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(NEGRO), TONY                           MA-3-9-512
AATELL, THOMAS                          MA-3-22-73
ACKLEY, LEVI                            MA-3-21-425
ADAMS, BARNABAS                         MA-3-35-504
ADAMS, JAMES                            MA-3-22-295
ADAMS, JOHN                             MA-3-11-200
ADAMS, JOHN                             MA-3-4-13
ADAMS, RICHARD                          MA-3-6-60
ADAMS, SAMUEL                           MA-3-14-459
ALEXANDER, WILLIAM                      MA-3-18-404
ALLEN, BARTLETT                         MA-3-31-401
ALLEN, DANIEL                           MA-3-1-69
ALLEN, JOHN                             MA-3-9-101
ALLEN, JOHN H. ESQ. (CON'T)             MA-3-16-209
ALLEN, JOHN H. ESQ.                     MA-3-16-162
ALLEN, THOMAS (REV.)                    MA-3-15-219
ALLEN, THOMAS (REV.) (CON'T)            MA-3-15-266
AMOH, JACOB                             MA-3-29-291
ANDREWS, WILLIAM                        MA-3-5-357
ANDRUS, DANIEL                          MA-3-23-167
ANTHONY, DAVID                          MA-3-35-502
ARNOLD, JOSIAH                          MA-3-20-71
ARNOLD, NATHANIEL                       MA-3-33-259
ASHLEY, JOHN                            MA-3-11-172
ATTKINSON, JOHN                         MA-3-7-68
AUSTIN, ANTHONY                         MA-3-2-200B
AUSTIN, AUGUSTIN                        MA-3-14-334
AUSTIN, JOAB                            MA-3-23-317
AUSTIN, JOHN                            MA-3-27-103
AUSTIN, JOHN                            MA-3-31-342
AUSTIN, LEMUEL                          MA-3-10-385
AUSTIN, LEVI                            MA-3-28-73
AUSTIN, NATHANIEL                       MA-3-2-105A
AYRAULT, JAMES                          MA-3-17-380
BACKUS, JANE                            MA-3-19-246
BACKUS, SETH                            MA-3-17-108
BAGG, AARON                             MA-3-13-158
BAILY, WILLIAM                          MA-3-5-65
BAIRD, ASA                              MA-3-28-350
BAIRD, KENDALL                          MA-3-32-323
BAKER, FRANCIS                          MA-3-14-196
BAKER, JAMES                            MA-3-11-148
BAKER, JOHN                             MA-3-17-38
BAKER, THOMAS                           MA-3-22-249
BALDWIN, JOEL                           MA-3-14-86
BALLANTINE, WILLIAM G.                  MA-3-24-123
BANCROFT, EDMUND                        MA-3-14-437
BARBER, JOSEPH                          MA-3-8-504
BARKER, EZRA                            MA-3-22-170
BARKER, JAMES                           MA-3-8-539
BARKER, SILAS                           MA-3-16-256
BARNABE, CHANDLER                       MA-3-23-343
BARNES, JOSEPH                          MA-3-17-27
BARNS, COMFORT                          MA-3-34-1, 48
BARNS, MOSES                            MA-3-17-107
BARNS, MOSES                            MA-3-20-74
BARNUM, DAVID                           MA-3-2-6A
BARNUM, MOSES                           MA-3-34-490, 511
BARRETT, BARTHOLOMEW                    MA-3-6-210
BARRETT, NATHAN                         MA-3-28-447
BARSTOW, SAMUEL ESQ.                    MA-3-17-365
BARTLET, JOHN                           MA-3-9-205
BARTLET, WILLIAM                        MA-3-15-142
BARTLETT, ABRAHAM                       MA-3-11-199
BARTLETT, DEBORAH                       MA-3-35-116
BARTLETT, JAMES                         MA-3-25-137
BASSET, JOHN                            MA-3-12-382
BASSETT, AMOS                           MA-3-31-104
BASSETT, BENJAMIN                       MA-3-32-353
BASSETT, CATHARINE                      MA-3-33-15
BASSETT, CORNELIUS                      MA-3-25-28
BASSETT, JONATHAN                       MA-3-9-449
BATES, COMFORT                          MA-3-17-162
BAXTER, JOHN                            MA-3-19-341
BAXTER, PRUDENCE                        MA-3-24-352
BEDWELL, ADONIJAH                       MA-3-4-330
BEEBE, PETER                            MA-3-8-514
BELDEN, OLIVER                          MA-3-16-52
BELDEN, OLIVER ESQ.                     MA-3-25-26
BEMENT, ASA                             MA-3-18-241
BENEDICT, ISAAC                         MA-3-18-51
BENEDICT, MATTHEW                       MA-3-2-74B
BENJAMIN, NATHAN                        MA-3-5-217
BENNEY, JAOB                            MA-3-4-311
BENTON, ABRAHAM                         MA-3-17-508
BENTON, DARIUS                          MA-3-31-355
BENTON, DAVID                           MA-3-9-222
BENTON, JOHN                            MA-3-5-423
BETTY, JOHN                             MA-3-5-74
BILES, HOSEA                            MA-3-33-289
BILL, REUBEN                            MA-3-8-614
BINGHAM, SILAS                          MA-3-2-210B
BIRCHARD, JAMES                         MA-3-3-305
BIRD, JAMES                             MA-3-8-602
BLACKMAN, ABRHAM                        MA-3-12-96
BLACKMER, PAUL                          MA-3-12-194
BLAIR, ABSALOM                          MA-3-15-451
BLAIR, ABSALOM (CON'T)                  MA-3-15-476
BLAIR, EZEKIEL                          MA-3-6-277
BLISS, BENJAMIN                         MA-3-27-183
BLISS, DAVID                            MA-3-16-89
BLISS, WILLIAM                          MA-3-25-454
BOARDMAN, DANIEL                        MA-3-16-250
BOARDMAN, ELIZUR                        MA-3-6-440
BOARDMAN, JOSHUA                        MA-3-1-1
BOARDMAN, THEODORE                      MA-3-20-528
BOLSTER, LOTT                           MA-3-30-11
BOUGHTON, AZAR                          MA-3-13-21
BOUGHTON, MATTHEW                       MA-3-11-275
BOURNE, FRANCIS                         MA-3-26-233
BRADFORD, ELISHA                        MA-3-14-407
BRADLEY, DIMON                          MA-3-32-249
BRADLEY, ELISHA                         MA-3-19-388
BRADLEY, EPHRAIM                        MA-3-27-417
BRADLEY, HANNAH                         MA-3-35-65
BRADLEY, JESSE                          MA-3-16-323
BRADLEY, JESSE (CON'T)                  MA-3-16-428
BRADLEY, WILLIAM                        MA-3-15-1
BRADLEY, WILLIAM                        MA-3-26-443
BRANCH, VINE                            MA-3-28-379
BRATTLE, WILLIAM                        MA-3-8-409
BRAYMAN, SAMUEL                         MA-3-22-126
BREWER, JOSIAH                          MA-3-34-331
BREWER, NATHANIEL                       MA-3-18-184
BREWER, THANKFUL                        MA-3-34-430, 586
BRIDGES, JONATHAN                       MA-3-22-314
BRIDGES, JONATHAN                       MA-3-22-334
BRIEN, ABNER                            MA-3-7-73
BROOKS, JABEZ                           MA-3-21-63
BROWN, DAVID                            MA-3-17-258
BROWN, ELEAZER                          MA-3-16-322
BROWN, ELIJAH                           MA-3-34-489
BROWN, ELIJAH                           MA-3-34-544
BROWN, ELIJAH ESQ.                      MA-3-23-240
BROWN, RICHARD                          MA-3-33-311
BROWN, SAMUEL                           MA-3-7-338
BROWN, SAMUEL                           MA-3-4-246
BROWN, TIMOTHY                          MA-3-35-458
BROWN, WILLIAM                          MA-3-5-161
BROWNELL, THOMAS                        MA-3-26-69
BROWNSON, OZIAS ESQ.                    MA-3-15-301
BRUNSON, WILLIAM                        MA-3-11-15
BRYAN, AUGUSTUS                         MA-3-1-96
BRYAN, REUBEN                           MA-3-12-478
BRYANT, CALVIN                          MA-3-34-114
BUCK, EBENEZER                          MA-3-35-358
BUCKLEY, NICHOLAS                       MA-3-8-116
BUCKLIN, DARIUS                         MA-3-19-277
BUDD, JOHN                              MA-3-12-175
BUDD, MARY                              MA-3-26-357
BURBANK, DANIEL                         MA-3-11-242
BURDICK, DANIEL                         MA-3-2-176A
BURGHARD, MATTHEW                       MA-3-5-315
BURGHARDT, GARREDT                      MA-3-10-314
BURGHARDT, JERUSHA                      MA-3-25-347
BURGHARDT, JOHN 2ND                     MA-3-17-474
BURRALL, DAVID                          MA-3-25-380
BURRALL, HANNAH                         MA-3-34-89
BUSH, GIDEON                            MA-3-15-96
BUSH, OBADIAH                           MA-3-8-108
BUSSEY, JESSE                           MA-3-17-40
BUTTS, JOSIAH                           MA-3-35-487
BYINGTON, ISAIAH                        MA-3-35-370
CADWELL, ABIGAIL                        MA-3-12-424
CADWELL, TIMOTHY                        MA-3-20-125
CADY, ELEAZER                           MA-3-34-390, 545
CALLENDER, ABNER                        MA-3-10-504
CALLENDER, JOHN                         MA-3-3-224
CALLENDER, PRUDENCE                     MA-3-27-203
CAMPBELL, JOHN                          MA-3-26-481
CAMPBELL, WILLIAM                       MA-3-27-333
CANFIELD, SAMUEL                        MA-3-13-164
CARD, JOHN                              MA-3-19-41
CARPENTER, ABNER                        MA-3-35-515
CARPENTER, STEPHEN                      MA-3-19-275
CARR, ROBERT                            MA-3-21-532
CARTER, AMOS                            MA-3-15-465
CASE, EPHRAIM                           MA-3-10-435
CASE, JOEL                              MA-3-8-136
CATLIN, JACOB                           MA-3-29-294
CHADWICK, ABIATHAR                      MA-3-14-1
CHADWICK, HEMAN                         MA-3-19-469
CHAMBERLIN, JOEL                        MA-3-10-267
CHAPEL, AMOS                            MA-3-34-1
CHAPEL, AMOS                            MA-3-34-88
CHAPEL, JOSEPH                          MA-3-28-418
CHAPEL, RICHARD                         MA-3-28-246
CHAPELL, WILLIAM                        MA-3-27-478
CHAPIN, DAVID                           MA-3-29-128
CHAPIN, JAPETH                          MA-3-9-253
CHAPIN, JOSHUA                          MA-3-10-481
CHAPMAN, EZRA                           MA-3-21-350
CHAPMAN, STEPHEN                        MA-3-14-174
CHAPMAN, ZEBADIAH                       MA-3-12-218
CHAPPEL, SAMUEL                         MA-3-21-202
CHASE, BENJAMIN                         MA-3-25-483
CHIDSEY, JOSEPH                         MA-3-7-129
CHURCH, NOAH                            MA-3-9-457
CHURCHILL, ELIZEBETH                    MA-3-22-205
CHURCHILL, JACOB                        MA-3-20-31
CHURCHILL, JOHN                         MA-3-22-523
CHURCHILL, SAMUEL                       MA-3-15-282
CLARK, AMY                              MA-3-35-486
CLARK, BENJAMIN                         MA-3-15-46
CLARK, BENJAMIN                         MA-3-30-9
CLARK, DAVID                            MA-3-3-139
CLARK, DAVID                            MA-3-28-108
CLARK, JAMES                            MA-3-21-327
CLARK, JOEL                             MA-3-27-204
CLARK, UZZIEL                           MA-3-20-192
CLINE, JOHN                             MA-3-33-171
COGSWELL, ASAHEL                        MA-3-8-41
COGSWELL, JOSEPH                        MA-3-4-80
COGSWELL, NATHAN                        MA-3-25-204
COLE, JAMES                             MA-3-34-149
COLLINS, ABRAHAM                        MA-3-20-347
COLLINS, DANIEL (REV.)                  MA-3-25-434
COLLINS, MANASSEH                       MA-3-13-471
COLLINS, OLIVER                         MA-3-14-245
COLT, JABEZ                             MA-3-14-458
COLT, MIRIAM                            MA-3-15-423
COMSTOCK, ISHMAEL                       MA-3-23-429
COMSTOCK, THOMAS                        MA-3-15-405
COMSTOCK, THOMAS (CON'T)                MA-3-16-82
CONANT, GEORGE                          MA-3-7-344
CONE, CORNELIUS                         MA-3-21-116
CONVERS, AMASA                          MA-3-29-217
COOK, WALTER                            MA-3-2-191B
COOPER, EBENEZER                        MA-3-27-421
COOPER, MATTHEW                         MA-3-18-68
COOPER, SAMUEL                          MA-3-13-356
COOPER, SAMUEL                          MA-3-27-313
CORBIN, JOSEPH                          MA-3-2-56B
CORNELL, JAMES                          MA-3-23-225
CRANE, SILAS                            MA-3-28-346
CRANE, WILLIAM                          MA-3-22-115
CRITTENDEN, ICHABOD                     MA-3-28-103
CROCKER, JOHN R.                        MA-3-30-167
CROCKER, THOMAS                         MA-3-9-21
CROCKER, WILLIAM                        MA-3-29-222
CURTIS, ABEL                            MA-3-35-234
CURTIS, ELNATHAN                        MA-3-3-131
CURTIS, ENOS                            MA-3-6-145
CURTIS, ISAAC                           MA-3-35-43
CURTIS, JOSEPH ESQ.                     MA-3-15-165
CURTIS, SELDON                          MA-3-16-253
CURTISS, AZOR                           MA-3-4-251
DAGGETT, PENELOPE                       MA-3-10-358
DAILEY, GEORGE                          MA-3-15-47
DAKIN, JOSHUA                           MA-3-18-405
DANFORTH, JONATHAN                      MA-3-11-33
DANIEL, PELATIAH                        MA-3-34-463
DAUGHERTY, JAMES                        MA-3-23-190
DAVIS, FRANCIS                          MA-3-35-363
DAVIS, GARDNER                          MA-3-21-114
DAVIS, ISAAC                            MA-3-2-209B
DAVISON, ZEPHANIAH                      MA-3-14-206
DAY, JOHN                               MA-3-32-207
DAY, WILLIAM                            MA-3-9-257
DEAN, ASA                               MA-3-27-154
DEMING, ABIA                            MA-3-10-387
DEMING, ELIZER                          MA-3-29-462
DEMING, JOHN                            MA-3-6-335
DEMING,HANNAH                           MA-3-30-107
DEMMING, DAVID                          MA-3-6-319
DEMMING, JOSEPH                         MA-3-4-220
DEWEY, ANNER                            MA-3-9-399
DEWEY, BENEDICT                         MA-3-8-544
DEWEY, DANIEL ESQ.                      MA-3-19-433
DEWEY, ISRAEL                           MA-3-2-22A
DEWEY, MARTIN                           MA-3-1-30
DEWEY, STEPHEN                          MA-3-9-76
DEWOLF, EZEKIEL                         MA-3-18-236
DIBELL, JOHN                            MA-3-30-85
DILLINHAM, MARY                         MA-3-8-415
DIX, LYDIA                              MA-3-4-210
DOANE, PRINCE                           MA-3-10-78
DODGE, FRANCIS                          MA-3-25-64
DODGE, JOHN                             MA-3-18-518
DODGE, JOHN                             MA-3-9-274
DORWIN, AMOS                            MA-3-9-459
DOUD, CORNELIUS                         MA-3-10-77
DRAKE, WILLIAM                          MA-3-1-56
DUDLEY, GEORGE                          MA-3-7-15
DUDLEY, JOHN                            MA-3-14-76
DWIGHT, ABIGAIL                         MA-3-7-90
DWIGHT, JOSEPH                          MA-3-1-47
EASLAND, JOHN GEORGE                    MA-3-10-402
EATON, JOHN                             MA-3-6-232
EDARDS, WILLIAM                         MA-3-9-30
EDDY, LOVED                             MA-3-35-10
EDMUNDS, EDWARD                         MA-3-17-165
EDWARDS, MERCY                          MA-3-26-131
EELLS, JOHN                             MA-3-18-67
ELAND, CALEB                            MA-3-10-316
ELLIS, JABEZ                            MA-3-35-215
ELLIS, JOHN                             MA-3-11-292
ELY, JOHN                               MA-3-11-126
ELY, NOAH                               MA-3-9-511
ELY, REUBEN                             MA-3-28-382
ENSIGN, JACOB                           MA-3-16-501
EVARTS, DAVID                           MA-3-22-526
EVERTS, JOEL                            MA-3-15-44
FAIRCHILD, MOSES                        MA-3-28-363
FAIRCHILD, ZECHARIAH                    MA-3-18-497
FAIRCHILDS, DANIEL                      MA-3-35-138
FAIRFIELD, ENOCH                        MA-3-28-348
FAIRFIELD, JOSEPH                       MA-3-31-49
FALLEY, SAMUEL                          MA-3-16-229
FALLY, MIRIAM                           MA-3-16-500
FARNAM, JOSEPH                          MA-3-13-78
FARNHAM, STEPHEN                        MA-3-2-100B
FARNUM, JOHN                            MA-3-27-86
FARRAR, JOSEPH                          MA-3-13-448
FARWOOD, JOHN                           MA-3-14-455
FELL, MERIAM                            MA-3-6-20
FELLOWS, EZRA                           MA-3-12-423
FELLOWS, WILLIAM                        MA-3-20-18
FENN,THEOPHILUS                         MA-3-34-567
FERRE, JOHN                             MA-3-11-362
FERRE, SAMUEL                           MA-3-8-251
FERRY, ISAAC                            MA-3-34-190
FINCH, ISAAC                            MA-3-25-209
FISH, WILLIAM                           MA-3-21-130
FISK, DANIEL                            MA-3-6-33
FISK, EPHRAIM                           MA-3-17-188
FISK, JOHN                              MA-3-21-241
FITCH, ABIGAIL                          MA-3-16-103
FLETCHER, EBENEZER                      MA-3-12-317
FOLLIOTT, JAMES                         MA-3-14-68
FONDA, ABRAHAM                          MA-3-1-32
FOOT, DANIEL                            MA-3-35-502
FORD, ELISHA                            MA-3-10-166
FORD, MARGARETT                         MA-3-28-344
FOSKET, SAMUEL                          MA-3-25-327
FOUSETH, JONATHAN                       MA-3-10-300
FOWLER, STEPHEN                         MA-3-27-176
FRANCIS, JOHN                           MA-3-18-238
FRANCIS, JOHN                           MA-3-17-507
FRANCIS, WILLIAM                        MA-3-22-2
FRANK, CALEB                            MA-3-31-18
FRANKLIN, GIDEON                        MA-3-8-255
FRANKLIN, OLIVER                        MA-3-15-114
FREDERICK, CHARLES                      MA-3-20-540
FREEMAN, ELIZABETH                      MA-3-34-49
FREEMAN, THANKFUL                       MA-3-13-277
FREESE, JOHN                            MA-3-18-480
FREMAN, ELI, HAMPSHIRE, MA              MA-3-1-13
FULLER, JEREMIAH                        MA-3-5-354
FULLER, JUDAH                           MA-3-23-171
GALPIN, CALEB                           MA-3-7-400
GARDNER, CALEB B.                       MA-3-13-210
GARFIELD, ENOCH                         MA-3-27-405
GARFIELD, ISAAC                         MA-3-15-512
GASTON, ALEXANDER                       MA-3-4-153
GATES, SAMUEL                           MA-3-30-42
GEAR, HEZEKIAH                          MA-3-25-378
GIBBS, SAMUEL                           MA-3-33-309
GILBERT, EBENEZER                       MA-3-13-166
GILBERT, ELIJAH                         MA-3-33-364
GILLT, JOHN                             MA-3-10-40
GODFREY, CALEB                          MA-3-11-291
GOODPALLETTE, MICHAEL                   MA-3-25-31, 94
GOODRICH, CHARLES ESQ.                  MA-3-20-116
GOODRICH, ELIJAH                        MA-3-7-295
GOODRICH, JAMES                         MA-3-19-494
GOODRICH, JARED                         MA-3-1-148A
GOODRICH, THOMAS                        MA-3-35-360
GOODRICH, ZACCHEUS                      MA-3-13-96
GORTON, JOHN                            MA-3-23-40
GRAY, SARAH                             MA-3-15-2
GREECE, JOHN                            MA-3-9-273
GRIFFING, JASPER                        MA-3-13-516
GRISWOLD, EZEKIEL                       MA-3-33-214
GUNN, ELEANOR                           MA-3-1-142A
GUNNELL, FRANKLIN                       MA-3-31-344
HADSALL, DORCAS                         MA-3-13-365
HADSALL, WILLIAM                        MA-3-3-220
HALL, AMBROS                            MA-3-10-302
HALL, CONSIDER                          MA-3-3-215
HALL, GEORGE                            MA-3-25-360
HALL, MEHETABEL                         MA-3-13-472
HALL, NICHOLAS                          MA-3-15-513
HAMILTON, BENJAMIN                      MA-3-32-325
HAMLIN, RICHARD                         MA-3-31-16
HAND, SAMUEL                            MA-3-33-320
HARKNESS, ADAM                          MA-3-30-121
HARMAN, MOSES                           MA-3-16-534
HARMON, JEHIAL                          MA-3-25-416
HARMON, JONATHAN                        MA-3-32-285
HARMON, MARK                            MA-3-26-20
HARRINGTON, DANIEL                      MA-3-28-173
HARRIS, NATHAN                          MA-3-23-436
HARRISON, ABEL                          MA-3-10-370
HARRISON, ALMON                         MA-3-29-451
HASKILL, TIMOTHY                        MA-3-23-306
HATHAWAY, LEMUEL                        MA-3-20-142
HATHAWAY, ZACCHEUS                      MA-3-22-59
HAY, JENNETTE                           MA-3-28-335
HEATH, ISAAC                            MA-3-5-3
HEATH, JOHN                             MA-3-22-336
HEATH, JOHN                             MA-3-5-102
HERMAN, ANAN                            MA-3-11-73
HERMAN, ANAN                            MA-3-11-73
HICKOK, JEREMIAH                        MA-3-14-347
HICKOX, JOHN                            MA-3-5-6
HICOCK, STEPHEN                         MA-3-6-436
HIGLEY, JOSEPH                          MA-3-27-243
HILL, CALEB                             MA-3-9-209
HILLS, ASHBIL                           MA-3-22-253
HINCKLEY, EDMUND                        MA-3-25-138
HINDS, ENOCH                            MA-3-1-125B
HINMAN, REUBEN                          MA-3-7-314
HINSDALE, JONATHAN                      MA-3-15-421
HITCHCOCK, SAMUEL                       MA-3-2-41B
HOBBS, DANIEL                           MA-3-13-326
HODGES, SIMON                           MA-3-20-47
HOLDEN, JABEZ                           MA-3-9-413
HOLEMBECK, MICHAEL                      MA-3-7-394
HOLENBECK, JOHN                         MA-3-2-75A
HOLLENBECK, DERICK                      MA-3-19-220
HOLMES, ISAAC                           MA-3-22-211
HOLMES, LOTHROP                         MA-3-14-296
HOPKINS, ELECTA                         MA-3-9-508
HOPKINS, ICHABOD                        MA-3-23-170
HOPKINS, JOHN                           MA-3-1-7
HOPKINS, SAMUEL                         MA-3-12-452
HORFFORD, JOHN                          MA-3-6-147
HOSKINS, ASA                            MA-3-6-286
HOUGH, EBENEZER                         MA-3-34-364
HOUSE, BENAJAH                          MA-3-16-161
HOW, NATHANIEL                          MA-3-16-189
HOWES, JOHN                             MA-3-26-303
HOWLAND, SHUBAEL                        MA-3-32-50
HUBBARD, DANIEL                         MA-3-2-72A
HUBBARD, JAMES                          MA-3-18-6
HUBBARD, JUDD                           MA-3-35-203
HUBBARD, PAUL                           MA-3-5-1
HUBBELL, CALVIN                         MA-3-31-378
HUBBELL, JEDEDIAH                       MA-3-23-125, 140
HUBBLE, MATHEW                          MA-3-1-141A
HUBBY, JONATHAN                         MA-3-8-517
HULL, JOSEPH                            MA-3-6-94
HUMPHREY, ISAAC                         MA-3-22-209
HURLEY,  JARED                          MA-3-8-395
HUTCHINSON, EBENEZER                    MA-3-6-148
HYDE, ANDREW                            MA-3-19-2
HYDE, JOHN                              MA-3-29-397
HYDE, JOHN                              MA-3-31-192
INGALLS, SAMUEL                         MA-3-9-56
INGERSOLL, JARED                        MA-3-28-342
INGERSOLL, MOSES                        MA-3-17-449
INGERSOLL, WILLIAM ESQ.                 MA-3-20-33
ISBELL, NOAH                            MA-3-12-383
ISSLEIBER, JOHN                         MA-3-21-132
IVES, THOMAS ESQ.                       MA-3-18-278
JACKSON, EBENEZER                       MA-3-18-138
JACKSON, GILES ESQ.                     MA-3-15-221
JACKSON, JOSHUA                         MA-3-16-409
JACOB, RICHARD                          MA-3-14-306
JAGGER, ELIAS                           MA-3-12-117
JAGGER, SARAH                           MA-3-19-245
JENCKS, EDMUND                          MA-3-21-47
JOHNSON, JACOB                          MA-3-8-272
JOHNSON, JOHN                           MA-3-3-311
JOHNSON, JOHN                           MA-3-32-241
JOHNSON, ROBERT                         MA-3-21-397
JONES, EBENEZER                         MA-3-29-27
JONES, ELIJAH                           MA-3-4-205
JONES, EPHRAIM                          MA-3-23-144
JONES, ISRAEL                           MA-3-33-342
JONES, ISRAEL                           MA-3-34-556
JONES, JOHN                             MA-3-1-90
JONES, JOSIAH                           MA-3-8-473
JONES, SETH                             MA-3-22-58
JONES, THOMAS                           MA-3-12-480
JOYNER, OCTAVIUS                        MA-3-31-271
JUDD, BENJAMIN                          MA-3-9-156
JUDD, OZIAS                             MA-3-13-276
JUDD, TIMOTHY                           MA-3-23-15
JUDSON, EPHRAIM (REV.)                  MA-3-17-75
KEEP, JOHN                              MA-3-5-99
KELEY, DANIEL                           MA-3-15-261
KELEY, ELIJAH                           MA-3-17-472
KELLOGG, AMOS                           MA-3-1-129B
KELLOGG, EPHRAIM                        MA-3-22-476
KELLOGG, NATHANIEL                      MA-3-14-140
KELLOGG, NATHANIEL                      MA-3-25-412
KELLOGG, OLIVER                         MA-3-34-163
KELLOGG, SAMUEL                         MA-3-6-212
KELLOGG, SILAS                          MA-3-7-390
KEYES, ELISA                            MA-3-2-158A
KIBBE, EBENEZER                         MA-3-24-43
KILBORN, JONATHAN                       MA-3-1-144A
KILEY, REUBEN                           MA-3-12-364
KILLEY, ISAAC                           MA-3-19-79
KING, ELDAD                             MA-3-8-69
KING, ELIJAH                            MA-3-27-476
KING, HULDAH                            MA-3-14-171
KING, SOLOMON                           MA-3-14-445
KING, WALTER (REV.)                     MA-3-20-342
KINGSLEY, JONATHAN                      MA-3-5-333
KINGSLEY, NATHANIEL                     MA-3-13-469
KINNE, AARON                            MA-3-27-366
KITTREDGE, MARY                         MA-3-35-332
KLINE, JOHN C.                          MA-3-33-153
KNAP, ALEXANDER                         MA-3-9-289
KNAP, EZRA                              MA-3-2-126A
KNAPP, ABIJAH                           MA-3-22-36
KNEELAND, ISAAC                         MA-3-12-192
KNIGHT, URIAH                           MA-3-9-438
KNOWLES, PAUL                           MA-3-20-349
KRIFFER, MARGARET                       MA-3-6-351
KRIGER, PETER                           MA-3-1-145B
KRUGER, JOHN GEORGE                     MA-3-5-232
LANDERS, THOMAS                         MA-3-16-53
LANE, HEZEKIAH                          MA-3-14-386
LANE, JOHN                              MA-3-13-134
LANE, WILLIAM                           MA-3-23-50
LAPHAM, BENJAMIN                        MA-3-12-200
LAPHAM, DANIEL                          MA-3-4-306
LATHROP, URIAH                          MA-3-32-447
LEE, GILES                              MA-3-6-491
LEE, STEPHEN                            MA-3-4-222
LEE, WILLIAM                            MA-3-19-404
LELAND, EBENEZER                        MA-3-12-505
LEONARD, HANNAH                         MA-3-21-176
LEWIS, BENJAMIN                         MA-3-16-252
LEWIS, GEORGE                           MA-3-29-378
LEWIS, JOHN                             MA-3-2-71A
LEWIS, JOHN                             MA-3-2-65B
LIFFERT, JOHN                           MA-3-27-56
LINDSEY, DAVID                          MA-3-9-297
LOOMIS, SAMUEL                          MA-3-4-47
LORD, DANIEL                            MA-3-12-477
LOVEL, ZACHEUS                          MA-3-31-292
LYMAN, MOSES                            MA-3-16-16
LYMAN, NOAH                             MA-3-10-384
LYNCH, LAWRENCE                         MA-3-20-344
MANNING, JAMES                          MA-3-14-484
MANSFIELD, DANIEL                       MA-3-11-104
MANWARRING, JOHN                        MA-3-3-303
MAOSN, HEZEKIAH                         MA-3-29-375
MARKS, LEVI                             MA-3-26-326
MARTIN, NOAH                            MA-3-10-433
MARVIN, SILAS                           MA-3-35-161
MASON, NAHAN                            MA-3-12-177
MASON, SAMPSON                          MA-3-28-467
MASON,PHILIP                            MA-3-17-324
MATTOON, CHARLES                        MA-3-18-237
MATTOON, JOHN                           MA-3-30-292
MAWLAM, POLLY                           MA-3-31-218
MCCARTHY, DANIEL                        MA-3-20-437
MCCOLLUM, MALCOLM                       MA-3-18-136
MCELWAIN, TIMOTHY                       MA-3-29-224
MCKEAN, LINUS                           MA-3-34-489, 516
MCKNIGHT, JAMES                         MA-3-28-196
MCKNIGHT, JOHN                          MA-3-27-238
MCKNIGHT, SUSANNAH                      MA-3-17-255
MEAD, STEPHEN                           MA-3-8-326
MEEKER, BENJAMIN                        MA-3-2-124B
MERRILL, DANIEL                         MA-3-16-470
MERRILL, DANIEL                         MA-3-14-186
MERRIMAN, ABRAHAM                       MA-3-28-375
MERRIMAN, BENJAMIN                      MA-3-17-447
MERRYFIELD, CYRENUS                     MA-3-33-58
MERRYFIELD, JOHN                        MA-3-24-40
MERWIN, STEPHEN                         MA-3-8-14
MESSINGER, GEORGE                       MA-3-29-31
MILK, JOB                               MA-3-12-116
MILLARD, MATTHEW                        MA-3-16-105
MILLER, DAVID                           MA-3-12?367
MILLER, NATHANIEL                       MA-3-26-399, 452
MILLIKAN, MARY                          MA-3-17-259
MILLS, SAMUEL                           MA-3-18-357
MINER, RUFUS                            MA-3-28-262
MIX, EBENEZER                           MA-3-1-52
MOFFITT, LEMUEL                         MA-3-20-505
MOORE, JOSEPH                           MA-3-31-325
MORAN, WILLIAM                          MA-3-21-240
MORGAN, CONSIDER                        MA-3-11-19
MORILL, JEANNE MARIA                    MA-3-15-488
MORRIS, WILLIAM                         MA-3-7-281
MORSE, DANIEL                           MA-3-23-279
MOSELY, JOSIAH                          MA-3-29-363
MTOHKSIN, JOHANNIS                      MA-3-2-117B
MUMFORD, ANDREW                         MA-3-3-338
MUNSON, JOHN                            MA-3-33-108
NASH, DANIEL                            MA-3-8-318
NASH, JONATHAN                          MA-3-8-341
NASH, STEPHEN                           MA-3-12-1
NASH, STEPHEN                           MA-3-1-122
NEGRO, COFFEE                           MA-3-1-26
NEWELL, EBENEZER                        MA-3-14-87
NEWELL, JOSIAH                          MA-3-22-377
NEWMAN, SAMUEL                          MA-3-25-70
NICHOLS, JOHN                           MA-3-21-337
NICHOLS, JOHN                           MA-3-23-398
NOBLE, ELISHA                           MA-3-1-127B
NOBLE, NATHANIEL                        MA-3-27-290
NOBLE, OBADIAH                          MA-3-5-444
NOBLE, PHEBE                            MA-3-35-27
NORTH, LEYLENDIA                        MA-3-10-288
NORTHRUP, AMOS                          MA-3-15-231
NORTON, BIRDSEY                         MA-3-16-334
NORTON, CHARLES                         MA-3-22-62
NORTON, MARTIN                          MA-3-2-73B
NORTON, REUBEN S.                       MA-3-14-409
NORTON, SAMUEL                          MA-3-31-115
NORTON, SARAH                           MA-3-34-408
NOYES, MEHITABLE                        MA-3-35-357
NOYES, SAMUEL                           MA-3-35-114
NYE, JOHN                               MA-3-29-118
NYE, LEVI                               MA-3-28-423
OBRIAN, JOHN                            MA-3-14-116
OLDS, EBENEZER                          MA-3-11-91
ORTON, THOMAS                           MA-3-6-333
OSBORN, JONATHAN                        MA-3-22-473
OSBORN, JOSIAH                          MA-3-34-390
OSBORN, VIVUS                           MA-3-34-493
PALMETRY, DANIEL                        MA-3-13-209
PARK, NEHEMIAH                          MA-3-2-171B
PARKER, RUFUS                           MA-3-9-188
PARKS, ABIJAH                           MA-3-17-382
PARKS, JAMES                            MA-3-15-491
PARSONS, ELI                            MA-3-25-261
PARSONS, ELIHU                          MA-3-5-240
PARTRIDGE, SAMUEL                       MA-3-31-291
PATERSON, ANDREW                        MA-3-9-221
PATTERSON, ANDREW                       MA-3-31-159
PAUL, JAMES                             MA-3-34-416
PEARL, RICHARD                          MA-3-28-250
PEARSE, SARAH                           MA-3-28-105
PEIRSON, NATHAN                         MA-3-29-54
PELTON, JOSEPH                          MA-3-23-459
PEPOON, ABIGAIL                         MA-3-35-456, 510
PERIN, JESSE                            MA-3-10-356
PERKINS, EPHRAIM                        MA-3-17-113
PERKINS, MARY                           MA-3-20-244
PERRY, DAVID                            MA-3-21-288
PETERS, WILLIAM                         MA-3-13-105
PETTIBONE, JONATHAN                     MA-3-25-67
PETTIBONE, PHILOTS                      MA-3-24-210
PHELPS, JOSIAH                          MA-3-32-171, 263, 390
PHELPS, SEYMOUR                         MA-3-30-346
PHELPS, ZACCHEUS                        MA-3-18-284
PICKET, JOHN                            MA-3-13-410
PIER, THOMAS                            MA-3-2-76A
PIKE, OZIAS                             MA-3-34-587
PIXLEY, WILLIAM                         MA-3-14-118
PLATT, ABIAL                            MA-3-28-604
PLUMB, EBENEZER                         MA-3-25-104
PLUMMER, FRANCIS                        MA-3-20-471
POMEROY, QUARTUS                        MA-3-15-312
PORTER, MEHITABLE                       MA-3-35-68
POWEL, MILES                            MA-3-7-221
POWELL, ELIJAH                          MA-3-9-291
POWELL, ELISABETH                       MA-3-13-254
PRATT, BARNARD                          MA-3-13-339
PRATT, DAVID                            MA-3-27-457
PRESTON, NATHANIEL                      MA-3-28-570
PRINDLE, AARON                          MA-3-9-206
PRINDLE, JONATHAN                       MA-3-3-260
PURVIS, JOHN                            MA-3-15-486
PUTNAM, JOHN                            MA-3-29-57
RACE, ISAAC                             MA-3-25-248
RAES, WILLIAM                           MA-3-5-87
RAMER, JACOB                            MA-3-6-69
RATHBUN, NATHANIEL                      MA-3-15-167
RAWSON, SAMUEL                          MA-3-5-215
RAWSON, THOMPSON                        MA-3-33-291
RAY, ARTEMAS                            MA-3-33-79, 216
RAY, WILLIAM                            MA-3-27-473
RAYMOND, JOSEPH JR.                     MA-3-14-145
READ, BETTY                             MA-3-20-49
REDFIELD, BERIAH                        MA-3-23-91
REED, ABRAHAM                           MA-3-22-381
REES, JOHN                              MA-3-19-200
REES, MARTHA                            MA-3-29-230
REMINGTON, CALEB                        MA-3-14-367
REYNOLDS, JOHN                          MA-3-22-469
REYNOLDS, JOHN                          MA-3-23-420
RICE, ABISHA                            MA-3-9-177
RICE, BEZALEEL                          MA-3-9-363
RICE, MARY                              MA-3-13-482
RICH, MOSES                             MA-3-20-233
RICHMOND, JOHN                          MA-3-9-173
RICHMOND, SILAS                         MA-3-15-227
RIDINGTON, ELIPHALET                    MA-3-18-359
RIPLEY, JONATHAN                        MA-3-10-287
ROBBINS, ELIENAI                        MA-3-13-429
ROBBINS, MARY                           MA-3-11-395
ROBBINS, NATHANIEL                      MA-3-8-562
ROBBINS, OLIVER                         MA-3-31-94
ROBBINS, WILLIAM D.                     MA-3-27-431
ROBBLEE, WILLIAM                        MA-3-8-74
ROBERTS, EDWARD                         MA-3-17-170
ROBERTS, EDWARD                         MA-3-34-256
ROBERTS, EDWARD                         MA-3-29-117
ROBINSON, ANDREW                        MA-3-16-134
ROBINSON, HANNAH                        MA-3-21-65
ROGERS, CLARK                           MA-3-13-60
ROGERS, JOHN                            MA-3-20-305
ROGERS, JOSIAH                          MA-3-35-118
ROOT, AARON                             MA-3-14-138
ROOT, ALBERT                            MA-3-27-383
ROOT, ELI                               MA-3-12-246
ROOT, HUIT                              MA-3-6-152
ROOT, OLIVER                            MA-3-29-383
ROSS, THOMAS                            MA-3-13-1
ROSSETER, EUNICE                        MA-3-26-29
ROSSITER, NATHAN                        MA-3-18-133
ROSSITER, NATHAN                        MA-3-34-31
ROYCE, ADONIJAH                         MA-3-13-376
RUDD, ELISHA                            MA-3-15-231
RUDD, JONATHAN                          MA-3-1-122B
RUDE, JACOB                             MA-3-6-59
RUMBELOW, THOMAS                        MA-3-13-367
RUSSELL, JOHN                           MA-3-12-223
SACKET, SOLOMON                         MA-3-18-463
SACKETT, DANIEL                         MA-3-27-246
SAFFORD, ELISHA                         MA-3-6-309
SAGE, JEDEDIAH                          MA-3-12-248
SANFORD, ZACHARIAH                      MA-3-5-426
SCOTT, STEPHEN                          MA-3-13-103
SCOTT, SYLVANUS                         MA-3-31-240
SCOTT, THOMAS                           MA-3-20-72
SCOTT, THOMAS                           MA-3-9-100
SCRIPTURE, JEREMIAH                     MA-3-15-407
SEARS, JOSHUA                           MA-3-2-154A
SEARS, PHILIP                           MA-3-35-326
SEDGWICK, ASHER                         MA-3-35-261
SEDGWICK, THEODORE (LLD)                MA-3-16-523
SERGEANT, ERASTUS ESQ.                  MA-3-19-77
SHARP, PETER                            MA-3-5-336
SHEARMAN, HANNAH                        MA-3-7-96
SHEARMAN, SARAH                         MA-3-7-113
SHELDON, ASENAH                         MA-3-13-170
SHELDON, CALEB                          MA-3-18-524
SHELDON, ELIJAH                         MA-3-26-277
SHELDON, SAMUEL                         MA-3-2-69B
SHEPARD, SOLOMON                        MA-3-34-333
SHERMAN, JOB                            MA-3-17-406
SIMONDS, ANNA                           MA-3-13-338
SIMONDS, BENJAMIN                       MA-3-13-333
SIMONS, ELI                             MA-3-32-134
SISSON, JOHN                            MA-3-6-164
SKINNER, BENJAMIN                       MA-3-33-91
SLOAN, SAMUEL ESQ.                      MA-3-17-361
SLOCUM, BENJAMIN                        MA-3-7-131
SLOSSON, DAVID                          MA-3-12-316
SLY, WILLIAM                            MA-3-14-310
SMEDLEY, JOHN                           MA-3-8-121
SMEDLEY, LYDIA                          MA-3-7-174
SMEDLEY, NEHEMIAH                       MA-3-6-353
SMITH, ABIGAIL                          MA-3-1-137A
SMITH, AMOS                             MA-3-19-148
SMITH, BENJAMIN                         MA-3-17-111
SMITH, BENJAMIN                         MA-3-29-312
SMITH, BENJAMIN                         MA-3-25-298
SMITH, DANIEL                           MA-3-29-442
SMITH, EBENEZER                         MA-3-8-508
SMITH, EBENEZER ESQ.                    MA-3-20-487
SMITH, ELISHA                           MA-3-16-206
SMITH, ISAAC JR.                        MA-3-21-495
SMITH, JOEL                             MA-3-9-431
SMITH, JONATHAN                         MA-3-11-150
SMITH, JOSIAH                           MA-3-4-56
SMITH, LABAN                            MA-3-15-243
SMITH, LEVI 1ST                         MA-3-32-133
SMITH, NATHAN                           MA-3-16-333
SMITH, PHINEAS                          MA-3-6-17
SMITH, SAMUEL                           MA-3-34-330
SMITH, SILAS                            MA-3-13-108
SMITH, WILLIAM                          MA-3-21-245
SNOW, ELI                               MA-3-22-173
SPALDING, SAMUEL                        MA-3-2-159B
SPARKS, ASA                             MA-3-18-499
SPELMAN, NATHAN                         MA-3-27-361
SPRAGUE, EPHRAIM                        MA-3-1-35
SPRING, AMOS                            MA-3-18-181
SQUIER, EBENEZER                        MA-3-9-200
STANLY, AMOS                            MA-3-16-287
STANTON, HENRY                          MA-3-35-263
STANTON, JOHN                           MA-3-35-39
STAPLES, DAVID                          MA-3-35-313
STAPLES, DAVID                          MA-3-35-244
STARKWEATHER, SAMUEL                    MA-3-6-68
STARWEATHER, WILLIAM                    MA-3-34-541
STEEL, JOHN                             MA-3-5-147
STEEL, THOMAS                           MA-3-28-320
STEEL, THOMAS JR.                       MA-3-29-1
STEELE, CHRISTIAN                       MA-3-10-2
STEVENS, JAMES                          MA-3-14-461
STEVENS, JOEL                           MA-3-34-131
STEVENS, JOHN                           MA-3-9-509
STEVENS, PARKER                         MA-3-30-349
STEVENS, WILLIAM                        MA-3-30-21
STEWART, SAMUEL                         MA-3-13-479
STICKLAND, PETER                        MA-3-15-49
STILES, ZEBADIAH                        MA-3-19-3
STIMPSON, ANTHONY                       MA-3-11-201
STITMAN, DAVID                          MA-3-34-79
STOCKING, MOSES                         MA-3-33-415
STODDARD, ISRAEL                        MA-3-3-331
STONE, LYMAN                            MA-3-22-423
STRATTON, EBENEZER                      MA-3-18-5
STRATTON, RICHARD                       MA-3-1-116
STRONG, ASABEL                          MA-3-14-332
STRONG, MARY                            MA-3-21-1
TALCOTT, SAMUEL                         MA-3-9-203
TALMAGE, JOSEPH                         MA-3-22-333, 373
TARBELL, JONATHAN                       MA-3-8-365
TARBELL, THOMAS                         MA-3-2-60A
TAYLOR, DANIEL ESQ.                     MA-3-19-146
TAYLOR, ELIAS                           MA-3-29-320
TAYLOR, ELISHA                          MA-3-25-388
TAYLOR, JOHN                            MA-3-10-457
TAYLOR, MICAH                           MA-3-10-344
TERRY, WILLIAM                          MA-3-24-126
THATCHER, EBENEZER                      MA-3-17-169
THATCHER, EBENEZER (CON'T)              MA-3-17-430
THATCHER, JETHRO                        MA-3-29-459
THATCHER, ROWLAND                       MA-3-17-42
THOMPSON, JOHN                          MA-3-2-31A
THOMPSON, PETER                         MA-3-10-371
THOMPSON, SAMUEL                        MA-3-9-429
THRASHER, CHARLES                       MA-3-32-58
TOBEY, GEORGE                           MA-3-26-363
TOLMAN, EBENEZER                        MA-3-29-381
TOWNER, EBENEZER                        MA-3-24-451
TOWNSEND, MARTIN                        MA-3-7-93
TOWNSEND, SAMUEL                        MA-3-25-404
TRACY, EUNICE                           MA-3-33-107
TRACY, EZRA                             MA-3-14-144
TRACY, NATHANIEL                        MA-3-35-517
TROWBRIDGE, POLLY                       MA-3-28-254
TULLAR, JOHN                            MA-3-20-284
UNDERWOOD, SAMUEL                       MA-3-1-65
UPTON, ISAAC                            MA-3-27-301
UPTON, ISAAC                            MA-3-30-209
VANDEUSEN, ISAAC                        MA-3-8-593
VANDUSEN, LAWRENCE                      MA-3-10-90
VANSCHANCK, HENRY                       MA-3-27-168
VAUGHAN, DAVID                          MA-3-16-27
VIETS, HENRY                            MA-3-27-124
WADHAM, JOHN                            MA-3-16-411
WADSWORTH, MANNA                        MA-3-8-626
WAIN, PHOENIX                           MA-3-26-19, 172
WALDEN, EBENEZER                        MA-3-25-452
WALDO, CALVIN ESQ.                      MA-3-19-518
WALKER, ABIGAIL                         MA-3-21-314
WALKER, ABIGAIL                         MA-3-32-72
WALKER, MEHITABLE                       MA-3-7-196
WARD, JABEZ                             MA-3-6-31
WARD, JABEZ                             MA-3-1-73
WARD, OBADIAH ESQ.                      MA-3-20-450
WARNER, JACOB                           MA-3-18-310
WARNER, MOSES                           MA-3-23-261
WARREN, JOSHUA                          MA-3-1-54
WARREN, SHUBAEL                         MA-3-24-85
WASHBURN, ANNER S.                      MA-3-34-91
WATERMAN, JOHN                          MA-3-34-367
WATKINS, JOSEPH                         MA-3-1-150A
WATKINS, SAMUEL                         MA-3-17-256
WATSON, JOHN                            MA-3-25-325
WEBSTER, JONATHAN                       MA-3-9-207
WELCH, EPHRAIM                          MA-3-22-3
WELLER, DANIEL                          MA-3-14-48
WELLS, ELISHA                           MA-3-28-147
WELLS, JOHN                             MA-3-17-407
WEST, ABNER                             MA-3-33-1
WEST, DANIEL JR.                        MA-3-14-385
WEST, SAMUEL                            MA-3-20-303
WEST, STEPHEN (D.D.)                    MA-3-23-53
WESTOVER, JONAH                         MA-3-1-98
WHEELER, ELIJAH                         MA-3-31-231
WHEELER, HANNAH                         MA-3-19-441
WHEELER, JOHN                           MA-3-11-203
WHEELOCK, RALPH                         MA-3-14-314
WHELAN, JOHN                            MA-3-3-308
WHELER, ZENAS                           MA-3-5-272
WHELPLEY, SAMUEL                        MA-3-15-43
WHIPPLE, STEPHEN                        MA-3-17-167
WHITAKER, EZRA                          MA-3-26-207
WHITE, DAVID                            MA-3-13-428
WHITING, SARAH                          MA-3-34-462
WHITLOCK, JOHN                          MA-3-14-318
WHITMAN, TIMOTHY                        MA-3-34-285
WHITMARSH, BENJAMIN                     MA-3-6-533
WHITNEY, TIMOTHY                        MA-3-11-403
WHITON, JOSEPH                          MA-3-32-287
WHITTLESEY, ELIPHALET                   MA-3-26-136
WIGHTMAN, JOHN                          MA-3-6-53
WIGHTMAN, RHODES                        MA-3-31-170
WILCOX, EZEKIEL                         MA-3-29-289
WILCOX, SILVANUS                        MA-3-24-435
WILLARD, DANIEL                         MA-3-22-527
WILLARD, JOHN                           MA-3-1-20
WILLARD, PHEBE                          MA-3-24-30
WILLCOX, THOMAS                         MA-3-33-306, 413
WILLCOX, ZACCHEUS                       MA-3-10-355
WILLIAMS, CORNELIUS                     MA-3-24-467
WILLIAMS, DANIEL                        MA-3-22-292
WILLIAMS, HANNAH                        MA-3-10-485
WILLIAMS, JOHN                          MA-3-32-414
WILLIAMS, NATHANIEL                     MA-3-10-145
WILLIAMS, OLIVER                        MA-3-8-367
WILLIAMS, OSWALD                        MA-3-35-370
WILLIAMS, SOLOMON                       MA-3-10-119
WILLIAMS, SOPHIA                        MA-3-35-503
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM                       MA-3-14-45
WILLMARTH, JOHN                         MA-3-5-439
WILLMARTH, SHUBAEL                      MA-3-14-462
WILLS, WILLIAM                          MA-3-31-384
WILSON, SHUBAEL                         MA-3-13-59
WINCHEL, EPHRAIM                        MA-3-14-173
WOLCOTT, SAMUEL                         MA-3-27-357
WOOD, AMARIAH                           MA-3-13-168
WOOD, DANIEL                            MA-3-24-379
WOOD, ICHABOD                           MA-3-9-507
WOOD, NATHAN                            MA-3-12-283
WOODBRIDGE, JAHLUL                      MA-3-9-57
WOODBRIDGE, JOSEPH                      MA-3-33-133
WORDEN, PETER                           MA-3-14-24
WRIGHT, CALEB                           MA-3-19-235
WRIGHT, TITUS                           MA-3-23-64
WRIGHT, WILLIAM                         MA-3-2-58A
WYLIE, HUGH                             MA-3-7-292
YOUEN, BENJAMIN                         MA-3-2-55B

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