Schoharie County, New York
Gravestone Photo Project

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Schoharie County, New York Gravestone Photo Project

Column One: Surname (if 2 surnames is given, maiden then married surname)
FI = French-Indian | RW = Revolutionary War | IW = Indian Wars | 1812 = War of 1812 | MEX = Mexican War | CW = Civil War | SA = Spanish American War |
PI = Philippine Insurrection | WWI = World War I | WWII = World War II | KOR = Korean Conflict | VN = Vietnam War | WT = War on Terrorism
Column Two: Given

ABBOTT                                 Julia A
ABBOTT ZIMMER                          Rozell
ABELL                                  Bertha F
ABELL                                  Frances A
ABELL                                  William F
ADAMY SMITH                            Catherine, his wife
ALBRO                                  Ann E
ALGER                                  Jesse H
ALGER                                  Mariah
ALGER (CW)                             Chester
ANDREWS BROWN                          Hannah
ANTHONY                                David
ANTHONY                                Laura
ARMLIN                                 Phebe Louisa
ARNER                                  Harriet
ARNER                                  Joshua
ARNER                                  Maggie
AUCHEMPAUGH HILL                       Mary A
AVERY                                  Ira
AVERY                                  Lodimma
AVERY                                  Sarah Carey
AVERY ROGERS                           Martha
BABCOCK                                Alma
BABCOCK                                Daniel
BABCOCK                                Elmina
BABCOCK                                Jehiel
BABCOCK                                John F
BABCOCK                                Mary M
BABCOCK                                Sophina
BABCOCK                                Walter
BABCOCK LAMB                           Tryphena
BAKER                                  Elizabeth
BAKER                                  Harry
BAKER                                  Mary J
BAKER                                  Merrill K
BAKER                                  Ollie
BAKER                                  William
BAKER SPRINGSTEAD                      Elsie
BALL                                   DeEtta
BALL                                   Earl H
BALL                                   James G
BALL                                   John
BALL                                   Malvina
BALL                                   Margaret J
BALL (RW)                              Johannes
BALL (RW)                              Peter
BARBER BABCOCK                         Alma
BARKER OTTMAN                          Georgiana
BARKMAN                                Daniel D
BARKMAN                                Esther
BARTHOLOMEW POSSON                     Polly
BATSHOLTS                              George
BAUMES                                 Elizabeth
BAUMES                                 Jacob
BAUMES                                 Mary A
BAXTER SADDLEMIRE                      Hazel A
BEACRAFT                               Barbara
BEACRAFT                               Charles B
BEACRAFT (WWI)                         Daniel C
BEAR                                   Catharine
BECKER                                 Andrew
BECKER                                 Catherine E
BECKER                                 Charity
BECKER                                 Charlotte
BECKER                                 Clarence L (WWII)
BECKER                                 Daniel
BECKER                                 David
BECKER                                 David S
BECKER                                 Eli
BECKER                                 Elizabeth
BECKER                                 Isaac S
BECKER                                 Jessie
BECKER                                 Maria A
BECKER                                 Mary E
BECKER                                 Peter
BECKER BARKMAN                         Esther
BECKER DIETZ                           Catharine
BECKER SCHELL                          Hannah
BECKER ZIMMER                          Eve
BELLINGER                              Christina
BELLINGER                              George
BELLINGER                              Nancy
BELLINGER SCHELL                       Catharine
BELLINGER VROMAN                       Emma
BELLINGER WARNER                       Nancy
BENEDICT WILLIAMS                      Nancy
BENJAMIN                               Harry F
BENJAMIN (KOR)                         Harry F
BENJAMIN (WWII)                        Harry F
BENNETT FOLAND                         Lola
BENSON (WWII)                          Charles
BERG                                   Buster
BERG                                   George J
BERG                                   Hazel May
BERG                                   Henry
BERG                                   Louise
BERNER                                 Emeline
BERNER CASPER                          Emeline
BERNER LAWYER                          Catharine
BEST                                   George H
BEST                                   Weltha
BETT                                   Joseph P
BETTS                                  Sally
BETTS                                  Samuel
BEVENS                                 John
BEVENS                                 Martin
BEVENS (CW)                            John
BEVENS (CW)                            Martin
BIRGE                                  Allen N
BIRGE                                  Anna Maud
BIRGE                                  H Edson
BIRGE                                  Laura E
BIVENS WOODBECK                        Ethel G
BLAKE INGALLS                          Elizabeth
BONK                                   Aloysius J
BOOMHOWER                              John
BOOMHOWER                              Submit
BORST                                  Bertha
BORST                                  Jacob H
BORST                                  Maria
BORST                                  Martha M
BORST                                  Susan
BORST (MEX)                            Hiram
BORST BEST                             Weltha
BORST DURFEE                           Nellie
BORST EMPIE                            Elizabeth
BORST KILTS                            Mary S
BORST KILTS                            Nancy E
BORST MURPHY                           Catharine
BOUCK                                  Abraham
BOUCK                                  Charles T
BOUCK                                  Cora
BOUCK                                  Edythe M
BOUCK                                  Friend
BOUCK                                  Julia
BOUCK                                  Martha
BOUCK                                  Nellie M
BOUCK                                  Nettie
BOUCK                                  Worcester
BOUTON                                 Joanna A
BOUTON HAWES                           Joanna A
BOYCE                                  Charity
BOYCE                                  Hannah
BOYCE                                  Willaim
BRADT                                  Adrion
BRADT                                  Alden
BRADT                                  Andrew
BRADT                                  Catharine
BRADT                                  Charles W
BRADT                                  David
BRADT                                  Elias
BRADT                                  Fannie
BRADT                                  Hannah
BRADT                                  Henry A
BRADT                                  John A
BRADT                                  Lottie May
BRADT                                  Loyal S
BRADT                                  Nancy Maria
BRADT                                  Oliver
BRADT                                  William S
BRADT MCCULLOCH                        Catharine M
BRADY                                  Ruth A
BRADY (WWII)                           Lynn H
BRAND VAN NATTA                        Caroline
BRAY (KOR)                             Olive J
BRAZEE                                 Frederick
BRAZEE                                 Lucy
BRAZIE                                 Daniel
BRAZIE                                 Laney
BREWSTER                               Silas
BREWSTER                               Silas
BREWSTER                               Silence
BREZEE                                 Caroline M.
BRIGGS                                 Betsey
BRIGGS                                 Dorcas
BRIGGS                                 Dorcas
BRIGGS                                 Olney
BRIGGS CLEVELAND                       Dorcas
BRIGGS CLEVELAND                       Dorcas
BROWN                                  Elizabeth
BROWN                                  Elizabeth C
BROWN                                  Elmira
BROWN                                  Emma T
BROWN                                  Gitty
BROWN                                  Hannah
BROWN                                  Harriet
BROWN                                  John E
BROWN                                  Joseph R
BROWN                                  Martha
BROWN                                  Mary
BROWN                                  Polly
BROWN                                  Silas
BROWN                                  Sophrona A
BROWN                                  Zadok
BROWN (RW)                             John Matthias
BROWN TOTTEN                           Maribah
BROWNELL                               Frank
BROWNELL                               James
BROWNELL                               Maude
BROWNELL                               Phylena
BRUMAGIM                               John
BRUMLEY                                Delia
BRUMLEY                                Sanford
BRUMLEY PE RUE                         Mary
BUCKBEE                                Joseph
BURHANS                                Anna
BURHANS                                Daniel P
BURHANS                                Elizabeth
BURHANS                                John
BURHANS                                Lavina
BURHANS                                Lavina
BURHANS                                Martin
BURHANS                                Mary L
BURHANS                                Peter
BURHANS                                Wellington
BURNAP (KOR)                           Bruce M
BUTTERY                                Herman Jackson
BUTTERY (KOR                           Richard
CALKIN                                 Elijah
CALKIN                                 Polly
CALKINS                                Almira
CALKINS                                Catharine Eliza
CALKINS                                Catherine
CALKINS                                Luther
CALKINS                                Margaret Ann
CAMERON (WWII)                         Robert L
CAMPBELL LINTNER                       Mary E
CANNADAY                               David
CAREY                                  Basil G
CAREY                                  Charles W
CAREY                                  Charles W
CAREY                                  Joseph H
CAREY                                  Lena
CAREY                                  Louella B
CAREY                                  Lucinda
CAREY                                  Violet M
CARPENTER HUNTER                       Emily J
CARR                                   Esther A
CARR                                   William H
CASE                                   Elizabeth
CASE                                   Josiah
CASE                                   Truman
CASEY                                  Alden M
CASEY                                  Ruby
CASLER CRAIG                           Isabel
CASPER                                 Emeline
CASPER                                 George
CASPER                                 John P
CASPER                                 Robert L
CASPER (WWII)                          Robert L
CASPER LIVINGSTON                      Maria
CASS                                   Wesley
CHADDON DOBBS                          Susannah
CHAMPION                               Anna Louisa
CHAPMAN                                Adaline
CHAPMAN                                Agnes W
CHAPMAN                                Elisha
CHAPMAN                                Elisha N
CHAPMAN                                Phoebe
CHASE                                  Ellen
CHASE                                  Floyd A
CHASE                                  Steward S
CHESEBRO FULLER                        Elizabeth
CHRISTIAN TAGGART                      Emma J
CLAPPER MONTANYE                       Emily F
CLAPPER SHAFER                         Jane Ann
CLARK BORST                            Martha M
CLARK INGOLD                           Gertrude
CLEVELAND                              Dorcas
CLEVELAND                              Dorcas
CLINE                                  Althea
CLINE                                  Catherine Peckham
CLINE                                  Helen
CLINE                                  James Mason
CLINE                                  John Humphrey
CLINE                                  Lucy
CLINE                                  Ralph
CLYKEMAN WILTEY                        Nora
COLE                                   Adelaide
COLE                                   Eviline
COLE                                   Jane E
COLE                                   John
COLE (CW)                              Hiram
COLE DIAMON                            Mattie
COLE FALES                             Agnes
COLE FOX                               Sovina
COLTEY (WWII)                          Gerald F
CONALY                                 Mary
COOKE BROWN                            Polly
COONLEY DEWEY                          Abagail M
COONS                                  Irene M
COONS                                  Richard
COONS                                  Richard Edward
COONS                                  Richard Edward Jr
CORNELL DINGMAN                        Marthy A
CRAIG                                  Isabel
CRAIG                                  Redford
CRAMER                                 Addison G
CRAMER                                 Edna L
CRAMER                                 Elizabeth A
CRANDALL                               Judson
CROCKER                                George C
CROCKER                                Georgia
CROMWELL                               Adam
CROMWELL                               Harriet M
CROSBY                                 Phoebe
CROSBY                                 Smith F
CROSS                                  Mary
CROSS ABBOTT                           Julia A
CROW YOUNGS                            Martha V
CURRIE MCDUFFIE                        Alice D
CUTLER DURFEE                          Susan J
CUTLER TICE                            Emeline
DANA (RW)                              James
DAVENPORT FOX                          Jonannah
DAVIDSON                               Margaret
DAVIDSON                               Mary
DAVIDSON                               Nancy
DAVIDSON                               Peter
DAVIDSON                               Samuel
DAVIDSON                               William H
DAVIS                                  Josephine
DAVIS (CW)                             Calvin L
DAVIS (CW)                             Sable W
DAVIS (WWII)                           Nolan C
DAVIS CHAPMAN                          Adaline
DAVIS YOUNGS                           Jane
DEAN                                   Alexander
DEAN                                   Emily Eliza
DEAN                                   John Marvin
DEAN                                   Julia Ann
DEAN                                   Mary Emily
DEANE HUNT                             Ruth Eliza
DECATER (CW)                           Jacob H
DECKER HARRIS                          Jennie
DELANEY                                Anna Maria
DELANEY                                George Granville
DELAP OLIVER                           Angeline L
DENISON (WWII)                         Donald J
DENISON PORTER                         Jane
DEPEYSTER LIVINGSTON                   Catharine Augusta
DEVENPECK                              Alonzo
DEVENPECK                              Christian
DEVENPECK                              Ellen L
DEVENPECK                              Eva
DEVENPECK                              Joseph H
DEVENPECK                              Orlando
DEWEY                                  Abagail M
DIAMON                                 Harry P
DIAMON                                 Horace
DIAMON                                 Mattie
DIAMON                                 Maynard
DIETZ                                  Avelia
DIETZ                                  Catharine
DIETZ                                  Helen E
DIETZ                                  Jacob
DIETZ                                  Nancy K
DIETZ                                  Philip
DIETZ                                  Philip B
DIETZ                                  Susan
DIETZ VROMAN                           Catharine
DILLENBECK                             Clara H
DILLENBECK                             Ralph J
DILLENBECK (KOR)                       Robert C
DINGMAN                                Clarence E
DINGMAN                                David
DINGMAN                                Dorothy
DINGMAN                                Edward
DINGMAN                                Marthy A
DINGMAN                                Mary
DINGMAN                                Pearl W
DINGMAN LAWYER                         Julia
DINGMAN SCHERMERHORN                   Hannah
DOBBS                                  John
DOBBS                                  Susannah
DOBBS LAWTON                           Henrietta
DONALDSON                              Sarah
DORN                                   Abigal
DORN                                   Alexander
DORN                                   Alexander
DORN                                   Anna E
DORN                                   Charles R
DORN                                   Ella M
DORN                                   Jacob I
DORN                                   Jane
DORN                                   John
DORN                                   Mary
DORN                                   Meade
DORN                                   Robert
DORN                                   Sarah
DORN BAUMES                            Mary A
DOTY                                   Maude
DOTY BROWNELL                          Maude
DOW                                    Daniel
DOX                                    Arthur W.
DOX                                    David R.
DOX                                    Melvina J.
DOX                                    Sophronia J.
DUNCKLE LORY                           Nancy
DUNLOP                                 Margaret A
DUNLOP                                 Robert S
DURFEE                                 Edwin
DURFEE                                 Elizabeth
DURFEE                                 Floyd
DURFEE                                 George
DURFEE                                 Maggie
DURFEE                                 Nellie
DURFEE                                 Stephen VR
DURFEE                                 Susan J
DURFEE                                 Ward W
DURFEE                                 Wilbur
EARLS                                  DeWitt
EARLS                                  Nellie
EARLS LAWYER                           Carrie E
EASTON                                 Homer
EASTON                                 James
EASTON                                 Jane
EASTON YOUNG                           Mabel
EATON                                  Alanson
EATON                                  Susan M
EATON (RW)                             Cyrel
ECKERSON                               Austin
ECKERSON                               Elvira
ECKERSON                               Judson
EDWARDS RICKARD                        Lucinda
EFNER                                  Bertha
EFNER                                  Clara B
EFNER                                  Elizabeth
EFNER                                  Eva
EFNER                                  Frank
EFNER                                  Harvey
EFNER                                  Hezekiah
EFNER                                  John
EFNER                                  Thompson
EGELSTON ROCKWELL                      Alice E
EGNOR                                  Alta J
EGNOR                                  Amerry D
EILERS                                 Ernest A
EILERS                                 Sophie M
ELDREDGE                               Alice
ELDREDGE                               Angellica
ELDREDGE                               Chloe
ELDREDGE                               David
ELDREDGE                               Robert
ELLIS HOUCK                            Elizabeth
ELLS LORY                              Betsey A
ELMENDORF SON                          Jane
EMPIE                                  Alice
EMPIE                                  Anna Maria
EMPIE                                  Berthold J
EMPIE                                  Catharine
EMPIE                                  Conrad
EMPIE                                  Edgar
EMPIE                                  Elizabeth
EMPIE                                  Elizabeth
EMPIE                                  Elizabeth
EMPIE                                  Emma
EMPIE                                  Gideon
EMPIE                                  Jeremiah
EMPIE                                  John
EMPIE                                  John
EMPIE                                  John P
EMPIE                                  Julia Ann
EMPIE                                  Lula M
EMPIE                                  Luther
EMPIE                                  Maria
EMPIE                                  Mary
EMPIE                                  Mary A
EMPIE                                  Myron O
EMPIE                                  Nehemiah M
EMPIE                                  Simion
EMPIE                                  Sophia
EMPIE                                  Susan
EMPIE                                  William Madison
EMPIE BAKER                            Ollie
EMPIE BECKER                           Charlotte
EMPIE HANER                            Minerva
EMPIE UTLEY                            Catherine M
EMPIE WESTFALL                         Arrietta
ENDERS MANN                            Elizabeth
ENDERS WARNER                          Eve A
ENGLE                                  Amenzo
ENGLE                                  Mary A
ENGLE EMPIE                            Elizabeth
ENLOW                                  Dean Lewis
ENNIS (VN)                             Joseph W
ESMAY                                  Alice S
ESMAY                                  Eugene R
ESTES                                  Charles H
ESTES                                  Erma V
ESTES                                  George D
ESTES                                  Mary E
ESTES                                  Philip
ESTES                                  Sarah A
ESTES DORN                             Ella M
ESTES SWEET                            Mary E
ESTES VAN DERWERKEN                    Catherine O
EVANS                                  Estella E
FALES                                  Agnes
FEECK                                  Sarah
FELKER                                 Adam
FELKER                                 Adam F
FELKER                                 Elsie
FELKER                                 Jacob H
FELKER                                 Magdalene
FELKER                                 Permelia
FELKER                                 Sarah
FELKER                                 Sarah M
FELKER                                 Thomas
FERGUSON                               Ann
FERGUSON                               Barbara
FERGUSON                               Eliza
FERGUSON                               John
FERGUSON BAKER                         Mary J
FERGUSON WRIGHT                        Monemia
FERONA                                 Celia
FERONA GERNSEY                         Celia
FISHER                                 Clara R
FISHER                                 Jacob
FISHER                                 Juliette W
FISHER (CW)                            Jacob A L
FISHER VROMAN                          Anneliza
FITZGERALD (WWII)                      James H
FOLAND                                 Ann Eliza
FOLAND                                 Christina
FOLAND                                 Ida H
FOLAND                                 Lola
FOLAND                                 Lydia
FOLAND                                 Menzo
FOLAND                                 Nancy
FOLAND                                 Peter
FOLAND                                 Peter
FOLAND                                 Worthington
FOLAND GRIGGS                          Grace M
FOLAND TERRELL                         Ida H
FOOTE                                  George W
FOOTE                                  Urana M
FOOTE BROWN                            Harriet
FOX                                    Catharine
FOX                                    Catharine
FOX                                    Henrietta
FOX                                    John P
FOX                                    Jonannah
FOX                                    Sovina
FOX ARMLIN                             Phebe Louisa
FRAATS                                 Catharine D
FRAATS                                 John
FRAATS MERENESS                        Eliza A
FRANCE                                 Augustus
FRANCE                                 Aurelia
FRANCE                                 Charity
FRANCE                                 David L
FRANCE                                 Elmer A
FRANCE                                 Famey
FRANCE                                 Freeman
FRANCE                                 Hannah
FRANCE                                 Henry
FRANCE                                 Henry L
FRANCE                                 Madison
FRANCE                                 Salina
FRANCE                                 Sebastian
FRANCE                                 Watson
FRANCE CALKINS                         Margaret Ann
FRANCE HANDY                           Kate M
FRANCE SHANK                           Elizabeth
FRENCH                                 Edgar
FRENCH                                 George
FRENCH                                 Isabell
FRISBEE TRUAX                          Florence M
FROST WRIGHT                           Caroline
FULLER                                 Barnabas M
FULLER                                 Elizabeth
FULLER HILLIARD                        Lucinda
FUNK (VN)                              John Charles
GAIGE BROWN                            Elizabeth C
GAIGE DAVIDSON                         Mary
GALLUP                                 Clarrissa
GALLUP                                 Eunice H
GARDINIER                              Peter W
GARDINIER                              William S
GARDNER                                Charlotte
GARRISON (CW)                          Almeran
GARTNER                                Theodore
GERNSEY                                Celia
GERNSEY                                Ozro C
GERNSEY                                William
GIDLEY                                 Catherine S
GIDLEY                                 Daniel C
GIDLEY                                 Harriett A
GILCREASE DIETZ                        Susan
GOODYEAR VAN WAGANEN                   Emily
GORDON                                 Ebenezer
GORDON                                 Joseph
GORDON                                 Margaret
GORDON                                 Sarah A
GORDON BROWN                           Martha
GORDON BURHANS                         Lavina
GRIGGS                                 Grace M
GROSVENOR GUFFIN                       Selina C
GROSVENOR YOUNG                        Ellen Elizabeth
GROSVENORE DINGMAN                     Dorothy
GROVENOR                               Charles
GROVENOR                               Lucy
GROVENOR (RW)                          Moses
GUFFIN                                 Henry D
GUFFIN                                 Selina C
HAGADORN                               Ella J
HAGADORN                               Henry
HAGADORN                               James
HAGADORN                               Jennie E
HAGADORN                               Maria
HAGER                                  Henrietta
HAGER BROWN                            Gitty
HAGER RICKARD                          Henrietta
HALL                                   Abner
HAM POLMATEER                          Dora M
HANDY                                  Horace K
HANDY                                  Kate M
HANER                                  Judson D
HANER                                  Minerva
HANES                                  Claresa
HANES                                  Gelynda
HANNAH                                 Anna
HARP SCHELL                            Betsey
HARRIS                                 Jennie
HAUWER WEIDMAN                         Cornelia E
HAVERLY                                Christian
HAVERLY                                Hannah
HAVERLY (WWII)                         Walter
HAVERLY DIETZ                          Avelia
HAWES                                  Joanna A
HAWES                                  John
HAWES                                  Ruby A
HAWES CRAMER                           Elizabeth A
HAWES WEVER                            Cornelia
HAYES                                  Fannie E
HAYES                                  Fred
HAYES                                  Margaret
HAYES                                  Thomas
HAYS                                   Charles
HAYS                                   Effie
HAYS                                   Hannah M
HAYS                                   Luella
HAYS                                   Nettie B
HAYS FERGUSON                          Barbara
HAYS TERPENING                         Catharine
HEMSTREET                              John R
HEMSTREET BOUCK                        Martha
HENNESS                                May
HEROLD                                 Charles
HEWETT (WWII)                          Milton E
HEYNEY MOAK                            Nancy
HILL                                   Ann E
HILL                                   Henry
HILL                                   Henry
HILL                                   Mary A
HILL (SA)                              Alva J
HILL (WWII)                            Joseph Robert
HILL (WWII)                            Leroy F
HILL EMPIE                             Alice
HILL POSSON                            Dianna
HILLIARD                               Elizabeth
HILLIARD                               John C
HILLIARD                               Lucinda
HILLS                                  Clyde C
HILLS                                  J A
HILLS                                  Nettie
HILSINGER LAWYER                       Eleh DeEtte
HILSLEY                                Elizabeth
HILSLEY                                Joseph H
HILSLEY ZIMMER                         Mary E
HILTS MILES                            Rebecca
HINMAN                                 Charles A
HINMAN                                 James Addison
HINMAN                                 Sophia C
HOAG                                   Sheldon J.
HOALTZEL                               Anna
HOALTZEL                               Johann
HOCHSTRASSER HAVERLY                   Hannah
HOESSLE                                Anita
HOESSLE                                John
HOFMANN                                Leroy Peter
HOGABONE (WWII)                        William
HOGABOOME BEACRAFT                     Barbara
HOTALING (WWII)                        Donald R
HOUCK                                  David
HOUCK                                  Elizabeth
HOUCK                                  George
HOUCK                                  Marselles
HOUCK                                  Mary
HOUGHKIRK                              Ella
HOUGHKIRK                              John
HOW                                    Charity
HOW FRANCE                             Charity
HOWE                                   Elda J
HOWE                                   John
HOWE                                   Lavina
HOWE FOOTE                             Urana M
HOWE SHAFER                            Leonora C
HOYENGA                                Paul
HUMMEL BURHANS                         Anna
HUMPHREY                               Edith
HUMPHREY                               Gordon
HUMPHREY CLINE                         Lucy
HUMPHREY MCDUFFEE                      Carrie
HUNDES CALKINS                         Catherine
HUNT                                   Alexander Herrick
HUNT                                   Ruth Eliza
HUNTER                                 Emily J
HUNTER                                 Richard M
HUTTON (RW)                            Timothy
HUTTON VAN DERWERKEN                   Mary
HYNDS                                  Frances L
HYNDS                                  Homer J
INGALLS                                Elizabeth
INGOLD                                 Gertrude
INGOLD                                 John
INGOLD                                 Sarah
INGRHAM BALL                           DeEtta
JACOBS                                 Phoebe
JACOBS CROSBY                          Phoebe
JAMES                                  John E
JAMES                                  Margaret P
JANETSKY                               Morris W
JANETSKY                               Winifred C
JOHNSON SELLECK                        Margaret
JONES                                  Hannah
JONES (VN)                             Terry E
JONES (WWI)                            Lester L
JONES (WWII)                           Emery Charles
KANE (KOR)                             Earl Busse
KARKER                                 Philip
KARKER (WWII)                          Howard R
KELLY                                  Angus
KELLY                                  Christiana
KELLY EATON                            Susan M
KENNEDY                                Mary F
KENNEDY                                Raymond E
KENNEDY RAGAN                          Ethel
KENYON                                 Amelia
KENYON                                 Helen
KEYSER                                 Abram
KEYSER                                 Christian
KEYSER                                 James Hoyt
KEYSER                                 Jane
KEYSER                                 Nellie
KILTS                                  Catharine
KILTS                                  Elizabeth
KILTS                                  George
KILTS                                  Jacob L
KILTS                                  John
KILTS                                  Joshua
KILTS                                  Mary S
KILTS                                  Melvina
KILTS                                  Nancy E
KILTS EMPIE                            Susan
KING (CW)                              Stephen
KLINE                                  Gertrude
KLING EMPIE                            Emma
KLOCK                                  Susie E
KLOCK WEAVER                           Hannah
KNEELAND                               Ozias H
KNEESKERN                              William I
KNIGHT                                 Laura
KNISKERN                               Catharine
KNISKERN                               John
KNISKERN                               Sarah
KNISKERN                               Vianna
KNISKERN (WWI)                         Edgar D
KNISKERN DIETZ                         Helen E
KNISKERN SAFFORD                       Catharine
KNISKERN SNYDER                        Catharine
KNOX                                   George
KNOX                                   Robert
KROMER SCRIBNER                        Mary
KROMER WILSEY                          Cornelia
LADD                                   Charles W
LADD                                   Sarah R
LADUE (WWI)                            Harold Alan
LAKE LYON                              Hannah E
LAMB                                   Tryphena
LANGE (WWII)                           Henri W
LARKIN                                 Nancy
LARROWA VAN VALKENBURG                 Mary Polly
LASHER ESTES                           Erma V
LAUDER EASTON                          Jane
LAWLESS                                Sara V
LAWLESS                                William G
LAWSON (WWII)                          Albert V
LAWTON                                 Charles W
LAWTON                                 Eva
LAWTON                                 Henrietta
LAWTON                                 John
LAWTON                                 Martha L
LAWTON                                 Peleg
LAWTON                                 Peleg
LAWTON ALGER                           Mariah
LAWTON BABCOCK                         Mary M
LAWYER                                 Adam
LAWYER                                 Adam H
LAWYER                                 Carrie E
LAWYER                                 Catharine
LAWYER                                 Catharine
LAWYER                                 Delmer
LAWYER                                 Elbert
LAWYER                                 Eleh DeEtte
LAWYER                                 Elizabeth
LAWYER                                 Jacob
LAWYER                                 Julia
LAWYER                                 Monroe
LAWYER                                 Moses
LAWYER                                 Nancy
LAWYER                                 Sosthenes
LAWYER                                 Sosthenes
LAWYER                                 Susan M
LAWYER                                 V M
LAWYER FEECK                           Sarah
LAWYER MOECKEL                         Clarissa
LAWYER VROMAN                          Catharine
LAYMAN                                 David C
LAYMON                                 Aneliza
LEAKE                                  John W
LEAKE                                  Lavina
LEONARD                                Harriet M
LEONARD                                J Burton
LEONARD                                Lois L
LEONARD                                Prentis
LETTIS (WWII)                          Glenn E
LEWIS                                  Ambrose S
LEWIS                                  Mary
LINTNER                                George A
LINTNER                                Mary E
LIVINGSTON                             Ada
LIVINGSTON                             Angeline
LIVINGSTON                             Anita
LIVINGSTON                             Catharine Augusta
LIVINGSTON                             Charles
LIVINGSTON                             James
LIVINGSTON                             Leonard I
LIVINGSTON                             Lorenzo
LIVINGSTON                             Maria
LORD                                   Elizabeth
LORD                                   Emily
LORY                                   Austin
LORY                                   Betsey A
LORY                                   Edelbert
LORY                                   Elizabeth
LORY                                   Joshua
LORY                                   Martin
LORY                                   Nancy
LOUCKS                                 Aurelia
LOUCKS                                 Catharine
LOUCKS                                 George S
LOUCKS                                 John G
LOUCKS                                 John H
LOUCKS                                 Leah
LOUCKS                                 Margaret
LOUCKS                                 Nancy
LOUCKS                                 Peter
LOUCKS BURHANS                         Elizabeth
LOUCKS BURHANS                         Lavina
LOUCKS FRANCE                          Aurelia
LOUCKS SNYDER                          Leah
LOUCKS STROBECK                        Elizabeth
LOUER DILLENBECK                       Clara H
LYON                                   Hannah E
MAC GLOTHLIN MAHAM                     Catherine
MACHIN (RW)                            Thomas
MAHAM                                  Catherine
MAHAM                                  Henry
MALASPINA (WWII)                       Pasquale J
MALLON (CW)                            Bernard P
MALMBORG (WWII)                        Edwin C
MANN                                   Elizabeth
MANN                                   George W
MANN                                   Jacob
MANN                                   Magdalana
MANN (WWI)                             Orrin D
MANN LIVINGSTON                        Angeline
MANNING                                Charles
MANNING                                Lillian
MARIHEW CLINE                          Helen
MARKEL LORY                            Elizabeth
MARSH                                  William
MARSHALL SCHELL                        Mary A
MATTICE VROMAN                         Elizabeth
MCCARTHER LOUCKS                       Leah
MCCARTY                                John
MCCREDIE                               Lucinda
MCCREDIE MURPHY                        Lucinda
MCCULLOCH                              Catharine M
MCCULLOCH                              Jeremiah
MCCULLOGH BURHANS                      Mary L
MCDONALD                               Helen T
MCDONALD                               Sarah
MCDONALD (WWI)                         John I
MCDUFFEE                               Carrie
MCDUFFEE                               Keith
MCDUFFEE                               Walter
MCDUFFEE CARR                          Esther A
MCDUFFIE                               Alice D
MCDUFFIE                               Martha
MCDUFFIE                               William J
MCGRAW                                 Jeremiah
MCHAUGHAN TAGGART                      Elizabeth
MCKINLEY HILSLEY                       Elizabeth
MCMILLEN YOUNG                         Nancy
MEAD                                   Daniel
MEAD                                   Ruth
MENZ (WWII)                            Alex Donald
MERENESS                               Abraham
MERENESS                               Agnes
MERENESS                               Eliza A
MERENESS                               Ephraim
MERENESS                               Gilbert A
MERENESS                               James
MERENESS                               Rebeca
MERKLEN                                Margaret A
MERKLEN (WWII)                         Alfred Chris
MICHAELS THROOP                        Mary Lawyer
MILES                                  Benjamin
MILES                                  David
MILES                                  Rebecca
MILLER                                 Adaline
MILLER                                 David L
MILLER                                 Jedidiah
MILLER                                 Kevin P
MILLER                                 Laura
MILLER                                 Luther Pete
MILLER                                 Sophina Best
MILLER (CW)                            Nicholas
MILLER (WWII)                          Erskine
MILLER WILTY                           Mary Ann
MIX                                    Ann Margaret
MIX                                    James B
MOAK                                   Nancy
MOAK                                   Ruth N
MOECKEL                                Clarissa
MOECKEL                                William Frederick
MOELLER (WWI)                          William Harry
MOELLER (WWII)                         Philip G
MONTANEY ROCKWELL                      Elisabeth
MONTANYE                               Emily F
MONTANYE (CW)                          Edward S
MOORE BOUCK                            Julia
MOORE BOUCK                            Nettie
MORENESS                               Elizabeth
MORGAN GALLUP                          Clarrissa
MORREL BECKER                          Elizabeth
MORRIAH HOALTZEL                       Anna
MORSE BROWN                            Emma T
MOTT                                   Alice W
MOTT                                   Jeannette
MOTT                                   Russell C
MOTT                                   Russell R
MOTT (WWII)                            Raymond R
MOUNT                                  Isaac M
MOWERS                                 Benjamin M
MOWERS                                 Eliza
MOYER                                  Ida
MOYER ESTES                            Mary E
MUNGER BRADT                           Fannie
MURPHY                                 Catharine
MURPHY                                 Catharine
MURPHY                                 H D
MURPHY                                 J
MURPHY                                 Lucinda
MURPHY                                 Margaret
MURPHY                                 Peter
MURPHY                                 S
MURPHY                                 Thomas
MURPHY (CW)                            Timothy
MURPHY LAWYER                          Catharine
MURPHY WEARMAN                         Margaret J
MYERS                                  Peter
MYERS EMPIE                            Mary A
MYERS ESTES                            Sarah A
NELLIS                                 Rosene
NORMAN                                 Alva
NORMAN                                 Fred
NORMAN                                 William
NORMAN BIRGE                           Laura E
NORTH                                  Henrietta
NORTH                                  John B
OLIVER                                 Angeline L
OLIVER                                 George W
OLIVER                                 Mary C
ONDERDONK SCHELL                       Lacetta
OTTMAN                                 George L
OTTMAN                                 Georgiana
PACKER                                 J Edwin
PALMATIER                              Abram
PALMATIER                              Elvira
PALMATIER                              Susan
PALMATIER ECKERSON                     Elvira
PANGBURN                               John M
PANGBURN                               Maria
PARROTT THROOP                         Eva M
PATRICK (WWI)                          Howard
PATROVITS                              Ruddy
PAYNE                                  Palmer J
PE RUE                                 Addie L
PE RUE                                 George E
PE RUE                                 George J
PE RUE                                 Mary
PE RUE                                 Mary E
PEAK SMITH                             Philena
PECK                                   Heth
PECK                                   Mary
PECK                                   Sally
PERUE (KOR)                            Lloyd H
PETRIE                                 Catharine
PETRIE                                 Conrad
PHELPS                                 Mary
PHILLIPS                               Mary
PHILLIPS                               Peter
PICKETT                                Leda L
PICKETT                                Leland R
PIERCE                                 Ray William
PIERMAN                                Michael
PIERSON                                Amy
PLANK                                  Edward
PLANK                                  Mary
PLANK                                  Oliver F
PLUE                                   Charlotte M
PLUE                                   Christian
PLUE                                   Cornelius E
PLUE                                   Woodrow
POLMATEER                              Dora M
POLMATEER                              George T
PORTER                                 Bethiah
PORTER                                 Infant
PORTER                                 Infant
PORTER                                 Jane
PORTER DELANEY                         Anna Maria
POSSON                                 Charles
POSSON                                 Dianna
POSSON                                 Evaretta
POSSON                                 Henry
POSSON                                 Jennet T
POSSON                                 Mary
POSSON                                 Peter
POSSON                                 Peter W
POSSON                                 Polly
POSSON                                 Rossannah
POSSON                                 William
PROPER (WWI)                           James Howard
PROPER YOUNG                           Elizabeth
PULLEN                                 Frances
PULLEN                                 John H.
PULLEN                                 John H.
PULLEN                                 Julia E.
PULLEN                                 Julia E.
PULLEN                                 Leon J.
PULLEN                                 Leon J.
PULLEN DOX                             Melvina J.
RACE LAWYER                            Susan M
RAGAN                                  Ethel
RAGAN                                  Kenneth I
RAGAN                                  Larry K
RAGAN                                  Samuel J
REDINGTON                              Miriam
REDINGTON (RW)                         John
REDINGTON SHUTTS                       Cornelia
REYNOLDS MANNING                       Lillian
RICE BOYCE                             Hannah
RICH                                   Abram S
RICH                                   Esther M
RICH                                   George
RICH                                   George S
RICH                                   Jane
RICH                                   Nancy C
RICH BABCOCK                           Sophina
RICHTMYER                              Catharine R
RICHTMYER                              David C
RICHTMYER SCRIBNER                     Carrie L
RICK RICH                              Jane
RICKARD                                Clarence
RICKARD                                Henrietta
RICKARD                                John J
RICKARD                                Lucinda
RICKARD                                Madison
RIDER                                  Catharine Ann
RIDER                                  David S
RIDER                                  Joshua
RIDER                                  Priscilla J
RIDER (CW)                             Asa B
ROBBINS (KOR)                          Charles C
ROBINSON                               Elmirah
ROBINSON                               Luther
ROBINSON STARKWEATHER                  Mary
ROBINSON WILSON                        Elmirah
ROCKWELL                               Adaline
ROCKWELL                               Albert B
ROCKWELL                               Alfred
ROCKWELL                               Alice E
ROCKWELL                               Desire
ROCKWELL                               Elias
ROCKWELL                               Elisabeth
ROCKWELL                               Freeman G
ROCKWELL                               Herbert H
ROCKWELL                               Isaiah
ROCKWELL                               Mary A
ROCKWELL                               William
ROCKWELL                               William
ROCKWELL WASHBURN                      Elizabeth M
ROGERS                                 Martha
ROGERS                                 Thomas
ROGERS KLOCK                           Susie E
RORICK (WWII)                          Lawyer
ROSCOE                                 Emma J
ROSCOE                                 William E
ROSCOE DEAN                            Emily Eliza
ROSE DURFEE                            Maggie
ROSEKRANS WILTY                        Arietta
ROWLISON TRUDELL                       Evelyn
RUSSELL CLINE                          Althea
SADDLEMIRE                             Hazel A
SADDLEMIRE                             Lisle
SAFFORD                                Catharine
SAFFORD                                George
SANFORD HAWES                          Ruby A
SAUER (WWI)                            George C
SCHAEFER (RW)                          Jacob
SCHAEFFER                              Albert
SCHAEFFER                              Caroline A
SCHAEFFER (RW)                         M.
SCHAEFFER (WWII)                       Claude M
SCHAFFER WARNER                        Mariah
SCHELL                                 Abraham
SCHELL                                 Abram
SCHELL                                 Albert R
SCHELL                                 Betsey
SCHELL                                 Catharine
SCHELL                                 Charles
SCHELL                                 David
SCHELL                                 David L
SCHELL                                 Ellen
SCHELL                                 Hannah
SCHELL                                 Joannas
SCHELL                                 Lacetta
SCHELL                                 LeGrand
SCHELL                                 Marion
SCHELL                                 Mary A
SCHELL                                 Minnie
SCHELL                                 Robert C
SCHELL                                 Sanford
SCHELL (WWII)                          Charlotte L
SCHELL LIVINGSTON                      Anita
SCHELL SCHOOLCRAFT                     Maria
SCHERMERHORN                           Hannah
SCHERMERHORN                           William H
SCHOOLCRAFT                            Albert
SCHOOLCRAFT                            Jacob F
SCHOOLCRAFT                            Maria
SCHOOLCRAFT WILTY                      Minnie M
SCHROM                                 Isabell
SCHROM                                 William
SCHUYLER HILLS                         Nettie
SCOTT                                  Darius B
SCOTT                                  Elizabeth M
SCOTT                                  Willis W
SCOTT (KOR)                            James W
SCOTT FERGUSON                         Ann
SCRIBNER                               Ann Eliza
SCRIBNER                               Carrie L
SCRIBNER                               Charles W
SCRIBNER                               Edward M
SCRIBNER                               John M
SCRIBNER                               Mary
SCRIBNER                               Myron E
SCRIBNER                               Willis L
SCRIBNER (WWII)                        Edward M
SCRIPTURE                              Sophia
SCRIPTURE ANTHONY                      Laura
SCROM                                  Christopher
SCROM                                  Magdalene
SCUTT FELKER                           Sarah
SEARS TRUMPFHELLER                     Helen M
SEELEY                                 Mary
SELLECK                                Margaret
SETTLE WARNER                          Nancy E
SEVERSON                               Mary J
SEVERSON                               Peter
SEXTON BROWN                           Sophrona A
SHAEFFER                               John H
SHAFER                                 Elizabeth
SHAFER                                 Elizabeth
SHAFER                                 George
SHAFER                                 Jane Ann
SHAFER                                 Lany
SHAFER                                 Leonora C
SHAFER                                 Peter H
SHAFER                                 Sophia
SHAFER (CW)                            Paul
SHAFER (RW)                            Henry
SHAFER EMPIE                           Sophia
SHAFER KILTS                           Melvina
SHAFER SHANK                           Mary
SHAFER SHANK                           Permelia
SHANK                                  David H
SHANK                                  Elizabeth
SHANK                                  John F
SHANK                                  Mary
SHANK                                  Nancy
SHANK                                  Paul
SHANK                                  Permelia
SHANK                                  Sabastian
SHANK                                  William H
SHARP BRADT                            Nancy Maria
SHAVER                                 Lance Vernon
SHAVER (SERV)                          Lance Vernon
SHAVER FRANCE                          Famey
SHELL                                  Catharine
SHELL                                  Daniel
SHELL                                  Helena
SHELL                                  John J.
SHELL                                  Margaret
SHELL                                  Peter
SHELL                                  Peter
SHELL                                  Sophia
SHELL HINMAN                           Sophia C
SHOLTES BECKER                         Catherine E
SHUFELT                                Jerusha
SHUFELT                                Philip
SHUFELT THORINGTON                     Jerusha
SHULTUS LAWTON                         Eva
SHUTTS                                 Cornelia
SIDNEY                                 Christina
SIDNEY BELLINGER                       Christina
SIMKINS                                Catharine
SIMKINS                                Nelson
SIPPERLEY                              Charity
SIXBEY                                 Abraham
SIXBEY                                 Charlotte
SLINGERLAND                            Jacob
SLINGERLAND                            Libbie
SLINGERLAND                            Mary C
SMITH                                  Catherine
SMITH                                  Daniel W
SMITH                                  John C.
SMITH                                  Philena
SMITH KILTS                            Elizabeth
SMOKE                                  Margaret
SNYDER                                 Anna Catharina
SNYDER                                 Augustus
SNYDER                                 Benjamin
SNYDER                                 Catharine
SNYDER                                 Catharine
SNYDER                                 Gideon
SNYDER                                 Hannah M
SNYDER                                 John L
SNYDER                                 Leah
SNYDER                                 Lucy
SNYDER                                 Peter
SNYDER                                 Peter W
SNYDER                                 Rebecca
SNYDER                                 William
SNYDER (RW)                            Jacob
SNYDER GORDON                          Sarah A
SNYDER HAYS                            Hannah M
SNYDER HOWE                            Lavina
SNYDER LOUCKS                          Catharine
SODEN                                  Flora E
SOMMARS STROBECK                       Margaret
SOMMER                                 Maria
SOMMER                                 Peter Nicholas
SON                                    Jane
SON                                    Thomas W
SONS (CW)                              George
SPATEHOLTS EARLS                       Nellie
SPRAKER LAWYER                         Nancy
SPRINGSTEAD                            Elsie
STALL                                  Elizabeth
STALL                                  Eve Ann
STALL                                  Peter
STANDHART                              Chris A
STANTON                                Phylena
STANTON BROWNELL                       Phylena
STARKWEATHER                           Mary
STERNBERG MERENESS                     Rebecca
STEVEN                                 Eucenia A
STEVENS                                Susan
STEVENS PALMATIER                      Susan
STONE LEONARD                          Harriet M
STRAIL DEVENPECK                       Ellen L
STRAIL DOX                             Sophronia J.
STRAIN FOX                             Henrietta
STROBECK                               Amanda
STROBECK                               Elizabeth
STROBECK                               Jeremiah
STROBECK                               Julia
STROBECK                               Margaret
STROBECK                               Nicholas
STROBECK CHASE                         Ellen
SUTHERLAND DORN                        Mary
SWART                                  Gertrude
SWART                                  Peter P
SWART SCRIBNER                         Ann Eliza
SWEET                                  Mary E
SWEET (CW)                             John S
SWEET KNISKERN                         Sarah
SWEET MILLER                           Adaline
SWIFT ENGLE                            Mary A
TABER                                  Deborah
TABER                                  John
TAGGART                                Elizabeth
TAGGART                                Emma J
TAGGART                                Morgan
TAGGART (CW)                           James
TAILY EMPIE                            Mary
TATOR                                  Elizabeth
TAYLOR                                 Virginia S
TAYLOR (WWII)                          George R
TERPENING                              Caroline
TERPENING                              Catharine
TERPENING                              David
TERRELL                                Anita
TERRELL                                Frank
TERRELL                                Ida H
TERRELL                                Mabel L
TERRELL (WWII)                         Hilton L
TERRELL VOKE                           Anita
THORINGTON                             George E
THORINGTON                             Jerusha
THROOP                                 Charles M
THROOP                                 Eva Ann
THROOP                                 Eva M
THROOP                                 Jabez W
THROOP                                 Mary Lawyer
THROOP                                 Origen Brigham
THROOP                                 Pamela
THROOP                                 Pamela H
THROOP GALLUP                          Eunice H
TICE                                   Emeline
TICE HAGADORN                          Maria
TIFFANY (CW)                           George
TILLAPAUGH                             Catharine A
TILLAPAUGH                             Henry
TILLAPAUGH                             William H
TILLAPAUGH SEELEY                      Mary
TINKLER                                Daniel
TOMPKINS                               Edgar F
TOMPKINS                               James H
TOMPKINS                               Margaret
TOMPKINS                               Roney P
TOTTEN                                 Catherine
TOTTEN                                 Levi
TOTTEN                                 Maribah
TOWNSEND EFNER                         Elizabeth
TOWNSEND EFNER                         Eva
TOWNSEND RICHTMYER                     Catharine R
TRABER HAGADORN                        Jennie E
TRACY ROSCOE                           Emma J
TROMP                                  Vivian A
TROMP (WWII)                           Herman James
TRUAX                                  Florence M
TRUAX                                  Frank
TRUDELL                                Donald
TRUDELL                                Evelyn
TRUMPFHELLER                           Helen M
TRYON (WWI)                            Otis
TURNER ABELL                           Frances A
UTLEY                                  Catherine M
UTLEY                                  Grace Empie
UTLEY                                  James Seward
UTLEY                                  Ruth Nancy
VAN ALSTINE                            Anna
VAN ARNIN BROWN                        Elizabeth
VAN DERWERKEN                          Catherine O
VAN DERWERKEN                          Eliza Ann
VAN DERWERKEN                          George R
VAN DERWERKEN                          John H
VAN DERWERKEN                          Lydia Ann
VAN DERWERKEN                          Mary
VAN DERWERKEN                          Olive M
VAN DERWERKEN                          Robert A
VAN DERWERKEN (CW)                     Andrew J
VAN DERWERKEN SODEN                    Flora E
VAN DYCK                               Lucy
VAN DYCK (CW)                          Henry H
VAN DYKE                               Walter C
VAN DYKE (WWI)                         Lawyer J
VAN NATTA                              Caroline
VAN NATTA                              Hannah
VAN NATTA                              William
VAN VALKENBURG                         Adam
VAN VALKENBURG                         Mary Polly
VAN VALKENBURG                         Rachel
VAN VECHTEN                            Christina
VAN WAGANEN                            Emily
VAN WAGANEN                            Rynear
VAN WAGENEN                            Ella
VAN WAGENEN HOUGHKIRK                  Ella
VAN ZANDT                              Frances
VANDER GROEF                           Emmaria
VANDER GROEF (KOR)                     Ronald
VANVALKENBURG                          Adam
VANVALKENBURG                          Elizabeth
VANVALKENBURG                          John J. A.
VANVALKENBURG                          Leah
VANVALKENBURG                          Peter A
VANVALKENBURG                          Sophia
VOGEL                                  Charles F
VOGEL                                  Elizabeth Bouck
VOGEL                                  Frederick
VOGLER (WWII)                          Robert A
VOKE                                   Anita
VOKE                                   Charles Gilman
VOORHEES TOTTEN                        Catherine
VROMAN                                 Anneliza
VROMAN                                 Catharine
VROMAN                                 Catharine
VROMAN                                 Cornelicus P
VROMAN                                 Elizabeth
VROMAN                                 Emma
VROMAN                                 Ephraim
VROMAN                                 Harman
VROMAN                                 Henry
VROMAN                                 Josiah
VROMAN                                 Josiah E
VROMAN                                 Margaret
VROMAN (RW)                            Peter
VROMAN (WWII)                          William D
VROMAN LAWYER                          Elizabeth
VROMAN LOUCKS                          Margaret
VROOMAN                                Adam
VROOMAN                                Jonas
VROOMAN YOUNG                          Anna
WADKINS REDINGTON                      Miriam
WAGNER (VN)                            Bruce C
WALDORF BOYCE                          Charity
WALKER                                 David Earl
WALKER                                 Joan Dolores
WANDS                                  Elmer
WANDS                                  James F
WANDS                                  Joseph E
WANDS                                  Laura
WANDS                                  Mary C
WANDS (WWI)                            Allen Edward
WARNER                                 Charity
WARNER                                 Eve A
WARNER                                 George
WARNER                                 John Freeman
WARNER                                 John H
WARNER                                 Judson J
WARNER                                 Kate
WARNER                                 Maria
WARNER                                 Mariah
WARNER                                 Nancy
WARNER                                 Nancy E
WARNER                                 Raymond A
WARNER (RW)                            George
WARNER (VN)                            Gary Bruce
WARNER KEYSER                          Jane
WARNER SHAFER                          Elizabeth
WARNER SNYDER                          Catharine
WASHBURN                               Elizabeth M
WATSON                                 M M
WAYMAN YOUNGS                          Nettie May
WEARMAN                                Margaret J
WEAVER                                 David H
WEAVER                                 Elizabeth
WEAVER                                 Hannah
WEAVER PANGBURN                        Maria
WEBB GIDLEY                            Harriett A
WEBER                                  Magdalene
WEIDMAN                                Abraham I
WEIDMAN                                Cornelia E
WEIDMAN                                Ellery
WEIR                                   George
WEIR (WWII)                            George
WELCH                                  Harvey
WELCH                                  Harvey
WELCH (CW)                             Harvey
WELLS ROCKWELL                         Adaline
WEST PLANK                             Mary
WEST SCHELL                            Marion
WEST THROOP                            Pamela
WEST WEAVER                            Elizabeth
WESTFALL                               Arrietta
WESTFALL                               Earl S
WETSEL TILLAPAUGH                      Catharine A
WEVER                                  Cornelia
WHEELER                                Samuel
WHEELER (WWII)                         Donald J
WHIPPLE                                Caroline C
WHITCOMB BOOMHOWER                     Submit
WICKS DEVENPECK                        Eva
WILBER                                 Benjamin P
WILBER                                 Hariet C
WILBER (WWI)                           Alva
WILBER (WWII)                          Ralph W
WILDER                                 Augustus
WILES NELLIS                           Rosene
WILLIAMS                               David
WILLIAMS                               David C
WILLIAMS                               Nancy
WILLIAMS BABCOCK                       Elmina
WILLIAMS NORTH                         Henrietta
WILLSEY                                Abraham G
WILLSEY                                David
WILLSEY                                Fannie E
WILLSEY                                Margaret
WILLSEY HAYES                          Fannie E
WILLSEY HAYES                          Margaret
WILLSEY WILBER                         Hariet C
WILSEY                                 Carla Ann
WILSEY                                 Cornelia
WILSEY                                 Joseph
WILSEY                                 Peter I
WILSEY                                 Tina
WILSON                                 Elmirah
WILSON VAN VALKENBURG                  Rachel
WILTEY                                 Donald
WILTEY                                 Dortha M
WILTEY                                 Edward
WILTEY                                 Nora
WILTIE                                 John
WILTY                                  Arietta
WILTY                                  David
WILTY                                  Jacob H
WILTY                                  Mary Ann
WILTY                                  Miner
WILTY                                  Minnie M
WILTY                                  Walter S
WINNE (WWII)                           Robert F
WINNIE                                 Barbra A
WINNIE                                 Catharine
WINTERS VAN DERWERKEN                  Lydia Ann
WISE                                   John
WOLFORD                                Richard
WOOD                                   Abigail H
WOOD                                   Austin
WOOD                                   Dorothy
WOOD                                   Eunice
WOOD                                   Henry
WOOD                                   Julia
WOOD                                   Rodolphus H
WOOD                                   Stanley
WOOD ALBRO                             Ann E
WOOD DURFEE                            Elizabeth
WOODBECK                               Ethel G
WOODBECK                               Lloyd
WOODCOCK WANDS                         Laura
WOODIN CROSS                           Mary
WOOLSON                                Mahala
WOOLSON                                Roswell
WRIGHT                                 Caroline
WRIGHT                                 Caroline
WRIGHT                                 Edward F
WRIGHT                                 Henry
WRIGHT                                 John C
WRIGHT                                 Louisa
WRIGHT                                 Monemia
WRIGHT CASE                            Elizabeth
WRIGHT PULLEN                          Julia E.
WRIGHT PULLEN                          Julia E.
YAGER SNYDER                           Anna Catharina
YOUNG                                  Addie M
YOUNG                                  Andrew J
YOUNG                                  Anna
YOUNG                                  Beatrice G
YOUNG                                  Clara M
YOUNG                                  Cornelius
YOUNG                                  David
YOUNG                                  Deborah
YOUNG                                  Demosthenese
YOUNG                                  Elizabeth
YOUNG                                  Elizabeth
YOUNG                                  Ellen Elizabeth
YOUNG                                  Ellen Jane
YOUNG                                  Emmor
YOUNG                                  Garret
YOUNG                                  George
YOUNG                                  George S
YOUNG                                  Gideon
YOUNG                                  Hannah
YOUNG                                  Hulda
YOUNG                                  Isabell
YOUNG                                  James
YOUNG                                  James M
YOUNG                                  Janetta
YOUNG                                  John
YOUNG                                  John G
YOUNG                                  Josiah
YOUNG                                  Lany Ann
YOUNG                                  Mabel
YOUNG                                  Maglana
YOUNG                                  Margaret
YOUNG                                  Margaret Ann
YOUNG                                  Margaret E
YOUNG                                  Margaret E
YOUNG                                  Matthew
YOUNG                                  Nancy
YOUNG                                  Peter
YOUNG                                  Peter B
YOUNG                                  Philip
YOUNG                                  Sally
YOUNG                                  Samuel James
YOUNG (WWI)                            Clinton G
YOUNG (WWII)                           Harold J
YOUNG DAVIDSON                         Margaret
YOUNG FRENCH                           Isabell
YOUNG MOWERS                           Eliza
YOUNG PETRIE                           Catharine
YOUNG SCHELL                           Minnie
YOUNGS                                 Jane
YOUNGS                                 John M
YOUNGS                                 Martha V
YOUNGS                                 Myron S
YOUNGS                                 Nettie May
YOUNGS                                 William H
ZEH                                    Eliza
ZEH                                    Julia A D
ZEH                                    Peter
ZIMMER                                 Eve
ZIMMER                                 Mary E
ZIMMER                                 Miner P
ZIMMER                                 Paul
ZIMMER                                 Paul R
ZIMMER                                 Rozell
ZIMMER                                 Watson
ZIMMER BROWN                           Elmira
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