Monroe County, New York
Gravestone Photo Project

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Monroe County, New York Gravestone Photo Project

Column One: Surname (if 2 surnames is given, maiden then married surname)
FI = French-Indian | RW = Revolutionary War | IW = Indian Wars | 1812 = War of 1812 | MEX = Mexican War | CW = Civil War | SA = Spanish American War |
PI = Philippine Insurrection | WWI = World War I | WWII = World War II | KOR = Korean Conflict | VN = Vietnam War | WT = War on Terrorism
Column Two: Given

ABRAMS                                 Benjamin S.
ABRAMS                                 Maria Martha Augusta
ABRAMS                                 Maria Martha Augusta
ADAMS                                  Arthur
ADAMS                                  Caroline
ADAMS                                  Emily
ADAMS                                  John
ADAMS                                  Julia
ADAMS                                  Sarah
ADAMS POLLOCK                          Julia
ADAMS POLLOCK                          Sarah
AINSE                                  Rose
AINSE GOYETTE                          Rose
ALLEN                                  John W.
AMBROSE                                Howard
AMBROSE                                Irene E.
APTHORP                                Emily J.
APTHORP                                Hiram
ARISS                                  Polly
ARISS                                  Thomas
ARMSTRONG                              Mary Ann
ARMSTRONG                              Melinda B.
ARMSTRONG                              Robert
ARMSTRONG                              Sidney E.
ARNOLD                                 Arthur J.
ARNOLD                                 Ethel D.
ARNOLD                                 Lydia
ARNOLD LATTA                           Lydia
AULT                                   J. Cordelia
AVERY                                  Daniel
AVERY                                  Daniel J.
AVERY                                  Ellen E.
AVERY                                  Fanny
AVERY                                  Lura F.
AVERY                                  Rosanna
AVERY                                  Samuel Miner
BABCOCK                                E. Augusta
BAILEY                                 Mary A.
BAIRD                                  Bridget
BAKER                                  Mary
BAKER HOLDEN                           Mary
BALCO                                  Clarence
BALCO                                  Rose
BALL                                   Mary Catherine
BALL PERKINS                           Mary Catherine
BALLENTINE                             Cornelia R.
BALLENTINE                             Margaret
BALLENTINE                             Mary Rippey
BALLENTINE                             Samuel A.
BALLENTINE                             Sarah A.
BARK                                   Christian
BARNES                                 Helen A.
BARNES                                 Hendrick Orlando
BARNES                                 Joan Marie
BARNEY                                 Jane C.
BARRUS                                 Flora Louisa
BARTLETT                               Abigail Nabby
BASTIAN                                Henry
BASTIAN                                Louise
BAUMGARTNER                            Madeline Elizabeth
BAUMGARTNER GOYETTE                    Madeline Elizabeth
BEADLE                                 Keziah C.
BEADLE                                 Philetus
BEADLE                                 Sarah A.
BEADLE PECK                            Keziah C.
BECKMAN                                Charles
BECKMAN                                Frank John
BECKMAN                                Joachine
BEHRENS                                Frieda
BEHRENS                                Herman
BELFY                                  Mary
BELFY MARKHAM                          Mary
BELKNAP                                Laura
BELKNAP                                Laura L.
BELKNAP                                Lula
BELKNAP                                Margaret
BELKNAP                                Margaret
BELKNAP                                Mary
BELKNAP                                Robert
BELKNAP                                Sanford
BELKNAP                                William S.
BELKNAP                                William T.
BELL                                   Catharine M.
BELSON                                 Carrie S.
BELSON                                 Earnest M.
BELSON                                 Herbert S.
BENJAMIN                               Hannah
BENJAMIN                               Julia Hooker
BENJAMIN                               Marcus Orvill
BENJAMIN                               Mary Case
BENJAMIN                               Mary Louisa
BENJAMIN                               Samuel
BENNETT                                Susan
BENNETT HOLDEN                         Susan
BIHUN                                  Martha
BIHUN                                  Nicholas
BIRD                                   Stella
BIRD MARKHAM                           Stella
BLAKE                                  Edward
BLAKE                                  Martha
BLAKE NEARY                            Catherine
BODENSTEIN                             Conrad
BODENSTEIN                             Conrad
BODENSTEIN (CW)                        Conrad
BODENSTEIN (CW)                        Conrad
BONNEY                                 David D.
BOSWORTH                               Fanny
BOSWORTH AVERY                         Fanny
BOURBON                                Etta
BOVANIZER                              Mary
BOVANIZER LONG                         Mary
BOVENIZER                              Catherine
BOVENIZER RENNIE                       Catherine
BOYCE                                  James
BRADY                                  Gertrude
BRASSER                                Christian
BRASSER                                Cornelia
BRASSER                                Marten Jacobse
BRINK                                  Elizabeth M.
BRINK TROST                            Elizabeth M.
BROWER                                 John
BROWER                                 Mary A.
BROWER                                 True V.
BROWN                                  Elizabeth A
BROWN                                  Elizabeth A.
BROWN CORBETT                          Elizabeth A.
BROWNSTEIN                             Lynn Ann
BUCHS                                  Ida G
BUCHS FRISBEE                          Ida G.
BUELL                                  Josephine
BUNDY                                  Lucy
BURGER                                 Rhoda
BURNE                                  Luana Maria
BURNETT                                Everett M.
BURNETT                                Flora A.
BURNETT                                Helen M.
BURNETT                                James C.
BURNETT                                James C.
BURNS                                  David I.
BURNS                                  Statira
BURT                                   Margaret
BUSCH                                  Amalia
BUSCH                                  Marie
BUSCH                                  Matthias
BUSCH                                  Oscar
BUTLER                                 Alvinzi
BUTLER                                 Elizabeth L.
BUTTERFIELD                            Mary D
BUTTERFIELD WRIGHT                     Mary D.
BUTTS                                  Elizabeth
BUTTS                                  Mary Ann
CALDWELL                               Julia M.
CALLAN                                 Jerry D.
CAMP                                   Katherine D
CAMP RANSOM                            Katherine D.
CAMP WHITE                             Katherine D.
CAMPBELL                               Henry
CAMPBELL                               Henry
CAMPBELL                               Joseph Sibley
CAMPBELL                               Joseph Sibley
CARR                                   Hannah
CARR                                   William W.
CARR CARTER                            Hannah
CARROLL                                James
CARTER                                 Adaline
CARTER                                 Archibald Cross
CARTER                                 Hannah
CARTER                                 William
CASE                                   Elizabeth
CASE                                   Lucy
CASE HOOKER                            Lucy
CHAPELL                                Martha Jane
CHAPIN                                 Betsey
CHAPIN                                 Charles D.
CHAPIN                                 Martha A.
CHAPIN                                 Seymour
CHAPIN (CW)                            Charles D.
CHAPMAN                                Marion Jennette
CHAPPEL                                Dorothy
CHAPPELL                               Matilda A.
CHENEY                                 William
CLARK                                  Clarrina
CLARK                                  Philocha
CLARK HOBBIE                           Clarrina
CLARK NEWCOMB                          Philocha
CLAYTON                                Ann
CLEMENT                                Ednah
CLEMENT HUNTINGTON                     Ednah
CLEMONS                                Charlotte
CLEMONS FRISBEE                        Charlotte
COE STONE                              Sophia
COLLINS                                Horace
COLLINS                                Ida Augusta
COLLINS                                Mortimer Lloyd
COLVILLE                               Venetia
CONE                                   Mary A.
CONRAD                                 John H.
COOK                                   Alice M.
COOK                                   Ann
COOK                                   Barbara W.
COOK                                   Cuyler
COOK                                   Eliza
COOK                                   Elizabeth
COOK                                   Hiram D.
COOK                                   Hiram Day
COOK                                   James C.
COOK                                   Jennie M.
COOK                                   Justus
COOK                                   Mary E.
COOK                                   Mary M
COOK                                   Michael
COOK                                   Sophia
COOK                                   Sybil
COOK GREEN                             Alice M.
COON                                   Lafayette
COON (CW)                              Lafayette
CORBETT                                Elizabeth A.
CORBETT                                James
COREY                                  Alonzo J.
COREY                                  Genevieve
COREY                                  Jane Barton
COREY                                  Mabel E.
COREY                                  William H.
COREY (CW)                             Alonzo J.
COSTICH                                Martha
COSTICH                                Peter
COSTICH                                Sammy
COTTRELL                               Alice L.
COTTRELL                               Charles Jedediah
COTTRELL                               Hammand Alonzo
COTTRELL                               Henrietta
COTTRELL                               Jeannette
COTTRELL                               Sarah Ann
COTTRELL                               Sarah Ann
COTTRELL COTTRELL                      Sarah Ann
COTTRELL PIKE                          Henrietta
COY                                    Elias
CRAWFORD                               Lois Esther
CRAWFORD WINSLOW                       Lois Esther
CROSBY                                 Cynthia
CROSBY WARING                          Cynthia
CROUCH                                 Melinda B.
CROUCH ARMSTRONG                       Melinda B.
CURRIER                                Catharine
DANLEY                                 Melverton F.
DANLEY                                 Zimri
DAVIE                                  Charles W.
DAVIE                                  John D.
DAY                                    Ruth
DAY                                    Sybil
DAY COOK                               Sybil
DE WITT                                Elizabeth
DE WITT BUTTS                          Elizabeth
DEMAREST                               Benjamin
DEMAREST                               Benjamin
DEMICK                                 Jemima
DETTMAN                                Emma R.
DETTMAN                                Frank J.
DICKINSON                              Eleanor
DICKINSON                              Eleanor
DICKINSON                              Oliver P.
DICKINSON DOBSON                       Eleanor
DISKIN                                 Catherine
DISKIN GARRAGHAN                       Catherine
DOBSON                                 Eleanor
DOBSON                                 Harold Gardner
DOBSON                                 Helen
DOBSON                                 Hiram
DRYER                                  Margaret
DUDDY                                  Margaret E
DUDDY LAMPHIER                         Margaret E.
DUNKS                                  Cornelia A.
DUNKS                                  Daniel
DUNKS                                  Daniel Jr
DUNKS                                  Joanna
DUNKS (1812)                           Joel
DUNKS MARSHALL                         Joanna
DUNN                                   Libbie
DUNN RULIFSON                          Libbie
EAST                                   John H.
EAST                                   William H.
EATON                                  Joshua
ELDRIDGE                               Edward W.
ELDRIDGE                               Mary
ELEY                                   May
ELEY LORENZ                            May
EMERSON                                Amos
EMERSON                                Araminta
EMERSON                                Mortimer
EMERSON                                Sarah
EPKE                                   Dorothea
EPKE                                   Fred
EPKE                                   Frederick
EPKE                                   Harry
EPKE                                   Una C.
EVANS                                  Anna
EVANS                                  Betsey
EVANS                                  Sylvester
EVANS CHAPIN                           Betsey
EVERSHED                               Jane Jemima
FACKLER                                Barbara
FACKLER FERNER                         Barbara
FAIRBANK                               Emma J
FAIRBANK                               Emma J
FAIRBANK SHUMWAY                       Emma J.
FERBER                                 Margeret
FERBER HALLAUER                        Margeret
FERGUSON                               Archibald
FERGUSON                               Archibald, Jr
FERGUSON                               Christiana
FERGUSON                               Daniel
FERGUSON                               Francis C.
FERGUSON                               Jane
FERGUSON                               Peter
FERNER                                 Barbara
FERNER                                 Elizabeth S
FERNER                                 Laura L
FERNER                                 Leonard
FERNER                                 Sophia
FERNER                                 Sophia
FERNER                                 Theodore
FERNER BELKNAP                         Laura L.
FERNER MURPHY                          Sophia
FERNER ROPELT                          Elizabeth S.
FILER                                  Jennie
FILER STONE                            Jennie
FISHER                                 Margaret W.
FISHER                                 Michael
FLANAGAN                               Lucile C.
FLANAGAN                               William J.
FLEMING                                Lilly
FLEMING YAEGER                         Lilly
FORD                                   Eugene B.
FORD                                   Jane
FORD                                   Luella A
FORD                                   Marian M.
FORD                                   Rose
FORD                                   Sylvia
FORD BALCO                             Rose
FORD JONES                             Sylvia
FORD WHITE                             Luella A.
FORDHAM                                Almira S.
FORDHAM                                Denici
FORDHAM                                Frank F.
FORDHAM                                Grace B.
FORDHAM                                James
FORREST                                David
FORREST                                Elia H.
FRASER                                 Allan Cameron
FRASER                                 Helen G.
FRASER                                 John T.
FRASER                                 Keith Ross
FRASER                                 Kenneth T.
FRASER                                 Louise T.
FREER                                  Bessie
FRENCH                                 Ephraim C.
FRISBEE                                Charlotte
FRISBEE                                Edward
FRISBEE                                Edward Jackson
FRISBEE                                Helen
FRISBEE                                Ida G.
FRISBEE                                James Gardner
FRISBEE                                Oliva
FRISCH                                 Clara Louise
FRISCH                                 Thomas
FRISCH SIMMONS                         Clara Louise
FULLER                                 Carrie
FULLER RULIFSON                        Carrie
GAMBLE                                 Lucretia
GARDNER                                Emelia
GARDNER                                George F.
GARDNER                                Henry Platt
GARDNER                                Perry E.
GARR                                   Betsey
GARRAGHAN                              Catherine
GARRAGHAN                              Frank
GARRAGHAN                              James
GARRAGHAN                              Leona
GARRAGHAN HEINRICH                     Leona
GARTLEY                                Charles G.
GARTLEY                                Kate
GARTLEY (CW)                           Charles G.
GAULT                                  John
GAULT                                  Samuel
GERSTNER                               Helen A
GERSTNER BARNES                        Helen A.
GILBERT                                J Cordelia
GILBERT AULT                           J. Cordelia
GOERS                                  August
GOERS                                  John
GOOLD                                  Maria E
GOOLD WRIGHT                           Maria E.
GORDON                                 Bertha N.
GORDON                                 Lewis G.
GORDON                                 Nellie M.
GOYETTE                                Emily Estelle
GOYETTE                                Joseph
GOYETTE                                Madeline Elizabeth
GOYETTE                                Rose
GOYETTE ADAMS                          Emily Estelle
GRAHAM                                 Anna P.
GRANGER                                Lucretia
GRANGER HINCHER                        Lucretia
GREEN                                  Alice M.
GREEN                                  Hester A.
GREER                                  James
GREER                                  Mary
GREER POLLARD                          Mary
GREFFRATH                              Louisa
GROTERS                                Ambrose
GROTERS                                Dewey
GROTERS                                Elizabeth
GROTERS                                Florence
GROTERS                                Henrietta
GROTERS                                Henry
GROTERS                                Nellie
HAINES                                 Betsey
HAINES HICKOK                          Betsey
HALL                                   Cora
HALL WRIGHT                            Cora
HALLAUER                               Charles H
HALLAUER                               Jacob J.
HALLAUER                               Margeret
HAMIL                                  Elizabeth
HAMIL                                  Isaac J.
HANNAHS                                Eugene
HANNIBAL                               Albert
HANNIBAL                               Laura
HARRISON                               Alice
HARRISON                               George N.
HARRISON                               Maud N.
HARRISON                               Pamela
HAYS                                   Mary J.
HEILIGMAN                              David
HEINRICH                               Leona
HENDERSON                              John
HENDERSON                              Sarah A.
HENDERSON                              Sarah C.
HERMAN                                 Eva C.
HERMAN                                 John H.
HERMAN                                 Julia C.
HICKOK                                 Avis Amelia
HICKOK                                 Betsey
HICKOK                                 Reuben
HICKOK                                 Stephen Edgar
HICKOX                                 Erastus W.
HILER                                  Dora W.
HILER                                  Judson E. M.
HINCHER                                Abel R.
HINCHER                                Jemima
HINCHER                                Lucretia
HINCHER                                Mehetabel M.
HINCHER                                William
HINCHER                                William
HINCHER (RW)                           William
HINCHER PETERSON                       Jemima
HINCKLEY                               Caroline
HINCKLEY                               Dexter
HINCKLEY                               Elizabeth
HINCKLEY                               Mary
HINCKLEY CASE                          Elizabeth
HINCKLEY TREAT                         Caroline
HIPP                                   George T.
HIPP                                   Mary
HIVES                                  Clarissa M.
HOAG                                   John
HOBBIE                                 Albert
HOBBIE                                 Caleb Knapp
HOBBIE                                 Clarrina
HOBBIE (IW)                            Albert
HODGMAN                                Lydia
HODGMAN                                Nathan
HOFFMAN                                Catherine
HOFFMAN                                Henry
HOFFMAN                                Polly
HOFFMAN SMITH                          Polly
HOGLE                                  Esther M.
HOLDEN                                 Belinda
HOLDEN                                 Charles B.
HOLDEN                                 Clarissa M
HOLDEN                                 Dewitt C.
HOLDEN                                 Elsie
HOLDEN                                 Erastus
HOLDEN                                 Fannie F.
HOLDEN                                 Giles Hubbard
HOLDEN                                 Harriet Antoinette
HOLDEN                                 Helen M.
HOLDEN                                 Hiram Adelbert
HOLDEN                                 Mary E.
HOLDEN                                 Ruth
HOLDEN                                 Susan
HOLDEN                                 Susan M.
HOLDEN                                 Willard C.
HOLDEN MARSHALL                        Belinda
HOLDEN MUNRO                           Clarissa M.
HOLDEN SEARL                           Clarissa M.
HOLTZ                                  Wilhelm
HONDORF                                John
HOOKER                                 Alexander Allin
HOOKER                                 Harriet F.
HOOKER                                 Lucy
HOOKER                                 Lucy Case
HOOKER (CW)                            James H.
HOOKER BENJAMIN                        Mary Case
HOOKER MORRIS                          Lucy Case
HORTON                                 Adam Craig
HORTON                                 Maria Agnes
HOWALD                                 Carl
HOWALD                                 Heinrich
HOWALD                                 Johanna
HOWARD                                 Clara J.
HOWARD                                 John
HOWARD                                 Mary
HOWARD                                 Orville L.
HOWE                                   Mary E.
HOYT                                   Enos
HUNT                                   Mary
HUNTER                                 Mary J.
HUNTER WRIGHT                          Mary J.
HUNTINGTON                             Ednah
HUNTINGTON                             Martha
HURD                                   Asa
HURD                                   Louisa
HUTCHINS                               Adaline
HUTCHINS CARTER                        Adaline
HUTCHINSON                             John
HUTCHINSON                             Nellie
INGHAM                                 Elizabeth
INGHAM HAMIL                           Elizabeth
JASPAERT                               Elodie M
JASPAERT LIST                          Elodie M.
JEWELL                                 Charlotte M.
JEWELL                                 Maria
JEWELL                                 Norman
JEWELL                                 William Henry
JOHNSON                                Chester
JONES                                  Abigal R.
JONES                                  Ambrose
JONES                                  Charles M.
JONES                                  Elizabeth
JONES                                  Helen M.
JONES                                  Joseph D.
JONES                                  Louisa
JONES                                  Lucretia A.
JONES                                  Rhoda C.
JONES                                  Sylvia F.
JOY                                    Sarah
KELLOGG                                Family Lot
KENNY                                  Samuel P.
KERR                                   Amanda
KERR                                   Carrie
KERR                                   Thomas
KILLICK                                Sarah
KIMBALL                                Fanney A.
KIMBALL                                Harriet A.
KING                                   Dorothea
KING                                   Margaret
KING BALLENTINE                        Margaret
KIRK                                   Floyd
KIRK                                   Jane
KIRK                                   Margaret
KIRK                                   Moses
KIRK                                   William
KNIFFEN                                Alanson
KNIFFEN                                Mary E.
KOHUT                                  Martha
KOHUT BIHUN                            Martha
KUHRT                                  Bertha
LABLANCH                               Bertha M.
LADUE                                  Minnie
LADUE                                  Minnie
LADUE MARKHAM                          Minnie
LAMPHIER                               Margaret E
LANG                                   Stephen
LATTA                                  Agnes
LATTA                                  Flora Louisa
LATTA                                  Frances Maria
LATTA                                  George Clinton
LATTA                                  George Clinton, Jr
LATTA                                  George W.
LATTA                                  James
LATTA                                  James Henry
LATTA                                  Jane Barton
LATTA                                  John W.
LATTA                                  John William
LATTA                                  Lydia
LATTA                                  Maria Martha Augusta
LATTA                                  Mortimer Dalne
LATTA                                  Samuel
LATTA                                  Samuel
LATTA ABRAMS                           Maria Martha Augusta
LATTA BARRUS                           Flora Louisa
LATTA WOOD                             Jane Barton
LEBARRON                               Stewart E.
LEBARRON (WWII)                        Stewart E
LEEMING                                Annie
LEEMING                                Harry
LEEMING                                Jane
LEGGETT                                Robert
LING                                   Bridget
LINTON                                 William
LINTON (CW)                            William
LIST                                   Albert G.
LIST                                   Elodie M.
LIST                                   Juliana M
LIST                                   Katherine
LIST                                   Louis
LIST NOBLE                             Juliana M.
LIVERMORE                              Helen F.
LIVERMORE                              Josiah Randall
LIVINGSTON                             Emily
LIVINGSTON                             Henry
LOCKMIER                               Eleanor Lena
LOCKMIER RATIGAN                       Eleanor Lena
LODER                                  Pettit
LODER (RW)                             Pettit
LONG                                   Joseph
LONG                                   Mary
LOOMIS                                 Daniel
LOOMIS                                 Electa
LOOMIS                                 Myra Emma
LOOMIS (1812)                          Daniel
LOOMIS RICHARDSON                      Myra Emma
LOPER                                  Lucinda
LORCHER                                Louie J.
LORENZ                                 May
LOUGHTON                               William
LOWDEN                                 Ann
LOWDEN                                 Anna
LOWDEN                                 Jacob
LOWDEN                                 Jacob
LOWDEN                                 Maryett
LOWDEN                                 Nancy
LOWDEN                                 Nancy Viola
LOWDEN                                 Sarah
LOWDEN                                 Stephen
LOWDEN                                 Washington
LUSSOW                                 Wilhelmina
MACISZEWSKI                            Nellie
MACKEARNIN                             Harriet A.
MACKEARNIN                             Harriet E.
MACKLEY                                Elizabeth
MACNAUGHTON                            Jay E.
MACNAUGHTON                            Marjorie M.
MAHER                                  Mary
MAHER ELDRIDGE                         Mary
MANN                                   Catherine
MANN                                   Joseph
MANN LATTA                             Frances Maria
MANN SIMMONS                           Lucinda
MANNING                                John
MANNING                                John I.
MANNING (1812)                         John
MANNING (1812)                         John I.
MARCHANT                               John
MARCHANT                               Sabrina
MARKHAM                                Anna L.
MARKHAM                                Avery
MARKHAM                                Avery
MARKHAM                                Avery B.
MARKHAM                                Cary
MARKHAM                                Daniel
MARKHAM                                Florence
MARKHAM                                Jane
MARKHAM                                Mary
MARKHAM                                Minnie
MARKHAM                                Ralph D.
MARKHAM                                Rufus B.
MARKHAM                                Stella
MARKHAM                                William D.
MARKHAM (1812)                         Avery
MARKHAM THAYER                         Florence
MARSHALL                               Abijah
MARSHALL                               Belinda
MARSHALL                               Edward
MARSHALL                               Frederic
MARSHALL                               Joanna
MARSHALL                               Nancy
MARSHALL                               Rachel
MARSHALL                               Stephen
MARSHALL (1812)                        Abijah
MASON                                  Thomas
MCCAULEY                               Mary Rippey
MCCAULEY BALLENTINE                    Mary Rippey
MCCOLL                                 Alexander
MCCOLL                                 Alexander
MCCOLL                                 Bessie
MCCOLL                                 Jennie
MCCOLL FREER                           Bessie
MCCOLLESTER                            Eleanor M
MCCOLLESTER POHL                       Eleanor M.
MCCONNIGLE                             Hannah
MCCONNIGLE BENJAMIN                    Hannah
MCCREERY                               Lucy A.
MCCULLOCH                              John
MCCULLOCH                              Molly
MCDONALD                               Isabella
MCGUCKIN                               James H
MCGUCKIN (CW)                          James H.
MCKEE                                  Bertha M
MCKEE                                  Sarah
MCKEE                                  William
MCKEE (CW)                             William
MCKEE LABLANCH                         Bertha M.
MCKENNEY                               A. S.
MCKINLEY                               Mary J.
MCKINLEY WATERBURY                     Mary J.
MCMULLEN                               Harry
MCMULLEN                               Henry C
MCMULLEN (CW)                          Henry C.
MCVEAN                                 Christiana
MCVEAN FERGUSON                        Christiana
MEINKE                                 Dorothea
MEINKE EPKE                            Dorothea
MELLINK                                Henrietta
MELLINK GROTERS                        Henrietta
MERRILL                                Herbert N.
MERRILL (SERV)                         Herbert N.
MERRITT                                Elizabeth
MERRITT GROTERS                        Elizabeth
MILLER                                 --
MILLER                                 Elizabeth
MILLER                                 Henry
MOFFATT                                Mehetabel
MOFFATT HINCHER                        Mehetabel
MONTGOMERY                             Elmina
MONTGOMERY                             James
MONTGOMERY                             Julia B.
MOON                                   Job
MOON                                   Mary
MOON HINCKLEY                          Mary
MORRIS                                 Clara J
MORRIS                                 Lucy Case
MORRIS HOWARD                          Clara J.
MORRISON                               Jessie S.
MOXON                                  M. Eliza
MOXON POLLARD                          M. Eliza
MURPHY                                 Sophia
MURPHY                                 T. Carl
NEARY                                  Catherine
NEARY                                  Thomas
NEELY                                  Elizabeth
NELSON                                 Eric
NEWCOMB                                Almira C.
NEWCOMB                                Frances M
NEWCOMB                                Henry Benjamin
NEWCOMB                                Jane Barton
NEWCOMB                                Nancy
NEWCOMB                                Philocha
NEWCOMB COREY                          Jane Barton
NICHOLS                                Marion Jennette
NICHOLS CHAPMAN                        Marion Jennette
NOBLE                                  Gertrude
NOBLE                                  Gertrude
NOBLE                                  James
NOBLE                                  Juliana M.
NOBLE                                  Mary
NOBLE                                  Robert J.
NOBLE BRADY                            Gertrude
NORTHAM                                William
NORTON                                 Charles
NORTON (RW)                            Charles
O'NEILL                                Martha
O'NEILL BLAKE                          Martha
OAKLEY                                  H
OAKLEY (CW)                             H.
ODELL                                  Susan J.
OLIVER                                 George
OLIVER                                 Harriet
PALMER EVERSHED                        Jane Jemima
PAMMENT (CW)                           James
PARKINSON SWAYNE                       Eliza
PATCH                                  Sam
PECK                                   Erastus R.
PECK                                   Horace O.
PECK                                   Keziah C.
PECK (CW)                              Erastus R.
PEIFFER (SA)                           Frederick L.
PERKINS                                Alfred
PERKINS                                Alma R.
PERKINS                                Artemissia
PERKINS                                Ella G.
PERKINS                                John A.
PERKINS                                Lucy
PERKINS                                Mary C.
PERRY                                  Grace B.
PERRY FORDHAM                          Grace B.
PETERSON                               Jemima
PETERSON                               John
PETERSON                               Maria
PETTEN                                 Eliza J.
PETTEN                                 Emeline
PETTIT                                 Lucinda
PETTIT LOPER                           Lucinda
PHILIPS                                Edward
PHILLIPS COOK                          Ann
PIERSON                                Laura
PIERSON HANNIBAL                       Laura
PIGORSCH                               Johanna
PIGORSCH HOWALD                        Johanna
PIKE                                   Henrietta
PLATT                                  Calvin C.
PLATT                                  Mary L.
POHL                                   Eleanor M.
POHL                                   Joseph J.
POLLARD                                Aaron
POLLARD                                Arthur
POLLARD                                Henry
POLLARD                                John
POLLARD                                M. Eliza
POLLARD                                Mary
POLLOCK                                Etta
POLLOCK                                Etta
POLLOCK                                Julia
POLLOCK                                Sarah
POLLOCK                                William H.
POLLOCK                                William J.
POLLOCK BOURBON                        Etta
PORTER                                 Eliza
PORTER RUDMAN                          Eliza
POTTER                                 George
POTTER                                 Mary A.
POTTER                                 Robert
RANDALL                                Stella A.
RANSOM                                 James A
RANSOM                                 Katherine D.
RANSOM                                 Lillian
RANSOM                                 Lula
RANSOM (WWII)                          James A.
RANSOM BELKNAP                         Lula
RASHE                                  Lewis
RASHE                                  Mary J.
RATIGAN                                Eddie
RATIGAN                                Eleanor Lena
RATIGAN                                Eleonora M.
RATIGAN                                Martha C.
RATIGAN                                Mary H.
REID                                   Cassandra
REID                                   Rhoda M.
REMINGTON                              Ada
REMINGTON WINSLOW                      Ada
RENNIE                                 Catherine
RENNIE                                 George
RENNIE                                 John
RENNIE                                 Margaret
RENNIE (CW)                            George
RHODES                                 Rosanna
RHODES AVERY                           Rosanna
RICHARDS                               Harold A.
RICHARDS                               Lillian K.
RICHARDSON                             Harriet
RICHARDSON                             Myra Emma
RICHARDSON                             William H.
RICHARDSON OLIVER                      Harriet
RICHMOND                               Josephine A.
RICHMOND                               Thomas
RICHMOND                               William M.
RIDER                                  Ethel C.
RIDER                                  John H
RIDER (CW)                             John H.
RIDER WHITE                            Ethel C.
RIDOUT                                 John
RIEWALD                                Caroline
RIEWALD                                Dora
RIEWALD                                Johann
RITTER                                 Sophia
RITTER FERNER                          Sophia
ROGERS                                 James S.
ROPELT                                 Elizabeth S.
ROSS                                   Allie
ROWLEY                                 Sabrina
ROWLEY MARCHANT                        Sabrina
RUDMAN                                 David
RUDMAN                                 David
RUDMAN                                 Eliza
RUDMAN                                 Thomas
RULIFFSON                              Rose C.
RULIFSON                               Carrie
RULIFSON                               Harmon D.
RULIFSON                               Hellen I.
RULIFSON                               Hester A
RULIFSON                               Isaac
RULIFSON                               Isaac H.
RULIFSON                               Libbie
RULIFSON                               Lucretia E.
RULIFSON                               Margaret
RULIFSON GREEN                         Hester A.
RUTTAN                                 Mary L.
RUTTAN PLATT                           Mary L.
SALTER                                 John William
SALTER                                 Susannah
SASS                                   Elisabeth
SASS                                   Heinrich C. T.
SASS                                   Joachim
SCHNADER                               Frederick
SCHNECK                                Mary
SCHNECK STAUDENMAIER                   Mary
SCHUMACHER                             Lowiese
SEARL                                  Clarissa M.
SEARL                                  Eugene M.
SEARL                                  Mary J
SEARL                                  Munro D.
SEARL RASHE                            Mary J.
SECOR                                  Orlan J.
SERTH                                  George
SERTH                                  Katherine
SERTH LIST                             Katherine
SHERMAN                                Electa
SHERMAN LOOMIS                         Electa
SHUMWAY                                Burt S.
SHUMWAY                                Emma J.
SHUMWAY                                John
SHUMWAY                                Walter A.
SILL                                   Lena
SILL                                   Matilda
SIMMONS                                Clara Louise
SIMMONS                                Joseph M.
SIMMONS                                Levi
SIMMONS                                Lucinda
SKINNER                                Adonijah
SKINNER (RW)                           Adonijah
SLATER                                 Albert
SLATER                                 Charles
SLATER                                 Frank
SLATER                                 Fredericker
SLATER                                 William
SMITH                                  Catherine
SMITH                                  Isaac
SMITH                                  Polly
SMITH MANN                             Catherine
SOUTHWICK                              Charlotte
SOUTHWICK                              Clarissa
SOUTHWICK                              Maria
SOUTHWICK JEWELL                       Maria
SPALDING                               Frederick Thomas
STACH                                  Ruth
STACH HOLDEN                           Ruth
STANFORD                               Sarah A
STANFORD BEADLE                        Sarah A.
STANLEY                                Florence
STANLEY                                James
STANTON                                Esther
STANTON                                Henry
STANTON                                Mary C.
STANTON                                Rose L.
STAUDENMAIER                           Mary
STEVENS                                Jane C
STEVENS BARNEY                         Jane C.
STEVENS WRIGHT                         Sarah A.
STONE                                  Harriet
STONE                                  James Bryant
STONE                                  James Stoddard
STONE                                  Jennie
STONE                                  Louise Phebe
STONE                                  Sophia
STONE                                  William T.
STORY                                  Parilla
STOTTLE                                George
STOTTLE (1812)                         George
STRATTON                               G. Dewey
STRATTON                               Nellie W.
STREETER                               Marquis B
STREETER (CW)                          Marquis B.
STRONG                                 Elizabeth
STUTSON                                Charlott
SUTPHIN                                Fanny
SUTPHIN                                Jacob
SWAYNE                                 Eliza
SWAYNE                                 James
SYLVESTER                              Alfred H.
SYLVESTER                              Mary
TAGGART                                Almira S.
TAGGART FORDHAM                        Almira S.
TELFAIR                                Marion I.
TELFAIR                                Venetia
TELFAIR COLVILLE                       Venetia
TENNISON                               Harriet
TENNISON                               John
TENNISON                               Sarah
TERHUNE                                Jennie L.
TERHUNE                                Lorenzo D.
THAYER                                 Florence
THAYER                                 John F.
THIEL                                  Kurt K
THIEL                                  Lora J
THOMAS                                 Allen E.
THOMAS                                 Eliza A.
THOMAS                                 Frances E.
THOMAS                                 Giles Eugene
THOMPSON                               Sophia
THOMPSON WEST                          Sophia
TOWLES                                 James C.
TOWLES                                 Mary Addie
TOZIER                                 Marion I.
TOZIER TELFAIR                         Marion I.
TREAT                                  Caroline
TREAT                                  John H.
TROST                                  Elizabeth M.
TROST                                  Lewis F.
TURNER                                 Margaret
TURNER BELKNAP                         Margaret
TUTTLE                                 Lillian
TUTTLE RANSOM                          Lillian
ULRICH                                 Joachine
ULRICH BECKMAN                         Joachine
VAHUE                                  Kate
VAHUE GARTLEY                          Kate
VAN ORDEN                              Esther
VAN ROOYEN                             Cornelia
VAN ROOYEN BRASSER                     Cornelia
VAN SICKLE                             Elizabeth
VANORDEN                               Alfred T.
VANORDEN (WWI)                         Alfred T.
VAYOU                                  Fred
VAYOU                                  Martha A.
VAYOU                                  Peter
VOSS                                   Auguste
WADSWORTH                              Helen
WADSWORTH DOBSON                       Helen
WAGAR                                  Albert C.
WAGER                                  Albert C.
WAGER                                  Ella J.
WAGNER                                 Frederika
WAGNER ZORN                            Frederika
WALDOCK                                Caroline
WALDOCK ADAMS                          Caroline
WALDRON                                Fannie M.
WALDRON                                Joseph S.
WALLACE                                Marian M
WALLACE FORD                           Marian M.
WARING                                 Cynthia
WARNE                                  Jennie L.
WARNE TERHUNE                          Jennie L.
WARNER                                 Daniel
WARNER                                 Elizabeth
WARNER                                 Mirtillo
WARREN                                 Albert R.
WARREN                                 Emma C.
WARREN                                 Frances A.
WARREN                                 Mary S.
WARREN                                 Orra A.
WATERBURY                              Mary J.
WATERBURY                              Thaddeus J.
WATERS                                 Elijah H.
WATERS                                 Lydia
WATTERS                                Fanny
WATTERS                                Willie J.
WAY                                    Clara E.
WAY                                    Frank C.
WAY                                    George H.
WELLING WHITE                          Lillian
WELLINGTON                             Lillian
WELLS                                  Philemon
WELLS                                  Precilla
WEST                                   Ann
WEST                                   Catharine
WEST                                   Sophia
WEST                                   William
WEST                                   William Henry
WEST CLAYTON                           Ann
WESTPHAL                               Sophia
WHITE                                  Alfred
WHITE                                  Betsey
WHITE                                  Crawford D
WHITE                                  David
WHITE                                  Ethel C.
WHITE                                  George S.
WHITE                                  Harriett
WHITE                                  John
WHITE                                  John B. T.
WHITE                                  Katherine D.
WHITE                                  Lester E.
WHITE                                  Lillian
WHITE                                  Luella A.
WHITE                                  Theodore
WHITE                                  W. Ernest
WHITE                                  Warren W.
WHITE (1812)                           David
WHITE (CW)                             Crawford D.
WHITE (CW)                             Crawford D.
WHITE (WWI)                            Warren W.
WHITE GARR                             Betsey
WILDER                                 Ann L.
WILDER                                 Leman G.
WILKINSON                              Jonathan
WILKINSON                              Lucy A.
WILLIAMS                               Allie W.
WILLIAMS                               Charles D.
WILLIAMS                               Harvey D.
WILLIAMS                               Lydia E.
WILLIS                                 Luana Maria
WILLIS BURNE                           Luana Maria
WILTSIE                                Hannah
WINGATE                                George
WINSLOW                                Ada
WINSLOW                                Leon Loyal
WINSLOW                                Lois Anne
WINSLOW                                Lois Esther
WINSLOW                                William Van Eps
WOLCOTT                                Henry
WOLCOTT                                Julia Ann
WOLCOTT                                Maria
WOLCOTT                                Samuel B.
WOOD                                   Jane Barton
WOOD                                   Mortimer
WOOD                                   illegible
WRIGHT                                 Abigail Nabby
WRIGHT                                 Adelbert Hall
WRIGHT                                 Alfred
WRIGHT                                 Alfred G.
WRIGHT                                 Amelia
WRIGHT                                 Cora
WRIGHT                                 Frank S.
WRIGHT                                 John Sears
WRIGHT                                 John Sears
WRIGHT                                 Margaret
WRIGHT                                 Maria E.
WRIGHT                                 Marian Hunter
WRIGHT                                 Mary D.
WRIGHT                                 Mary J.
WRIGHT                                 Sarah A.
WRIGHT BARTLETT                        Abigail Nabby
WRIGHT DRYER                           Margaret
YAEGER                                 Charles
YAEGER                                 Gertrude
YAEGER                                 Lilly
YAEGER NOBLE                           Gertrude
YOUNGS                                 Mary E.
YOUNGS KNIFFEN                         Mary E.
ZORN                                   Charles
ZORN                                   Frederika
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