SAMPUBCO, Index An Illustrated history of Baker, Grant, Malheur and Harney counties, pub. 1902

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An Illustrated history of Baker, Grant, Malheur and Harney counties, pub. 1902

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ALBERT, HENRY H.                       OR0001-360
ARBLE, WILLIAM P.                      OR0001-320
BARNETT, LEMUEL M.                     OR0001-344
BENTLEY, W. H.                         OR0001-360
BROOKS, JAMES C.                       OR0001-314
CARPENTER, MOSES                       OR0001-244
CARTER, WILLIAM M.                     OR0001-508
CLEMENT, JAMES T.                      OR0001-616
COCHRAN, EMMET                         OR0001-500
COLE, EMORY                            OR0001-584
CRAIG, CHARLES H.                      OR0001-264
CRESAP, OLIVER P.                      OR0001-496
DALY, JOHN D.                          OR0001-659
DIXON, HARVEY                          OR0001-696
DORE, ALVA C.                          OR0001-492
DUNCAN, GEORGE W.                      OR0001-616
DURBIN, CASPER J.                      OR0001-260
EDWARDS, JOHN S.                       OR0001-584
ELLIOTT, ANDREW                        OR0001-320
EMISON, SANFORD N.                     OR0001-616
ERWIN, JOHN                            OR0001-304
ESTES, HARDIN W.                       OR0001-248
FLEETWOOD, JAMES                       OR0001-272
FLETCHER, THOMAS C.                    OR0001-576
GARRETT, RICHARD M.                    OR0001-360
GLEASON, WILLIAM H.                    OR0001-256
GOWAN, ALBERT W.                       OR0001-704
GRANT, DANIEL                          OR0001-336
GRAY, GARRISON J.                      OR0001-568
GUERNSEY, OTIS                         OR0001-500
HAINES, CHARLES A.                     OR0001-680
HALL, HENRY                            OR0001-453
HALL, WILIAM                           OR0001-472
HAYES, JULIA A.                        OR0001-696
HINDMAN, WILLIAM C.                    OR0001-225
HODSON, JOSEPH F.                      OR0001-468
HOWARD, BALTIMORE                      OR0001-616
HUGHET, ISAAC N.                       OR0001-688
HUNTINGTON, ALFRED H.                  OR0001-314
ISON, O. P.                            OR0001-314
JENKINS, DAVID W.                      OR0001-484
KING, LEMUEL D.                        OR0001-344
KING, WILL R.                          OR0001-576
LANGRELL, RICHARD T.                   OR0001-344
LAWRENCE, JAMES E.                     OR0001-600
LITTLEFIELD, DAVID S.                  OR0001-252
LIVINGSTON, NEWTON                     OR0001-498
LOCKE, JOHN S.                         OR0001-320
LOENNIG, ARNST                         OR0001-240
LOENNIN, FRANK                         OR0001-304
LOGAN, WILLIAM L.                      OR0001-616
LOVE, AVON S.                          OR0001-296
LUCAS, MARTIN A.                       OR0001-508
LUCE, JOHN C.                          OR0001-488
MAHON, JAMES F.                        OR0001-672
MAXWELL, JAMES O.                      OR0001-276
MCDANIEL, EDWARD B.                    OR0001-228
MCEWEN, THOMAS                         OR0001-320
MCKINNELL, WILLIAM                     OR0001-360
MOODY, GEORGE W.                       OR0001-232
MORFITT, WILLIAM                       OR0001-560
MURPHY, HENRY A.                       OR0001-500
NEAL, NAPOLEON B.                      OR0001-508
OVERHOLT, DAVID G.                     OR0001-480
PANCAKE, ISAAC N.                      OR0001-314
PENFIELD, EDWARD S.                    OR0001-498
PINDELL, STEPHEN C.                    OR0001-360
POGUE, GEORGE W.                       OR0001-600
POWELL, ROBERT G.                      OR0001-508
RICHMOND, J. H. (RESIDENCE)            OR0001-284
ROBINSON, JAMES                        OR0001-486
RULISON, NELSON                        OR0001-508
SCOTT, WILLIAM J.                      OR0001-616
SELS, FRANCIS C.                       OR0001-460
SHEPARD, JOSEPH                        OR0001-344
SHOWN, JAMES W.                        OR0001-704
SMITH, JAMES                           OR0001-704
SNOW, TAYLOR N.                        OR0001-288
SOUTHWORTH, WILLIAM S.                 OR0001-500
STODDARD, JAMES B.                     OR0001-280
TABOR, JAMES W.                        OR0001-476
THOMPSON, MARTIN V .                   OR0001-508
THORNBURG, GRANT                       OR0001-464
TITUS, JOHN D.                         OR0001-500
TURNER, ARCHIBALD W.                   OR0001-555
WARD, JOHN A.                          OR0001-616
WEAVER, JAMES M.                       OR0001-600
WELLINGTON, WILLIAM H.                 OR0001-360
WILCOX, DAVIS                          OR0001-304
WOOD, JOEL B.                          OR0001-268
ZEPH, JOHN                             OR0001-500

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