Eastland County, Texas
Naturalization Petitions(1908 and after)

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Column 1: Name of Petitioner
Column 2: Birthplace
Column 3: Location of Court - District Court - Eastland County, type of record
Column 3: Volume # and page # | 1 = 1907-1910 |
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ABRAHAM, BETH                          TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-3-89
ABRAHAM, JOE SALEM                     SYRIA                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-3-89
ABRAHAM, ROBERT JOE                    TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-3-89
ANDREWS, HARRY                         TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-3-96
ANDREWS, MIKE                          GREECE                                   TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-3-96
ANDREWS, PETE                          TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-3-96
ANDREWS, URENIA                        GREECE                                   TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-3-96
ANDRITSAKIS, ARGYRIOS PETER            GREECE                                   TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-3-96
ANDRITSAKIS, URENIA                    GREECE                                   TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-3-96
BAIER, BEATRICE STELLA                 TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-1-11
BAIER, FRANCIS JOSEPH                  TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-1-11
BAIER, FRANK JOSEPH                    MORAVIA                                  TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-1-11
BAIER, KATIE EDITH                     TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-1-11
BECKER, AMELIA                         MISSOURI                                 TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-12
BECKER, AMELIA                         MISSOURI                                 TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-11
BECKER, CORNELIUS PETER                GERMANY                                  TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-11
BOAZ, ELIAS ALBERT                     SYRIA                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-35
BOAZ, JOE ALBERT                       TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-35
BOAZ, ROSA                             TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-35
COLLINS, CORNELIUS                     TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-1-7
COLLINS, EMETTE                        TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-1-7
COLLINS, JAMES JOSEPH                  ENGLAND                                  TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-1-7
COLLINS, WILLIE                        TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-1-7
COPLIN, ROSE                           LOUISIANA                                TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-3-94
COPLIN, SANDRA JEAN                    LOUISIANA                                TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-3-94
COPLIN, SIMON WILLIAM                  RUSSIA                                   TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-3-94
DWYER, IRENE                           LOUISIANA                                TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-1-12
DWYER, JAMES WILLIAM                   TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-1-12
DWYER, JOHN JOSEPH                     TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-1-12
DWYER, JOHN SMITH                      ONTARIO                                  TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-1-12
DWYER, JULO                            TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-1-12
ELTIFE, SASSIN AZAR                    TURKEY                                   TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-9
ENDACOTT, JOHN HUBERT                  ENGLAND                                  TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-3-94
ENDACOTT, JUDITH                       TENNESSEE                                TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-3-94
GEORGIOU, DEMETRIOS                    GREECE                                   TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-30
GIOTIS, NICOLAOS                       GREECE                                   TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-38
GONOFF, TANAS                          MACEDONIA                                TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-25
GREEN, ABE                             RUSSIA                                   TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-3-91
GREEN, EDA                             TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-3-91
HAGEMAN, ANDREAS                       TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-1-5
HAGEMAN, CARL                          TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-1-5
HAGEMAN, DEADOR                        TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-1-5
HAGEMAN, ERNA                          TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-1-5
HAGEMAN, FRANK                         HANOVER                                  TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-1-5
HAGEMAN, HENRY                         TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-1-5
HAGEMAN, MATHILDE                      TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-1-5
HAGEMAN, MINNIE                        GERMANY                                  TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-1-5
HAGEMAN, OTTO                          TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-1-5
HAGEMAN, ROBERT                        TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-1-5
HAGEMAN, SARFIE                        TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-1-5
HALLACK, EDNA                          PENNSYLVANIA                             TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-20
HALLACK, EDWARD                        NEW JERSEY                               TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-20
HALLACK, FREDIE                        TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-20
HALLACK, NICLES                        TURKEY                                   TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-20
HALLACK, ROSE                          SYRIA                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-20
HLAVINKA, JOSEF                        AUSTRIA                                  TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-1-9
HOVINKA, ANNIE                         TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-1-9
HOVINKA, JOSEPH                        AUSTRIA                                  TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-1-9
HOVINKA, MARY                          TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-1-9
HOVINKA, MARY                          AUSTRIA                                  TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-1-9
JACOB, JOHAN FREIDRICK                 BAVARIA                                  TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-1-4
JACOB, MARGURITA                       BAVARIA                                  TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-1-4
KARANTONIS, GEORGE EFSTRATINE          GREECE                                   TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-36
KARANTONIS, MAY                        ARKANSAS                                 TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-36
KLEIMAN, DORA                          TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-1
KLEIMAN, DORA                          TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-18
KLEIMAN, LOUIS                         ROMANIA                                  TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-10
KLEIMAN, MANUEL                        RUSSIA                                   TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-10
KLEIMAN, MANUEL                        RUSSIA                                   TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-4
KLEIMAN, MANUEL                        RUSSIA                                   TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-14
KLEIMAN, MORRIS                        RUSSIA                                   TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-10
KLEIMAN, MORRIS                        RUSSIA                                   TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-18
KLEIMAN, MORRIS                        RUSSIA                                   TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-1
KLEIMAN, REBECCA                       RUSSIA                                   TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-10
KLEIMAN, RICHARD                       TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-18
KLEIMAN, RUBY                          TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-14
KLEIMAN, RUBY                          TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-4
KLEIMNA, EDA                           RUSSIA                                   TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-10
KOEHLER, ANNA AMELIA                   TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-1-2
KOEHLER, CHRISTINA ANNA                TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-1-2
KOEHLER, EMMA                          TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-1-2
KOEHLER, LUCY FREIDA                   TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-1-2
KOEHLER, MARGURITA                     BAVARIA                                  TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-1-2
KOEHLER, MARTIN EDUARD                 TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-1-2
KOEHLER, ROBERT                        PRUSSIA                                  TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-1-2
KOEHLER, ROBERT ALBERT                 TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-1-2
LATIEF, JOSEPH AZAR                    SYRIA                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-17
LIESKE, ADELINE SELMA                  TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-23
LIESKE, ADELINE SELMA                  TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-21
LIESKE, ALBERT                         RUSSIA                                   TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-22
LIESKE, ARNOLD                         RUSSIA                                   TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-22
LIESKE, AUGUST                         RUSSIA                                   TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-22
LIESKE, DOROTHE LEE                    TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-23
LIESKE, DOROTHY LEE                    TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-21
LIESKE, EAMA PAULINE                   TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-23
LIESKE, EAMA PAULINE                   TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-21
LIESKE, EDWARD                         RUSSIA                                   TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-22
LIESKE, IDA MAE                        TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-21
LIESKE, IDA MAE                        TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-23
LIESKE, LEE                            RUSSIA                                   TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-23
LIESKE, LEOPOLD                        RUSSIA                                   TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-21
LIESKE, LEOPOLD                        RUSSIA                                   TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-22
LIESKE, LULA                           TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-23
LIESKE, LULA                           TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-21
LUKER, ALVIN                           TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-1-10
LUKER, ALVINA                          ILLINOIS                                 TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-1-10
LUKER, ANNA                            TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-1-10
LUKER, HEINRICH                        TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-1-10
LUKER, HEINRICH WILHELM                PRUSSIA                                  TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-1-10
LUKER, MARGARETHE                      ILLINOIS                                 TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-1-10
LUKER, MARGARETTE                      TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-1-10
LUKER, MARTIN                          TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-1-10
LUKER, WALTER                          TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-1-10
MANSKE, ANNA                           TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-1-6
MANSKE, AUGUSTA                        GERMANY                                  TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-1-6
MANSKE, CARL                           GERMANY                                  TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-1-6
MANSKE, ELLA                           TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-1-6
MANSKE, EMMA                           TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-1-6
MANSKE, PAUL                           TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-1-6
MANSKE, RICHARD                        TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-1-6
MANSKE, WILLIAM                        GERMANY                                  TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-1-6
MOLDAVER, ISIDOR                       BESSARABIA                               TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-19
MOLDAVER, ROSE                         RUSSIA                                   TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-19
MOLDAVER, SAM KEBIE                    ?                                        TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-19
NAKOS, CRISTO                          GREECE                                   TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-30
NENTWIG, ERNEST CLAUD                  TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-15
NENTWIG, ERNEST CLAUDE                 TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-8
NENTWIG, ISABEL                        ENGLAND                                  TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-15
NENTWIG, ISABELL                       ENGLAND                                  TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-8
NENTWIG, MILDRED FERRELL               TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-15
NENTWIG, MILDRED FERRELL               TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-8
NENTWIG, OTTO                          PRUSSIA                                  TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-8
NENTWIG, OTTO                          PRUSSIA                                  TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-15
NICKLAS, NICK                          GREECE                                   TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-3-90
PERLSTEIN, DORIS SHIRLEY               TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-3-92
PERLSTEIN, FRIEDA                      GERMANY                                  TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-3-92
PERLSTEIN, SAULE                       GERMANY                                  TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-3-92
PETROPULOS, KONSTANTINOS ANDREW        GREECE                                   TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-32
PETROS, GENE                           TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-32
PETROS, OLLIE                          TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-32
PRATAS, CANELLA                        GREECE                                   TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-29
PRATAS, DEMETRIOS CONSTANTINE          GREECE                                   TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-29
PRATAS, DOROTHY                        TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-13
PRATAS, GUS                            TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-29
PRATAS, KATIE                          GREECE                                   TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-13
PRATAS, NICOLAS KONSTANTINE            GREECE                                   TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-13
PRATAS, THEODORA                       TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-29
QUAM, LOUIS BREMER                     NORWAY                                   TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-3
SCHAEFER, CARL                         GERMANY                                  TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-3-97
SCHAEFER, EMMA                         POLAND                                   TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-3-97
SCHAEFER, HARRY P.                     TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-3-97
SCHAEFER, LIZZIE                       MISSOURI                                 TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-33
SCHAEFER, OSWALD F.                    HOLLAND                                  TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-33
SCHAEFER, OTTO ERNEST                  TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-3-97
STIE, DAVID                            SYRIA                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-5
STIE, MINNIE                           SYRIA                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-5
STIE, SHBLEY                           SYRIA                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-34
STIE, SIEN                             SYRIA                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-24
STIE, STIEN                            SYRIA                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-5
STROEBEL, ANNA                         TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-1-1
STROEBEL, FRIEDRICH                    TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-1-1
STROEBEL, GRIEDA                       TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-1-1
STROEBEL, HENRICH                      TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-1-1
STROEBEL, HERMAN                       TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-1-1
STROEBEL, HINRICH                      BAVARIA                                  TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-1-1
STROEBEL, LINA                         TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-1-1
STROEBEL, ROSINA CHRISTINA             ONTARIO                                  TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-1-1
THEODOSEN, MARINA                      MEXICO                                   TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-37
THEODOSEN, PANANEOTES G.               GREECE                                   TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-37
THOMAS, BLADWYN                        TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-26
THOMAS, BRINLEY                        TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-26
THOMAS, CLIFFORD                       TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-26
THOMAS, GENEOLVE                       COLORADO                                 TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-26
THOMAS, RICHARD                        TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-26
THOMAS, RICHARD                        SOUTH WALES                              TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-26
VANETINE, HENRY                        HOLLAND                                  TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-16
VECERA, ANTONIO                        AUSTRIA                                  TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-1-8
VECERA, CAROLINE                       TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-1-8
VECERA, CECILIA                        AUSTRIA                                  TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-1-8
VECERA, JOE                            TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-1-8
VECERA, JOHN                           AUSTRIA                                  TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-1-8
VECERA, MARY                           TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-1-8
WILLIAMS, AMEEN                        SYRIA                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-31
WINGE, ALMA                            GERMANY                                  TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-7
WINGE, ALMA                            GERMANY                                  TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-27
WINGE, AMELIA                          GERMANY                                  TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-1-3
WINGE, CARL                            PRUSSIA                                  TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-7
WINGE, CARL                            HOLLAND                                  TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-27
WINGE, CARL EMIL                       PRUSSIA                                  TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-1-3
WINGE, CHARLIE                         TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-27
WINGE, CHARLIE                         TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-7
WINGE, DANIEL                          HOLLAND                                  TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-28
WINGE, DANIEL                          GERMANY                                  TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-6
WINGE, EDA HILDEGARD                   TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-1-3
WINGE, EMMA                            TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-7
WINGE, EMMA                            TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-27
WINGE, FREDDIE                         TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-27
WINGE, FREDDIE                         TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-7
WINGE, LUETA                           TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-27
WINGE, LUETA                           TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-7
WINGE, MARTHA                          TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-7
WINGE, MARTHA                          TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-27
WINGE, OLGA                            TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-7
WINGE, OLGA                            TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-27
WOLF, BERTHA                           TEXAS                                    TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-2
WOLF, FANNIE                           NEW YORK                                 TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-2
WOLF, ISRAEL                           TURKEY                                   TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-2
WOLF, MORRIS AARON                     ROMANIA                                  TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-3-93
WOLF, RAVEAL RUTH                      MISSOURI                                 TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-3-93
WOLF, SARAH                            RUSSIA                                   TX-EASTLAND-DC-PET-2-2

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