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ANDERSON, MARY C.                      ESTATE                                  NY-36-555-251
ANDREWS, LUCY                          ESTATE                                  NY-36-554-2
AUSTIN, CHARLES W.                     GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-553-171
AYRES, ELMIRA                          ESTATE                                  NY-36-555-488
BABCOCK, ANNA LOUISE                   GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-555-408
BABCOCK, ANNA LOUISE                   GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-555-671
BABCOCK, MARY AUGUSTA                  ESTATE                                  NY-36-555-617
BABCOCK, WILLIAM H.                    ESTATE                                  NY-36-555-424
BAKER, AMELIA D.                       GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-555-698
BALL, HENRY                            ESTATE                                  NY-36-554-285
BALL, HENRY                            ESTATE                                  NY-36-554-632
BEEBE, MOSES                           ESTATE                                  NY-36-554-441
BELKNAP, MARGARET ANNa                 ESTATE                                  NY-36-555-685
BENEDICT, MARY J.                      ESTATE                                  NY-36-555-696
BENEDICT, ROSWELL                      ESTATE                                  NY-36-556-201
BENNETT, REUBEN                        ESTATE                                  NY-36-553-96
BERNS, LOUIS                           ESTATE                                  NY-36-554-596
BETTS, ANNA                            GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-555-22
BETTS, HENRY D.                        GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-555-209
BEYEA, DAVID H.                        GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-555-105
BEYEA, DAVID H.                        GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-555-367
BEYEA, EDNA M.                         GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-555-642
BIRDSALL, WILLIAM                      ESTATE                                  NY-36-554-563
BLAKE, ELIZABETH A.                    ESTATE                                  NY-36-556-470
BOOKSTAVER, ABSALOM                    ESTATE                                  NY-36-555-116
BRADBURY, BESSIE D.                    GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-554-756
BRADBURY, FRANK L.                     GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-554-756
BRADBURY, GRACE A.                     GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-554-756
BRADBURY, LEWIS L.                     GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-554-756
BRADBURY, WALTER S.                    GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-554-756
BRADNER, COE G.                        ESTATE                                  NY-36-556-85
BRADY, JOHN                            GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-553-174
BRIGHT, GEORGE N.                      GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-555-776
BRIGHT, HARRIET E.                     GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-555-808
BRIGHT, JOSEPHINE B.                   GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-555-787
BRIGHT, THEODORE S.                    GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-555-797
BRONSON, JANE                          ESTATE                                  NY-36-554-727
BRONSON, JANE                          ESTATE                                  NY-36-555-398
BROOKS, HETTIE E.                      GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-554-436
BROWER, EDWIN                          GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-552-35
BROWER, FRANKLIN                       GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-552-35
BROWER, JOHN A.                        GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-552-35
BROWN, ALEXANDER P.                    ESTATE                                  NY-36-556-468
BROWN, WILLIAM RUFUS                   ESTATE                                  NY-36-555-840
BRUNSON, JANE                          ESTATE                                  NY-36-555-568
BUCKBEE, ISAAC (OR BUGSBEE)            ESTATE                                  NY-36-552-651
BUDD, OLIVER                           ESTATE                                  NY-36-553-100
BUGSBEE, ISAAC                         ESTATE                                  NY-36-552-928
BULL, STEPHEN H.                       ESTATE                                  NY-36-554-718
BULL, SUSAN C.                         ESTATE                                  NY-36-556-696
BURNETT, GEORGE M.                     ESTATE                                  NY-36-554-184
BURNETT, GEORGE M.                     ESTATE                                  NY-36-554-759
CARSON, WILLIAM W.                     ESTATE                                  NY-36-556-212
CHANDLER, MARY                         ESTATE                                  NY-36-552-353
CLAPHAM, KATE                          ESTATE                                  NY-36-554-338
CLARK, HARTMAN                         ESTATE                                  NY-36-555-725
COFFEY, JOHN                           ESTATE                                  NY-36-553-49
COLDWELL, SAMUEL R.                    ESTATE                                  NY-36-555-607
COLEMAN, ANNA F.                       GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-552-820
COLEMAN, EMMA J.                       GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-552-816
COLEMAN, PHOEBE C.                     GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-552-818
CONKLING, MARY J. S.                   GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-552-462
CONNOLLY, THOMAS                       GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-552-765
CONNOLLY, THOMAS                       GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-552-804
COOK, SARAH                            ESTATE                                  NY-36-553-69
COREY, BENJAMIN                        ESTATE                                  NY-36-554-517
CORWIN, JOSHUA                         ESTATE                                  NY-36-555-713
CORWIN, JOSHUA                         ESTATE                                  NY-36-555-931
CORWIN, JOSHUA                         ESTATE                                  NY-36-555-969
CORWIN, JOSHUA                         ESTATE                                  NY-36-556-2
COURTENAY, JOHN M.                     ESTATE                                  NY-36-555-231
COURTENAY, JOHN M.                     ESTATE                                  NY-36-555-32
COX, JOHN B.                           ESTATE                                  NY-36-555-956
CRANS, THERON                          ESTATE                                  NY-36-553-486
CRAWFORD, CHARLES L.                   GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-554-625
CRAWFORD, NENA C.                      GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-554-625
CRAWFORD, WILLIAM H.                   GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-554-625
CROMWELL, ALBERT                       GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-552-580
CROMWELL, LOUISA                       GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-552-873
CROMWELL, OLIVER                       ESTATE                                  NY-36-555-908
CURTIS, JOSHUA                         ESTATE                                  NY-36-552-822
DAVEY, JOHN S.                         ESTATE                                  NY-36-553-354
DAVIS, ELINAR                          GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-553-476
DAVISON, CLARENCE B.                   ESTATE                                  NY-36-555-113
DECKER, FREDERIC S.                    ESTATE                                  NY-36-553-693
DEISTEL, BERNARD F.                    GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-555-903
DEISTEL, GEORGE                        GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-555-903
DEISTEL, VIOLA M. P.                   GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-555-903
DEMAREST, SAMUEL                       ESTATE                                  NY-36-556-778
DEMAREST, SAMUEL JR.                   ESTATE                                  NY-36-555-768
DEMAREST, SAMUEL JR.                   ESTATE                                  NY-36-556-702
DENNISTON, DAVID                       ESTATE                                  NY-36-553-787
DENTON, SAMUEL                         ESTATE                                  NY-36-554-616
DESROCHE, ELIZA                        ESTATE                                  NY-36-556-784
DILL, CHARLES                          ESTATE                                  NY-36-552-265
DUCEY, JAMES                           ESTATE                                  NY-36-555-327
DUMOND, SIDNEY I.                      ESTATE                                  NY-36-556-718
DUMOND, SIDNEY I.                      ESTATE                                  NY-36-556-735
DUNCAN, ESTHER J.                      ESTATE                                  NY-36-553-627
DUNN, MOSES                            ESTATE                                  NY-36-556-378
DUNNING, JONATHAN B.                   ESTATE                                  NY-36-555-541
DUNNING, JONATHAN B.                   ESTATE                                  NY-36-555-820
DURLAND, EDWARD S.                     GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-554-419
DURLAND, EDWARD S.                     GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-554-788
DWYER, MARY JANE                       GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-553-182
DWYER, THOMAS                          ESTATE                                  NY-36-553-177
DWYER, THOMAS                          GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-553-182
DWYER, WILLIAM                         GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-553-182
EARL, JULIA C.                         ESTATE                                  NY-36-555-553
EDSALL, RICHARD                        ESTATE                                  NY-36-555-723
EDSALL, RICHARD                        ESTATE                                  NY-36-555-834
EDSALL, RICHARD                        ESTATE                                  NY-36-556-518
EILENBERG, ELIZABETH D.                ESTATE                                  NY-36-555-611
ELMENDORF, HENRY                       ESTATE                                  NY-36-553-419
ELSTON, JOSEPH D.                      ESTATE                                  NY-36-556-250
ELTINGE, ANNA MARIA                    ESTATE                                  NY-36-556-371
EVERETT, JONATHAN M.                   ESTATE                                  NY-36-556-80
EVERETT, NOAH                          ESTATE                                  NY-36-554-482
EVERETT, NOAH                          ESTATE                                  NY-36-554-500
EVERITT, NOAH                          ESTATE                                  NY-36-553-561
FARRINGTON, DANIEL SR                  ESTATE                                  NY-36-552-702
FARRINGTON, DANIEL SR.                 ESTATE                                  NY-36-553-213
FEELY, BRIDGET                         ESTATE                                  NY-36-554-509
FERGUSON, CHARLES                      GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-556-499
FERGUSON, GEORGE                       GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-556-499
FERGUSON, MATTIE                       GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-556-499
FERGUSON, SMITH                        GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-556-499
FIELD, EDWARD S.                       GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-552-904
FIELD, FANNY E.                        GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-552-904
FIELD, HENRY C.                        GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-552-904
FITZGERALD, WILLIAM                    ESTATE                                  NY-36-554-146
FOLEY, JOHN T.                         GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-552-688
FOLEY, MARY F.                         GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-552-688
FORD, FRANCES H. (BAILEY)              GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-552-1021
FORSHEE, JOHN                          ESTATE                                  NY-36-555-716
FOWLER, SAMUEL                         ESTATE                                  NY-36-552-213
FOWLER, SARAH A.                       ESTATE                                  NY-36-556-452
FULLER, JEFFERSON                      ESTATE                                  NY-36-554-423
FURMAN, ROBERT                         ESTATE                                  NY-36-554-606
GALE, ELIZABETH                        GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-552-609
GALE, EMILY J.                         GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-552-634
GALE, JAMES H.                         GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-552-609
GALE, MARY W.                          GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-552-513
GARDNER, ELIZABETH                     ESTATE                                  NY-36-556-426
GILLETT, CHARLES                       ESTATE                                  NY-36-552-301
GREENFIELD, ALEXANDER                  ESTATE                                  NY-36-554-634
HANEN, WILLIAM J.                      ESTATE                                  NY-36-555-168
HANEN, WILLIAM J.                      ESTATE                                  NY-36-555-52
HARDENBURGH, WILLIAM                   ESTATE                                  NY-36-552-255
HARDING, ADDIE                         GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-556-607
HARLOW, ENRICO T.                      ESTATE                                  NY-36-553-790
HASBROUCK, ASA                         ESTATE                                  NY-36-553-6
HAYT, STEPHEN                          ESTATE                                  NY-36-556-404
HAZARD, SARAH C.                       ESTATE                                  NY-36-552-594
HIGBY, JAMES                           GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-552-1052
HIGBY, LAURA                           GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-552-1052
HIGBY, NEWTON                          GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-552-1052
HILL, A. MALVINA                       ESTATE                                  NY-36-554-873
HILL, GERTRUDE                         GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-555-734
HILL, MARY JEMIMA                      GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-555-574
HORTON, HENRY E.                       ESTATE                                  NY-36-555-727
HOUSTON, PHILLIP L.                    ESTATE                                  NY-36-553-796
HOWELL, JOHN P.                        ESTATE                                  NY-36-552-727
HOYT, JOHN E.                          GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-552-748
HULL, ANN M. H.                        ESTATE                                  NY-36-554-804
HULSE, BENJAMIN F.                     ESTATE                                  NY-36-553-108
HULSE, JOHN B.                         ESTATE                                  NY-36-556-750
HULSE, PERMELIA A.                     ESTATE                                  NY-36-556-119
HUNTER, GEORGE W.                      GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-554-834
JENNINGS, LEWIS                        ESTATE                                  NY-36-554-164
KERNAN, EDWARD                         GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-553-371
KERNAN, JOHN                           GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-553-366
KERNAN, RICHARD                        GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-553-366
KERNOCHAN, JOSEPH                      ESTATE                                  NY-36-556-733
KISSAM, RICHARD V.                     GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-552-893
KNAPP, ISRAEL                          ESTATE                                  NY-36-556-418
KNAPP, MILICENT H.                     GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-552-384
KNAPP, PHEBE A.                        GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-552-384
KNAPP, SUSAN E.                        GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-552-384
KYLER, JAMES                           ESTATE                                  NY-36-556-668
LAMOREUX, DANIEL M.                    ESTATE                                  NY-36-554-593
LAWRENCE, DAVID                        ESTATE                                  NY-36-555-180
LEE, MARIA LOUISA                      GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-552-163
LEONARD, WILLIAM H.                    ESTATE                                  NY-36-554-671
LEWIS, PETER                           ESTATE                                  NY-36-556-243
LIBOLT, ABEL                           ESTATE                                  NY-36-554-358
LINDSEY, CAROLINE                      ESTATE                                  NY-36-553-24
LOCKWOOD, MARY ANNA                    GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-552-198
LOFTUS, JAMES                          ESTATE                                  NY-36-556-559
LOW, JAMES                             ESTATE                                  NY-36-552-522
LOW, JAMES                             ESTATE                                  NY-36-552-638
LOW, JOSEPH                            ESTATE                                  NY-36-555-760
MABEE, JACOB                           ESTATE                                  NY-36-555-746
MASON, E.                              ESTATE                                  NY-36-556-226
MASON, E.                              ESTATE                                  NY-36-556-765
MASON, ELIZABETH                       ESTATE                                  NY-36-556-364
MCCANN, JAMES                          ESTATE                                  NY-36-552-314
MCCAULEY, PATRICK                      ESTATE                                  NY-36-555-13
MCCORMICK, HENRY                       ESTATE                                  NY-36-554-858
MCKIBBIN, JOHN                         ADMINISTRATION                          NY-36-552-25
MCKIBBIN, JOHN JR.                     ESTATE                                  NY-36-552-247
MCKIMSON, WILLIAM                      ESTATE                                  NY-36-552-535
MCLAUGHLIN, DAVID                      ESTATE                                  NY-36-555-334
MCLAUGHLIN, MERCY S.                   ESTATE                                  NY-36-554-679
MCLEAN, JAMES P.                       GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-553-448
MCMANNAS, JOHN                         GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-555-219
MCMONAGLE, MARGARET                    ESTATE                                  NY-36-555-726
MCNISH, LILLIE                         GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-555-393
MELDON, JAMES                          ESTATE                                  NY-36-555-890
MELDON, JAMES                          ESTATE                                  NY-36-556-144
MELDON, JAMES                          ESTATE                                  NY-36-556-206
MELDON, JAMES                          ESTATE                                  NY-36-556-759
MILLER, ANN ELIZABETH                  GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-553-124
MILLER, ANNA E.                        GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-552-605
MILLER, ANNA E.                        GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-552-743
MILLER, ANNA E.                        GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-552-887
MILLER, ANNA E.                        GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-553-44
MILLER, ANNIE                          GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-556-818
MILLER, CARRIE                         GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-556-826
MILLER, CHARLES                        ESTATE                                  NY-36-553-582
MILLER, CHARLES                        ESTATE                                  NY-36-554-571
MILLER, CHARLES                        ESTATE                                  NY-36-556-407
MILLER, ELIZABETH                      GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-552-1016
MILLER, ELIZABETH                      GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-552-344
MILLER, EMELINE A.                     GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-552-743
MILLER, EMELINE A.                     GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-552-887
MILLER, EMELINE A.                     GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-553-44
MILLER, EMELINE AMELIA                 GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-552-344
MILLER, EMELINE E.                     GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-552-605
MILLER, EMMA                           GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-552-1016
MILLER, EMMA                           GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-553-124
MILLER, JAMES                          GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-552-1016
MILLER, JAMES                          GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-552-344
MILLER, JAMES                          GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-552-605
MILLER, JAMES                          GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-552-743
MILLER, JAMES                          GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-552-887
MILLER, JAMES                          GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-553-124
MILLER, JAMES                          GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-553-44
MILLER, MARY                           GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-556-814
MILLER, NORMAN                         GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-556-822
MILLER, PHEBE                          ESTATE                                  NY-36-554-161
MILLER, PHEBE                          ESTATE                                  NY-36-554-277
MILLS, HEZEKIAH D.                     ESTATE                                  NY-36-556-437
MILLS, HEZEKIAH D.                     ESTATE                                  NY-36-556-625
MILLS, LUCY A.                         ESTATE                                  NY-36-552-432
MILLSPAUGH, SARAH                      ESTATE                                  NY-36-555-442
MITCHELL, ANDREW                       ESTATE                                  NY-36-556-137
MIX, PHILANDER                         ESTATE                                  NY-36-553-838
MONELL, JOHN B.                        ESTATE                                  NY-36-553-547
MOORE, DAVID                           ESTATE                                  NY-36-554-696
MOORE, DAVID                           ESTATE                                  NY-36-554-796
MOORE, JANE                            ESTATE                                  NY-36-555-438
MOORE, JANE                            ESTATE                                  NY-36-555-547
MOORE, JANE                            ESTATE                                  NY-36-555-710
MOORE, SARAH J.                        GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-555-10
MOORE, SARAH J.                        GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-556-774
MOORE, SARAH JANE                      GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-556-76
MOORES, DANIEL                         ESTATE                                  NY-36-554-554
MOREHOUSE, MICHAEL                     ESTATE                                  NY-36-556-433
MUCKE, CATHARINE L.                    ESTATE                                  NY-36-556-29
MUCKE, MINNIE                          GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-556-24
MUCKE, MINNIE                          GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-556-36
MULFORD, JAMES                         ESTATE                                  NY-36-556-168
MURPHY, FRANCIS                        GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-553-82
MURPHY, FRANCIS                        GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-554-296
MURPHY, STEPHEN                        ESTATE                                  NY-36-552-518
MYERS, CHARLES W.                      ESTATE                                  NY-36-555-458
MYERS, MOSES                           ESTATE                                  NY-36-553-463
NEAFIE, AUGUSTUS                       ESTATE                                  NY-36-553-195
NEWKIRK, BENJAMIN                      ESTATE                                  NY-36-554-578
NEWSOM, JAMES                          ESTATE                                  NY-36-554-546
NICOLL, JOHN                           ESTATE                                  NY-36-554-838
NOLAN, ELIZA J.                        GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-554-382
OCONNOR, THOMAS                        ESTATE                                  NY-36-555-754
OHARA, JOHN                            ESTATE                                  NY-36-552-785
ONDERDONK, ANNA                        ESTATE                                  NY-36-555-62
ONEAL, WILLIAM                         ESTATE                                  NY-36-555-465
PARMALEE, ARTHUR                       GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-553-133
PARMALEE, ELLA B.                      GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-553-133
PARMALEE, HENRY H.                     GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-553-133
PARMALEE, JOHN B.                      GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-553-133
PFALUM, ROSA                           ESTATE                                  NY-36-554-307
PFALUM, ROSA                           ESTATE                                  NY-36-554-490
PFLAUM, ROSA                           ESTATE                                  NY-36-554-289
PILGRIM, CHARLES W.                    GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-552-1047
PILGRIM, CHARLES W.                    GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-552-237
PILGRIM, CHARLES W.                    GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-552-506
PILGRIM, CHARLES W.                    GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-552-644
PILGRIM, CHARLES W.                    GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-552-769
PILGRIM, CHARLES W.                    GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-552-810
PILGRIM, MORRIS B.                     GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-552-237
PILGRIM, MORRIS B. JR                  GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-552-644
PILGRIM, MORRIS B. JR.                 GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-552-506
PILGRIM, MORRIS B. JR.                 GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-552-769
PILGRIM, MORRIS B. JR.                 GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-552-810
PILGRIM, ROSETTA                       GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-552-1008
PILGRIM, ROSETTA                       GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-552-237
PILGRIM, ROSETTA                       GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-552-290
PILGRIM, ROSETTA                       GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-552-572
PILGRIM, ROSETTA                       GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-552-622
PILGRIM, ROSETTA                       GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-552-774
PILGRIM, SUSAN M.                      GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-552-1008
PILGRIM, SUSAN M.                      GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-552-237
PILGRIM, SUSAN M.                      GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-552-290
PILGRIM, SUSAN M.                      GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-552-572
PILGRIM, SUSAN M.                      GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-552-622
PILGRIM, SUSAN M.                      GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-552-774
PITTS, FLORA EMMA                      GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-556-504
PORZIG, FREDERICK H.                   ESTATE                                  NY-36-556-799
PURDY, LIBBY K.                        GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-553-14
QUINN, ELEANOR                         ESTATE                                  NY-36-553-2
QUINN, ELEANOR                         ESTATE                                  NY-36-553-200
RANDOLPH, JOHN F.                      ESTATE                                  NY-36-552-2
RAYMOND, HARRIET CAROLINE              GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-555-386
REITHEIMER, MARGARET                   ESTATE                                  NY-36-556-657
RILEY, OWEN                            ESTATE                                  NY-36-552-335
ROBBINS, CORNELIUS                     ESTATE                                  NY-36-553-508
ROBBINS, CORNELIUS                     ESTATE                                  NY-36-554-587
ROBERTS, HENRY P.                      ESTATE                                  NY-36-553-827
ROBERTS, STEPHEN                       GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-553-165
ROE, ELIZABETH Y.                      ESTATE                                  NY-36-555-147
ROGERS, DANIEL                         ESTATE                                  NY-36-554-376
ROGERS, ELIZA                          ESTATE                                  NY-36-556-673
ROGERS, GEORGE DOUGLAS                 ESTATE                                  NY-36-556-219
ROGERS, GEORGE DOUGLAS                 ESTATE                                  NY-36-556-233
ROGERS, JAMES                          ESTATE                                  NY-36-552-219
ROGERS, JAMES                          ESTATE                                  NY-36-552-90
ROGERS, SUSAN                          ESTATE                                  NY-36-556-673
ROOS, RACHEL E.                        GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-552-280
ROSE, REUBEN                           ESTATE                                  NY-36-555-570
ROSE, REUBEN                           ESTATE                                  NY-36-555-640
ROSE, REUBEN                           ESTATE                                  NY-36-555-719
RUMSEY, MARIETTA                       GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-554-401
RUMSEY, NELSON D.                      ESTATE                                  NY-36-554-443
RUSSELL, CHARLES E.                    ESTATE                                  NY-36-555-360
RYSDYK, ELVIRA                         ESTATE                                  NY-36-556-324
RYSDYK, ELVIRA                         ESTATE                                  NY-36-556-642
SANDS, OBADIAH S.                      ESTATE                                  NY-36-553-392
SEARS, SARAH                           ESTATE                                  NY-36-553-782
SEARS, SARAH                           ESTATE                                  NY-36-553-868
SELLECK, WILLIAM                       ESTATE                                  NY-36-556-335
SEYBOLT, THOMAS H.                     ESTATE                                  NY-36-556-190
SEYBOLT, THOMAS H.                     ESTATE                                  NY-36-556-67
SHEARER, CARRIE T.                     GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-554-668
SHEPHERD, ALBERT ASA                   GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-556-611
SHEPHERD, JANE                         GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-556-611
SHUART, JESSE H.                       ESTATE                                  NY-36-556-96
SLAUGHGTER, WILLIAM H.                 ESTATE                                  NY-36-553-118
SMITH, CLARK                           ESTATE                                  NY-36-552-62
SNIDER, ABRAHAM                        ESTATE                                  NY-36-554-477
STEVENSON, JAMES L.                    ESTATE                                  NY-36-554-407
STEWART, ELIZA G.                      ESTATE                                  NY-36-556-808
STEWART, EMMA J.                       ESTATE                                  NY-36-552-992
STJOHN, FRANCIS M.                     ESTATE                                  NY-36-555-37
STODDARD, MOSES N.                     ESTATE                                  NY-36-556-459
STOLL, LEVI                            ESTATE                                  NY-36-556-481
STRONG, BENJAMIN                       ESTATE                                  NY-36-555-724
STRONG, BENJAMIN                       ESTATE                                  NY-36-555-830
STRONG, BENJAMIN                       ESTATE                                  NY-36-556-509
STRONG, GEORGE J.                      GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-556-238
SWARTWOUT, GEORGE H.                   GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-552-828
SWARTWOUT, HARRIETT E.                 GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-552-828
SWARTWOUT, ISABELLA                    GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-552-828
SWEEZY, LEWIS                          ESTATE                                  NY-36-555-583
SWEZY, JAMES E.                        ESTATE                                  NY-36-552-377
SWEZY, JAMES G.                        ESTATE                                  NY-36-552-1025
SWORDS, JULIA BEVERLY                  GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-552-548
SWORDS, MAUD STANDARD                  GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-552-548
THEW, ABIGAIL                          ESTATE                                  NY-36-552-1062
THOMPSON, FRANK A.                     GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-555-278
THOMPSON, FRANK A.                     GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-555-895
THOMPSON, HARRY S.                     ESTATE                                  NY-36-556-61
THOMPSON, HARRY S.                     GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-555-921
THOMPSON, HARVEY S.                    GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-555-318
THOMPSON, MARTIN L.                    ESTATE                                  NY-36-552-754
THORNE, DANIEL B.                      ESTATE                                  NY-36-552-44
THORNE, DANIEL B.                      ESTATE                                  NY-36-552-81
THRALL, JOHN W.                        ESTATE                                  NY-36-555-659
TILFORD, JOHN                          ESTATE                                  NY-36-556-117
TILTON, JOSEPH                         ESTATE                                  NY-36-554-138
TILTON, JOSEPH                         ESTATE                                  NY-36-554-61
TILTON, JOSEPH                         ESTATE                                  NY-36-554-75
TONER, PETER                           ESTATE                                  NY-36-555-485
TONER, PETER                           ESTATE                                  NY-36-555-592
TORREY, SMITH                          ESTATE                                  NY-36-555-711
TRAPHAGEN, HELEN                       GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-556-314
TUTTLE, BURR                           ESTATE                                  NY-36-554-100
TUTTLE, BURR                           ESTATE                                  NY-36-554-73
UNDERHILL, STEPHEN F.                  ESTATE                                  NY-36-555-856
VANBRUNT, WILLIAM                      ESTATE                                  NY-36-553-860
VANBUSKIRK, CORNELIUS                  ESTATE                                  NY-36-553-32
VANCLOFT, J. LEWIS                     ESTATE                                  NY-36-556-308
VANFLEET, MARY                         ESTATE                                  NY-36-555-526
VANHOVENBURGH, HARRY                   GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-556-744
VANHOVENBURGH, MORRIS                  GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-556-744
VANKEUREN, HELEN H.                    GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-556-652
VERNOL, JOSEPH E.                      GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-556-597
VERNOL, JOSEPH E.                      GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-556-710
WALALCE, CATHARINE                     GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-554-50
WALLACE, ABIGAIL                       GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-554-41
WALLACE, CAROLINE                      GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-554-50
WALLACE, ELEANOR                       GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-554-50
WALLACE, HARVEY                        ESTATE                                  NY-36-552-678
WALLACE, MARGARET                      GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-554-50
WALSH, CATHARINE                       ESTATE                                  NY-36-553-591
WALSH, CATHARINE                       ESTATE                                  NY-36-554-13
WALSH, CATHARINE                       ESTATE                                  NY-36-555-176
WALSH, CATHARINE                       ESTATE                                  NY-36-555-56
WALSH, CATHARINE                       ESTATE                                  NY-36-555-91
WALSH, CATHARINE                       ESTATE                                  NY-36-556-491
WARD, JOHN                             ESTATE                                  NY-36-555-826
WAUGH, ROBERT                          ESTATE                                  NY-36-556-41
WEED, SARAH                            ESTATE                                  NY-36-555-532
WERRY, PETER                           ESTATE                                  NY-36-556-634
WESTBROOK, JACOB                       ESTATE                                  NY-36-552-331
WEYGANT, NATHANIEL H.                  ESTATE                                  NY-36-556-618
WHERRY, PETER                          ESTATE                                  NY-36-556-151
WHITE, HARRIET A. (WHERRY)             GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-552-180
WICKHAM, WILLIAM H.                    GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-554-882
WILLIAMS, MARIA B.                     GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-555-476
WILLIAMS, MARIA B.                     GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-555-81
WILSON, ISABELLA                       ESTATE                                  NY-36-555-2
WOOD, ADELE                            GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-555-340
WOOD, ADELE                            GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-555-346
WOOD, JOHN                             ESTATE                                  NY-36-555-221
WOOD, JOHN                             ESTATE                                  NY-36-555-473
WOOD, JOHN                             ESTATE                                  NY-36-555-712
WOOD, MARGARET                         ESTATE                                  NY-36-555-155
WOOD, RICHARD L.                       ESTATE                                  NY-36-555-342
WOOD, THOMAS L.                        ESTATE                                  NY-36-554-737
WOODRUFF, DAVID J.                     ESTATE                                  NY-36-555-492
WOODRUFF, DAVID J.                     ESTATE                                  NY-36-556-524
WRIGHT, WILLIAM H.                     ESTATE                                  NY-36-555-651
YOUMANS, ALFRED                        GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-553-412
YOUNG, OLIVER                          ESTATE                                  NY-36-556-345
YOUNG, WILLIAM                         ESTATE                                  NY-36-553-98
YOUNGS, AMY                            GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-556-158
YOUNGS, ANNIE E.                       GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-556-158
YOUNGS, EDITH                          GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-556-158
YOUNGS, HENRY                          GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-556-158
YOUNGS, MAIDA                          GUARDIANSHIP                            NY-36-556-158

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