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Column One = Name of Estate Inventories
Column Two = Type of Record
Column Three = State, County #, Volume #, Folder # | 1 = 1600s | 2 to 3 = ? |
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ALFORD, JOSEPH                         INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-A-1
ANDERSON, JOHN                         INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-A-2
ARENTS, TRYNTIE                        INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-A-3
ARESMITH, EDMOND                       INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-A-4
ASHMAN, ROBERT                         INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-A-5
BAKER, WILLIAM                         INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-B-6
BALSON, CORNELIUS                      INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-B-30
BANCKER, ELIZABETH                     INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-B-7
BEECKMAN, CORNELISEN                   INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-B-8
BISHOP, NATHANIEL                      INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-B-9
BODIN, JOHN                            INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-B-10
BONHIER, MAGDALENA                     INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-B-11
BORSTBOOM, JACOB                       INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-B-16
BOURROUGHS, JOHN                       INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-B-17
BRADLEY, JAMES                         INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-B-12
BRADLEY, SAMUEL                        INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-B-13
BRADSHAW, ELIZABETH                    INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-B-14
BRADSHAW, GEORGE                       INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-B-15
BRICKON, WILLIAM                       INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-B-18
BROOMHEAD, EDWARD                      INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-B-19
BUDD, JOHN                             INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-B-20
BULLOCK, STEPHEN                       INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-B-21
BURTT, RICHARD                         INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-B-22
CAPPOENS, CHRISTINA                    INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-C-23
CARDWELL, RALPH                        INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-C-24
CARLE, THOMAS                          INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-K-85
CARPENTER, JOSEPH                      INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-C-25
CARTER, CAESER                         INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-C-26
CHOPPER, JOHANENS                      INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-C-30
CHOPPER, JOHANNES                      INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-C-29A
CLARKE, HENRY                          INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-C-27
CLARKE, SAMUEL                         INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-C-28
CLAUSEN, DERRICK                       INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-C-29
COOK, ELLIS                            INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-C-31
COOK, JOHN                             INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-C-33
COOKE, GEORGE                          INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-C-32
COOPER, JOHN                           INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-C-34
CORTELIAW, JAQUES                      INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-C-35
COUSSEAU, JACQUES                      INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-C-36
COX, ALIE                              INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-C-37
COX, WILLIAM                           INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-C-38
CRAB, RICHARD                          INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-C-39
CREGO, JOHN                            INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-C-40
CRONK, HENRY JR.                       INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-C-40A
CROSHERON, JOHN                        INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-C-41
CROSHERON, JOHN                        INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-C-42
CROUTH, JOHN                           INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-C-43
DEBONREPOS, DAVID                      INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-D-44
DEFOREST, SARAH                        INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-D-45
DEHART, JACOBUS                        INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-D-46
DELANGE, JACOB (DR)                    INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-D-47
DELANNAY, JOHN                         INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-D-48
DELANOY, ABRAHAM                       INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-D-76
DELEDIQUE, LAWRENCE                    INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-D-49
DEMEYER, HENRY                         INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-D-50
DEMILL, ANTHONY                        INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-D-51
DEWSBURY, JOHN                         INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-D-52
DRAKE, SAMUEL                          INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-D-53
DRAYNE, SIMON                          INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-D-55
DRAYNE, SIMON                          INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-D-54
DRINAN, SIMON                          INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-D-55
EDWARDS, WILLIAM                       INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-E-56
EGGERT, CARSTEN JANSEN                 INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-E-57
ELOUT, JOHN                            INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-E-58
ESMOND, JOSIAH                         INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-E-58A
FENTON, JOHN                           INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-F-58B
FORDHAM, JOHN                          INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-F-59
FRANCIS, JOOST                         INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-F-60
FRANS, CATELINTIE                      INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-F-61
GALPIN, PHLIP                          INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-G-62
GERMAN, JOHN (AKA JARMYN, JOHN)        INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-G-63
GILCHRIST, JAMES                       INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-G-64
GLOVER, RICHARD                        INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-G-65
GOVERNEUR, ABRAM                       INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-G-65A
GRAVE, JOHN                            INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-G-67
GRAVE, JOHN                            INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-G-66
GRAVE, WILLIAM                         INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-G-68
GRIGGS, JOHN                           INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-G-69
GRIGGS, MARY                           INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-G-70
HALSEY, DANIEL                         INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-H-71
HALSEY, THOMAS                         INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-H-72
HANSEN, PETER                          INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-H-73
HAYNES, JOHN                           INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-H-74
HINDERER, JACOB (AKA SINDERER)         INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-H-74A
HODGKINS, ROBERT                       INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-H-75
HOOPER, BARTHOLOMEW                    INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-H-76
HORTON, BARNABAS                       INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-H-77
HOWELL, ARTHUR                         INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-H-78
HOYT, JOHN                             INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-H-79
HUGHSON, NATHANIEL                     INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-H-79A
HULL, HUMPHRY                          INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-H-80
HUNT, THOMAS SR.                       INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-H-81
JANSEN, HANS                           INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-H-82
JOCHEMSEN, CHRISTINA CAPPOENS          INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-C-23
JOERNE, MALLEYAR                       INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-H-83
JONES, THOMAS                          INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-H-84
KARLE, THOMAS                          INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-K-85
KIERSTEEDE, JACOBUS (AT END OF W)      INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-W-162
KREGIER, MARTIN                        INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-K-6
LANE, PHILLIP (DR)                     INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-L-160
LANE, SAMUEL                           INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-L-161
LATY, JAMES                            INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-L-162
LAURENCE, WILILAM                      INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-L-164
LAWRANCE, SARAH                        INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-L-163
LAWRENCE, WILLIAM                      INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-L-165
LEACOCK, ROBERT                        INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-L-166
LECOUNT, JOHN                          INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-L-167
LETIN, WALRAVEN                        INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-L-168
LEVY, ASHER                            INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-L-159
LEVY, ASHER                            INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-L-160A
LEVY, ASHER                            INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-L-170
LEVY, ASSHER                           INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-L-169
LLOYD, THOMAS                          INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-L-171
LOCKERMAN, MARIA                       INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-L-172
LORRISON, JOHN                         INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-L-173
LOYALL, DORATHIE                       INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-L-164A
LUCAS, SIGISMUNDUS                     INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-L-175
LUKEMAN, LOUIS                         INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-L-176
LYNCH, THOMAS                          INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-L-177
LYPSEN, TIETYE                         INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-L-178
MASTERS, GEORGE                        INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-M-170A
MATHAS, MARY                           INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-M-171A
MATTHEWS, MARY                         INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-M-87
MOORE, SASMUEL                         INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-M-88
MORGIN, CHARLES                        INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-M-89
MOTT, JAMES                            INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-M-90
NEWMAN, JOHN                           INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-N-179
OFARRELL, JOHN                         INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-O-179A
OORTH, JOHN                            INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-O-91
OSBURNE, DAVID                         INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-O-180
PALMER, WILLIAM                        INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-P-172
PARTRIDGE, ELIZABETH                   INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-P-92
PARTRIDGE, THOMAS                      INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-P-93
PEIRSON, HENRY                         INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-P-173A
PELL, THOMAS                           INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-P-94
PELL, THOMAS                           INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-P-174
PHILLIPS, THOMAS                       INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-P-95
PIDGEON, WILILAM                       INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-P-96
PLEAY, WILLIAM                         INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-P-97
POLING, JOHN                           INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-P-208
PRETTY, RICHARD                        INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-P-98
PROVOOST, SARA (WEBBERS)               INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-W-148
RAINER, JOSEPH                         INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-R-100
RAPALA, JOORIS                         INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-R-99
RAYNER, JOSEPH                         INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-R-100
RAYNER, THIRSTON                       INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-R-101
RICHARDSON, WILLIAM                    INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-R-102
ROELOFFSEN, SARAH                      INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-R-103
ROMBOUTS, FRANCIS                      INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-R-104
ROOS, GARRT JANSEN                     INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-R-105
SANDFORD, ROBERT                       INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-S-106
SAYLS, HUGH                            INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-S-107
SAYRE, THOMAS                          INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-S-108
SHARPE, JOHN                           INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-S-110
SHARPE, JOHN                           INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-S-109
SHAW, MICHAEL                          INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-S-111
SHAW, RICHARD                          INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-S-112
SKIDMORE, JOHN                         INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-S-181
SLATER, THOMAS                         INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-S-113
SMITH, JOHN                            INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-S-114
SMITH, OBADIAH                         INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-S-115
SMITH, PHILLIP                         INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-S-116
SPLINTER, GERTYE                       INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-S-245
SPRAT, JOHN                            INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-S-117
STORY, ROBERT                          INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-S-118
SUTTON, AMBROSE                        INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-S-119
SYLVESTER, CONSTANT                    INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-S-120
SYLVESTER, GRISSELL                    INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-S-121
TAYLER, JOSEPH                         INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-T-122
TAYLOR, MATTHEW                        INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-T-123
THOMAS, JOHN                           INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-T-124
TINDALL, RICHARD                       INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-T-125
TIPPETS, GEORGE                        INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-T-126
TITUS, HANNAH                          INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-T-127
TOMPKINS, NATHANIEL                    INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-T-128
TOPPING, THOMAS                        INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-T-129
VANBOMMEL, ANNIETIE                    INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-V130
VANBORSUM, HENRY                       INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-V-141
VANDERBERGH, HENDRYCK                  INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-V-142
VANDYCK, CORNELIUIS                    INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-V-143
VANVARICK, MARGRETA                    INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-V-144
VANVLEK, ISAAC                         INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-V-145
VEALE, JOHN                            INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-V-146
WALLTON, THOMAS                        INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-W-147
WEBBERS, SARA                          INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-W-148
WEBLEY, WALTER                         INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-W-139
WHITE, JOHN                            INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-W-150
WHITEHEAD, DANIEL                      INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-W-151A
WHITEHEAD, DANIEL                      INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-W-152
WHITEHEAD, DANIEL                      INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-W-151
WILLIAMS, JOHN                         INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-W-153
WILSON, WILLIAM JR.                    INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-W-154
WOOD, JACOB                            INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-W-155
WRIGHT, ANTHONY                        INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-C-39
WRIGHT, HANNAH                         INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-W-156
YEATES, FRANCIS                        INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-Y-157
YOUNG, JOHN                            INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-Y-157A
YOUNGS, JOHN                           INVENTORIES                              NY-68-1-Y-158

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