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Guardianships / Minors

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The authority issued by courts to the prospective guardians and or recording of accounts of guardians

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Column 1 = Name of Minor
Column 2 = County, Volume, Page # | A=Lost | B=1830-1837 | B, C, D, F, G, H =? |
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ADAMS, GEORGE H.                       B-90
ALLEN, ALONZO                          B-273
ALLEN, FOSTER FULLER                   B-129, 192
ALLEN, HENRY                           B-104
ALLEN, HORACE                          B-101
ALLEN, LOUISA                          B-119
ALLEN, MARIA                           B-273
ALLEN, MARTHA                          B-273
ALLEN, PHILLIP                         B-127, 190
ALLEN, SHAKESPEAR                      B-121
ALLEN, THOMAS                          B-102
ALLEN, VOLTAIRE                        B-122
AMES, GEORGE L.                        B-246
AMES, LUTHER S.                        B-246
BAILEY, EZRA THURBER                   B-188, 203
BAILEY, PHEBE C.                       B-188, 203
BAILEY, ROBERT                         B-188, 203
BAILEY, WILLIAM H.                     B-188, 203
BAKER, ELIZABETH                       B-233
BAKER, FREDERICK W.                    B-233
BAKER, PRUDENTIA                       B-233
BARBER, NANCY W.                       B-194
BARBER, SARAH T.                       B-194
BRADFORD, ALLEN                        B-42
BRADFORD, ALMERON                      B-42
BRADFORD, LUCY                         B-42
BRADFORD, OLIVE                        B-42
BRADFORD, WINSLOW                      B-42
BUCK, FRANCES L.                       B-217
CAIN, ADAM                             B-262
CAIN, JOHN                             B-262
CAIN, MARGARET                         B-262
CAIN, MARY                             B-262
CAIN, THOMAS                           B-262
CALKINS, BENJAMIN S.                   B-137
CALKINS, CHARLES                       B-138
CALKINS, JOHN                          B-165
CALKINS, LYDIA                         B-165
CALKINS, MARY ANN                      B-165
CALKINS, NANCY                         B-165
CALVERT, GEORGE D.                     B-238, 283
CARTER, GEORGE                         B-143
CLARK, CAROLINE E.                     B-289
CODDINGTON, ANNA M.                    B-136
CODDINGTON, HENRY                      B-136
CODDINGTON, JACOB                      B-136
CODDINGTON, JOHN                       B-136
CODDINGTON, JOSEPHINE                  B-136
CODDINGTON, MARY L.                    B-136
CODDINGTON, ROSE L.                    B-136
COMER, GEORGEL.                        B-117
COOK, CHARLES A.                       B-39
COOK, ELIZABETH A.                     B-39
COOK, JANETTE C.                       B-39
COOK, REDFORD H.                       B-39
COOK, SAMUEL G. H.                     B-39
COOK, WILLIAM C.                       B-39
CORNELL, DELIA E.                      B-251
CORNELL, ELIZABETH                     B-221, 230
CORNELL, HANNAH                        B-221, 230
CORNELL, HANNAH A.                     B-260
CORNELL, MARTHA A.                     B-251
CORNELL, MARY E.                       B-260
COWLBECK, CHARLES W.                   B-281
COWLBECK, GEORGE E.                    B-281
COWLBECK, THOMAS R.                    B-281
DAY, CYRAS                             B-35
DAY, EDMUND                            B-35
DAY, NELSON                            B-35
DAY, NELSON                            B-226
DIELL, ANNA E.                         B-221
DIELL, CAROLINE P.                     B-221
DIELL, ELIZABETH G.                    B-221
DIELL, MARY W.                         B-221
DOAN, BENSON                           B-274
DOAN, PHINEAS B.                       B-274
DOMINY, ALONZO                         B-21
DOMINY, EZEKIEL H.                     B-21
DONALDSON, ELLIOTT J.                  B-218
DONALDSON, HENRY W.                    B-218
DONALDSON, MARY M.                     B-218
DONALDSON, NATHAN                      B-218
ELMORE, JENNETT                        B-6, 12
FAIRBANKS, JOHN H.                     B-201
FARNSWORTH, EMMA                       B-134
FARNSWORTH, HARRIET J.                 B-134
FARNSWORTH, HEMEN                      B-134
FARNSWORTH, MARIAH C.                  B-134
FARNSWORTH, NOAH                       B-134
FARNSWORTH, WILLIAM                    B-134
FISH, MARY ELIZABETH                   B-240
FOQUET, JOHN M.                        B-169
FRELIGH, MARGARET ANN                  B-43
FULTON, MATILDA                        B-252
GOREHAM, SAMUEL                        B-17
GRINNELL, ANNELL                       B-298
HACKETT, MARY E.                       B-237
HALLOCK, LYDIA ANN                     B-139
HALSEY, LETITIA                        B-242
HAYES, LOUISA                          B-27
HAYES, LUCY                            B-27, 167
HAYES, MARGARET                        B-27, 167
HAYES, MARTHA                          B-27, 167
HELMS, EMILY                           B-245
HILYARD, DANIEL                        B-23
HILYARD, LUCY MARIA                    B-23
HILYARD, MARYETTE                      B-279
HILYARD, SOPHRONIA                     B-23
HILYARD, SUSAN                         B-23
HILYARD, WASHBURN                      B-23
HOLT, LEVI                             B-196
HOUGHTON, ACHSAH M.                    B-61
HOUGHTON, NANCY A.                     B-63
HOWES, ALBERT                          B-266
HOWES, SIDNEY                          B-266
JOHNSON, JOANNA                        B-216
JOHNSON, STITES J.                     B-215
KEESE, JENNINA                         B-24
KEESE, WILLIAM                         B-24
KELLOGG, OLINDA C.                     B-87
KELLOGG, SARAH R.                      B-85
KUN, ELIZABETH                         B-184
LADD, JAMES                            B-36, 37
LADD, WILILAM                          B-36, 37
LAPHAM, ELIZA A.                       B-258
LAPHAM, JOSEPH                         B-258
LAPHAM, MARY C.                        B-258
LAPHAM, PHEBE M.                       B-258
LAWRENCE, MARIA P.                     B-173
LAWRENCE, MARY ANN                     B-173
LAWRENCE, MARY M.                      B-173
LEGGETT, GEORGE                        B-124
LEVERET, MATILDA                       B-224
LEVERT, WILLIAM                        B-224
LYNDE, CORNELIA V.                     B-9, 15
LYNDE, ELIZABETH S.                    B-9, 15, 67
LYNDE, FRANCES E.                      B-9. 15, 68
LYNDE, HELEN M.                        B-9, 15, 72
LYNDE, JOHN WILLIAM                    B-9, 15, 70
MARSH, DARIUS                          B-31
MARSH, ESTHER E.                       B-31
MARSH, GEORGE F.                       B-46
MARSH, JULIA A.                        B-44
MARSH, JULIA ANN                       B-65
MARSH, MARTHA                          B-31
MARSH, PETER D.                        B-48
MARSHALL, CROMWELL                     B-131
MARTIN, CAROLINE                       B-268
MARTIN, JOSEPH                         B-268
MARTIN, NELSON                         B-268
MARTIN, STEPHEN                        B-268
MCKEE, GEORGE A.                       B-296
MCKEE, JOHN HENRY                      B-249
MEADER, ANGELINE                       B-168
MEADER, JAMES                          B-168
MEADER, ROBERT                         B-168
MERRIHEW, ALBERT                       B-13
MERRIHEW, CLAUDIUS                     B-13
MERRIHEW, MELINDA                      B-13
MINKLER, CHARLOTTE E.                  B-16
MINKLER, JANE ANN                      B-16
MOORE, CAROLINE                        B-83
MOORE, JAMES A.                        B-10
MOORE, MARY ANN                        B-10
MOTT, WALLACE                          B-293
MYERS, CHARLES                         B-231
MYES, ANDREW                           B-231
NEVEAU, BARTEMUS                       B-79
NEVEAU, ELI                            B-81
NEVEAU, ELIZABETH                      B-78
NEVEAU, FLAVI                          B-74
NEVEAU, SUSAN                          B-76
OSTRANDER, ALFRED                      B-41
OSTRANDER, CORNELIUS E.                B-41
OSTRANDER, HENRY                       B-41
OSTRANDER, ROBERT                      B-41
PALMER, ANN ELIZA                      B-153
PALMER, CHARLES L.                     B-155
PALMER, CHARLOTTE A.                   B-146
PALMER, FREDERICK S.                   B-151
PALMER, JOHN B.                        B-159
PALMER, JULIA A.                       B-148
PALMER, MARY E.                        B-157
PLATT, LOTT E.                         B-141
PRESTAGE, LEVI                         B-94
PURDY, CHILDREN OF HENRY               B-195
RANDALL, ALEXANDER                     B-108
RANDALL, ALFRED CLARK                  B-107
RANDALL, JESSE                         B-112
RANDALL, JOHN NELSON                   B-110
RANDALL, LUCY ALMY                     B-105
RANDALL, MARIA F.                      B-234
RANDALL, MILO                          B-113
RANDALL, SCHUYLER                      B-256
RANSOM, EDGAR B.                       B-197
RANSOM, S.                             B-197
ROBERTS, HENRY P. I.                   B-198
ROBERTS, JAMES B.                      B-198, 270
ROBERTS, MARTIN VAN BUREN              B-198, 271
ROBERTS, POLLY                         B-198
ROBERTS, SIDNEY                        B-198
ROBERTS, WILLIAM                       B-198
ROBINSON, SARAH                        B-115
ROOT, WILLIAM                          B-135
SAILLY, ANN ELIZA                      B-295
SAMOSN, EDWARD                         B-5
SAMSON, ELIZA ANN                      B-5
SAMSON, EUNICE W.                      B-5
SAMSON, HENRY                          B-5
SAMSON, MARIA                          B-5
SAMSON, MELISSA                        B-5
SAMSON, ROBELINA                       B-5
SANBORN, WILLIAM H.                    B-214
SCOVIL, HENRY B.                       B-291
SCOVIL, LOYAL                          B-291
SCOVIL, RUTH A.                        B-291
SCRIPTURE, JOSEPH                      B-98
SCRIPTURE, MARY                        B-96
SHERRY, ANSON                          B-5
SHERRY, CHARLES                        B-5
SHERRY, LUCY                           B-5
SHERRY, PIERPONT                       B-5
SKINNER, HANNAH J.                     B-174
SKINNER, MARY E.                       B-174
SKINNER, SARAH P.                      B-174
SMITH, ALMIRA                          B-25
SMITH, CHARLES H.                      B-25
SMITH, DEBORAH                         B-25
SMITH, ELIZABETH                       B-40
SMITH, EMELINE L.                      B-205, 206
SMITH, ESTHER M.                       B-176
SMITH, HANNAH J.                       B-205, 207
SMITH, HARRIET                         B-5, 7
SMITH, JOHN                            B-25
SMITH, JULIA ANN                       B-180
SMITH, RACHEL                          B-25
SMITH, SARAH                           B-178
SOUTHWICK, H.                          B-161
SOUTHWICK, M. A.                       B-161
SPRAGUE, ROXA                          B-264
STEENS, JULIA ANN                      B-60
STEVENS, GEORGE E.                     B-58
STRAIGHT, CAROLINE E.                  B-248
STRONG, JAMES                          B-287
STRONG, JOSEPH G.                      B-285
TEDFORD, CATHARINE ANN                 B-228
TEDFORD, STEPHEN                       B-228
THOMAS, HORATIO S.                     B-20
THOMAS, JAMES H.                       B-56
THOMAS, WILLIAM H.                     B-20
THOMPSON, CHARLES D.                   B-210
THOMPSON, GEORGE H.                    B-210
THURBER, MELVINA                       B-188
TREDWAY, GEORGE T.                     B-243
TREDWAY, WILLIAM H.                    B-243
VAUGHAN, LEVI                          B-28
VAUGHAN, LOIS                          B-28
VAUGHAN, MARIA                         B-28
VAUGHAN, POLLY                         B-28
VAUGHAN, WILLIAM                       B-28
WALKER, EDWIN FITCH                    B-52
WALKER, JESSE BUEL                     B-50
WALKER, SARAH                          B-54
WARD, JOSEPHINE A.                     B-135
WITHERILL, FRANKLIN                    B-133
WITHERILL, L.                          B-133
WODORUFF, EMILY                        B-254
WOODRUFF, CHARLES M.                   B-254
WOODRUFF, ELIZABETH                    B-254
WOODRUFF, ELIZABETH M.                 B-277
WOODRUFF, EMILY                        B-277
WORTHLEY, DANIEL                       B-236
WORTHLEY, ELVIRA I.                    B-236
WORTHLEY, ROBERT C.                    B-236

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