Madison County, New York
Gravestone Photo Project

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Madison County, New York Gravestone Photo Project

Column One: Surname (if 2 surnames is given, maiden then married surname)
FI = French-Indian | RW = Revolutionary War | IW = Indian Wars | 1812 = War of 1812 | MEX = Mexican War | CW = Civil War | SA = Spanish American War |
PI = Philippine Insurrection | WWI = World War I | WWII = World War II | KOR = Korean Conflict | VN = Vietnam War | WT = War on Terrorism
Column Two: Given

ABBOTT                                 Nancy
ABBOTT LOOMIS                          Nancy
BABCOCK                                Cynthia
BABCOCK                                Oliver
BABCOCK                                Sarah A.
BAKER                                  Claudia C
BAKER FOOTE                            Claudia C
BARTRAM                                Alferda M
BARTRAM CALDWELL                       Alferda M
BENTLEY                                Lucy Caroline
BICKNELL                               Bennett
BIXBY                                  Eveline Affa
BIXBY                                  Lydia Ann
BIXBY HODGE                            Eveline Affa
BLAKESLEE MEAD                         Ida
BLKESLEE                               Ida
BLY                                    James
BLY                                    Phebe
BLY                                    Sally
BUGBEE                                 Lydia
BUGBEE STRONG                          Lydia
BUMP                                   Lavina
BUMP                                   Rhoda
BUMP                                   Silas
BUMP                                   Susanna
BUMP BUMP                              Lavina
BURDICK                                Benjamin
CALDWELL                               Alferda M
CALDWELL                               Bertha Abalona
CALDWELL                               Graham C
CALDWELL                               James S
CALDWELL                               Raymond Adair
CARY                                   Elizabeth A
CARY HODGE                             Elizabeth A.
CASE                                   Atalanta
CASE ROBIE                             Atalanta
COGGSHALL                              Harriet Eliza
CONANT                                 Lodema
CONANT RICH                            Lodema
CRANSON                                Asa
CRANSON                                Olivia B.
CULVER                                 Anna
CULVER                                 Arthur Truman
CULVER                                 Ashley F
CULVER                                 Elizabeth
CULVER                                 Hanna L.
CULVER                                 Luana
CULVER GALLUP                          Luana
DELAMATER                              Nancy
DIXE                                   Bertha Fidelia
DIXE                                   Frances Juanita
DIXE                                   James Woodard
DIXE                                   Mary Elizabeth
DIXE                                   Nicholas Francis
DIXE                                   Nicholas M
DIXE                                   Ruby Ellen
DIXE                                   Ulric
DIXE (WWII)                            James Woodard
DUNCAN                                 Frances Juanita
DUNCAN DIXE                            Frances Juanita
DUNTON                                 Rosa A.
DUNTON                                 Samuel
DUNTON (CW)                            Samuel
ELDREDGE                               Celestia
ELDREDGE SEARS                         Celestia
FOOTE                                  Abigail A
FOOTE                                  Charles L
FOOTE                                  Claudia C
FOOTE                                  Earl J
FOOTE                                  George L
FOOTE                                  Harold
FOOTE                                  Hazel E
FOOTE                                  Jay Dean
FOOTE                                  Mariah
FOOTE                                  Mary Abigal
FOOTE                                  Mary L
FOOTE                                  William H
FOOTE                                  Zoola
FOOTE (CW)                             George L
FOOTE MATHER                           Mary Abigal
FOOTE ROUSSEAU                         Hazel E
FURMAN                                 Elizabeth
FURMAN CULVER                          Elizabeth
GALLUP                                 C. Milton
GALLUP                                 Fannie E
GALLUP MEAD                            Fannie E.
GARDINER                               Lucy Caroline
GARDINER                               Lucy Caroline
GARDINER BENTLEY                       Lucy Caroline
GRAVES                                 Ariel
HODGE                                  Abbie D.
HODGE                                  Anna
HODGE                                  Daniel
HODGE                                  David
HODGE                                  Elizabeth A.
HODGE                                  Eveline Affa
HODGE                                  Guy W.
HODGE                                  Harrison H
HODGE                                  Nancy
HODGE (CW)                             Harrison H.
HODGE VIBBERT                          Anna
HODGE VIBBERT                          Nancy
HOLDRIDGE                              Anna
HOLDRIDGE CULVER                       Anna
INMAN                                  Anna Lydia
INMAN                                  Emory C
INMAN                                  Ruth H
JAQUAY                                 Carleton K.
JAQUAY                                 Cornelia E.
JAQUAY                                 Ella M.
JAQUAY                                 Henry A.
JAQUAY                                 Mary A.
JAQUAY                                 Olin C.
JAQUAY                                 Peleg Y.
JAQUAY                                 Samuel Norris
JAQUAY (CW)                            Samuel Norris
KEENE                                  Catherine L.
KEENE                                  Ella M
KEENE                                  William M.
KEENE JAQUAY                           Ella M.
LOOMIS                                 Nancy
MARTEL                                 Erik
MARTEL                                 Randy
MARTEL                                 Tina
MATHER                                 Anna Lydia
MATHER                                 George F
MATHER                                 Gertrude
MATHER                                 Herman D
MATHER                                 Mary Abigal
MATHER (CW)                            Herman D
MATHER INMAN                           Anna Lydia
MATHER MOORE                           Gertrude
MEAD                                   Benjamin Rush
MEAD                                   Eugene Lincoln
MEAD                                   Fannie E.
MEAD                                   Francis
MEAD                                   Harriet Louisa
MEAD                                   Mary Bigelow
MEAD                                   Napoleon Bonaparte
MEAD                                   Theodore
MEADE                                  Martha Jane
MEADE STRONG                           Martha Jane
MESSINGER                              Hanna L.
MESSINGER CULVER                       Hanna L.
MOORE                                  Gertrude
MORGAN                                 Tina
MORGAN MARTEL                          Tina
MORRIS                                 Margaret
NYE                                    Mary
NYE SEARS                              Mary
PAGE                                   Alonzo
PAGE                                   Eliza H.
PAGE                                   Harry
PAGE                                   John
PERRY                                  Susanna
PERRY BUMP                             Susanna
PETRIE                                 Jacob
RATNOUR                                Catherine L
RATNOUR KEENE                          Catherine L.
READ                                   Zoola
READ FOOTE                             Zoola
RICH                                   Joseph
RICH                                   Lodema
RIDER                                  Eliza M.
RIDER                                  Lydia
RIDER                                  Pamelia
RIDER                                  Sally
ROBERTS                                Cornelia E
ROBERTS                                Mary A
ROBERTS JAQUAY                         Cornelia E.
ROBERTS JAQUAY                         Mary A.
ROBIE                                  Abbie D
ROBIE                                  Atalanta
ROBIE                                  George B.
ROBIE                                  James C.
ROBIE                                  Marion W.
ROBIE HODGE                            Abbie D.
ROUSSEAU                               Hazel E
ROUSSEAU                               Raymond A
RYDER                                  Almira
RYDER WORTH                            Almira
SCOTT                                  Emma
SEARS                                  Betsey
SEARS                                  Celestia
SEARS                                  Eleazer H.
SEARS                                  George
SEARS                                  Mary
SHEPARD                                Katharine
SHEPARD                                Seth
SHEPARD COGGSHALL                      Harriet Eliza
SMITH                                  Harriet Louisa
SMITH MEAD                             Harriet Louisa
STRINGER                               Bertha Abalona
STRINGER CALDWELL                      Bertha Abalona
STRONG                                 Emma
STRONG                                 Lewis
STRONG                                 Lydia
STRONG                                 Lydia Ann
STRONG                                 Martha Jane
STRONG                                 Otis Baker
STRONG BIXBY                           Lydia Ann
STRONG SCOTT                           Emma
VAN VALKENBURGH                        Henry P. D.
VIBBERT                                Anna
VIBBERT                                Ephraim
VIBBERT                                Nancy
VIBBERT                                Stephen R.
VIBBERT (CW)                           Ephraim
VIEW                                   North Brookfield Cemetery
WARD                                   Olivia B.
WARD CRANSON                           Olivia B.
WATSON                                 Elvira
WATSON                                 Henry
WEAVER                                 Mariah
WEAVER FOOTE                           Mariah
WEBB                                   Abigail A
WEBB FOOTE                             Abigail A
WHEELER                                Katharine
WHEELER SHEPARD                        Katharine
WILLIAMS                               David
WOODARD                                Bertha Fidelia
WOODARD DIXE                           Bertha Fidelia
WORTH                                  Almira
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