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ADAMS, JOHN                             MA-11-1-7
ALLEN, ELEAZER                          MA-11-2-554
ALLEN, OBEDIAH                          MA-11-1-535
AVERY, WILLIAM                          MA-11-2-459
BATT, BENJAMIN                          MA-11-1-4
BAXTER, LYDIA                           MA-11-1-176
BELCHER, SAMUEL                         MA-11-2-87
BENT, MILLETIAH                         MA-11-2-511
BICKNELL, BETHIAH                       MA-11-2-375
BILLINGS, SAMUEL                        MA-11-2-538
BLAKE, EBENEZER                         MA-11-1-128
BRACKETT, MOSES                         MA-11-1-39
BRASTOW, HANNAH                         MA-11-2-163
BUCKNAM, NATHAN                         MA-11-1-539
BUTTERWORTH, NATHANIEL                  MA-11-2-463
CAPEN, BARNARD                          MA-11-2-344
COLBURN, SAMUEL                         MA-11-1-208
CUNNINGHAM, JAMES                       MA-11-2-32
DAMAN, SARAH                            MA-11-2-126
DARLING, TIMOTHY                        MA-11-1-144
DAVENPORT, SAMUEL                       MA-11-1-94
DEAN, NATHANIEL                         MA-11-1-277
DOGGETT, SAMUEL                         MA-11-1-122
DOTY, THOMAS                            MA-11-1-422
DRAPER, TIMOTHY                         MA-11-2-248
ELLIS, ENOCH                            MA-11-1-280
ELLIS, MARY                             MA-11-1-12
FAIRBANK, GEORGE                        MA-11-2-152
FALES, AMAZIAH                          MA-11-1-235
FALES, HANNAH                           MA-11-1-17
FISHER, EZEKIEL                         MA-11-1-1
FULLER, SETH                            MA-11-1-46
GUILD, NATHANIEL                        MA-11-2-501
GURNEY, ELIZABETH                       MA-11-1-241
GURNEY, JACOB                           MA-11-1-14
HANCOCK, PHILIP                         MA-11-1-499
HARDING, HENRY                          MA-11-1-23
HARDING, ICHABOD                        MA-11-1-291
HARDING, LYDIA                          MA-11-2-166
HARRIS, JOHN                            MA-11-2-336
HAWS, MARY                              MA-11-1-30
HAWS, SAMUEL                            MA-11-2-163
HEATON, ISAAC                           MA-11-1-69
HILL, ENOCH                             MA-11-1-44
HOLBART, CALEB                          MA-11-2-91
HOVEY, SAMUEL                           MA-11-2-372
HUMPEY, JOHN                            MA-11-1-10
HUMPHREY, RUTH                          MA-11-1-418
IDE, SIMEON                             MA-11-1-283
KINGSBURY, AARON                        MA-11-1-262
KINGSBURY, ELIPHALET                    MA-11-1-66
LAWRENCE, DAVID                         MA-11-1-51
LEEDS, HOPESTILL                        MA-11-1-345
LINCOLN, EPHRAIM                        MA-11-1-416
LOVELL, JOSEPH                          MA-11-2-263
METCALF, HANNAH                         MA-11-2-504
METCALF, MICHAEL                        MA-11-1-494
METCALF, SIBYL                          MA-11-1-243
MORSE, KEIZA                            MA-11-1-27
PAINE, LEMUEL                           MA-11-1-333
PARTRIDGE, EBENEZER                     MA-11-1-165
PARTRIDGE, JOSHUA                       MA-11-1-337
PLIMPTON, SYLVANUS                      MA-11-2-408
PRATT, DORCAS                           MA-11-2-340
PRATT, SAMUEL                           MA-11-1-83
PREBLE, NATHANIEL                       MA-11-2-509
RICHARDS, DANIEL                        MA-11-2-155
RICHARDSON, WILLIAM                     MA-11-1-303
SCOTT, SAMUEL                           MA-11-1-48
SMITH, AARON                            MA-11-2-223
SMITH, SAMUEL                           MA-11-1-42
SPARHAWK, NATHANIEL                     MA-11-1-341
SPEAR, ISAAC                            MA-11-2-28
SUMNER, ENOS                            MA-11-2-426
THAYER, MARGARET                        MA-11-1-113
THAYER, SARAH                           MA-11-2-94
TINNO, ISAAC                            MA-11-2-406
TORREY, JOSHUA                          MA-11-2-280
WALES, JOHN                             MA-11-2-114
WATERMAN, JOSIAH                        MA-11-1-378
WHEELER, JONATHAN                       MA-11-2-424
WHITCOMB, DAVID                         MA-11-1-210
WHITE, JOSEPH                           MA-11-1-372
WHITING, ASA                            MA-11-1-318
WIGHT, ESTHER                           MA-11-1-275
WILLIAMS, JOHN                          MA-11-1-97

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