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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | Volume List (Years covered)
Sharon District: Sharon, Salisbury, Canaan, Kent, Ellsworth, Norfolk
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ABEL, ELIJAH                            CT-3-SHA-14-308
ABEL, SLUMAN                            CT-3-SHA-17-97
ABELL, DAVID                            CT-3-SHA-E-179
ACTON, ABIGAIL                          CT-3-SHA-K-180
ACTON, THOMAS                           CT-3-SHA-H-557
ADAMS, ISAAC                            CT-3-SHA-C-47
ADDAMS, ZERVIAH                         CT-3-SHA-F-364
ALLEN, DAVID                            CT-3-SHA-H-219
ALLEN, HEMAN                            CT-3-SHA-E-304
ALLEN, ZIMRY                            CT-3-SHA-E-333
ALLING, MEDAD                           CT-3-SHA-17-127
ANDREWS, SETH                           CT-3-SHA-18-16
ANDRUS, JEREMIAH                        CT-3-SHA-G-215
APPLEBY, JOHN                           CT-3-SHA-I-440
ARMSTRONG, JAMES                        CT-3-SHA-21-58
AUSTIN, THADDEUS                        CT-3-SHA-14-231
BACON, ANDREW                           CT-3-SHA-I-165
BACON, JOSIAH                           CT-3-SHA-14-423
BAILEY, JOSEPH                          CT-3-SHA-18-198
BAKER, ROBERT H.                        CT-3-SHA-19-157
BARNS, THOMAS                           CT-3-SHA-K-182
BARNUM, ANDREW                          CT-3-SHA-24-265
BARSTOW, SETH                           CT-3-SHA-14-381
BATES, CHARLES                          CT-3-SHA-14-51
BECKLEY, SAMUEL                         CT-3-SHA-21-393
BEEBE, ASAHEL (LT.)                     CT-3-SHA-K-91
BEEBE, HANNAH                           CT-3-SHA-I-217
BEEBE, ISAAC                            CT-3-SHA-17-2211
BEEBE, JAMES                            CT-3-SHA-F-304
BEEBE, JOHN                             CT-3-SHA-D-137
BEEBE, MARTHA                           CT-3-SHA-E-352
BEEBE, WILLIAM                          CT-3-SHA-I-198
BEECHER, ABRAHAM                        CT-3-SHA-14-537
BEECHER, AMOS C.                        CT-3-SHA-23-86
BEECHER, BETSEY                         CT-3-SHA-22-318
BEECHER, JULIETTE                       CT-3-SHA-23-53
BEECHER, SAMUEL                         CT-3-SHA-17-362
BELDEN, CHARLES                         CT-3-SHA-L-104
BELLOWES, SAMUEL                        CT-3-SHA-B-58
BENEDICT, BENJAMIN                      CT-3-SHA-E-228A
BENEDICT, BENJAMIN                      CT-3-SHA-16-197
BENNETT, EDMUND                         CT-3-SHA-16-306A
BENNETT, JOHN C.                        CT-3-SHA-21-274
BERRY, JONATHAN                         CT-3-SHA-B-46
BERRY, NATHANIEL                        CT-3-SHA-B-5
BERRY, NATHANIEL                        CT-3-SHA-21-39
BIRCH, MARY                             CT-3-SHA-14-533
BIRD, JAMES                             CT-3-SHA-H-236
BISHOP, SILAS                           CT-3-SHA-15-480
BISSELL, JOHN                           CT-3-SHA-16-513
BISSELL, SAMUEL                         CT-3-SHA-13-366
BLACKMAN, SIMEON                        CT-3-SHA-L-291
BLODGETT, DAVID JR                      CT-3-SHA-19-242
BOLAND, ANSON                           CT-3-SHA-24-81
BOLAND, DAVID                           CT-3-SHA-G-260
BOLAND, JOHN                            CT-3-SHA-17-171
BOTSFORD, JOHN                          CT-3-SHA-I-200
BOYD, ELIZABETH                         CT-3-SHA-14-178
BOYD, JOHN                              CT-3-SHA-13-245
BRADLEY, DANIEL                         CT-3-SHA-L-147
BRAZEE, POLLY                           CT-3-SHA-24-628
BRIMSMADE, SAMUEL                       CT-3-SHA-D-329
BROCKWAY, DORCAS                        CT-3-SHA-16-66
BROCKWAY, TIMOTHY                       CT-3-SHA-B-53
BROWN, JEREDIAH                         CT-3-SHA-I-258
BROWN, JOHN                             CT-3-SHA-C-196
BROWNSON, TIMOTHY                       CT-3-SHA-C-126
BRYANT, AUGUTIN                         CT-3-SHA-C-278
BUCKLEY, ELIZABETH                      CT-3-SHA-14-73
BUELL, NATHANIEL (COL.)                 CT-3-SHA-K-344
BURGESS, CATHARINE                      CT-3-SHA-24-566
BURRALL, ELIZABETH                      CT-3-SHA-16-231
BURREL, CHARLES                         CT-3-SHA-I-311
BURROSS, DAVID                          CT-3-SHA-12-385
BUSHNELL, GIDEON                        CT-3-SHA-16-309A
BUSHNELL, SAMUEL                        CT-3-SHA-H-74
BUTLER, SAMUEL                          CT-3-SHA-13-209
CALHOON, GEORGE                         CT-3-SHA-L-169
CALKIN, REUBEN                          CT-3-SHA-16-281
CALKINS, JAMES                          CT-3-SHA-20-199
CALKINS, RUSSEL B.                      CT-3-SHA-23-384
CALKINS, STEPHEN                        CT-3-SHA-E-392
CAMP, ABIAL                             CT-3-SHA-H-373
CAMP, HEZEKIAH                          CT-3-SHA-G-397
CAMP, MARY                              CT-3-SHA-H-518
CANFIELD, DORCAS                        CT-3-SHA-12-80
CANFIELD, JOSEPH                        CT-3-SHA-I-308
CARTWRIGHT, NICHOLAS                    CT-3-SHA-19-129
CARTWRIGHT, SAMUEL                      CT-3-SHA-13-414
CATLIN, AMOS B.                         CT-3-SHA-22-476
CHAFFEE, JOEL                           CT-3-SHA-21-90
CHAFFEE, JOSHUA                         CT-3-SHA-G-22
CHAMBERLAIN, HELENA                     CT-3-SHA-23-437
CHAMBERLAIN, ISAAC                      CT-3-SHA-17-199
CHAMBERLAIN, SARAH P.                   CT-3-SHA-15-19
CHAPIN, CHARLES                         CT-3-SHA-L-397
CHAPIN, RUBEN                           CT-3-SHA-H-119
CHAPMAN, CALEB                          CT-3-SHA-20-301
CHAPMAN, CHESTERFIELD                   CT-3-SHA-19-209
CHAPMAN, MATTHIAS                       CT-3-SHA-24-247
CHAPMAN, NEHEMIAH                       CT-3-SHA-14-85
CHAPMAN, PELATIAH                       CT-3-SHA-B-25
CHAPMAN, REUBEN                         CT-3-SHA-21-418
CHAPMAN, WILLIAM                        CT-3-SHA-13-312
CHASE, BENJAMIN                         CT-3-SHA-E-354
CHASE, BETSEY P.                        CT-3-SHA-22-459
CHIPMAN, THOMAS                         CT-3-SHA-H-286
CHITTENDEN, MOORE                       CT-3-SHA-22-90
CHITTENDEN, TIMOTHY                     CT-3-SHA-12-568
CHURCHILL, SALLY                        CT-3-SHA-21-421
CLARK, DANIEL                           CT-3-SHA-20-461
CLARK, JOHN G.                          CT-3-SHA-21-224
CLARK, UZZIEL                           CT-3-SHA-13-183
CLAXTON, SAMUEL                         CT-3-SHA-13-553
CLINE, RACHEL                           CT-3-SHA-23-444
COLBERT, JOHN                           CT-3-SHA-B-103
COLE, ABIGAIL                           CT-3-SHA-18-43
COLE, CALEB                             CT-3-SHA-22-449
COLE, EMELINE                           CT-3-SHA-23-108
COMSTOCK, JOHN O.                       CT-3-SHA-G-118
CONKLING, ABIGAIL                       CT-3-SHA-18-205
COOLES, HENRY                           CT-3-SHA-24-333
CORBETT, JOHN                           CT-3-SHA-G-286
CORNWALL, SURVIAH                       CT-3-SHA-19-204
CROSS, JASON                            CT-3-SHA-22-308
CURTIS, ABLE                            CT-3-SHA-L-53
CURTIS, DAVID                           CT-3-SHA-21-459
CURTIS, SETH                            CT-3-SHA-I-429
DAUCHEY, LUTHER                         CT-3-SHA-13-315
DAY, JONATHAN                           CT-3-SHA-C-166
DEAN, ASA                               CT-3-SHA-20-47
DEAN, JOHN                              CT-3-SHA-K-46
DEAN, JOSIAH                            CT-3-SHA-B-74
DEAN, MARGARET                          CT-3-SHA-16-522
DEAN, NATHANIEL                         CT-3-SHA-I-283
DEMING, DANIEL                          CT-3-SHA-12-594
DEMING, DANIEL                          CT-3-SHA-16-454
DEMING, HANNAH                          CT-3-SHA-L-496
DEMING, HEZEKIAH                        CT-3-SHA-L-75
DEMING, LEMUEL                          CT-3-SHA-K-26
DEMING, SALLY                           CT-3-SHA-21-304
DEXTER, JEREMIAH                        CT-3-SHA-20-499
DORR, GEORGE                            CT-3-SHA-16-52
DOUGLAS, WILLIAM                        CT-3-SHA-14-193
DOUGLASS, BENAJAH                       CT-3-SHA-L-329
DOYLE, JAME SJ.                         CT-3-SHA-24-258
DRAKE, MIRIAM                           CT-3-SHA-24-573
DUNBAR, AARON                           CT-3-SHA-22-363
DURHAM, SOLOMON                         CT-3-SHA-B-168
DUTCHER, GABRIEL                        CT-3-SHA-14-44
DUTCHER, JANE                           CT-3-SHA-12-335
DUTCHER, POLLY                          CT-3-SHA-18-393
EGGLESTON, DENNIS                       CT-3-SHA-24-535
ELDRIDGE, NATHANIEL B.                  CT-3-SHA-14-341
ELMER, ELIAKIM                          CT-3-SHA-B-20
ENSIGN, JOHN                            CT-3-SHA-K-516
ENSIGN, JOHN                            CT-3-SHA-15-26
EVEREST, ELISHA                         CT-3-SHA-H-331
EVERETT, ELA                            CT-3-SHA-19-302
EVERITT, ADOLPHUS                       CT-3-SHA-24-68
EVERITT, AUGUSTUS                       CT-3-SHA-24-97
EVERITT, GAMALIEL                       CT-3-SHA-24-435
EVERITT, SAMUEL E.                      CT-3-SHA-24-365
EVERTS, NATHANIEL                       CT-3-SHA-G-375
EVETS, JOEL                             CT-3-SHA-G-319
FARREND, DANIEL                         CT-3-SHA-I-302
FELLOWS, ABIEL                          CT-3-SHA-L-372
FELLOWS, EPHRAIM                        CT-3-SHA-B-9
FELLOWS, JONATHAN                       CT-3-SHA-B-37
FENN, SARAH                             CT-3-SHA-24-174
FENN, THEOPHILUS                        CT-3-SHA-16-411
FITCH, HENRY                            CT-3-SHA-16-356
FITCH, JOSHUA                           CT-3-SHA-H-22
FLANNIGAN, JULIA                        CT-3-SHA-24-421
FLETCHER, EBENEZER                      CT-3-SHA-I-474
FLETCHER, EBENEZER                      CT-3-SHA-D-48
FOLLIOT, BARTLETT                       CT-3-SHA-13-432
FORBES, JOHN                            CT-3-SHA-B-55
FORBES, SAMUEL                          CT-3-SHA-16-101
FORDE, JOHN                             CT-3-SHA-C-152
FOWLER, MARK                            CT-3-SHA-C-50
FRANKLIN, SILAS                         CT-3-SHA-20-417
FULLER, JAMES                           CT-3-SHA?24-225
FULLER, JOSEPH                          CT-3-SHA-D-142
GAY, CALVIN                             CT-3-SHA-22-200
GAY, JOHN                               CT-3-SHA-H-42
GAY, MARGARET                           CT-3-SHA-22-518
GAY, MARGARET B.                        CT-3-SHA-23-240
GGOLUSHA, JACOB                         CT-3-SHA-H-8
GILLET, JOEL                            CT-3-SHA-D-21
GILLET, JOHN                            CT-3-SHA-C-56
GLEASON, ABIGAIL                        CT-3-SHA-20-206
GLESON, EPHRAIM                         CT-3-SHA-16-215
GOODRICH, DAVID                         CT-3-SHA-E-83
GOODRICH, DAVID                         CT-3-SHA-E-337
GOODRICH, ELNATHAN                      CT-3-SHA-F-281
GOODWIN, HANNAH                         CT-3-SHA-21-269
GOODWIN, HEZEKIAH                       CT-3-SHA-17-168
GOODWIN, JOHN PANTY                     CT-3-SHA-I-193
GOULD, DAVID                            CT-3-SHA-23-145
GOULD, DAVID                            CT-3-SHA-15-53
GOULD, MARY                             CT-3-SHA-20-21
GREEN, BENJAMIN                         CT-3-SHA-E-41
GREEN, BETTY                            CT-3-SHA-F-287
GREEN, NATHANIEL                        CT-3-SHA-19-293
GRINOLD, JAMES                          CT-3-SHA-12-606
GRISWOLD, DANIEL                        CT-3-SHA-H-155
GRISWOLD, DAVID                         CT-3-SHA-B-75
GRISWOLD, FRANCIS                       CT-3-SHA-E-368
GROVER, BAILEY                          CT-3-SHA-K-285
GUNN, LORRAIN                           CT-3-SHA-24-494
HAMBLIN, ELEZER                         CT-3-SHA-E-328
HAMILTON, DAVID                         CT-3-SHA-E-461
HAMLIN, BENJAMIN                        CT-3-SHA-14-60
HANCHET, EBENEZER                       CT-3-SHA-G-100
HANCHET, JOSEPH                         CT-3-SHA-I-190
HANCOX, DANIEL                          CT-3-SHA-C-1
HARFFORD, JOHN                          CT-3-SHA-H-165
HARRIS, JOHN                            CT-3-SHA-20-528
HARRISON, JARED                         CT-3-SHA-20-317
HART, LOT                               CT-3-SHA-15-415
HARVY, JOEL                             CT-3-SHA-H-459
HATCH, BARNABAS                         CT-3-SHA-G-216
HEART, ASAHEL                           CT-3-SHA-D-305
HEATH, BARTHOLOMEW                      CT-3-SHA-G-168
HEATH, ORMAN                            CT-3-SHA-23-203
HEATH, THOMAS                           CT-3-SHA-20-319
HENNING, JOHN                           CT-3-SHA-24-108
HIDE, AZUBAH                            CT-3-SHA-K-506
HIDE, SAMUEL                            CT-3-SHA-I-159
HIDE, WILLIAM                           CT-3-SHA-E-396
HIGLEY, SIMEON                          CT-3-SHA-14-405
HINSDALE, JACOB                         CT-3-SHA-12-525
HITCHCOCK, AMASIAH                      CT-3-SHA-K-327
HITCHCOCK, ASA                          CT-3-SHA-16-129
HITCHCOCK, SAMUEL                       CT-3-SHA-H-209
HOLCOMB, AMASA                          CT-3-SHA-15-356
HOLCOMB, DAVID                          CT-3-SHA-E-292
HOLCOMB, HANNAH                         CT-3-SHA-E-299
HOLCOMB, MARY                           CT-3-SHA-E-394
HOLISTER, ELISHA                        CT-3-SHA-12-397
HOLLEY, JOHN M.                         CT-3-SHA-18-232
HOLLISTER, GEORGE                       CT-3-SHA-L-282
HOLLISTER, JOHN                         CT-3-SHA-C-290
HOLLISTER, SAMUEL                       CT-3-SHA-C-350
HOPKINS, FREEMAN                        CT-3-SHA-16-339
HOPKINS, SHUBLE                         CT-3-SHA-K-33
HOPKINS, STEPHEN                        CT-3-SHA-C-249
HORSFORD, DANIEL                        CT-3-SHA-E-244
HOSFORD, JEREMIAH                       CT-3-SHA-14-22
HOW, DAVID                              CT-3-SHA-14-508
HOW, DELIVERANCE                        CT-3-SHA-K-262
HOW, SAMUEL                             CT-3-SHA-G-341
HUBBARD, TIMOTHY                        CT-3-SHA-K-518
HUBBRD, PROSPER                         CT-3-SHA-K-42
HUGEBOOM, JEREMIAH                      CT-3-SHA-K-370
HUIT, THOMAS                            CT-3-SHA-C-192
HULL, HARVEY                            CT-3-SHA-23-418
HUNABOOM, JEREMIAH                      CT-3-SHA-I-298
HUNT, ISAAC                             CT-3-SHA-14-335
HUNT, PHINEAS                           CT-3-SHA-G-115
HUNT, REUBEN K.                         CT-3-SHA-24-596
HUNTER, JONATHAN                        CT-3-SHA-C-167
HUNTER, JONATHAN                        CT-3-SHA-C-105
HUNTINGTON, THOMAS                      CT-3-SHA-17-438
HURLBURT, JOSIAH                        CT-3-SHA-F-296
HUTCHINSON, ASA                         CT-3-SHA-20-410
HUTCHINSON, EZRA                        CT-3-SHA-K-226
HUTCHINSON, HEPHZIBAH                   CT-3-SHA-E-302
HUTCHINSON, JAMES                       CT-3-SHA-E-198
HUTCHINSON, JOHN                        CT-3-SHA-E-386
INYON, MARGARET                         CT-3-SHA-13-53
JACKSON, CALVIN                         CT-3-SHA-23-274
JACKSON, PERMELIA                       CT-3-SHA-23-363
JACQUES, AARON                          CT-3-SHA-I-318
JARVIS, POLLY                           CT-3-SHA-24-227
JENNINGS, JOSEPH                        CT-3-SHA-E-384
JEWELL, EBENEZER                        CT-3-SHA-D-41
JEWELL, NATHANIEL                       CT-3-SHA-D-44
JEWELL, OLIVER                          CT-3-SHA-13-132
JEWETT, ABIGAIL                         CT-3-SHA-22-219
JEWETT, CALEB                           CT-3-SHA-E-389
JEWITT, ALPHEUS                         CT-3-SHA-20-161
JOHNSON, ISAAC                          CT-3-SHA-G-1
JOHNSON, JAMES                          CT-3-SHA-I-506
JOHNSTON, ARCHABALD                     CT-3-SHA-G-209
JOHNSTON, FRANCIS                       CT-3-SHA-19-229
JOSLIN, DERIUS                          CT-3-SHA-L-186
KELLOGG, JOSEPH                         CT-3-SHA-G-333
KELLOGG, JOSEPH                         CT-3-SHA-K-388
KELLOGG, OLIVER                         CT-3-SHA-16-315
KELLY, WILLIAM                          CT-3-SHA-H-398
KELPY, MATHEW                           CT-3-SHA-H-389
KELSEY, SARAH M.                        CT-3-SHA-24-567
KING, GEORGE                            CT-3-SHA-16-531
KING, GEORGE                            CT-3-SHA-22-441
KING, HELEN SMITH                       CT-3-SHA-24-370
KING, WILLIAM TABER                     CT-3-SHA-22-388
KNIBLOE, ELIJAH                         CT-3-SHA-L-156
KNIBLOE, JOAN                           CT-3-SHA-L-200
KNICKERBACKER, JOHN                     CT-3-SHA-F-264
LAKE, ANDREW                            CT-3-SHA-23-364
LAKE, JOSEPH                            CT-3-SHA-L-483
LAKE, LOIS D.                           CT-3-SHA-24-530
LAMBERT, BETSEY                         CT-3-SHA-24-455
LAMBERT, DAVID                          CT-3-SHA-19-261
LAMBERT, SHARON ANN                     CT-3-SHA-24-490
LANDERS, BENJAMIN                       CT-3-SHA-B-105
LANDERS, JOSEPH                         CT-3-SHA-I-162
LANDON, ASHBEL                          CT-3-SHA-21-509
LANDON, JAMES                           CT-3-SHA-L-499
LANDON, JAMES                           CT-3-SHA-17-233
LANE, ASHBEL                            CT-3-SHA-K-184
LAWRENCE, ISAAC                         CT-3-SHA-H-173
LAWRENCE, NATHAN                        CT-3-SHA-18-50
LAWRENCE, NEAMIAH                       CT-3-SHA-I-63
LEE, BETSEY F.                          CT-3-SHA-18-495
LEE, JOHN                               CT-3-SHA-B-1
LEE, JONATHAN                           CT-3-SHA-G-128
LEE, JOSEPH                             CT-3-SHA-C-113
LEE, MARY                               CT-3-SHA-C-275
LEE, MYLO                               CT-3-SHA-16-264
LINES, BENJAMIN                         CT-3-SHA-21-477
LINES, SOPHIA                           CT-3-SHA-24-178
LIVINGSTON, HENRY                       CT-3-SHA-17-345
LIVINGSTON, PHILLIP                     CT-3-SHA-G-323
LOGAN, JOSEPH                           CT-3-SHA-16-48
LOVEL, JOSHUA                           CT-3-SHA-18-524
LOVERIDGE, ABIGAIL                      CT-3-SHA-23-265
LOVERIDGE, GRISWOLD                     CT-3-SHA-23-155
LYMAN, SIMEON                           CT-3-SHA-I-237
MAIN, JOHN                              CT-3-SHA-G-220
MARRINER, EPHRAM                        CT-3-SHA-K-378
MARSH, CYRUS                            CT-3-SHA-D-89
MARSH, GEORGE                           CT-3-SHA-G-80
MARSH, JESSE                            CT-3-SHA-14-401
MARSH, NEAMIAH                          CT-3-SHA-I-145
MARSH, RUFUS                            CT-3-SHA-13-119
MARTAIN, ELIPHALET                      CT-3-SHA-I-139
MAXOM, ADONIJAH                         CT-3-SHA-B-154
MCLEAN, DUNCAN                          CT-3-SHA-13-155
MEIGS, ELISABETH                        CT-3-SHA-D-140
MERCHANT, LOIS                          CT-3-SHA-13-280
MILLER, GUIN                            CT-3-SHA-K-441
MILLS, LEWIS                            CT-3-SHA-G-213
MONROW, NOAH                            CT-3-SHA-H-109
MOODY, LAURA                            CT-3-SHA-21-375
MOORE, SAMUEL                           CT-3-SHA-H-351
MORGAN, SALOMEN                         CT-3-SHA-I-493
MORRIS, CHAUNCEY                        CT-3-SHA-21-246
MUNSON, JOSHUA                          CT-3-SHA-21-229
MYGATT, PIERSON                         CT-3-SHA-23-51
NEWPORT, JACOB                          CT-3-SHA-24-130
NICHOLS, CALEB                          CT-3-SHA-16-72
NORTH, ASA                              CT-3-SHA-I-170
NORTHROP, JOSEPH                        CT-3-SHA-L-198
NORTHROP, JOSEPH                        CT-3-SHA-F-106
NORTON, HENRY S.                        CT-3-SHA-20-489
NORTROP, OLIVE                          CT-3-SHA-H-484
NOYCE, HANNAH                           CT-3-SHA-14-107
NOYES, CALVIN                           CT-3-SHA-16-422
NOYES, MARY                             CT-3-SHA-16-152
OWEN, JOSEPH                            CT-3-SHA-B-31
PAINDLE, JOSEPH                         CT-3-SHA-C-20
PARDE, SARAH                            CT-3-SHA-H-560
PARDEE, CHANCEY                         CT-3-SHA-K-135
PARDEE, CHAUNCEY                        CT-3-SHA-23-450
PARDEE, CLARK                           CT-3-SHA-22-266
PARDEE, JEHIEL                          CT-3-SHA-I-403
PARDEE, SAMUEL                          CT-3-SHA-16-41
PARKS, JAMES                            CT-3-SHA-K-468
PARSONS, CHARLES M.                     CT-3-SHA-24-485
PARSONS, ENOCH                          CT-3-SHA-17-576
PARSONS, FREEMAN W.                     CT-3-SHA-23-368
PATCHEN, ABEL                           CT-3-SHA-K-23
PATRIDGE, JAMES                         CT-3-SHA-C-340
PATTERSON, CATHARINE                    CT-3-SHA-20-230
PEASE, NATHANIEL                        CT-3-SHA-13-298
PECK, ANN                               CT-3-SHA-23-498
PECK, CALVIN                            CT-3-SHA-18-478
PECK, ELIAS R.                          CT-3-SHA-23-514
PECK, JULIUS                            CT-3-SHA-14-489
PECK, LEE                               CT-3-SHA-18-295
PEIRCE, THOMAS                          CT-3-SHA-L-45
PENOYER, JACOB                          CT-3-SHA-12-305
PETTEE, JOANNA                          CT-3-SHA-21-351
PETTIBONE, GILES                        CT-3-SHA-L-89
PETTIT, ELIZABETH E.                    CT-3-SHA-24-85
PETTIT, JONATHAN                        CT-3-SHA-D-8
PEW, OLIVE                              CT-3-SHA-K-53
PHELPS, JOHN                            CT-3-SHA-I-176
PIERCE, SAMUEL                          CT-3-SHA-14-25
PORTER, JOSHUA                          CT-3-SHA-15-236
POTTER, JOSEPH                          CT-3-SHA-19-2
PRATT, AZERIAH                          CT-3-SHA-G-221
PRATT, LEWIS V.                         CT-3-SHA-22-324
PRENTICE, CHARLES                       CT-3-SHA-19-71
PRICHARD, ABIGAL                        CT-3-SHA-L-64
PRICHARD, JAMES                         CT-3-SHA-K-395
PRINLE, ESTHER A.                       CT-3-SHA-24-591
RANDALL, JOHN                           CT-3-SHA-K-211
RAUL, SIMEON                            CT-3-SHA-H-377
RAXFORD, ARTHUR                         CT-3-SHA-E-410
READ, ELIZABETH                         CT-3-SHA-B-19
REED, BALDIN                            CT-3-SHA-21-522
REED, BETSEY                            CT-3-SHA-24-382
REED, EDWARD                            CT-3-SHA-23-402
REED, ELIAS                             CT-3-SHA-G-403
REED, ISAAC                             CT-3-SHA-22-419
REED, JOHN                              CT-3-SHA-F-214
REED, JOHN                              CT-3-SHA-F-247
REED, RUTH                              CT-3-SHA-16-315A
REED, STEPHEN                           CT-3-SHA-L-346
REXFORD, ARTHUR                         CT-3-SHA-H-463
REYNOLDS, JOHN                          CT-3-SHA-H-202
RICHMOND, BENJAMIN                      CT-3-SHA-C-147
ROBBINS, SAMUEL                         CT-3-SHA-B-61
ROBERTS, SAMUEL                         CT-3-SHA-21-512
ROBINS, ESTER                           CT-3-SHA-I-48
ROCKWELL, SAMUEL                        CT-3-SHA-18-137
ROCKWELL, WILLIAM                       CT-3-SHA-19-246
ROOD, MARINER                           CT-3-SHA-E-221
ROOD, SAMUEL                            CT-3-SHA-20-342
ROOT, ALBERT AZARIAH                    CT-3-SHA-15-197
ROOT, CALEB                             CT-3-SHA-C-156
ROOT, ELIZABETH                         CT-3-SHA-18-193
ROOT, HIRAM                             CT-3-SHA-F-168
ROOTS, COLONEL                          CT-3-SHA-17-79
ROSSETTER, BENJAMIN                     CT-3-SHA-17-499
ROWLEY, JONATHAN                        CT-3-SHA-D-84
ROWLEY, PHINEAS                         CT-3-SHA-E-254
ROWLY, LEVI                             CT-3-SHA-K-56
RUIBLOE, MARY                           CT-3-SHA-20-87
SAINTJOHN, DANIEL                       CT-3-SHA-E-404
SARDAM, SOLOMON                         CT-3-SHA-15-288
SARDEM, LOUISA                          CT-3-SHA-21-334A
SAUNDERS, WILLIAM T.                    CT-3-SHA-16-380
SCOVILLE, JONATHAN                      CT-3-SHA-15-8
SELLECK, KILBOURN                       CT-3-SHA-16-432
SELLECK, NOAH                           CT-3-SHA-12-457
SELLECK, RUTH                           CT-3-SHA-17-124
SELLOCK, MARTHA                         CT-3-SHA-16-243
SHELDEN, MOSES                          CT-3-SHA-K-258
SHELDON, ABIGAIL                        CT-3-SHA-12-466
SIMON, STEPHEN                          CT-3-SHA-K-276
SIMONS, HARRIET                         CT-3-SHA-23-257
SKIFF, BENJAMIN                         CT-3-SHA-L-35
SKIFF, SAMUEL                           CT-3-SHA-15-186
SKIFF, SETH                             CT-3-SHA-19-248
SKIFF, WALTER                           CT-3-SHA-23-74
SKINNER, CATHARINE                      CT-3-SHA-23-56
SLATE, WILLIAM                          CT-3-SHA-K-88
SMITH, BENJAMIN                         CT-3-SHA-B-81
SMITH, CHARLES A.                       CT-3-SHA-23-463
SMITH, COTTON M.                        CT-3-SHA-K-154
SMITH, ELIJAH                           CT-3-SHA-K-198
SMITH, GIDEON                           CT-3-SHA-12-564
SMITH, JARED                            CT-3-SHA-L-434
SMITH, JONATHAN B.                      CT-3-SHA-19-296
SMITH, PAUL                             CT-3-SHA-15-251
SMITH, PLATT                            CT-3-SHA-24-123
SMITH, SAMUEL                           CT-3-SHA-L-259
SMITH, WILLARD                          CT-3-SHA-14-28
SMITH, WILLIAM MATHER                   CT-3-SHA-23-500
SPAULDING, MYRON                        CT-3-SHA-20-111
SPENCER, ALEXANDER                      CT-3-SHA-B-144
SPENCER, ELIZABETH                      CT-3-SHA-20-75
SPENCER, JOB                            CT-3-SHA-I-32
SPENCER, MARK                           CT-3-SHA-12-461
SPRAGUE, JOHN                           CT-3-SHA-C-63
SPRAGUE, JOHN                           CT-3-SHA-E-366
SPRAGUE, JONATHAN                       CT-3-SHA-K-164
STEPHEN, EBENEZER                       CT-3-SHA-I-538
STEPHENS, HENERY                        CT-3-SHA-G-144
STERLING, ANSEL                         CT-3-SHA-22-455
STERLING, ELISHA T.                     CT-3-SHA-20-399
STEVENS, AMY                            CT-3-SHA-20-239
STEVENS, ANDREW                         CT-3-SHA-15-461
STEVENS, URIAH                          CT-3-SHA-C-77
STILES, WILLIAM                         CT-3-SHA-L-488
STJOHN, LUCY                            CT-3-SHA-23-319
STJOHN, OLIVE                           CT-3-SHA-22-465
STJOHN, SILAS                           CT-3-SHA-K-45
STJOHN, TIMOTHY                         CT-3-SHA-K-166
STODDARD, ELIAKIM S.                    CT-3-SHA-23-541
STODDARD, ELIAKIM S.                    CT-3-SHA-24-400
STODDARD, JOSIAH                        CT-3-SHA-C-92
STRONG, ADONIJAH                        CT-3-SHA-L-393
STRONG, MARTIN                          CT-3-SHA-19-22
STUART, LUKE                            CT-3-SHA-G-214
STUDLEY, ABIGAIL                        CT-3-SHA-19-87
STUDLEY, GIDEON                         CT-3-SHA-19-267
STUDLY, JOSHUA                          CT-3-SHA-K-4A
STURGESS, MORRIS S.                     CT-3-SHA-15-458
SURDAM, JANE                            CT-3-SHA-D-114
SURDAM, SAMUEL                          CT-3-SHA-D-70
SURDAM, TUNIS                           CT-3-SHA-L-4
SURDAM, TUNIS                           CT-3-SHA-K-264
SWAN, CYRUS                             CT-3-SHA-17-536
SWIFT, ABIGAIL                          CT-3-SHA-D-281
SWIFT, ELISHA                           CT-3-SHA-23-237
SWIFT, JABEZ                            CT-3-SHA-C-204
SWIFT, MARY E.                          CT-3-SHA-24-481
SWIFT, REUBIN                           CT-3-SHA-D-146
TAYLOR, AUGUSTINE                       CT-3-SHA-12-553
THOMAS, JEREMIAH                        CT-3-SHA-K-503
THOMAS, JOSIAH                          CT-3-SHA-C-161
TICKNOR, LUTHER                         CT-3-SHA-21-425
TICKNOR, STEPHEN                        CT-3-SHA-23-188
TOBEY, MILES                            CT-3-SHA-13-220
TOBEY, MILES B.                         CT-3-SHA-17-441
TOWSLEY, MARTHA                         CT-3-SHA-L-87
TUCKER, URIAH                           CT-3-SHA-22-1
TUPPER, THOMAS                          CT-3-SHA-B-170
TUPPER, THOMAS                          CT-3-SHA-13-281
TURNER, JOHN                            CT-3-SHA-G-219
TYLER, BEZALEEL                         CT-3-SHA-C-102
VANDUSEN, CHARLES                       CT-3-SHA-22-101
VARENBURG, JACOB                        CT-3-SHA-K-479
WALDE, CYPRIN                           CT-3-SHA-H-476
WALL, TOBY                              CT-3-SHA-12-550
WALTERS, WILLIAM                        CT-3-SHA-13-479
WALTON, WILLIAM                         CT-3-SHA-F-329
WARNER, DANIEL                          CT-3-SHA-L-348
WARRIN, JAMES                           CT-3-SHA-G-61
WEED, ABRAHAM                           CT-3-SHA-23-494
WEED, BELDING                           CT-3-SHA-13-480
WELDEN, JOHN                            CT-3-SHA-K-433
WHITE, BENJAMIN H.                      CT-3-SHA-20-544
WHITE, DAVID                            CT-3-SHA-17-411
WHITE, GEORGE                           CT-3-SHA-E-343
WHITE, GEORGE                           CT-3-SHA-G-75
WHITE, ISAAC                            CT-3-SHA-G-95
WHITE, JAMES                            CT-3-SHA-18-334
WHITE, JOSHUA                           CT-3-SHA-C-123
WHITNEY, CORNELIUS                      CT-3-SHA-16-313
WHITNEY, DAVID                          CT-3-SHA-C-314
WHITNEY, JOHN                           CT-3-SHA-K-229
WHITTLESEY, JOHN                        CT-3-SHA-L-153
WHITTLESEY, JOHN                        CT-3-SHA-20-327
WILLIAMS, JACOB                         CT-3-SHA-14-544
WILLIAMS, JOHN                          CT-3-SHA-E-183
WILLIAMS, MARGARETT                     CT-3-SHA-H-282
WILLIAMS, WAIT                          CT-3-SHA-24-71
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM                       CT-3-SHA-H-328
WINEGAR, GARRET H.                      CT-3-SHA-23-473
WINEGAR, SAMUEL S.                      CT-3-SHA-19-218
WODORUFF, ELIAS                         CT-3-SHA-K-220
WOOD, ELIJAH                            CT-3-SHA-16-452
WOOD, JOSEPH                            CT-3-SHA-22-296
WOODSWORTH, JOSIAH                      CT-3-SHA-22-65
WOODWARD, ABEL                          CT-3-SHA-22-226
WRITE, EMAZIAH                          CT-3-SHA-H-359
YALE, ELISHA                            CT-3-SHA-15-240
YOUNG, WILLIAM                          CT-3-SHA-K-176
YOUNG, WILLIAM                          CT-3-SHA-15-155
YOUNGS, BENJAMIN                        CT-3-SHA-16-495

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