Onondaga County, New York
Gravestone Photo Project

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Onondaga County, New York Gravestone Photo Project

Column One: Surname (if 2 surnames is given, maiden then married surname)
FI = French-Indian | RW = Revolutionary War | IW = Indian Wars | 1812 = War of 1812 | MEX = Mexican War | CW = Civil War | SA = Spanish American War |
PI = Philippine Insurrection | WWI = World War I | WWII = World War II | KOR = Korean Conflict | VN = Vietnam War | WT = War on Terrorism
Column Two: Given

AMIDON                                 Cheney
AMIDON                                 Mary
ARMSTRONG                              Caroline
ARMSTRONG                              Elitza
ARMSTRONG                              Frances
ARMSTRONG                              Jabin
ARMSTRONG                              Lucy Maria
ARMSTRONG                              William G.
BABCOCK                                Anna Louise
BABCOCK                                Grace E.
BABCOCK                                Henry G.
BABCOCK                                Mary Elizabeth
BAILEY                                 Louis Mortimer
BAILEY                                 Mary
BAILEY                                 William Clark
BAILEY                                 William Richard
BAKER                                  Alma C.
BAKER                                  Frank H.
BAKER                                  Louisa H.
BAKER                                  Mary Jane
BAKER                                  Wilson H.
BARNEY                                 Frances
BARNEY ARMSTRONG                       Frances
BARNUM                                 Achsah
BARNUM                                 Ruth
BARNUM CLARK                           Ruth
BARNUM WESTON                          Achsah
BATES                                  Adison
BATES                                  Harrison
BEARD                                  Eleanor
BEARD TOLES                            Eleanor
BECKER                                 Abraham
BECKER                                 Adam
BECKER                                 Henry, Jr.
BECKER                                 Katy
BECKER                                 Mary Margaret
BECKER                                 Philip Fredrick
BENNETT                                Emily
BENNETT MUNRO                          Emily
BETTS                                  Hannah
BETTS                                  Josiah
BOZYCH                                 Ann
BOZYCH                                 Antoni F.
BOZYCH                                 Bernard
BOZYCH                                 Franciszek Frank
BOZYCH                                 Frank S.
BOZYCH                                 Jennie C
BOZYCH                                 Maryanna Mary
BOZYCH                                 Wanda
BOZYCH (WWII)                          Jennie C.
BOZYCH COSSELMAN                       Ann
BUCHER                                 William
BUKOWSKI                               Wanda
BUKOWSKI BOZYCH                        Wanda
CASE                                   Eunice
CASE OLMSTED                           Eunice
CLARCK                                 Sereno
CLARK                                  Emerson
CLARK                                  Jennett
CLARK                                  John
CLARK                                  John
CLARK                                  John
CLARK                                  Lurinda
CLARK                                  Milo
CLARK                                  Ruth
CLARK (1812)                           John
CLARK (RW)                             John
CLARK (RW)                             John
CLARKE                                 Alice R.
CLARKE                                 Edith E.
CLARKE                                 Elizabeth P.
CLARKE                                 Herbert M.
CLIFT                                  Editha
CLIFT                                  William
COLTON                                 Betsey
COLTON WESTON                          Betsey
COSSELMAN                              Ann
COSSELMAN                              Charles
COWAN                                  Esther
CROUSE                                 Myra Edith
CROUSE DIXIE                           Myra Edith
CUDDEBACK                              Abraham
CUDDEBACK                              Abraham
CUDDEBACK                              Esther
CUDDEBACK                              James
CUDDEBACK                              Jane
DIXIE                                  Harrison Nicholas
DIXIE                                  Myra Edith
DIXIE                                  Rudy Edith
DOUBLEDAY                              Harvey
DOUBLEDAY                              Mary
DOUBLEDAY                              Samuel L.
EDWARDS                                Mary
EDWARDS BAILEY                         Mary
ELLIS                                  Bert Allen
ELLIS (WWI)                            Bert Allen
FANCHER                                Amanda J
FANCHER                                Anna
FANCHER                                Ira
FANCHER                                Ira Sr.
FANCHER FANCHER                        Anna
FISH                                   Agnes
FISH SHOENS                            Agnes
FORSYTH                                Catherine
FORSYTH                                Elias Riggs
FORSYTH                                Elizabeth
FOX                                    Rebecca
FOX SHOENS                             Rebecca
FRANCIS                                Timmons
FRAWLEY                                Pauline Ester
FULLERTON                              Francis A.
GATES                                  Jane
GREENOUGH                              Eliza
GRIMSLEY                               Augusta
GRIMSLEY                               Edwin
HAHN                                   Carl
HAHN                                   Elsie
HAHN                                   Mary
HALL                                   Catharine E.
HATCH                                  Harvey
HATCH                                  Henry C.
HATCH                                  John
HATCH                                  John
HATCH                                  Loretta
HATCH                                  Lucy
HATCH                                  Lucy
HATCH                                  Martha
HATCH                                  Polly
HATCH WESTON                           Lucy
HAYES                                  Nancy
HAYES REYNOLDS                         Nancy
HILL                                   Adaline B.
HILL                                   Charles
HOLBROOK                               Adolphas
HOLBROOK                               Caty
HOLBROOK                               Josiah
HOLBROOK                               Josiah, Jr.
HOLBROOK                               Mary
HOLBROOK                               Rachael
HOLLAND                                Sarah
HOLLAND JOHNSON                        Sarah
HOPKINS                                Samuel
HOPKINS (RW)                           Samuel
HOPP                                   Mary
HOPP GRIMSLEY                          Augusta
HOPP HAHN                              Mary
HORTON                                 Tryphena
HOWLAND                                Harriet H
HOWLAND SMITH                          Harriet H.
HUTCHINSON                             Lucia
HUTCHINSON JOHNSON                     Lucia
JOBES                                  Miranda
JOBES WESTON                           Miranda
JOHNSON                                F. Jewett
JOHNSON                                John Holland
JOHNSON                                John Holland Jr.
JOHNSON                                Lucia
JOHNSON                                Sarah
JOHNSON (CW)                           John Holland Jr.
JONES                                  Polly
JONES HATCH                            Polly
JURASH                                 Daniel
JURASH                                 Susie
KELLOGG                                David Hyde
KELLOGG                                David Hyde, Jr.
KELLOGG                                Harriet
KELLOGG                                Lucy
KELLOGG WHITE                          Lucy
KETCHAM                                Mary Margaret
KETCHAM BECKER                         Mary Margaret
KINNE                                  Bessie
KWIETNIAK                              Jennie C
KWIETNIAK (WWII)                       Jennie C
KWIETNIAK BOZYCH (WWII)                Jennie C.
LEONARD                                Nathan
LOCZ                                   Maryanna Mary
LOCZ BOZYCH                            Maryanna Mary
LYBOUT                                 Rena
LYBOUT POTTER                          Rena
LYMAN                                  Elizabeth
LYMAN                                  Elizabeth
LYMAN FORSYTH                          Elizabeth
MAFFIT                                 Mary
MAFFIT HOLBROOK                        Mary
MCCRACKEN                              William
MCCRACKEN (RW)                         William
MEAD                                   Carrie A.
MERRITT                                Amanda J
MERRITT FANCHER                        Amanda J
MILLER                                 Aileen M.
MILLER                                 James E.
MILLS                                  Catherine
MILLS                                  Catherine
MILLS FORSYTH                          Catherine
MINER                                  Catharine S.
MITCHELL                               Ellen M.
MOON                                   Ira C.
MOON                                   Kathryn H
MOON                                   Richard F.
MUNRO                                  Emily
MUNRO                                  John
MURRAY                                 Caroline
MURRAY                                 Helen Mar
MURRAY                                 John
NEWELL                                 Harriet
NEWELL                                 Harriet
NEWELL KELLOGG                         Harriet
OLMSTED                                Eunice
OLMSTED                                Isaac
OWENS                                  Harriet Jane
OWENS                                  Thomas
OWENS                                  William
PALMER                                 Lucy
PALMER HATCH                           Lucy
POTTER                                 Anna
POTTER                                 Gertrude
POTTER                                 James Sheldon
POTTER                                 Rena
RAYMOND                                Agnes
REYNOLDS                               Benoni (y)
REYNOLDS                               John
REYNOLDS                               Mary Polly
REYNOLDS                               Nancy
REYNOLDS (RW)                          Benoni (y)
REYNOLDS AMIDON                        Mary Polly
RHOADES                                Joseph
RHOADES                                Salome
RICHARD                                Richard Jerome
SANDS-GALLAGER TIMMONS                 Ann
SCUTNEY                                Eliza
SCUTNEY SHOENS                         Eliza
SHERMAN                                Hannah
SHERMAN BETTS                          Hannah
SHOENS                                 Agnes
SHOENS                                 Eliza
SHOENS                                 George
SHOENS                                 John
SHOENS                                 Julia
SHOENS                                 Julia
SHOENS                                 Rebecca
SHOENS                                 Thomas H
SHOENS (CW)                            Thomas H.
SHOENS (SA)                            George
SLADE (SHADE)                          Ellen M.
SMITH                                  Edwin R.
SMITH                                  Ellen M.
SMITH                                  Harriet H.
SMITH                                  Helen Mar
SMITH                                  Warren, Jr (Bud)
SMITH MITCHELL                         Ellen M.
SMITH MURRAY                           Helen Mar
SMITH SHOENS                           Julia
SMITH SLADE (SHADE)                    Ellen M.
SMMITH                                 Julia
STACEY                                 Alfred Major
STACEY                                 Carrie A.
STACEY                                 Don Carlos
STACEY                                 Mary Ann
STACEY                                 Richard Miles
STACEY                                 Willett Miles
STACEY MEAD                            Carrie A.
STEARNS                                Mary Ann
STEARNS                                Mary Ann
STEARNS STACEY                         Mary Ann
THORNE                                 Henry P.
THORNE                                 Nicholas
TIMMONS                                Ann
TIMMONS                                Claude J
TIMMONS                                Edgar
TIMMONS                                Patrick
TIMMONS (MEX)                          Patrick
TIMMONS (WWII)                         Claude J
TODD                                   Richard J.
TODD                                   Timothy
TOLES                                  Eleanor
TOLES                                  Elijah
TROWBRIDGE                             Libbie M.
UPTON                                  Mary
UPTON WESTON                           Mary
VAN SLYKE                              Harriett a.
VAN SLYKE                              James
WESTON                                 Achsah
WESTON                                 Betsey
WESTON                                 Elijah
WESTON                                 Hezekiah
WESTON                                 Jane
WESTON                                 Lucy
WESTON                                 Mary
WESTON                                 Melvin
WESTON                                 Miranda
WESTON                                 Nathaniel
WESTON GATES                           Jane
WHITE                                  Aaron
WHITE                                  Amanda
WHITE                                  Arthur
WHITE                                  Jonathan
WHITE                                  Lucy
WHITE                                  Tryphena
WHITE (RW)                             Joseph
WHITE HORTON                           Tryphena
WIGHTMAN                               Caroline
WIGHTMAN MURRAY                        Caroline
WISE                                   Katy
WISE BECKER                            Katy
WOLFF                                  Dorothy M
WOLFF WRIGHT                           Dorothy M
WRIGHT                                 Dorothy M
WRIGHT                                 Galen H
WRIGHT                                 Rachael
WRIGHT HOLBROOK                        Rachael
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