Jefferson County, New York
Gravestone Photo Project

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Jefferson County, New York Gravestone Photo Project

Column One: Surname (if 2 surnames is given, maiden then married surname)
FI = French-Indian | RW = Revolutionary War | IW = Indian Wars | 1812 = War of 1812 | MEX = Mexican War | CW = Civil War | SA = Spanish American War |
PI = Philippine Insurrection | WWI = World War I | WWII = World War II | KOR = Korean Conflict | VN = Vietnam War | WT = War on Terrorism
Column Two: Given

ACKLEY                                 Polly
ACKLEY FELT                            Polly
AINSWORTH                              Jonathan
ALDRICH                                Achsah
ALDRICH                                David
ALDRICH                                Eunice
ALDRICH                                Leonard
ALDRICH                                Roxana
ALDRICH                                Sarah S
ALDRICH DUNN                           Eunice
ALLEN                                  Sarah
ANDREWS                                Jeremiah
ANDREWS                                Olive M
ANGEL                                  Harriet
ANGEL FELT                             Harriet
AUSTIN                                 Ann
BARKER                                 Ada
BARKER CLEMONS                         Ada
BLEVINS                                Ann
BLEVINS                                David
BLEVINS                                David
BLEVINS                                Ida May
BLEVINS HUNTER                         Ida May
BOWMAN                                 Frank
BOWMAN                                 Maria
BROWER                                 Charles F
BROWER                                 Mary E
BROWN                                  Bradley
BROWN                                  Kent D.
BROWN                                  Martha Jane
BUSH                                   Christina
BUSH DEVEREAUX                         Christina
CARPENTER                              Amelia J
CARPENTER                              Esther M
CARPENTER                              G A
CARPENTER                              Paschal P
CARPENTER                              Sally
CHAMPLIN                               Freddie
CHRISTIE                               Hannah
CHRISTIE                               John J
CHRISTIE                               Sarah J
CHRISTIE                               Simeon S
CHRISTIE GRAHAM                        Sarah J
CLARK                                  Susan W
CLEMONS                                Ada
CLEMONS                                Ernest F
CLEMONS                                Lyle
CLEMONS                                Pernal
COMPO                                  Ruth J
COMPO FULTON                           Ruth J
CONNELL                                Emeline F
CONNELL PARKER                         Emeline F
CORNWELL                               Louise
CRANE                                  George
CRANE                                  Mary S
CROSS                                  Lucinda
CROSS DAVIS                            Lucinda
CUPPERNELL                             Delia M
CUPPERNELL                             Emma J
CUPPERNELL                             John E
CUPPERNELL                             John G
DAVENPORT                              Mary Ann
DAVIS                                  Cornelia
DAVIS                                  Lucinda
DAVIS                                  Robert J
DAWSON                                 Ellen
DAWSON                                 John
DAYTON                                 Ann
DAYTON SHANNON                         Ann
DEVEREAUX                              Christina
DEVEREAUX                              Julia E
DEVEREAUX                              Richard J
DEVEREAUX                              William J
DRAKE                                  Nellie E
DRAKE ORVIS                            Nellie E
DUNN                                   Ella E
DUNN                                   Eunice
DUNN                                   Lewis Clark
DYER                                   Ann Jane
DYER                                   Ormond
EDDY                                   Ebber H
EDDY                                   Emily H
EDDY                                   James
EGGLESTON                              Amy
ELLIOTT                                Curtis A
ELLIOTT                                Edward R
ELLIOTT                                Mary A
ELLIS                                  John
ESTES                                  Barbara Clarice
ESTES HUNTER                           Barbara Clarice
FEISTEL                                Alice L
FEISTEL                                Lucy S
FEISTEL                                Philip M
FELT                                   Ann
FELT                                   Clara D
FELT                                   Elizabeth
FELT                                   Harriet
FELT                                   Harriet
FELT                                   John
FELT                                   John
FELT                                   Josephine
FELT                                   Lowe J
FELT                                   Maria
FELT                                   Oliver A
FELT                                   Polly
FELT AUSTIN                            Ann
FELT BOWMAN                            Maria
FELTON                                 Maria
FRANCIS                                Jason
FRANCIS                                Marilda
FRANCIS                                Selina
FRANCIS                                Thomas P
FRINK                                  Freeman
FRINK                                  Sally
FULLER                                 Daphne
FULLER                                 Jacob
FULLER                                 Lucretia
FULTON                                 Alice S
FULTON                                 Arthur G
FULTON                                 Carl Arnold
FULTON                                 Dorothy M
FULTON                                 Dorrance A
FULTON                                 Gerald P
FULTON                                 Gerald Phillip, Jr
FULTON                                 J Wesley
FULTON                                 Mary Katherine
FULTON                                 Mary Louise
FULTON                                 Merrial A
FULTON                                 Ruth J
FULTON                                 Vera M
FULTON JONES                           Dorrance A.
FULTON RICHARDSON                      Dorothy M.
GALLOWAY                               Perrone E
GARDNER                                Edith May
GARDNER                                Harold C
GIBBS                                  Frances N
GIBBS                                  George M
GIBBS                                  Karl W
GIBBS                                  Kathleen M
GILLET                                 Albert Smith
GILLET                                 Eli S
GILLET                                 Huldah
GILLET (CW)                            Eli S
GILLETT                                Samuel N.
GILTZ                                  Derinda M.
GIPSON                                 Cyrus B
GIPSON                                 Josephine
GIPSON                                 Tamson
GIPSON HAZELTON                        Josephine
GRAHAM                                 Sarah J
GRATZ                                  Mary Ann
GRATZ TYLER                            Mary Ann
HALL                                   Hannah
HALL                                   James
HALL LEE                               Cressie
HAYDEN                                 Addie M
HAZELTON                               Josephine
HOLLEY                                 Anson N.
HOWARD                                 Hiram E
HOWARD                                 Jacob R.
HUNTER                                 Alvaro J.
HUNTER                                 Barbara Clarice
HUNTER                                 Earl Alvaro
HUNTER                                 George E.
HUNTER                                 Ida May
HUNTER                                 Lora Verde
HUNTER                                 Paul Alden
HUNTER                                 Phebe C
HUNTER                                 Thomas
HUNTER TYLER                           Phebe C.
JONES                                  Dorrance A
JONES                                  Grandma
KIDDER                                 Grace M
KIDDER                                 Margaret
KIDDER                                 Timothy
KLOEK                                  Barbara J
LANPHEAR                               Helen A
LASHURE                                Fannie
LEDDY                                  Bernard
LEDDY                                  James E
LEDDY                                  Mary A
LEE                                    Ann Mercy
LEE                                    Cressie
LEE                                    J. Franklin
LEE                                    Lyman
LEE                                    Mary Louise
LEE                                    Minnie
LEE FULTON                             Mary Louise
LEE LEE                                Ann Mercy
LEE NELSON                             Minnie
LUNDERMAN                              Hazel
LUNDERMAN                              Marhelia
LUNDERMAN                              Marshall E
LUTHER                                 Smith
MARTIN                                 Ezra P
MARTIN                                 George P
MARTIN                                 James M
MARTIN                                 Lucy A
MARTIN                                 Pernal
MARTIN CLEMONS                         Pernal
MASONHEIMER                            Celia M
MCANDREWS                              Emma
MCANDREWS                              Eugene
MCANDREWS                              Harlan E
MCCARTHY                               Hazel
MCCARTHY LUNDERMAN                     Hazel
MCDADE                                 Ida A
MCDADE NUNEZ                           Ida A
MCINTYRE                               Christian
MCINTYRE                               Irene
MCINTYRE THOMAS                        Irene
MCINTYRE WOODARD                       Christian
MCKOON                                 Esther
MCKOON                                 Huldah
MCKOON                                 Martha Jane
MCKOON                                 Morgan L.
MCKOON (CW)                            Morgan L.
MCKOON BROWN                           Martha Jane
MCKOON GILLET                          Huldah
MCKOON WARD                            Esther
MELLEN                                 Henry M
MELLEN                                 Julia
MIDDLETON                              Andrew
MIDDLETON                              Andrew, Jr
MIDDLETON                              Delia A
MIDDLETON                              Elija W
MIDDLETON                              Elisabeth
MIDDLETON                              John
MIDDLETON                              John F
MIDDLETON                              Margaret
MIDDLETON                              R.
MIDDLETON                              Susanah
MIDDLETON                              Wesley
MOONEY                                 Gertrude
MOONEY                                 William H
MOORE                                  Ambrose
MOORE                                  Dorothy
NELSON                                 Minnie
NELSON                                 Samuel
NUNEZ                                  Ida A
NUNEZ                                  Philip W
NUNEZ                                  Rodolphus W
ORVIS                                  Chester
ORVIS                                  Esther A
ORVIS                                  George E
ORVIS                                  Nellie E
PALMER                                 Mercer
PALMER                                 Solomon
PARKER                                 David D
PARKER                                 Emeline F
PARKER                                 Gertrude
PARKER MOONEY                          Gertrude
PARRY                                  Cynthia A
PASINO                                 M Viola
PATENAUDE                              Frederick W
PATENAUDE                              Joseph A
PATENAUDE                              Ruth I.
PATENAUDE (KOR)                        Frederick W.
PATTEE                                 Celia M
PATTEE                                 William
PATTEE                                 Willie
PATTEE MASONHEIMER                     Celia M
PHILBROOKS                             Charles E
PHILBROOKS                             James
PHILBROOKS                             Nancy
PHILBROOKS                             Sophronia
PHILLIPS                               Edward
PHILLIPS                               Hosea B
PHILLIPS                               Silas
PRATT                                  Peter
PRATT (CW)                             Peter
READ                                   Retsey E.
REILLY                                 William H
RICHARDSON                             Dorothy M.
RITTER                                 Loren F
RITTER                                 Nora C
ROBERTS                                Albert J
ROBERTS                                Caroline M
ROBERTS                                L W
ROBERTS                                Mary Jane
ROBERTS                                Melissa
ROBERTS                                Moses C
ROBERTS                                R H
ROBERTS                                Sarah
ROBERTS                                infant son
SANFORD                                Edmund B
SANFORD                                Florilla S
SANFORD                                Merle L
SARGENT                                Sarah S
SARGENT ALDRICH                        Sarah S.
SCOTT                                  Clarissa
SCOTT                                  Clarrissa
SCOTT                                  Laura
SCOTT                                  Lucy
SCOTT                                  Reuben
SCOTT                                  Sally
SCOTT                                  Sally
SCOTT                                  Sewell
SCOTT                                  Sewell
SCOTT CARPENTER                        Sally
SHANNON                                Ann
SHANNON                                Derinda M
SHANNON GILTZ                          Derinda M.
SINCLAIR                               Ann
SINCLAIR BLEVINS                       Ann
SMILEY                                 James
SMILEY                                 Julia A
SMITH                                  David
SMITH                                  Mary J
SMITH (1812)                           David
STODDER                                Marcia L
STONE                                  Doris A
STONE                                  Emma J
STONE                                  James E
STONE                                  James J
TALLMAN                                Eunice Ann
TAMBLIN                                Achsah
TAMBLIN ALDRICH                        Achsah
TERRILLION                             John M
TERRILLION                             Kathleen
TERRILLION                             Mary O
TERRILLION                             Sidney
THOMAS                                 Irene
THOMAS                                 Vivian V., Jr
THOMAS (WWII)                          Vivian V., Jr
TYLER                                  Mary Ann
TYLER                                  Mary Frances
TYLER                                  Phebe C.
TYLER                                  William E.
TYLER                                  William Wallace
WALSEMAN                               Lucy S
WALSEMAN FEISTEL                       Lucy S
WARD                                   Esther M.
WARD                                   Henry
WARE                                   Esther A
WARE ORVIS                             Esther A
WATERS                                 Jay H
WATERS                                 Nellie E
WEAVER                                 Amelia
WEAVER WILLIAMS                        Amelia
WHEELER                                Betsey
WHITE                                  Amasa D
WHITE                                  Cynthia
WHITE                                  Eliza J
WHITE                                  Fannie
WHITE                                  Henry O
WHITE                                  infant
WHITE (CW)                             Henry R
WHITE LASHURE                          Fannie
WILLIAMS                               Amelia
WILLIAMS                               Claude D
WILLIAMS                               Effie
WILLIAMS                               Foster
WILLIAMS                               Verah A
WILLIAMS                               William H
WILSON                                 Lora Verde
WILSON HUNTER                          Lora Verde
WILTON                                 Ann Jane
WILTON DYER                            Ann Jane
WITT                                   Richard B
WOOD                                   Joseph
WOODARD                                Christian
WOODARD                                Elisha
YOUNG                                  Emma
YOUNG MCANDREWS                        Emma
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