SAMPUBCO, Index Pioneer tales of the Oregon trail and of Jefferson County, pub. 1912

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Pioneer tales of the Oregon trail and of Jefferson County, pub. 1912

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AVERY, W. H.                           OR0002-424
BABCOCK, WILLIAM                       OR0002-464
BAKER, ANDY                            OR0002-432
BAKER, WILLIAM                         OR0002-432
BLAUSER, A.                            OR0002-483
BODDYE, WILLIAM                        OR0002-484
BOGGS, J. O.                           OR0002-480
BOWER, FRED                            OR0002-484
BOWER, HENRY                           OR0002-424
BOYLE, C. C.                           OR0002-472
BROCK, AB                              OR0002-456
BROWNING, CHARLES                      OR0002-448
BROWNING, FRANK                        OR0002-432
CHIRNSIDE, JOHN                        OR0002-432
CLARK, H. D. (MRS)                     OR0002-464
CLARK, HORACE D.                       OR0002-432
CONLEY, MIKE                           OR0002-202
CRANE, WILLIAM (MRS)                   OR0002-464
DAILEY, JOHN                           OR0002-456
DAVIS, LUTHER                          OR0002-448
DAWSON, CHARLES                        OR0002-FRONT
DEIN, JACOB                            OR0002-448
DEITHELM, FRED                         OR0002-480
DILLER, JACOB                          OR0002-456
GARDNER, I. S.                         OR0002-480
GILL, PETER                            OR0002-448
HANSEY, GEORGE                         OR0002-413
HARRIS, JAMES                          OR0002-448
HELVEY, JASPER                         OR0002-374
HELVEY, THOMAS                         OR0002-373
HICKOK, JAMES BUTLER                   OR0002-179
HINER, JOSEPH (MRS)                    OR0002-464
HOPPE, FERDINAND                       OR0002-464
HUGHES, JOHN                           OR0002-475
HULBURT, M. C.                         OR0002-424
IRELAND, JAMES                         OR0002-424
MARKS, IVES                            OR0002-440
MARKS, IVES (MRS)                      OR0002-375
MASON, GRANDMA                         OR0002-335
MCCANLES, D. C.                        OR0002-211
MCCANLES, LIZZIE                       OR0002-335
MCCANLES, LIZZIE                       OR0002-335
MCCANLES, MONROE                       OR0002-440
MCCREIGHT, JSOEPH                      OR0002-440
MCCURDY, PETER                         OR0002-432
MCDOWELL, J. B.                        OR0002-456
MITCHAM, WESLEY                        OR0002-448
NELSON, HENRY (GRANDMA)                OR0002-440
NELSON, JOSEPH                         OR0002-456
NOBLE, MARK                            OR0002-440
PEASE, GEORGE A.                       OR0002-409
PICKENS, WES                           OR0002-472
POWELL, JOHN                           OR0002-484
PRICE, JOHN S.                         OR0002-424
QUINN, JAMES                           OR0002-480
QUINN, WILLIAM                         OR0002-472
ROBINSON, EDWARD                       OR0002-456
ROHRBAUGH, CHARLES                     OR0002-472
SMITH, WILLIAM                         OR0002-384
SUTTON, JOHN M.                        OR0002-455
THOMPSON, I. N.                        OR0002-472
TODT, H. H.                            OR0002-480
WALSH, THOMAS                          OR0002-424
WATSON, W. W.                          OR0002-440
WHEELER, A. C.                         OR0002-480
WILLEY, N. D. T.                       OR0002-472
WINSLOW, GEORGE                        OR0002-125

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