Ulster County, New York
Gravestone Photo Project

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Ulster County, New York Gravestone Photo Project

Column One: Surname (if 2 surnames is given, maiden then married surname)
FI = French-Indian | RW = Revolutionary War | IW = Indian Wars | 1812 = War of 1812 | MEX = Mexican War | CW = Civil War | SA = Spanish American War |
PI = Philippine Insurrection | WWI = World War I | WWII = World War II | KOR = Korean Conflict | VN = Vietnam War | WT = War on Terrorism
Column Two: Given

ADRIANCE                               Caroline
ADRIANCE JACKSON                       Caroline
ARMSTRONG                              Edward Maitland
BARNES                                 Mary E.
BARNES HANFORD                         Mary E.
BAXTER                                 Grant
BAXTER                                 Louella
BAXTER LEWIS                           Louella
CARPENTER                              Cecilia
CARPENTER                              Charlotte
CARPENTER                              James
CARPENTER                              Mary R.
CARPENTER ODDY                         Cecilia
CARPENTER PURDY                        Mary R.
CHRISTIANA                             Annie Catherine
CHRISTIANA                             Charles C.
CHRISTIANA                             Cornelius
CHRISTIANA                             Doris E.
CHRISTIANA                             Emily
CHRISTIANA                             Harriet M.
CHRISTIANA                             Levinia
CHRISTIANA                             Louise H.
CHRISTIANA                             Solomon
CHRISTIANA                             Stanley Dewitt
CHRISTIANA                             Valentine W.
CHRISTIANA                             William McCreery
CHRISTIANA KROM                        Levinia
CHRISTIANA WAGAR                       Harriet M.
DEERING                                Mary C.
DEERING                                William S.
DEPUY                                  Lydia
DEPUY CHRISTIANA                       Lydia
EDEY                                   Helen
EDEY                                   Winthrop
FERGUSON                               Laura
FERGUSON TYLER                         Laura
FINCH                                  Dunner
FIRMBACH                               Clifford Paul
FIRMBACH                               Louise
FLAGLOR                                Augustus Garett
FLAGLOR                                Julia Leatitia
FLAGLOR                                Leatitia
FLAGLOR                                Lucy Louisa
FOWLER                                 Charlotte
FOWLER CARPENTER                       Charlotte
FRASIER                                Olive
FRASIER WHITE                          Olive
FRIES                                  Franz Jr
FRIES                                  Franz Sr
GARETT                                 Leatitia
GARETT FLAGLOR                         Leatitia
GREATOREX                              Carl Grant
GREATOREX                              Louella
GULNACH                                Viola
HANFORD                                Edward C.
HANFORD                                Edward C.
HANFORD                                Mary E.
HANFORD                                Theophilus T.
HOMMEL                                 Harriett
HOMMEL                                 John
HOMMEL                                 Mary C.
HOMMEL DEERING                         Mary C
JACKSON                                Caroline
JACKSON                                Charles W.
JACKSON                                Eliza P.
JACKSON                                Herbert
JACKSON                                Jennie
JACKSON                                Lydia S.
JACKSON VAN WAGNEN                     Lydia S.
KALKHOF                                Louise
KALKHOF CHRISTIANA                     Annie Catherine
KALKHOF CHRISTIANA                     Annie Catherine
KALKHOF FIRMBACH                       Louise
KELSEY                                 Amanda
KELSEY                                 Erastus
KELSEY                                 Hazel
KELSEY                                 Viola
KROM                                   Levinia
KUHN/COON                              Henrich
KUHN/COON (RW)                         Henrich
LEWIS                                  Louella
MARKLE                                 Myrtle Elizabeth
MARKLE CHRISTIANA                      Myrtle Elizabeth
MARKLE FRIES                           Myrtle Elizabeth
MCCREERY                               Emily
MCCREERY CHRISTIANA                    Emily
MCELRATH                               Annie
MCMULLEN                               Charles F.
MCMULLEN                               Clarence L.
MCMULLEN                               Ella J.
MCMULLEN                               Julia B.
MCMULLEN                               Levi D.
MCMULLEN                               Sidney
MORSE                                  Mabel E.
ODDY                                   Annie
ODDY                                   Arietta
ODDY                                   Benjamin
ODDY                                   Cecilia
ODDY                                   John
ODDY MCELRATH                          Annie
PECK                                   Ida
PECK WAGAR                             Ida
PHILLIPS                               Amy Louise
PURDY                                  Charles Millard
PURDY                                  Mary R.
SHERMAN                                Doris E
SHERMAN CHRISTIANA                     Doris E.
SNYDER                                 Harriet
SNYDER HOMMEL                          Harriett
TYLER                                  Jesse
TYLER                                  Laura
VAN WAGNEN                             Lydia S.
WAGAR                                  Harriet M.
WAGAR                                  Henry Gorton
WAGAR                                  Hiram Virgil
WAGAR                                  Ida
WAGAR (WWI)                            Hiram Virgil
WHILKLOW                               Charlotte Ann
WHILKLOW BAXTER                        Charlotte Ann
WHITE                                  Amelia
WHITE                                  Charles M.
WHITE                                  Charles P.
WHITE                                  Clarence C
WHITE                                  Georgianna M.
WHITE                                  Grant S.
WHITE                                  Mary
WHITE                                  Olive
WHITE                                  Paul C.
WHITE                                  Percy P.
WHITE                                  Searl Martell
WHITE (WWI)                            Percy P.
WHITE WRIGHT                           Mary
WILKLOW                                Shirley Marie
WINTHROP EDEY                          Helen
WITHROP                                Helen
WRIGHT                                 Curtis W.
WRIGHT                                 Mary
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