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Column One = Name of the Estate/Minors
Column Two = State #, County #, Probate File #
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ADAMSKI, ALBERT                        MT-51-47
AIKEN, WILLIAM F.                      MT-51-39
ALM, PETER O.                          MT-51-48
CAMERON, JOHN                          MT-51-14
CAMERON, MINORS                        MT-51-19
CAVITT, JOHN M.                        MT-51-49
CAVITT, NORA VIRGIL                    MT-51-37
CAVITT, WILBUR M.                      MT-51-37
CHRISTENSEN, EVA B.                    MT-51-3
CHRISTIAN, ROBERT                      MT-51-20
CRANE, LAWRENCE                        MT-51-52
DAHLEN, PEDER N.                       MT-51-89
DAVIS, RICHARD                         MT-51-100
DAY, JOHN ELMER                        MT-51-10
DEGROAT, JOHN SR.                      MT-51-8
DEGROAT, JOHN SR.                      MT-51-30
DOOLITTLE, BYRON                       MT-51-15
DOOLITTLE, BYRON N.                    MT-51-82
DOOLITTLE, ELLA                        MT-51-21
DOOLITTLE, VERNA                       MT-51-22
DOUGLAS, JOHN                          MT-51-86
EASTENSEN, ANNA                        MT-51-93
EDMONSTON, WALLCE BROOK                MT-51-58
ERICKSON, HANS                         MT-51-51
ERICKSON, HANS                         MT-51-11
FREEMAN, J. F.                         MT-51-72
FULLER, MOSES P.                       MT-51-62
GARLAND, WARNER S.                     MT-51-63
GRINER, HENRY                          MT-51-83
GRISSOM, OSCAR A.                      MT-51-77
HAGER, JOHN                            MT-51-1
HALL, ROBERT FRED                      MT-51-90
HAMILTON, WILLIAM F.                   MT-51-94
HARDIS, CASPER                         MT-51-24
HARNESS, JAMES A.                      MT-51-97
HAZELBURG, MARGRET C.                  MT-51-6
HAZELBURG, OLE T.                      MT-51-6
HAZEN, NELSON T.                       MT-51-40
HESKIN, KNUTE                          MT-51-73
HIGDEM, ANDER                          MT-51-87
HOFFMAN, ANDREW C.                     MT-51-68
JACOBSEN, ALMA                         MT-51-106
JACOBSEN, MABEL D.                     MT-51-106
JACOBSEN, MAREN                        MT-51-105
JACOBSON, ANDREW                       MT-51-106
JELLISON, EUGENE                       MT-51-25
JENNINGS, CHARLES H.                   MT-51-71
JOHNSON, ANTON KNUTE                   MT-51-7
JONES, ELIZABETH                       MT-51-92
KEMBLE, WILLIAM                        MT-51-57
LANE, R. T.                            MT-51-66
LONG, EDWARD                           MT-51-50
MALLETTE, THEOPHILE                    MT-51-70
MCCORMICK, ANGUS J.                    MT-51-56
MCDOWELL, JOHN G.                      MT-51-69
MONSON, ANDREW                         MT-51-38
MONSON, ARTHUR D.                      MT-51-84
MURRAY, HONORA                         MT-51-27
MURSETH, HELMER I.                     MT-51-96
NELSON, CLELA EDRIS                    MT-51-78
NELSON, CLOVER JEANETTE                MT-51-78
NELSON, GLEN LOUIS                     MT-51-78
NELSON, LANE ELMER                     MT-51-60
NELSON, LINNIE ELAINE                  MT-51-78
NEWMAN, FRED AUGUST                    MT-51-43
ODELL, ALMA                            MT-51-18
ODELL, ARTHUR                          MT-51-18
ODELL, JOHN                            MT-51-18
ODELL, JOHN S.                         MT-51-13
ODELL, NORA                            MT-51-18
OLIN, HENRY P.                         MT-51-98
ONEAL, HUGH                            MT-51-2
OZANNE, NELSON R.                      MT-51-99
PAGE, DELTHA                           MT-51-42
PARMELEE, HATTIE E.                    MT-51-67
PETERSON, ARCHIE                       MT-51-23
PETERSON, BERTHA                       MT-51-23
PETERSON, CORA                         MT-51-23
PETERSON, GUSTAVE                      MT-51-23
PETERSON, HERMAN                       MT-51-23
PETERSON, WALTER                       MT-51-23
PETTERSON, EIANAR                      MT-51-53
PONTSLER, SERICK                       MT-51-28
POOR, SARAH A.                         MT-51-54
PORTER, SILAS F.                       MT-51-91
PRATT, ALBERT D.                       MT-51-12
ROSEMAN, SARAH                         MT-51-44
ROSENAU, SARAH                         MT-51-79
RUTLEDGE, MICHAEL                      MT-51-41
SANDFORD, ARCHIBALD                    MT-51-88
SCHAUER, AUGUSTA D.                    MT-51-80
SEIM, JOHN                             MT-51-65
SEYMOUR, ALICE                         MT-51-59
SEYMOUR, ELEANOR                       MT-51-59
SEYMOUR, GEORGE                        MT-51-59
SEYMOUR, NORMAN                        MT-51-81
SLEEPER, JAMES W.                      MT-51-35
STOLTER, JEANETTE                      MT-51-95
SUMMERS, MELVINA                       MT-51-29
SUMMERS, MELVINA                       MT-51-9
SUPHELLAN, INGEBRIT                    MT-51-17
SUPHELLEN, INGEBREGHT                  MT-51-64
TAYLOR, JAMES BARBER                   MT-51-32
TAYLOR, ROBERT A.                      MT-51-74
TOOLE, CLAUDIUS BRUCE                  MT-51-16
TOWN, HERBERT W.                       MT-51-104
TROSKY, P. J.                          MT-51-33
UNDERDAHL, GEORGE E.                   MT-51-45
VONSEIM, JOHAN                         MT-51-65
WALKLEY, GLENN CLIFFORD                MT-51-4
WALKLEY, WILLIAM F.                    MT-51-61
WHYTE, FRANCES                         MT-51-85
WILSON, ANDY                           MT-51-46
WILSON, GLADYS                         MT-51-46
ZAVODSKY, CHARLES                      MT-51-101
ZAVODSKY, HELEN L.                     MT-51-103
ZAVODSKY, HULDA M.                     MT-51-102
ZAVODSKY, MARJORIE F.                  MT-51-103

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