Ontario County, New York
Gravestone Photo Project

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Ontario County, New York Gravestone Photo Project

Column One: Surname (if 2 surnames is given, maiden then married surname)
FI = French-Indian | RW = Revolutionary War | IW = Indian Wars | 1812 = War of 1812 | MEX = Mexican War | CW = Civil War | SA = Spanish American War |
PI = Philippine Insurrection | WWI = World War I | WWII = World War II | KOR = Korean Conflict | VN = Vietnam War | WT = War on Terrorism
Column Two: Given

ADAMS                                  Clemanda B.
ADAMS                                  Jane A
ADAMS                                  John
ADAMS                                  John
ADAMS                                  Jonathan
ADAMS                                  Lucinda
ADAMS                                  Mary L
ADAMS                                  Myron
ADAMS                                  William
ADAMS (RW)                             John
ADAMS (RW)                             John
ADAMS (RW)                             Jonathan
ADAMS PARDEE                           Jane A.
ADAMS WHEELER                          Mary L.
ALGER                                  Julia Adelaide
ALGER STEELE                           Julia Adelaide
ALLEN                                  Anna C.
ALLEN                                  David McNeil
ANDREWS                                Mary
APPLETON                               Agnes
APPLETON                               Earl
BEACH                                  Charlotte A
BEACH ROWLEY                           Charlotte A.
BRAMBLE                                Elizabeth A
BRAMBLE MEAD                           Elizabeth A.
BROOKS                                 Harriet Emeline
BRUNSON                                Fannie M.
BUELL                                  Alice A.
BUELL                                  Arthur
BUELL                                  Azel S.
BUELL                                  Elizabeth M.
BUELL                                  Eunice
BUELL                                  Jennie W.
BUELL                                  Maria Eliza
BUELL KELLOGG                          Eunice
BYERS                                  Alice
CASE                                   Abner
CASE                                   Mary Ann
COLLINS                                Gertrude Amanda
COMSTOCK                               Adelia
COMSTOCK                               Otis
COMSTOCK ROOT                          Adelia
CONSLER                                Eunice
CONSLER                                Ida
CONSLER SWARTZENBERG                   Eunice
CRAMER                                 John
CRANE                                  Mary Ann
DEBOW                                  Sarah S
DEBOW STEELE                           Sarah S.
DELANCEY                               Edward Etienne
DWIGHT                                 Catherine Van Rensselaer
DWIGHT                                 Hannah
DWIGHT                                 Hannah Buckminster
DWIGHT                                 Henry
DWIGHT                                 Susan M.
DWIGHT SCHERMERHORN                    Hannah
DWIGHT SCHERMERHORN                    Hannah Buckminster
EGGLESTON                              Alice
EGGLESTON                              Catherine
EGGLESTON                              Charles L.
EGGLESTON                              Moses
EGGLESTON BYERS                        Alice
FAIRCHILD                              John
FAIRCHILD                              Mary E.
FAIRCHILD                              Moses
FAIRCHILD                              Olivia
FAIRCHILD                              Olivia
FAIRCHILD (RW)                         John
FOSTER                                 Sally
FOSTER WRIGHT                          Sally
GAUSS                                  Benjamin
GAUSS                                  Phebe
GAUSS                                  Sally
GOODWIN                                Lewis
GOODWIN                                Mary
GOULD                                  Almira
GOULD SEARS                            Almira
GRAVES                                 Mary Ann
GRAVES CASE                            Mary Ann
GRIMBLE                                Eva M
GRIMBLE WRIGHT                         Eva M.
HAMLIN                                 Agnes Downs
HAMLIN                                 Betsey
HAMLIN                                 Betsey
HAMLIN                                 Elizabeth
HAMLIN                                 George Wright
HAMLIN                                 Henry William
HAMLIN                                 John Sears
HAMLIN                                 Lydia
HAMLIN                                 Minnie
HAMLIN                                 Philo
HAMLIN                                 Sarah Atwater
HAMLIN                                 Sibyll B.
HAMLIN                                 Sibyll W.
HAMLIN                                 Susan E.
HAMLIN                                 William B.
HAMLIN HOLLISTER                       Sarah Atwater
HAMLIN STEELE                          Agnes Downs
HANRAHAN                               John C.
HANRAHAN                               Sarah A.
HANRAHAN                               William D.
HAYDEN                                 Harriet
HAYDEN STEELE                          Harriet
HAYWARD                                Martin
HICKOX                                 Caroline A.
HOBART                                 Harlow Doud Smith
HOBART                                 Harvey
HOBART                                 Harvey W.
HOBART                                 Marana
HOBART                                 Mary
HOBART                                 Mary Ann
HOBART                                 William G.
HOLCOMB                                Elizabeth
HOLCOMB HAMLIN                         Elizabeth
HOLLISTER                              Edwin O.
HOLLISTER                              Sarah Atwater
HOWELL                                 Minnie
HOWELL HAMLIN                          Minnie
HUDSON                                 Lucretia
HUDSON STEELE                          Lucretia
JEWETT                                 Julia A
JEWETT SEARS                           Julia A.
KELLOGG                                Edna
KELLOGG                                Eunice
KELLOGG                                Mary B.
KELLOGG                                Thomas Hosmer
KELLOGG                                Thomas Hosmer
KUELL                                  Eunice
LAWRENCE                               Annie W.
LAWRENCE                               Augustus Sterry
LAWRENCE                               Cornelia A.
LAWRENCE                               Mary
LAWRENCE                               Thomas
LOGIE                                  William K
LOGIE (CW)                             William K.
LONGYEAR                               Maria Anna
LONGYEAR STEELE                        Maria Ana
MASON                                  Alfred J.
MASON                                  Ellen J.
MEAD                                   Elizabeth A.
MEAD                                   Frank M.
MEAD                                   Ida
MEAD                                   James E.
MEAD                                   Theda M
MEAD WHEELER                           Theda M.
MORROW                                 Carrie
MORROW                                 Ellen J
MORROW                                 Mason
MORROW                                 Mason L.
MORROW MASON                           Ellen J.
NEWTON                                 Isaac
NEWTON                                 John
NEWTON                                 Thirza
NICHOLS                                Ann E.
NICHOLS                                Edward H.
NICHOLS                                Elizabeth S.
NICHOLS                                Greenway
NICHOLS                                Hannah
NICHOLS                                Henry B.
NICHOLS                                Henry B.
NICHOLS                                Jacob
NICHOLS                                John H.
NICHOLS                                Lewis T.
NICHOLS                                Lillie A.
NICHOLS                                Louisa
NICHOLS                                Lucy J.
NICHOLS                                Mary A.
NICHOLS                                Rhoda
NICKEL                                 Ida
NICKEL CONSLER                         Ida
NORTON                                 Marana
NORTON HOBART                          Marana
OUTHOUSE                               Helen
OUTHOUSE STEELE                        Helen
PARDEE                                 Caroline
PARDEE                                 Edward L.
PARDEE                                 Jane A.
PARDEE POMEROY                         Caroline
PARK                                   Alice
PARK                                   Christopher
PARK                                   Esther
PARK PARMELE                           Alice
PARMELE                                Adaline
PARMELE                                Alanson
PARMELE                                Alice
PARMELE                                Alice Janette
PARMELE                                Allanson
PARMELE                                Ann Elizabeth
PARMELE                                Anna
PARMELE                                Carrie J.
PARMELE                                Eleanor
PARMELE                                Harmon L.
PARMELE                                Julia
PARMELE                                Millard H.
PARMELE                                Seneh
PIERCE                                 Elizabeth Ann
PIERCE WRIGHT                          Elizabeth Ann
POMEROY                                Caroline
POMEROY                                Enos Pratt
POPE                                   Lydia
POPE HAMLIN                            Lydia
PORTER                                 Ann
PORTER                                 Anna
PORTER                                 Harriet C.
PORTER                                 Josiah
PORTER WRIGHT                          Ann
POWER                                  Hannah
POWER NICHOLS                          Hannah
QUICK                                  Catherine
QUICK EGGLESTON                        Catherine
REED                                   James W.
REED                                   Joel P.
REED                                   Joseph
REED                                   Mary
RICE                                   Harriet C
RICE PORTER                            Harriet C.
ROBERTS                                Mary Jeanette
ROBERTS SEARS                          Mary Jeanette
ROOT                                   Adelia
ROOT                                   Leonard S.
ROOT                                   Oliver J.
ROOT                                   Sartial
ROWLEY                                 Almond H.
ROWLEY                                 Charlotte A.
SAXBY                                  Lena M
SAXBY STEELE                           Lena M.
SCHERMERHORN                           Alida
SCHERMERHORN                           Catharine
SCHERMERHORN                           Catherine Van Rensselaer
SCHERMERHORN                           Hannah
SCHERMERHORN                           Hannah Buckminster
SCHERMERHORN                           Henry Van Rensselaer
SCHERMERHORN DWIGHT                    Catherine Van Rensselaer
SEARS                                  Almira
SEARS                                  Caroline J.
SEARS                                  Charles V.
SEARS                                  John
SEARS                                  Julia A.
SEARS                                  Mary Jeanette
SEARS                                  Sarah
SEARS                                  Sibyll B
SEARS                                  Simeon B.
SEARS                                  Vinson G.
SEARS HAMLIN                           Sibyll B.
SEARS WRIGHT                           Sarah
SEYMOUR                                Charles H.
SEYMOUR                                Edna
SEYMOUR                                Eunice
SEYMOUR                                Henry P.
SEYMOUR                                Pierpont
SEYMOUR (CW)                           Henry P
SEYMOUR KELLOGG                        Edna
SHADDOCK                               Ida
SHADDOCK MEAD                          Ida
SHEPARD                                Elizabeth F.
SHEPARD                                Luther
SMITH                                  Elizabeth
SMITH STEELE                           Elizabeth
SPEAKER                                Seneh
SPEAKER PARMELE                        Seneh
SPERRY                                 Enoch
STEELE                                 Agnes Downs
STEELE                                 Charles E.
STEELE                                 Edgar H.
STEELE                                 Elisha
STEELE                                 Elizabeth
STEELE                                 Frank Hamlin
STEELE                                 Hannah
STEELE                                 Harriet
STEELE                                 Helen
STEELE                                 Henry G.
STEELE                                 Hiram
STEELE                                 Horatio S.
STEELE                                 James H.
STEELE                                 Joel
STEELE                                 John
STEELE                                 Joseph S.
STEELE                                 Julia Adelaide
STEELE                                 Lena M.
STEELE                                 Lincoln
STEELE                                 Lucretia
STEELE                                 Maria Ana
STEELE                                 Nancy McHarc
STEELE                                 Nina L.
STEELE                                 Olive
STEELE                                 Samuel
STEELE                                 Sarah S.
STERLING                               Levi Justin
SWARTZENBERG                           Eunice
THRASHER                               Carrie
THRASHER MORROW                        Carrie
TOREY                                  Harriet Emeline
TOREY BROOKS                           Harriet Emeline
TREAT                                  Anna C.
TREAT ALLEN                            Anna C.
TURNER                                 Nancy McHarc
TURNER STEELE                          Nancy McHarc
VAN RENSSELAER                         Catharine
WENDELL                                Susan E
WENDELL HAMLIN                         Susan E.
WHEELER                                Heber E.
WHEELER                                Mary L.
WHEELER                                Theda M.
WILKINS                                Elizabeth
WILKINS                                Rena
WILKINS                                William, Jr.
WILKINS                                William, Sr.
WILLIAMS                               Altha
WILLYS                                 Mary Ann
WILLYS HOBART                          Mary Ann
WOOLSTON                               Jessie
WOOLSTON WRIGHT                        Jessie
WRIGHT                                 Almina
WRIGHT                                 Ann
WRIGHT                                 Charles H.
WRIGHT                                 Elisha
WRIGHT                                 Elizabeth Ann
WRIGHT                                 Eva M.
WRIGHT                                 George
WRIGHT                                 Georgie
WRIGHT                                 Harriet
WRIGHT                                 Henry
WRIGHT                                 Jessie
WRIGHT                                 Lois M.
WRIGHT                                 Richard
WRIGHT                                 Sally
WRIGHT                                 Samuel
WRIGHT                                 Sarah
WRIGHT (CW)                            Henry
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