SAMPUBCO, Photos History of Idaho; a narrative account of its
historical progress, its people and its principal interests vol 2 (1914)

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#IDH001 - History of Idaho; a narrative account of its historical progress, its people and its principal interests vol 2, pub. 1914
Volume 3 will be added later

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ADAMSON, JOHN                          ID0001-870
ADELMANN, RICAHRD C.                   ID0001-676
ANDERSON, W. SCOTT                     ID0001-846
ANNETT, WILLIAM C.                     ID0001-603
ATKINSON, JOHN                         ID0001-748
AVEY, OLIVER H.                        ID0001-771
BLAINE, SAMUEL E.                      ID0001-650
BOONE, WILLIAM J.                      ID0001-779
BOWN, JOSEPH                           ID0001-786
BOWN, STATERA T.                       ID0001-786
BRAY, BENJAMIN C.                      ID0001-829
BRAY, FRANCES                          ID0001-829
BROWN, JONAS W.                        ID0001-667
BUDGE, ALFRED                          ID0001-715
BULLARD, CHARLES JACKSON               ID0001-869
CAGE, MILTON G.                        ID0001-654
CARTWRIGHT, W. R.                      ID0001-818
CAVANEY, PETER EDWARD                  ID0001-858
COLE, ELLA M.                          ID0001-736
COLE, ORRIC                            ID0001-736
COLLISTER, GEORGE                      ID0001-827
COUGHANOUR, WILLIAM A.                 ID0001-815
CRAWFORD, EDWARD F.                    ID0001-714
DAVIS, E. G.                           ID0001-593
DAVIS, FRANCIS MARION                  ID0001-712
DUNN, JAMES D.                         ID0001-898
DUNNING, DANIEL A.                     ID0001-648
EASTMAN, HOSEA B.                      ID0001-716
ELLIS, GEORGE DABNEY                   ID0001-704
ELLIS, JELITHA J.                      ID0001-704
EMERY, FRED W.                         ID0001-903
ENSIGN, HENRY F.                       ID0001-900
EOFF, ALFRED                           ID0001-752
FISHER, HARRY L.                       ID0001-640
FOOTE, SAMUEL S.                       ID0001-801
FORBES, J. H.                          ID0001-778
FOSTER, FRANK                          ID0001-606
FOWLER, ED F.                          ID0001-699
FRASER, ROBERT P.                      ID0001-620
FRAWLEY, EDWARD J.                     ID0001-723
FRITCHMAN, HARRY K.                    ID0001-713
GENOWAY, CHARLES V.                    ID0001-613
GLASE, ROBERT L.                       ID0001-721
GLORIEUX, ALPHONSUS J.                 ID0001-692
GORECZKY, ANTON                        ID0001-616
GRAMKOW, WILLIAM                       ID0001-693
GREEN, JOHN                            ID0001-587
GRIMMETT, SAMUEL H.                    ID0001-781
HAGA, OLIVER O.                        ID0001-696
HAIGHT, HECTOR C.                      ID0001-891
HAINES, JOHN MICHENER                  ID0001-590
HAUG, NICHOLAS                         ID0001-670
HAWLEY, JAMES H.                       ID0001-585
HEIGHO, EDGAR M.                       ID0001-592
HEIST, HARLAN D.                       ID0001-878
HERON, DAVID                           ID0001-755
HERON, E. A. (MRS)                     ID0001-755
HIGHLEY, LEE                           ID0001-809
HIMROD, CHARLES                        ID0001-672
HODGIN, SHADRACH L.                    ID0001-630
HOOVER, EDGAR M.                       ID0001-594
HOWIE, W. C.                           ID0001-851
HUBBELL, NORMAN S.                     ID0001-733
HUGHES, HENRY MARSHALL                 ID0001-611
JARVIS, JOHN J.                        ID0001-867
JEWELL, EDWARD S.                      ID0001-823
JEWELL, MARY                           ID0001-833
JOHNESSE, FRANK E.                     ID0001-766
JOHNSON, MAMIE                         ID0001-863
JOHNSON, WILLIAM CALVIN                ID0001-863
JOHNSON, WILLIAM N.                    ID0001-775
KENNALY, JOHN SR.                      ID0001-848
KENT, JOHN                             ID0001-609
KESSLER, HARRY S.                      ID0001-645
KOELSCH, CHARLES F.                    ID0001-683
LEMP, CATHERINE                        ID0001-596
LEMP, HERBERT FREDERICK                ID0001-597
LEMP, JOHN                             ID0001-596
LOUNSBURY, ANDREW                      ID0001-896
MARSH, EDSON                           ID0001-760
MARTIN, WALTER V.                      ID0001-806
MASON, CLAUDE D.                       ID0001-634
MAXEY, EDWARD E.                       ID0001-831
MCMILLAN, JOHN                         ID0001-601
MCPHERSON, JOHN U.                     ID0001-614
MCQUADE, ANDREW                        ID0001-719
MEANS, MARCUS A.                       ID0001-884
MEHARGUE, JOHN W.                      ID0001-758
MEYER, ARTHUR                          ID0001-804
NELSON, THOMAS                         ID0001-835
NOBLE, ROBERT                          ID0001-789
OFARRELL, JOHN ANDREW                  ID0001-662
OFARRELL, M. A.                        ID0001-662
PARKIN, GEORGE                         ID0001-844
PATCH, LE ROY V.                       ID0001-591
PAUL, GEORGE W.                        ID0001-883
PENCE, PETER                           ID0001-865
PINNEY, JAMES ALONZO                   ID0001-682
POND, LYSANDER C.                      ID0001-796
POPE, JAMES P.                         ID0001-643
RANKIN, MARY B.                        ID0001-730
RANKIN, WILLIAM ALLEN                  ID0001-730
RAWSON, WILLIAM FRANKLIN               ID0001-872
REDDOCH, CHARLES F.                    ID0001-717
RICH, SAMUEL J.                        ID0001-679
RICHARDS, JAMES H.                     ID0001-764
RICHARDSON, ALONZO L.                  ID0001-702
RISING, FRED W.                        ID0001-895
ROSSI, ALEXANDER                       ID0001-622
RUST, CORRELL ELISHA                   ID0001-750
SCHREIBER, ADOLPH F.                   ID0001-853
SHAW, C. R.                            ID0001-660
SHIPLEY, BRICE                         ID0001-882
SHIRLEY, CHARLES B.                    ID0001-842
SINSEL, CHARLES J.                     ID0001-725
SMITH, GILBERT F.                      ID0001-839
SMITH, JOHN JONES                      ID0001-860
SMITH, JOHN L.                         ID0001-894
SMITH, MADISON C.                      ID0001-656
SMITH, SAMUEL THADDEUS N.              ID0001-625
SMOCK, P. MONROE                       ID0001-820
SNOOK, JOHN W.                         ID0001-685
STEPHENSON, JAMES JR.                  ID0001-706
STEVENSON, DAVID OSBORN                ID0001-674
SWAIN, ARTHUR J.                       ID0001-784
TAYLOR, WILLIAM E.                     ID0001-880
THOMAS, DAVID P.                       ID0001-889
TINKER, FREDERICK A.                   ID0001-689
TURNER, CHARLES H.                     ID0001-823
TWOGOOD, JAMES H.                      ID0001-770
VANIRONS, WILLIAM                      ID0001-887
WEHR, LEONARD B.                       ID0001-799
WILLIAMS, BARRETT                      ID0001-741
WILLIAMS, RICHARD                      ID0001-741
WILSON, ALBERT                         ID0001-742
WILSON, MARTHA I. MARTIN               ID0001-742
WRIGHT, CRISPIN                        ID0001-812
WRIGHT, REUBEN BEAN                    ID0001-708
YATES, JOHN E.                         ID0001-628

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