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Guardianships / Minors

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The authority issued by courts to the prospective guardians and or recording of accounts of guardians

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Column 1 = Name of Minors and guardians
Column 2 = County, Volume, Page # | Decrees: 1=1882-1889 | 2=1892-1897 | 3-5=? |
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ACKENHEIL, ALFRED C.                   NY-43-DECREE-1-93B
ACKENHEIL, FANNY                       NY-43-DECREE-1-93A
ACKENHEIL, JENNIE                      NY-43-DECREE-1-93B
ACKENHEIL, JOHN                        NY-43-DECREE-1-93A
ACKENHEIL, MIRMA                       NY-43-DECREE-1-93A
ACKER, AUGSUTUS                        NY-43-DECREE-1-34
ACKER, AUGUSTUS                        NY-43-DECREE-1-35
ADCOCK, ELIZABETH J.                   NY-43-DECREE-1-78
AMRHEIN, ANNIE                         NY-43-DECREE-1-29
AMRHEIN, ELIZA                         NY-43-DECREE-1-29
AMRHEIN, ELIZA                         NY-43-DECREE-1-28
AMRHEIN, ELIZABETH                     NY-43-DECREE-1-29
AMRHEIN, FRANK                         NY-43-DECREE-1-29
AMRHEIN, GEORGE                        NY-43-DECREE-1-29
AMRHEIN, JAMES                         NY-43-DECREE-1-28
ANGEVINE, MARGRET                      NY-43-DECREE-1-69A
BALE, ADA E.                           NY-43-DECREE-1-12
BALE, CHARLES F.                       NY-43-DECREE-1-12
BALE, HARRIET J.                       NY-43-DECREE-1-11
BALE, HARRY                            NY-43-DECREE-1-12
BALE, ISABELLA W.                      NY-43-DECREE-1-11
BALE, SARAH                            NY-43-DECREE-1-11
BARNES, EVELYN                         NY-43-DECREE-1-38
BARNES, NORMAN K.                      NY-43-DECREE-1-38
BARNES, ROBERT                         NY-43-DECREE-1-38
BARTH, CARL                            NY-43-DECREE-1-28
BARTH, CARRIE                          NY-43-DECREE-1-27
BARTH, CARRIE                          NY-43-DECREE-1-28
BARTH, CHARLOTTE                       NY-43-DECREE-1-28
BARTH, GUSTAV                          NY-43-DECREE-1-27
BARTH, JOSEPH J.                       NY-43-DECREE-1-28
BARTLETT, FRANKLIN                     NY-43-DECREE-1-114
BASCOMBE, MARY ANN                     NY-43-DECREE-1-122
BAUMANN, HERMANN                       NY-43-DECREE-1-22
BECKMANN, DORA C. A.                   NY-43-DECREE-1-97
BECKWITH, ANNIE P.                     NY-43-DECREE-1-2
BECKWITH, MARIA B.                     NY-43-DECREE-1-2
BEDELL, ADALINE                        NY-43-DECREE-1-7
BEDELL, CHARLES                        NY-43-DECREE-1-7
BEDELL, FRANK                          NY-43-DECREE-1-8
BEDELL, GEORGE M.                      NY-43-DECREE-1-7
BEDELL, HENRY                          NY-43-DECREE-1-8
BERGMANN, FERDINAND                    NY-43-DECREE-1-8
BERGMANN, LOUIS                        NY-43-DECREE-1-9
BERKOWITZ, SIGMUND                     NY-43-DECREE-1-88
BOWMAN, GEORGE                         NY-43-DECREE-1-96
BRAISTED, JACOB LOZIER                 NY-43-DECREE-1-58
BRAISTED, MAUD MARY                    NY-43-DECREE-1-58
BRANIFF, JOHN                          NY-43-DECREE-1-102
BRENNAN, ANNIE                         NY-43-DECREE-1-101
BRENNAN, JESSIE                        NY-43-DECREE-1-101
BRENNAN, JESSIE C.                     NY-43-DECREE-1-101
BROWN, GERTRUDE M.                     NY-43-DECREE-1-114
BROWN, LEWIS B.                        NY-43-DECREE-1-114
BROWN, LYDIA M.                        NY-43-DECREE-1-114
BUHLER, AGNES                          NY-43-DECREE-1-5
BUHLER, AGNES                          NY-43-DECREE-1-5
BURBANK, PETER                         NY-43-DECREE-1-15
BURR, JENNIE A.                        NY-43-DECREE-1-59
BUSH, JOHN HENRY                       NY-43-DECREE-1-1
BUSH, MARY ELLEN                       NY-43-DECREE-1-1
BUTELR, DANIEL                         NY-43-DECREE-1-42
BUTLER, ANNIE                          NY-43-DECREE-1-41
BUTLER, DANIEL                         NY-43-DECREE-1-41
BUTLER, ELLA                           NY-43-DECREE-1-42
BUTLER, MARY                           NY-43-DECREE-1-42
CLARK, FREDERICK E.                    NY-43-DECREE-1-91
CLARK, JAMES G. JR.                    NY-43-DECREE-1-91
CLIFFORD, ANNIE M.                     NY-43-DECREE-1-102
CLIFFORD, CATHARINE A.                 NY-43-DECREE-1-102
CLIFFORD, CATHARINE A.                 NY-43-DECREE-1-103
CLIFFORD, GEORGE L.                    NY-43-DECREE-1-103
COLE, MINNIE S.                        NY-43-DECREE-1-36
COLE, ROYAL H.                         NY-43-DECREE-1-36
COLLINS, MICHAEL J.                    NY-43-DECREE-1-108
CONNELL, JAMES                         NY-43-DECREE-1-19
CONNELL, MARY                          NY-43-DECREE-1-19
CONNER, CROWELL M.                     NY-43-DECREE-1-92
CONYNGHAM, EDITH                       NY-43-DECREE-1-7
CONYNGHAM, REDMOND                     NY-43-DECREE-1-7
CONYNGHAM, THOMAS D.                   NY-43-DECREE-1-7
COREY, WILLIAM                         NY-43-DECREE-1-89
COREY, WILLIAM J.                      NY-43-DECREE-1-89
CORSON, ANNIE R.                       NY-43-DECREE-1-74
CORSON, BESHER ROWE                    NY-43-DECREE-1-74
COSTELLO, MAGGIE                       NY-43-DECREE-1-108
CREIGHTON, HENRY J.                    NY-43-DECREE-1-86
CROCHERON, ABRAHAM                     NY-43-DECREE-1-75
CUNLIFFE, EDNA                         NY-43-DECREE-1-110
CUNLIFFE, EMMA                         NY-43-DECREE-1-110
CUNLIFFE, EMMA                         NY-43-DECREE-1-109
CUNLIFFE, HENRY                        NY-43-DECREE-1-109
CUNLIFFE, LILLIE                       NY-43-DECREE-1-109
CUNNINGHAM, MARY                       NY-43-DECREE-1-14
CUNNINGHAM, MARY                       NY-43-DECREE-1-106
DALEY, MARGARET                        NY-43-DECREE-1-24
DAUSCH, HENRIETTA                      NY-43-DECREE-1-80
DAUSCH, LOUISE                         NY-43-DECREE-1-80
DAUSCH, WILLIE                         NY-43-DECREE-1-80
DECKER, ABRAHAM                        NY-43-DECREE-1-74
DECKER, ABRAHAM                        NY-43-DECREE-1-73
DECKER, BERTHA M.                      NY-43-DECREE-1-27
DECKER, FORRESTER                      NY-43-DECREE-1-74
DECKER, GEORGE                         NY-43-DECREE-1-73
DECKER, JAMES M.                       NY-43-DECREE-1-15
DECKER, JOHN                           NY-43-DECREE-1-73
DECKER, LULU J.                        NY-43-DECREE-1-27
DECKER, MAGGIE                         NY-43-DECREE-1-98
DECKER, MARY C.                        NY-43-DECREE-1-26
DECKER, PAULINE E.                     NY-43-DECREE-1-15
DECKER, SARAH JEANNETTE                NY-43-DECREE-1-75
DECKER, WILLIAM H.                     NY-43-DECREE-1-98
DEHART, HATTIE                         NY-43-DECREE-1-69A
DEHART, SAMUEL                         NY-43-DECREE-1-25
DENNISTON, ALEXANDER F.                NY-43-DECREE-1-93
DENNISTON, MARY F.                     NY-43-DECREE-1-93
DISSOSWAY, ANNIE B.                    NY-43-DECREE-1-85
DISSOSWAY, ANNIE L.                    NY-43-DECREE-1-85
DISSOSWAY, ELEANOR M.                  NY-43-DECREE-1-85
DISSOSWAY, SARAH B.                    NY-43-DECREE-1-85
DISSOSWAY, THURSTON N.                 NY-43-DECREE-1-85
DOLAN, ANNIE                           NY-43-DECREE-1-53
DOLAN, EMMA                            NY-43-DECREE-1-53
DONALD, EDITH MAY                      NY-43-DECREE-1-116
DONALD, LOUISA RAPALLO                 NY-43-DECREE-1-116
DONALD, WILLIAM MILNE                  NY-43-DECREE-1-116
DONOVAN, JOSEPH                        NY-43-DECREE-1-10
DONOVAN, JOSEPH                        NY-43-DECREE-1-13
DONOVAN, MARY                          NY-43-DECREE-1-13
DOUDICAN, JAMES                        NY-43-DECREE-1-96
DOUDICAN, THOMAS                       NY-43-DECREE-1-96
DREW, ANN M.                           NY-43-DECREE-1-78
ELLERS, LILLIE                         NY-43-DECREE-1-89
EYRE, FRANCIS BEVERLEY                 NY-43-DECREE-1-21
EYRE, MAYNARD C.                       NY-43-DECREE-1-21
FAGAN, ELIZABETH F.                    NY-43-DECREE-1-115
FAGAN, MARGARE A.                      NY-43-DECREE-1-115
FAGAN,R OSE A.                         NY-43-DECREE-1-115
FARRELLY, THOMAS                       NY-43-DECREE-1-46
FERGUSON, GEORGE P.                    NY-43-DECREE-1-59
FIEDLER, LOUISE                        NY-43-DECREE-1-44
FIEDLER, MATILDA                       NY-43-DECREE-1-44
FIELDER, SYLVIA                        NY-43-DECREE-1-44
FINLEY, MICHAEL                        NY-43-DECREE-1-13
FINNEGAN, JOHANNA C.                   NY-43-DECREE-1-1
FOSDICK, ELIZABETH K.                  NY-43-DECREE-1-121
FOSDICK, ELLERY R.                     NY-43-DECREE-1-121
FOSDICK, HARRIETTE J.                  NY-43-DECREE-1-121
FOSDICK, KNEELAND S.                   NY-43-DECREE-1-121
FOSDICK, ROBERT D.                     NY-43-DECREE-1-121
FOSDICK, WILLIAM R.                    NY-43-DECREE-1-121
FREAN, CHARLES W.                      NY-43-DECREE-1-46
FREAN, CHARLES W.                      NY-43-DECREE-1-79
FREAN, THEODORE                        NY-43-DECREE-1-46
FRICK, JULIA                           NY-43-DECREE-1-71
FRIEDLE, ANNA                          NY-43-DECREE-1-3
FRITSH, ANNIE                          NY-43-DECREE-1-65
GALLAGHER, DANIEL P.                   NY-43-DECREE-1-77
GALLAGHER, MARY E.                     NY-43-DECREE-1-78
GALLAGHER, TERENCE                     NY-43-DECREE-1-78
GALLAGHER, TERENCE                     NY-43-DECREE-1-77
GARDNER, CHARLES                       NY-43-DECREE-1-15
GLASS, ANNIE                           NY-43-DECREE-1-30
GOERLICH, PAULINE                      NY-43-DECREE-1-33
GONZALEZ, LOUISE                       NY-43-DECREE-1-49
GONZALEZ, THOMAS A.                    NY-43-DECREE-1-49
GONZALEZ, WILLIAM                      NY-43-DECREE-1-49
GOTTSCHALDT, FREDERICK                 NY-43-DECREE-1-56
GOTTSCHALDT, FREDERICK                 NY-43-DECREE-1-118
GOTTSCHALDT, KATHARINA                 NY-43-DECREE-1-119
GOTTSCHALDT, KATHARINA                 NY-43-DECREE-1-56
GOTTSCHALDT, MARIA                     NY-43-DECREE-1-57
GOTTSCHALDT, MARIA                     NY-43-DECREE-1-117
GOTTSCHALDT, MARTIN                    NY-43-DECREE-1-118
GOTTSCHALDT, MARTIN                    NY-43-DECREE-1-56
GRAEF, CHARLES LUDWIG J.               NY-43-DECREE-1-104
GRAEF, EMMA THERESE                    NY-43-DECREE-1-105
GRAEF, RUDOLPH ARTHUR                  NY-43-DECREE-1-104
GRAEF, THERESE                         NY-43-DECREE-1-104
GRAEF, THERESE                         NY-43-DECREE-1-103
GRAEF, THERESE                         NY-43-DECREE-1-105
GRAEF, WALTER HERMAN                   NY-43-DECREE-1-103
GREENWALD, MOSES                       NY-43-DECREE-1-5
GROSVENOR, CHARLES H.                  NY-43-DECREE-1-55
GUNCHION, ANNA                         NY-43-DECREE-1-96
GUNCHION, HANNAH                       NY-43-DECREE-1-97
GUNCHION, HANNAH                       NY-43-DECREE-1-96
GUNCHION, JAMES                        NY-43-DECREE-1-97
GUNCHION, MARY                         NY-43-DECREE-1-97
GUNNON, JAMES                          NY-43-DECREE-1-114
GUNNON, KATIE M.                       NY-43-DECREE-1-114
HAGEDORN, HERMANN C.                   NY-43-DECREE-1-4
HAGGERTY, CAROLINE                     NY-43-DECREE-1-38
HAGGERTY, CATHARINE                    NY-43-DECREE-1-38
HAGGERTY, CORNELIUS                    NY-43-DECREE-1-68
HAGGERTY, HENRY                        NY-43-DECREE-1-38
HAGGERTY, MARGARET J.                  NY-43-DECREE-1-38
HAGGERTY, MARY                         NY-43-DECREE-1-68
HALLE, EUGENE B.                       NY-43-DECREE-1-98
HALLE, EUGENE B.                       NY-43-DECREE-1-99
HALLE, ROBERT A.                       NY-43-DECREE-1-98
HALLE, SARAH C.                        NY-43-DECREE-1-99
HANRATTY, JOHN                         NY-43-DECREE-1-58
HANRATTY, MICHAEL                      NY-43-DECREE-1-58
HARRIS, EDITH L.                       NY-43-DECREE-1-50
HARRIS, MINNIE S.                      NY-43-DECREE-1-50
HAUGHIAN, CHARLES E.                   NY-43-DECREE-1-92
HAUGHIAN, SARAH A.                     NY-43-DECREE-1-92
HAYES, CORNELIUS                       NY-43-DECREE-1-54
HAYES, JULIA                           NY-43-DECREE-1-54
HAYES, MARY                            NY-43-DECREE-1-54
HAYES, WILLIAM                         NY-43-DECREE-1-54
HAYES, WILLIAM                         NY-43-DECREE-1-10
HAYES, WILLIAM F.                      NY-43-DECREE-1-54
HAZELTINE, MAYO W.                     NY-43-DECREE-1-33
HAZELTINE, SOPHIE D.                   NY-43-DECREE-1-33
HEAL, EDGAR K.                         NY-43-DECREE-1-67
HEAL, ELIZABETH A.                     NY-43-DECREE-1-67
HECHLER, WILLIAM                       NY-43-DECREE-1-30
HENRY, FRANK A.                        NY-43-DECREE-1-44
HENRY, J. BUCHANAN                     NY-43-DECREE-1-44
HENRY, JAMES BUCANAN                   NY-43-DECREE-1-44
HENRY, REGINALD B.                     NY-43-DECREE-1-44
HENRY, ROBERT E.                       NY-43-DECREE-1-44
HENRY, SIDNEY M.                       NY-43-DECREE-1-44
HENRY, WILLIAM C. A.                   NY-43-DECREE-1-44
HICKS, GEORGE F.                       NY-43-DECREE-1-52
HICKS, MARY JEWETT                     NY-43-DECREE-1-52
HILLYER, ABRAHAM C.                    NY-43-DECREE-1-48
HILLYER, ABRAHAM C.                    NY-43-DECREE-1-47
HILLYER, ERNEST E.                     NY-43-DECREE-1-47
HILLYER, FREDERICK L.                  NY-43-DECREE-1-47
HILLYER, NELLIE                        NY-43-DECREE-1-48
HILLYER, WILLIAM R.                    NY-43-DECREE-1-47
HIPP, ELIZABETH                        NY-43-DECREE-1-47
HIPP, MAMIE                            NY-43-DECREE-1-47
HIPP, SEVEREIN                         NY-43-DECREE-1-47
HIPP, SEVERIN                          NY-43-DECREE-1-47
HOOKER, CHRISTINA                      NY-43-DECREE-1-87
HOOKER, CHRISTINA                      NY-43-DECREE-1-86
HOOLEY, TIMOTHY J.                     NY-43-DECREE-1-24
HOPKINS, CORNELIA                      NY-43-DECREE-1-69
HOPKINS, ELEANORA                      NY-43-DECREE-1-68
HOPKINS, JOSEPHINE                     NY-43-DECREE-1-69
HOPKINS, ROBERT W.                     NY-43-DECREE-1-69
HOPKINS, ROBERT W.                     NY-43-DECREE-1-68
HOUSMAN, ALETHIEA A.                   NY-43-DECREE-1-119
HOUSMAN, ALETHIEA A.                   NY-43-DECREE-1-120
HOUSMAN, JOHN J.                       NY-43-DECREE-1-120
HOUSMAN, MILLARD F.                    NY-43-DECREE-1-120
HOUSMAN, SUSIE MAY                     NY-43-DECREE-1-119
HUGHES, ELIZA AUGUSTA                  NY-43-DECREE-1-79
HUGHES, MARTIN                         NY-43-DECREE-1-51
HUNDEMANN, CHARLES JR.                 NY-43-DECREE-1-124
HUNDEMANN, JULIA                       NY-43-DECREE-1-124
HUNT, ANNA M.                          NY-43-DECREE-1-31
HUNT, FRANCES E.                       NY-43-DECREE-1-32
HUNT, JOHN S.                          NY-43-DECREE-1-32
HUNT, JOHN S.                          NY-43-DECREE-1-31
HUNT, LOUISE                           NY-43-DECREE-1-31
HUNT, MINNIE B.                        NY-43-DECREE-1-31
JENNINGS, AMY J.                       NY-43-DECREE-1-32
JENNINGS, RALPH OSCAR                  NY-43-DECREE-1-32
JOBES, HARRY S.                        NY-43-DECREE-1-10
JOBES, JOHN E.                         NY-43-DECREE-1-10
JONES, EDNA F.                         NY-43-DECREE-1-62
JONES, MILDRED L.                      NY-43-DECREE-1-62
JONES, WARREN                          NY-43-DECREE-1-62
KAUFMANN, EIL                          NY-43-DECREE-1-33
KEIRNS, JOHN                           NY-43-DECREE-1-11
KELLY, JOHN                            NY-43-DECREE-1-88
KELLY, JOSEPH                          NY-43-DECREE-1-88
KESNER, CARRIE                         NY-43-DECREE-1-16
KESNER, CHRISTIAN M.                   NY-43-DECREE-1-17
KESNER, CHRISTIAN M.                   NY-43-DECREE-1-16
KESNER, CHRISTIAN M.                   NY-43-DECREE-1-17
KESNER, GEORGE WILLIAM                 NY-43-DECREE-1-17
KESNER, IDA                            NY-43-DECREE-1-16
KESNER, NETTIE                         NY-43-DECREE-1-17
KILLMEYER, LAURETTA                    NY-43-DECREE-1-61
KILLMEYER, WILLIAM                     NY-43-DECREE-1-61
KNESEL, CHRISTIAN                      NY-43-DECREE-1-125
KREISCHER, CHARLES C.                  NY-43-DECREE-1-97
KREISCHER, EDWARD B.                   NY-43-DECREE-1-95
KREISCHER, EDWARD B.                   NY-43-DECREE-1-95
KUHN, ELIESE JULIA                     NY-43-DECREE-1-71
KUHN, WILLIAM                          NY-43-DECREE-1-70
LAFORGE, BLANCHE                       NY-43-DECREE-1-99
LAFORGE, CATHARINE E.                  NY-43-DECREE-1-100
LAFORGE, HARRISON H.                   NY-43-DECREE-1-100
LAFORGE, HENRIETTA                     NY-43-DECREE-1-100
LAFORGE, HENRIETTA                     NY-43-DECREE-1-99
LAFORGE, JOHN W.                       NY-43-DECREE-1-99
LAWLESS, MARY F.                       NY-43-DECREE-1-122
LAYTON, ALICE I.                       NY-43-DECREE-1-83
LAYTON, MARY V.                        NY-43-DECREE-1-82
LEDUC, JOHN S.                         NY-43-DECREE-1-112
LEDUC, LEWIN B.                        NY-43-DECREE-1-112
LEDUC, NANNIE B.                       NY-43-DECREE-1-112
LENG, EDWARD HUGH                      NY-43-DECREE-1-84
LENG, MARY S.                          NY-43-DECREE-1-85
LENG, MARY S.                          NY-43-DECREE-1-84
LENG, PERCIVAL K.                      NY-43-DECREE-1-84
LENG, THEODORE C.                      NY-43-DECREE-1-85
LEWIS, SAMUEL L.                       NY-43-DECREE-1-9
LEWIS, SAMUEL L.                       NY-43-DECREE-1-8
LHOMMEDIEU, MARY E.                    NY-43-DECREE-1-59
LIND, JACOB                            NY-43-DECREE-1-22
LINDEMANN, EMIL                        NY-43-DECREE-1-66
LINDEMANN, ERNST                       NY-43-DECREE-1-67
LINDEMANN, HEINRICH                    NY-43-DECREE-1-67
LINDEMANN, HUGO                        NY-43-DECREE-1-65
LINDEMANN, WALTHER                     NY-43-DECREE-1-66
LITZENBERGER, LIZETTE                  NY-43-DECREE-1-30
LITZENBERGER, WILLIAM                  NY-43-DECREE-1-30
LIUS, HERMANN                          NY-43-DECREE-1-45
LONG, INNIE LAFORGE                    NY-43-DECREE-1-67A
LONG, JAMES BROWNLEE                   NY-43-DECREE-1-67A
LUDY, ALBERT I.                        NY-43-DECREE-1-91
LUDY, ANNIE M.                         NY-43-DECREE-1-91
MACFARLAND, ANDREW G.                  NY-43-DECREE-1-75
MACKLIN, JOHN                          NY-43-DECREE-1-60
MACKLIN, LUCY                          NY-43-DECREE-1-60
MAHRE, AMELIA M.                       NY-43-DECREE-1-34
MAHRE, CHARLES                         NY-43-DECREE-1-34
MALLOY, CAROLINE                       NY-43-DECREE-1-122
MALLOY, CAROLINE                       NY-43-DECREE-1-94
MARSH, CLARENCE B.                     NY-43-DECREE-1-84
MARSH, ISAAC M.                        NY-43-DECREE-1-84
MARSH, ISAAC M.                        NY-43-DECREE-1-83
MARSH, VIRGINIA                        NY-43-DECREE-1-83
MARTINEAU, ABRAM                       NY-43-DECREE-1-50
MASON, HENRY                           NY-43-DECREE-1-114
MATTHIUS, ELISE                        NY-43-DECREE-1-20
MATTHIUS, HENRIETTA                    NY-43-DECREE-1-20
MATTHIUS, JOHN D.                      NY-43-DECREE-1-20
MATTHIUS, MARIE                        NY-43-DECREE-1-20
MCCLOSKEY, JAMES J.                    NY-43-DECREE-1-122
MCCONNELL, ANDREW                      NY-43-DECREE-1-45
MCGRATH, BRIDGET                       NY-43-DECREE-1-46
MCGUIRE, HONORA MAY                    NY-43-DECREE-1-43
MCGUIRE, JEREMIAH                      NY-43-DECREE-1-43
MCGUIRE, JEREMIAH                      NY-43-DECREE-1-43
MCINTYRE, ANDREW                       NY-43-DECREE-1-55
MCINTYRE, GEORGE                       NY-43-DECREE-1-55
MCINTYRE, WILLIAM                      NY-43-DECREE-1-55
MCLOUGHLIN, THOMAS                     NY-43-DECREE-1-122
MCMAHON, JOHN                          NY-43-DECREE-1-62
MCMAHON, MARY                          NY-43-DECREE-1-62
MCSORLEY, ADELINE C.                   NY-43-DECREE-1-77
MCSORLEY, CHARLES F.                   NY-43-DECREE-1-76
MEHLIG, ANNA MARIA                     NY-43-DECREE-1-57
MEHNKEN, HERMANN                       NY-43-DECREE-1-45
MILLER, ANNIE                          NY-43-DECREE-1-81
MILLER, AUGUST                         NY-43-DECREE-1-82
MILLER, CHARLES                        NY-43-DECREE-1-80
MILLER, GLADIS A.                      NY-43-DECREE-1-12
MILLER, HENRIETTA                      NY-43-DECREE-1-82
MILLER, HENRIETTA                      NY-43-DECREE-1-81
MILLER, JULIA                          NY-43-DECREE-1-82
MILLER, LYDIA                          NY-43-DECREE-1-81
MILLER, SARAH E.                       NY-43-DECREE-1-12
MILLER, WILHELMINA                     NY-43-DECREE-1-82
MOORE, THOMAS W.                       NY-43-DECREE-1-75
MORISON, EDWARD                        NY-43-DECREE-1-52
NAYLOR, FLORENCE                       NY-43-DECREE-1-79
NAYLOR, GEORGE                         NY-43-DECREE-1-79
NAYLOR, HARRIET                        NY-43-DECREE-1-79
NEWMAN, JANE J.                        NY-43-DECREE-1-27
NEWMAN, JANE J.                        NY-43-DECREE-1-26
NOLAN, PETER V.                        NY-43-DECREE-1-10
NOLAN, VIRGINIA                        NY-43-DECREE-1-83
NOLAN, VIRGINIA                        NY-43-DECREE-1-82
OATES, MICHAEL                         NY-43-DECREE-1-11
OEST, ALFRED JOHN                      NY-43-DECREE-1-63
OEST, ANNA C. L.                       NY-43-DECREE-1-63
OEST, JOHN M.                          NY-43-DECREE-1-61
OEST, WILLIAM WALLACE                  NY-43-DECREE-1-61
OLEARY, IRENE                          NY-43-DECREE-1-113
OLEARY, MARGARET                       NY-43-DECREE-1-113
OLEARY, MARY                           NY-43-DECREE-1-113
OUTERBRIDGE, ADOLPHUS J.               NY-43-DECREE-1-111
PARMELE, ALFRED T.                     NY-43-DECREE-1-123
PARMELE, ALMIRA A.                     NY-43-DECREE-1-123
PARMELE, CHARLES ROOME                 NY-43-DECREE-1-123
PICKENS, PAULINE                       NY-43-DECREE-1-76
POOL, EUGENE H.                        NY-43-DECREE-1-111
POOL, JOHN H.                          NY-43-DECREE-1-111
PRAHL, FREDERICK                       NY-43-DECREE-1-4
QUARTLEY, ADELE                        NY-43-DECREE-1-49
QUARTLEY, ARTHUR                       NY-43-DECREE-1-49
QUARTLEY, GRACE                        NY-43-DECREE-1-49
RAUNER, BENJAMIN                       NY-43-DECREE-1-5
RAUNER, CHARLES                        NY-43-DECREE-1-5
REED, MARGARET                         NY-43-DECREE-1-76
REED, MARGARET                         NY-43-DECREE-1-77
RENTON, CHARLOTTE                      NY-43-DECREE-1-45
RICH, AQUILA                           NY-43-DECREE-1-40
RICH, AQUILA                           NY-43-DECREE-1-40
RICH, AQUILA                           NY-43-DECREE-1-41
RICH, CLARA O.                         NY-43-DECREE-1-41
RICH, SETON H.                         NY-43-DECREE-1-40
RICHARDS, BENJAMIN                     NY-43-DECREE-1-19
RICHARDS, LOUISA V.                    NY-43-DECREE-1-19
RITCHIE, GEORGE C.                     NY-43-DECREE-1-92
ROBINSON, BEVERLEY                     NY-43-DECREE-1-39
ROBINSON, ELIZA G.                     NY-43-DECREE-1-39
ROBINSON, MAUD D.                      NY-43-DECREE-1-39
ROBINSON, RUFUS K.                     NY-43-DECREE-1-39
ROBINSON, SAMUEL A.                    NY-43-DECREE-1-26
ROBINSON, SAMUEL A.                    NY-43-DECREE-1-25
ROGAN, MARY                            NY-43-DECREE-1-43
ROGERS, JANET                          NY-43-DECREE-1-59
ROGERS, MARTHA                         NY-43-DECREE-1-65
ROLLE, AUGUSTUS E.                     NY-43-DECREE-1-105
RORKE, CATHARINE M.                    NY-43-DECREE-1-110
RORKE, EDITH M.                        NY-43-DECREE-1-110
RORKE, GEORGE                          NY-43-DECREE-1-110
ROTTMANN, MICHAEL J.                   NY-43-DECREE-1-3
RUBSAM, EMILY                          NY-43-DECREE-1-93
RYDER, DAVID EBER                      NY-43-DECREE-1-94
RYDER, DAVID M.                        NY-43-DECREE-1-94
RYDER, ELEANOR L.                      NY-43-DECREE-1-94
SALFELDER, CHARLES                     NY-43-DECREE-1-18
SALFELDER, FREDERICK L.                NY-43-DECREE-1-26
SALFELDER, HELEN                       NY-43-DECREE-1-18
SALFELDER, HELEN J.                    NY-43-DECREE-1-25
SALFELDER, MINNIE                      NY-43-DECREE-1-18
SCHENDIER, CASPAR                      NY-43-DECREE-1-57
SCHNEIDER, CASPAR                      NY-43-DECREE-1-56
SCHWARTZ, KATIE                        NY-43-DECREE-1-88
SCHWARTZKOPF, MARY                     NY-43-DECREE-1-79
SCHWARTZKOPF, ROBERT                   NY-43-DECREE-1-79
SCOFIELD, GEORGE S.                    NY-43-DECREE-1-64
SCOFIELD, GEORGE S.                    NY-43-DECREE-1-63
SCOFIELD, GEORGE S. JR.                NY-43-DECREE-1-63
SCOFIELD, LOUISE H.                    NY-43-DECREE-1-63
SCOFIELD, SUSETTE T.                   NY-43-DECREE-1-64
SCULLY, JOHN D.                        NY-43-DECREE-1-93A
SCULLY, JOHN D.                        NY-43-DECREE-1-93B
SEGUINE, HENRY                         NY-43-DECREE-1-62
SEVENHAAR, ELIZABETH                   NY-43-DECREE-1-25
SHIELDS, ESTELLE G.                    NY-43-DECREE-1-86
SHIELDS, JANE H.                       NY-43-DECREE-1-87
SHIELDS, ROEBRT M.                     NY-43-DECREE-1-87
SIMONSON, DAVID F.                     NY-43-DECREE-1-6
SIMONSON, DAVID F.                     NY-43-DECREE-1-116
SIMONSON, DAVID F.                     NY-43-DECREE-1-6
SIMONSON, EDGAR T.                     NY-43-DECREE-1-6
SIMONSON, ELMER H.                     NY-43-DECREE-1-48
SIMONSON, HERBERT V.                   NY-43-DECREE-1-6
SIMONSON, LEWIS                        NY-43-DECREE-1-48
SIMONSON, OSCAR W.                     NY-43-DECREE-1-116
SIMONSON, STAFFORD D.                  NY-43-DECREE-1-116
SIMONSON, THEODORE F.                  NY-43-DECREE-1-6
SIMONSON, THOMAS                       NY-43-DECREE-1-116
SISK, ANNIE                            NY-43-DECREE-1-106
SISK, ANNIE                            NY-43-DECREE-1-16
SISK, CATHARINE                        NY-43-DECREE-1-107
SISK, HANNAH                           NY-43-DECREE-1-16
SISK, HANORA                           NY-43-DECREE-1-106
SISK, JAMES                            NY-43-DECREE-1-107
SISK, JAMES                            NY-43-DECREE-1-16
SISK, JOSEPH                           NY-43-DECREE-1-108
SISK, JOSEPH                           NY-43-DECREE-1-16
SISK, KATE                             NY-43-DECREE-1-16
SISK, THOMAS                           NY-43-DECREE-1-108
SISK, THOMAS                           NY-43-DECREE-1-107
SISK, THOMAS SR.                       NY-43-DECREE-1-16
SLOAT, JOHN DRAKE                      NY-43-DECREE-1-23
SLOAT, LOUISA GORDON                   NY-43-DECREE-1-23
SMITH, ADDIE                           NY-43-DECREE-1-30
SMITH, GEORGIANNA                      NY-43-DECREE-1-98
SPRAGUE, HETTY E.                      NY-43-DECREE-1-9
STEGMEIER, GUSTAV JR.                  NY-43-DECREE-1-55
STEGMEIER, LOUISE                      NY-43-DECREE-1-55
STONE, ALICE M.                        NY-43-DECREE-1-18B
STONE, JULIA DEWITT                    NY-43-DECREE-1-18A
STONE, WILLIAM F.                      NY-43-DECREE-1-18B
STONE, WILLIAM F.                      NY-43-DECREE-1-18A
STOUT, CHARLES TABER                   NY-43-DECREE-1-71
STOUT, EDWARD M.                       NY-43-DECREE-1-72
STOUT, FLORENCE                        NY-43-DECREE-1-72
STOUT, JOHN W.                         NY-43-DECREE-1-71
STOUT, JOHNW.                          NY-43-DECREE-1-72
SULLIVAN, AGNES                        NY-43-DECREE-1-70
SULLIVAN, CATHARINE V.                 NY-43-DECREE-1-51
SULLIVAN, JOHN F. J.                   NY-43-DECREE-1-51
SULLIVAN, JOSEPH                       NY-43-DECREE-1-51
SULLIVAN, PATRICK                      NY-43-DECREE-1-70
TAYLOR, CLARA LOUISE                   NY-43-DECREE-1-17
TAYLOR, GERTRUDE                       NY-43-DECREE-1-18
TAYLOR, ISABEL                         NY-43-DECREE-1-17
TAYLOR, MALCOLM                        NY-43-DECREE-1-18
TAYLOR, SARAH                          NY-43-DECREE-1-17
TIERNAN, PETER                         NY-43-DECREE-1-53
TIMPSON, JEANIE S.                     NY-43-DECREE-1-89
TODD, CHARLES M.                       NY-43-DECREE-1-102
TYRRELL, GRACE                         NY-43-DECREE-1-35
TYRRELL, MARY ANN JANE                 NY-43-DECREE-1-35
TYRRELL, THOMAS                        NY-43-DECREE-1-34
UEBERWASSER, EMILIE                    NY-43-DECREE-1-80
UHRBROCK, GEORGE LYRA                  NY-43-DECREE-1-22
VAIL, BRIDGET ELIZABETH                NY-43-DECREE-1-19
VANNAME, EDWARD E.                     NY-43-DECREE-1-14
VANNAME, ENDOLIA                       NY-43-DECREE-1-37
VANNAME, FRANCIS M.                    NY-43-DECREE-1-3
VANNAME, HATTIE J.                     NY-43-DECREE-1-37
VANNAME, JAMIMA J.                     NY-43-DECREE-1-36
VANNAME, JAMIMA J.                     NY-43-DECREE-1-37
VANNAME, JENETTA                       NY-43-DECREE-1-2
VANNAME, LIZZIE R.                     NY-43-DECREE-1-36
VANNAME, PAUL M.                       NY-43-DECREE-1-2
VANNAME, PAUL M.                       NY-43-DECREE-1-14
VANNAME, PAUL M.                       NY-43-DECREE-1-3
VOSBURGH, IRVING BROWN                 NY-43-DECREE-1-21
VOSBURGH, KITTIE L.                    NY-43-DECREE-1-21
WADSWORTH, MARIA C.                    NY-43-DECREE-1-56
WADSWORTH, RICHARD C. W.               NY-43-DECREE-1-56
WALSH, LIZZIE                          NY-43-DECREE-1-43
WALSH, MARY                            NY-43-DECREE-1-43
WARING, WELLES C.                      NY-43-DECREE-1-86
WEBER, CAHRLES W. B.                   NY-43-DECREE-1-113
WEBER, CHARLES W. B.                   NY-43-DECREE-1-112
WEBER, FREDERICK C. E.                 NY-43-DECREE-1-113
WEBER, FREDERICKA F. D.                NY-43-DECREE-1-112
WENDLAND, JOHN                         NY-43-DECREE-1-60
WHITTY, AGNES C.                       NY-43-DECREE-1-13
WILD, JOHN                             NY-43-DECREE-1-60
WILKS, ALFRED S.                       NY-43-DECREE-1-100
WILKS, JOSEPH                          NY-43-DECREE-1-100
WILLIAMS, JOHN E.                      NY-43-DECREE-1-105
WILLIAMS, JOSEPH                       NY-43-DECREE-1-105
WILLIAMS, LEONE B.                     NY-43-DECREE-1-105
WILLIAMS, MARY                         NY-43-DECREE-1-122
WILLIAMS, MARY                         NY-43-DECREE-1-94
WILSON, MARY FRANCES                   NY-43-DECREE-1-24
WILSON, WILLIAM FRANCIS                NY-43-DECREE-1-24
WINANT, FREEMAN                        NY-43-DECREE-1-64
WINANT, ISAAC                          NY-43-DECREE-1-117
WINANT, JOHN J.                        NY-43-DECREE-1-64
WINANT, SARAH JENNETTE                 NY-43-DECREE-1-117
WOOD, CATHERINE M.                     NY-43-DECREE-1-90
WOOD, EMMA G.                          NY-43-DECREE-1-90
WOOD, HENRY C.                         NY-43-DECREE-1-90
WOOD, LESTER E.                        NY-43-DECREE-1-9
WOOD, LOUISE E.                        NY-43-DECREE-1-9
WOODRUFF, COITE K.                     NY-43-DECREE-1-4
WOODRUFF, HARRY M.                     NY-43-DECREE-1-4
WOODRUFF, SAMUEL V.                    NY-43-DECREE-1-4
WOODRUFF, WILLIAM M.                   NY-43-DECREE-1-4
WRIGHT, CAROLINE                       NY-43-DECREE-1-110
XIQUES, EMILY                          NY-43-DECREE-1-76
XIQUES, EMILY B.                       NY-43-DECREE-1-76
XIQUES, J. DOMINOGO                    NY-43-DECREE-1-76
ZILKINS, ANNA MARIA                    NY-43-DECREE-1-101
ZILKINS, AUGUST                        NY-43-DECREE-1-101
ZILKINS, MARGARET                      NY-43-DECREE-1-101
ZIMMER, BENJAMIN A.                    NY-43-DECREE-1-125
ZIMMER, WILLIAM                        NY-43-DECREE-1-125
ZIMMERMANN, ANNA M.                    NY-43-DECREE-1-95
ZIMMERMANN, ANTON P.                   NY-43-DECREE-1-95
ZIMMERMANN, CHARLES                    NY-43-DECREE-1-95
ZIMMERMANN, GEORGE                     NY-43-DECREE-1-95

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