Delaware County, New York
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Column One = Name of Estate / Guardianship (M)
Each Line is a Single Record, regardless of numbers of pages. In case of Minors, where shared consecutive, count as one
Column Two = Type of Record
Column Three = State, County #, Volume #, Page # | Volumes: Minutes = 1 = 1835-1852 | 2 to 16 = ? |
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ABEL, ELIAS B.                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-137
ADEE, DARIUS                           MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-260
ADEE, DARIUS                           MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-188
ADEE, JOSHUA                           MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-136
ADEE, JOSHUA                           MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-250
AITKEN, D.                             MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-301
AITKIN, ELIZA                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-196
ALANSON, THOMAS                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-240
ALLEN, DAVIS                           MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-383
ALLEN, ELEANOR                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-316
ANDREWS, JOSEPH                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-135
ANDREWS, SAMUEL                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-138
ANDREWS, WILLIAM                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-328
ANDRUS, J.                             MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-290
ANDRUS, JAMES                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-307-315
ANGLE, PETER                           MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-148
BABCOCK, FRANCIS E.                    MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-183
BABCOCK, FRANCIS E.                    MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-258
BABCOCK, JOHN W.                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-273, 489, 497
BABCOCK, WILLIAM                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-135
BABCOCK, WILLIAM                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-135, 218
BABCOCK, WILLIAM                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-244
BALDWIN, BOYLE V. B.                   MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-344
BALDWIN, ELIJAH                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-135
BALDWIN, JOHN I.                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-355
BALDWIN, JOHN R.                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-354
BALLANTYNE, DUNCAN                     MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-271
BALLANTYNE, ROBER                      MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-223
BALLANTYNE, ROBERT                     MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-195, 145
BALLANTYNE, SILLIS                     MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-120
BARBOUR, WILLIAM                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-65-66
BARDSLEY, GAYLOR                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-253
BARLOW, DAVID                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-131
BARLOW, SAMUEL                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-254
BARLOW, SAMUEL B.                      MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-176
BARLOW, SAMUEL B.                      MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-170
BARMER, JOHN                           MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-161
BARNHART, ---                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-306
BARNS, DEBORAH                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-155
BARNS, DEBORAH                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-252
BARNS, ELISHA G.                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-131, 218
BARNUM, AMOS                           MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-388, 405
BARNUM, DANIEL                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-125
BARR, MARGARET                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-511
BARROWS, DANIEL                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-318
BASSETT, ASAHEL                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-16
BASSETT, REUBEN                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-364
BAXTER, CHARLES A.                     MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-161
BAXTER, EDGAR                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-119
BAXTER, SIAS A.                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-475
BEALS, ABRAHAM                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-196
BEARD, ABIJAH                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-136
BEARDSLEY, GAYLOR                      MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-137
BECKER, THOMAS L.                      MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-358
BELL, J. D.                            MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-302
BENEDICT, BENEDICT                     MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-93
BENEDICT, SEYMOUR F.                   MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-249
BENNET, EBENEZER                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-156, 167
BENNETT, STEPHEN                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-129, 216
BENNETT, STEPHEN                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-129
BETTS, WILLIAM                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-323
BIRBY, SALMON                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-159, 196
BIXBY, SALMON                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-174
BIXBY, SALMON                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-170
BIXBY,S ALMON                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-254
BLISH, DAVID P.                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-378
BLISH, NOONTUS                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-217, 368, 378
BLOWERS, JULIANY                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-510, 519, 522
BOGART, CHARLES H.                     MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-363
BOGART, JAMES                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-316
BOLTON, JONATHAN                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-141
BOOKHOUT, WILLIAM                      MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-506, 509
BOONHAM, JACOB                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-96-97, 100
BOOTH, M. S.                           MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-324
BOUTON, SQUIER H.                      MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-131
BOWERS, ASEL                           MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-277
BRADFORD, SAMUEL                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-329
BRADLEY, DARWIN B.                     MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-244
BRADLEY, DARWIN B.                     MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-336
BRADLEY, HENRY C.                      MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-260
BRADLEY, NEHEMIAH                      MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-331
BRADLEY, NEHEMIAH                      MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-331
BRALEY, BENJAMIN D.                    MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-202
BRALEY, JOHN                           MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-202
BROWN, JAMES                           MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-26
BROWN, SAMUEL                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-26-27
BROWN, SAMUEL N.                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-242
BROWNWELL, BENNET                      MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-244
BRYAN, ZCAHARIAH                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-29-31, 38-40, 46, 71
BUCKINGHAM, WILLIAM                    MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-250
BUELL, ABEL                            MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-386
BUNDY, BENJAMIN                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-79-82, 86
BURHANS, DUBOIS                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-202
BURNSIDE, JAMES F.                     MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-28
BURNSIDE, JOHN                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-478, 488
BURNSIDE, JOHN                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-32-33
BURNSIDE, JOHN                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-28
BURNSIDE, MARGARET M Q CATHERINE       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-28-29
BURNSIDE, MARY ANN                     MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-488
BURROUGHS, EDEN                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-133
BUSH, CASPER                           MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-520
CAMPELL, JAMES                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-196
CANNON, BENJAMIN                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-215
CANNON, GABRIEL                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-356
CANNON, HECTOR                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-165
CANNON, NATHANIEL                      MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-155
CANNON, NATHANIEL                      MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-231
CANNON, NATHANIEL                      MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-165
CARPENTER, DAVID                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-467
CASE, LYMAN B.                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-240
CASTLE, DONALD                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-300
CAUL, AARON B.                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-515
CHAMBERLIN, FRANCIS A.                 MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-340
CHAMBERLIN, GEORGE B.                  MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-348, 352
CHAMBERLIN, GEORGE B.                  MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-336
CHAMBERLIN, JAMES                      MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-329
CHAMBERLIN, MARION E.                  MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-340
CHASE, WALTER                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-498, 502
CHUSKINS, REUBEN                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-31-32
CLARK, DAN                             MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-95-96
CLARK, HUGH                            MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-522
CLARK, MARIA                           MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-69
CLARK, MARY ANN                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-68
CLARK, MILO                            MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-69
CLARK, SUSAN                           MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-69
CLARK, WILLIAM                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-68
CLARKE, WILLIAM                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-428, 459
CLEVELAND, JOSIAH D.                   MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-473, 486, 496, 527
CLEYNE, JOHN                           MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-414
CLUM, GEORGE                           MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-183
COBB, ANSON                            MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-149
COBB, ANSON S                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-275
COBB, ANSON S.                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-190
COLE, NORMAN S.                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-405, 452
COOK, LOTT                             MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-311
COOKE, NATHAN                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-312
COPLEY, ENOCH                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-256
COPLEY, M. N.                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-292
CORBIN, DANIEL C.                      MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-144
COULTER, FRANCIS                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-258
COULTER, FRANCIS                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-254
COULTER, FRANCIS                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-182
COULTER, JAMES                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-235
COWAN, ADAM L.                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-479
COWLEY, LEGER                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-489, 501
CRANDALL, JANE                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-91
CRANDALL, SARAH E.                     MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-91
CRAWFORD, MARY ANN                     MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-110
CRAWFORD, PETER                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-339
CRONK, JOHN                            MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-189, 237
CRONK, JOHN                            MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-139
CRONK, JOHN                            MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-257
CROOKER, JACOB                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-164
CROSBY, THOMAS                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-192
CROSBY, THOMAS                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-219, 223
CROSBY, THOMAS                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-138
CROSBY, THOMAS                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-15-16, 22-24, 27
CUMMINGS, WILLIAM                      MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-296
CURTIS, NATHAN                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-311
DARLING, JOHN                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-160
DARLING, JOHN                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-274
DART, JEREMIAH                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-85-86
DAVID, SAMUEL                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-253
DAVIDSON, JOHN                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-152
DAVIS, EBENEZER                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-407, 448, 454, 457, 463
DAVIS, GERSHOM                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-338-339
DAVIS, MINORS                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-426
DAVIS, NEHEMIAH                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-94
DAVIS, SAMUEL                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-270
DAYTON, ALLEN M.                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-188
DAYTON, ALLEN M.                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-246
DAYTON, HEZEKIAH S.                    MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-521
DEAN, MARY ANN                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-411
DEAN, ROBERT G.                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-411
DECKER, GEORGE                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-87-88
DEGRAFF, ABRAHAM                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-189, 193
DELAMATER, JAMES H.                    MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-476
DELAMATER, JAMES J. MINORS             MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-476
DENIS, CHARITY                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-102
DEWEY, JOHN                            MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-458, 460
DIBBLE, LUCY                           MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-95
DOANE, ZENAS                           MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-280
DOANE, ZENAS                           MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-156, 170, 177, 230
DOANE, ZENAS                           MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-252, 254
DOUGAL, JOHN                           MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-266
DOUGAL, JOHN                           MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-294
DOUGAL, JOHN                           MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-246
DOUGAT, JOHN                           MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-171, 280
DOUGHERTY, MARGARET                    MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-140
DOUGLASS, JAMES R.                     MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-365, 456, 458
DOUGLASS, SARAH L.                     MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-365, 456, 458
DOUGLASS, THOMAS M.                    MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-365, 456, 458
DOUGLASS, THOMAS M.                    MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-297, 466
DOWIE, GEORGE A.                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-268
DOWIE, HENRY                           MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-322
DOWIE, HENRY                           MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-187
DOWIE, JAMES                           MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-277
DOWIE, LUCY                            MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-291
DOWIE, SARAH                           MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-185
DOWIE, SARAH                           MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-259
DOWIE, WILLIAM                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-277
DUMOND, ANN ELIZA                      MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-113
DUMOND, EDWARD                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-113
DUMOND, ISIDORE                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-115
DUMOND, JAMES                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-113
DUMOND, JOHN H.                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-115
DUMOND, SARAH S.                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-113
DUTHRE, RUTH                           MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-270
EADIE, JAMES                           MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-384, 443, 514
EARLL, MOSES                           MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-262, 309
EDARDS, CHARLES                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-355
EELLS, SEYMOUR B.                      MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-434, 436, 469,492, 496
EGBERTSON, RICHARD C.                  MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-517, 525
ELLIS, LEWIS                           MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-130
ELLIS, NOAH JR.                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-131
ELLIS, STEPHEN                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-310
ELMENDORF, JANE                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-320, 349, 351, 353, 360, 375
ERMAN, ABEL                            MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-265
ERSKINE, MARY                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-19-20
ERWIN, JAMES D.                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-168, 235, 262
EVERY, ALANSON                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-220
EVERY, ALANSON                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-141, 164, 194
FARRINGTON, MARCH                      MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-337-338
FENN, STEPHEN                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-95-96
FENTON, DAVID                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-238
FIELD, CHARLOTTE                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-294
FIELD, CHRISTOPHER                     MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-272
FIELDS, CHRISTOPHER                    MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-163
FITCH, CORNELIUS                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-256
FITCH, ENOCH                           MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-342
FITCH, HIRAM                           MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-148
FITCH, SAMUEL                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-143
FITCH,CORNELIUS                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-179
FLETCHER, MICHAEL                      MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-523-526
FLINT, GEORGE A.                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-333, 510
FOLLET, CHARLES                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-246, 249
FOLLET, DELIA                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-246, 249
FOLLET, JONAS M.                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-249
FOLLET, ORRIN                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-274
FOOT, BETHUEL                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-270
FOOT, BETHUEL                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-240
FOOT, BETTY                            MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-525
FOOTE, CHARLES                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-321
FOOTE, CHARLES A.                      MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-58-59, 90
FOOTE, HENRY W.                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-144
FORREST, ROBERT                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-234
FRISBEE, MARGARET                      MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-248
FRISBEE, PHILLIP                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-36-37
FRISBEE, PORTER                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-36
FULLER, BENJAMIN                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-287-288
FULLER, ELIHU                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-308, 390, 399, 409, 418
FULLER, NATHAN                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-245
GANVANG, JOHN                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-269
GARDINER, JERUSHA                      MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-194
GEORGE, JAMES                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-518
GERMAN, ABEL                           MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-168, 175, 237
GIBSON, WILLIAM                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-468
GILBERT, HIRAM                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-264
GILBERT, HIRAM & OTHERS                MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-259
GLEASON, FISHER                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-172
GLEASON, LAFAETTE                      MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-367, 403
GODORICH, ANDREW M.                    MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-167
GOODRICH, ANDRUS M.                    MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-257
GOODRICH, DAVID                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-267
GOODRICH, DAVID                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-263
GOODRICH, DAVID                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-449
GOODRICH, L. E.                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-294
GOODRICH, PHROEIN & OTHERS             MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-267
GOULD, CHARLES H.                      MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-480
GOULD, HERMAN D.                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-480, 488, 493, 495-496, 498
GOULD, SAMUEL A.                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-479
GOULD, SHERWOOD D.                     MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-479
GOW, JOHN                              MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-132
GRAHAM, JAMES A.                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-380, 459
GRANT, ALEXANDER                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-239
GRANT, ALEXANDER                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-223
GRANT, ALEXANDER                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-138
GRANT, ALEXANDER                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-102
GRANT, ANNA                            MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-455
GRANT, CHARLES                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-421
GRANT, DANIEL                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-404, 412, 500-508
GRANT, DONALD                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-184
GRANT, ISABELLA JANE                   MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-421
GRANT, JAMES                           MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-289
GRANT, JAMES B.                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-421
GRANT, JOHN A.                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-487, 501
GRANT, JOHN C.                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-341
GRANT, JOHN C.                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-448, 452
GRAVES, ORANGE                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-328
GREERSAW, ROBERT                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-287
GREGORY, AARON                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-225
GREGORY, AARON                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-143, 195
GREGORY, DANIEL                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-330
GREGORY, EDSON                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-428, 508
GRIERSON, ROBERT                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-161, 168
GRIFFIN, CORNELIUS C.                  MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-511
GRIFFIN, DEBORAH                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-242
GRIFFIN, JOHN B.                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-401
GRIFFIN, MARY C.                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-401
GRIFFIN, SAMUEL                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-257
GRINNELL, CHAPMAN                      MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-93
GRISWOLD, WILLIAM F.                   MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-248
HAGEN, MARY ANN T.                     MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-442
HAIT, EZRA                             MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-328
HALADAY, EDWARD                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-487
HAMILTON, JAMES                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-278
HAMILTON, OLIVER                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-157
HAMILTON, OLIVER                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-251
HAMILTON, OLIVER                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-177, 234
HAMILTON, ROBERT                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-268
HAMILTON, ROBERT                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-318
HANFORD, CHARLES G.                    MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-157, 176
HANFORD, STEPHEN B.                    MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-364, 371
HANFORD, STEPHEN B.                    MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-139
HANNA, WILLIAM                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-216
HARDENBERGH, JOHN                      MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-63-65
HARDENBERGH, JOHN                      MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-82
HARKNESS, BARKLEY                      MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-482, 514, 522
HARKNESS, CHARLES                      MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-55-56
HARKNESS, ROBERT                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-270, 368
HARKNESS, ROBERTS & OTHERS             MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-271
HARKNESS, THOMAS                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-438-439, 446
HARLEY, ALMINA                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-67
HARLEY, CHARLES                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-67
HARLEY, MARGARET                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-67
HARLOW, WILLIAM                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-133
HARLOW, WILLIAM J.                     MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-221
HARPER, ABIGAIL                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-141
HARPER, AGNIS                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-46
HARPER, HENRY                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-242
HARPER, JAMES                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-472, 490, 513
HARPER, JAMES & JOHN                   MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-51, 54-55
HARPER, JANE                           MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-50, 54
HARPER, JOHN                           MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-233
HARPER, JOHN & JAMES                   MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-51, 54-55
HARPER, SAMUEL                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-151
HATHAWAY, JOSIAH                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-147
HATHAWAY, ROBERT                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-254
HAWLEY, SHERMAN                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-133
HEATH, MILO                            MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-239
HINE, FRANCIS W.                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-178
HINE, FRANCIS W.                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-257
HINKLEY, EDWARD DEWITT                 MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-342
HINMAN, TITUS                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-158, 166, 231
HOOSE, CATHERINE                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-98
HOOSE, CHRISTINA                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-97
HOOSE, JANE ANN                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-118
HOOSE, JANE ANN                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-98
HOOSE, JOHN                            MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-97
HOOSE, MARIA                           MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-97
HOOSE, ROBERT                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-98
HOTCHKISS, R.                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-294
HOTCHKISS, ROSWELL                     MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-284
HOTCHKISS, ROSWELL                     MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-189
HOTCHKISS, ROSWELL                     MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-247
HOUGHTALING, JOHN                      MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-158
HOUGHTALING, WILLIAM H.                MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-105
HUBBARD, MICHAEL                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-195
HUBBARD, MICHAEL                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-198
HUBBARD, MICHAEL                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-269
HUBBARD, NELLY                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-31
HUGHSTON, JAMES                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-276
HULL, ELIJAH                           MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-162
HUMPHREY, ANDRE H.                     MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-129, 217
HUMPHREY, ANDREW                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-196
HUNT, AMBROSE                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-265
HUNT, AMBROSE                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-179
HUSTED, PRISCILLA                      MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-323
HUYCK, CORNELIUS                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-75
HUYCK, JOHN                            MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-267
HUYCK, JOHN                            MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-293
INGALSBEE, HENRY M.                    MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-258
INGALSBEE, THADDEUS                    MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-149
IRWIN, JAMES D.                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-175
JACKSON, HARVEY S.                     MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-132
JACKSON, MEDAD                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-157, 167
JAQUISH, JOHN                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-241
JENKINS,LLEWELLYN                      MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-134
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-455, 461, 506
JONES, ADAM                            MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-245
JONES, ADAM                            MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-192
JONES, ADAM                            MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-219
JONES, ADAM                            MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-137
JONES, GEORGE                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-251
JONES, PHILANDER                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-270
JONES, RACHEL                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-121
JONES, SOLOMON                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-147, 203, 229
JONES, WILLIAM                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-150
JONES, WILLIAM                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-165
JUDSON, SAMUEL L.                      MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-298
KEELER, ALEXANDER                      MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-472
KEELER, CLARK                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-472
KEELER, EDMUND                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-380, 491
KEELER, EDMUND H.                      MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-472
KEELER, HARRIET                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-472
KELLEY, SAMUEL                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-313
KELSEY, JAMES                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-389, 410
KELSEY, JAMES                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-151, 165
KELSO, ELIZABETH                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-349, 353, 357
KELSO, ROBERT                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-343
KELSO, ROBERT                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-359, 367
KENTFIELD, HORACE                      MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-241
KENTFIELD, WILLIAM                     MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-259
KENTFIELD, WILLIAM R.                  MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-241
KILPATRICK, GEORGE (WILL)              MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-477, 485
KINGSBURY, ELISHA                      MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-310
KNEELAND, BENJAMIN                     MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-303
KNIGHT, CHARLES                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-122
KNIGHT, JOHN                           MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-147
LAFEVER, DANIEL                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-254
LAKE, ISAAC                            MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-292
LAKIN, MARY G.                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-466
LAMPERT, ANTHONY                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-92
LANDON, THOMAS JR.                     MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-66-67, 69-70
LAUNT, JACOB                           MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-253
LAW, SAMUEL A.                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-239
LEAL, HELLEN                           MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-221
LEAL, JAMES                            MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-134
LEAL, JAMES C.                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-56-58
LEE, DANIEL                            MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-381
LEE, JOHN                              MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-381, 434, 516, 524
LEE, OLIVE                             MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-381
LEFEVER, DANIEL                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-322
LEFEVER, DANIEL                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-465
LEFEVER, DANIEL G.                     MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-169
LINDSLEY, DANIEL                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-144
LOCKWOOD, ABRAHAM                      MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-142
LUDDINGTN, GILBERT L.                  MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-122
LUDDINGTON, HENRY                      MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-220
LUDDINGTON, HENRY                      MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-141
LUDDINGTON, HENRY                      MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-166
LUDDINGTON, RUTH ANGELINE              MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-123
LUDDINGTON, THOMAS K.                  MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-123
LYNCH, HENRY                           MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-453, 462, 464
MALLISON, E.                           MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-314
MALLISON, ROSWELL                      MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-285
MALLISON, ROSWELL                      MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-241
MANN, AARON)                           MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-486, 500
MANN, OLIVER                           MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-27
MANN, WILLIAM                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-142
MANNING, HORACE                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-238
MARSHALL, ANDREW                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-509
MARSHALL, HENRY                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-512, 518
MARSHALL, ROBERT S.                    MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-411, 459
MAXON, PHINEAS V.                      MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-88
MAXWELL, ELIZABETH                     MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-246
MAXWELL, JOSHUA                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-163
MAXWELL, JULIET                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-254
MAYNARD, EDWARD B.                     MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-484
MAYNARD, SARAH E. (MINORS)             MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-483
MCAULEY, WILLIAM (REV.)                MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-430-431, 437, 498
MCCABE, SAMUEL                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-266
MCCALL, LYMAN                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-354
MCCLAUGHRY, JOSEPH T.                  MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-49
MCCOY, ABIGAIL                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-199
MCCREA, WILLIAM S.                     MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-112
MCCULLOUGH, ELIZABETH                  MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-139
MCCUNE, JOHN                           MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-358
MCCUNE, MINORS                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-464
MCGREGOR, CHARLES                      MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-236
MCILWAIN, ANDREW                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-493, 504-505
MCINTYRE, DOUGAL                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-381, 433
MCINTYRE, HOMER                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-316
MCKEEL, JAMES                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-97, 101
MCKEEVER, JOHN                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-25
MCKENZIE, HENRY                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-332, 399
MCKENZIE, KENNETH                      MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-425, 429
MCLAREN, DAVID                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-321
MCLCAUGHRY, WILLIAM Y.                 MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-49
MCMARDY, BENJAMIN                      MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-159
MCMINN, DAVID                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-271, 282
MCMINN, IRA                            MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-272
MCMORRIS, WILLIAM                      MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-164
MCMULLEN, ANGUS                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-142
MCMULLEN, ARCHIBALD                    MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-276
MCMURDY, BENJAMIN                      MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-198
MCMURDY, BENJAMIN                      MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-174
MCNAUGHT, GILBERT                      MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-143, 197
MCNAUGHT, ROBERT                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-272
MCNAYLOR, J.                           MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-481
MCQUEEN, PETER                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-304
MCQUEEN, PETER                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-237
MCQUNN, PETER                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-216
MCVAUGHT                               MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-496, 504-505
MEAD, ELI                              MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-199
MEAD, ELI                              MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-191
MEAD, ELI                              MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-148
MEAD, JOSEPH                           MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-166
MENTCH, JOHN C.                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-428
MENTCH, JULIA                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-429
MERRILL, SHUEBEL                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-412
MERWIN, HENRY C.                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-287
MERWIN, HENRY C.                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-235
MERWIN, NANCY L.                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-445
MERWIN, WILLIAM B.                     MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-445
MICHAEL, SIMEON                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-34, 60-63, 72
MICON, OLIVER                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-285
MILLER, IRA                            MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-344
MILLER, JAMES                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-132
MILLER, JAMES T.                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-337
MILLER, SAMUEL                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-511, 516
MITCHEL, DAVID                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-130
MITCHEL, JOSEPH                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-33
MITCHELL, ROBERT                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-139
MORE, HORTON K.                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-446
MORE, WILLIAM H.                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-436, 439
MORSE, ANNA                            MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-117
MUNN, CLOE                             MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-242
MUNN, COLON                            MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-260
MUNN, COLON                            MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-160
MURDOCK, DANIEL P.                     MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-222
MURDOCK, DANIEL P.                     MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-137
MURDOCK, JOSHUA                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-111
MURDOCK, SAMUEL                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-306
MYERS, BARNET                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-393, 401
MYERS, JAMES                           MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-245
MYERS, ROBERT                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-228
NASH, ISAAC                            MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-163
NEWCOMB, WILLIAM                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-118
NICHOLS, THOMAS                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-273
NILES, JOSEPH                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-392
NOBLE, HENRY                           MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-376, 382, 398, 402
ODWELL, JOHN                           MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-525
OGDEN, ELIAS                           MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-440
OGDEN, ISAAC                           MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-433
OGDEN, JOSEPH                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-247
OLMSTED, DAVID G.                      MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-259
OLMSTED, DAVID G.                      MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-185
OLMSTED, ELLEN                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-357
ORWIN, JOHN                            MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-136,1 93, 218
OSBORN, ALFRED                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-485
OSBORN, MARY E.                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-485
OSBORN, OGDEN A.                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-485
OSBURN, ELEAZER                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-145
PACKARD, RANSOM                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-221
PAIGE, GEORGE W.                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-102
PALMER, THOMAS B.                      MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-379, 384-385
PATCHEL, RICHARD                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-49-50, 60, 78
PATCHIN, D. S.                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-295, 305
PATCHKIN, DAVID T.                     MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-404
PAUL, JAMES                            MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-372, 377
PENFIELD, EDWARD                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-13-15, 19
PERKINS, SETH                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-374, 494
PETERS, CALVIN H.                      MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-334
PETERS, JOHN                           MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-346-347, 443, 447
PHELPS, ABAGAIL                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-286
PIERCE, ISAAC                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-307
PINE, DANIEL SR.                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-10, 491, 495
PINE, PETER                            MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-276, 279
PLUSKETT, SARAH                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-408, 423
POTTS, ELIZABETH                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-474
POTTS, GEORGE                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-474
POTTS, JOANNA                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-474
PURDY, JESSE                           MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-282
RADCLIFF, CORNELIUS                    MINUTES                                 NY-13-11-12, 17-18, 22
RANDALL, SHUBEL                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-167
REEVE, HORACE                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-336
RICE, HENRY                            MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-263
RICHARD, E.                            MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-299
RIDDLE, WILLIAM                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-400, 416
RIKERT, JOHN J.                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-327, 415, 432, 442
ROBERTS, ASAHEL B                      MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-264
ROBINSON, MARY ANN                     MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-348
ROLLINS, AARON                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-494
ROOT, ERASTUS                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-263
ROOT, ERASTUS                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-449, 453, 457
ROSE, CHRISTIAN F.                     MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-148
ROSE, HUGH                             MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-134
ROSE, WILLIAM                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-344
RUKIS, CAROLINE                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-239
RUKIS, MARY JANE                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-239
RUTHERFORD, CATHERINE                  MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-150, 224
RUTHERFORD, WILLIAM                    MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-215
RUTHERFORD, WILLIAM                    MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-155
RUTHERFORD, WILLIAM                    MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-129, 150
RUTHERFORD, WILLIAM                    MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-235
RUTHERFORD, WILLIAM JR.                MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-225
SANDS, ELLA J.                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-444
SANDS, GEORGE H                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-335
SANDS, GEORGE H                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-343
SANDS, GEORGE H.                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-517, 520, 527
SANDS, GEORGE S.                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-444
SANDS, RICHARD B.                      MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-500, 503-504
SANFORD, AMOS                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-151
SANFORD, J. W.                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-356
SANFORD, RELIEF                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-332
SAUELS, GEORGE H.                      MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-325-327
SCHERMERHORN, SARAH                    MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-340
SCOTT, CHRISTINA                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-351
SCOTT, DAVID C.                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-395, 419
SCOTT, EUPHEMIA                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-352
SCOTT, JAMES                           MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-248
SCOTT, JENET                           MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-97, 99
SCOTT, WALTER                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-252, 257
SCOTT, WALTER                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-133
SCOUTEN, ABRAHAM                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-38
SCOVILL, ELI                           MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-44-45, 52-53
SEELEY, ABIJAH                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-19
SEELY, ISAAC                           MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-132
SEELY, LUCY                            MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-109-113, 132
SEELY, STIRLING                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-145
SHAVER, ABRAHAM                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-144
SHAVER, ABRAHAM                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-224, 226
SHAVER, ABRAHAM                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-197
SHAVER, JOHN                           MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-197
SHAVER, MARY E.                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-387
SHAVER, PETER                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-209
SHAVER, PETER W.                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-387
SHAW, ANNA                             MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-90, 94
SHAW, WILLIAM                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-46-47, 5NY-13-1-52, 78
SHELDEN, NICHOLAS                      MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-199
SHELDON, CORNELIA M.                   MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-126
SHELDON, HARRIET                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-126
SHELDON, JOB                           MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-26
SHELDON, MARY E.                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-126
SHELDON, NICHOLAS                      MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-224
SHELDON, NICHOLAS                      MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-146
SHELDON, NICHOLAS                      MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-261
SHEPARD, DANIEL                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-258
SHEPARD, DANIEL                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-181
SHERMAN, IRA                           MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-140
SHUE, JOHN                             MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-374
SIGNOR, EGBERN                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-265
SIGNOR, ISBORN                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-319
SIMONSON, ABRAM                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-362
SIMONSON, JAMES                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-361
SIMONSON, JAMES F.                     MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-362
SIMONSON, JOHN                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-139
SIMPSON, HUGH                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-232, 243
SIMPSON, HUGH                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-284
SIMPSON, JOHN                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-233, 243
SIMPSON, JOHN                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-299
SINCLAIR, HECTOR                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-268
SISSON, JABEZ                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-264
SLITES, DAVID C.                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-477, 482
SLOAN, CLARK                           MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-391-392, 394, 517
SLOAT, WILLIAM L.                      MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-333
SLOCUM, ORRIN                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-407
SMITH, CHARLOTTE & OTHERS              MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-260
SMITH, CHAUNCY                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-155
SMITH, CORNELL                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-20-22, 34-36, 41
SMITH, HAZO                            MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-248
SMITH, PETER                           MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-478
SMITH, PETER                           MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-135
SMITH, SILAS P.                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-244
SMITH, SILAS P.                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-276
SMITH, SILAS P.                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-261
SPAULDING, WELLS                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-172
SPAULDING, WELLS                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-298
SPOOR, ELIZABETH                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-355
SPRAGUE, THOMAS                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-70-71
SQUIRES, ABEL                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-281
SQUIRES, WILLIAM                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-283
STAPLES, WILLIAM N.                    MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-277
STEBBINS, ERASTUS                      MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-238
STEBBINS, RUTH                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-162
STERNBURGH, GEORGE                     MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-169
STEWART, NATHANIEL                     MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-317, 400, 499, 504
STEWART, NATHANIEL                     MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-427
STILES, ANSON                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-149
STILES, DANIEL                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-307
STIMPSON, EBENEZER                     MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-345, 350
STJOHN, JOHN T.                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-370
STOCKLEY, CHARLES                      MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-332
STOCKLY, RICHARD                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-314
STONE, ROBERT                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-446
STONE, ROBERT                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-335
STRAIN, CATHERINE                      MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-366
STRAIN, HELEN                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-366
STRAIN, JAMES                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-366
STRAIN, JAMES                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-334
STRAIN, JULIA                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-366
STRAIN, MARIETTE                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-366
STRAIN, MILTON                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-366
STRAIN, OREL                           MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-366
STRAIN, ORPHA                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-366
STRAIN, RUSH                           MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-366
STRONG, CHAUNCY                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-143
STRONG, JOSIAH                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-84-86, 88-90
STULE, OSMAN N.                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-246
STURGES, ANSON                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-411
STURGES, GEORGE                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-315
STURGES, GEORGE                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-417
STURGES, HENRY B.                      MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-76-78
STURGES, JOHN                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-417
STURGES, JOSEPH                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-175
STURGES, JOSEPH                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-272
STURGES, WILSON                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-411
SUTTON, JOHN                           MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-106-108
SWART, JOHN D.                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-451
TAYLOR, BARUCH                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-10
TAYLOR, FRANCIS                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-240
TAYLOR, FRANCIS MELISSA                MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-185
TAYLOR, HANNAH                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-240
TAYLOR, JONATHAN                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-146, 228
TAYLOR, LEROY                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-227
TAYLOR, MELISSA                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-259
TAYLOR, WALTER                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-152
TEED, JOHN                             MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-158
TELFORD, JANE                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-245
TERRY, ASA                             MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-286
TERRY, ASA                             MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-178, 180
TERRY, ASA                             MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-249-250
TERRY, BETSEY                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-136
TERRY, JEDEDIAH                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-291
TERRY, SARAH JANE                      MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-249
TERRY, URBANA                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-207
THATCHER, JOSIAH                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-375
THOMAS, AARON                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-146
THOMAS, ABRAHAM                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-315
THOMPSON, ANDREW                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-142
THOMPSON, ANDREW JR.                   MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-226
THOMPSON, JOHN                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-40-41, 48
THOMPSON, THOMAS                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-33, 41-43
THOMSON, DAVID                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-12-13, 25
THOMSON, DAVID                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-263
THOMSON, DAVID L.                      MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-264
THOMSON, ROBERT F.                     MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-264
THORBURN, WILLIAM                      MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-140
THORBURN, WILLIAM                      MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-222
TILLOTSON, NAPOLEON B.                 MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-337
TOBEY, JULIA E.                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-358, 363, 366, 378
TODD, JOHN D.                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-151
TODD, JOHN D.                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-190
TOWNLY, THOMAS J.                      MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-204
TOWNSEND, CHARLES                      MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-216
TOWNSEND, CHARLES                      MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-129
TOWNSEND, ISAAC J.                     MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-166
TOWNSEND, WILLIAM                      MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-372
TREADWELL, D. R.                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-310
TURNBULL, JAMES                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-147
TURNER, ROBERT                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-304
UNDERWOOD, OLIVER                      MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-293, 307
UTTER, JOHN                            MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-396, 409
VANKUREN, MATTHEW                      MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-202, 272
VANSTEENBURGH, JACOB                   MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-273
VANWAGENER, GRANT                      MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-438, 446
VARY, EGBERT                           MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-98
VAUGHN, ISHIEL                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-1200
VERMILYEA, TURNEY                      MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-45
VOORHIS, JACOB                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-130, 217
VRADA, ALBET                           MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-407
WAINWRIGHT, JOHN                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-289
WAINWRIGHT, JOHN                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-203
WALKER, WILLIAM 2ND                    MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-451
WASHBURN, EBENEZER B.                  MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-138
WATERBURY, DANIEL                      MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-125
WATERBURY, EDWARD P.                   MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-124
WATERBURY, HENRY M.                    MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-125
WATERBURY, MARY                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-124
WATERBURY, ROBERT S.                   MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-125
WEASMER, GEORGE                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-156, 163
WEBB, A.                               MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-311
WEBSTER, JOHN                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-47-48, 79
WEISMER, WILLIAM                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-171
WHEATON, COLBERTH                      MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-42, 44
WHEELER, ANN E. A.                     MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-512
WHEELER, WILLIAM                       MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-421, 503
WHITE, DANIEL                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-341
WHITE, JOHN                            MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-288
WHITE, JOHN                            MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-180, 247
WHITSON, GEORGE                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-169
WHITSON, GEORGE                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-279
WICKHAM, ALLEN S.                      MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-320
WILBUR, WILLIAM B.                     MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-300-301
WILCOX, CALVIN                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-116
WILCOX, HARRIET                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-115
WILCOX, NORMAN C.                      MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-116
WILCOX, STRAFFORD C.                   MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-115
WILLIAMS, SUSAN                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-524
WILLIAMS, TITUS                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-164
WILLIAMS, TITUS                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-276
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM S.                   MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-274-275
WISWALL, LEWIS                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-146
WISWALL, NOAH                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-171
WISWALL, PARKER                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-154
WOLCOTT, HENRY                         MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-149
WOLCOTT, NATHANIEL                     MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-279
WOLCOTT, THOMAS                        MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-205
WOOD, DANIEL                           MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-150
WOODRUFF, MARY A.                      MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-195
WORDEN, HENRY                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-145
YAPLE, JOHN NICHOLAS                   MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-250
YAPLE, PHILIP                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-305
YAPLE, PHILIP                          MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-169, 183, 247
YOUNG, HENRY                           MINUTES                                 NY-13-1-322, 390, 432

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