Westerly, Washington County, Rhode Island
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Drawer List (Volume = Years Covered): Drawer 1=1839-1874 | Drawer 2=1856-1889 | Drawer 3=1865-1897 | Drawer 4=1873-1891 |

Column One = Name of the Estate
Column Two = Year filed (Testator Estate, Adoption, Inestate, Insane, Spendthrift, Guardianship aka Minor, etc) BF= big file, VBF = very big file (over 150 images)
Column Three = State, County #, File #
Towns: WES = Westerly

ALBRO, JANE M.                          1884 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-4-4
ALCORN, JOSEPH                          1879                                    RI-5-WES-3-1
ARNOLD, FRED L.                         1883                                    RI-5-WES-4-1
AUSTIN, WELCOME K.                      1875                                    RI-5-WES-2-1
AYERS, WALTER G.                        1884                                    RI-5-WES-4-3
BABCOCK, AMY                            1873                                    RI-5-WES-4-6
BABCOCK, CHARLES                        1850 (COMPLAINT)                        RI-5-WES-1-1
BABCOCK, DANIEL                         1876                                    RI-5-WES-3-3
BABCOCK, EDWARD JR.                     1865                                    RI-5-WES-1-2
BABCOCK, EUNICE A.                      1881                                    RI-5-WES-3-2
BABCOCK, FRANKLIN R.                    1866                                    RI-5-WES-2-2
BABCOCK, HORACE                         1880                                    RI-5-WES-4-5
BABCOCK, JAMES                          1885                                    RI-5-WES-4-7
BABCOCK, PAUL                           1877                                    RI-5-WES-2-3
BABCOCK, ROWSE                          1872                                    RI-5-WES-2-4
BARBER, ABIAL                           1876                                    RI-5-WES-3-4
BARBER, ALICE                           1875 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-2-5
BARBER, BENJAMIN M.                     1868                                    RI-5-WES-2-6
BARBER, CARRIE                          1875 (MiNOR)                            RI-5-WES-2-5
BARBER, ELLA                            1875 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-2-5
BARBER, GEORGE H. S.                    1874                                    RI-5-WES-2-7
BARBER, HENRY M.                        1891                                    RI-5-WES-4-8
BARBER, JOHN W.                         1868                                    RI-5-WES-2-8
BARBER, JOSHUA F.                       1872                                    RI-5-WES-2-9
BARBER, NANCY                           1862                                    RI-5-WES-2-10
BARKER, MARGARET N.                     1876                                    RI-5-WES-3-5
BARKER, WILLIAM H.                      1877                                    RI-5-WES-3-6
BEDFORD, GEORGE H.                      1873 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-2-12
BENNETT, THOMAS C.                      1884                                    RI-5-WES-4-9
BENTLEY, BENJAMIN P.                    1867                                    RI-5-WES-2-13
BENTLEY, HANNAH                         1868                                    RI-5-WES-2-14
BERRY, PELEG L.                         1879                                    RI-5-WES-3-7
BERRY, WELTHY                           1885                                    RI-5-WES-4-10
BERRY, WILLIAM S.                       1878 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-3-21
BLAKE, ALEXANDER                        1872                                    RI-5-WES-3-20
BLIVEN, ABBY                            1879                                    RI-5-WES-3-19
BLIVEN, BRADFORD                        1885                                    RI-5-WES-4-11
BLIVEN, HARRIET                         1875                                    RI-5-WES-3-17
BLIVEN, LUTHER                          1876                                    RI-5-WES-3-18
BLIVEN, PHEBE C.                        1881                                    RI-5-WES-3-16
BORDEN, NANCY                           1859                                    RI-5-WES-1-3
BORDON, IRA                             1865                                    RI-5-WES-1-26
BOSS, SALLY N.                          1880                                    RI-5-WES-3-15
BOWEN, HANNAH                           1878 (ADOPTION)                         RI-5-WES-2-15
BRADFORD, ELIZABETH                     1877 (ADOPTION                          RI-5-WES-3-14
BRADFORD, WILLIAM                       1877 (ADOPTION)                         RI-5-WES-3-14
BRAYTON, LUCY                           1883                                    RI-5-WES-4-12
BREWER, DARIUS R.                       1887                                    RI-5-WES-3-13
BRIGHTMAN, THOMAS                       1878                                    RI-5-WES-3-12
BRINES, JOHN                            1873 (ADOPTION)                         RI-5-WES-2-16
BRINES, MARY J.                         1873 (ADOPTION)                         RI-5-WES-2-16
BROGGINI, FRANCIS C.                    1883                                    RI-5-WES-4-13
BROGGINI, JOHN                          1885                                    RI-5-WES-4-14
BROMELY, ALICE                          1881                                    RI-5-WES-3-11
BROMLEY, PERRY                          1842                                    RI-5-WES-1-4
BROWN, ANN                              1873                                    RI-5-WES-2-17
BROWN, CATHARINE B.                     1865 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-2-18
BROWN, EDWIN R.                         1866                                    RI-5-WES-2-19
BROWN, EMMA FRANCES                     1862 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-1-27
BROWN, GEORGE (COL.)                    1864                                    RI-5-WES-2-20
BROWN, RALPH                            1868                                    RI-5-WES-2-21
BROWN, RUTH                             1874                                    RI-5-WES-2-22
BROWN, SAMUEL                           1862 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-1-27
BURDICK, ALICE V.                       1874 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-3-8
BURDICK, BENJAMIN OF G.                 1865                                    RI-5-WES-2-23
BURDICK, EMMA C.                        1875                                    RI-5-WES-3-10
BURDICK, FRED N.                        1874 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-3-8
BURDICK, MARY                           1881                                    RI-5-WES-3-9
BURDICK, NELLY L.                       1874 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-3-8
BURDICK, WILLIAM H.                     1874 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-3-8
CARD, BESSIE W.                         1885 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-4-15
CARD, GEORGE F.                         1866 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-2-24
CARD, HANNAH ELIZABETH                  1877 (ADOPTION)                         RI-5-WES-3-14
CARD, HENRY C. JR.                      1885 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-4-15
CARD, MARY R.                           1885 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-4-15
CARTER, JAMES H.                        1879                                    RI-5-WES-3-22
CHAMPLIN, EDWIN G.                      1875                                    RI-5-WES-3-24
CHAMPLIN, GEORGE C.                     1878                                    RI-5-WES-3-23
CHAMPLIN, MARY A.                       1884                                    RI-5-WES-4-16
CHAPIN, RASSELAS M.                     1876                                    RI-5-WES-3-26
CHAPMAN, AMOS P.                        1882                                    RI-5-WES-3-27
CHAPMAN, CASE                           1877                                    RI-5-WES-3-28
CHAPMAN, ISRAEL                         1871                                    RI-5-WES-1-6
CHAPMAN, JOHN                           1877                                    RI-5-WES-3-29
CHAPMAN, SALLY                          1877                                    RI-5-WES-3-30
CHAPMAN, WAYLAND E.                     1884 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-3-31
CHAPMAN, WILLIAM H.                     1875                                    RI-5-WES-3-32
CHAPPELL, MATTHEW                       1894                                    RI-5-WES-3-25
CHASE, NATHAN M.                        1865                                    RI-5-WES-1-5
CHESEBRO, CATIE                         1885                                    RI-5-WES-4-17
CHESTER, CLARA                          1881 (ADOPTION)                         RI-5-WES-3-111
CHESTER, JOHN H.                        1881 (ADOPTION)                         RI-5-WES-3-34
CHESTER, MARY                           1881 (ADOPTION)                         RI-5-WES-3-34
CHURCH, ABBY JANE                       1872 (ADOPTION)                         RI-5-WES-2-67
CHURCH, ABBY JANE                       1873 (ADOPTION)                         RI-5-WES-2-16
CIMIANO, HANNAH                         1885                                    RI-5-WES-4-18
CLARK, ANTONETTE G.                     1879 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-3-35
CLARK, EVA S.                           1879 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-3-35
CLARK, WALTER F.                        1879 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-3-35
CLARK, WILLIAM                          1886                                    RI-5-WES-4-21
CLARKE, ASENATH P.                      1865                                    RI-5-WES-2-25
CLARKE, ELIZABETH                       1871                                    RI-5-WES-4-19
CLARKE, SAMUEL L.                       1871                                    RI-5-WES-2-26
CLARKE, WEEDEN                          1874                                    RI-5-WES-2-27
CLOSE, NATHANIEL J. L.                  1875                                    RI-5-WES-3-33
COLLINS, CHRIS F.                       NO DATE (ADOPTION)                      RI-5-WES-4-20
COLLINS, CLARISSA                       NO DATE (ADOPTION)                      RI-5-WES-4-20
COLLINS, LEWIS B.                       1874 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-2-28
COLLINS, SARAH                          1874 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-2-28
COON, MARIA                             1873                                    RI-5-WES-1-7
COOPER, ALBERT M.                       1875 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-3-35
COOPER, CHARLES H.                      1875 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-3-35
COOPER, MARY A.                         1875 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-3-35
COREY, WILLIAM J.                       1869                                    RI-5-WES-2-31
CORY, BENJAMIN F.                       1865 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-2-29
CORY, EDGAR                             1865                                    RI-5-WES-2-30
COTTER, JOHN                            1897                                    RI-5-WES-3-36
COTTRELL, RUSSELL                       1868                                    RI-5-WES-2-32
COY, SAMUEL A.                          1875                                    RI-5-WES-3-37
COY, WILLIAM P.                         1879                                    RI-5-WES-3-38
CRANDALL, CHARLES                       1875                                    RI-5-WES-3-39
CRANDALL, EZRA                          1876 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-3-39
CRANDALL, HORACE E.                     1881                                    RI-5-WES-3-39
CRANDALL, JAMES                         1863                                    RI-5-WES-1-9
CRANDALL, JARED C.                      1879                                    RI-5-WES-3-40
CRANDALL, JOSEPH                        1864                                    RI-5-WES-2-33
CRANDALL, MARY                          1883                                    RI-5-WES-4-22
CRANDALL, RUTH                          1862                                    RI-5-WES-1-8
CROSS, GEORGE D. 2ND                    1888 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-4-23
CROSS, GEORGE D.                        1884 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-4-25
CROSS, HARRIET B.                       1884 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-4-25
CROSS, HARRIET B.                       1888 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-4-23
CROSS, J. HOBART JR.                    1884 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-4-25
CROSS, JOHN H.                          1886                                    RI-5-WES-3-41
CROSS, JOHN HOBART                      1888                                    RI-5-WES-4-24
CROSS, PHEBE JANE                       1878                                    RI-5-WES-3-42
CROSS, S. MONOD                         1884 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-4-25
CRUMB, EDWIN                            1864                                    RI-5-WES-1-10
CRUMB, ELIZABETH                        1885 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-3-43
CRUMB, ETTA L.                          1885 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-3-43
CRUMB, VERMELLA                         1885 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-3-43
DAVIS, OLIVER                           1878                                    RI-5-WES-3-44
DICKINS, HENRY                          1879                                    RI-5-WES-3-45
DIXON, NATHAN F.                        1881                                    RI-5-WES-3-46
DOROTHY, LYDIA                          1870                                    RI-5-WES-2-34
DOVE, ROBERT                            1884                                    RI-5-WES-4-26
DUNHAM, ESTHER                          1862                                    RI-5-WES-1-11
DUNHAM, HANNAH                          1890                                    RI-5-WES-3-47
DUNHAM, JAMES N.                        1864                                    RI-5-WES-2-35
EDGETT, WILLIAM C.                      1882 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-4-27
EDWARDS, HANNAH                         1880 (ADOPTION)                         RI-5-WES-2-11
EDWARDS, LOUISA KENYON                  1880 (ADOPTION)                         RI-5-WES-3-48
EDWARDS, RICHARD E.                     1880 (ADOPTION)                         RI-5-WES-3-48
EDWARDS, RICHARD F.                     1880 (ADOPTION)                         RI-5-WES-2-11
EGAN, JOHN W.                           1878 (ADOPTION)                         RI-5-WES-2-15
EGAN, MARGARET                          1876                                    RI-5-WES-3-49
EVERETT, ELISHA H.                      1869                                    RI-5-WES-2-36
FITCH, HORACE M.                        1869 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-2-37
FITCH, NATHAN                           1874 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-2-38
FITCH, SILAS                            1865                                    RI-5-WES-2-39
FLOOD, LAWRENCE                         1882 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-4-28
FLOOD, PATRICK                          1882 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-4-28
FLOOD, THOMAS                           1882 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-4-28
FOSTER, AMOS W.                         1873                                    RI-5-WES-2-40
FOSTER, ETHAN                           1885                                    RI-5-WES-4-29
FOSTER, GEORGE C.                       1873 (ADOPTION)                         RI-5-WES-2-41
FOSTER, HERBERT S.                      1888 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-2-42
FOSTER, LOUISE S.                       1873 (ADOPTION)                         RI-5-WES-2-41
FOWLER, LUCY W.                         1881                                    RI-5-WES-3-50
FOWLER, MARY A.                         1866                                    RI-5-WES-2-43
FOWLER, OLIVER H.                       1867                                    RI-5-WES-2-44
FRAZIER, CLARANCE A.                    1884                                    RI-5-WES-4-30
FRAZIER, JOHN R.                        1885                                    RI-5-WES-4-36
FRITH, JOHN                             1878                                    RI-5-WES-3-51
FURGERSON, JAMES                        1873                                    RI-5-WES-4-35
GARDNER, GORTON                         1839                                    RI-5-WES-1-12
GARDNER, JABEZ C.                       1884                                    RI-5-WES-4-34
GAVITT, ABBY                            1868 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-2-45
GAVITT, ARMINDA                         1868 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-2-46
GAVITT, ARTHUR P.                       1869 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-2-47
GAVITT, HARRIET A.                      1869 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-2-47
GAVITT, JOSEPH 2ND                      1865                                    RI-5-WES-2-47
GAVITT, JOSEPH C.                       1868 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-2-48
GAVITT, LYDIA                           1868 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-2-46
GAVITT, OLIVER                          1868 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-2-46
GAVITT, THANKFUL                        1880                                    RI-5-WES-3-52
GAVITT, WARREN                          1877                                    RI-5-WES-3-53
GIER, ADAM                              1868                                    RI-5-WES-2-49
GILCHRIST, JANET                        1885                                    RI-5-WES-4-33
GODDARD, MARY L.                        1877 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-3-59
GRAY, GEORGE W.                         1869 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-2-50
GREEN, HALSEY                           1878                                    RI-5-WES-3-54
GREENMAN, SILAS                         1881                                    RI-5-WES-3-55
GREENMAN, SILAS B.                      1876                                    RI-5-WES-3-56
GREGORY, MARY                           1879                                    RI-5-WES-4-32
GREGORY, WILLIAM                        1875                                    RI-5-WES-3-57
GRIFFIN, JOSEPH H.                      1879                                    RI-5-WES-3-58
HALL, ALBERT T.                         1885 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-4-2
HALL, ERNEST M.                         1885 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-4-2
HALL, HEZEKIAH                          1873                                    RI-5-WES-2-51
HALL, JOHN P.                           1876                                    RI-5-WES-3-60
HALL, LYMAN                             1856                                    RI-5-WES-1-13
HARVEY, JOHN D.                         1879                                    RI-5-WES-3-61
HAZARD, SYVIA                           1879                                    RI-5-WES-3-62
HILTON, ELLEN                           1874                                    RI-5-WES-2-52
HILTON, HARRIET                         1874 (ADOPTION)                         RI-5-WES-2-52
HIMES, ALMIRA S.                        1864 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-2-54
HIMES, CLARK R.                         1864 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-2-54
HIMES, JOHN M.                          1864 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-2-54
HIMES, LUCETTA C.                       1864 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-2-54
HIMES, SYLVESTER F.                     1864 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-2-54
HIMES, THOMAS C.                        1864 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-2-54
HIMES, WILLIAM S.                       1864 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-2-54
HISCOX, GEORGE F.                       1877                                    RI-5-WES-3-63
HISCOX, GURDON                          1885                                    RI-5-WES-4-31
HISCOX, JOHN                            1882                                    RI-5-WES-3-64
HOLMES, FREDERICK A.                    1879                                    RI-5-WES-3-65
HOLMES, THOMAS W.                       1876                                    RI-5-WES-3-66
HORTON, HENRY R.                        1864                                    RI-5-WES-2-53
HORTON, MARY A.                         1864 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-2-53
HOXIE, WILLIAM D.                       1883                                    RI-5-WES-4-37
HOXSEY, WELCOME A.                      1875                                    RI-5-WES-3-68
HYLAND, MORRIS                          1878                                    RI-5-WES-2-55
IRISH, BERTHA L.                        1885 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-4-38
IRISH, ERNEST M.                        1885 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-4-38
JAMES, MARTHA                           1876                                    RI-5-WES-3-73
JAMES, MARTHA                           1877                                    RI-5-WES-3-72
JEGEORGI, GEORGE                        1885 (ADOPTION)                         RI-5-WES-4-46
JOHNSON, MAXSON                         1864                                    RI-5-WES-2-56
KEEGAN, CHARLES J.                      1878                                    RI-5-WES-3-74
KENYON, GEORGE                          1870                                    RI-5-WES-3-75
KENYON, LOUISA                          1880 (ADOPTION)                         RI-5-WES-3-76
KENYON, SAMUEL                          1880                                    RI-5-WES-3-77
KENYON, THOMAS B.                       1882                                    RI-5-WES-4-39
KINNEY, ALBERT F.                       1869 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-2-58
KINNEY, GEORGE E.                       1869 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-2-58
KINNEY, MARY A.                         1869                                    RI-5-WES-2-58
KNOWLES, JIRAH M.                       1882                                    RI-5-WES-4-40
KREBS, MARY                             1884                                    RI-5-WES-4-41
KYLE, OSCEOLA H.                        1873                                    RI-5-WES-2-57
LANGWORTHY, ALBERT B.                   1876                                    RI-5-WES-3-80
LANPHEAR, ANGELINE                      1877 (ADOPTION)                         RI-5-WES-2-61
LANPHEAR, CLARK (CAPT.)                 1865                                    RI-5-WES-2-59
LANPHEAR, ELMER J.                      1873                                    RI-5-WES-3-78
LANPHEAR, EPHRAIM                       1873                                    RI-5-WES-2-60
LANPHEAR, GEORGE C.                     1877 (ADOPTION)                         RI-5-WES-2-61
LANPHEAR, JAMES                         1863                                    RI-5-WES-1-15
LANPHEAR, JONATHAN                      1885                                    RI-5-WES-4-42
LANPHEAR, NANCY                         1864                                    RI-5-WES-1-14
LANPHEAR, ROWLAND                       1864                                    RI-5-WES-4-43
LANPHEAR, ROWLAND                       1886                                    RI-5-WES-2-62
LANPHEAR, THOMAS M.                     1866                                    RI-5-WES-2-63
LANPHEAR, WILLIAM                       1866                                    RI-5-WES-2-64
LARKIN, JENNIE D.                       1885                                    RI-5-WES-3-79
LARKIN, SAMUEL                          1871                                    RI-5-WES-2-65
LATHAM, LUCY A.                         1877                                    RI-5-WES-3-81
LEARY, HANNAH                           1887                                    RI-5-WES-4-44
LEDWARD, CHARLES H.                     1874                                    RI-5-WES-3-82
LEWIS, CLARK W.                         1874                                    RI-5-WES-3-83
LEWIS, CONTENT                          1874                                    RI-5-WES-2-66
LEWIS, GEORGE H.                        1883                                    RI-5-WES-4-45
LEWIS, JAMES H.                         1888 (ADOPTION)                         RI-5-WES-4-46
LEWIS, MARIE ANTOINETTE                 1877                                    RI-5-WES-3-84
LOVELAND, JOHN                          1871 (ADOPTION)                         RI-5-WES-2-67
LOVELAND, SARAH S.                      1871 (ADOPTION)                         RI-5-WES-2-67
LUCAS, SARAH                            1874                                    RI-5-WES-3-85
MACK, JOSEPHINE                         1885 (ADOPTION)                         RI-5-WES-4-46
MACOMBER, DANIEL H.                     1874                                    RI-5-WES-3-87
MACOMBER, LYDIA                         1874                                    RI-5-WES-3-86
MAKEE, ALFRED O.                        1872 (ADOPTION)                         RI-5-WES-2-68
MAKEE, MARTHA                           1872 (ADOPTION)                         RI-5-WES-2-68
MALONEY, ELIZABETH C.                   1879                                    RI-5-WES-3-88
MALONEY, GEORGE                         1880 (ADOPTION)                         RI-5-WES-3-76
MALONEY, GEORGE E.                      1879 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-3-89
MALONEY, JOHN H.                        1879 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-3-89
MALONEY, LYDIA                          1879 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-3-89
MALONEY, SARAH A.                       1879 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-3-89
MARSTON, ABBY                           1877                                    RI-5-WES-2-69
MASON, AMANDA B.                        1877                                    RI-5-WES-3-90
MASON, CALVIN B.                        1877                                    RI-5-WES-3-91
MAXSON, CHARLES                         1881                                    RI-5-WES-3-92
MAXSON, CHARLES A.                      1889 (ADOPTION)                         RI-5-WES-3-93
MAXSON, MARIA R.                        1889 (ADOPTION)                         RI-5-WES-3-93
MAXSON, SARAH                           1885                                    RI-5-WES-4-47
MCGLYNN, ANN                            1867 (ADOPTION)                         RI-5-WES-2-70
MCGLYNN, PATRICK                        1867 (ADOPTION)                         RI-5-WES-2-70
MCNAMARA, JAMES                         1879                                    RI-5-WES-2-71
MILLMAN, LULA EDITH                     1873 (ADOPTION)                         RI-5-WES-2-41
MILNER, ELIZA J.                        1867 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-2-72
MILNER, GEORGE E.                       1867 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-2-72
MILNER, JOHN                            1869                                    RI-5-WES-2-73
MITCHEL, THOMAS JR.                     1874                                    RI-5-WES-2-71
MORGAN, JOHN                            1880                                    RI-5-WES-3-94
MORGAN, MARY E.                         1881                                    RI-5-WES-3-95
MORTON, MARTHA                          1872 (ADOPTION)                         RI-5-WES-2-74
MORTON, MATTHEW M.                      1872 (ADOPTION)                         RI-5-WES-2-74
MOSS, JESSE L.                          1884                                    RI-5-WES-4-49
NASH, ANNA                              1879 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-3-96
NASH, GEORGE M.                         1878                                    RI-5-WES-3-97
NASH, JAMES S.                          1874                                    RI-5-WES-2-75
NASH, JOSEPH C.                         1871                                    RI-5-WES-2-76
NASH, NATHAN                            1877                                    RI-5-WES-3-67
NASH, WILLIAM H. H.                     1874                                    RI-5-WES-2-77
NETHERWOOD, WILLIAM                     1875                                    RI-5-WES-2-78
NEWBERG, NATHAN                         1867                                    RI-5-WES-2-79
NICHOLS, AMBROSE                        1885                                    RI-5-WES-4-48
NIXON, JANE                             1868                                    RI-5-WES-2-80
NOYES, NANCY M.                         1877                                    RI-5-WES-3-70
NOYES, PELEG N.                         1879                                    RI-5-WES-3-69
NOYES, REBECCA                          1873                                    RI-5-WES-2-81
NYE, PHEBE A.                           1871                                    RI-5-WES-2-82
NYE, SAMUEL R.                          1875                                    RI-5-WES-3-71
ODONNELL, EDWARD                        1876 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-3-98
ODONNELL, JOHN                          1876 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-3-98
PALMER, ALDEN                           1879                                    RI-5-WES-3-99
PALMER, HORACE C.                       1877                                    RI-5-WES-3-99
PALMER, LUTHER A.                       1878                                    RI-5-WES-3-100
PATINSON, ARNOLD H.                     1870                                    RI-5-WES-2-83
PECKHAM, ELIZA H.                       1889                                    RI-5-WES-4-57
PECKHAM, ELIZABETH                      1880                                    RI-5-WES-3-101
PECKHAM, JUDITH F.                      1885                                    RI-5-WES-4-50
PECKHAM, ROWLAND                        1863                                    RI-5-WES-2-84
PENDLETON, CELIA R.                     1865                                    RI-5-WES-2-85
PENDLETON, CHARLES L.                   1879                                    RI-5-WES-3-102
PENDLETON, ENOCH B.                     1875                                    RI-5-WES-3-103
PENDLETON, JAMES F.                     1883                                    RI-5-WES-4-52
PENDLETON, JOHN                         1870                                    RI-5-WES-2-86
PENDLETON, KATE                         1870                                    RI-5-WES-2-88
PENDLETON, MARY                         1870                                    RI-5-WES-2-88
PERRY, ARTHUR                           1864 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-2-87
PERRY, CHARLES JR.                      1864 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-2-87
PERRY, ELIZABETH                        1864 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-2-87
PERRY, ELIZABETH                        1881                                    RI-5-WES-3-104
PERRY, PHEBE                            1864 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-2-87
PHILLIPS, CLINTON                       1876 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-3-105
PHILLIPS, ELBERT E.                     1876 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-3-105
PHILLIPS, HARRIET                       1876 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-3-105
PHILLIPS, RALPH                         1876 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-3-105
PIERCE, JOHN G.                         1861                                    RI-5-WES-1-16
PIERCE, SARAH A.                        1881                                    RI-5-WES-4-51
PLACE, THOMAS M.                        1884                                    RI-5-WES-4-54
PORTER, JAMES H.                        1878                                    RI-5-WES-3-106
PORTER, PHEBE A.                        1880                                    RI-5-WES-3-107
POTTER, BENJAMIN                        1867                                    RI-5-WES-2-89
POTTER, FANNY                           1884 (ADOPTION)                         RI-5-WES-4-53
POTTER, HARRIET B.                      1884 (ADOPTION)                         RI-5-WES-4-53
POTTER, JAMES                           1884 (ADOPTION)                         RI-5-WES-4-53
POTTER, JOSEPH                          1880                                    RI-5-WES-3-108
POTTER, RHODA A.                        1885                                    RI-5-WES-4-55
POTTER, SUSAN                           1874 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-4-56
POTTER, WILLIAM                         1880                                    RI-5-WES-3-109
RANDALL, WILLIAM Z.                     1882                                    RI-5-WES-4-58
RATHBONE, HANNAH                        1875                                    RI-5-WES-2-90
RATHBONE, THANKFUL                      1864                                    RI-5-WES-2-90
READ, JASON A.                          1886                                    RI-5-WES-4-59
REED, JOHN                              1872                                    RI-5-WES-2-90
REX, HARRIET                            1884 (ADOPTION)                         RI-5-WES-4-60
REX, THOMAS                             1884 (ADOPTION)                         RI-5-WES-4-60
REYNOLDS, BENJAMIN                      1868                                    RI-5-WES-2-92
REYNOLDS, HARRIET                       1881 (ADOPTION)                         RI-5-WES-3-34
RICHMOND, ELLEN C.                      1881 (ADOPTION)                         RI-5-WES-3-111
RICHMOND, GEORGE A.                     1881 (ADOPTION)                         RI-5-WES-3-111
ROCHE, THOMAS                           1876                                    RI-5-WES-3-112
ROGERS, EDMUND                          1879                                    RI-5-WES-3-113
ROY, SUSAN C.                           1876                                    RI-5-WES-3-110
SAUNDERS, ANNIE D.                      1869 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-2-91
SAUNDERS, ARNOLD                        1889                                    RI-5-WES-2-93
SAUNDERS, ASENATH                       1869                                    RI-5-WES-2-99
SAUNDERS, CARRIE O.                     1869 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-2-91
SAUNDERS, CHARLES                       1854                                    RI-5-WES-3-114
SAUNDERS, CHARLOTTE                     1866                                    RI-5-WES-2-94
SAUNDERS, CLARK (CAPT.)                 1868                                    RI-5-WES-2-96
SAUNDERS, ELISHA                        1859                                    RI-5-WES-1-17
SAUNDERS, EVERETT D.                    1869 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-2-91
SAUNDERS, HANNAH R.                     1874                                    RI-5-WES-2-97
SAUNDERS, LEANDER                       1860 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-2-98
SAUNDERS, LYDIA E.                      1860 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-2-98
SAUNDERS, RENSSELAER                    1860 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-2-98
SAUNDERS, SAMUEL                        1873                                    RI-5-WES-2-95
SAUNDERS, SAMUEL                        1882                                    RI-5-WES-4-61
SCHMIETH, ELIZABETH                     1877                                    RI-5-WES-3-115
SHELDON, ALVAH                          1879                                    RI-5-WES-3-116
SIMPSON, ELIZA A.                       1880 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-3-117
SISSON, JOHN N.                         1880                                    RI-5-WES-3-118
SISSON, NANCY                           NO DATE (ADOPTION)                      RI-5-WES-4-20
SLOCUM, EVELYN                          1872 (ADOPTION)                         RI-5-WES-2-74
SMITH, GEORGE A.                        1879                                    RI-5-WES-3-119
SMITH, ISAAC W.                         1865 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-3-120
SMITH, JULIA                            1865 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-3-120
SMITH, ORLANDO                          1874                                    RI-5-WES-1-18
SMITH, ORLANDO B.                       1865 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-3-120
SMITH, SARAH                            1865 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-3-120
SNIVELLY, EMILY                         1888                                    RI-5-WES-4-63
STANTON, JOHN                           1859                                    RI-5-WES-1-19
STILLMAN, ALBERT                        1871                                    RI-5-WES-2-100
STILLMAN, CHARLES A.                    1879 (ADOPTION)                         RI-5-WES-3-121
STILLMAN, CLARK                         1873                                    RI-5-WES-1-20
STILLMAN, EDMUND R.                     1892                                    RI-5-WES-3-122
STILLMAN, ELIZA C.                      1879 (ADOPTION0                         RI-5-WES-3-121
STILLMAN, EMELINE R.                    1878                                    RI-5-WES-3-123
STILLMAN, EPHRAIM                       1864                                    RI-5-WES-2-101
STILLMAN, MARIE ANTOINETTE              1865 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-2-102
STILLMAN, MATTIE K.                     1879 (ADOPTION)                         RI-5-WES-3-121
STILLMAN, WELCOME                       1864                                    RI-5-WES-2-103
STURGEON, MARIE B.                      1875                                    RI-5-WES-3-124
SUNDERLAND, JOHN                        1875                                    RI-5-WES-3-125
SWAN, HARRIET                           1874                                    RI-5-WES-3-126
SWEET, ABBY                             1879                                    RI-5-WES-3-127
SWEET, BERTHA M.                        1887                                    RI-5-WES-4-62
TANNER, RUSSELL F.                      1884                                    RI-5-WES-4-64
TAYLOR, ELLA EUGENIA                    1880 (ADOPTION)                         RI-5-WES-2-11
TAYLOR, ELLA EUGENIA                    1880 (ADOPTION)                         RI-5-WES-3-48
TAYLOR, HANNAH                          1867                                    RI-5-WES-2-104
TAYLOR, JOHN                            1872                                    RI-5-WES-2-105
TEFFT, KETURAH P.                       1876                                    RI-5-WES-3-128
TEFFT, MARY                             1863                                    RI-5-WES-1-21
TEFFT, SALLY                            1880                                    RI-5-WES-3-129
THOMAS, ALMANZO                         1877                                    RI-5-WES-3-130
THOMPSON, CHARLES W.                    1864                                    RI-5-WES-2-106
THOMPSON, EZRA B.                       1866                                    RI-5-WES-2-108
THOMPSON, HARRIET N.                    1885 (ADOPTION)                         RI-5-WES-4-65
THOMPSON, HORATIO R.                    1885 (ADOPTION)                         RI-5-WES-4-65
THOMPSON, JOSEPH L.                     1870                                    RI-5-WES-2-107
THOMPSON, ROBINSON NEWALL               1885 (ADOPTION)                         RI-5-WES-4-65
THOMPSON, SAMUEL                        1885                                    RI-5-WES-4-66
THURSTON, JOHN H.                       1872                                    RI-5-WES-2-109
THURSTON, MARY                          1869                                    RI-5-WES-2-110
TOMLINSON, GEORGE E.                    1877                                    RI-5-WES-3-131
TOWNSEND, ANN P.                        1874                                    RI-5-WES-3-132
TURNER, MARY                            1864                                    RI-5-WES-1-22
TURNER, MARY AMELIA                     1867 (ADOPTION)                         RI-5-WES-2-70
UNDERWOOD, RAYMOND C.                   1868                                    RI-5-WES-2-111
VARS, HANNAH N.                         1876                                    RI-5-WES-3-133
VARS, ISAAC                             1870                                    RI-5-WES-2-112
VARS, MARY                              1854                                    RI-5-WES-2-113
VINCENT, J. WILLIAM                     1863                                    RI-5-WES-1-23
VINCENT, JOSEPH R.                      1869                                    RI-5-WES-2-114
VOSE, CHARLES B.                        1869                                    RI-5-WES-2-116
VOSE, EDWARD F.                         1885                                    RI-5-WES-4-67
VOSE, MARY J.                           1884                                    RI-5-WES-4-69
VOSE, MARY L.                           1884 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-4-68
VOSE, OSCAR                             1873                                    RI-5-WES-2-115
WARD, ROSANNA                           1874                                    RI-5-WES-2-117
WATSON, JOB H.                          1883                                    RI-5-WES-4-71
WEBSTER, MARY A.                        1876 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-3-133
WEBSTER, SAMUEL E. L.                   1876 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-3-133
WEBSTER, SAMUEL P.                      1875                                    RI-5-WES-3-134
WEBSTER, SUSAN A.                       1880 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-3-135
WEBSTER, SUSAN A.                       1876 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-3-133
WELLS, HANNAH B.                        1889                                    RI-5-WES-3-136
WELLS, HARRY                            1884 (ADOPTION)                         RI-5-WES-4-60
WEST, RHODA E.                          1863                                    RI-5-WES-1-24
WHALEY, CLAUDE                          1887                                    RI-5-WES-4-70
WILBUR, WILLIAM H.                      1884                                    RI-5-WES-3-139
WILCOX, ALBERT R.                       1857 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-1-25
WILCOX, CATHERINE                       1873                                    RI-5-WES-2-118
WILCOX, CHARLES D.                      1857 (MINOR)                            RI-5-WES-1-25
WILCOX, GEORGE W.                       1864                                    RI-5-WES-2-119
WILCOX, MARY                            1868                                    RI-5-WES-2-120
WILCOX, PHEBE C.                        1875                                    RI-5-WES-3-137
WILCOX, STEPHEN                         1894                                    RI-5-WES-3-138
WILLIAMS, HARRIET M.                    1871 (ADOPTION)                         RI-5-WES-2-67
WILLIAMS, HARRIET W.                    1877 (ADOPTION)                         RI-5-WES-2-61
WILSON, NELLIE OLIVET                   1889 (ADOPTION)                         RI-5-WES-3-93
WRIGHT, JAMES                           1867                                    RI-5-WES-2-121
YORK, MARY                              1881                                    RI-5-WES-3-140

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