENRY                          Luella V.
GARDNER HOLMES                         Linda
GARRATT                                Levi
GARRATT                                Lydia
GARRETT                                Rosetta
GARRETT WINN                           Rosetta
GARRISON                               Nancy L
GAY                                    Anna Maria
GAY                                    Elizabeth Frances
GAY                                    John W
GAY                                    Maria
GAY                                    Thomas W
GAYNOR                                 Maria C
GAYNOR                                 Thomas
GEDNEY                                 Mary
GEDNEY SEARLES                         Mary
GEORGE                                 Elizabeth
GEORGE                                 Thomas
GIBBONS                                Betsey A
GIBSON                                 Joseph
GIBSON                                 Katie
GIBSON                                 Mary
GLENNON                                Dorothy
GOETSCHIUS                             Catharine
GOETSCHIUS LESTER                      Catharine
GONYES                                 Norman
GOODRICH                               Florence A
GOODRICH                               Sally
GOODRICH TRAVIS                        Florence A
GORDINIER                              Barrent
GORDON                                 Anna
GORDON                                 George E
GORDON                                 Huldah
GORDON INGALLS                         Huldah
GORSE                                  Phebe E.
GORSE                                  William G.
GRAHAM                                 Franklin
GRAHAM                                 Hannah
GRANT                                  Helen M
GRANT                                  Margaret
GRANT FOOTE                            Margaret
GRANT RICHARDSON                       Helen M
GRAY                                   Betsey
GRAY                                   Margaret
GRAY FARMER                            Margaret
GREEN                                  Charles E
GREEN                                  Charles H
GREEN                                  Eliza M
GREEN                                  Frankie G
GREEN                                  Ina M
GREEN                                  Lillie E
GREEN                                  Nicholas
GREEN                                  Prudence
GREEN PALMER                           Eliza M
GREENE                                 Celestia V
GREENE                                 Julia A
GREENE                                 Oscar J
GREENE                                 Oscar J., Jr.
GREENE                                 Thomas B
GREENWALD                              Adam
GREENWALD                              Barbara
GREENWALD                              Charles
GREENWALD                              Edward M
GREY                                   James
GREY                                   Margaret
GRIFFEN                                David
GRIFFEN                                Fred C
GRIFFEN                                Henry J
GRIFFEN                                Maria
GRIFFIN                                Adaline
GRIFFIN                                Anna G
GRIFFIN                                Eliza M
GRIFFIN                                Hannah
GRIFFIN                                Harriet
GRIFFIN                                Isaac
GRIFFIN                                Leroy
GRIFFIN                                Richard
GRIFFIN                                Winnie
GRIFFIN INGALLS                        Hannah
GRIFFIN TRAVIS                         Anna G
GROESBECK                              Sarah M
GROESBECK CLOW                         Sarah M
GROGAN                                 Nancy A
GROGAN KNOWLES                         Nancy A
GROUSE                                 William
GUNTHER                                Hilda
HADDEN                                 Constant
HADDEN                                 Joseph
HAHN                                   Amanda
HAHN REYNOLDS                          Amanda
HAINES                                 Catharine
HAINES                                 Margaret N
HAINES VINCENT                         Catharine
HALL                                   Aaron
HALL                                   Emm
HALLENBECK                             Anna M
HALLENBECK                             Catharine
HALLENBECK                             Catherine E
HALLENBECK                             Edwin C
HALLENBECK                             Elizabeth A
HALLENBECK                             Ella
HALLENBECK                             Ellen M
HALLENBECK                             Gertrude
HALLENBECK                             Harriet
HALLENBECK                             Hattie
HALLENBECK                             Ida
HALLENBECK                             Ida Maria
HALLENBECK                             James
HALLENBECK                             Lucius E
HALLENBECK                             Mary J.
HALLENBECK                             Mina
HALLENBECK                             Rachel A
HALLENBECK                             Rachel B
HALLENBECK                             William
HALLENBECK CRIPPEN                     Elizabeth A
HALLENBECK DEWEY                       Catherine E
HALLENBECK IRWIN                       Ida
HALLENBECK JUMP                        Ella
HALLENBECK RICHTERS                    Gertrude
HALLENBECK SIGNOR                      Ida Maria
HALLENBECK TURPIN                      Rachel B
HALLENBECK WOOLFORD                    Rachel A
HALLOCK                                Elizabeth
HALLOCK                                Joseph Zebulon
HALLOCK                                Phebe
HAM                                    Emeline
HAM                                    Jane C
HAM                                    John
HAM                                    Jonas
HAM                                    Lana C.
HAM                                    Mary Jane
HAM MILLER                             Emeline
HAMILTON                               Caroline A
HAMILTON                               Charlotte E
HAMILTON                               Harriet A
HAMILTON                               Maria T
HAMILTON ROBBINS                       Maria T
HAMM                                   Charles
HAMM                                   Manetta C
HAND                                   Alfred
HANFORD                                Ann Eliza
HANFORD BABCOCK                        Ann Eliza
HANNAY                                 William Van Derpoel
HANNAY (WWI)                           William Van Derpoel
HANNAY (WWII)                          William Van Derpoel
HARE                                   Annie I
HARE                                   Arthur W
HARTWELL                               Foster
HARTWELL (CW)                          Foster
HAYES                                  Abigal
HAYES                                  Addison S
HAYES                                  Eliza J
HAYES                                  Lucy D
HAYES                                  Lucy E
HAYES                                  Luther
HAYES PALMER                           Lucy E
HAYNES                                 Channing W
HAYNES                                 Frank N
HAYNES                                 John H
HAYNES                                 Mary
HEERMANCE                              William Van Bergen
HENDERSON                              Lucina
HENRY                                  Luella V.
HENRY                                  William
HERBERT                                Augusta
HERBERT                                Charles E
HERBERT                                May Belle
HERRICK                                Phebe
HERRICK HALLOCK                        Phebe
HICKOCK                                Eliza B
HICKOCK CHAPMAN                        Eliza B
HICKOK                                 Ellen
HICKOK                                 Gideon
HICKOK                                 Jane A
HICKOK                                 Mary J
HICKOK                                 Mary V
HICKOK                                 Philo
HICKOK TALMADGE                        Mary V
HICKOK VANDERBILT                      Mary J
HIDECKER                               Elizabeth
HIDECKER                               Etta
HIDECKER                               George
HIDECKER                               Myron  R
HIGBIE                                 Hannah L.
HIGBIE PALMER                          Hannah L
HILL                                   Anna Edythe
HILL                                   Mary Jane
HILL SPEANBURGH                        Mary Jane
HILTON                                 Mary B
HILZINGER                              John
HILZINGER                              John L
HILZINGER                              Mary F
HOAGLAND                               Ella E
HOAGLAND                               Page T
HOLLENBECK                             Emily
HOLLENBECK WINANS                      Emily
HOLLY                                  Andrew
HOLLY                                  Betsey A
HOLLY                                  Emily
HOLLY                                  Eunice
HOLLY                                  Eunice
HOLLY GIBBONS                          Betsey A
HOLLY PALMER                           Eunice
HOLMES                                 Betsey J
HOLMES                                 Linda
HOLMES                                 Rosetta
HOLMES MULLEN                          Betsey J
HOLMES ST. JOHN                        Rosetta
HOOD                                   Harriet C
HOOD                                   Henry E
HOOD                                   S. Elizabeth
HOOD RIEWE                             Harriet C
HOOKER                                 Celina
HOOKER                                 Mary
HOOKER                                 Mary
HOOKER                                 William
HOOKER                                 William
HOOKER TALMAGE                         Celina
HOOS                                   Ellen M
HOOS                                   Walter
HOOS BOYD                              Ellen M
HOPKINS                                George
HOPKINS                                Huldah
HOTALING                               Anthony C
HOTALING                               Esther M
HOTALING                               Mary R
HOTALING                               Rebecca
HOTALING                               Walter V
HOTALING MILLER                        Esther M
HOTALING WILLIAMS                      Rebecca
HOUGH                                  Sarah C.
HOUGHTALING                            Jane E
HOUGHTALING BRYANT                     Jane E
HOWARD                                 Dorothy S
HOWARD                                 Purl R
HOWARD                                 Sylvia
HOWARD ARNOLD                          Sylvia
HOWE                                   Berzilla T
HOWE                                   Caroline
HOYT                                   Jane E
HOYT                                   Mina
HOYT HALLENBECK                        Mina
HOYT SYLVESTER                         Jane E
HUBBARD                                Ann E
HUBBARD PALMER                         Ann E
HUBBELL                                Sarah
HUBBELL WRIGHT                         Sarah
HUGHES                                 Margaret
HUGHES ANTHONY                         Margaret
HULL                                   Eliza Jane
HULL VAN BUSKIRK                       Eliza Jane
HUMPHREY                               Gertrude
HUMPHREY SPENCER                       Gertrude
HUNT                                   Alonzo J
HUNT                                   Angeline
HUNT                                   Ann Augusta
HUNT                                   Catherine
HUNT                                   Charles B
HUNT                                   Katie
HUNT                                   Levi
HUNT                                   Levi
HUNT                                   Lorenzo
HUNT                                   Lottie E
HUNT                                   Lucinda
HUNT                                   Lydia
HUNT                                   Robert J
HUNT                                   Solon
HUNT                                   Syntha A
HUNT                                   William A
HUNT RUNDELL                           Angeline
HURD                                   Elisabeth
HURD                                   Elisabeth
HURD                                   Eunice
HURD                                   Thaddeus
HURD COLLINS                           Eunice
HUSTED                                 Etta L
HUSTED                                 Mildred S
HUSTED                                 Stephen G
HUTTE BENJAMIN                         Josephine
HYATT                                  Edward
HYATT                                  Phoebe Ann
INGALLS                                Abagail
INGALLS                                Anna
INGALLS                                Caroline
INGALLS                                Cyrus
INGALLS                                Eva
INGALLS                                Fanny
INGALLS                                Fanny
INGALLS                                Hannah
INGALLS                                Henry
INGALLS                                Huldah
INGALLS                                Jacob
INGALLS                                Loretta
INGALLS                                Loretta
INGALLS                                Louisa
INGALLS                                Lucinda
INGALLS                                Rachel
INGALLS                                Sarah E
INGALLS                                Susannah
INGALLS                                William H
INGALLS (CW)                           William H
INGALLS (RW)                           Jacob
INGALLS BELL                           Eva
INGALLS CRAW                           Caroline
INGALLS GORDON                         Anna
INGALLS HUNT                           Lucinda
INGALLS KIRTLAND                       Louisa
IRWIN                                  Ida
JACKSON                                William H
JACKSON (CW)                           William H
JANSEN                                 Elizabeth
JANSEN                                 Walter
JARVIS                                 Mildred E.
JAYCOX                                 Anna A
JAYCOX                                 Catherine E
JAYCOX                                 Charles H
JAYCOX                                 David
JAYCOX                                 Isaac N
JAYCOX (CW)                            David
JEROME                                 Charlotte
JEROME                                 Joseph
JEROME                                 Juluis
JEROME (CW)                            Joseph
JEWETT                                 Effa B
JEWETT BRIGGS                          Effa B
JOHNSON                                Alfred
JOHNSON                                Arthur
JOHNSON                                Arthur
JOHNSON                                Arthur R
JOHNSON                                Beri
JOHNSON                                Della
JOHNSON                                Ethel
JOHNSON                                Ferdnard D
JOHNSON                                Herman K
JOHNSON                                James William
JOHNSON                                John Robert
JOHNSON                                Katherine F.
JOHNSON                                Lillie
JOHNSON                                Lucy D
JOHNSON                                Margaret
JOHNSON                                Mary
JOHNSON                                Mary J
JOHNSON                                Mildred E
JOHNSON                                Patty
JOHNSON                                Sarah
JOHNSON                                Sarah
JOHNSON                                Sarah Elizabeth
JOHNSON                                Sylvia
JOHNSON (CW)                           Arthur
JOHNSON (WWII)                         Arthur R.
JOHNSON BENJAMIN                       Sarah
JOHNSON HALLENBECK                     Mary J.
JOHNSON HAYES                          Lucy D
JOHNSON JARVIS                         Mildred E.
JOHNSON MOORE                          Patty
JOHNSTON                               M. Matilda
JOHNSTON CLOW                          M. Matilda
JOHNSTONE                              Thomas
JONES                                  Affa J
JONES                                  Alonzo
JONES                                  Elizabeth
JONES                                  Ephemia A
JONES                                  John
JONES                                  Mary A
JONES                                  Richard H
JONES                                  Sally Ann
JONES (CW)                             Richard H
JONES LEZATTE                          Sally Ann
JOYCE                                  Mary Ann
JOYCE LILLIS                           Mary Ann
JUDSON                                 Albert
JUDSON                                 Esther
JUDSON                                 Esther
JUDSON                                 Russell
JUDSON                                 William
JUDSON VAN BERGEN                      Esther
JUMP                                   Charles A
JUMP                                   Chester D
JUMP                                   Ella
JUMP                                   Ephemia A
JUMP                                   Fannie
JUMP                                   George D
JUMP                                   Henry R
JUMP JONES                             Ephemia A
KEATING                                Annie
KEENAN                                 Kate
KELLEY                                 Catherine
KELLEY MONAHAN                         Catherine
KENNEDY                                Eliza
KENNEDY                                Elizabeth
KENNEDY                                Ella
KENNEDY                                John C
KENNEDY                                Susan M
KENNEDY                                Thomas H
KENNEDY SAYERS                         Ella
KENYON                                 Elsey
KENYON                                 Frank P
KENYON                                 Frederick T
KENYON                                 John
KENYON                                 Laura A
KENYON                                 Perry S
KERR                                   Catharine
KERR                                   George Bromfield
KERR                                   George E.
KEYES                                  Adam
KIERSTED                               Luke
KIERSTED (1812)                        Luke
KIMBALL                                Catharine
KIMBALL                                Hazen J.
KING                                   Emma
KING                                   Fannie
KING                                   Mary J
KING                                   Rufus
KING JUMP                              Fannie
KING VANDENBURGH                       Emma
KINGSLEY                               Frances
KINGSLEY LAKE                          Frances
KIRTLAND                               Clarinda
KIRTLAND                               Joseph
KIRTLAND                               Louisa
KISSELBURGH                            Lana C.
KISSELBURGH HAM                        Lana C.
KLIENMAN                               Katherine
KLIENMAN GABELE                        Katherine
KLINE                                  Joseph
KLINE                                  Susie
KLINE MILLER                           Susie
KNOWLES                                Carrie L
KNOWLES                                Catharine M
KNOWLES                                Emm
KNOWLES                                George W
KNOWLES                                Hannah M
KNOWLES                                John
KNOWLES                                Joseph A
KNOWLES                                Mary F
KNOWLES                                Nancy A
KNOWLES (CW)                           George W
KNOWLES HALL                           Emm
KNOWLES HILZINGER                      Mary F
KNOWLES SPALDING                       Carrie L
KYLE                                   Helen M
KYLE MCCABE                            Helen M
LAKE                                   Aaron
LAKE                                   Alfred
LAKE                                   Arabella
LAKE                                   Frances
LAKE                                   Lucena
LAKE                                   Lucy
LAKE                                   Philo
LAKE                                   Rebecca
LAKE                                   Sarah
LAKE                                   Stephen D
LAKE                                   Timothy
LAKE                                   Warren
LAKE                                   William
LAKE SHERRILL                          Lucena
LAKE STEVENS                           Sarah
LAMB                                   Clarrissa
LAMB                                   Frances E
LAMB                                   Huldah
LAMB                                   Jehial
LAMB                                   Orpah
LAMB (RW)                              Jehial
LAMPHIER                               Eliza M
LAMPHIER                               John
LAMPHIER                               Maria
LAMPHIER GRIFFIN                       Eliza M
LAMPHIRE                               Henry
LAMPHIRE (CW)                          Henry
LAMPMAN                                Adelaide Ely
LAMPMAN                                Catherine Elizabeth
LAMPMAN                                Edwin J
LAMPMAN                                Ellen J
LAMPMAN                                Eugenia H
LAMPMAN                                Isaac D
LAMPMAN                                John P
LAMPMAN                                Leonard Bronk
LAMPMAN                                Lewis
LAMPMAN                                Maria Bronk
LAMPMAN                                Marietta
LAMPMAN BURROUGHS                      Catherine Elizabeth
LAMPSON                                Matthew
LANE                                   Julia H
LARABEE                                David
LARABEE                                Kaeziah
LARREMORE                              Catharine
LARREMORE DUBOIS                       Catharine
LAUTEN                                 Edward C
LAUTEN                                 Irene A.
LAYTON                                 David
LAYTON (CW)                            David
LEE                                    Gertrude E
LEE PALMER                             Gertrude E.
LEET                                   Orpha
LESTER                                 Catharine
LESTER                                 Jacob E
LEZATTE                                Nelson
LEZATTE                                Sally Ann
LILLIS                                 John
LILLIS                                 Mary Ann
LILLIS                                 W. James
LILLIS                                 William
LISK                                   Israel
LISK                                   Maria
LITCHFIELD                             Eugene
LITCHFIELD                             Leonard E
LITCHFIELD                             Permelia A
LOCKWOOD                               Phebe
LOCKWOOD RUNDELL                       Phebe
LOSEE                                  Lydia Adelia
LOSEE SANFORD                          Lydia Adelia
LOUNSBURY                              Sally
LOUNSBURY BISHOP                       Sally
LOWERY                                 Sarah
LOWERY OVERBAUGH                       Sarah
LUSK                                   Eliza M
LUSK                                   William K
LUSK                                   Willie A
LYKE                                   Eliza A
LYKE                                   Jacob
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