Tompkins County, New York
Gravestone Photo Project

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Tompkins County, New York Gravestone Photo Project

Column One: Surname (if 2 surnames is given, maiden then married surname)
FI = French-Indian | RW = Revolutionary War | IW = Indian Wars | 1812 = War of 1812 | MEX = Mexican War | CW = Civil War | SA = Spanish American War |
PI = Philippine Insurrection | WWI = World War I | WWII = World War II | KOR = Korean Conflict | VN = Vietnam War | WT = War on Terrorism
Column Two: Given

ACKLEY                                 Emily Jane
ACKLEY                                 Frances
ACKLEY                                 Henry
ACKLEY                                 Henry Dewitt
ACKLEY                                 Julia E
ACKLEY                                 Lydia
ADAMS                                  Jeremiah
ADAMS                                  Nelson Fanning
ADAMS (CW)                             Nelson Fanning
ALEXANDER                              Nancie
ALEXANDER                              Robert
BABCOCK                                George
BAKER                                  Abraham
BAKER                                  Huldah
BILLINGS                               Charles
BILLINGS                               Charles, Jr.
BILLINGS                               Nellie
BILLINGS                               Pina
BILLINGS                               infant
BISHOP                                 Hannah
BISHOP                                 James
BROWER                                 Ollie H
BROWER RUMSEY                          Ollie H.
BROWN                                  Abraham
BROWN                                  Abraham
BROWN                                  Aceneth Seana
BROWN                                  Aceneth Seana
BROWN                                  Adonirum
BROWN                                  Alvah
BROWN                                  Alvah D.
BROWN                                  Alvah D.
BROWN                                  Alvah Sr
BROWN                                  Amanda
BROWN                                  Amanda
BROWN                                  Arthur I.
BROWN                                  Donald
BROWN                                  Elbert C.
BROWN                                  Elizabeth
BROWN                                  Ermina L.
BROWN                                  Gertrude
BROWN                                  Isaac
BROWN                                  Lydia A.
BROWN                                  Nancie
BROWN                                  Olive
BROWN                                  Sally
BROWN                                  Susannah
BROWN ALEXANDER                        Nancie
BROWN GROVER                           Amanda
BROWN GROVER                           Sally
BROWN ROCKWELL                         Olive
BRYANT                                 John
BUCK                                   Benson
BUCK                                   Laura
BUTTERS                                Alina
BUTTERS                                Leroy
CARMAN                                 Emmor
CARMAN                                 Maria
CARPENTER                              Jay
CARPENTER                              Marian
CLARK                                  Lydia A
CLARK BROWN                            Lydia A.
COLEGROVE                              Mary C.
COLEGROVE                              Nancy
COLEGROVE                              Silas
COLEGROVE                              Silas, Jr.
CRAIG                                  Charity
DEPEW                                  Hattie
DICKINSON                              Asa B. C.
DREW                                   Stewart W.
DREW (KOR)                             Stewart W
DREW (VN)                              Stewart W
DREW (WWII)                            Stewart W
DUBOIS                                 Emma A.
EDMONSTON                              Esther M
EDMONSTON WALLENBECK                   Esther M.
ELLISON                                Sarah
ELLISON                                Susan
ELLISTON                               Elizabeth J.
ELLISTON GROVER                        Elizabeth J.
FOLLETT                                Emily
FOLLETT                                Nancy A.
FOOTE                                  George W.
FOOTE                                  Marion
FOOTE                                  Mildred L.
FOOTE                                  William H.
FREAR                                  Lewis B.
FREY                                   Stella Elizabeth
FREY (WWI)                             Stella Elizabeth
GANOUNG                                Clifford A.
GANOUNG                                Eva M.
GENUNG                                 Anna B.
GENUNG                                 Elizabeth F.
GENUNG                                 Jessie A.
GENUNG                                 Richard B.
GOFF                                   Marion
GOFF FOOTE                             Marion
GOODWIN                                Jane B.
GOTT                                   Mary Coleman
GOTT STARR                             Mary Coleman
GROVER                                 Amanda
GROVER                                 Catharine
GROVER                                 Edna
GROVER                                 Elizabeth J.
GROVER                                 Ira
GROVER                                 Ira C.
GROVER                                 Ira S.
GROVER                                 Lemi
GROVER                                 Mae E.
GROVER                                 Mary Catherine
GROVER                                 Peter
GROVER                                 Sally
HALL                                   David
HALL                                   Elizabeth
HALL                                   Eugene
HALL                                   Lila L.
HALL                                   Martha
HALL                                   Mary
HALL                                   William
HAYT                                   Sarah A
HAYT LEWIS                             Sarah A.
HERRON                                 Philancy
HIM                                    Cecil
HIM                                    Ruth
HOOVER                                 Emma Louise
HOOVER                                 George
HOOVER                                 Pluma Annette
HOOVER JENKINS                         Emma Louise
HOOVER POOLE                           Emma Louise
HOWE                                   Cyrus H.
HOWE                                   Mary
HOYT                                   Esther
HUGHES                                 Ann E.
HUGHES                                 Fidelia T.
HUGHES                                 John G.
HUGHES                                 Susan B.
ISBELL                                 Marian
ISBELL CARPENTER                       Marian
JACKSON                                Laura
JACKSON BUCK                           Laura
JAQUAY                                 Edna
JAQUAY GROVER                          Edna
JENKINS                                Stella Elizabeth
JENKINS (WWI)                          Edward
JENKINS (WWI)                          Stella Elizabeth
KEEN                                   Emeline
KEEN STALEY                            Emeline
KELLY                                  David
KELLY                                  James B.
KELLY                                  Margaret
KREJCA                                 Florence
KREJCA                                 Otto
LABARR                                 Aceneth Seana
LABARR BROWN                           Aceneth Seana
LABARR BROWN                           Aceneth Seana
LEONARD                                Catharine
LEONARD                                Clarence
LEONARD                                Harriet
LEONARD                                Lewis
LEWIS                                  Luther
LEWIS                                  Sarah A.
LEWIS GENUNG                           Jessie A.
LEWS                                   Jessie A
LINDERMAN                              Cornelius
LINDERMAN (RW)                         Cornelius
LORD                                   Lydia
LORD RYANT                             Lydia
MACK                                   John
MACK                                   Lydia
MACK (1812)                            John
MANDEVILLE                             S. C.
MATTISON                               Rhoda
MCCLUNE                                Lydia Jane
MILLER                                 Dorotha
MILLER                                 Douglas
MILLER                                 E. Leroy
MIX                                    Asenath
NICKERSON                              Charles
ORCUTT                                 Frank
ORCUTT                                 Minnie Augusta
PAYNE                                  Adell
PAYNE                                  Charles
PAYNE                                  John
PAYNE                                  William
PINKNEY                                Priscilla
POOLE                                  Emma Louise
QUICK                                  Donald G.
QUICK                                  Doris A.
QUICK                                  Harry B.
QUICK                                  Ila L.
QUICK                                  James
QUICK                                  Jeffrey
QUICK (WWII)                           Donald G
RICHARDS                               Elizabeth
RIGHTMIRE                              Phebe
ROCKWELL                               Benjamin Cradit
ROCKWELL                               Florence
ROCKWELL                               Olive
ROCKWELL KREJCA                        Florence
ROE                                    Elizabeth
ROE RICHARDS                           Elizabeth
ROOT                                   Alina
ROOT BUTTERS                           Alina
RUMSEY                                 Minnie Augusta
RUMSEY                                 Nathan G.
RUMSEY                                 Ollie H.
RUMSEY ORCUTT                          Minnie Augusta
RUNYON                                 Rebecca J
RUNYON RYANT                           Rebecca J
RYANT                                  Daniel
RYANT                                  James
RYANT                                  Lydia
RYANT                                  Mable
SAVAGE                                 Betsey E.
SAVAGE                                 Elisha
SCHMIDT                                Ann E
SCHMIDT HUGHES                         Ann E.
SCHROEDER                              G. Albert
SCHROEDER                              Grace J.
SEVERN                                 Nelson
SEVERNS                                Joseph
SEVERNS                                Susannah
SMITH                                  Elizabeth
SMITH                                  Henry
SMITH                                  Infant
SMITH                                  Irvin J.
SMITH                                  Jacob
SMITH                                  Julius
SMITH                                  Nancy
SMITH                                  Philip
SMITH                                  Sarah M.
SMITH BROWN                            Elizabeth
SNOW                                   Freeman
SNOW                                   Grace
SNYDER                                 Caroline
SNYDER                                 Catharine
SNYDER GROVER                          Catharine
STALEY                                 Emeline
STALEY                                 John H.
STALEY                                 Tabert
STARR                                  Joseph
STARR                                  Mary Coleman
STARR                                  Susan
STOUT                                  Hannah
SULLIVAN                               Eli S. K.
SULLIVAN                               Susan M.
SWARTOUT                               Joseph T.
SWARTWOUT                              Hattie M.
SWARTWOUT                              Ruth
TERRY                                  Libbie
THOMPSON                               Nancy
TILLOTSON                              Lydia
TILLOTSON ACKLEY                       Lydia
TRACY                                  Arza
TRACY                                  Eunice
TRACY                                  Infant
TRIPP                                  Susannah
TRIPP BROWN                            Susannah
TROTTER                                Abram
TRUBY                                  Ann
TUBBS                                  Hattie
TUBBS                                  Ruth
TUBBS DEPEW                            Hattie
TUBBS HIM                              Ruth
TYLER                                  Eva M.
TYLER                                  George M.
TYLER                                  baby
VAN DERVEER                            Emma A.
VAN GORDER                             Alice M.
VAN GORDER                             Harry A.
VANKIRK                                Elijah H.
VANKIRK                                Susan
VANN                                   Mary
VANN                                   Samuel
WALLENBECK                             Amelia
WALLENBECK                             Claude C.
WALLENBECK                             Dana Arthur
WALLENBECK                             Edward T.
WALLENBECK                             Esther M.
WALLENBECK                             George
WALLENBECK                             Jennie Amelia
WALLENBECK                             John
WALLENBECK                             Rosa Bell
WALLENBECK                             Russell
WALLENBECK (WWI)                       Dana Arthur
WEAVEN GROVER                          Mae E.
WETHERELL                              Amasa H.
WETHERELL                              Joseph F.
WHITELY                                Pluma Annette
WHITELY HOOVER                         Pluma Annette
WILLBRAND                              Stella Elizabeth
WILLBRAND FREY (WWI)                   Stella Elizabeth
WILLBRAND JENKINS                      Stella Elizabeth
WILSON                                 James E.
WILSON                                 Susan P.
ZERFOSS                                Amelia
ZERFOSS WALLENBECK                     Amelia
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