Wyoming County, New York
Miscellaneous Minutes, Orders and Decrees

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Column One = Name of Estate / Guardianship 
Each Line is a Single Record, regardless of numbers of pages. In case of Minors, where shared consecutive, count as one
Column Two = Type of Record (Minutes - 
Column Three = State, County #, Volume #, Page # | Volumes: Minutes | 1=1841-1856 | 2=1852-1858 | 3=1856-1867 | 4=1867-1877 | 5=1876-1881 | 6=1881-1902 |
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ABBEY, LEVI                            MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-275
ABBOTT, CALVIN                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-134, 358
ABBOTT, JOHN N. W.                     MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-58
ACKLEY, DAVID                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-82
ADAMS, BETSEY                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-37, 340
AGETT, WILLIAM                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-282
AIKEN, JAMES                           MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-26, 407, 306
AIKIN, JOHN G.                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-125, 130, 131
AIKIN, MATILDA                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-131, 135
AKIN, JOHN G.                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-49, 78-80
ALLEN, EBENEZER                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-239, 247
ALTON, LORENZO                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-131
ALVERSON, JOHN B.                      MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-299, 301
ANDREWS, JOSIAH                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-183, 184, 235, 394
ANDREWS, JOSIAH                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-469, 473, SEE VOL 1
ANDREWS, MARK                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-200, 205
ANDREWS, MICHAEL                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-219, 221
ARMSTRONG, B.                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-22-27
ARMSTRONG, POLLY                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-40
ARMSTRONG, SANFORD                     MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-463-464, 471
ARMSTRONG, THOMAS                      MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-217
ASHLEY, CALVIN                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-38, 418, 309
ATWOOD, GARY G.                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-479, 481
AUSTIN, EBENEZER                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-257
AUSTIN, EBENEZER                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-43, 62-64
AUSTIN, THOMAS                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-211
AYERS, B.                              MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-20, 24, 27, 28
BACON, GRCE                            MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-237, 359
BACON, MOSES                           MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-152, 169,209, 213, 214
BACON, WALTER N.                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-132
BACON, WILDER G.                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-158, 366
BAKER, ABEL                            MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-262
BAKER, MICHAEL                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-287
BAKER, MUNCH                           MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-386
BAKER, POLLY                           MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-299
BALDWIN, ARABELLA                      MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-11, 302
BALDWIN, ELEAZER                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-294
BALDWIN, ELEAZER                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-102
BALDWIN, JOSIAH                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-262
BALKCOM, ELIJAH                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-172, 207
BAOA, JACOB                            MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-379***
BARNES, JOHN                           MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-379
BARNES, JOHN W.                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-276, 417
BARNETT, AMOS M.                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-251
BARTLETT, JOANNA                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-198
BATES, ERASTUS                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-281
BEAKMAN, DANIEL                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-341
BEARDSLEY, DEWIT C.                    MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-213
BECKWITH, CHARLES                      MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-51, 56
BEDOW, LEWIS M.                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-240
BELDEN, DANIEL                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-75
BELDEN, HORACE                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-267, 342
BENEDICT, GRAHAM                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-198
BENEDICT, TRUMAN                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-65, 322
BENTLEY, JOHNSON                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-103
BENTON, WILLIAM S.                     MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-396, 458
BERMINGHAM, THOMAS                     MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-41, 42-44
BILLINGS, NANCY                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-213, 220,2 24
BILLS, CHARLES, DANIEL & SEWARD        MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-330
BILLS, DANIEL, SEWARD & CHARLES        MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-330
BILLS, EDMUND C.                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-460-463
BILLS, SEWARD, DANIEL & CHARLES        MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-330
BIRDSALL, EDMUND                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-392, 448-449
BISHOP, ABRAHAM                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-9, 12-15
BISHOP, ANNA                           MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-294, 408, 417, 420-421
BISHOP, ANNA                           MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-356, 369, 376
BISHOP, LYMAN                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-353, 258
BLACKMAN, ANDREW                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-98-102
BLACKMAR, ZOAR                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-376
BLACKMER, LEMUEL                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-32
BLAKELY, CORYDEN                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-399
BLANCHARD, SAMUEL S.                   MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-290, 312, 356, 364, 368, 372, 373
BLISS, ELAM C.                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-191
BLISS, ELEAZER                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-262, 269
BODFITCH, SETH G.                      MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-43
BOLKCOM, STEPHEN                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-246
BOLKROM, BALIS M.                      MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-67, 71, 75, 76, 80, 105, 116, 201, 207, 210, 212
BORDEN, ERASTUS                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-131, 353
BOUGHTON, JAMES S.                     MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-479, 481
BOVEE, EMELISSA                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-186, 378
BOVEE, EMELISSA                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-187
BOWEN, ERASTUS                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-171, 204
BRADLEY, ERASTUS                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-237, 350
BRAIDEN, ROGER                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-122, 129
BRAINAD, SEYMOUR                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-78, 79-92
BRAINARD, ELISHA                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-50
BRANNEN, WILLIAM                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-180
BRIGGS, EHATON A.                      MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-347-348, 354
BRIGGS, REUBEN                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-232, 240,2 45, 310, 315
BRISTOL, FRANCIS S.                    MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-117-118, 126, 132, 134
BROTHERTON, GOVERNEUR                  MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-377
BROWN, ASA                             MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-374
BROWN, HARRY                           MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-73-4, 165
BROWN, SIMEON                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-118, 119, 125, 132, 133, 138
BROWNELL, SAMUEL                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-196
BRYAN, LUTHER                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-197
BRYANT, DARROW JR.                     MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-245
BUCKER, JACOB                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-235, 413
BUCKHOUT, PHILLIP                      MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-258
BUCKHOUT, PHILLIP                      MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-89, 180
BUCKOUT, JOHN                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-362, 374-375, 385, 388-389, 395
BULCOM, DEXTER                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-81
BUNNEL, A. W.                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-18
BUNNEL, AMASA                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-19-21
BUNNEL, HENRY JR.                      MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-104, 343
BUNNELL, HENRY JR.                     MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-95, 146
BUNNELL, SAMUEL                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-243, 407-408
BURLINGTON, WANTON                     MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-15
BURROUGHS, CALVIN M.                   MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-277
BURROUGHS, ISAAC M.                    MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-292
BURROUGHS, JEFFERSON                   MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-253, 506-508
BURROUGHS, JEFFERSON                   MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-14, 17, 19, 25, 44-45, 50, 184, 60
BURT, CHARLES                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-279
BURT, CHARLES                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-41, 48
BURT, GEORGE D.                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-236
BURT, THOMAS H.                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-175, 176, 179, 191
BURT, THOMAS R.                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-354, 358
BURT, W. B.                            MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-399
BUSH, HENRY                            MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-151, 365
BUSH, HENRY                            MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-242, 269, 421
BUTLER, DANIEL                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-383
BUTLER, DANIEL                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-256-257, 264, 279-283, 285, 313, 431
BUTLER, JEDUTHA                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-81, 91, 174
BUTLER, JEDUTHUN                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-12, 297
BUTLER, JOSIAH                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-58
BUTLER, MARTHA                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-114
BUTLER, SIMEON                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-373
BUTLER, SIMEON                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-236, 412
BUTLER, WILLIAM                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-202, 206
BUXTON, FRANKLIN                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-125
CADY, ABIGAL R.                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-270
CALKINS, ELISHA D.                     MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-245, 254, 256, 258
CALKINS, JOHN JR.                      MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-298
CAMP, JOHN                             MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-508
CAMPBEL, LYMAN                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-471-2, 479
CAMPBELL, LYMAN                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-321, 346
CAPRON, SIMEON                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-205, 387
CARD, JOHN                             MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-322
CAREY, MARTIN                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-63, 461
CARLTON, JACOB                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-172, 370
CARLTON, JACOB                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-156, 160
CARPENTER, DAVID                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-94, 95
CARR, ASEPH                            MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-89
CARTER, EURETT                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-96, 103, 105, 106, 111
CARUTH, PADDY                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-142
CARY, GEORGE                           MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-84
CARY, SUSANNAH                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-177, 188, 189
CHACE, J. M.                           MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-463, SEE VOL 1
CHACE, JOHN M.                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-371, 372, 391, 392, 393
CHADDOCK, AZEL                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-76
CHAFEE, BETSEY                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-276
CHAFFEE, CHARLES                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-312
CHAFFEE, LEONARD                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-111, 276
CHAMBERLAIN, ELIJAH                    MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-167
CHAMBERLAIN, G. H.                     MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-260
CHANDLER, NATHAN                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-268
CHANDLER, WALTER D.                    MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-160
CHANTY, HANNAH                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-360
CHANTY, HANNAH                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-163
CHAPIN, ELIZABETH                      MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-83
CHAPIN, WILLARD J.                     MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-367, 375
CHAPPEL, LYMAN                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-255
CHARLES, JEREMIAH                      MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-83, 85
CHARLES, JOSEPH                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-311, 315, 317
CHARLES, SAMUEL                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-107
CHASE, GEORGE B.                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-40, 51-52
CHILDS, AARON                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-2, 6, 7, 9, 10
CHIPMAN, LEMUEL                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-83, 94
CHURCH, TIMOTHY                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-380
CHURCHILL, JESSE                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-76, 189, 199
CHURCHILL, PHILO JR.                   MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-80, 26, 30
CLARK, CHESTER                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-138, 143, 146, 154
CLARK, EDWARD                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-461, 468
CLARK, FRANCIS EMILINE                 MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-228, 234, 240, 241, 249, 250, 251
CLARK, GEORGE                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-77
CLARKE, ELBERT W.                      MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-82, 327
CLEAVELAND, BURRELL                    MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-59
CLEAVELAND, JOSIAH                     MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-112
CLEVELAND, HENRY                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-364
CLOR, ADAM                             MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-359
CLUTE, FREDERICK                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-94
CLUTE, MAY                             MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-156, 161
CODY, JAMES                            MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-171
CODY, JAMES                            MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-155, 159, 225, 423
COLBY, CAROLINE                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-194
COLE, SAMUEL                           MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-358, 364
COLLINS, MARY A.                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-69, 349
COLLINS, MARY ANN                      MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-90, 178
COLLINS, SQUIRE                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-11, 16, 25
CONABLE, SAMUEL                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-202, 211
CONABLE, SUSAN                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-267
CONER, JOHN A.                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-277, 367
CONGDON, GARDNER                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-169
CONNOR, THOMAS                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-194-195
CONOR, JOHN A.                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-191
COOPER, CATHARINE                      MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-123
COOPER, DEXTE                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-181
COOPER, EZRA                           MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-282
COOPER, WILLIAM                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-51, 24
CORNWALL, THOMAS                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-1, 390, 308
CORNWELL, THOMAS                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-374
COSSITT, JESSE                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-50, 52, 74
COSTLY, WILLIAM                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-136, 137
COTTEN, MARY                           MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-56
COTTON, MARY                           MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-143
COTTON, ROWLAND                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-169
COWDIN, PUTNAM                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-324-325, 334-337
COX, JOHN                              MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-228
CRANDALL, NATHAN                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-38
CRAVATH, AGUUSTUS B.                   MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-379, 411, 456
CROCKER, JOHN                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-70, 92, 106, 120
CROCKER, SAMUEL A.                     MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-101
CRONKHITE, JACOB                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-254, 281
CROSS, IRA                             MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-130
CROSS, IRA                             MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-233
CROSSMAN, EUNICE                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-354, 367, 376
CRUTTENDEN, JAIRUS                     MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-51, 77, 76
CURRY, SAMUEL                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-52, 53, 70
CURTIS, ALANSON                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-124
CURTIS, ELLIOTT                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-273, 349
CURTIS, ELLIOTT                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-107, 131
CURTIS, LEVI                           MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-33, 338, 349
CURTIS, PRISCILLA                      MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-111, 124
CURTIS, THURMAN                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-502
CURTISS, CALVIN                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-220
DAILEY, AMANDA, EMMA, STEPHEN          MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-312
DAILEY, EMMA, AMANDA, STEPHEN          MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-312
DAILEY, STEPHEN, AMANDA, EMMA          MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-312
DANA, HOLT P.                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-108
DANLEY, SETH                           MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-221
DAVIDSON, ARCHIBALD                    MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-244
DAVIDSON, WILLIAM                      MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-243, 320
DAVIS, BENJAMIN                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-343
DAVIS, NATHAN                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-149
DEAN, JOSHUA                           MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-168, 178
DEHLINGER, JACOB                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-108
DEMARY, NEWCOMB                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-144
DENNIS, HENRY E.                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-318, 325
DENNIS, MARY                           MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-54, 326
DEWITT, SYLVIA                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-261
DICK, ABRAHAM                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-178
DICKINSON, CHARLES B.                  MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-382
DICKINSON, CHARLES B.                  MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-289, 428
DICKINSON, SALMON                      MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-195, 224
DIMON, PETER                           MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-331, 333
DOAN, WILLIAM H.                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-397, 405
DODGE, W. P.                           MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-42, 424
DOLBEER, WILLIAM JR.                   MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-291, 297
DOLBEER, WILLIAM JR.                   MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-225-226, 312, 447-449
DONLY, JOHN                            MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-126
DOOLITTLE, CORYDON                     MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-16
DOOLITTLE, REUBEN                      MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-145
DOTY, ANNE                             MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-72, 488
DOTY, NATHANIEL K.                     MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-32
DOYLE, JOHN                            MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-486
DUDLEY, ALEXANDER                      MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-1437, 361
DUDLEY, ALEXANDER                      MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-230, 232, 298
DUNBAR, DANA                           MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-37
DUNDON, JOHN                           MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-173, 231, 331, 346, 338
DUNDON, PATRICK                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-28-29, 46, 48-49, 117, 145, 173, 231, 331
DURFEE, J.                             MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-31, 37, 39, 40, 62
DURFEE, THOMAS                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-313
DURKEE, ANNA                           MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-201, 385
DURKEE, ANNA                           MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-288, 430
DURYEE, CORNELIUS                      MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-326
DUTTON, DEWIT C.                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-224, 504
DUTTON, HORACE                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-242
EARION, JOHN                           MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-192
EARLL, ROBET                           MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-286, 310
EASLAND, JEROME                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-470-471, 480
EASTMAN, FERDINAND                     MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-275
EDGERLY, BARTON M.                     MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-289, 311
ELY, DEWITT C.                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-253
ELY, ELIAS                             MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-111
EMMONS, ESQUIRE                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-328
ERRICKSON, GUSTAVUS                    MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-92, 263, 352
ERRICKSON, GUSTAVUS                    MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-101, 137
ERRICKSON, MICHAEL                     MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-184, 386
ERRICKSON, MICHAEL                     MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-173, 185, 187, 287, 305, 415
EWELL, ELI                             MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-97, 163-164
EWELL, HARRISON                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-98, 107
EWELL, HENRY                           MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-322, 325
EWELL, JAMES                           MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-46
EYMOUR, WILLIAM                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-492-3
FAIRBANK, FRANCIS                      MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-184, 191
FAIRBANK, JENNY                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-329, 335
FARGO, DAVID                           MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-52, 452
FELCH, JOHN                            MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-256, 259
FENGAL, CATHERINE                      MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-229
FERO, WILLIAM                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-324, 330
FIELD, JOHN                            MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-99, 105
FINCH, LEWIS                           MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-16-20, 63-64
FINCH, SOLOMON                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-168
FISH, ORANGE                           MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-293, 306, 317, 320
FISHER, CHANDLER                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-348
FISHER, JOHN                           MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-6-7
FISHER, THOMAS                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-188, 374
FISK, CORNELIUS                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-152
FISK, THERON                           MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-191, 378
FISK, THERON                           MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-260
FITZMAURACE, GENETT                    MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-137, 140-141, 167, 172, 179, 181-182
FLINT, JEREOME B.                      MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-271
FLINT, JOHN W.                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-71
FLINT, SAMANTHA                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-344, 354, 445
FLINT, SAMUEL                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-140
FLINT, SAMUEL                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-304, 306, 308, 314, 322, 227, 258, 277, 292
FOOT, JOSEPH C.                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-332, 335, 365, 388-390
FOSDICK, CHARLES D.                    MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-44
FOSTER, DANIEL                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-50-51
FOSTER, MARY                           MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-116, 121
FOWLER, E. J.                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-239, 315
FOWLER, ELLING                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-154, 198
FRANCIS, AARON                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-197, 219
FRANK, AUGUSTUS                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-304
FRAYER, JOHN                           MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-239, 246-247
FRENCH, FRED                           MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-104, 124
FRENCH, LYDIA                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-203
FRESON, JACOB                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-30
FULLER, ISAAC                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-403-404
FULLER, JEREMIAH                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-227
FULLER, SOLOMON                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-163
GACHIS, ROBERT                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-200
GAGE, PLATT K.                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-164
GAGE, SOCRATES                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-142
GAINES, SOLOMON                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-409, 412, 301, 413-415, 432-433
GAINES, SOLOMON                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-348
GARDNER, ADOLPHUS                      MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-244
GARDNER, JOSIAH                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-50-52
GARNSEY, MOSES                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-338-371
GARRETT, BENJAMIN                      MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-78, 520, 524-525
GATES, SETH                            MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-193-194, 197
GAUY, JAMES                            MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-188
GAY, DANIEL                            MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-275
GAY, WILLIAM                           MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-113, 115
GEE, WILLIAM                           MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-456, 462
GEER, ISRAEL S.                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-158, 160
GEORGE, GLASER                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-239
GERRY, EUROELYDON                      MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-309
GIFFORD, ROBERT                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-182
GILBERT, CARLETON R., EUSEBE E.        MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-326
GILBERT, HANNAH                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-213
GILBERT, HINSDILL                      MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-10, 305, 490-491, 500-502
GILBERT, JONATHAN                      MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-88, 334
GILBERT, JONATHAN                      MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-242, 419
GILBERT, WILLIAM                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-86, 333
GILLESPIE, WALTER                      MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-282
GLASER, GEORGE                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-239, 323
GLEASON, MATTHEW W.                    MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-347, 119
GLEASON, MATTHEW W.                    MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-121, 157
GLESSER, CATHARINE                     MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-388
GLOR, MICHAEL JR.                      MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-246, 346, 254
GLOR, MICHAEL JR.                      MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-58, 76
GLOSSER, CATHARINE                     MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-433
GLOSSER, GEORGE                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-32-35, 69-71
GLOSSER, JACOB                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-369
GLOSSER, JACOB                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-27-29, 200, 195-196
GOBEL, JOHN                            MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-96
GODFREY, JOSHUA                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-97
GOGGINS, BARNEY                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-366, 380, 392-393
GOODALE, HECTOR M.                     MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-268, 270, 291
GOODALE, WILLIAM                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-45, 71, 73, 80
GOODELL, WASHINGTON                    MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-306
GOODRICH, ALMERON                      MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-97, 139-140, 276, 377, 379, 380-381
GOOGINS, JOHN                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-116
GOULD, ROSWELL P.                      MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-143-144
GRAVES, JOHN D.                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-3, 10, 34-36
GREEN, ALVAH S.                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-249
GREEN, JEDEDIAH                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-20, 400-401, 437-439, 310
GREEN, WILLARD                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-56-57, 59, 91
GRIEVE, WILLIAM                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-319
GRIFFITH, CHARLES R.                   MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-439, 447, 464-465
GRIFFITH, THOMAS                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-166, 174, 188
GRISEWOOD, ROBERT E.                   MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-7
GRISWOLD, GEORGE                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-283, 362
GROESBECK, ANNA                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-27
GROVER, JOHN                           MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-41, 423, 316, 534, 535-536
GURNEY, JOHN                           MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-239, 249, 253
HADLEY, HERMAN                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-358, 363
HADLEY, HERMAN                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-290
HADLEY, JANE C.                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-395-396
HADLEY, JANE C.                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-28, 307
HALL, JOSEPH H.                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-153, 363
HALL, JOSHUA                           MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-298
HAMEL, OWEN                            MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-331
HAMILTON, CYRUS                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-74
HAMILTON, DEBORAH                      MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-301
HAMLIN, THOMAS                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-357, 444
HANDYSIDE, REUBEN                      MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-3
HANFORD, SARAH                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-174, 371
HANFORD, SARAH                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-229, 424
HARDY, SAMUEL                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-45
HATFIELD, PERKINS                      MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-248
HATFIELD, PERKINS                      MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-42, 67-69
HAWLEY, ALVIN                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-149, 149
HAYDE, STRONG                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-272
HAYDEN, STRONG                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-285
HEATH, AMASA                           MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-394-395, 297
HEATH, COMFORT                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-60, 471-472, 325
HEATH, COMFORT                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-59, 176
HELMER, ZEBULON M. P.                  MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-382, 390-391
HENDERSON, WILLIAM                     MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-286, 424, 429
HENDERSON, WILLIAM                     MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-324, 357
HENRY, MARY                            MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-233
HENRY, NICHOLAS                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-293
HERRELSCHWARDT, GEORGE P.              MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-372
HERRINGTON, BENJAMIN                   MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-114, 121, 129, 138
HESSELSCHARDT, GEORGE P.               MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-309, 408
HIGBEE, ERAMUS E.                      MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-149, 211, 218-219
HIGGINS, DYER                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-174, 176, 186
HIGGINS, EBENEZER                      MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-107-108
HIGGINS, OTIS                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-96
HIGGINS, OTIS LEE                      MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-254
HIGGINS, SAMUEL S.                     MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-119, 134
HILLS, EBENEZER                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-203
HINCKLEY, SMITH P.                     MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-121, 522
HINKSON, ANNA                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-230
HITCHCOCK, LEVERETT                    MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-61-62, 75
HOAGLAND, DERRICK                      MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-161-162
HODGE, AMY                             MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-109
HODGE, IRAEL                           MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-367, 369-370
HODGE, ISRAEL                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-287
HODGE, WILLIAM                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-148, 362
HODGES, ELIPHALET                      MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-255, 261
HODGES, SILAS                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-389, 390-391, 291, 418, 421-422
HOLCOMB, JOHN M.                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-44-45
HOLMES, BETSEY                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-57, 69
HOPKINS, AMOS                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-215, 296
HOUGH, SAMUEL                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-152, 157
HOVEY, ELIPHALET                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-87, 160
HOWARD, CHESTER G.                     MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-237
HOWARD, DNAIEL                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-98
HOWARD, NATHANIEL                      MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-384
HOWE, ELIAKIM                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-75
HOYT, DANIEL R.                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-221, 402, 404-406, 408-412
HOYT, ELIZABETH S.                     MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-369
HULBURT, BARZILLA                      MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-269, 344
HUMBERT, JOHN B.                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-356
HUNT, SAMUEL                           MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-115
HURD, LUCINDA                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-128
HURD, OLIVE                            MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-262, 274, 285
HURD, ZIBA                             MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-31, 409, 307
JAMES, STEPHEN                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-9, 298, 426, 440-442
JENISON, RANSOM H.                     MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-173, 231, 331
JENKINS, ENOCH                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-132
JENKINS, SOPHIA                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-194, 372
JENKS, KNIGHT                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-223, 303, 455, 529-530, 551
JENKS, NATHAN                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-395-396
JEROME, NICHOLAS JR.                   MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-322
JOHNSON, JAMES                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-97
JONES, AARON JR.                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-40, 44-48
JONES, CHRISTOPHER                     MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-53
JONES, JOHN D.                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-258
JONES, PERRY                           MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-173
JONES, REUBEN                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-278
JUDD, JANE ANN                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-219
KEENEY, SALMON                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-247, 425
KEENEY, SOLMAN                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-376
KELLOGG, EPHRAIM                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-196
KELLOGG, HORACE                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-226
KEMP, CYNTHIA                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-38-39
KENDALL, ELIJAH                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-157
KENDALL, GEORGE                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-44, 49
KENDALL, PETER                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-210-211, 215
KENNEDY, THOMAS                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-11, 30, 69
KILBOURN, RALPH                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-243, 326, 454, 464-466, 491
KILBOURN, RALPH                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-88
KING, BISSEL S.                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-360
KING, CANDACE                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-190, 193
KING, EARL                             MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-122
KINGSLEY, ELIADA                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-247, 221, 517, 537-539
KINNE, ROGER P.                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-7-9, 11
KNAPP, HARLEY                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-30, 32, 40
KNIFFEN, DANIEL                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-29
KOHNS, JOHN G.                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-118, 351
KOHNS, JOHN G.                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-98, 139
KUNE, ANN                              MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-284
KYSER, JOSEPH                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-103
LACEY, ELNATHAN                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-387
LACY, ALVA                             MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-141
LAMB, CALEB                            MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-377
LAMB, HIRAM                            MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-246, 318
LAMMON, JOHN                           MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-192-198, 209, 238, 246, 248-249, 257, 263, 273-274, 284
LAMPHERE, ETHAN                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-43, 67, 80, 92
LAPHAM, SIDNEY                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-311
LAPHAM, THOMAS                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-13, 15-16, 18, 23
LATIMER, HEZEKIAH                      MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-462, 469
LEWIS, BENJAMIN                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-69, 75
LEWIS, BETSEY                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-336, 389, 362, 366-371
LEWIS, ELNATHAN                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-276, 296
LIGHTALL, WILLIAM                      MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-272
LODOWICK, THOMAS                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-47
LONGHREN, EDWARD                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-136
LOOMIS, LUTHER S.                      MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-200-201, 209, 215-217, 223, 227-228, 233
LOOMIS, TIMOTHY                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-3
LORD, ASA                              MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-286
LORD, ASA                              MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-344, 351
LOREAUX, DEZERA                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-242, 452-453, 319, 459-461, 467
LOWELL, JOSIAH                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-8, 296
LOWREY, AGNES                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-226, 418
LUCAS, JAMES H.                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-231, 324, 513
LUCAS, JAMES H.                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-3-5
LUCAS, JOSEPH                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-153, 157-158
LUCE, HEPSEBAH                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-192
LUCE, ZEBULON                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-264
LUTHER, THEOPHILUS                     MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-303
LUTHER, WILLIAM S.                     MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-297-298, 300, 318
LYON, JUSTUS                           MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-189, 206
LYON, STEERY C.                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-231, 313
MACE, ISAAC                            MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-124, 521, 348
MACE, ISAAC                            MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-24
MACK, CYRUS K.                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-259, 526-527
MACOMBER, ABNER W.                     MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-327
MACOMBER, CATHERINE                    MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-340, 350
MACOMBER, LEWIS R.                     MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-274, 251
MALOY, JOHN                            MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-67, 77
MANN, REBECCA                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-4
MANN, WILLIAM                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-82-83, 90
MARANVILLE, OLIVER                     MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-64, 474, 324
MARCH, JOHN                            MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-107
MARTIN, JOHN                           MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-220
MARTIN, RICHARD                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-39, 418, 311
MARTIN, RICHARD                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-1-2
MASON, SERENO                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-61, 467
MATTESON, JEREMIAH                     MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-376, 383
MATTISON, SETH                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-78, 312, 315, 336-337, 344-345
MAXSON, DANIEL                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-127, 134, 138-139, 151
MCCARTHY, CHARLES                      MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-303
MCFARLIN, ROBERT                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-346, 442
MCGEE, BARNEY                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-410, 422, 473-475
MCGILL, OWEN                           MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-99, 104
MCGUIRE, JOHN                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-334, 337, 339
MCGUIRE, MICHAEL                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-396, 452
MCGUIRE, RICHARD                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-349, 351-352
MCKOON, PETER                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-159, 370
MCKOON, PETER                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-159-160
MEACHEM, ELISEBETH                     MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-117
MEGGS, JOHNSON                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-48
MERRIAM, NATHAN                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-62
MERTAUGH, OWEN                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-351, 356, 436
MILES, SAMUEL M.                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-218
MILLER, CHARITY A.                     MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-193
MILLER, DAVID                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-252
MILLER, GURDON                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-25, 401-402, 223, 302
MILLER, POLLY                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-139
MILLS, ADDISON                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-137
MILLS, HIRAM                           MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-4
MINER, EMMA E.                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-398-400
MITCHELL, WILLIAM                      MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-90, 505
MIX, WILLIAM B.                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-322, 329-330
MORGAN, JAMES G.                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-283, 360
MORGAN, JAMES G.                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-164, 201
MORGAN, JOHN W.                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-248
MORRIS, HIRAM                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-265
MORRIS, LYMAN                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-402-403, 300
MORSE, ELIZABETH                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-232
MORSE, ROBERT                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-27
MORSE, WILLIAM                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-321, 326
MORSE, WILLIAM                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-359
MOSES, ENAM                            MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-222, 229
MOSS, DAVID                            MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-281, 357
MOSS, DAVID                            MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-130, 182
MOSS, JESSE                            MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-18, 400, 300
MUNGER, MORGAN M.                      MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-183
MUNGER, RILEY                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-161, 366
MURPHEY, PATRICK                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-97, 107, 140
MURPHY, PATRICK                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-108, 519, 345
MURRAY, DANIEL                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-215
MYNARD, AMASA                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-212, 292
NASH, AMBROSE                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-141, 145
NEVINS, JACOB                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-170, 368
NEVINS, WALTER S.                      MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-381
NEVINS, WALTER S.                      MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-283
NEWCOMB, ASAHEL                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-384
NEWCOMB, ASAHEL                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-328, 331, 440
NEWLAND, CORNELIUS                     MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-38-39, 43
NEWLAND, EZRA                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-170, 180
NEWLAND, HIRAM                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-289
NICHOLS, DAIEL                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-151, 157
NICHOLS, SAMUEL                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-74
NICHOLS, ZADOCK                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-229, 261
NICHOLSON, RICHARD                     MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-216
NORRIS, DAVID                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-312, 316, 363, 383-385
NORTON, JESSE                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-78, 375
NORTON, JESSEE                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-43
NORTON, THOMAS                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-133
NOYES, MOODY                           MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-323
NOYES, MOODY                           MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-392-394, 396-399
NUGENT, MICHAEL                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-173, 190, 231, 331
OLIN, ASA                              MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-294
OLLINS, ORRIN                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-323
OLMSTED, LUCIUS                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-359
ONDIN, JOHN S.                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-202
OSBORN, ISAAC                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-175
OSBORNE, BENJAMIN                      MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-93
OWEN, ELIPHALET                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-493, 264, 341
OWEN, ELIPHALET                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-91, 93, 80, 99
PACK, GEORGE F.                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-187
PAGE, RANSOM                           MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-208, 217
PALMER, MARY                           MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-230-231, 237, 365
PALMER, WILLIAM                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-195, 217, 223, 230-231, 265, 278-280, 283, 286, 295-296, 347-348
PALMER, WILLIAM (CON'T)                MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-351, 355, 360-362
PARK, NEHAMIAH                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-357, 370
PARK, NEHEMIAH                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-288
PARKER, EZEKIEL                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-112, 344
PARKER, LEONARD                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-33
PARKER, SILAS                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-388
PARKER, SILAS                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-229, 406, 453-455
PARMENTER, NATHAN                      MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-66, 327, 519, 528-529
PARTRIDGE, ORA                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-101
PECK, BENJAMIN                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-127
PEIRCE, NATHAN                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-150, 364
PELTON, EDWIN                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-42, 44
PERRY, DORUS                           MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-17
PERRY, GEORGE W.                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-148, 151
PERSONS, JOHN                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-54-56
PERSONS, URIAH                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-28, 32
PERSONS, WILLAM                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-99-100
PETTENGILL, JAMES F.                   MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-23, 233-234
PETTIBONE, AZEL                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-156-157, 171
PETTIBONE, DANIEL                      MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-62-63, 66, 68, 71-72
PETTIBONE, WILLISM                     MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-232, 237
PETTIT, JAMES J.                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-231, 331
PETTY, SAMUEL                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-255, 260
PFOETNER, BELCHER                      MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-260
PFORTNER, BELCHER                      MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-95, 135
PHIPPANY, CHLOE                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-308, 310, 312
PIERCE, ELISHA J.                      MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-235
PIERCE, ELISHA J.                      MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-104, 106, 142
PIERCE, JOHN R.                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-233, 235
PIERCE, JOHN R.                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-31, 105-106, 144
PIERCE, NATHAN                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-185
PIERCE, THORNTON                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-374-375
PIERCE, THORNTON F.                    MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-291
PIERCE, THORTON                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-30, 190-191
PIPER, GEORGE                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-274
POND, AARON                            MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-332, 334, 341, 391
POND, AARON                            MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-336, 428-429, 433, 436
POND, JOSEPH                           MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-280, 356
POND, JOSEPH                           MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-64-66, 109-111, 122, 125, 161, 192-193, 300
POST, ELLEN                            MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-237
POTTER, LINDORF                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-94, 512, 340
POWERS, TRUMAN                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-1, 4
PRATT, BENJAMIN                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-259
PRATT, DELOS G.                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-255, 286, 336, 342-343
PRATT, ELIJAH                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-444-445, 456-458
PRATT, HENRY                           MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-340, 342, 354-355
PRATT, RODOLPHUS                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-92, 94, 152
PRATT, ROODOLPHUS W.                   MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-268, 347
PRESCOTT, BRIDGET (ET AL)              MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-391-392
PRESCOTT, JOHN                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-43, 431-432, 315
PRICE, THOMAS                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-65, 79, 100
PUTNAM, HARVEY                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-57, 455
PUTNEY, JOHN                           MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-14
QUINLIN, TIMOTHY                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-135, 361
QUINLIN, TIMOTHY                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-128, 156, 196
RADIGER, JOHN A.                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-278
RATHBONE, PHILANDER                    MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-99, 102
RAWSON, SILAS                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-287, 302
RAYMOND N. B.                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-430, 434-435
RAYMOND, NORMAN B.                     MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-305, 307, 338, 390-391
READING, ADAM                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-263
REDDISH, JOHN H.                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-23, 25-26
REED, CARY                             MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-359, 371
REED, CARY                             MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-2, 289
REED, CARY B.                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-57-58
REED, ISRAEL R.                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-161-162
REILLY, LAWRENCE                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-397, 402-403
REYNOLDS, NYRUM                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-105
RICHARDS, DELIA                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-61
RICHARDS, EDWARD                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-222, 271, 278
RICHARDS, ELIZA                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-61
RICHARDS, ERASTUS                      MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-250, 323, 514, 539-541
RICHARDS, HARRIET A.                   MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-61
RICHARDS, JAMES V.                     MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-5, 10, 36
RICHARDS, ORPHA                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-61
RICHARDSON, ALEXANDER                  MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-22
RICHARDSON, D.A.                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-31
RICHARDSON, J. C.                      MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-31
RIDEOUT, SMAUEL                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-114, 115, 121, 13
RIDSDALE, GEORGE                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-201, 204, 206-208, 210
RIMER, WILLIAM                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-35
ROBINSON, HOSEA, POLLY                 MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-234, 255, 296
ROBINSON, POLLY, HOSEA                 MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-234, 255, 296
ROBINSON, RUFUS                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-266, 342
ROBINSON, THOMAS Y.                    MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-140
ROBSON, JOHN                           MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-284, 145
RODGERS, ELIAS                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-275
ROGERS, ABEL B.                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-160-161, 168, 185, 221, 224-226, 228, 235-236, 243-244, 251-252
ROME, RODERICK                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-33, 410, 228, 312
ROSE, WILLIAM                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-341, 343, 450
ROUSE, JOHN                            MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-108
ROWE, WILLIAM K.                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-102, 99, 115, 119, 148, 394
ROWE, WILLIAM R.                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-251, 341
ROWLEY, DEUEL                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-4-7
ROWLEY, IRA                            MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-364
ROWLEY, IRA                            MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-103
ROWLEY, ROGE                           MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-53-54, 69
ROYCE, JEREMIAH                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-329, 333, 434
RUDE, GIDEON                           MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-1, 3, 52
RUDE, JAMES                            MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-67
RUDES, WILLIAM                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-261
RUDGES, DNAIEL                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-113-114, 121
RUNALS, LEONARD P.                     MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-67
RUSSELL, MELZAR                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-173, 178, 198, 346, 365-366
SAFFORD, JOHN                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-480
SAFFORD, JOHN                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-358, 146
SALISBURY, JOHN C.                     MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-163
SALSBERRY, CHLOE                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-13
SALTER, SUSANNA                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-238
SAXTON, GEORGE                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-323, 427
SAYLES, STEPHEN                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-111
SAYLES, STEPHEN                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-162
SCHEYER, GEORE                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-343
SCOVILL, GEORGE                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-285
SCOVILLE, GEORGE                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-350
SCRIBNER, EVE                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-98, 12, 175, 187
SEVERANCE, NICHOLAS                    MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-400, 401, 472-478
SEYMOUR, EBENEZER                      MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-372
SEYMOUR, EBENEZER                      MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-407-408, 415-417
SEYMOUR, WILLIAM                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-220, 301
SEYMOUR, WILLIAM F. S.                 MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-495
SHADBOLT, ALVIN                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-14
SHADBOLT, CLARK                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-14
SHADBOLT, LOIS                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-13
SHADBOLT, MARY                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-13
SHADBOLT, WILLIAM                      MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-36-37
SHALLIS, ANNA                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-146
SHAMAN, JAMES N.                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-293
SHANKS, PHILIP                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-253
SHATTUCK, JOSIAH                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-40-41, 46, 60
SHAUB, ANDREW                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-318, 327
SHEA, SARAH                            MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-190
SHEARMAN, GIDEON                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-306, 314, 329, 379, 381-382
SHEARMAN, JAMES                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-314, 316-317
SHELDEN, HORACE S.                     MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-361
SHERMAN, JOB                           MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-380, 390, 466
SISSON, JAMES H.                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-147-148, 153, 159
SKIFF, ADAH                            MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-245
SKIFF, EDMOND                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-299
SKINNER, HENRY                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-210
SKINNER, JONATHAN                      MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-320
SKINNER, JUDITH                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-320
SKINNER, THOMAS                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-165
SLEGHT, MARTIN                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-291
SMITH, ABRAHAM                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-352
SMITH, ABRAHAM                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-287
SMITH, ANN                             MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-339, 441
SMITH, BETHIA                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-237
SMITH, CHARLES                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-196
SMITH, CHAUNCEY                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-240,3 16
SMITH, CHESTER                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-149, 152
SMITH, DEBORAH                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-5, 295, 424, 436-437, 450-451, 463-464
SMITH, DEBORAH                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-5
SMITH, EUNICE                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-380
SMITH, JAMES                           MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-391, 217
SMITH, JOSIAH                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-130-131
SMITH, MASON G.                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-96, 339
SMITH, MOSES                           MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-241
SMITH, POLLY                           MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-342, 438
SMITH, RUFUS H.                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-271
SMITH, SAMUEL                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-481-483, 470
SMITH, SAMUEL W.                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-232, 289
SMITH, STEPHEN                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-493, 256
SOWL, DANIEL                           MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-34, 412
SPRAGUE, HIRAM N.                      MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-252
SPRING, AMOS                           MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-285, 310
SPROUT, AZUBA                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-130
STANARD, J. B.                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-80
STANTON, ELIAS F.                      MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-85-86, 95
STANTON, PHINNEAS                      MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-20, 22, 27, 46, 106, 109-110, 113
STEADMAN, WILLIAM P.                   MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-77, 83, 86
STEBBINS, ELIJAH                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-189, 381
STEBBINS, RUFUS P.                     MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-250
STEDMAN, RAYMOND                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-115
STEELE, JAMES                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-210, 290
STEVENS, LUCRETIA                      MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-267, 288
STEVENS, UZIAH                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-199
STEWART, ANGUS                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-339
STEWART, DAVID                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-238
STONE, JULIA                           MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-138
STONE, RUSSELL                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-144-148
STOWE, MANASSEH                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-81, 84, 150, 199, 203-204, 230, 280
STRONG, ELIJAH                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-512, 264
STRONG, EPAPHRODITUS                   MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-290, 292
STURDEVANT, SAMUEL                     MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-124, 126
SURDAM, SENECA                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-350, 120
SWEATLAND, OLIVER                      MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-134, 268, 276-277, 296
SYMONDS, JAMES                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-42, 76
TACKELS, PHILENA                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-272, 285, 287
TALLMAN, CHARLES                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-160, 367
TALLMAN, DANIEL                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-361, 373, 446
TANNER, WILLIAM                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-305, 347, 351-352
TAYLOR, MARY                           MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-234
TAYLOR, RUFUS                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-232, 311
TAYLOR, WILLIAM A.                     MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-241
TENANT, ADRAN                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-234
TERRY, JOHN                            MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-438-439, 444-445, 448
TERRY, JOHN                            MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-84, 92, 103, 123
TERRY, JOHN                            MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-541-543
THAYER, SUSANNAH                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-237, 243
THOMAS, IRA                            MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-209
THOMAS, UDOWICK                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-47, 440, 444, 452
THOMPSON, JAMES                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-55
THROOP, CHARLES                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-193, 224, 232-233
TIFFANY, HIRAM                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-118, 133
TIFFANY, HIRAM                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-281, 356
TIFFANY, MARCUS D.                     MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-277, 354
TOAN, THOMAS                           MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-206
TOMBS, LUCINA                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-319
TOMPKINS, EDMUND H.                    MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-170, 185
TOMPKINS, LUCY                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-84-85
TOWNSAND, ABEL                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-166, 368
TOWNSAND, ABEL                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-172
TRAVER, PHILLIP                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-144, 147
TRAVIS, JOHN R.                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-85
TRIPP, JOHN 2D                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-225, 305
TRIPP, WILLIAM                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-5-7
TRIPP, WILLIAM                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-256, 335, 543-544
TRUAX, JOHN                            MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-228
TRUE, JOHN G.                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-179
TRUE, SAMUEL                           MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-146, 151
TYRREL, TRUMAN                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-87
UNDERHILL, CHARLES H.                  MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-486, 517, 91
UNDERWOOD, CALVIN                      MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-73
UNGEER, GEORGE                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-220
UPHAM, SAMUEL                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-282, 300
VANBURKIRK, ZACHARIAH                  MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-249
VANDYKE, LEWIS                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-363
VANDYKE, WILLIAM JR.                   MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-135-136
VANEPS, CHARLES                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-190, 192
VANEPS, CHARLES                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-234, 313
VANLIEW, CONRAD                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-377-378
VANLIEW, WILLIAM                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-49, 155, 437, 439
VANSLYKE, JOHN W.                      MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-100
VAUGHAN, JOHN                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-26, 28, 45
WAITE, WELCOME                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-7-9
WAITE, WELCOME                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-218, 298, 235, 451, 544-545
WALBRIDGE, JUSTUS                      MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-2
WALBRIDGE, REUBEN                      MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-227
WALCH, LOREN C.                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-272, 246
WALDER, JOHN                           MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-389, 209
WALDO, GERSHAM                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-86
WALKER, HENRY G.                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-84
WALKER, JOHN                           MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-278
WALLIS, BENJAMIN                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-256-257, 260, 262, 269
WARD, JABEZ                            MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-55, 65
WARINER, ALEXANDER F. S.               MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-497
WARNER, AMELIA                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-484
WARNER, HOPEY                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-142
WARNER, LINUS                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-128
WARREN, ANI                            MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-375
WARREN, BENONI                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-154
WARREN, GIDEON                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-96
WARRINER, ALEXANDER                    MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-229, 308, 480, 490
WARRINER, LUCY                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-259
WART, JACOB                            MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-280, 354
WART, JACOB                            MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-129, 171, 203
WASHBURN, THOMAS J.                    MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-176
WATERMAN, ELI                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-177, 373
WATERMAN, ORLANDO D.                   MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-266
WATSON, RANSOM S.                      MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-81
WATTES, H.                             MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-12
WEATHERLOW, MILO A.                    MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-282, 357
WEAVER, BENJAMIN G.                    MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-112-113, 123
WEBB, CHAUNCY                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-49-50, 77,79-80, 133, 162
WEBB, MARTHA ANN                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-245
WEEDEN, CALEB                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-385
WELLS, HEZEKIAH M.                     MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-112
WELLS, JOHN R.                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-231, 294
WELLS, LEMUEL C.                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-242
WELTON, H.                             MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-14, 58-59
WESTBROOK, J. M.                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-13, 15-16, 21
WHARHAM, THOMAS H.                     MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-257, 290
WHEAT, RELIEF C.                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-195
WHEELER, URSULA                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-158
WHEELOCK, LEVI                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-252
WHITE, AMOS                            MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-122
WHITE, NORMAN                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-100
WHITE, PETER                           MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-169, 177, 187
WHITEHEAD, JAMES                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-1, 5
WHITNEY, CORTLAN C.                    MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-382
WHITNEY, JOSHUA                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-260, 270-271, 292
WHITNEY, SAMUEL                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-455, 472, 482
WIGGINS, JACOB                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-255, 332
WILCOX, JOHN                           MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-123, 128, 136
WILCOX, WILLIAM                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-383
WILDER, AMASA                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-113, 348, 546
WILDER, JOHN                           MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-268, 288
WILDER, JOHN                           MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-442-443, 446-447, 430-431, 438, 440
WILDMAN, JOSEPH                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-301, 319
WILLARD, CYRUS                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-154, 165, 386-387
WILLARD, SAMPSON                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-331, 532-534
WILLEY, WILSON                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-116, 150
WILLEY, WILSON                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-56, 454, 325
WILLIAMS, JOSEPH                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-305, 321, 374, 377-378
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM                      MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-227, 233, 420
WILSON, MICHAEL                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-156, 363
WILSON, OCTAVUS                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-222
WINDSEA, JAMES H.                      MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-274, 352
WINDSOR, JOHN                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-137, 143, 185
WINDSOR, SAMUEL                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-400
WINDSOR, SAMUEL                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-22-23, 36, 162, 240
WINDSOR, SAMUEL                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-265, 545
WING, CHANCELLER                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-314, 458-459, 467, 472, 475-476
WING, CHAUNCEY                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-166, 281, 283-284
WING, GEORGE                           MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-173
WITBECK, DORITHA E.                    MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-257
WITTER, EBENEZER                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-19
WIXON, EDMUND                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-238-239, 244, 259, 261
WIXON, JOHN                            MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-179, 206
WIXSON, JOHN                           MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-279, 355
WLLIAMS, WILLIAM                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-1, 129, 352
WOLCOTT, REBECCA                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-106, 518, 345
WOOD, LEWIS                            MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-411
WOOD, SOPHIA                           MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-288, 293, 336-337
WOOD, SYLVESTER                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-344
WOODRUFF, JOHN                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-154
WOODWARD, W. H.                        MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-214, 317
WOODWORTH, CHARLES                     MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-378
WOODWORTH, LEONARD                     MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-375, 381
WRIGHT, ALEXANDER                      MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-6
WRIGHT, FANNY                          MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-340, 353
WRIGHT, LUTHER                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-89, 95
WRIGHT, RIAL                           MINUTES                                 NY-62-2-99
WRIGHT, RIAL                           MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-355
WRIGHT, SEAMAN                         MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-155, 171
WRIGHT, STILLMAN                       MINUTES                                 NY-62-1-23-24, 28
YOUNG, DAVID                           MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-340-341, 345
ZIMMERMAN, JOHN G.                     MINUTES                                 NY-62-3-189

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