A history of Jessamine County, Kentucky, from its earliest settlement to 1898 (1898)

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Encyclopedia of Kentucky biography, genealogical-memorial; representative citizens (Vol 3), pub. 1917

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Column One: Name of Person
Column Two: Book Code #, Page #

ARNETT, B. M.                          KY0001-283
BRONAUGH, JOHN SPEARS                  KY0001-267
BROWN, GEORGE                          KY0001-159
BROWN, THOMAS J.                       KY0001-268
CLEMMONS, ROBERT                       KY0001-278
CRUTCHER, BENJAMIN A.                  KY0001-265
CRUTCHER, THOMAS B.                    KY0001-266
CURD, ROBERT                           KY0001-269
DUNCAN, S. M.                          KY0001-262
EVANS, CHARLES                         KY0001-257
JASPER, FRANCIS MARION                 KY0001-241
LAFON, JOHN                            KY0001-246
LOWRY, CURD                            KY0001-277
MCAFEE, ANDREW (COLORED)               KY0001-281
METCALF, HENRY                         KY0001-242
MITCHELL, JAMES WILLARD                KY0001-275
NOLAND, STEPHEN                        KY0001-260
PHILLIPS, WILILAM H.                   KY0001-273
PILCHER, LOUIS                         KY0001-179
PRICE, DANIEL B.                       KY0001-212
PRICE, SAMUEL WOODSON                  KY0001-232
SAUNDERS, LETCHER                      KY0001-248
SCOTT, THOMAS J.                       KY0001-258
SHANKLIN, GEORGE S.                    KY0001-225
SPARKS, E. R.                          KY0001-255
TAYLOR, GEORGE B.                      KY0001-284
WELCH, JOHNHARRISON                    KY0001-256
WILLISM JOHN A.                        KY0001-252
WOODSON, SAMUEL H.                     KY0001-211
YOUNG, BENNETT H.                      KY0001-FRONT
YOUNG, MELANCHTHON                     KY0001-160
YOUNG, ROBERT                          KY0001-238

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