Hamilton County, New York
Gravestone Photo Project

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Hamilton County, New York Gravestone Photo Project

Column One: Surname (if 2 surnames is given, maiden then married surname)
FI = French-Indian | RW = Revolutionary War | IW = Indian Wars | 1812 = War of 1812 | MEX = Mexican War | CW = Civil War | SA = Spanish American War |
PI = Philippine Insurrection | WWI = World War I | WWII = World War II | KOR = Korean Conflict | VN = Vietnam War | WT = War on Terrorism
Column Two: Given

ARNOLD                                 Aaron
ARNOLD                                 Bradley
ARNOLD                                 Catherine
ARNOLD                                 Emma
ARNOLD                                 Fabeous
ARNOLD                                 Fabius
ARNOLD                                 Frank
ARNOLD                                 Hannah
ARNOLD                                 Marion
ARNOLD                                 Watson
ARNOLD (SA)                            Watson
ARNOLD EDWARDS                         Marion
BAKER                                  Mary
BARCALOW                               Elsey
BARCALOW                               Lefortson
BASS                                   Abigail
BASS                                   Eliza Ann
BASS                                   Margaret
BASS                                   Mary
BASS                                   Nathaniel Grow
BASS                                   Sally
BASS                                   William S.
BASS                                   Zadok
BASS WILLIAMS                          Mary
BENNETT                                Caroline
BENNETT                                Florence
BENNETT                                George H
BENNETT (CW)                           Isaac
BENNETT WILLIAMS                       Caroline
BLACK                                  William
BROWNELL                               Jennie Lenora
BROWNELL                               Seymour Matthew
BURGESS                                Benjamin
BURGESS                                Dennis
BURGESS                                Etta
BURGESS                                John
BURGESS                                Ruth Irene
CARROLL                                Susie E
CONKLING                               George
CONKLING                               Ruth Marion
CONROY                                 Catherine
CORY                                   James Allen
CORY                                   Susan C
EDWARDS                                Floyd
EDWARDS                                Frank
EDWARDS                                Laura
EDWARDS                                Leamon
EDWARDS                                Loren
EDWARDS                                Marion
EDWARDS RICE                           Laura
FISH                                   Polly
GIBSON                                 Ellen
GIBSON                                 Thomas
GREEN                                  Harriet
GREEN TALBOT                           Harriet
GREENE                                 Jackson
GREENE                                 Sally
GROW                                   Sally
GROW BASS                              Sally
HAWLEY                                 Harry
HAWLEY                                 Sarah
JONES                                  Elva
JONES                                  Orville P.
KING                                   Susan C
KING CORY                              Susan C.
LAWTON                                 Clorinda
LAWTON                                 David
LAWTON                                 Ivary
LAWTON                                 Ruth
LAWTON                                 Ruth
LAWTON                                 William H
LAWTON (CW)                            William H.
LUCK                                   Ruth
LUCK                                   Walter
MAHAN                                  Ann Sarah
MCCOY                                  George
NOLAN                                  Daniel
NOLAN                                  Hannah
OLMSTEAD                               Emma
OLMSTED                                Isaac
OLMSTED                                Lavina E.
PLATT                                  Wallie
REED                                   Almond S
REED                                   Anna
REED                                   Maria L
REED                                   William J
REED (CW)                              Almond S
REED TYREL                             Effie A
RHODES                                 Charles W
RHODES                                 Hiram
RHODES                                 John
RHODES                                 John E
RHODES (CW)                            Charles W.
RHODES (CW)                            Hiram
RHODES (CW)                            John
RHODES (CW)                            John E.
RICE                                   Laura
SANBORN                                D. Arthur
SANBORN                                Edward
SANBORN                                Joseph
SANBORN                                Millie
SANBORN                                Nellie
SANBORN                                Sarah Ann
SANBORN (CW)                           Joseph
SAWYER                                 Matilda
SCRIBNER                               Margaret
SCRIBNER BASS                          Margaret
STEPHENS                               Maria L
STEPHENS REED                          Maria L
TALBOT                                 Harriet
TRAVIS                                 Elva
TRAVIS                                 Gertrude
TRAVIS                                 Hiram
TRAVIS                                 Levi
TRAVIS                                 Lucinda
TRAVIS                                 Malion
TRAVIS                                 Margaret
TRAVIS                                 Phebe
TRAVIS                                 Rosina
TRAVIS                                 Simon
TRAVIS                                 Ward
TRAVIS (CW)                            Levi
TRAVIS JONES                           Elva
TYREL                                  Effie A
TYREL                                  William E
VAN DERWARKER                          CLARK D.
VAN DERWARKER                          Clark D
VAN DERWARKER                          Deborah
VAN DERWARKER                          Marcus
VAN DERWARKER                          Margaret
VAN HEUSEN                             Lucinda
VAN HEUSEN TRAVIS                      Lucinda
WILBER                                 Emily Ann
WILLIAMS                               Abigail J
WILLIAMS                               Caroline
WILLIAMS                               Elias
WILLIAMS                               Etta
WILLIAMS                               George T.
WILLIAMS                               Isaac
WILLIAMS                               Jennie Lenora
WILLIAMS                               John A.
WILLIAMS                               Mary
WILLIAMS                               Thomas
WILLIAMS BROWNELL                      Jennie Lenora
WILLIAMS BURGESS                       Etta
WOOD                                   Arnold
WOOD                                   Betsey
WOOD                                   Olive
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