Seneca County, New York
Gravestone Photo Project

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Seneca County, New York Gravestone Photo Project

Column One: Surname (if 2 surnames is given, maiden then married surname)
FI = French-Indian | RW = Revolutionary War | IW = Indian Wars | 1812 = War of 1812 | MEX = Mexican War | CW = Civil War | SA = Spanish American War |
PI = Philippine Insurrection | WWI = World War I | WWII = World War II | KOR = Korean Conflict | VN = Vietnam War | WT = War on Terrorism
Column Two: Given

BACHMAN                                Abraham
BACHMAN                                Alonzo
BACHMAN                                Anna
BACHMAN                                Charles
BACHMAN                                Eugenia
BACHMAN                                George
BACHMAN                                Jacob
BACHMAN                                Joseph C.
BACHMAN                                Mary J.
BACHMAN                                Sarah
BACHMAN (RW)                           George
BAINBRIDGE                             Ann Catherine
BAINBRIDGE                             Cyrus
BAINBRIDGE                             Mary P.
BAINBRIDGE                             Nellie
BAINBRIDGE                             Ruth
BAINBRIDGE                             Sarah C.
BALDRIDGE                              Alexander
BALDRIDGE                              Alice
BALDRIDGE                              Charles J.
BALDRIDGE                              Clarence
BALDRIDGE                              Eliza
BALDRIDGE                              Elizabeth
BALDRIDGE                              Flora B.
BALDRIDGE                              Hervey
BALDRIDGE                              Infant son
BALDRIDGE                              Mabel
BALDRIDGE                              Mary A.
BALDRIDGE                              Raymond W.
BALDRIDGE                              Susan A.
BALDRIDGE                              Willis
BALDRIDGE                              Willis R.
BALDRIDGE (WWI)                        Willis R.
BARTLETT                               Abigail
BARTLETT                               Andrew Jackson
BARTLETT                               Benjamin
BARTLETT                               Ebenezer Seely
BARTLETT                               Ebenezer Seely
BARTLETT                               Ebenezer Seely
BARTLETT                               Eliza
BARTLETT                               Emma
BARTLETT                               Emma Louise
BARTLETT                               Haynes
BARTLETT                               John C.
BARTLETT                               Nancy A.
BARTLETT (RW)                          Haynes
BEENEY BALDRIDGE                       Mary A.
BENNEY                                 Mary A
BOICE                                  Cornelius
BOICE                                  Jane
BOICE                                  John Coreill
BOICE                                  Lewis
BOICE                                  Mary Jane
BOICE                                  Rebecca
BOYCE                                  Fulcard S.
BOYCE                                  Hannah
BOYCE                                  Maria
BOYCE                                  Rebecca Ann
CARRELL                                William R.
CAYWOOD                                Mary E
CAYWOOD MCCOY                          Mary E.
COMBS                                  Charles
COMBS                                  Mary
COMPTON                                Jane
CONKLIN                                Stoddard
COOLEY                                 Bertha Alma
COOLEY                                 Eda Alice
COOLEY                                 Eva Bell
CORYELL                                Abigail
CORYELL                                Benjamin Sutton
CORYELL                                Charlie
CORYELL                                Emma G.
CORYELL                                Jennie Simmons
CORYELL                                John
CORYELL                                John Harvey
CORYELL                                Leapha D.
CORYELL                                Louise
CORYELL                                Nancy A
CORYELL                                Newman P.
CORYELL                                Susan L.
CORYELL (CW)                           Benjamin Sutton
CORYELL BARTLETT                       Nancy A.
CORYELL REIGLE                         Louise
COVERT                                 Elizabeth
COVERT                                 Horatio J.
COVERT SEBRING                         Elizabeth
CRANE                                  Daniel
CRANE                                  Rachel
DRISCOLL                               Leonard
EMERICK                                Sarah
EMERICK BACHMAN                        Sarah
FINTON                                 Frances
FINTON                                 James D.
FINTON                                 Zerviah S.
FOLWELL                                George F.
FOLWELL                                Jane
FOLWELL                                William W.
FRELIGH                                Anna
FRELIGH                                George
FRELIGH                                Laura
GIBSON                                 Jennie Simmons
GIBSON                                 Margaret
GIBSON                                 Robert
GIBSON (CW)                            Robert
GIBSON CORYELL                         Jennie Simmons
GILLETT                                Luther M.
HAWKS                                  Caroline
HAWKS SAYRE                            Caroline
HILL                                   Irene
HILL HOLTON                            Irene
HOLTON                                 Angeline
HOLTON                                 Edward N.
HOLTON                                 Elizabeth
HOLTON                                 Elizabeth
HOLTON                                 Ella A.
HOLTON                                 Eugene K.
HOLTON                                 Firmon
HOLTON                                 Henry T.
HOLTON                                 Irene
HOLTON                                 Jane
HOLTON                                 Lemuel P.
HOLTON                                 Lucy A
HOLTON                                 Walter B.
HOLTON REIGLE                          Lucy A.
HUFF                                   Charles Clarence
HUFF                                   Ellen
HUFF                                   Floyd R.
HUFF                                   G. Lucille
HUFF                                   G. Seymour
HUFF                                   James A
HUFF                                   Jennie S.
HUFF                                   Lena
HUFF (CW)                              James A.
HUNT                                   Joseph T.
HUNT                                   Mary
HUNT                                   Peter R.
JAQUES                                 Albert
JAQUES                                 Albert, Jr
JAQUES                                 Catharine W.
JAQUES                                 Catherine
JAQUES                                 Nancy C.
JOHNSON                                Lesbia
KINNE                                  Barbara B.
KINNE                                  Wisner P.
KNAPP                                  Lucy P
KNAPP SAYRE                            Lucy P.
LEWIS                                  Sarah M.
MALASKA                                Olga
MALASKA REIGLE                         Olga
MARTIN                                 Eugenia
MARTIN BACHMAN                         Eugenia
MAUGER                                 Mary
MAUGER RIEGEL                          Mary
MCCOY                                  C. George
MCCOY                                  Cornelius Boice
MCCOY                                  Ellen
MCCOY                                  Lois
MCCOY                                  Mary E.
MCCOY HUFF                             Ellen
MCWHORTER                              Anna
MCWHORTER SIMPSON                      Anna
MOSES                                  Franklin P
MOSES                                  Franklin P.
MOSES (WWII)                           Franklin P.
NEVIUS                                 Jane
NEVIUS VOORHEES                        Jane
NYE                                    Jane M.
PACK                                   Isaac
RAIL                                   Betsy
RAIL                                   Mary
RAIL                                   Sarah
RAPPLEYE                               Angeline
RAPPLEYE                               Jane
RAPPLEYE HOLTON                        Angeline
RAPPLEYE HOLTON                        Jane
REED                                   Susan M.
REED                                   William
REIGEL                                 Betsey E.
REIGEL                                 Susan M
REIGEL REED                            Susan M.
REIGLE                                 Eugene H.
REIGLE                                 F. Leaell
REIGLE                                 Foster L.
REIGLE                                 Frank A.
REIGLE                                 John Clifford
REIGLE                                 John H.
REIGLE                                 Louise
REIGLE                                 Lucy A.
REIGLE                                 May Bell
REIGLE                                 Olga
RIEGEL                                 Araminta
RIEGEL                                 Benjamin
RIEGEL                                 David
RIEGEL                                 Edward
RIEGEL                                 Elizabeth
RIEGEL                                 Elizabeth
RIEGEL                                 George
RIEGEL                                 Jacob
RIEGEL                                 Jacob
RIEGEL                                 Jacob
RIEGEL                                 James M.
RIEGEL                                 John Henry
RIEGEL                                 Mary
RIEGEL                                 Mary
RIEGEL                                 Mary
RIEGEL                                 Sarah Ellen
RIEGEL                                 William A.
RIEGEL RUNYAN                          Elizabeth
RIEGEL RUNYAN                          Elizabeth
RIEGEL WOLF                            Elizabeth
RIEGEL WOLF                            Elizabeth
ROSEBOOM                               Joshua
ROSEBOOM                               Rebecca
RUNYAN                                 Benjamin S.
RUNYAN                                 Elizabeth
RUNYAN                                 Elizabeth
SAYRE                                  Belle L.
SAYRE                                  Caroline
SAYRE                                  Carrie M.
SAYRE                                  Charles E.
SAYRE                                  Daniel B.
SAYRE                                  Edward
SAYRE                                  Edward
SAYRE                                  Emma A.
SAYRE                                  John
SAYRE                                  John Jr.
SAYRE                                  Lucy P.
SAYRE                                  Mary
SAYRE                                  Mary E.
SAYRE                                  Nellie M.
SAYRE                                  Susan A.
SAYRE                                  Temperance
SAYRE                                  William
SAYRE                                  susan
SAYRE (CW)                             Daniel B.
SAYRE CORYELL                          Susan L.
SAYRE SWARTHOUT                        Susan
SEBRING                                Catherine
SEBRING                                Cornelius
SEBRING                                Elizabeth
SEBRING                                Folkerd
SEBRING                                John
SEBRING                                John C.
SEBRING                                Mary
SEBRING                                Nelly
SEBRING                                Phebe
SEBRING COMPTON                        Jane
SEBRING SEBRING                        Mary
SEELY                                  Edward
SEELY                                  Hiram
SEELY                                  Jonas
SEELY                                  Laura
SEELY                                  Lesbia
SEELY                                  Lesbia
SEELY                                  Mary
SEELY JOHNSON                          Lesbia
SEELY VAN HORNE                        Mary
SIMMER                                 Sarah
SIMPSON                                Anna
SIMPSON                                Bertha H.
SIMPSON                                Charles H.
SIMPSON                                Harry
SMALLEY                                Abigail
SMALLEY                                David I.
SMALLEY                                Estella
SMALLEY                                G. Dana
SMALLEY                                G. Dana
SMALLEY                                Harriet E.
SMALLEY                                Nancy
SMALLEY CORYELL                        Abigail
SMITH                                  Mary Bell
SMITH REIGLE                           May Bell
STANLEY                                Susan A
STANLEY SAYRE                          Susan A.
STOFLET                                Lewis
STOFLET                                Lodwick
STOFLET                                Sarah
STOFLET                                Susan
STOFLET RAIL                           Sarah
STOFLET SIMMER                         Sarah
STULTS                                 Flora B
STULTS                                 Harriett P.
STULTS                                 Hiram L.
STULTS BALDRIDGE                       Flora B.
SUTTON                                 Caroline
SWARTHOUT                              Caroline
SWARTHOUT                              Coe
SWARTHOUT                              Mary
SWARTHOUT                              Susan
SWARTHOUT SAYRE                        Mary
TERHUNE                                Albert M.
TERHUNE                                Albert M.
TERHUNE                                Lydia J.
TERHUNE (CW)                           Albert M.
TORREY                                 Eliza M
TORREY                                 Eliza M.
TORREY                                 William
TOWNLEY                                Abner S.
TOWNLEY                                Charles W.
TOWNLEY                                David S.
TOWNLEY                                Eliza
TOWNLEY                                Matthias
TUCKER SMALLEY                         Nancy
UPDIKE                                 Emma G
UPDIKE CORYELL                         Emma G
VAN HORNE                              John D.
VAN HORNE                              Mary
VAN VLEET                              Caroline
VAN VLEET                              Caroline
VAN VLEET                              Caroline P.
VAN VLEET                              Clarissa
VAN VLEET                              Dolly
VAN VLEET                              Jared
VAN VLEET SUTTON                       Caroline
VAN VOORHEES                           Nelly
VAN VOORHEES SEBRING                   Nelly
VOORHEES                               Addie M.
VOORHEES                               Henry
VOORHEES                               Jane
VOORHEES                               John
VOORHEES                               John
VOORHEES                               Peter W.
VOORHEES                               Stephen
VOORHEES                               Stephen
VOORHEES                               Stephen
VREELAND                               John B. C.
VREELAND                               Julia Ann
WALLACE                                Margaret
WALLACE GIBSON                         Margaret
WATRUS                                 James
WATRUS SAYRE                           Temperance
WETZEL                                 Eliza
WETZEL TOWNLEY                         Eliza
WHITEFORD                              Catherine
WHITEFORD JAQUES                       Catherine
WILKINSON                              Eliza
WILKINSON                              Susan A
WILKINSON BALDRIDGE                    Eliza
WILKINSON BALDRIDGE                    Susan A.
WOLF                                   Barbary
WOLF                                   Christian
WOLF                                   Eli
WOLF                                   Elizabeth
WOLF                                   Elizabeth
WOLF                                   Isaiah
WOLF                                   John
WOLF                                   John J.
WOLF                                   John J.
WOODRUFF                               Ella A
WOODRUFF HOLTON                        Ella A.
WOODWORTH                              Elizabeth
WOODWORTH HOLTON                       Elizabeth
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