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ABRAHAM, ADOLPH                        AL-1-1883
ABRAHAM, ISAAC                         AL-1-1880
ABRAHAM, ISAAC                         AL-1-1889
ABRAHAM, JOSEPH                        AL-1-1879
ABRAHAM, JOSEPH                        AL-1-1883
ABRAHAM, JOSEPH                        AL-1-1850
ABRAHAM, ROSA                          AL-1-1887
ABRAHAM, ROSA                          AL-1-1885
ACEE, ANNA P.                          AL-1-1911
ADAIR, ELIZABETH                       AL-1-1861
ADAIR, FARMER                          AL-1-1800
ADAIR, JAMES A.                        AL-1-1858
ADAIR, JOSEPH G.                       AL-1-1868
ADAIR, NANCY W.                        AL-1-1857
ADAIR, RICHARD                         AL-1-1857
ADAIR, THOMAS                          AL-1-1858
ADAIR, WILLIAM                         AL-1-1858
ADAMS, JAMES                           AL-1-1853
ADAMS, MARY F.                         AL-1-1860
ADAMS, NATHANIEL L.                    AL-1-1870
AHERNE, IRENE                          AL-1-1910
ALDRIDGE, MIDDLETON                    AL-1-1860
ALEXANDER, A. G.                       AL-1-1861
ALEXANDER, ASBURY                      AL-1-1860
ALEXANDER, CHARLES D.                  AL-1-1915
ALEXANDER, CORINNE                     AL-1-1911
ALEXANDER, CORRINNE D.                 AL-1-1910
ALEXANDER, ED                          AL-1-1861
ALEXANDER, HENRY G.                    AL-1-1858
ALEXANDER, J. L.                       AL-1-1858
ALEXANDER, J. S.                       AL-1-1910
ALEXANDER, MARY                        AL-1-1857
ALEXANDER, MARY A.                     AL-1-1857
ALEXANDER, P. E.                       AL-1-1902
ALEXANDER, WILLIAM H.                  AL-1-1858
ALLEN, E. E.                           AL-1-1914
ALLEN, HENRY                           AL-1-1838
ALLEN, ISABELLA                        AL-1-1856
ALLEN, J. W.                           AL-1-1912
ANDERSON, M. A.                        AL-1-1850
ANDERSON, MARGARET A.                  AL-1-1853
ANDERSON, SARAH J.                     AL-1-1871
ANDREWS, A.                            AL-1-1850
APPERSON, JASPER                       AL-1-1863
ARMSTRONG, F. H.                       AL-1-1869
ARMSTRONG, FLEMING H.                  AL-1-1869
ATWOOD, ELIZA                          AL-1-1889
AUGUSTIN, LUCY                         AL-1-1848
AUSBORN, ROLLEN                        AL-1-1862
AVERHART, THOMAS EVAN                  AL-1-1854
AVERY, JONATHAN                        AL-1-1869
AVERY, JONATHAN                        AL-1-1854
BAKER, ALFRED                          AL-1-1866
BAKER, ALFRED                          AL-1-1856
BAKER, AMAS                            AL-1-1850
BAKER, ELIZA                           AL-1-1858
BAKER, STEPHEN                         AL-1-1861
BALLARD, JAMES D.                      AL-1-1861
BALLARD, MARY G.                       AL-1-1873
BANE, F. H.                            AL-1-1853
BARBER, N. C.                          AL-1-1909
BARBOUR, JAMES J.                      AL-1-1860
BARBOUR, MARY                          AL-1-1864
BARNES, DORA P.                        AL-1-1910
BARNES, W. H.                          AL-1-1906
BARNEY, ODOM                           AL-1-1859
BARSH, CONRAD                          AL-1-1838
BATEMAN, MARY A.                       AL-1-1838
BATES, ALLEN                           AL-1-1907
BATES, JOHN                            AL-1-1863
BATES, JOSEPH                          AL-1-1864
BAZZELL, W. R.                         AL-1-1908
BAZZLE, ROBERT                         AL-1-1872
BEATTIE, EDNA A.                       AL-1-1864
BEATTIE, ROBERT C.                     AL-1-1855
BECKWITH, W. G.                        AL-1-1904
BECTON, HENRY                          AL-1-1866
BETSILL, WILLIAM O.                    AL-1-1861
BIGHURST, CHARLES B.                   AL-1-1909
BILL, HARRIET                          AL-1-1875
BILLINGSLEY, NAPOLEON                  AL-1-1847
BISHOP, ABRAM                          AL-1-1852
BOOCKHOLDT, C. J.                      AL-1-1902
BOOHT, D. B.                           AL-1-1864
BOON, B. J.                            AL-1-1873
BOON, BENJAMIN F.                      AL-1-1871
BOON, CHARLES                          AL-1-1910
BOON, CHARLES E.                       AL-1-170
BOON, CLEMENT B.                       AL-1-1870
BOON, JAMES J.                         AL-1-1870
BOOTH, CHARLES W.                      AL-1-1860
BOOTH, D. B.                           AL-1-1867
BOOTH, DOUGLAS                         AL-1-1907
BOOTH, JAMES                           AL-1-1899
BOOTH, JAMES H.                        AL-1-1898
BOOTH, JESSE                           AL-1-1910
BOOTH, JESSIE H.                       AL-1-1905
BOOTH, JOHN                            AL-1-1850
BOOTH, JOHN M.                         AL-1-1850
BOOTH, JOSEPH                          AL-1-1914
BOWDEN, JAMES A.                       AL-1-1859
BOZEMAN, NATHANIEL                     AL-1-1864
BRADLEY, IONE                          AL-1-1902
BRADY, ABYSS                           AL-1-1911
BRAGG, T. C.                           AL-1-1864
BREWER, SUSAN                          AL-1-1858
BRIGGS, SARAH                          AL-1-1842
BRITNAL, WILLIAM W.                    AL-1-1860
BROGAN, JOHN                           AL-1-1851
BROWN, ANNIE                           AL-1-1890
BROWN, ARTHUR                          AL-1-1860
BROWN, HENLY                           AL-1-1870
BROWN, JAMES H.                        AL-1-1878
BROWN, MARTHA E.                       AL-1-1904
BROWN, RICHARD W.                      AL-1-1874
BROWN, SARAH                           AL-1-1871
BROWN, SUE                             AL-1-1874
BRYANT, STEPHEN                        AL-1-1904
BUGG, WILLIAM R.                       AL-1-1854
BURNS, ALBERT                          AL-1-1193
BURNS, JAMES C.                        AL-1-1915
BURNS, ROBERT FRANK                    AL-1-1915
BURRIS, ALBERT                         AL-1-1915
BURROWS, ALVIN                         AL-1-1862
BURT, MARK                             AL-1-1902
BURT, MARTIN R.                        AL-1-1846
BURT, MARTIN R.                        AL-1-1870
BURT, WILLIAM                          AL-1-1872
BURT, WILLIAM M.                       AL-1-1902
BUTLER, LOVIE P.                       AL-1-1854
BUTLER, LOVIE P.                       AL-1-1855
CAIN, ELISHA                           AL-1-1800
CAIN, ELISHA                           AL-1-1852
CALE, C.                               AL-1-1872
CALE, CHARNY                           AL-1-1879
CALE, M. E.                            AL-1-1870
CALHOUN, GEORGIA                       AL-1-1866
CALHOUN, I. L.                         AL-1-1865
CAMERON, NORMAN                        AL-1-1861
CARROLL, ANSLEY                        AL-1-1855
CARTER, BLANCHE                        AL-1-1898
CARTER, GEORGE                         AL-1-1876
CARTER, JAMES                          AL-1-1908
CARTER, JOE                            AL-1-1918
CARTER, JOHNL.                         AL-1-1869
CARTER, W. W.                          AL-1-1891
CARWILE, ELIZA                         AL-1-1800
CARWILE, FRANK M.                      AL-1-1861
CARWILE, JOHN T.                       AL-1-1857
CAVER, CATGHERINE                      AL-1-1800
CAVER, CATHERINE                       AL-1-1864
CAVER, HENRY                           AL-1-1852
CAVER, J. G.                           AL-1-1866
CAVER, J. G.                           AL-1-1862
CAVER, SAMUEL                          AL-1-1872
CAVER, SAMUEL                          AL-1-1855
CAVER, SAMUEL                          AL-1-1850
CAVER, SARAH                           AL-1-1860
CAVER, WILLIAM                         AL-1-1800
CAVER,LEANDER                          AL-1-1854
CAWTHON, ALEXANDER W.                  AL-1-1900
CHANDLER, MARTHA                       AL-1-1868
CHANDLER, MARY L.                      AL-1-1860
CHANDLER, S.S.                         AL-1-1860
CHANDLER,MARTHA S.                     AL-1-1860
CHAPMAN, BERTHA                        AL-1-1901
CHAPMAN, SARAH G.                      AL-1-1857
CHAPMAN,A. MARY                        AL-1-1913
CHAPPELL, JOSEPH JOHN                  AL-1-1858
CHAVERS, THOMAS                        AL-1-1839
CHAVERS, W. W.                         AL-1-1911
CHEEK, J. BRANTLEY                     AL-1-1800
CHERRY, JAMES                          AL-1-1860
CLARK, ELIZA                           AL-1-1850
CLARK, ELIZABETH                       AL-1-1859
CLARK, NELSON                          AL-1-1850
CLAY, JACKSON W.                       AL-1-1880
CLEPPER, MARY A.                       AL-1-1860
CLOUIGER, ADAM                         AL-1-1862
COFIELD, CHARLIE                       AL-1-1915
COLBY, JAMES                           AL-1-1839
COLEMAN, CLAUDE                        AL-1-1890
COLEMAN, CLAUDE W.                     AL-1-1908
COLEMAN, THOMAS                        AL-1-1865
COOPER, ALADA                          AL-1-1800
COOPER, ANDREW J.                      AL-1-1868
COOPER, EIZABETH M.                    AL-1-1857
COOPER, GEORGE                         AL-1-1871
COOPER, LAURA A.                       AL-1-1861
COOPER, NEWTON                         AL-1-1864
COOPER, PETER                          AL-1-1868
COOPER, PETER                          AL-1-1800
COOPER, W. B.                          AL-1-1868
CORY, T.D.                             AL-1-1894
COTTON, CATHERINE                      AL-1-1850
COTTON, FRANCINA                       AL-1-1850
COTTON, JOHN A.                        AL-1-1850
COTTON, MARY                           AL-1-1850
COX, BARTLEY L.                        AL-1-1850
COX, J. J.                             AL-1-1856
COX, NOAH W.                           AL-1-1901
COX, REBECCA                           AL-1-1868
COX, T. J.                             AL-1-1915
CRENSHAW, ABNER                        AL-1-1870
CREYON, JOHN M.                        AL-1-1800
CURTIS, MAY NEWTON                     AL-1-1907
DANIEL, THOMAS C.                      AL-1-1869
DANTZLER, MARY A.                      AL-1-1909
DANTZLER, S. D. JR.                    AL-1-1907
DASTER, C. S. G.                       AL-1-1860
DASTER, C. S. G.                       AL-1-1880
DAUGHTERY, AMANDA                      AL-1-1870
DAVENPORT, JOHN                        AL-1-1850
DAVENPORT, WILLIAM M.                  AL-1-1840
DAVIS, ALVA P.                         AL-1-1851
DAVIS, ANDERSON                        AL-1-1862
DAVIS, B. L.                           AL-1-1865
DAVIS, BENJAMIN F.                     AL-1-1882
DAVIS, CLARISSA                        AL-1-1854
DAVIS, DANIEL                          AL-1-1906
DAVIS, DUNCAN                          AL-1-1870
DAVIS, ELIZABETH A.                    AL-1-1889
DAVIS, ELIZABETH E.                    AL-1-1870
DAVIS, EOLINE                          AL-1-1872
DAVIS, EUPHEMIA                        AL-1-1870
DAVIS, F. DAVIS                        AL-1-1863
DAVIS, FANNIE                          AL-1-1870
DAVIS, JACK                            AL-1-1860
DAVIS, JAMES REUBEN                    AL-1-1850
DAVIS, JOHN                            AL-1-1873
DAVIS, JOHN                            AL-1-1860
DAVIS, JOHN H.                         AL-1-1860
DAVIS, JOHN W.                         AL-1-1881
DAVIS, JOHN W.                         AL-1-1905
DAVIS, JULIA A.                        AL-1-1900
DAVIS, L.                              AL-1-1915
DAVIS, LAURA L.                        AL-1-1915
DAVIS, MARY L.                         AL-1-1881
DAVIS, MATTIE A.                       AL-1-1873
DAVIS, MAY B.                          AL-1-1863
DAVIS, NANCY N.                        AL-1-1867
DAVIS, ROBERT M.                       AL-1-1880
DAVIS, T. A.                           AL-1-1873
DAVIS, T. A.                           AL-1-1800
DAVIS, THOMAS H.                       AL-1-1873
DAVIS, W. G.                           AL-1-1889
DAVIS, WALTER                          AL-1-1882
DAVIS, WALTER G.                       AL-1-1876
DAWSON, JOEL P.                        AL-1-1860
DEBARDELABEN, CAROLINE                 AL-1-1870
DEBARDELABEN, D. H.                    AL-1-1905
DEBARDELABEN, HENRY                    AL-1-1850
DEBARDELABEN, MARY ANN                 AL-1-1850
DEBARDELABEN, P. H.                    AL-1-1873
DEBARDELABEN, SHELBY                   AL-1-1850
DEBARDELABEN, W. S.                    AL-1-1900
DEBARDELABEN, WARREN L.                AL-1-1845
DEJARNETTE, ALLEN                      AL-1-1913
DEJARNETTE, JOHN P.                    AL-1-1853
DEJARNETTE, KATHLEEN                   AL-1-1858
DEJARNETTE, WILLIAM P.                 AL-1-1858
DENNIS, MILLY                          AL-1-1863
DENNIS, SAMUEL                         AL-1-1864
DENNIS, SAMUEL S.                      AL-1-1863
DENNIS, SARAH J.                       AL-1-1869
DENSLER, ARLENE H.                     AL-1-1870
DERAMUS, DARRLE F.                     AL-1-1800
DERAMUS, GEORGE                        AL-1-1866
DERAMUS, GEORGE                        AL-1-1862
DERAMUS, GEORGE                        AL-1-1800
DERAMUS, H. G.                         AL-1-1863
DERAMUS, HENRY G.                      AL-1-1860
DERAMUS, HENRY G.                      AL-1-1866
DERAMUS, HENRY W.                      AL-1-1867
DERAMUS, JACOB A.                      AL-1-1850
DERAMUS, JOHN M.                       AL-1-1850
DERAMUS, MARGERY E.                    AL-1-1902
DISMUKES, G. W.                        AL-1-1907
DISMUKES, GEORGE W.                    AL-1-1854
DODSON, LAVINIA                        AL-1-1878
DOSS, SAMUEL L.                        AL-1-1852
DOSTER, C. S. G.                       AL-1-1886
DOSTER, C. S. G.                       AL-1-1887
DOSTER, C. S. G.                       AL-1-1872
DOSTER, C. S. G.                       AL-1-1891
DOSTER, CHARLES                        AL-1-1863
DOSTER, CHARLES                        AL-1-1896
DOSTER, CHARLES S. G.                  AL-1-1880
DOSTER, CHARLES S. G.                  AL-1-1873
DOSTER, CHARLES S. G.                  AL-1-1875
DOSTER, S. G.                          AL-1-1898
DOUGLAS, WILLIAM                       AL-1-1858
DOUGLAS, WILLIAM A. C.                 AL-1-1858
DOUGLAS, WILLIAM A. C.                 AL-1-1858
DOZIER, LEONARD                        AL-1-1837
DRUMMOND, MARGARET A.                  AL-1-1855
DRUMMOND, MARGARET A.                  AL-1-1857
DUBOSE, HENRY M.                       AL-1-1882
DUBOSE, PETER                          AL-1-1853
DUNCAN, JOHN                           AL-1-1857
DUNCAN, W. W.                          AL-1-1905
DUNN, ADA J.                           AL-1-1901
DUNN, AMANDA                           AL-1-1907
DUNN, HENRY                            AL-1-1849
DURDEN, GILLY                          AL-1-1850
DURDEN, HARRIET                        AL-1-1850
DURDEN, L. A.                          AL-1-1869
DURDEN, ROBERT EDGAR                   AL-1-1850
DURDEN, SALLIE A.                      AL-1-1913
DURDEN, WASHINGTON L.                  AL-1-1863
DURGEN, CHARLES BAKER                  AL-1-1861
DURGEN, CHARLES W.                     AL-1-1861
DURGEN, GEORGIANA                      AL-1-1853
EDWARDS, CHARLES A.                    AL-1-1861
EDWARDS, CHARLES A.                    AL-1-1907
EDWARDS, GEORGE W.                     AL-1-1898
EDWARDS, JAMES W.                      AL-1-1863
EDWARDS, JESE R.                       AL-1-1836
EDWARDS, JESSE                         AL-1-1836
EDWARDS, JOHN                          AL-1-1863
EDWARDS, SALLIE                        AL-1-1850
ELLIOT, MATILDA                        AL-1-1870
ELLIS, WASHINGTON L., JR.              AL-1-1898
FAULKNER, CELES                        AL-1-1911
FAULKNER, MARY E.                      AL-1-1855
FAY, ALLIE R.                          AL-1-1872
FAY, ELIZA S.                          AL-1-1870
FAY, ELIZA S.                          AL-1-1872
FAY, ELIZA S.                          AL-1-1869
FAY, WILLIAM B.                        AL-1-1870
FELDER, E. L.                          AL-1-1913
FELKEL, JOHN                           AL-1-1841
FELKEL, LAURA E.                       AL-1-1856
FELKEL, MARY ANN LOUISA                AL-1-1852
FLEMING, SAMUEL                        AL-1-1854
FLETCHER, EDWARD H.                    AL-1-1898
FLOYD, ANDREW                          AL-1-1857
FLOYD, C. W.                           AL-1-1860
FLOYD, JOEL                            AL-1-1852
FORMAN, GEORGE M.                      AL-1-1852
FOSHEE, JOSEPH M.                      AL-1-1852
FRALICK, ADAM                          AL-1-1859
FRALICK, ADAM                          AL-1-1856
FRALICK, CHARLOTTE                     AL-1-1887
FRALICK, JOHN D.                       AL-1-1852
FRALICK, JOHN D.                       AL-1-1853
FRALICK, JOHN D.                       AL-1-1861
FRANKS, J. P.                          AL-1-1871
FRAZIER, BOLLING SR.                   AL-1-1912
FULKNER, THOMAS                        AL-1-1904
FUNDERBURGH, SARAH                     AL-1-1837
GAINES, BENJAMIN H.                    AL-1-1906
GAINES, ELIZABETH                      AL-1-1860
GAINES, MARTHA E.                      AL-1-1893
GALSAN, ELIZABETH                      AL-1-1858
GARDENER, HOLMAN                       AL-1-1850
GARNER, JOHN T.                        AL-1-1862
GASTON, MARY FRANCES                   AL-1-1852
GATES, IDA P.                          AL-1-1902
GIBBONS, CHARLES                       AL-1-1906
GIBBONS, J. E.                         AL-1-1900
GIBBONS, JOHN W.                       AL-1-1909
GINGLES, CHARLES H.                    AL-1-1906
GLASS, JAMES R.                        AL-1-1856
GLENN, MARY                            AL-1-1863
GOLSAN, ELIZABETH E.                   AL-1-1859
GOLSAN, J. H.                          AL-1-1850
GOLSAN, MARY                           AL-1-1850
GOLSAN, PHILIP                         AL-1-1859
GOLSAN, PHILLIP                        AL-1-1857
GOLSAN, PHILLIP                        AL-1-1860
GOLSAN, WILLIAM                        AL-1-1858
GOLSON, AUGUSTA A.                     AL-1-1860
GOLSON, CASPER                         AL-1-1859
GOLSON, E. P.                          AL-1-1885
GOLSON, EMILY                          AL-1-1859
GOLSON, H. P.                          AL-1-1871
GOLSON, I. L.                          AL-1-1860
GOLSON, J. A.                          AL-1-1857
GOLSON, JOE                            AL-1-1862
GOLSON, JOHN H.                        AL-1-1887
GOLSON, JOHN L.                        AL-1-1889
GOLSON, MARY F.                        AL-1-1859
GOLSON, MARY F.                        AL-1-1854
GOLSON, SALINA ELIZABETH               AL-1-1848
GOLSON, SAMUEL                         AL-1-1853
GOLSON, T. G.                          AL-1-1863
GOLSON, W. G. M.                       AL-1-1875
GOLSON, WILLIAM L.                     AL-1-1857
GOLSON, WYATT G. M.                    AL-1-1869
GOODRICH, JOSEPH                       AL-1-1857
GOODSON, DAVID M.                      AL-1-1870
GOODSON, E. B.                         AL-1-1860
GOODWIN, ELIZABETH A.                  AL-1-1867
GOODWIN, WILSON                        AL-1-1840
GOODWIN, YOUNG                         AL-1-1851
GORDON, LOLA                           AL-1-1870
GORDON, MARY O.                        AL-1-1870
GORDON, POPE                           AL-1-1860
GRAHAM, DANIEL H.                      AL-1-1860
GRAHAM, WILLIAM                        AL-1-1870
GRAVES, WILLIAM                        AL-1-1840
GRAY, JOHN H.                          AL-1-1860
GRAY, MARTHA                           AL-1-1859
GREEN, GREEN B.                        AL-1-1860
GREEN, JAMES                           AL-1-1840
GREEN, JOHN R.                         AL-1-1870
GRIER, ROBERT M.                       AL-1-1850
GRIFFIS, JOHN                          AL-1-1838
HACKMAN, H. I.                         AL-1-1850
HADAWAY, W. S.                         AL-1-1860
HADNOT, GUILFORD W.                    AL-1-1850
HADNOT, WILLIAM S.                     AL-1-1850
HAIGLER, YANCY                         AL-1-1911
HAIRSTON, J. L.                        AL-1-1860
HALL, BOLLING                          AL-1-1850
HALL, CHARLOTTE                        AL-1-1907
HALL, ELIZA P.                         AL-1-1872
HALL, EPHRANIA J.                      AL-1-1870
HALL, L. A.                            AL-1-1870
HALL, THOMAS W.                        AL-1-1850
HALL, WILLIAM                          AL-1-1860
HAMILTON, CATHERINE                    AL-1-1899
HAMILTON, FRED                         AL-1-1870
HAMILTON, HENRY P.                     AL-1-1850
HAMILTON, JAMES B.                     AL-1-1840
HAMILTON, JOHN T.                      AL-1-1840
HAMPTON, W. E.                         AL-1-1872
HARBER, MARTHA E.                      AL-1-1860
HARRIS, MANARD G.                      AL-1-1840
HARRISON, ANNA                         AL-1-1880
HARVILLE, J. D.                        AL-1-1909
HARVILLE, SEABON B.                    AL-1-1910
HATTON, THOMAS                         AL-1-1858
HAUSEN, J. R.                          AL-1-1902
HAYNIE, MARTIN                         AL-1-1870
HEADLEY, JAMES R.                      AL-1-1855
HEADLEY, JAMES R.                      AL-1-1850
HEADLEY, JOHN                          AL-1-1860
HEATH, GEORGE                          AL-1-1899
HEDGEPETH, ELIAS                       AL-1-1870
HERMAN, JOHN H.                        AL-1-1860
HESTER, CHARLES H.                     AL-1-1914
HESTER, J. T.                          AL-1-1904
HESTER, WILLIAM G.                     AL-1-1869
HICKS, A. B.                           AL-1-1800
HICKS, A. BENJAMIN F.                  AL-1-1850
HICKS, DANIEL W.                       AL-1-1868
HICKS, FRANKLIN, M.                    AL-1-1840
HICKS, MARGARET M.                     AL-1-1860
HICKS, WILLIAM                         AL-1-1853
HILL, JODIE                            AL-1-1859
HILL, MARY                             AL-1-1850
HILL, REBECCA                          AL-1-1865
HILL, WILLIAM T.                       AL-1-1891
HILLHOUSE, HUGH C.                     AL-1-1850
HILLHOUSE, JANE                        AL-1-1860
HINES, PINK R.                         AL-1-1908
HOFFMAN, ALABAMA                       AL-1-1863
HOFFMAN, C. A.                         AL-1-1860
HOFFMAN, JACOB                         AL-1-1863
HOGG, ELIZABETH                        AL-1-1854
HOGG, JOHN                             AL-1-1850
HOLLOWAY, JUDITH                       AL-1-1830
HOLMES, HENRY D.                       AL-1-1856
HOLMES, HENRY D.                       AL-1-1860
HOLT, ELIZABETH                        AL-1-1870
HOLTON, WILLIAM                        AL-1-1850
HORTON, JOHN F.                        AL-1-1854
HOUSER, ELIZABETH                      AL-1-1887
HOUSER, EUGENE                         AL-1-1878
HOUSER, FRANKLIN                       AL-1-1878
HOUSER, H. L.                          AL-1-1878
HOUSER, HENRY L.                       AL-1-1888
HOUSER, JOHN A.                        AL-1-1850
HOUSER, JOHN A.                        AL-1-1870
HOUSER, L. R.                          AL-1-1873
HOUSER, LEWIS                          AL-1-1850
HOUSER, MARY E.                        AL-1-1880
HOUSER, R. P.                          AL-1-1854
HOUSER, R. P.                          AL-1-1860
HOUSER, R. P.                          AL-1-1840
HOUSER, ROBERT                         AL-1-1934
HOUSER, W. B.                          AL-1-1882
HOUSTON, A. C.                         AL-1-1858
HOUSTON, C. GEORGE                     AL-1-1869
HOUSTON, L. D.                         AL-1-1869
HOUSTON, MARY                          AL-1-1899
HOUSTON,A RCHIBALD C.                  AL-1-1861
HOWARD, C. M.                          AL-1-1888
HOWARD, CLYDE M.                       AL-1-1913
HOWARD, LEONIDAS                       AL-1-1860
HOWARD, LEONIDAS                       AL-1-1850
HOWARD, MARK                           AL-1-1857
HOWARD, MARK                           AL-1-1850
HOWARD, MATILDA                        AL-1-1870
HOWARD, MIMS                           AL-1-1911
HOWARD, N. M.                          AL-1-1858
HOWARD, NICHOLAS                       AL-1-1912
HOWARD, NICHOLAS                       AL-1-1905
HOWARD, WILLIAM                        AL-1-1870
HOWELL, WILLIAM C.                     AL-1-1864
HUBBARD, WILSON                        AL-1-1863
HUFFMAN, CATHERINE                     AL-1-1860
HUNT, SALLIE R.                        AL-1-1937
HUNT, STEPHENR .                       AL-1-1911
HUTCHINSON, A. R.                      AL-1-1867
IVY, JAMES D.                          AL-1-1858
JACKSON, ABRAHAM                       AL-1-1860
JACKSON, ABSALOM                       AL-1-1869
JACKSON, JESSE                         AL-1-1869
JACKSON, WILLIAM W.                    AL-1-1867
JACOBS, J. W.                          AL-1-1914
JARRET, J. H.                          AL-1-1853
JEFFERIES, JAMES B.                    AL-1-1849
JEFFERIES, NATHANIEL                   AL-1-1850
JEFFERIES, NATHANIEL                   AL-1-1866
JEFFERIES, NATHANIEL                   AL-1-1950
JEFFERIES, NATHANIEL                   AL-1-1858
JELICO, JOHN                           AL-1-1865
JOHNSON, ALEXANDER                     AL-1-1840
JOHNSON, DANIEL                        AL-1-1914
JOHNSON, HENRY                         AL-1-1845
JOHNSON, JACOB M.                      AL-1-1860
JOHNSON, JAMES L.                      AL-1-1904
JOHNSON, JOHN G.                       AL-1-1840
JOHNSON, MARY A.                       AL-1-1891
JOHNSON, NETTIE                        AL-1-1910
JOHNSON, W. D.                         AL-1-1907
JONES, A. M.                           AL-1-1904
JONES, A. P.                           AL-1-1907
JONES, ASBURY                          AL-1-1869
JONES, D. A.                           AL-1-1905
JONES, ELIZABETH                       AL-1-1860
JONES, J. R.                           AL-1-1861
JONES, J. R.                           AL-1-1860
JONES, J. R.                           AL-1-1867
JONES, J. S.                           AL-1-1903
JONES, J. T.                           AL-1-1899
JONES, JESSIE R.                       AL-1-1858
JONES, MINNIE                          AL-1-1914
JONES, N. S.                           AL-1-1850
JONES, SAMUEL D.                       AL-1-1890
JONES, SAMUEL I.                       AL-1-1880
JONES, URIAH W.                        AL-1-1870
JONES, WILLIAM                         AL-1-1860
JONES, WILLIAM C.                      AL-1-1850
JONES, ZACK                            AL-1-1871
JORDAN, HENRY A.                       AL-1-1873
KEENER, WILLIAM                        AL-1-1850
KENNEDY, MARCUS H.                     AL-1-1850
KENNEDY, WILLIAM                       AL-1-1850
KERR, ROBERT H.                        AL-1-1860
KING, E. A. (DR.)                      AL-1-1917
KING, REBECCA                          AL-1-1908
KIRKLAND, DANIEL                       AL-1-1853
KIRKLAND, DONALDSON H.                 AL-1-1856
KIRKLAND, LEWIS E.                     AL-1-1852
KIRKLAND, LEWIS G.                     AL-1-1860
KIRKLAND, MARIAH                       AL-1-1850
KIRKLAND, PERRY                        AL-1-1864
KIRKLAND, WILLIAM C.                   AL-1-1850
KNOX, EUGENIA E.                       AL-1-1860
KNOX, W. L.                            AL-1-1904
LAKE, MARY                             AL-1-1870
LAMAR, DENT                            AL-1-1859
LAMAR, J. I.                           AL-1-1859
LAMAR, J. J.                           AL-1-1858
LAMAR, JOHN D.                         AL-1-1860
LAMAR, O. C. G.                        AL-1-1869
LAMAR, W. D.                           AL-1-1863
LANGFORD, GEORGE W.                    AL-1-1860
LANGFORD, JOHN                         AL-1-1870
LANGFORD, NAT                          AL-1-1875
LANIER, C. G.                          AL-1-1875
LANIER, MARY                           AL-1-1862
LANIER, MARY                           AL-1-1861
LARY, JEREMIAH                         AL-1-1840
LASSITER, CHARLES W.                   AL-1-1850
LASSITER, CHARLES W.                   AL-1-1850
LASSITER, JEREMIAH                     AL-1-1873
LASSITER, NANCY                        AL-1-1850
LASSITER, NANCY                        AL-1-1840
LAWLER, JAMES A.                       AL-1-1913
LAWLER, JAMES A.                       AL-1-1854
LAWSON, ANN                            AL-1-1850
LAWSON, MARY A.                        AL-1-1850
LEACOCK, WILLIAM                       AL-1-1850
LEE, FRANCIS K.                        AL-1-1870
LEE, JOHN E.                           AL-1-1880
LEE, JOSEPH D.                         AL-1-1842
LEMOINE, GEORGE                        AL-1-1901
LEWIS, A. K.                           AL-1-1840
LEWIS, JOSEPH                          AL-1-1840
LEWIS, MARTHA                          AL-1-1850
LEWIS, WARREN                          AL-1-1912
LEWIS, WILLIAM H.                      AL-1-1860
LEYCOCK, GEORGE                        AL-1-1853
LIGHTFOOT, THOMAS H.                   AL-1-1860
LITTLEJOHN, JOHN                       AL-1-1850
LIVINGSTON, SAMUEL                     AL-1-1860
LONG, EVANS A.                         AL-1-1860
LONG, JOSEPH W.                        AL-1-1860
LONG, LUNCEFORD                        AL-1-1860
LONG, LUNCEFORD L.                     AL-1-1860
LOVE, A. J.                            AL-1-1900
LOVE, CAROLYN                          AL-1-1913
LOVE, ELDRIDGE                         AL-1-1901
LOVE, ERASEMUS                         AL-1-1858
LOVE, KATE                             AL-1-1901
LOVE, THOMAS B.                        AL-1-1871
LOVE, THOMAS W.                        AL-1-1861
LOVE, W. D.                            AL-1-1902
LOVE, WILLIAM G.                       AL-1-1854
LOVELESS, MARY                         AL-1-1910
LOWERY, ALBERT W.                      AL-1-1907
LOWERY, M. E.                          AL-1-1910
LUCAS, BESSIE                          AL-1-1907
LUCAS, ROSA DELLA                      AL-1-1890
LUTHER, IRA M.                         AL-1-1909
LYNCH, JOHN W.                         AL-1-1833
MAHONY, DANIEL                         AL-1-1841
MANN, GEORGE                           AL-1-1900
MANNING, A. B.                         AL-1-1863
MANNING, JAMES M.                      AL-1-1915
MANSEL, JOHN                           AL-1-1849
MARBURY, J. H.                         AL-1-1890
MARCUS, JOSHUA                         AL-1-1853
MARSH, T. T.                           AL-1-1880
MARTIN, R. M.                          AL-1-1914
MARTIN,E . P.                          AL-1-1860
MASON, JUDITH ANN                      AL-1-1857
MASSINGALE, JOHN T.                    AL-1-1860
MATHANEY, OVERTON W.                   AL-1-1849
MATHONEY, OVERTON W.                   AL-1-1849
MAY, DOROTHY S.                        AL-1-1886
MCALLISTER, GEORGE A.                  AL-1-1860
MCALLISTER, JAMES                      AL-1-1850
MCALLISTER, LEWIS                      AL-1-1850
MCALLISTER, SARAH                      AL-1-1850
MCALLISTER, W. J.                      AL-1-1850
MCBRIDE, JOHN R.                       AL-1-1850
MCCORD, FRANCES M.                     AL-1-1850
MCCORD, KATHLEEN                       AL-1-1912
MCCORD, NELSON                         AL-1-1914
MCDANIEL, PATRICK                      AL-1-1850
MCDANIEL, PHILLIP A.                   AL-1-1860
MCGHEE, FRANKLIN H.                    AL-1-1860
MCGHEE, W. H.                          AL-1-1900
MCGRAW, LAFAYETTE                      AL-1-1840
MCGRUDER, FRANCES                      AL-1-1860
MCGUOIRK, DAVID                        AL-1-1840
MCKEITHEN, A.                          AL-1-1850
MCKEITHEN, MARY                        AL-1-1850
MCLEAN, ELIZABETH                      AL-1-1843
MCMEANS, H. H.                         AL-1-1861
MCMORRIS, WILLIAM                      AL-1-1849
MCNEIL, TINUS                          AL-1-1860
MCNEILL, CORNELIA                      AL-1-1860
MCNEILL, DUBASE                        AL-1-1880
MCNEILL, KEELEY                        AL-1-1860
MCQUEEN, JAMES D.                      AL-1-1870
MCWILLIAMS, A. K.                      AL-1-1865
MCWILLIAMS, A. K.                      AL-1-1860
MCWILLIAMS, A. K.                      AL-1-1864
MERRELL, LAURA A.                      AL-1-1834
MERRITT, A. J.                         AL-1-1860
MERRITT, A. J.                         AL-1-1863
MERRITT, EMILY                         AL-1-1870
MERRITT, JOHN                          AL-1-1860
MERRITT, JOHN                          AL-1-1840
MERRITT, LILLIE M.                     AL-1-1870
MERRITT, NETTIE G.                     AL-1-1875
MERRITT, NETTIE G.                     AL-1-1870
MILES, BENJAMIN F.                     AL-1-1870
MILES, THOMAS B.                       AL-1-1891
MIMS, GEORGE G.                        AL-1-1869
MITCHELL, WILLIAM J.                   AL-1-1850
MIXON, E. A.                           AL-1-1860
MIXON, ELLIS                           AL-1-1860
MIXON, ELLIS A.                        AL-1-1860
MIXSON, E. A.                          AL-1-1860
MIXSON, ELIAS                          AL-1-1860
MODIE, J. D.                           AL-1-1850
MONCRIEF, MARTHA                       AL-1-1860
MONCRIEF, ROBERT                       AL-1-1860
MONTGOMERY, ANN                        AL-1-1860
MONTGOMERY, ANN                        AL-1-1891
MONTGOMERY, WILLIAM                    AL-1-1857
MONTGOMERY, WILLIAM                    AL-1-1856
MONTGOMERY, WILLIAM H.                 AL-1-1853
MONTGOMERY, WILLIAM H.                 AL-1-1853
MOODIE, J. D.                          AL-1-1800
MOORE, HARRIET                         AL-1-1848
MORGAN, AUGUSTA D.                     AL-1-1860
MORGAN, AUGUSTA D.                     AL-1-1906
MORGAN, ELIZABETH                      AL-1-1850
MORGAN, EPHRAIM S.                     AL-1-1870
MORGAN, JAMES                          AL-1-1850
MORGAN, NANCY                          AL-1-1855
MORGAN, WILLIAM S.                     AL-1-1850
MORTHER, SAM                           AL-1-1912
MORTON, RICHARD                        AL-1-1850
MORTON, THOMAS                         AL-1-1847
MOTLEY, LOUISA                         AL-1-1866
MOTLEY, PENELOPE                       AL-1-1858
MOTLEY, ROBERT                         AL-1-1850
MOTLEY, ROBERT                         AL-1-1890
MOTLEY, ROBERT                         AL-1-1858
MOTLEY, T. J.                          AL-1-1850
MOTLEY, THOMAS                         AL-1-1853
MOTLEY, WILLIAM                        AL-1-1853
MURPH, JANE                            AL-1-1851
MURPHY, JANE                           AL-1-1847
MURPHY, LEWIS                          AL-1-1838
MYERS, R. C.                           AL-1-1853
NEAL, MARTHA A.                        AL-1-1867
NELSON, L. W.                          AL-1-1911
NELSON, LUNA B.                        AL-1-1913
NELSON, THOMAS W.                      AL-1-1848
NICHOLS, JOHN                          AL-1-1853
NICHOLSON, JAMES                       AL-1-1850
NIXON, WILLIAM L.                      AL-1-1850
NIXON, WILLIAM L.                      AL-1-1860
NIXON,W . H.                           AL-1-1890
NORTHINGTON, G. A.                     AL-1-1882
NORTHINGTON, G. A.                     AL-1-1860
NORTHINGTON, G. A.                     AL-1-1870
NORTHINGTON, G. A.                     AL-1-1872
NORTHINGTON, G. A.                     AL-1-1876
NORTHINGTON, G. A.                     AL-1-1869
NORTHINGTON, G. A.                     AL-1-1873
NORTHINGTON, G. A.                     AL-1-1858
NORTHINGTON, G. A.                     AL-1-1871
NORTHINGTON, MARTHA C.                 AL-1-1850
NORTHINGTON, W.                        AL-1-1859
NORTHINGTON, WILLIAM                   AL-1-1866
NORTHINGTON, WILLIAM H.                AL-1-1859
NORTHINGTON, WILLIAM H.                AL-1-1866
NORTHINGTON, WILLIAM H.                AL-1-1850
NORTHINGTON, WILLIAM H.                AL-1-1858
NORTHINGTON, WILLIAM H.                AL-1-1872
NORTHINGTON, WILLIAM H.                AL-1-1853
NORTHINGTON, WILLIAM H.                AL-1-1858
NORTHINGTON, WILLIAM T.                AL-1-1914
NUMMY, ALEX                            AL-1-1900
NUMMY, ALEX                            AL-1-1880
NUMMY, GEORGE W.                       AL-1-1859
NUNN, AMANDA                           AL-1-1857
NUNN, HARDEMAN                         AL-1-1904
NUNN, IRA C.                           AL-1-1860
NUNN, IRA CHARLES                      AL-1-1860
NUNN, ISAAC N.                         AL-1-1860
NUNN, JAMES                            AL-1-1858
NUNN, JAMES                            AL-1-1906
NUNN, JAMES                            AL-1-1902
NUNN, JAMES                            AL-1-1830
NUNN, JAMES D.                         AL-1-1870
NUNN, MARGARET C.                      AL-1-1850
OBANNON, ELIZABETH                     AL-1-1860
ODEN, BARTLEY                          AL-1-1863
ODEN, BRANTLEY                         AL-1-1864
ODEN, ELIZABETH                        AL-1-1869
ODEN, J. B.                            AL-1-1862
ODEN, JOSHUA B.                        AL-1-1858
OLIVER, SAMUEL C.                      AL-1-1868
ORMSBY, CLARA T.                       AL-1-1863
ORMSBY, MARY E.                        AL-1-1860
ORMSBY, THOMAS J.                      AL-1-1860
ORMSBY, WILLIAM O.                     AL-1-1960
OUSLEY, ELIZABETH                      AL-1-1960
OUSLEY, EMMA A.                        AL-1-1860
OUSLEY, WILSON A.                      AL-1-1870
PALMER, JOSEPHINE J.                   AL-1-1850
PARKER, A. B.                          AL-1-1913
PARKER, B. M. (MRS.)                   AL-1-1910
PARKER, J. B.                          AL-1-1910
PARKER, L. B.                          AL-1-1859
PARKER, L. B.                          AL-1-1871
PARKER, M. A.                          AL-1-1909
PARKER, STANLEY                        AL-1-1913
PATTERSON, BEATRICE                    AL-1-1910
PATTERSON, KATTIE                      AL-1-1910
PATTERSON, SAMUEL                      AL-1-1909
PATTILLO, C. A.                        AL-1-1913
PATTILLO, H. G.                        AL-1-1913
PAULLING, HARRIET S.                   AL-1-1853
PEARCE, W. W.                          AL-1-1911
PEARCE, WILLIAM B.                     AL-1-1850
PEEPLES, OSCAR                         AL-1-1863
PEEPLES, ROBERT R.                     AL-1-1863
PEEPLES, ROBERT R.                     AL-1-1862
PEEPLES, ROBERT R.                     AL-1-1866
PEEPLES, ROBERT R.                     AL-1-1861
PEEPLES, WILLIAM                       AL-1-1864
PEEPLES, WILLIAM                       AL-1-1857
PEEPLES, WILLIAM N.                    AL-1-1864
PERREY, KIRKLAND                       AL-1-1850
PERRICK, NATAHNIEL                     AL-1-1860
PERRY, MARK                            AL-1-1850
PERRY, ROBERT E.                       AL-1-1850
PERRY, WILLIAM R.                      AL-1-1850
PIERCE, JOHN J.                        AL-1-1903
POLLARD, P.                            AL-1-1861
POLLARD, W. D.                         AL-1-1860
POLLEY, JERRY                          AL-1-1906
POOLE, J. W.                           AL-1-1860
POPE, I. E.                            AL-1-1905
POPE, Z.                               AL-1-1854
POSEY, NATHANIEL                       AL-1-1859
POWELL,S. G.                           AL-1-1911
PRATT, DANIEL                          AL-1-1850
PRATT, DANIEL                          AL-1-1860
PRATT, DANIEL                          AL-1-1899
PRATT, DANIEL                          AL-1-1870
PRATT, M. E.                           AL-1-1886
PRATT, M. E.                           AL-1-1880
PRATT, MERRILL                         AL-1-1889
PRESLEY, EVAN                          AL-1-1860
PRESLEY, LEE                           AL-1-1906
PRICE, ANDREW J.                       AL-1-1860
PRICE, JAMES L.                        AL-1-1870
PULLIN, SARAH C.                       AL-1-1914
PURTILL, THOMAS                        AL-1-1900
RAWLINSON, BENJAMIN                    AL-1-1850
RAWLINSON, WILLIAM                     AL-1-1860
RAWLINSON, WILLIAM                     AL-1-1870
RAY, JOSEPH F.                         AL-1-1850
RAY, WILLIAM                           AL-1-1914
READY, AARON                           AL-1-1831
READY, CHARLES A.                      AL-1-1858
REED, JAMES B.                         AL-1-1860
REED, JOHN T.                          AL-1-1904
REED, NAT                              AL-1-1866
REESE, DIXON H.                        AL-1-1840
REESE, ELIZABETH                       AL-1-1853
REESE, LITTLETON                       AL-1-1850
REYNOLDS, J. T.                        AL-1-1913
RICE, GUY                              AL-1-1906
RICE, JOSIAH                           AL-1-1840
RICE, MARY J.                          AL-1-1840
RICE, MATTHEW J.                       AL-1-1850
RICE, SUSAN                            AL-1-1840
RICE, THORNTON                         AL-1-1860
RISON, ELIZABETH                       AL-1-1850
ROBINSON, CAROLYN R.                   AL-1-1850
ROBINSON, ELIZABETH                    AL-1-1875
ROBINSON, JAMES B.                     AL-1-1840
ROBINSON, JEREMIAH                     AL-1-1850
ROBINSON, JOHN S.                      AL-1-1853
ROBINSON, RAYMOND                      AL-1-1850
ROBINSON, TAD                          AL-1-1860
ROBINSON, WILLIAM A.                   AL-1-1854
RODGERS, HENRY C.                      AL-1-1850
RODGERS, W. L.                         AL-1-1880
ROGERS, ANN                            AL-1-1850
ROGERS, M. A. (MRS.)                   AL-1-1901
ROGERS, MILLS                          AL-1-1905
ROGERS, THOMAS A.                      AL-1-1840
ROGERS, W. L.                          AL-1-1870
ROGERS, WILLIAM L.                     AL-1-1880
ROOT, ALABAMA L.                       AL-1-1890
ROSS, HENRY E.                         AL-1-1850
ROSS, HENRY E.                         AL-1-1850
ROSS, JAMES H.                         AL-1-1914
ROSS, JAMES H.                         AL-1-1914
ROSS, NANCY                            AL-1-1900
ROSS, SOPHIA E.                        AL-1-1859
ROSS, WILRY                            AL-1-1880
ROY, ANNIE E.                          AL-1-1859
ROY, G. R.                             AL-1-1914
ROY, GEORGE R.                         AL-1-1877
ROY, H. D. C.                          AL-1-1907
ROY, JAMES D.                          AL-1-1901
ROY, N. E. (MRS.)                      AL-1-1914
RUCKER, G. G.                          AL-1-1915
RUMPH, CHARLES                         AL-1-1856
SADLER, ETHEL                          AL-1-1890
SADLER, JOHN D.                        AL-1-1847
SADLER, THOMAS W.                      AL-1-1890
SALE, JOHN                             AL-1-1839
SALE, THOMAS A.                        AL-1-1868
SALTER, AMANDA                         AL-1-1862
SAMPLE, ALEXANDER                      AL-1-1856
SAMPLE, MARGARETT                      AL-1-1856
SANFORD, CATHERINE                     AL-1-1868
SANFORD, JOHN                          AL-1-1860
SANFORD, JOSEPH                        AL-1-1880
SANFORD, SAMUEL HUGH                   AL-1-1859
SANFORD, VIRGIL                        AL-1-1913
SAULTER, ANNA B.                       AL-1-1866
SAWYER, ANSEL                          AL-1-1850
SAXON, ANN                             AL-1-1840
SCOTT, B. B.                           AL-1-1863
SCOTT, EMILY                           AL-1-1897
SCOTT, JAMES                           AL-1-1860
SCOTT, R. L.                           AL-1-1850
SENN, THOMAS M.                        AL-1-1860
SEWELL,A BIHU                          AL-1-1850
SHACKELFORD, EDWARD                    AL-1-1912
SHACKELFORD, HILLIARD                  AL-1-1907
SHACKELFORD, JOHN H. P.                AL-1-1850
SHANNON, JAMES R.                      AL-1-1912
SHEPHARD, WILLIAM                      AL-1-1854
SHEPPARD, JULIA                        AL-1-1915
SHERER, NANCY S.                       AL-1-1870
SHERER, OSBORN N.                      AL-1-1850
SHORES, EMMA F.                        AL-1-1910
SHUMAKER,W. H.                         AL-1-1860
SILMAN, PETER W.                       AL-1-1851
SIMMONS, SAMUEL S.                     AL-1-1840
SIMS, AMANDA                           AL-1-1851
SIMS, DOWN                             AL-1-1842
SIMS, ELIZABETH                        AL-1-1841
SIMS, LEONARD                          AL-1-1888
SIMS, WILLIAM                          AL-1-1840
SLATIN, REBECCA A.                     AL-1-1850
SLATON, JOHN                           AL-1-1880
SLATON, MARTHA JANE                    AL-1-1850
SLATON, NANCY                          AL-1-1850
SLATON, NANCY                          AL-1-1870
SLATON, SARAH                          AL-1-1880
SMITH, ALBERT F.                       AL-1-1912
SMITH, ALFRED V.                       AL-1-1907
SMITH, BOLIN                           AL-1-1850
SMITH, CLARA                           AL-1-1890
SMITH, D. N.                           AL-1-1860
SMITH, D. N.                           AL-1-1866
SMITH, DANIEL                          AL-1-1870
SMITH, DANIEL N.                       AL-1-1842
SMITH, ELLA M.                         AL-1-1910
SMITH, ELLA M.                         AL-1-1893
SMITH, ELLEN B.                        AL-1-1915
SMITH, FLOYD                           AL-1-1910
SMITH, FORRESTER                       AL-1-1911
SMITH, GEORGE                          AL-1-1860
SMITH, HELEN E.                        AL-1-1860
SMITH, JEREMIAH                        AL-1-1850
SMITH, JOHN                            AL-1-1870
SMITH, JOHN MCNEIL                     AL-1-1870
SMITH, LILA F.                         AL-1-1910
SMITH, MAGGIE C.                       AL-1-1911
SMITH, MALCOLM                         AL-1-1908
SMITH, MALCOLM                         AL-1-1857
SMITH, MALCOLM                         AL-1-1850
SMITH, MARY B.                         AL-1-1879
SMITH, OREGON T.                       AL-1-1910
SMITH, P. Y.                           AL-1-1880
SMITH, PLINEY M.                       AL-1-1900
SMITH, RENA                            AL-1-1870
SMITH, S . P.                          AL-1-1867
SMITH, S . P.                          AL-1-1863
SMITH, S . P.                          AL-1-1865
SMITH, S. K.                           AL-1-1913
SMITH, S. P.                           AL-1-1853
SMITH, SAMUEL P.                       AL-1-1891
SMITH, SARAH                           AL-1-1907
SMITH, SARAH ASENATH                   AL-1-1908
SMITH, SUSAN F.                        AL-1-1850
SMITH, THOMAS                          AL-1-1860
SMITH, VIRGIL                          AL-1-1860
SMITH, W. D.                           AL-1-1902
SMITH, WILLIAM J.                      AL-1-1910
SMITH, WILLIAM JAMES                   AL-1-1880
SMITH,D. N.                            AL-1-1911
SMITHERMAN, THOMAS                     AL-1-1911
SMOOT, MARY B.                         AL-1-1858
SORSBY, ALEX W.                        AL-1-1853
SORSBY, AMANDA J.                      AL-1-1857
SORSBY, JANE C.                        AL-1-1857
SORSBY, KATE                           AL-1-1850
SORSBY, NICHOLAS C.                    AL-1-1861
SORSBY, VIRGINIA H.                    AL-1-1859
SPEAR, CATHERINE MARY E.               AL-1-1857
SPENNEY, V. A.                         AL-1-1911
SPIGENER, GEORGE COOK                  AL-1-1915
SPIGNER, GEORGE                        AL-1-1850
SPOON, MARY C.                         AL-1-1909
SPRATLIN, CALAWAY                      AL-1-1853
SPRATLIN, GEORGIA A. F.                AL-1-1852
SPRATLIN, GEORGIANA                    AL-1-1849
SPRATLIN, MERRIWEATHER C.              AL-1-1852
SPRINGER, MALACHI                      AL-1-1850
STACK, ADAM                            AL-1-1850
STALMAKER, JOHN L.                     AL-1-1860
STANLEY, PETER                         AL-1-1850
STEELE, DANIEL S.                      AL-1-1863
STEELE, SAMUEL P.                      AL-1-1904
STEWART, A. G.                         AL-1-1863
STEWART, A. G.                         AL-1-1862
STEWART, JOHN F.                       AL-1-1860
STEWART, JOHN N.                       AL-1-1850
STEWART, THOMAS A.                     AL-1-1850
STEWART, THOMAS A.                     AL-1-1845
STEWART, WILLIAM                       AL-1-1907
STORRS, SETH P.                        AL-1-1850
STOUDEMIER, ELIZABETH                  AL-1-1850
STOUDEMIRE, ALABAMA                    AL-1-1850
STOUDEMIRE, EDWARD                     AL-1-1860
STOUDEMIRE, F. A. (MRS.)               AL-1-1860
STOUDEMIRE, JEFFERSON D.               AL-1-1870
STOUDEMIRE, JOHN GEORGE                AL-1-1842
STOUDEMIRE, JOHN M.                    AL-1-1860
STOUDEMIRE, L.                         AL-1-1860
STOUDEMIRE, LEWIS                      AL-1-1854
STOUDEMIRE, LEWIS                      AL-1-1860
STOUDEMIRE, LOUIS                      AL-1-1851
STOUDEMIRE, LOUIS                      AL-1-1860
STOUDEMIRE, MARY M.                    AL-1-1870
STOUDEMIRE, NEWELL A.                  AL-1-1860
STOUDEMIRE, SAMUEL                     AL-1-1860
STOUDEMIRE, SAMUEL                     AL-1-1871
STOUDEMIRE, SARAH M. O.                AL-1-1860
STOUDENMIRE, EDNA                      AL-1-1868
STOUDMIRE, E. H.                       AL-1-1909
STOUDMIRE, LEWIS                       AL-1-1850
STOUGH, F. J.                          AL-1-1912
STRICKLAND, B.                         AL-1-1851
STRICKLAND, ELIZABETH A.               AL-1-1856
STRIDER, FANNIE LOU                    AL-1-1902
STUDEMIRE, WILLIAM J.                  AL-1-1863
SUTHER, DAVID A.                       AL-1-1872
SWIFT, CHARLES H.                      AL-1-1860
TAFT, JAMES A.                         AL-1-1880
TARLETON, BENJAMIN F.                  AL-1-1850
TATUM, BENNY                           AL-1-1841
TATUM, BERRY                           AL-1-1867
TATUM, ERNEST                          AL-1-1912
TATUM, JOHN B.                         AL-1-1873
TATUM, PETE                            AL-1-1847
TATUM, W. L.                           AL-1-1908
TATUM, WILLIAM                         AL-1-1874
TATUM, WILLIAM H.                      AL-1-1870
TAYLOR, A. C.                          AL-1-1845
TAYLOR, A. J.                          AL-1-1860
TAYLOR, ALBERTINE                      AL-1-1850
TAYLOR, ASBERRY C.                     AL-1-1860
TAYLOR, BENJAMIN F.                    AL-1-1870
TAYLOR, ELI                            AL-1-1870
TAYLOR, ELIZABETH A.                   AL-1-1850
TAYLOR, ELIZABETH A.                   AL-1-1840
TAYLOR, FRANK                          AL-1-1860
TAYLOR, JULIA A.                       AL-1-1894
TAYLOR, L. T.                          AL-1-1907
TAYLOR, NANCY                          AL-1-1850
TAYLOR, S. T.                          AL-1-1905
TAYLOR, THOMAS S.                      AL-1-1860
TAYLOR, WILLIAM L.                     AL-1-1870
TERRY, JAMES E.                        AL-1-1840
TERRY, WALTER L.                       AL-1-1870
THOMAS, ANN                            AL-1-1860
THOMAS, D. T.                          AL-1-1901
THOMAS, JOHN L.                        AL-1-1854
THOMAS, MARY                           AL-1-1912
THOMAS, WALTON DOWELL                  AL-1-1910
THOMPKINS, SAMUEL                      AL-1-1858
THOMPSON, AYNES                        AL-1-1860
THOMPSON, BURKETT                      AL-1-1850
THOMPSON, C. C.                        AL-1-1850
THOMPSON, L. B.                        AL-1-1860
THOMPSON, LEMUEL B.                    AL-1-1860
THOMPSON, WILLIAM N.                   AL-1-1852
THOMPSON, WILLIAM N.                   AL-1-1850
THORNHILL, GRAHAM                      AL-1-1909
THORNHILL, GRESHAM L.                  AL-1-1850
THORNHILL, WILLIAM H.                  AL-1-1850
TICHNER, SAMUEL B.                     AL-1-1850
TOWNSEND, JAMES                        AL-1-1850
TOWNSEND, WILLIAM                      AL-1-1850
TRAMELL, ELISHA                        AL-1-1870
TRIMBLE, JAMES                         AL-1-1850
TRIMBLE, JAMES                         AL-1-1855
TYUS, CLARENCE                         AL-1-1870
TYUS, FITZ J.                          AL-1-1870
TYUS, LEWIS                            AL-1-1870
TYUS, MARGARET A.                      AL-1-1860
TYUS, NARCESSA                         AL-1-1860
TYUS, W. D.                            AL-1-1860
TYUS, WILLIAM G.                       AL-1-1870
UNDERWOOD, DEMPSEY                     AL-1-1860
UNDERWOOD, JAMES                       AL-1-1860
UNDERWOOD, JOHN                        AL-1-1860
UNDERWOOD, REUBEN S.                   AL-1-1860
UNDERWOOD, SARAH                       AL-1-1860
UNDERWOOD, THOMAS                      AL-1-1860
VINCENT, JOSEPH H.                     AL-1-1860
VINSON, ELVIRA                         AL-1-1860
VINSON, ISAAC                          AL-1-1866
VINSON, SOLOMON                        AL-1-1860
WADSWORTH, M. S.                       AL-1-1913
WADSWORTH, WILLIAM                     AL-1-1866
WADSWORTH, WILLIAM                     AL-1-1860
WADSWORTH, WILLIAM W.                  AL-1-1874
WALDEN, CHARLES                        AL-1-1834
WALDEN, JOSEPH B.                      AL-1-1838
WALKER, JAMES                          AL-1-1825
WALLACE, ELIZABETH C.                  AL-1-1848
WARE, H. C.                            AL-1-1869
WARE, MARGARET                         AL-1-1869
WATTS, THOMAS H.                       AL-1-1870
WEBB, JAMES                            AL-1-1950
WHEAT, J. D. W.                        AL-1-1863
WHETSTONE, ARRENA                      AL-1-1850
WHETSTONE, DAVID L.                    AL-1-1850
WHETSTONE, ELIZABETH                   AL-1-1838
WHETSTONE, EVAN L.                     AL-1-1850
WHETSTONE, HENRY                       AL-1-1839
WHETSTONE, LEWIS M.                    AL-1-1853
WHETSTONE, LEWIS M.                    AL-1-1850
WHETSTONE, M. A.                       AL-1-1883
WHETSTONE, MARTHA S.                   AL-1-1870
WHETSTONE, PEYTON                      AL-1-1870
WHETSTONE, RACHAEL D.                  AL-1-1880
WHETSTONE, WILLIAM W.                  AL-1-1840
WHITAKER, WIGGINS W.                   AL-1-1855
WHITE, ELIZABETH                       AL-1-1883
WHITE, JOSHUA                          AL-1-1876
WHITE, STEPHEN S.                      AL-1-1848
WHITE, W. M. R.                        AL-1-1871
WICKER, THOMAS                         AL-1-1838
WIGGINS, MARTHA                        AL-1-1860
WILCHER, JORDAN                        AL-1-1860
WILEY, JESSE A.                        AL-1-1850
WILEY, SARAH                           AL-1-1860
WILKERSON, EMMA HOWARD                 AL-1-1911
WILKINS, GEORGE F.                     AL-1-1850
WILKINS, HENRY L.                      AL-1-1850
WILKINS, WILLIAM E.                    AL-1-1850
WILKINSON, J. B. (COLONEL)             AL-1-1850
WILKINSON, J. B.                       AL-1-1869
WILLIAM, PHILIP                        AL-1-1874
WILLIAMS, JANE                         AL-1-1863
WILLIAMS, JESSE S.                     AL-1-1857
WILLIAMS, JOHN W.                      AL-1-1870
WILLIAMS, SAMUEL D.                    AL-1-1841
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM K.                   AL-1-1863
WILLIAMSON, A. F.                      AL-1-1888
WILLS, HENRY                           AL-1-1912
WILSON, A.                             AL-1-1870
WILSON, ARCHILLUS                      AL-1-1899
WILSON, BENJAMIN                       AL-1-1840
WILSON, HARRIET                        AL-1-1852
WILSON, JOHN                           AL-1-1851
WILSON, MARTHA J.                      AL-1-1850
WILSON, ROBERT JR.                     AL-1-1860
WILSON, WILLIAM                        AL-1-1866
WINGATE, E. H.                         AL-1-1880
WINGATE, E. N.                         AL-1-1879
WOOD, JAMES F.                         AL-1-1880
WOOD, JOHN                             AL-1-1870
WOOD, JOHN                             AL-1-1857
WOOD, SALLIE E.                        AL-1-1870
WOODARD, ISHAM                         AL-1-1840
WOODS, WILLIAM                         AL-1-1875
WRIGHT, A. J.                          AL-1-1913
WRIGHT, GEORGE B.                      AL-1-1860
WRIGHT, MARY A.                        AL-1-1914
WRIGHT, WILLIAM                        AL-1-1850
WYATT, WILLIAM E.                      AL-1-1860
YOUNG, MARQUIS D.                      AL-1-1840
YOUNGBLOOD, LEWIS                      AL-1-1845
ZEIGLER, CATHERINE E.                  AL-1-1850
ZEIGLER, EDWARD J.                     AL-1-1850
ZIEGLER, BETTIE                        AL-1-1850

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