Livingston County, New York
Gravestone Photo Project

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Livingston County, New York Gravestone Photo Project

Column One: Surname (if 2 surnames is given, maiden then married surname)
FI = French-Indian | RW = Revolutionary War | IW = Indian Wars | 1812 = War of 1812 | MEX = Mexican War | CW = Civil War | SA = Spanish American War |
PI = Philippine Insurrection | WWI = World War I | WWII = World War II | KOR = Korean Conflict | VN = Vietnam War | WT = War on Terrorism
Column Two: Given

AMOND                                  Anna
AMOND                                  Edward H.
AMOND                                  June H.
AMOND (WWII)                           Edward H
ARTLIP                                 Jesse
ARTLIP                                 Joseph
ARTLIP                                 Lena M.
ARTLIP                                 Mary
AULL                                   Emma
BAILOR                                 Mary Elizabeth
BAILOR HARTMAN                         Mary Elizabeth
BLAIR                                  James
BLAIR                                  James
BLAIR                                  Janet
BLAIR (CW)                             James
BUSH                                   Laura
BUSH WALLACE                           Laura
CALKINS                                Mary
CALKINS SWANTON                        Mary
CLARK                                  Edith
CLARK                                  Fred M.
CROSBY                                 William N.
CROSBY (CW)                            William N
DOWNS                                  Nora B.
DOWNS                                  William T.
DUBELL                                 Frances W
DUBELL ZERFASS                         Frances W.
DUNNING                                Mary
DUNNING                                Zaidee
DUNNING REMEIN                         Zaidee
EASTON                                 Ruth
EASTON JOHNSON                         Ruth
EMMONS                                 Anna
EMMONS SHERD                           Anna
ENEARL                                 Clara C.
FRASER                                 Janet
FRASER                                 Janet
FRASER                                 Mary
FRASER BLAIR                           Janet
FRASER WILSON                          Mary
FROTHINGHAM                            Mary Ann Stewart
GEDDES                                 Rachel
GEDDES SMITH                           Rachel
GEORGE                                 Susanna Edwina
GEORGE SOUTHALL                        Susanna Edwina
GILLIS                                 Isabell
GILLIS MCINTYRE                        Isabell
GREEN                                  Joseph
GREER                                  Donald U.
GREER                                  Emma
GREER                                  Herbert G.
GREER                                  Robert
HAGGART                                Catherine M.
HAMSHER                                Julia Ann
HAMSHER ZERFASS                        Julia Ann
HANNAH                                 Ann
HARTMAN                                Amariah V.
HARTMAN                                Barbara
HARTMAN                                Edith C.
HARTMAN                                Elizabeth
HARTMAN                                Fred
HARTMAN                                Henry
HARTMAN                                Herman J.
HARTMAN                                Hiram Jacob
HARTMAN                                John Harmon
HARTMAN                                Mary Elizabeth
HARTMAN                                William C.
HARTMAN (WWI)                          Amariah V
HITCHCOCK                              Elizabeth
HOLLENBACK                             Hamilton
HOSMER                                 Alice M.
HOSMER HUBBARD                         Alice M.
HUBBARD                                Alice M.
HUBBARD                                Edwin
JOHNSON                                Albertus W.
JOHNSON                                Caleb
JOHNSON                                Charlotte
JOHNSON                                Herbert L.
JOHNSON                                Imogene E.
JOHNSON                                Leland T.
JOHNSON                                Mary
JOHNSON                                Mildred W.
JOHNSON                                Ruth
JOHNSON                                Sara A.
JOHNSON                                Sarah
JOHNSON JOHNSON                        Charlotte
JOHNSON LOVEJOY                        Sarah
JOHNSON SMITH                          Charlotte
JOHNSON SMITH                          Mary
KANOUSE                                Elizabeth
KANOUSE                                George
KIEHLE                                 Vienna
KNAUSS                                 Hannah
KNAUSS                                 Polly
KNAUSS ZERFASS                         Hannah
KNAUSS ZERFASS                         Polly
KNOUSE                                 Henry
KNOUSE                                 Vienna
KOHUT                                  Mary
KOHUT ARTLIP                           Mary
LAWSON                                 Clara
LAWSON ROBINSON                        Clara
LOVEJOY                                Sarah
LYTTLE                                 Robert
LYTTLE                                 Sarah
MARSHALL                               Bishop
MARSHALL                               Mary Ann
MCDONALD                               Ann
MCDONALD                               Sarah A.
MCDOUGALL                              Grace
MCDOUGALL MCINTYRE                     Grace
MCINTYRE                               Arthur
MCINTYRE                               Grace
MCINTYRE                               Isabell
MCINTYRE                               Mary M.
MCINTYRE                               Peter R.
MCINTYRE                               Peter R.
MCKENZIE                               Donald
MCKENZIE                               Hannah
MCKENZIE                               Simon D.
MCNAUGHTON                             Catharine
MCNAUGHTON                             Elizabeth
MCVEAN                                 Duncan D.
MCVEAN                                 John
MUDGE                                  Cornelia E.
MUDGE SMITH                            Cornelia E.
ORR                                    Collin
ORR                                    Jennett
QUACKENBUSH                            Christy Anna
QUACKENBUSH                            James P.
QUACKENBUSH                            Wilber F.
QUINTON                                Sarah
QUINTON LYTTLE                         Sarah
REMEIN                                 Zaidee
RICHARDSON                             Edith C
RICHARDSON HARTMAN                     Edith C.
ROBERTS                                Bella M.
ROBERTS                                Richard M.
ROBINSON                               Clara
ROBINSON                               Virgil A.
ROWE                                   Ida May
ROWE ZERFASS                           Ida May
RUSSELL                                Alexander
RUSSELL                                Carrie M.
RUSSELL                                Lillian A.
RUSSELL                                William A.
SCOTT                                  Cecilia
SCOTT                                  Cecilia M.
SCOTT                                  Elizabeth
SCOTT                                  Emma
SCOTT                                  Emogene
SCOTT                                  Emogene
SCOTT                                  John W.
SCOTT                                  Robert W.
SCOTT                                  Robert W.
SCOTT                                  Robert W., Jr.
SCOTT                                  Robert, Sr.
SCOTT (CW)                             Robert W
SCOTT AULL                             Emma
SCOTT HITCHCOCK                        Elizabeth
SHEFFER                                Charles
SHEFFER                                George W.
SHEFFER                                Minnie
SHERD                                  Abigail
SHERD                                  Amy
SHERD                                  Anna
SHERD                                  Duane / Deans
SHERD                                  Sarah
SHERD                                  William
SHERD WILLIAMS                         Amy
SMITH                                  Barbara
SMITH                                  Cassimer
SMITH                                  Charlotte
SMITH                                  Cornelia E.
SMITH                                  Edith
SMITH                                  Florence Eugenia
SMITH                                  Lloyd Kenyon
SMITH                                  Mary
SMITH                                  Mary
SMITH                                  Mary Ann Stewart
SMITH                                  Rachel
SMITH                                  Sarah Jane
SMITH                                  Willard Huntington
SMITH                                  Willard Huntington
SMITH CLARK                            Edith
SMITH DUNNING                          Mary
SMITH FROTHINGHAM                      Mary Ann Stewart
SMITH HARTMAN                          Barbara
SOUTHALL                               Edward Windsor
SOUTHALL                               Susanna Edwina
STIRLING                               Helen N.
STIRLING                               Robert J.
SWANTON                                Charles L.
SWANTON                                Mary
TENNENT                                Clara B.
TENNENT                                David
TENNENT                                David M.
TENNENT                                Margaret S.
TENNENT                                Martha J.
TENNENT                                Mary
WAKEFIELD                              Alpha B.
WAKEFIELD                              Ralph B.
WALLACE                                Allen Culver
WALLACE                                James Hall
WALLACE                                Laura
WEIDMAN                                Elizabeth
WEIDMAN ZERFASS                        Elizabeth
WELLS                                  Frances C.
WELLS                                  Harlom W.
WILLIAMS                               Amy
WILSON                                 Margaret
WILSON                                 Mary
WILSON                                 Robert
ZERFASS                                Abraham
ZERFASS                                Anna
ZERFASS                                Byron Allen
ZERFASS                                David Henry
ZERFASS                                Elizabeth
ZERFASS                                Elizabeth
ZERFASS                                Frances W.
ZERFASS                                George
ZERFASS                                Hannah
ZERFASS                                Henry
ZERFASS                                Ida May
ZERFASS                                John
ZERFASS                                Julia Ann
ZERFASS                                Milton Rowe
ZERFASS                                Polly
ZERFASS                                Vienna
ZERFASS (WWI)                          Milton Rowe
ZERFASS HARTMAN                        Elizabeth
ZERFASS KIEHLE                         Vienna
ZERFASS KNOUSE                         Vienna
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