Herkimer County, New York
Gravestone Photo Project

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Herkimer County, New York Gravestone Photo Project

Column One: Surname (if 2 surnames is given, maiden then married surname)
FI = French-Indian | RW = Revolutionary War | IW = Indian Wars | 1812 = War of 1812 | MEX = Mexican War | CW = Civil War | SA = Spanish American War |
PI = Philippine Insurrection | WWI = World War I | WWII = World War II | KOR = Korean Conflict | VN = Vietnam War | WT = War on Terrorism
Column Two: Given

ALDRICH                                Lillian
ALDRICH                                Ruth
ALDRICH KETH                           Ruth
ALDRICH LONGSTAFF                      Lillian
ARMSTRONG                              Dorothy M
ARMSTRONG                              Lockhart W
AUSTIN                                 Mary Jennie
AUSTIN                                 William J.
BAILEY                                 Jessie E
BAILEY OSBORNE                         Jessie E
BANNIGAN                               Dorothy
BARRIGAN                               Kate
BARRIGAN FORD                          Kate
BATES                                  Hannah E
BATES RIDER                            Hannah E.
BAUM                                   Grace H
BEACHWOOD                              Anna
BEACHWOOD RICE                         Anna
BEDBOW                                 Hannah
BEDBOW LEWIS                           Hannah
BELL                                   Mary
BELL CLAPSADDLE                        Mary
BELLINGER                              Eve
BELLINGER                              Frederick F
BELLINGER                              Mary
BELLINGER                              Nancy
BELLINGER                              Nancy
BELLINGER                              Orin
BELLINGER CLAPSADDLE                   Nancy
BELLINGER CLAPSADDLE                   Nancy
BENNETT                                Jemima
BENNETT                                Mary
BENNETT STERLING                       Mary
BENNETT WILLIAMS                       Jemima
BLAIS                                  Marion I
BLOODGOOD                              Nancy
BODGE                                  Anna
BOYCE                                  Harriet
BOYCE FINEHOUT                         Harriet
BRACE                                  Mercy
BRADBURY                               Catherine
BRADBURY                               Charles
BRADBURY                               Clara
BRADBURY                               Earl C
BRADBURY                               Edna Ruth
BRADBURY                               Elizabeth
BRADBURY                               Ernest C.
BRADBURY                               Frank
BRADBURY                               George
BRADBURY                               Helen
BRADBURY                               Helen E
BRADBURY                               James
BRADBURY                               James J
BRADBURY                               James J Jr
BRADBURY                               James J Sr
BRADBURY                               James J, Jr.
BRADBURY                               Jane
BRADBURY                               John H
BRADBURY                               Mabel
BRADBURY                               Mabel
BRADBURY                               Margaret
BRADBURY                               Maria
BRADBURY                               Maria
BRADBURY                               Maria Hope
BRADBURY                               Mary
BRADBURY                               Nellie
BRADBURY                               Robert
BRADBURY                               Robert H
BRADBURY                               Robert H
BRADBURY                               Rosetta
BRADBURY                               Thomas
BRADBURY                               William J
BRADBURY CALDWELL                      Edna Ruth
BRADBURY HARVEY                        Helen E
BRADBURY KNAPP                         Maria
BRADBURY LONGSTAFF                     Maria Hope
BRADBURY LONGSTAFF                     Mary
BRADBURY MCMAHON                       Nellie
BRADBURY SWEET                         Helen
BRADBURY WEIGAND                       Mabel
BRENDER                                Anna M
BRENDER VOELKLE                        Anna M
BREWER                                 Grace
BREWER                                 Willard E
BRICE                                  Brenda Blanche
BRICE                                  James W
BRICE                                  James W
BRICE (KOR)                            James W
BROWN                                  Elouse
BROWN                                  Grant Armstrong
BUCHANAN                               Caroline
BUCHANAN CLAPSADDLE                    Caroline
BUCKLE                                 Grace
BUCKLE                                 Lula
BUCKLE RICE                            Lula
BUCKLIN                                Abigail
BUCKLIN FORD                           Abigail
BULLOCK                                Frances
BULLOCK NIBBS                          Frances
BURTON                                 Ella May
CADMAN                                 Lydia
CADMAN FORD                            Lydia
CALDWELL                               Alvah Howard
CALDWELL                               Alvah Howard
CALDWELL                               Anna Randall
CALDWELL                               Edna Ruth
CALDWELL                               Edna Ruth
CALDWELL                               Edythe
CALDWELL                               Elouse
CALDWELL                               George William
CALDWELL                               Hannah
CALDWELL                               Harriete
CALDWELL                               Harriett
CALDWELL                               Helen G
CALDWELL                               J Minott
CALDWELL                               James
CALDWELL                               James Mead
CALDWELL                               James Mead
CALDWELL                               James Minott
CALDWELL                               Jerome Mead
CALDWELL                               Louisa
CALDWELL                               Lousia
CALDWELL                               Mary
CALDWELL                               Mary
CALDWELL                               Mary L
CALDWELL                               May Beatrice
CALDWELL                               Maynard George
CALDWELL (IW)                          James
CALDWELL BROWN                         Elouise
CALDWELL LEWIS                         Edythe
CALDWELL SPARBIER                      Helen G
CALDWELL WESTERN                       Mary
CALDWELL WESTERN                       Mary L
CARMER                                 Almira
CARPENTER                              Henry W, Sr.
CARPENTER                              Marion I
CASLER                                 Abigal R.
CASLER                                 Edna E
CASLER                                 Edna E.
CASLER                                 Ethel
CASLER                                 Peter
CASLER HARVEY                          Edna E
CASWELL                                Harriet
CASWELL                                Warren
CASWELL                                Warren
CASWELL                                William A
CHENEY                                 Anna
CHENEY                                 Arthur F
CHENEY                                 Cecelia S
CHENEY                                 George D
CHENEY (WWII)                          Arthur F
CLAPSADDLE                             Amelia
CLAPSADDLE                             Caroline
CLAPSADDLE                             Catherine
CLAPSADDLE                             Charles
CLAPSADDLE                             Charles Revuere
CLAPSADDLE                             Damon A.
CLAPSADDLE                             Daniel
CLAPSADDLE                             Denis
CLAPSADDLE                             Denis
CLAPSADDLE                             Dorathy
CLAPSADDLE                             Elizabeth
CLAPSADDLE                             Elizabeth
CLAPSADDLE                             Ella M.
CLAPSADDLE                             Frances D.
CLAPSADDLE                             George
CLAPSADDLE                             George A.
CLAPSADDLE                             George F.
CLAPSADDLE                             Harriet
CLAPSADDLE                             Infant
CLAPSADDLE                             Jennie E.
CLAPSADDLE                             John
CLAPSADDLE                             John Albert
CLAPSADDLE                             John D.
CLAPSADDLE                             Joseph
CLAPSADDLE                             Julia B.
CLAPSADDLE                             Lawrence
CLAPSADDLE                             Margaret
CLAPSADDLE                             Margaret
CLAPSADDLE                             Mary
CLAPSADDLE                             Mary
CLAPSADDLE                             Mary Barbara
CLAPSADDLE                             Maryette
CLAPSADDLE                             Mattie
CLAPSADDLE                             Nancy
CLAPSADDLE                             Nancy
CLAPSADDLE                             Peter
CLAPSADDLE                             Peter G.
CLAPSADDLE                             Peter H.
CLAPSADDLE                             Raphael B.
CLAPSADDLE                             Willard E.
CLAPSADDLE                             William
CLAPSADDLE (RW)                        Denis
CLAPSADDLE MONRO                       Amelia
CLAPSATTLE                             Addison W.
CLAPSATTLE                             Dennis
CLAPSATTLE                             Elizabeth
CLAPSATTLE                             John P.
CLAPSATTLE                             Lucy E.
CLAPSATTLE                             Martha A.
CLAPSATTLE (CW)                        John P.
COFFIN                                 Hellen J
COFFIN OLDS                            Hellen J
CONYNE                                 Harriet
CONYNE PRUYN                           Harriet
COOLEY                                 Joseph E
CRAMER                                 Addison
CRAMER                                 Anna
CRAMER                                 Aretus
CRAMER                                 Harriet
CRAMER                                 Harriete
CRAMER                                 Morgan
CRAMER CALDWELL                        Harriete
CRAMER CALDWELL                        Harriett
CRISTMAN                               Ebier
CRISTMAN                               Hannah
CRISTMAN                               Lousia
CRISTMAN                               Nicholas
CROFTS                                 Eleanor L
CROFTS THORPE                          Eleanor L
CROSBY                                 Lucinda
CROSBY RIDER                           Lucinda
DAVIS                                  Maude G
DAVIS EDWARDS                          Maude G
DENNISON                               Maria J
DENNISON DOCKSTADER                    Maria J
DEVENBECK                              Floyd C
DEVENBECK                              Mary
DEVENBECK (WWI)                        Floyd C
DEXTER                                 Anna Mae
DEXTER FORD                            Anna Mae
DIXON                                  Jane
DIXON PIERCE                           Jane
DOCKSTADER                             Maria J
DOCKSTADER                             Nancy
DOCKSTADER                             Peter
DOCKSTADER GRAY                        Nancy
DOMENIC                                Jacob
DOMENIC                                Melinda
DOMINICK                               Alvin
DOMINICK                               Kate
DOMINICK                               Sylvester
DUNN                                   Mary Jane
DURRENBECK                             Elizabeth
DURRENBECK                             Joseph
DYGERT                                 Catherine
DYGERT CLAPSADDLE                      Catherine
EDICK                                  Dorothy
EDICK                                  John J.
EDICK                                  Mary
EDICK STEELE                           Mary
EDWARDS                                George F
EDWARDS                                Maude G
ENGLER                                 Arthur A
ENGLER                                 Elizabeth
ENTWISTLE                              Sarah S
ENTWISTLE KAY                          Sarah S
EVANS                                  Alice
EVANS TOURTELOT                        Alice
EYSAMAN                                Clarence A
EYSAMAN                                Vera M
FARBER                                 Elizabeth
FARBER BRADBURY                        Elizabeth
FARRINGTON                             Betsey
FARRINGTON                             Betsey
FARRINGTON                             Frances A
FARRINGTON                             Helen M
FARRINGTON                             Henry
FARRINGTON                             Henry
FARRINGTON                             June
FARRINGTON                             Robert Rasbach
FARRINGTON OSBORN                      Hannah
FARRINGTON PRUYN                       Helen M
FINEHOUT                               Clark
FINEHOUT                               Florence
FINEHOUT                               Harriet
FINEHOUT                               John
FINEHOUT                               Rachel Ann
FINEHOUT (CW)                          John
FLANERTY                               Catherine
FLANERTY BRADBURY                      Catherine
FOLTS                                  Dorothy
FOLTS EDICK                            Dorothy
FORD                                   Abigail
FORD                                   Albigence Waldo
FORD                                   Aldis Dean
FORD                                   Anna Mae
FORD                                   Benoni
FORD                                   Benoni
FORD                                   Betty Ann
FORD                                   Carrie L
FORD                                   David
FORD                                   David E
FORD                                   Helen Phelps
FORD                                   Irene
FORD                                   Kate
FORD                                   Lavina
FORD                                   Lydia
FORD                                   Mary A.
FORD                                   Orrin A.
FORD                                   Reba L.
FORD                                   Stephen K.
FORD                                   Susan A.
FORD (RW)                              Benoni
FORD FREEMAN                           Betty Ann
FORD STODDARD                          Carrie L.
FOX                                    Maud
FRANCISCO                              Susan A
FRANCISCO FARRINGTON                   June
FRANCISCO FORD                         Susan A.
FRANK                                  Elizabeth
FRANK CLAPSADDLE                       Elizabeth
FREEMAN                                Betty Ann
FREEMAN                                Nancy
FREEMAN BLOODGOOD                      Nancy
GALBRAITH CRAMER                       Anna
GOLDEN HUYCK                           Ella Jane
GOODIER                                Aaron
GOODIER                                Eunice
GOODIER                                Polly D
GOODIER                                Sally/Sarah
GOODIER                                Thomas
GOODIER RIDER                          Laura A. Lottie
GRAHAM PATTERSON                       Hebe
GRAY                                   Alexander Macomb
GRAY                                   George H
GRAY                                   Nancy
GRAY                                   Rose H
GRIMES TOURTELOT                       Catherine
GRISWOLD INGHAM                        Rebecca
HADLEY YOUNG                           Martha J.
HALL                                   Alfred Frederick
HALL                                   Harriet
HALL                                   Matthew M
HALL                                   Stanley M
HALL JOHNSON                           May Julia Ann
HALL WIEGAND                           Elizabeth W
HANER                                  Jonas
HANER                                  Lydia
HANER                                  Philip
HANER                                  Sarah
HARTER                                 G. M.
HARTER                                 G. M.
HARTER                                 Martha E
HARTER                                 Martha E
HARTER CASWELL                         Harriet Sss
HARTER WEIGAND                         Mary
HARVEY                                 Edna E
HARVEY                                 Eugene
HARVEY                                 Helen E
HARVEY                                 John H, Sr.
HARVEY (WWII)                          John H
HARVEY BODGE                           Anna
HARVEY CALDWELL                        Hannah
HATCH CLAPSADDLE                       Maryette
HAWKINS                                Anna Eliza
HAWKINS                                Franklin
HAWKINS                                George F
HAWKINS                                Hannah
HAWKINS                                Hester Ann
HAWKINS                                Keith Hawkins
HAWKINS                                Lousia Brandt
HAWKINS                                Lucy
HAWKINS                                Mary
HAWKINS                                Rose
HAWKINS                                Uriah
HAYWOOD GOODIER                        Sally/Sarah
HAZELTON                               Ann M
HAZELTON                               Elbert D
HAZELTON                               Everett P
HAZELTON                               Florence A
HAZELTON                               Henry
HAZELTON                               Mriam E
HAZELTON                               Sonora A
HAZLETON                               Horace G
HELMER CLAPSADDLE                      Mary Barbara
HEMSTREET (WWII)                       Carl W
HERKIMER DOMENIC                       Melinda
HERRICK STEELE                         Nellie M.
HESS CLAPSADDLE                        Margaret
HESS CLAPSATTLE                        Elizabeth
HILDRETH                               Donna L
HILL HANER                             Lydia
HOLMES CLAPSATTLE                      Lucy E.
HOUGH THOMPSON                         Susan W
HUYCK                                  Ella Jane
HUYCK                                  Oscar R
HYDE OSBORN                            Sarah
INGHAM                                 Ann Marie
INGHAM                                 Artametia
INGHAM                                 David A
INGHAM                                 Nellie
INGHAM                                 Rebecca
INGHAM                                 Williard A
ISHAM FORD                             Irene
JOHNSON                                Duane S
JOHNSON                                Mabel Genevieve
JOHNSON                                May Julia Ann
JOHNSON                                Seymour E
JOHNSON FARRINGTON                     Betsey
JOHNSON FARRINGTON                     Betsey
JOHNSON MINOTT                         Maruva
JONES WILLIAMS                         Tirzah
KAY                                    Cyrus
KAY                                    Sarah S
KEITH HAWKINS                          Mary
KEMP TOURTELOT                         Lillian A
KETH                                   Ruth
KETH (RW)                              Stephen
KLEBSATTEL                             Augustinus Denis
KLOCK CARMER                           Almira
KNAPP                                  George C
KNAPP                                  Maria
KNIGHT                                 Daniel
KNIGHT                                 Ida N.
KNIGHT                                 Rosannah
KNIGHT                                 Sopiah
KNIGHT                                 William
LANGHIRT                               Florence
LEAVITT                                Mary Jennie
LEAVITT AUSTIN                         Mary Jennie
LESTER                                 Elizabeth
LESTER DURRENBECK                      Elizabeth
LEWIS                                  Ann
LEWIS                                  Benjamin
LEWIS                                  David
LEWIS                                  Edythe
LEWIS                                  Hannah
LEWIS                                  James
LEWIS                                  John
LEWIS                                  John
LEWIS                                  John
LEWIS                                  Nettle
LEWIS                                  William J
LINTS                                  Esther Jane
LINTS RICE                             Esther Jane
LONGSTAFF                              George W
LONGSTAFF                              Henry Bardbury
LONGSTAFF                              Lillian
LONGSTAFF                              Maria Hope
LONGSTAFF                              Mary
LONGSTAFF                              Mary E
LONGSTAFF                              Reta Mae
LONGSTAFF                              Sarah
LONGSTAFF                              Thomas
LONGSTAFF WEST                         Sarah
MACKOON                                Mercy
MACKOON                                Rosannah
MACKOON BRACE                          Mercy
MACKOON KNIGHT                         Rosannah
MARCY                                  Lucy
MARCY                                  Rosetta
MARCY BRADBURY                         Rosetta
MARCY HAWKINS                          Lucy
MASON                                  Almira
MASON                                  Warren C.
MATHER                                 Nettle
MATHER LEWIS                           Nettle
MAYNARD                                Margaret
MCCOON                                 Lucy M.
MCGILVRA                               Mary Francis
MCINTYRE                               Eleanor
MCINTYRE WOOD                          Eleanor
MCKOON                                 Benjamin
MCKOON                                 Betsy
MCKOON                                 Carmi
MCKOON                                 Cyrus Young
MCKOON                                 Elizabeth
MCKOON                                 Martin
MCKOON                                 Rhoba
MCKOON                                 Rhoba
MCKOON                                 Rhoba C.
MCKOON YOUNG                           Elizabeth
MCMAHON                                Nellie
MCNULTY                                Ellen
MCNULTY NUNN                           Ellen
MEAD                                   Helen
MEAD WELCH                             Helen
MILLER                                 Christina
MILLER YOUNG                           Christina
MINOTT                                 Homer Stockton
MINOTT                                 Howard Haywood
MINOTT                                 James
MINOTT                                 Jerome Webster
MINOTT                                 Louisa
MINOTT                                 Louisa
MINOTT                                 Lyndon Maurice
MINOTT                                 Mabel Genevieve
MINOTT                                 Martha
MINOTT                                 Martha
MINOTT                                 Maruva
MINOTT                                 Nancy
MINOTT                                 Sarah M
MINOTT                                 Thomas
MINOTT                                 Wilbur Varney
MINOTT (CW)                            Wilbur Varney
MINOTT CALDWELL                        Louisa
MINOTT CALDWELL                        Louisa
MINOTT JOHNSON                         Mabel Genevieve
MINOTT PIERCE                          Martha
MONRO                                  Amelia
MOREY                                  Almira
MOREY MASON                            Almira
MUNN                                   Polly D
MUNN GOODIER                           Polly D
MUNRO                                  John
NIBBS                                  Abigal R.
NIBBS                                  Alfred W
NIBBS                                  Annie E
NIBBS                                  Frances
NIBBS                                  Grace
NIBBS                                  Harriet
NIBBS                                  Lottie
NIBBS                                  Sarah Caroline
NIBBS BREWER                           Grace
NIBBS CASLER                           Abigal R.
NIBBS HALL                             Harriet
NIBBS PRATT                            Annie E.
NIBBS THOMAS                           Lottie
NIBBS WILLIAMS                         Sarah Caroline
NORTHARD                               Sophia
NORTHARD SHEAF                         Sophia
NUNN                                   Adam F
NUNN                                   Caroline
NUNN                                   Dorothy
NUNN                                   Elizabeth
NUNN                                   Ellen
NUNN                                   George
NUNN                                   Joseph, Jr.
NUNN                                   Joseph, Sr.
NUNN                                   Josephine
NUNN                                   Justa Yow
NUNN BANNIGAN                          Dorothy
NUNN ENGLER                            Elizabeth
ODELL                                  James A
OLDS                                   Hellen J
OLDS                                   Otis H
ORENDORF                               Mary
ORENDORF BELLINGER                     Mary
OSBORN                                 A Jerome
OSBORN                                 Almira
OSBORN                                 Asa
OSBORN                                 Francis A
OSBORN                                 Franklin H
OSBORN                                 Hannah
OSBORN                                 Juliette
OSBORN                                 Louisa Brandt
OSBORN                                 Mary
OSBORN                                 Olin E
OSBORN                                 Sarah
OSBORN                                 Sarah A
OSBORN                                 Simeon
OSBORN                                 hester Ann
OSBORN CALDWELL                        Mary
OSBORN HAWKINS                         Hester Ann
OSBORN HAWKINS                         Louisa Brandt
OSBORN TOURTELOT                       Almira
OSBORN TOURTELOT                       Sarah A
OSBORNE                                F Minott
OSBORNE                                Fannie B
OSBORNE                                Harold
OSBORNE                                Jessie E
OWENS                                  Jane
OWENS                                  Margaret
OWENS BRADBURY                         Jane
OWENS WILLIAMS                         Margaret
PALMER                                 Harriet
PALMER CLAPSADDLE                      Harriet
PATTERSON                              Anna Randall
PATTERSON                              Hebe
PATTERSON                              Robert Edward
PELTON                                 Florence
PELTON                                 Frank Edmund
PELTON                                 Mary
PELTON DEVENBECK                       Mary
PELTON LANGHIRT                        Florence
PETRIE                                 Eveline
PETRIE WITHERSTINE                     Eveline
PHILLIPS                               Benjamin F
PHILLIPS                               Roneauz M.
PIERCE                                 Alvin J
PIERCE                                 Alvin J
PIERCE                                 Charles
PIERCE                                 Elvira
PIERCE                                 Francis Kingsley
PIERCE                                 Jane
PIERCE                                 Jessie
PIERCE                                 Martha
PIERCE                                 Martha
PIERCE                                 Maud
PIERCE                                 Sarah M
PIERCE (CW)                            Alvin J.
PIERCE (CW)                            Charles B
PIERCE (IW)                            Alvin J
PIERCE FOX                             Maud
PIERCE MINOTT                          Sarah M
POTTER                                 Ann M
POTTER HAZELTON                        Ann M
PRATT                                  Annie E.
PRATT                                  Augustus Mason
PRATT                                  Jane
PRATT RAYNOR                           Jane
PRUYN                                  Francis H
PRUYN                                  Harriet
PRUYN                                  Helen M
PRUYN                                  William P
QUINN                                  Mary Margaret
QUINN WIEGAND                          Mary Margaret
RASBACH                                Vera M
RASBACH EYSAMAN                        Vera M
RAYNOR                                 George
RAYNOR                                 Jane
RAYNOR                                 Lewis
RAYNOR                                 Marcus
RAYNORE                                Lewis
RICE                                   Anna
RICE                                   Chauncey A
RICE                                   Esther Jane
RICE                                   Lula
RICE                                   Wilfred G
RICHARDS                               Juliette
RICHARDS OSBORN                        Juliette
RICHARDSON                             Ina Louise
RICHARDSON WIEGAND                     Ina Louise
RIDER                                  Burton L
RIDER                                  Hannah E.
RIDER                                  Laura A. Lottie
RIDER                                  Lucinda
RIDER                                  Naomi
RIDER                                  Prudence
RIDER                                  Rebecca P.
RIDER                                  Reuben
RIDER                                  Samuel
RIDER                                  Turtullus
RIDER                                  Wakeman
RIDER                                  Zadock
RIDER (SA)                             Burton L.
ROBBINS                                Miriam E.
ROBBINS HAZELTON                       Miriam E
SABIN                                  Martha
SABIN MINOTT                           Martha
SCHAUT                                 Cecelia S
SCHAUT CHENEY                          Cecelia S
SCHUYLER                               Ann Marie
SCHUYLER INGHAM                        Ann Marie
SEARS                                  Naomi
SEARS RIDER                            Naomi
SEEBER                                 Sarah
SEEBER HANER                           Sarah
SHEAF                                  Genero O
SHEAF                                  Jay W
SHEAF                                  Nancy
SHEAF                                  Sophia
SHEAF MINOTT                           Nancy
SIMMONS                                Maria
SIMMONS BRADBURY                       Maria
SMITH                                  Alice E
SMITH                                  Edna M
SMITH                                  Jane E
SMITH                                  Martha
SMITH                                  Ruth
SMITH                                  Westel E
SMITH PIERCE                           Martha
SMITH WESTERN                          Ruth
SPARBIER                               Glenn K
SPARBIER                               Helen G
SPENCER                                Mary A
SPENCER FORD                           Mary A.
STAURING                               Eve
STAURING BELLINGER                     Eve
STEELE                                 Frank D.
STEELE                                 Frederick
STEELE                                 Jeremiah J.
STEELE                                 Mary
STEELE                                 Mary
STEELE                                 Nancy H.
STEELE                                 Nellie M.
STEELE CLAPSADDLE                      Mary
STERLING                               Edward J
STERLING                               Mary
STODDARD                               Carrie L.
STODDARD                               Frank
STRAIT                                 James
STRAIT                                 William
SWEET                                  Helen
THOMAS                                 Evan O
THOMAS                                 Lottie
THOMPSON                               Susan W
THORPE                                 Eleanor L
THORPE                                 Raymond G
TOURTELOT                              Alice
TOURTELOT                              Almira
TOURTELOT                              Annis Z
TOURTELOT                              Bernon K
TOURTELOT                              Catherine
TOURTELOT                              Frances A
TOURTELOT                              Isaac
TOURTELOT                              Lillian A
TOURTELOT                              Martyr
TOURTELOT                              Montane
TOURTELOT                              P Ernest
TOURTELOT                              Sarah A
TOURTELOT                              Severence
TOURTELOT                              Stephen
UPRIGHT                                Hannah
UPRIGHT HAWKINS                        Hannah
VAN ETTEN                              Margaret
VAN ETTEN MAYNARD                      Margaret
VEILLETTE                              Marion I
VEILLETTE BLAIS                        Marion I
VEILLETTE CARPENTER                    Marion I.
VOELKLE                                Anna M
VOELKLE                                Karl F
WEAVER                                 Martha A
WEAVER CLAPSATTLE                      Martha A.
WEBER                                  Frances B
WEIGAND                                Julius
WEIGAND                                Mabel
WEIGAND                                Mabel
WEIGAND                                Mary
WEIGAND BRADBURY                       Mabel
WELCH                                  Helen
WELCH                                  Joseph E
WELDON                                 Jane E
WELDON SMITH                           Jane E
WEST                                   Sarah
WESTERN                                Ervin
WESTERN                                Mark S
WESTERN                                Mark S
WESTERN                                Mary
WESTERN                                Mary L
WESTERN                                Ruth
WIDRIG YOUNG                           Lany
WIEGAND                                Anna
WIEGAND                                Bernard
WIEGAND                                Caroline
WIEGAND                                Elizabeth W
WIEGAND                                Harold L
WIEGAND                                Ina Louise
WIEGAND                                Margaret
WIEGAND                                Mary Margaret
WIEGAND                                Raymond B
WIEGAND BRADBURY                       Clara
WIEGAND BRADBURY                       Margaret
WIEGAND CHENEY                         Anna
WIEGAND NUNN                           Caroline
WILLIAMS                               Anthony
WILLIAMS                               Anthony H.
WILLIAMS                               Betsy
WILLIAMS                               Festus
WILLIAMS                               Garner
WILLIAMS                               George
WILLIAMS                               Henry R
WILLIAMS                               Jemima
WILLIAMS                               John
WILLIAMS                               John
WILLIAMS                               Margaret
WILLIAMS                               Rhoba
WILLIAMS                               Sarah Caroline
WILLIAMS                               Thomas E.
WILLIAMS                               Tirzah
WILLIAMS                               William J
WILLIAMS MCKOON                        Betsy
WILLIAMS MCKOON                        Rhoba
WITHERSTINE                            Christopher
WITHERSTINE                            Eveline
WOOD                                   Eleanor
WOOD                                   Lavina
WOOD FORD                              Lavina
YOUNG                                  Christina
YOUNG                                  Cornelius C.
YOUNG                                  Elizabeth
YOUNG                                  Floyd D
YOUNG                                  Harry I.
YOUNG                                  Israel
YOUNG                                  Israel
YOUNG                                  Israel I.
YOUNG                                  John
YOUNG                                  Lany
YOUNG                                  Lucy A.
YOUNG                                  Martha J.
YOUNG                                  O W
YOUNG                                  William C.
YOUNG (CW)                             Floyd D.
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