Oneida County, New York
Gravestone Photo Project

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Oneida County, New York Gravestone Photo Project

Column One: Surname (if 2 surnames is given, maiden then married surname)
FI = French-Indian | RW = Revolutionary War | IW = Indian Wars | 1812 = War of 1812 | MEX = Mexican War | CW = Civil War | SA = Spanish American War |
PI = Philippine Insurrection | WWI = World War I | WWII = World War II | KOR = Korean Conflict | VN = Vietnam War | WT = War on Terrorism
Column Two: Given

ADAMS                                  Elizabeth
ADAMS                                  Mary E.
ADAMS                                  N. Otis
ANDREWS                                Elon
ANDREWS                                Polly
ANSON                                  Edith
ANSON                                  Ethel B.
ANSON                                  Roy H.
ANSON (WWI)                            Floyd E.
ASHLEY                                 Franklin P.
ASHLEY                                 Hattie P.
ATWOOD                                 Catharine
AVERY                                  Jennie A.
AVERY LAMPHIER                         Mildred L.
BABCOCK                                Anna
BABCOCK                                William J.
BACHMANN BERNET                        Justine
BAKER                                  Ann
BAKER                                  Ferdinand
BAKER                                  Henrietta
BAKER                                  Henry
BAKER                                  Martha
BAKER                                  Silas J.
BALL                                   Mabel V.
BALL ORENDORF                          Mabel V.
BARBER                                 Alberta E.
BARKER ASHLEY                          Hattie P.
BARNS                                  Carrie
BARNS SCHMIDT                          Carrie
BARRETT                                Joseph B.
BARRETT                                Mary
BATLEY                                 Helen
BATLEY                                 Stearns C.
BECKER                                 Minnie A
BECKER SHOEMAKER                       Minnie A
BELL                                   Clara
BELL                                   William
BELTZ                                  Margaret
BELTZ MUTHIG                           Margaret
BENEDICT                               Loretta
BENNETT                                Catherine
BENNETT                                David F.
BENNETT                                Ellen
BENNETT                                Martha J.
BENNETT                                Thomas J.
BENNETT                                Thomas J.
BENNETT                                Thomas Jr
BENNETT (CW)                           Thomas J.
BERNET                                 Albert F.
BERNET                                 Frank
BERNET                                 Justine
BERNET                                 Katherine L
BERNET                                 Mathias
BERNET                                 Waulburga
BERNET FELTS                           Josephine C.
BERNET FITZPATRICK                     Lena G.
BERNET MECHNICH                        Rosalia
BERNIER LOUIS                          Stella
BIGELOW                                Emery D
BIGELOW                                Gertrude
BLISS WELLS                            Emogene
BLOOD                                  Lyle
BLOSS                                  Hannah
BOLLES                                 Cleora M.
BOLLES                                 George
BOLLES AVERY                           Jennie A.
BOLLES WILLIAMS                        Minnie S.
BOPPEL WIEGAND                         Frances
BOWERS                                 Charles Luther
BOWERS                                 Mary Leila
BOWMAN                                 George F
BOWMAN                                 Hattie
BOWMAN                                 John E
BOWMAN                                 John H
BOWMAN                                 Margaret
BOWMAN                                 Margaret
BOWMAN                                 Mary
BOWMAN                                 Mary A
BOWMAN                                 Mary T.
BOWMAN                                 Minnie B,
BOWMAN                                 Rose
BOWMAN                                 Susanna Etta
BOWMAN                                 Walter J
BOWMAN                                 Walter John
BOWMAN BREITHAUPT                      Minnie B
BOWMAN DINGMAN                         Hattie
BOWMAN KUNKEL                          Mary
BOWMAN WOLFF                           Margaret
BOYD                                   Esther
BOYD                                   William
BRADY                                  Blanche A.
BRADY                                  Madeline
BRADY SCHRADER                         Blanche A.
BRAINARD HIGBY                         Philenia
BREITHAUPT                             Minnie B
BRENNAN                                Catherine
BRENNAN DONAHUE                        Catherine
BRIGGS HULBERT                         Sarah
BRISTOL THOMSON                        Julia
BRITTON WILLIAMS                       Sadie D.
BROWER                                 Frances M.
BROWER PRATT                           Frances M.
BROWN                                  Arletta
BROWN                                  Milton M.
BROWN                                  Nellie M.
BROWN                                  Sarah A.
BROWN (WWI)                            Orville S.
BRUCKER                                Katherine
BRUCKER SCHMIDT                        Katherine
BUCKLEY                                Helen
BUCKLEY SHUEMAKER                      Helen
BURNS                                  Adelaide F.
BURNS                                  John
BURNS                                  Leo W.
BURNS                                  Maria
BUTCHER                                elizabeth
BUTCHER NIBBS                          Elizabeth
CADWELL TYLOR                          Caroline
CALDWELL WIEGAND                       Mary J
CALDWELL WIEGAND                       Mary J
CANDE                                  Augustus
CANDE                                  Elon A.
CANDE                                  Sophia S.
CANDEE                                 Charles A.
CANDEE                                 Edith
CANDEE                                 Eliza Ann
CANDEE                                 John
CANDEE                                 Lizzie
CANTER                                 Clarence N
CANTER                                 Doris
CARL LOUIS                             Margaret
CARPENTER                              Elvira S.
CARPENTER                              Rufus
CARRIER                                Lucy D.
CARRIER                                Seymour J.
CARRIER (WWII)                         Clarence S.
CARRIER ANSON                          Edith
CASLER                                 Leona
CASLER                                 Roscoe S
CERVO (KOR)                            Robert P.
CHADWICK                               Anna
CHADWICK                               Bertha
CHADWICK                               John
CHADWICK                               John M
CHADWICK                               Lucy V.
CHADWICK                               Margaret D
CHADWICK HAHN                          Lucy V.
CHADWICK KELLEY                        Anna
CHASSELL                               Anstiss
CHASSELL                               Catharine
CHASSELL                               David
CHASSELL                               David Jr.
CHASSELL                               Eliza
CHASSELL                               Eliza A.
CHASSELL                               Fred O.
CHASSELL                               George G.
CHASSELL                               J. Elkins
CHASSELL                               John
CHASSELL                               John
CHASSELL                               Johnny E.
CHASSELL                               Lucinda
CHASSELL                               Lucinda
CHASSELL                               Lydia H.
CHASSELL                               Olin
CHASSELL                               Sarah E.
CHASSELL DELAVAN                       Reba C.
CHURCH                                 Lydia
CHURCH                                 Samuel
CHURCH                                 Simeon
CLANCY                                 Ella
CLANCY                                 Mary
CLANCY FOOTE                           Mary
CLANCY NELSON                          Ella
CLAPP                                  Adaline
CLAPP                                  Elisha L.
CLAPP                                  Lumon M.
CLAPP MALLORY                          Etta M.
CLARK                                  Cassius M.
CLARK                                  Sulu E.
CLARK EWING                            Cordelia
CLOUD                                  Grace Bowers
COATES                                 Calistia
COLE                                   Gertrude
COLE THOMANN                           Gertrude
COLLINS                                Hazel
COLLINS                                Ivan Jay
COMBS                                  Louisa I.
COMBS                                  Morton Burget
COMBS                                  Oliver
CONGER                                 Evelyn
COOK WILLIAMS                          Alice Marie
COOMBS                                 Harriet Augusta
COOMBS                                 John
COOMBS                                 Mary
COOMBS                                 Orville
CRAMER                                 Jacob J.
CRAMER                                 Rosa
CRAMER MAGER                           Lucy
CROWELL MCNTOSH                        Lucy W.
CUMMINGS                               Beatrice
CUMMINGS                               James J.
CUMMINGS POTTER                        Cornelia B.
CUSHMAN                                Laura Percy
CUSHMAN WRAIGHT                        Laura Percy
DARGIE (KOR)                           John D.
DAVIES                                 Ellen
DAVIS                                  Bertha Adelia
DAVIS                                  Charles S.
DAVIS                                  Charles S. Jr.
DAVIS                                  Cora M.
DAVIS                                  David R.
DAVIS                                  Elsie D.
DAVIS                                  K. Mildred
DAVIS                                  M. Jane
DAVIS                                  Margaret
DAVIS                                  Stanley D.
DAVIS BATLEY                           Helen
DAVIS CARPENTER                        Elvira S.
DAVIS EVANS                            Elizabeth
DAVIS WOLCOTT                          Isadore E.
DAWLEY                                 Catharine
DAWLEY                                 Nathan
DAWSON                                 Elizabeth C.
DEGRAFF SMITH                          Mary E.
DELAVAN                                George W.
DELAVAN                                Reba C.
DINGMAN                                Hattie
DOANOVAN                               Catherine (Kate)
DODGE                                  Clara
DODGE                                  Jay Elmer
DONAHUE                                Anna
DONAHUE                                Anna M
DONAHUE                                Catherine
DONAHUE                                Edward F
DONAHUE                                Frances M
DONAHUE                                James T
DONAHUE                                John H
DONAHUE                                Michael
DONAHUE (CW)                           Michael
DONAHUE PRATT                          Anna
DONOVAN                                Dennis C.
DONOVAN                                Dennis W.
DONOVAN                                Eleanor
DONOVAN                                Elizabeth
DONOVAN                                Elizabeth Ann
DONOVAN                                Jeremiah
DONOVAN                                Mabel Veronica
DURRENBECK                             Peter
DURRENBECK FELTS                       Sophia
DWYER                                  Ellen
DWYER                                  Margaret Ruth
DWYER                                  Martin J
DWYER                                  Mary
DWYER                                  Mary C
DWYER                                  Patrick J
DWYER REDDICK                          Mary C
EARLY                                  Claude L
EARLY                                  Isabel Lydia
EDDY                                   Eva Beatrice
EDDY                                   Lulu
EDELL                                  Adeline M.
EISENHUTH                              Elizabeth Katherine
ELDREDGE                               Harry L
ELDREDGE                               Loretta B
ELKINS CHASSELL                        Lucinda
ELLIS                                  Minnie M.
ELLIS                                  William
EMERY                                  Alcide F.
EMERY                                  Celina
EMERY                                  Mary Agnes
EMPEY                                  Margaret
EMPEY                                  Mary
EMPEY                                  Sarah Ann Jane
EVANS                                  Caroline
EVANS                                  David G.
EVANS                                  Edwin J.
EVANS                                  Elizabeth
EVANS                                  Ida A.
EVANS                                  Lewis B.
EVANS                                  Nellie
EVANS NELSON                           Evelyn
EVANS WOLFF                            Nellie
EWING                                  Cordelia
EWING                                  Franklin
FEASLER                                George J.
FEASLER                                Margaret E.
FELTS                                  Albert C.
FELTS                                  Barbara J.
FELTS                                  Caroline
FELTS                                  Charles
FELTS                                  Emma L.
FELTS                                  Francis H.
FELTS                                  Frank P.
FELTS                                  John C.
FELTS                                  Josephine C.
FELTS                                  Katherine E.
FELTS                                  Louis F.
FELTS                                  Minnie E.
FELTS                                  Nellie E.
FELTS                                  Orlean
FELTS                                  Orlean
FELTS                                  Sophia
FELTS                                  William, Jr.
FELTS BERNET                           Katherine L
FELTS MERRELL                          Josephine
FELTS RICH                             Florence
FERGUSON                               Helen
FINDLAY                                Violet
FITZPATRICK                            Anna E.
FITZPATRICK                            J. Mathew
FITZPATRICK                            Lena G.
FITZPATRICK                            William V.
FOOTE                                  George Lynn
FOOTE                                  Isabel Lydia
FOOTE                                  Mary
FOOTE                                  Mary Agnes
FOOTE EARLY                            Isabel Lydia
FOOTE EMERY                            Mary Agnes
FOWLER FULLER                          Laura
FRANKS                                 Rupert C. Jr.
FULLER                                 Abel
FULLER                                 Austin
FULLER                                 Henry
FULLER                                 Laura
FULLER                                 Maria
FULLER                                 Mary I. Mallory
FULLER                                 Sarah J.
FULLER BROWN                           Nellie M.
GAGNIER                                Celina
GAGNIER EMERY                          Celina
GEIERSBACH                             Matilda B.
GEIERSBACH                             William A
GENGEL                                 Margaret
GENGEL PRATT                           Margaret
GERARD                                 George J.
GERARD                                 Mary M.
GERARD MUNZ                            Harriet
GERSTNER                               Florence
GLOECKLER                              Olive Mae
GOODIER                                Sarah
GOODIER (CW)                           William M.
GOODSELL SMITH                         Sarah S.
GOODWIN FULLER                         Maria
GRANT                                  Alfred L.
GRANT                                  J. E. Harned
GRANT                                  Katherine
GRANT                                  Lena C.
GRANT                                  M. Ruth
GRANT                                  Marcus A.
GRANT                                  Thomas
GRANT                                  W. D.
GRASZLER                               Gertrude
GREENMAN DAVIS                         Bertha Adelia
GREENMAN LETSON                        Bertha Adelia
GREMS THRASHER                         Carolyn
GRIFFITH                               Beulah
GRIFFITH ULRICH                        Beulah
GRUB                                   Anna
GRUB HAHN                              Anna
GUSKE                                  Mildred
GUSKE SCHRADER                         Mildred
HAGE                                   Mary T
HAGE BOWMAN                            Mary T.
HAGEL                                  Louis J
HAGEL                                  Mary J.
HAHN                                   Anna
HAHN                                   Antoinette
HAHN                                   August
HAHN                                   Elizabeth Katherine
HAHN                                   Lucy V.
HAHN                                   Rose
HAHN (CW)                              August
HAHN BOWMAN                            Rose
HAHN EISENHUTH                         Elizabeth Katherine
HAHN MCMANUS                           Antoinette
HALSTEAD                               James Lafayette
HALSTEAD                               Joseph
HALSTEAD                               Mary
HALSTEAD                               Miriam
HALSTEAD                               Thomas Jefferson
HAMANN                                 Frances M
HAMANN DONAHUE                         Frances M
HAMILTON                               Adaline
HAMLIN                                 Joseph S.
HAMLIN                                 Mary A.
HANEY                                  Albert T.
HANEY                                  Florence
HARDING JONES                          Nina
HART                                   Eddie D.
HART                                   Edwin
HART                                   Eliza J.
HART                                   Ethel
HART                                   George O.
HART                                   Hazel
HART COLLINS                           Hazel
HART ULRICH                            Ethel
HARTNESS                               Arvilla E.
HARTNESS                               Charles L.
HARVEY                                 Fannah
HARVEY                                 Jonathan
HARVEY                                 Jonathan Jr.
HARVEY                                 Morris
HEIMENZ                                Emma G
HEIMENZ PRICE                          Emma G
HEMSTEAD                               Hanna
HEMSTEAD PRATT                         Hanna
HENRY                                  Dorothy
HENRY                                  Robert T.
HIGBY                                  Philenia
HIGBY WARD                             Rosetta Philena
HIGBY WARD                             Rosetta Philena
HINMAN                                 George E.
HINMAN                                 Julia A.
HINMAN KING                            Mary E.
HISCOX BABCOCK                         Anna
HOLDEN SCHULTZ                         Mildred
HOLMAN                                 Leona
HOLMAN CASLER                          Leona
HOLMES                                 Jabez
HORNER                                 Flossie E.
HOWARD                                 John T.
HUBER CRAMER                           Rosa
HULBERT                                Ann
HULBERT                                J. Otis
HULBERT                                John L.
HULBERT                                John O.
HULBERT                                Sarah
HULBERT                                Wallace Clark
HULBERT DODGE                          Clara
HULBERT POWELL                         Ann M.
HUMPHREYS                              Peter
IRVING                                 Elizabeth
IRVING                                 Robert
IRVING COOMBS                          Mary
JACOBS                                 Adelia
JACOBS                                 Anna A.
JACOBS                                 Anna E.
JACOBS                                 Davis G.
JACOBS                                 Deborah J.
JACOBS                                 Hannah M.
JACOBS                                 J. Nicholas
JACOBS                                 Livonia F.
JACOBS                                 Sarah D.
JACOBS                                 Whitman V.
JAMES                                  Elizabeth
JAMES                                  Elizabeth P.
JAMES                                  R. P.
JAMLIN                                 Delia
JEPSON                                 Carrie A.
JEPSON                                 Charles
JEPSON                                 Elizabeth
JEPSON                                 Elizabeth
JEPSON                                 John
JEPSON BAKER                           Martha
JOHNSON (RW)                           Eliphalet
JOHNSON LOUIS                          Augusta
JOHNSON SIZER                          Frances E.
JONES                                  Adelaide V.
JONES                                  Elizabeth A.
JONES                                  John E.
JONES                                  Margaret H.
JONES                                  Mary
JONES                                  Mary
JONES                                  Mary E.
JONES                                  Nina
JONES                                  Roger
JONES                                  Sarah J.
JONES                                  William C.
JONES BARRETT                          Mary
JONES PARK                             Jennie E.
JONES POWELL                           Suna
KANE                                   Seward T.
KANE PARK                              Maria
KELLER                                 Maria
KELLEY                                 Anna
KELLEY                                 Maurice J
KELLIHER                               Mary Agnes
KELLIHER PRICE                         Mary Agnes
KESSLER HENRY                          Dorothy
KING                                   David E.
KING                                   Mary E.
KLEIN RUSSELL                          Lila
KLER                                   Anne
KLER LAHEY                             Anne
KNOWLTON                               Harry Burrell
KNOWLTON                               Joseph Hamlin
KRAFT                                  Fred O.
KRAFT                                  Gizzella
KUNKEL                                 Clara
KUNKEL                                 Erma
KUNKEL                                 George H
KUNKEL                                 Leonard
KUNKEL                                 Mary
KUNKEL                                 Mary Frances
KUNKEL                                 Matthew
KUNKEL                                 Nelson L
KUNKEL                                 Raymond G
KUNKEL (WWI)                           George H
KUNKEL VANSLYCK                        Erma
LADUE FELTS                            Nellie E.
LAHEY                                  Anne
LAMPHIER                               Mildred L.
LANE                                   Estella
LANE                                   Henderson C.
LAPHAM                                 Lucy W.
LAPHAM                                 Walter L.
LAWTON                                 Edith C.
LAWTON                                 Harry P.
LEISURE BOWERS                         Mary Leila
LETSON                                 Bertha Adelia
LETSON                                 Fred
LETSON                                 Frederick
LEWIS                                  John
LOOMIS KELLER                          Maria
LORENZ                                 Anna
LORENZ ULRICH                          Anna
LOUIS                                  Augusta
LOUIS                                  Blanche
LOUIS                                  Donald
LOUIS                                  George
LOUIS                                  John
LOUIS                                  John L
LOUIS                                  Margaret
LOUIS                                  Nicholas
LOUIS                                  Stella
LUDEMAN                                LoVina L
LUDEMAN PRATT                          LoVina L
MAGER                                  Fred
MAGER                                  Lucy
MALLORY                                Albert
MALLORY                                Etta M.
MALLORY FULLER                         Mary I.
MALLORY FULLER                         Sarah J.
MARTIN                                 Elizabeth C.
MARTIN                                 George L.
MARTIN                                 Olive E.
MARTIN                                 Sarah J.
MCAULIFFE                              Anna M
MCAULIFFE DONAHUE                      Anna M
MCGOVERN                               Elizabeth Ann
MCGOVERN DONOVAN                       Elizabeth Ann
MCINTOSH                               Austin
MCINTOSH                               David C.
MCINTOSH                               Lucy W.
MCINTOSH BROWN                         Sarah A.
MCMANUS                                Antoinette
MECHNICH                               George
MECHNICH                               Julia M.
MECHNICH                               Rosalia
MERRELL                                Josephine
MERRELL                                Winn Edward
MEYER                                  John H.
MILLER                                 Dora Frances
MILLER                                 Erwin C.
MILLS BENEDICT                         Loretta
MOAK                                   Mary Agnes
MOAK SCHRADER                          Mary Agnes
MORGAN THOMSON                         Emily
MORSE PIERCE                           Hannah
MORTON IRVING                          Elizabeth
MUNZ                                   Harriet
MUNZ                                   John
MUNZ                                   Johnnie F.
MUNZ                                   Louis
MURPHY                                 Mary
MURPHY DWYER                           Mary
MURRAY                                 Margaret Ruth
MURRAY DWYER                           Margaret Ruth
MUTHIG                                 John Adam
MUTHIG                                 Margaret
MUTHIG                                 Philomena
MYERS CARRIER                          Lucy D.
NEASKERN                               Ada M.
NEASKERN                               Arthur S.
NELSON                                 Ella
NELSON                                 Evelyn
NELSON                                 William
NELSON                                 William C.
NIBBS                                  Alfred
NIBBS                                  EStella E
NIBBS                                  Eda L.
NIBBS                                  Elizabeth
NIBBS ROBERTS                          Estella E
NIBBS ROWELL                           Eda L.
NICHOLS CHURCH                         Lydia
NICKNISH                               Anthony
NICKNISH                               Clara
NICKNISH                               Rose C.
NICKNISH KUNKEL                        Clara
NUTT VANDERHOOF                        Sarah S.
O'BRIEN DAWLEY                         Catharine
OLIN                                   Cora
OLIN                                   William H.
OLIN CHASSELL                          Anstiss
OLIN FERGUSON                          Helen
ORENDORF                               Gaylord
ORENDORF                               Mabel V.
OSBORN                                 Arlene
OSBORN                                 Doris
OSBORN CANTER                          Doris
OSBORN REIGLER                         Arlene
OTIS                                   John
OWENS                                  Emma
OWENS                                  John T.
OWENS                                  William
OWENS SNYDER                           Edith
PARK                                   Albert B.
PARK                                   Charles W.
PARK                                   Fannie M.
PARK                                   Herbert S.
PARK                                   Jennie E.
PARK                                   John Harding
PARK                                   Maria
PARK HANEY                             Florence
PARKER                                 James
PARKER                                 Mary
PARKER                                 Mary Jane
PARRY                                  Burton
PARRY                                  Charles
PARRY                                  Harlan
PARRY                                  Harriet
PARRY                                  Richard
PAUL                                   Charles H
PAUL                                   Mary
PAYE                                   Helen
PAYE SCHAFER                           Helen
PEABODY                                Caroline
PEABODY                                Sanford Taylor
PEABODY                                Sophia
PELZER                                 Anna
PELZER SEITER                          Anna
PERRY                                  Ira H.
PERRY                                  Reba G.
PIERCE                                 Genevieve
PIERCE                                 Hannah
PIERCE (CW)                            Albert
PIERCZYNSKI                            Jerome
PIERCZYNSKI (SERV)                     James L.
PIERCZYNSKI (VN)                       John
PLUMB                                  William
PORTER                                 Bella
POTTER                                 Cornelia B.
POTTER                                 Ellery C.
POTTER                                 Sally K.
POTTER                                 William
POTTER HALSTEAD                        Mary
POTTER JONES                           Adelaide V.
POWELL                                 Ann M.
POWELL                                 E. Bruce
POWELL                                 Earl F.
POWELL                                 Lewis R.
POWELL                                 Mary
POWELL                                 Suna
POWELL                                 William J.
POWELL CONGER                          Evelyn
POWELL OLIN                            Cora
POWELL SMITH                           Mattie
PRATT                                  Alfred M
PRATT                                  Anna
PRATT                                  Apama
PRATT                                  Arthur W
PRATT                                  Charles Franklin
PRATT                                  Claude R
PRATT                                  Frances M.
PRATT                                  Gertrude
PRATT                                  Hanna
PRATT                                  Harold J
PRATT                                  Harriet
PRATT                                  James H
PRATT                                  Lillian E.
PRATT                                  Lionel D
PRATT                                  LoVina L
PRATT                                  Lydia
PRATT                                  Margaret
PRATT                                  Mary
PRATT                                  Olive Mae
PRATT                                  Polly
PRATT                                  Samuel
PRATT BIGELOW                          Gertrude
PRATT GLOECKLER                        Olive Mae
PRATT PARKER                           Mary
PRATT SHEDD                            Lydia
PRATT SHEDD                            Polly
PRESTON HALSTEAD                       Miriam
PRICE                                  Emma G
PRICE                                  Louis Joseph
PRICE                                  Mary Agnes
PRICHARD                               Anna Murtha
PRICHARD                               Isa O.
PRICHARD                               Jacob Lewis
PRICHARD                               Lewis F.
PRITCHARD                              Gertrude E.
PRITCHARD                              John T.
PRITCHARD                              M. Gertrude
PRITCHARD                              Maurice W.
PRYOR                                  Lillian E.
PRYOR PRATT                            Lillian E.
PUGH                                   Humphrey
PUGH                                   John
PUGH CUMMINGS                          Beatrice
PUTNAM                                 George W.
PUTNAM                                 Polly A.
PUTNAM EDDY                            Lulu
RANDALL RECORD                         Eva M.
RASHER BENNETT                         Martha J.
RATHBONE                               Justus
RECORD                                 Eva M.
RECORD                                 Gordon B.
RECORD                                 Perle L.
RECORD                                 Sprague H.
RECORD                                 Ward A.
REDDICK                                Mary C
REED                                   Clifford J.
REED                                   Emma C.
REED                                   Herman W.
REED                                   John J.
REED                                   Samantha M.
REED                                   Suzanna
REED THOMSON                           Anna B.
REED THOMSON                           Minnie L.
REESE                                  Andrew A.
REESE                                  Jennie F.
REESE                                  Mirty L.
REESE UERTZ                            Mirty L.
REIGLER                                Arlene
RICH                                   Florence
RIMMELIN BERNET                        Waulburga
RITTER                                 Catherine
RITTER                                 Mathias
RITTER                                 Philomena
RITTER MUTHIG                          Philomena
RITTER SEELMAN                         Catherine
RIVERS                                 Abraham
RIVERS                                 Louisa
RIVERS (CW)                            Abraham
ROBERTS                                Catharine
ROBERTS                                Estella E
ROBERTS                                Gwen
ROBERTS                                Jane
ROBERTS                                John E.
ROBERTS                                John P.
ROBERTS                                Joseph M.
ROBERTS                                Margaret A.
ROBERTS                                Owen Franklin
ROBERTS                                Owen R.
ROBERTS JONES                          Mary
ROBINSON                               Gertrude A.
ROBINSON                               Lydia A.
ROBINSON                               Rhoda L.
ROBINSON                               William C.
ROLLO PEABODY                          Caroline
ROSS (WWI)                             Seymour Lince
ROSTISER                               Allie
ROSTISER                               Philip Allen
ROWELL                                 Eda L.
ROWELL                                 William I
ROWLANDS                               Dororthy R.
ROWLANDS                               Lawrence R.
ROWLANDS                               Mary P.
ROWLANDS                               William E.
RUSSELL                                Lila
RUSSELL                                Ray J.
SAKER                                  David W.
SAKER                                  Eva B.
SAKER                                  Marjorie E.
SAKER SPINK                            Vera
SCHAFER                                Elizabeth
SCHAFER                                George J
SCHAFER                                George J. Jr.
SCHAFER                                Helen
SCHLERNITZAUER GRASZLER                Gertrude
SCHMIDT                                Carrie
SCHMIDT                                Cornelia
SCHMIDT                                Frank X.
SCHMIDT                                John J
SCHMIDT                                John Peter
SCHMIDT                                Katherine
SCHMIDT                                Margaret
SCHMIDT                                Mary Johanna
SCHMIDT (CW)                           John J
SCHMIDT SHUEMAKER                      Cornelia
SCHMIDT SIFER                          Mary Johanna
SCHMIDT UERZ                           Margaret
SCHNEIBLE                              Anne
SCHNEIBLE                              John A.
SCHRADER                               Anna
SCHRADER                               Blanche A.
SCHRADER                               Carl Peter
SCHRADER                               Francis
SCHRADER                               Gertrude
SCHRADER                               Herbert J.
SCHRADER                               Mary Agnes
SCHRADER                               Mildred
SCHRADER                               Nicholas M.
SCHRADER                               Peter
SCHRADER                               Richard
SCHRADER                               William
SCHREPPEL                              Mary
SCHREPPEL PAUL                         Mary
SCHROEDER                              Anna
SCHROEDER                              Barbara
SCHROEDER                              Matthew
SCHROEDER THOMANN                      Barbara
SCHROEDER URTZ                         Anna
SCHULTZ                                Mildred
SCHULTZ                                Walter H.
SCHUMAKER                              Anna
SCHUMAKER SCHRADER                     Anna
SEELMAN                                Albert
SEELMAN                                Catherine
SEELMAN                                Frank M.
SEELMAN                                Grace
SEELMAN                                John L
SEELMAN                                Loretta B
SEELMAN                                Madeline
SEELMAN BRADY                          Madeline
SEELMAN ELDREDGE                       Loretta B
SEIFERT                                Lillian M.
SEIFERT SWANCOTT                       Lillian M.
SEITER                                 Anna
SEXTON                                 Florence
SEXTON                                 Gordon L.
SEXTON                                 Seth
SEXTON ROSTISER                        Allie
SEXTON SMITH                           Edith
SHALER HARTNESS                        Arvilla E.
SHAW SIZER                             Helen E.
SHEDD                                  Emily
SHEDD                                  Lydia
SHEDD                                  Polly
SHEDD                                  daughter
SHEPHARD                               Sarah C
SHEPHARD URTZ                          Sarah C
SHERMAN                                John
SHOEMAKER                              George I
SHOEMAKER                              Minnie A
SHUEMAKER                              Charles Henry
SHUEMAKER                              Cornelia
SHUEMAKER                              Florence
SHUEMAKER                              Helen
SHUEMAKER                              John
SHUEMAKER                              John Henry
SHUEMAKER                              Linda
SHUEMAKER                              Mary Frances
SHUEMAKER GERSTNER                     Florence
SHUEMAKER KUNKEL                       Mary Frances
SIEDSMA TRAUTMAN                       Antje Janje Anna
SIFER                                  George
SIFER                                  George J
SIFER                                  Mary Johanna
SIFER                                  Susanna Etta
SIFER BOWMAN                           Susanna Etta
SINS URTZ                              Julia M
SIZER                                  Byron H.
SIZER                                  Frances E.
SIZER                                  Helen E.
SIZER                                  Henry A.
SIZER                                  Hubbard W.
SMITH                                  Cynthia
SMITH                                  Edith
SMITH                                  Harry J.
SMITH                                  Lewis F.
SMITH                                  Margaret E.
SMITH                                  Mary E.
SMITH                                  Mattie
SMITH                                  Nellie C.
SMITH                                  Sarah S.
SMITH                                  William
SMITH MARTIN                           Sarah J.
SNYDER                                 Bessie E.
SNYDER                                 Edith
SNYDER                                 George
SNYDER                                 Magdalena
SNYDER                                 R. Raymond
SNYDER                                 Robert J.
SNYDER                                 Winfield J.
SNYDER GOODIER                         Sarah
SNYER                                  George J.
SOMMERS                                Randolph  J.
SOMMERS                                Rhoda M.
SPENCE                                 Edward C.
SPENCE                                 Grace M.
SPENCE                                 Mary Elizabeth
SPINK                                  Garry L.
SPINK                                  Vera
SPRAGUE OWENS                          Emma
STACY BOLLES                           Cleora M.
STANTON ROBINSON                       Lydia A.
STAUTY                                 Patricia Ann
STURTEVANT WALL                        Catherine Prichard
SWANCOTT                               Lillian M.
SZLACHTOWSKI                           Josephine
SZLACHTOWSKI ULRICH                    Josephine
TERRILL (WWI)                          Leslie R.
THOMANN                                Barbara
THOMANN                                Bertha
THOMANN                                George
THOMANN                                George H. Jr
THOMANN                                Gertrude
THOMANN                                John
THOMANN                                John Henry
THOMAS                                 Bertha
THOMAS                                 Margaret
THOMAS                                 Robert J
THOMAS CHADWICK                        Bertha
THOMSON                                Anna B.
THOMSON                                Charles
THOMSON                                Elizabeth H.
THOMSON                                Emily
THOMSON                                Estella M.
THOMSON                                Frederick H.
THOMSON                                I. Reed
THOMSON                                Ira D.
THOMSON                                Julia
THOMSON                                Minnie L.
THOMSON                                Sarah A.
THOMSON CANDEE                         Edith
THRASHER                               Carolyn
TRAUTMAN                               Antje Janje Anna
TRAUTMAN                               Charles Edward
TREAT WOLCOTT                          Sarah L.
TREMBLAY                               Ida
TREMBLAY                               William D.
TRESTER                                Margaret
TRESTER BOWMAN                         Margaret
TSCHUME LANE                           Estella
TYLER                                  Betsey L.
TYLER                                  Mary A.
TYLER COMBS                            Louisa I.
TYLOR                                  Caroline
UERTZ                                  Esther
UERTZ                                  Glenn R
UERTZ                                  Matthew
UERTZ                                  Mirty L.
UERTZ                                  Roy J
UERTZ BOYD                             Esther
UERZ                                   John
UERZ                                   Margaret
ULRICH                                 Anna
ULRICH                                 Beulah
ULRICH                                 Charles Henry
ULRICH                                 Elmer C
ULRICH                                 Ethel
ULRICH                                 Josephine
ULRICH                                 Kenneth J.
ULRICH                                 Raymond
URTZ                                   Anna
URTZ                                   Anton (Anthony)
URTZ                                   Elizabeth
URTZ                                   John
URTZ                                   John Simon
URTZ                                   Joseph
URTZ                                   Julia M
URTZ                                   Margaret
URTZ                                   Margaret D
URTZ                                   Peter
URTZ                                   Rose C.
URTZ                                   Sarah C
URTZ                                   Simon
URTZ                                   Thomas J
URTZ CHADWICK                          Margaret D
URTZ NICKNISH                          Rose C.
URTZ SCHAFER                           Elizabeth
URTZ THOMAS                            Margaret
UTLEY                                  Isaac
VAN DUESEN VAN ETTEN                   Nancy Ann
VAN ETTEN                              John I
VAN ETTEN                              Lorenzo D
VAN ETTEN                              Nancy Ann
VANDERHOOF                             Mary S.
VANDERHOOF                             Olive
VANDERHOOF                             Sarah S.
VANDERHOOF                             Thomas J.
VANGESEN                               Rose
VANSLYCK                               Edward
VANSLYCK                               Erma
VIEW                                   cemetery chapel
VOGLER                                 Therese M
VROMAN                                 Caroline A.
VROMAN                                 James
VROMAN                                 John
VROMAN                                 John Jr.
VROMAN                                 MaryAnn
VROMAN                                 Nancy
VROMAN                                 William H.
VROMAN ADAMS                           Elizabeth
WALKER                                 Lucy
WALKER UTLEY                           Lucy
WALL                                   Catherine Prichard
WALL                                   Goldie E.
WARD                                   Harriet E.
WARD                                   Nathaniel, Jr
WARD                                   Rosetta Philena
WARD                                   Rosetta Philena
WATKINS BURNS                          Maria
WEAVER                                 Minnie
WEAVER WILLIAMS                        Minnie
WEBER WIEGAND                          Anna Catherine
WEBERT                                 Walter N
WEEKES                                 Julia
WEEKES                                 Robert Stratton
WEEKES PORTER                          Bella
WEINGETZ                               Frank
WEINGETZ WIEGAND                       Frances
WELLS                                  Albert B.
WELLS                                  D. Alberta
WELLS                                  Dorcas E.
WELLS                                  Douglass
WELLS                                  Emogene
WELLS                                  Ira G.
WELLS                                  Reginald Bliss
WELLS BROWN                            Arletta
WELLS WEEKES                           Julia
WELLS WOLCOTT                          Juliette
WHEELER                                Isaac
WHEELER                                Isaac, Jr.
WHEELER                                Lettitia
WHEELER                                Sarah
WHITAKER                               David
WHITAKER                               Lucy
WHITE HAMLIN                           Mary A.
WIEGAND                                Adam J
WIEGAND                                Anna Catherine
WIEGAND                                Frances
WIEGAND                                Frances
WIEGAND                                Frances
WIEGAND                                Isabel A
WIEGAND                                Jacob
WIEGAND                                Jacob
WIEGAND                                John
WIEGAND                                John A
WIEGAND                                Joseph M
WIEGAND                                Julius
WIEGAND                                Mary J
WIEGAND                                Mary J
WIEGAND                                Philopena
WIEGAND (CW)                           John A
WIEGAND BELL                           Clara
WIEGAND LOUIS                          Blanche
WIEGAND VOGLER                         Therese M
WILLARD                                Cornelia E.
WILLARD                                George F.
WILLARD JAMLIN                         Delia
WILLIAMS                               Alice Marie
WILLIAMS                               Catherine
WILLIAMS                               David H.
WILLIAMS                               Ella J.
WILLIAMS                               Everette D
WILLIAMS                               George H.
WILLIAMS                               George W.
WILLIAMS                               James A.
WILLIAMS                               John R.
WILLIAMS                               Mary J.
WILLIAMS                               Minnie
WILLIAMS                               Minnie S.
WILLIAMS                               Sadie D.
WILLIAMS                               Thomas J.
WILLIAMS (WWII)                        John C
WILLIAMS HAGEL                         Mary J.
WILLIAMS THOMSON                       Estella M.
WOLCOTT                                Isadore E.
WOLCOTT                                Juliette
WOLCOTT                                Ralph P.
WOLCOTT                                Sarah L.
WOLCOTT                                William Seward
WOLCOTT CANDEE                         Eliza Ann
WOLFF                                  Ida
WOLFF                                  Jacob
WOLFF                                  Margaret
WOLFF                                  Nellie
WOLFF TREMBLAY                         Ida
WRAIGHT                                Laura Percy
WRAIGHT                                Olive
WRAIGHT                                William F
WRIGHT                                 Burton S.
WRIGHT                                 Carrie L.
YOTT                                   Charles B
YOTT                                   Theresa
YOUNG                                  Theresa
YOUNG YOTT                             Theresa
ZITZNER                                Lena
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