Broome County, New York
Guardianships / Minors

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The authority issued by courts to the prospective guardians and or recording of accounts of guardians

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Column 1 = Name of Minor
Column 2 = County, Volume, Page # | 1 = 1830-1853 | 2 = 1853-1870 | (Vol 1 is Vol M on image, Vol 2 is Vol N on image)
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BAKER, MARY E.                         NY-4-1-437
BARNES, ANNA M.                        NY-4-1-430
BENEDICT, CHARLES D.                   NY-4-1-146
BIRDSALL, ANN                          NY-4-1-359
BIRDSALL, WILLIAM                      NY-4-1-361
BLATCHLY, LEANDER                      NY-4-1-88
BRINK, CHESTER                         NY-4-1-36
BRINK, CHESTER                         NY-4-1-33
BRINK, EMELINE                         NY-4-1-28
BRINK, JAMES                           NY-4-1-34
BRINK, JAMES                           NY-4-1-33
BRINK, NICHOLAS                        NY-4-1-28
BROWN, CHRISTOPHER                     NY-4-1-395
BROWN, CHRISTOPHER C.                  NY-4-1-365
BROWN, EMELINE                         NY-4-1-396
BROWN, WILLIAM L.                      NY-4-1-363
CASE, SASCKETT L.                      NY-4-1-335
CHATFIELD, GEORGE                      NY-4-1-304
CHIDISTER, WILLIAM M.                  NY-4-1-386
CLOSE, ANTOINETTE A.                   NY-4-1-236
CLOSE, ANTONETTE                       NY-4-1-193
CLOSE, GEORGE                          NY-4-1-193
CLOSE, MARY A.                         NY-4-1-219
CLOSE, MARY A.                         NY-4-1-246
CLOSE, REUBEN A.                       NY-4-1-193
CLOSE, WILLIAM C.                      NY-4-1-193
COLLINS, CAROLINE                      NY-4-1-127
COLLINS, CATHERINE A.                  NY-4-1-129
CRAFTS, HANNAH B.                      NY-4-1-274
CRANE, ABBY                            NY-4-1-389
CRANE, ESTER ANN                       NY-4-1-389
CRARY, WALTER A.                       NY-4-1-378
CROCKER, HENRIETTA                     NY-4-1-424
CROCKER, MARYETTA                      NY-4-1-286
CRONK, SARAH ELIZABETH                 NY-4-1-249
DAVIS, ANN L.                          NY-4-1-353
DAVIS, JEREMIAH                        NY-4-1-421
DAVIS, MARCIA A.                       NY-4-1-351
DAVIS, SARAH M.                        NY-4-1-350
DILLON, BETSEY                         NY-4-1-2
DILLON, JAMES                          NY-4-1-2
DILLON, JOHN                           NY-4-1-2
DILLON, MARY                           NY-4-1-2
DILLON, SALLY                          NY-4-1-2
DILLON, THOMAS                         NY-4-1-2
DORMAN, CHARLOTTE ELVIRA               NY-4-1-318
DORMAN, GERSHOM JEROME                 NY-4-1-318
DORMAN, HANNAH ANN                     NY-4-1-318
DORMAN, LEWIS ROSS                     NY-4-1-318
DUBOIS, ABRAHAM                        NY-4-1-76
ERVIN, ELIZA ANN                       NY-4-1-69
ERVIN, ELIZA ANN                       NY-4-1-68
ERVIN, JOHN                            NY-4-1-73
ERVIN, JOHN                            NY-4-1-68
ERVIN, MARIETTE                        NY-4-1-70
ERVIN, MARIETTE                        NY-4-1-68
ERVIN, WILLIAM                         NY-4-1-75
ERVIN, WILLIAM                         NY-4-1-68
FOSTER, GEORGE W.                      NY-4-1-271
FOWLER, ELISHA M.                      NY-4-1-413
FOWLER, HARVEY C.                      NY-4-1-415
FREAR, JOSEPH                          NY-4-1-38
FRIER, TRACY                           NY-4-1-438
GERMAN, WALTER M.                      NY-4-1-436
GOODENOW, ABRAHAM                      NY-4-1-21
GOODENOW, ISAAC                        NY-4-1-116
GOODENOW, SILENCE                      NY-4-1-124
GOODENOW, SILENCE                      NY-4-1-19
GOODENOW, TAMAR                        NY-4-1-18
GRAVES, JOSEPH B.                      NY-4-1-401
GRAVES, MARY ANN                       NY-4-1-401
GRAVES, WILLIAM                        NY-4-1-401
GRAY, ARTHUR O.                        NY-4-1-183
GRAY, BARZILLAI                        NY-4-1-183
GREEN, HENRY N.                        NY-4-1-423
HADLEY, ALTHEA                         NY-4-1-79
HALE, GEORG EW.                        NY-4-1-358
HAWLEY, JAMES BRADLEY                  NY-4-1-80
HAWLEY, JAMES B.                       NY-4-1-292
HAYES, ALMON                           NY-4-1-347
HAYES, AMANDA                          NY-4-1-345
HAYES, CLARINDA                        NY-4-1-346
HAYES, EDWIN                           NY-4-1-343
HAYES, LEMUEL                          NY-4-1-344
HAYES, MARY ANN                        NY-4-1-348
HILLBORN, JOHN                         NY-4-1-316
HINCKLEY, ALICE                        NY-4-1-428
HINCKLEY, WILLIAM E.                   NY-4-1-428
HINMAN, IRA P.                         NY-4-1-190
HOLDEN, LYMAN J.                       NY-4-1-86
HOLDEN, LYMAN JAMES                    NY-4-1-267
JOHNSON, EVELINE                       NY-4-1-62
JONES, CHARLES                         NY-4-1-221
JONES, JOSIAH                          NY-4-1-221
JONES, MARTIN                          NY-4-1-221
JONES, SILAS                           NY-4-1-221
KING, HELEN                            NY-4-1-368
KNAPP, CORNELIA D.                     NY-4-1-370
KNAPP, ELIZABETH                       NY-4-1-370
KNAPP, HARRIET G.                      NY-4-1-370
LAYTON, JACOB                          NY-4-1-313
LEE, CHARLES                           NY-4-1-288
LEE, CHAUNCEY                          NY-4-1-288
LEE, JAMES N.                          NY-4-1-393
LEE, JOSIAH                            NY-4-1-399
LEE, STEPHEN B.                        NY-4-1-393
LEONARD, AMASA                         NY-4-1-44
LEONARD, BETSEY                        NY-4-1-46
LEONARD, BETSEY                        NY-4-1-51
LEONARD, CHARLES                       NY-4-1-54
LEONARD, CHARLES                       NY-4-1-46
LEONARD, CHRISTOPHER                   NY-4-1-46
LEONARD, CHRISTOPHER                   NY-4-1-56
LEONARD, JOSEPH 3-RD                   NY-4-1-43
LEONARD, LAURENCE                      NY-4-1-46
LEONARD, LAURENCE                      NY-4-1-52
LEONARD, MALINDA                       NY-4-1-46A
LEONARD, MALINDA                       NY-4-1-46
LEONARD, OLIVE                         NY-4-1-49
LEONARD, SAMUEL                        NY-4-1-41
MANNING, CHARLES                       NY-4-1-383
MATHEWSON, JAMES M.                    NY-4-1-134
MATHEWSON, JOSEPH M.                   NY-4-1-144
MATHEWSON, LAVINIA                     NY-4-1-138
MATHEWSON, LOVINA                      NY-4-1-372
MATHEWSON, OLIVE                       NY-4-1-136
MATHEWSON, THOMAS P.                   NY-4-1-132
MATHEWSON, WILLIAM                     NY-4-1-141
MATHEWSON, WILLIAM                     NY-4-1-372
MATHIS, MARY ELIZABETH                 NY-4-1-94
MCINTIRE, DELILA                       NY-4-1-405
MCKINNY, FRANKLIN                      NY-4-1-402
MCKINNY, WILLIAM                       NY-4-1-404
MCNELLY, HANNAH D.                     NY-4-1-234
MILLER, LURA MARIA                     NY-4-1-310
MOORE, FRANKLIN                        NY-4-1-151
MORGAN, DENNIS                         NY-4-1-426
MORGAN, LUCY E.                        NY-4-1-426
NASH, CORNELIA E.                      NY-4-1-280
NASH, SAMUEL M.                        NY-4-1-280
OCONNOR, JAMES EDWARD                  NY-4-1-216
ORTON, LYMAN O.                        NY-4-1-149
PAE, JULIUS                            NY-4-1-244
PARK, CHARLES F.                       NY-4-1-8
PARK, ELIZABETH                        NY-4-1-10
PARK, RUFUS                            NY-4-1-8
PARK, WILLIAM MCKENDREE                NY-4-1-23
PARKER, ALZINA                         NY-4-1-255
PARKER, AMOS                           NY-4-1-255
PARKER, ELIZABETH                      NY-4-1-255
PARKER, ELSA LOUISA                    NY-4-1-255
PARKER, HANNAH                         NY-4-1-255
PARKER, LEMIRA                         NY-4-1-255
PARKER, LUCY                           NY-4-1-255
PETERS, AUGUSTUS LEONARD               NY-4-1-65
PHILIPS, GITTY MARIA                   NY-4-1-241
PHILLIPS, NERI                         NY-4-1-326
PHILLIPS, RUTH                         NY-4-1-326
PHILLIPS, WHITING                      NY-4-1-326
POTTER, JANE W.                        NY-4-1-332
POTTER, THOMAS                         NY-4-1-334
RICHARDS, ANN                          NY-4-1-407
RICHARDS, CAROLINE                     NY-4-1-407
RICHARDS, CORNELIA                     NY-4-1-407
RICHARDS, LOUISA                       NY-4-1-407
ROBERTS, ELECTA                        NY-4-1-208
ROBERTS, LEONARD                       NY-4-1-210
ROBERTS, MARTHA                        NY-4-1-213
ROBERTS, MARTHA L.                     NY-4-1-376
ROBINSON, ORPHA A.                     NY-4-1-232
ROGERS, ALICE                          NY-4-1-12
ROGERS, RUTH                           NY-4-1-12
SEYMOUR ANGELINE                       NY-4-1-97
SEYMOUR, ANGELINE                      NY-4-1-104
SEYMOUR, ELIZABETH                     NY-4-1-98
SEYMOUR, NANCY                         NY-4-1-97
SEYMOUR, NANCY                         NY-4-1-106
SEYMOUR, SAMUEL                        NY-4-1-100
SEYMOUR, SAMUEL                        NY-4-1-97
SHARP, MARGARET ANN                    NY-4-1-248
SHEPHERD, OSCAR H.                     NY-4-1-307
SLATER, HANNAH M.                      NY-4-1-239
SMITH, ALBERT F.                       NY-4-1-431
SMITH, FRANCES ELLEN                   NY-4-1-431
SMITH, HARVEY B.                       NY-4-1-398
SMITH, THOMAS                          NY-4-1-91
SPENCER, SARAH ANN                     NY-4-1-83
SPENDLEY, ROBERT HENRY                 NY-4-1-427
STEVENS, MARY ANN                      NY-4-1-25
STILSON, NANCY M.                      NY-4-1-411
TAYLOR, LEWIS B.                       NY-4-1-295
TAYLOR, MARY JANE                      NY-4-1-295
TAYLOR, ROBERT D.                      NY-4-1-295
TAYLOR, ZARA SOPHIA                    NY-4-1-295
TODD, CHAUNCEY DWIGHT                  NY-4-1-341
TODD, ELIZABETH                        NY-4-1-337
TODD, HENRY WILLIAM                    NY-4-1-340
TODD, MARY                             NY-4-1-339
TOMPKINS, CHARLOTTE B.                 NY-4-1-354
TOMPKINS, CHARLOTTE B.                 NY-4-1-153
TOMPKINS, PHINEAS B.                   NY-4-1-356
TOMPKINS, PHINEAS B.                   NY-4-1-153
TOMPKINS, SARAH                        NY-4-1-159
TWINING, AUGUSTUS M.                   NY-4-1-162
TWINING, CHARLES A.                    NY-4-1-169
TWINING, JOSEPH N.                     NY-4-1-172
TWINING, ROSETTE                       NY-4-1-162
TWINING, SAMUEL N.                     NY-4-1-162
VANNAME, ELIZA                         NY-4-1-276
WALLCE, ELLEN                          NY-4-1-410
WESTON, LEWIS                          NY-4-1-1
WHEELER, CAROLINE                      NY-4-1-59
WHEELER, LEVI FARR                     NY-4-1-58
WHEELER, LEVI F.                       NY-4-1-60
WHITHAM, ABRAM W.                      NY-4-1-439
WHITHAM, JULIA M.                      NY-4-1-439
WHITTAM, JABEZ                         NY-4-1-110
WHITTAM, JABEZ                         NY-4-1-114
WHITTAM, MANUEL                        NY-4-1-109
WHITTAM, MANUEL                        NY-4-1-113
WHITTAM, WILLIAM                       NY-4-1-108
WHITTAM, WILLIAM                       NY-4-1-111
WINANS, ABRAM                          NY-4-1-175
WINANS, CHARLES                        NY-4-1-14
WINANS, CLARISSA B.                    NY-4-1-434
WINANS, ELIAS                          NY-4-1-14
WINANS, JOHN M.                        NY-4-1-14
WINANS, LYDIA D.                       NY-4-1-434
WINANS, MARY E.                        NY-4-1-433
WINANS, MARY                           NY-4-1-175
WINANS, SARAH                          NY-4-1-175
WINANS, SOPHIA                         NY-4-1-434
WOOD, CHARLES ALONZO                   NY-4-1-118
WOOD, CHARLES A.                       NY-4-1-408
WOOD, DEBORAH                          NY-4-1-381
WOOD, ELIZA ANN                        NY-4-1-381
WOOD, ELLEN                            NY-4-1-381
WOOD, ERVIN HENRY                      NY-4-1-381
WOOD, HELLEN                           NY-4-1-381
WOOD, JANE                             NY-4-1-379
WOOD, LYDIA                            NY-4-1-118
WOOD, LYDIA A.                         NY-4-1-419
WOOD, LYDIA                            NY-4-1-379
WOOD, MARY                             NY-4-1-381
WOODRUFF, ROBERT                       NY-4-1-3
WOOLSEY, ANDREW J.                     NY-4-1-417
WOOLSEY, CHARLES                       NY-4-1-417
WOOLSEY, STEPHEN L.                    NY-4-1-392
WOOLSEY, STEPHEN                       NY-4-1-384
YOUNG, JANE                            NY-4-1-373
YOUNG, MADISON                         NY-4-1-373
YOUNG, STEPHEN                         NY-4-1-373

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