Orleans County, New York
Gravestone Photo Project

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Orleans County, New York Gravestone Photo Project

Column One: Surname (if 2 surnames is given, maiden then married surname)
FI = French-Indian | RW = Revolutionary War | IW = Indian Wars | 1812 = War of 1812 | MEX = Mexican War | CW = Civil War | SA = Spanish American War |
PI = Philippine Insurrection | WWI = World War I | WWII = World War II | KOR = Korean Conflict | VN = Vietnam War | WT = War on Terrorism
Column Two: Given

ACER                                   George H.
ACER                                   Jennie C.
ACER                                   Julia A.
ACER                                   William W.
ANDREWS                                Harriet
ATHERTON                               Gertrude
ATHERTON                               Lewis O.
ATHERTON                               Mabel C.
ATHERTON                               Sarah L.
AVERY                                  Frances
AVERY                                  Lura M
AVERY GRINNELL                         Lura M.
BAKER                                  Alice J.
BANNISTER                              Asahel D.
BANNISTER                              Edith
BANNISTER                              Helen Adelia
BANNISTER                              John
BARBER                                 Aaron
BARBER                                 Mary
BARBER                                 Matilda D
BARBER LOVELAND                        Matilda D.
BARBER PAINE                           Mary
BEACH                                  Cora
BEACH BENTON                           Cora
BECK                                   Lucy
BECK FINGER                            Lucy
BENNETT                                Rhoda Ann
BENNETT ROOT                           Rhoda Ann
BENTON                                 Cora
BENTON                                 Oliver Charles
BENTON (CW)                            Oliver Charles
BESSAC                                 Addison
BESSAC (CW)                            Addison
BETTS                                  Amy
BETTS OLIVER                           Amy
BIDLEMAN                               Julia A,
BIDLEMAN ACER                          Julia A.
BLOTT                                  Jonathan Jr
BLOTT(CW)                              Jonathan, Jr
BOND                                   Louisa
BOND                                   Lucinda
BOND                                   William
BOND                                   Willie
BOWEN                                  Abiel
BOWEN                                  Ada
BOWEN                                  Adna Guernsey
BOWEN                                  Augustus
BOWEN                                  Helen
BOWEN                                  Helen
BOWEN                                  Mary
BOWEN                                  Sterling Abiel
BRAY                                   Margaret
BRAY WEALE                             Margaret
BROUGHTON                              Josephine
BROWN                                  Charles
BROWN                                  Nathaniel H
BROWN (CW)                             Nathaniel H.
BURDETT                                Elizabeth
BURDETT                                John W.
CADY                                   Euphemia
CARD                                   John W.
CARD                                   Mary E.
CHAMBERLIN                             Anna L.
CHAMBERLIN                             Ella
CHAMBERLIN                             Sarah
CHAMBERLIN                             William H.
CHAMBERLIN TIMMERMAN                   Sarah
CLEVELAND                              Henry
CLEVELAND (CW)                         Henry Batchelor
COATS                                  Jennie
COATS SCHENING                         Jennie
COSMAN                                 Sarah Eliza
COSMAN WARD                            Sarah Eliza
COUSINS                                Alex H..
COUSINS                                Emily A.
COX                                    Charles L.
COX                                    Nancy P.
CULVER                                 Albert
CULVER                                 Caleb
CULVER                                 Frances
CULVER                                 Jennie C.
CULVER                                 Lucy M.
CULVER                                 Lydia
CULVER ACER                            Jennie C.
CULVER AVERY                           Frances
CURRAN                                 Alice
CURRAN                                 George
CURRAN                                 John P
CURRAN                                 Sarah
CURRAN (CW)                            John P.
CURRAN STIRK                           Alice
DE LA MATYR                            Charles
DE LA MATYR                            Gilbert
DE LA MATYR (CW)                       Gilbert
EVERETT                                John
EVERETT (CW)                           John
FERRIS                                 Electa A.
FINGER                                 Carl
FINGER                                 Lucy
FITCH                                  Leonard G.
FITCH (WWII)                           Leonard G.
FOSS                                   Augusta
FOSS                                   Charles
GILBERT                                Anna M.
GILBERT                                Anna M.
GILBERT                                Esther E.
GILBERT                                Floyd C.
GILBERT                                Frank G.
GILBERT                                Frank G.
GILBERT                                William F.
GILLET                                 Elijah
GILLET                                 Hannah E.
GILLET                                 Huldah
GOODSELL                               Henry E.
GOODSELL                               Myra C.
GRAVES                                 Andrew
GRAVES                                 Waters
GRAY                                   Charles B.
GRAY                                   Mary H.
GREEN                                  Charlotte
GREY                                   Mabel L
GREY PAINE                             Mabel L.
GRINNELL                               Lura M.
GRINNELL                               Willia A.
GROBETIE                               Elizabeth
GROBETIE                               Frederick
GUENTHER                               George
GUERNSEY                               Helen
GUERNSEY                               Helen
GUERNSEY BOWEN                         Helen
GUERNSEY BOWEN                         Helen
HALES                                  Thomas
HALES (CW)                             Thomas
HAMILTON                               Claude I.
HAMILTON                               Ellen A.
HAMILTON                               Margaret J.
HARDIE                                 David
HARDIE (CW)                            David
HARVEY                                 George
HARVEY (CW)                            George
HEWES                                  Ella
HEWES CHAMBERLIN                       Ella
HILL                                   Anna M.
HILL                                   Anna M.
HILL                                   Anna M.
HILL                                   Antoinette
HILL                                   Benjamin W.
HILL                                   Donald L.
HILL                                   Edith R.
HILL                                   Edward E.
HILL                                   Edward E.
HILL                                   Frank DeForest
HILL                                   Genevieve
HILL                                   Harold George
HILL                                   Herbert C.
HILL                                   Jennie M.
HILL                                   Laverne E.
HILL                                   Mahittable A.
HILL                                   Syene Anne
HILL                                   Wakeman
HILL                                   William G.
HILL (CW)                              Edward E.
HILL (SERV)                            Donald L.
HOYT                                   George
HOYT (CW)                              George
JACKSON                                Anna M.
JACKSON HILL                           Anna M.
JOWETT                                 Andrew
JOWETT                                 Julia
KNOOP                                  Martha
KWIATKOWSKI                            Franciska
KWIATKOWSKI MARCISZEWSKI               Franciska
LAUBERT JOWETT                         Julia
LETTS                                  Catharine A.
LETTS                                  Estella
LETTS                                  Jane
LETTS                                  John
LETTS                                  John A.
LETTS                                  Louise B.
LETTS                                  Mary A.
LETTS PHELPS                           Jane
LETTS WEAVER                           Estella
LITTEBRANT                             Nancy
LITTEBRANT YOUNG                       Nancy
LOVE                                   Emily A.
LOVELAND                               Matilda D.
MARCISZEWSKI                           Franciska
MARCISZEWSKI                           Piotr (Peter)
MASKELL                                Arthur O.
MASKELL                                Bertha
MASKELL                                Hannah
MASKELL                                Jessie E.
MASKELL                                William
MAUS                                   Jane
MCCARTHY                               John
MCCARTHY (CW)                          John
MCCORMICK                              Nancy P
MCCORMICK COX                          Nancy P.
MILEHAM                                Hannah Oliva
MILLER                                 Alancelot
MILLER                                 Martha N.
MORSE                                  Jonathan
NOBLE                                  Amanda
NOBLE                                  Elvira
NOBLE                                  Euphemia
NOBLE                                  Sylvester
NOWLIN                                 Laura
NOWLIN WHITMORE                        Laura
OLIVER                                 Amy
OLIVER                                 Edward
OLIVER                                 Persis
OLIVER                                 Reuben W.
PAINE                                  Celia Estella
PAINE                                  Corydon D.
PAINE                                  Cuyler Emory
PAINE                                  Eli
PAINE                                  Emory Corydon
PAINE                                  Gerald R.
PAINE                                  Helen Adelia
PAINE                                  Mabel L.
PAINE                                  Martha Venella
PAINE                                  Mary
PAINE                                  Mildred Anne
PAINE                                  Nancy Caroline
PAINE                                  Syene Anne
PAINE BANNISTER                        Helen Adelia
PAINE HILL                             Syene Anne
PALDI                                  Angelo
PALDI (CW)                             Angelo
PARISH                                 Arthur J.
PARISH                                 Emma E.
PARKER                                 Cora  B.
PARKER                                 David L.
PARSONS                                Stanley E.
PHELPS                                 Alice J
PHELPS                                 Charles B.
PHELPS                                 Giles
PHELPS                                 Jane
PHELPS BAKER                           Alice J.
PHILLIPS                               Nancy
PHILLIPS WRIGHT                        Nancy
PITTSLEY                               Dorothy S.
PLUMMER                                Genevieve
PLUMMER HILL                           Genevieve
POGEL                                  Rose E.
POGEL                                  William A.
POLER                                  Darwin A.
POLER                                  Zoie C.
POMEROY                                Gertrude
POMEROY                                John B.
POMEROY                                Myrtie W.
POMEROY WRIGHT                         Gertrude
POSSON                                 Howard C.
POSSON                                 Luella H.
PRATT                                  Jesse H.
PRATT                                  Sarah
PRATT (CW)                             Jesse H.
RENOUF                                 William J.
RICE                                   Abel
RICE                                   Eunice C.
RICE                                   Louisa J.
ROOT                                   Amos
ROOT                                   Israel
ROOT                                   Lyman
ROOT                                   Mary
ROOT                                   Rhoda Ann
SANDERSON                              Harrison
SANDERSON                              Mary M.
SCHENING                               J. Frederick
SCHENING                               Jennie
SCHULTZ                                Ethel B.
SCHULTZ                                Walter H.
SEARS                                  Sarah
SEARS CURRAN                           Sarah
SMITH                                  Sarah
SMITH PRATT                            Sarah
SNELL                                  Wyan
STEBBINS                               Howard N.
STEBBINS                               Marie T.
STIRK                                  Alice
STIRK                                  Lester
STIRK                                  Thomas
THOMPSON                               Irving
THOMPSON (CW)                          Irving
TIMMERMAN                              Burt Daniel
TIMMERMAN                              Josephine
TIMMERMAN                              Sarah
TIMMERMAN BROUGHTON                    Josephine
WARD                                   Isaac
WARD                                   Jacob
WARD                                   Sarah Eliza
WATERMAN                               Martha Venella
WATERMAN PAINE                         Martha Venella
WATT                                   Euphemia
WATT CADY                              Euphemia
WATT NOBLE                             Euphemia
WEALE                                  Margaret
WEALE                                  Thomas
WEAVER                                 Estella
WEBSTER                                Charles H.
WEBSTER                                Emily A.
WELLER                                 Edward
WELLER (CW)                            Edward
WHITMORE                               Laura
WHITMORE (CW)                          James
WHITNEY                                Emma A.
WHITNEY                                Frankie B.
WHITNEY                                James Burt
WHITNEY                                Mattie E.
WOOD                                   Louisa
WOOD BOND                              Louisa
WRIGHT                                 Edna
WRIGHT                                 Elisha
WRIGHT                                 Francis W.
WRIGHT                                 Gertrude
WRIGHT                                 Joan
WRIGHT                                 Nancy
WRIGHT PAINE                           Nancy Caroline
YOUNG                                  George C.
YOUNG                                  Margaret E.
YOUNG                                  Nancy
YOUNG                                  William
YOUNG (CW)                             William
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