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ADAMS, DORCAS D.                       ME-1-4-433
ADDITION, THOMAS                       ME-1-4-129
ALEXANDER, THOMAS                      ME-1-3-52
ALLEN, DAVID                           ME-1-4-419
ALLEN, EPHRAIM                         ME-1-4-276
ALLEN, ISAAC                           ME-1-1-7
ALLEN, JACOB                           ME-1-3-180
ALLEN, JOB                             ME-1-2-351
ALLEN, LUCRETIA B.                     ME-1-4-496
ALLEN, LUCY                            ME-1-4-282
ALLEN, MONTGOMERY                      ME-1-4-233
ALLEN, OLIVE F.                        ME-1-4-199
ALLEN, POLLY                           ME-1-1-322
ALLEN, RUFUS                           ME-1-4-297
ANDERSON, FRANCES A.                   ME-1-4-226
ANDREWS, EPHRAIM                       ME-1-1-48
ANDREWS, RUSSELL F.                    ME-1-4-208
AREY, ZENAS C.                         ME-1-4-442
ATKINSON, JOHN                         ME-1-1-187
ATWOOD, SARAH B.                       ME-1-3-465
AYER, RISHWORTH J.                     ME-1-4-510
BAILEY, LEVI                           ME-1-4-32
BAILEY, SUMNER                         ME-1-3-357
BAKER, CHARLES J.                      ME-1-2-186
BAKER, ELIZABETH                       ME-1-3-461, 462
BANGS, JONATHAN                        ME-1-4-346
BARRELL, SAMUEL                        ME-1-4-122
BARRETT, DANIEL                        ME-1-4-368
BARTLETT, FLAVEL                       ME-1-4-468
BARTLETT, JONATHAN                     ME-1-1-194
BARTLETT, NATHAN JR.                   ME-1-3-335
BARTON, AARON                          ME-1-3-338
BASFORD, LYDIA                         ME-1-3-40
BASFORD, MOSES                         ME-1-2-388
BATES, DANIEL                          ME-1-3-23
BEAL, IRA                              ME-1-4-373
BEALE, BENJAMIN                        ME-1-4-67
BEALS, OLIVE                           ME-1-3-286
BEARCE, CHARLES                        ME-1-1-51
BEARCE, SAMUEL R.                      ME-1-4-487
BECKLER, PHILIP C.                     ME-1-4-257
BENNETT, STEPHEN                       ME-1-1-272
BERRY, AMANDA F.                       ME-1-4-26
BERRY, CHARLES                         ME-1-4-352
BICKNELL, ZILPHA                       ME-1-4-394
BILLINGS, WILLIAM                      ME-1-4-456
BIRD, SHIPPIE                          ME-1-4-131
BISHOP, JOSEPH                         ME-1-3-271
BLAKE, ALFRED A.                       ME-1-4-342
BLAKE, ORLANDO F. D.                   ME-1-4-442
BLETHEN, INCREASE                      ME-1-4-66
BLETHEN, JOAN                          ME-1-1-397
BLETHEN, JOHN                          ME-1-4-221
BLETHEN, SIMEON                        ME-1-3-215
BONNEY, ICHABOD                        ME-1-3-48
BONNEY, LEBBEUS                        ME-1-2-81
BOOKER, JAMES                          ME-1-3-414
BOWKER, CYRUS K.                       ME-1-3-424
BRADBURY, SAMUEL G.                    ME-1-4-104
BRADFORD, BENJAMIN                     ME-1-3-345
BRADFORD, ENOCH                        ME-1-3-16
BRADFORD, SETH                         ME-1-1-34
BRADFORD, WILLIAM                      ME-1-2-472
BREWER, HEZEKIAH                       ME-1-1-131
BRIDGHAM, CALVIN                       ME-1-1-239
BRIDGHAM, CYRUS                        ME-1-3-284
BRIDGHAM, STAFFORD S.                  ME-1-4-206
BRIGGS, CHARLES                        ME-1-4-470
BRIGGS, DANIEL                         ME-1-3-256
BRIGGS, HANNAH                         ME-1-1-175
BRIGGS, JENNETT                        ME-1-3-272
BRIGGS, NATHAN                         ME-1-2-8
BRIGGS, PHILIP A.                      ME-1-3-252
BRIGGS, ZENAS                          ME-1-3-151
BROWN, SIMEON                          ME-1-3-365
BUCKNAM, JOSEPH                        ME-1-4-250
BURGESS, BENJAMIN                      ME-1-3-1
CAMPBELL, ZELAH W.                     ME-1-4-65
CANNADY, HANNAH                        ME-1-3-464
CAREY, ALANSON                         ME-1-4-103
CARPENTER, JONATHAN                    ME-1-4-388
CARVER, ELEAZER                        ME-1-1-384
CARVILLE, OTIS                         ME-1-4-364
CARY, LOIS                             ME-1-3-42
CHAMBERLAIN, AARON J.                  ME-1-4-184
CHAMBERLAIN, JOSEPH                    ME-1-3-389
CHANDLER, GEORGE                       ME-1-4-308
CHANDLER, NATHANIEL                    ME-1-1-23
CHASE, ISAAC                           ME-1-3-354
CHASE, MAYHER                          ME-1-4-411
CHENERY, ELISHA                        ME-1-4-349
CLARK, GEORGE H.                       ME-1-3-410
CLARK, IRENA                           ME-1-4-13
CLOUDMAN, MARY JANE                    ME-1-4-330
COBB, JOEL S.                          ME-1-4-390
COFFIN, JAMES                          ME-1-2-461
COLBY, JEMIMA                          ME-1-4-350
CONANT, BENJAMIN                       ME-1-4-108
CONANT, THOMAS                         ME-1-1-36
CONANTN, HOOPER                        ME-1-4-167
COOK, HARISON                          ME-1-4-328
COOK, WILLIAM P.                       ME-1-4-310
COOLIDGE, DANIEL                       ME-1-1-133
COOMBS, JOSEPH                         ME-1-4-196
COOMBS, THOMAS                         ME-1-4-254
COPELAND, LORING                       ME-1-3-455
COUGHALANE, DANIEL                     ME-1-4-118
COUGHLIN, DANIEL                       ME-1-4-374
CRAFTS, CALEB H.                       ME-1-2-369
CRAFTS, ZIBEON                         ME-1-1-9, 13
CROSSMAN, DANIEL                       ME-1-1-389
CROSSMAN, LUCY                         ME-1-4-82
CROSSMAN, SOLOMON                      ME-1-3-237
CUMMINGS, AMOS                         ME-1-4-417
CURRIER, ISAAC C.                      ME-1-4-262
CURTIS, CHARLES                        ME-1-3-261
CURTIS, MARK D.                        ME-1-3-457
CUSHING, CHARLES                       ME-1-4-268
CUSHING, JOHN                          ME-1-4-280
CUSHING, MARY A.                       ME-1-3-421
DAGG, GEORGE M.                        ME-1-2-483
DALY, LORENZO Y.                       ME-1-3-392
DAVIS, ISAAC                           ME-1-2-475
DAVIS, JACOB                           ME-1-3-352
DAVIS, JOSEPH E.                       ME-1-2-3, 252
DAVIS, JSOEPH                          ME-1-4-407
DAVIS, LYDIA                           ME-1-1-109
DAVIS, OLIVE W.                        ME-1-4-85
DENHAM, THOMAS H.                      ME-1-3-472
DENNETT, CHARLES                       ME-1-3-379
DETEN, THADDEUS R.                     ME-1-3-505
DILL, ALONZO G.                        ME-1-2-450
DILLINGHAM, GILBERT                    ME-1-4-395
DINGLEY, JEREMIAH                      ME-1-4-143
DOW, JOHN W.                           ME-1-4-45
DOWNING, PHEBE                         ME-1-4-421
DOWNING, SAMUEL                        ME-1-1-359
DRAKE, DANIEL B.                       ME-1-3-178
DRAKE, EBENEZER                        ME-1-4-517
DUNLAP, ROBERT                         ME-1-4-80
DUNN, JAMES                            ME-1-4-416
DUNNING, JOSHUA                        ME-1-4-51
DUNTON, MOSES L.                       ME-1-4-236
EATON, BENJAMIN A.                     ME-1-3-488
EATON, WILIAM S.                       ME-1-3-235
EDWARDS, EPHRAIM                       ME-1-2-70
EMERY, STEPHEN                         ME-1-3-317
EMINGER, SARAH H. L.                   ME-1-4-302
ESTES, DORATHY M.                      ME-1-4-402
ESTES, EDWARD                          ME-1-3-249
EVELETH, REBECCA                       ME-1-4-366
FALL, TRORY                            ME-1-3-462
FARRINGTON, ENOCH C.                   ME-1-4-264
FELNET, PIERRE                         ME-1-4-288
FIELD, MARY                            ME-1-4-316
FISH, SETH                             ME-1-2-460
FISHER, ELIJAH                         ME-1-1-106
FLAGG, ALVIN                           ME-1-3-346
FLAUNCE, BENJAMIN F.                   ME-1-1-294
FLINT, JOSIAH                          ME-1-4-382
FLOOD, DAVID                           ME-1-3-361
FOGG, ALVAN                            ME-1-4-14
FOGG, EZEKIEL T.                       ME-1-3-442
FOGG, JAMES M.                         ME-1-2-174
FOGG, LURA                             ME-1-3-262
FOGG, MARILLA                          ME-1-4-240
FOGG, TIMOTHY E.                       ME-1-4-234
FOSS, HIRAM                            ME-1-1-514
FOSS, HIRAM                            ME-1-3-3
FOSS, PHINEAS                          ME-1-4-12
FOSS, REBECCA                          ME-1-4-153
FOSTER, TIMOTHY                        ME-1-4-56
FRANCIS, ASA                           ME-1-4-86
FREEMAN, DANIEL                        ME-1-4-430
FROST, GEORGE D.                       ME-1-1-112
FRYE, WILLIAM R.                       ME-1-3-403
FULLER, ASA                            ME-1-4-418
FULLER, BARNABAS                       ME-1-3-344
FULLER, JESSE                          ME-1-1-388
FULLER, KIMBALL                        ME-1-4-24
GAMMON, ERVIN                          ME-1-3-42
GANNON, M. M.                          ME-1-4-142
GARCELON, BENJAMIN F.                  ME-1-3-449
GARCELON, PETER                        ME-1-4-63
GARCELON, SOPHIA                       ME-1-3-409
GARELON, WILLIAM F.                    ME-1-3-41
GERRISH, BENJAMIN                      ME-1-1-24
GERRISH, NATHANIEL                     ME-1-1-270
GERRISH, WILLIAM                       ME-1-3-236
GERRY, OSMYN J.                        ME-1-3-167
GIDDINGE, ANDREW R.                    ME-1-4-284
GILBERT, ALDEN                         ME-1-3-435
GILBERT, DEXTER                        ME-1-2-181
GILBERT, JAMES D.                      ME-1-1-412
GILBERT, NELSON J.                     ME-1-3-18
GILBERT, SANFORD                       ME-1-3-336
GILDER, JOHN                           ME-1-4-44
GILMAN, SAMUEL J.                      ME-1-3-494
GODDARD, WILLIAM                       ME-1-3-401
GODING, STEPHEN                        ME-1-4-255
GOFF, JAMES                            ME-1-4-355
GOLDER, JACOB                          ME-1-4-345
GORDEN, GEORGE                         ME-1-4-187
GOSS, SALLY T.                         ME-1-1-414
GOULD, JACOB                           ME-1-3-245
GOULD, JOHN                            ME-1-2-484
GOULD, SAMUEL                          ME-1-4-351
GOULD, WILLIAM                         ME-1-3-248
GRAFFAM, ALMON L.                      ME-1-2-479
GRAFFAM, JOSEPH                        ME-1-4-151
GREEN, ASA                             ME-1-3-49
GREY, HARTLY                           ME-1-3-10
GRIFFIN, AARON B.                      ME-1-4-207
GRIFFIN, REUBEN G.                     ME-1-4-27
GRIFFIN, SOPHIA                        ME-1-4-31
GROSS, ISAAC                           ME-1-3-38
HACKETT, JUDE                          ME-1-4-289
HACKETT, WILLIAM                       ME-1-4-318
HALEY, JOSIAH D.                       ME-1-4-33
HALL, LYMAN P.                         ME-1-3-28
HALL, SYLVANUS                         ME-1-4-423
HAM, HARRISON                          ME-1-4-446
HAM, ISRAEL                            ME-1-1-14
HAM, THOMAS                            ME-1-4-15
HAMILTON, ALFRED H.                    ME-1-4-404
HAMILTON, JAMES F.                     ME-1-4-36
HAMILTON, JOHN                         ME-1-2-480
HAMILTON, JOHN                         ME-1-3-35
HANCOCK, RICHARD                       ME-1-4-381
HANSCOM, CHARLES                       ME-1-4-147
HARLIN, JAMES                          ME-1-1-183
HARMON, CHARITY ANNE                   ME-1-3-11
HARMON, FRANCIS                        ME-1-4-215
HARRIDAN, HARVEY                       ME-1-1-521
HARRIS, JOHN                           ME-1-2-464
HARRIS, MARTIN                         ME-1-2-342
HARRIS, SARAH G.                       ME-1-4-475
HART, JOSIAH                           ME-1-4-311
HASKELL, CHARLES C.                    ME-1-4-210
HASKELL, NATHAN                        ME-1-4-97
HASKELL, NATHAN P.                     ME-1-4-77
HASKELL, ORIN                          ME-1-4-378
HASKELL, SYLVIA J.                     ME-1-3-29
HASKELL, THOMAS                        ME-1-3-137
HASKINS, CLEMENT J.                    ME-1-4-252
HATHAWAY, PRISCILLA                    ME-1-4-115
HAWKES, EDWARD G.                      ME-1-4-292
HAYDEN, LLEWELLYN                      ME-1-4-409
HAYES, GEORGE H.                       ME-1-4-71
HAYES, HEZEKIAH                        ME-1-4-509
HAYES, RUFUS                           ME-1-3-120
HENRY, SARAH H.                        ME-1-3-26
HERRICK, ELIZABETH                     ME-1-4-158
HERRICK, SARAH                         ME-1-1-68
HEWEY, JAMES                           ME-1-4-258
HIBBARD, LUCY                          ME-1-4-432
HICKS, SAMUEL                          ME-1-1-373
HILTON, MARY                           ME-1-4-303
HINDS, EBENEZER                        ME-1-1-406
HINKLEY, MERIAM                        ME-1-3-183
HOBBS, AMOS                            ME-1-2-178
HODGE, EBENEZER                        ME-1-4-369
HODGES, DANIEL                         ME-1-4-259
HODGKIN, THOMAS                        ME-1-1-101
HODSDEN, GEORGE F.                     ME-1-4-94
HODSDON, SALLY                         ME-1-4-386
HOLLAND, MICHAEL JR.                   ME-1-4-448
HOWARD, ASAPH                          ME-1-1-208
HOWARD, JOHN                           ME-1-4-358
HOWARD, REBECCA                        ME-1-3-225
HOWARD, STILLMAN                       ME-1-3-97
HOWE, LEWIS                            ME-1-3-13
HUNT, JOHN                             ME-1-4-120
HUNT, SOPHIA                           ME-1-4-274
HYDE, JOSEPH                           ME-1-3-238
JACKSON, HENRY                         ME-1-3-186
JENNINGS, ALEXANDER                    ME-1-2-188, 193
JENNINGS, HENRY                        ME-1-4-68
JEWELL, GOULD                          ME-1-3-316
JEWELL, JAMES                          ME-1-2-303
JOHNSON, REBECCA P.                    ME-1-4-278
JONES, BENJAMIN F.                     ME-1-4-521
JONES, BETSEY                          ME-1-4-23
JONES, CHARITY                         ME-1-4-388
JONES, DANIEL T.                       ME-1-4-405
JONES, ELIJAH                          ME-1-4-160
JONES, ELIZA A.                        ME-1-4-132
JONES, FREEMAN L.                      ME-1-3-321
JONES, JOAN M.                         ME-1-4-87
JONES, JOEL                            ME-1-3-370
JONES, WILLIAM H.                      ME-1-3-460
JORDAN, CHARLES                        ME-1-4-435
JORDAN, HENRY                          ME-1-4-111
JORDAN, JAMES                          ME-1-3-520
JORDAN, JOSHUA                         ME-1-2-473
JORDAN, NATHANIEL                      ME-1-1-357
JORDAN, NATHANIEL                      ME-1-4-102
JORDAN, VALENTINE                      ME-1-3-191
JORDAN, WALTER                         ME-1-2-367
JORDAN, WILLIAM                        ME-1-4-412
JOSE, WILLIAM H.                       ME-1-4-177
JUDKINS, ASA                           ME-1-1-315
KEEN, ABIATHA                          ME-1-4-265
KEEN, SUSAN                            ME-1-4-478
KEITH, MADISON                         ME-1-1-206
KEITH, MARY ANN                        ME-1-3-12
KEITH, SALOMA                          ME-1-1-25
KEITH, SETH                            ME-1-2-415
KELLY, JERRY                           ME-1-4-512
KILBOURNE, WILLIAM                     ME-1-4-247
KIMBALL, HEBER                         ME-1-1-10
KIMSLEY, AZEL                          ME-1-1-8
KINCAID, JOHN A.                       ME-1-3-402
KNIGHT, CHARLES R.                     ME-1-4-479
KNOWLTON, JOSHUA                       ME-1-3-253
LABREE, DANIEL M.                      ME-1-3-314
LAFKIN, JOSEPH                         ME-1-3-445
LARRABEE, GARDNER G.                   ME-1-3-193
LARRABEE, JOSEPH                       ME-1-4-363
LEAVITT, ICHABOD                       ME-1-4-344
LEAVITT, STEPHEN                       ME-1-3-5
LEBARRON, LAZARUS                      ME-1-3-368
LEONHARD, MARTIN                       ME-1-1-396
LIBBY, BETSEY                          ME-1-4-424
LIBBY, ISAAC                           ME-1-4-25
LIBBY, J. EMERSON                      ME-1-4-29
LIBBY, JOSEPH                          ME-1-4-291
LIBBY, THEOPHILUS                      ME-1-1-273
LINSCOTT, DANIEL                       ME-1-4-141
LITCHFIELD, RHODA                      ME-1-1-372
LITTLE, HANNAH                         ME-1-4-90
LITTLE, JOSIAH                         ME-1-2-492
LITTLE, JOSIAH                         ME-1-3-499
LITTLE, THOMAS B.                      ME-1-1-4
LITTLEFIELD, LOUISA M.                 ME-1-4-270
LITTLEFIELD, MICAJAH                   ME-1-4-57
LOMBARD, BENJAMIN E.                   ME-1-4-354
LOMBARD, WILLIAM                       ME-1-4-60
LORING, REBECCA                        ME-1-1-313
LORING, WILLIAM                        ME-1-1-386
LUDDEN, TIMOTHY                        ME-1-2-305
LYFORD, JOSEPH                         ME-1-3-384
MACOMBER, MARY                         ME-1-4-89
MAGNER, JAMES                          ME-1-1-409
MALONEY, CATHERINE                     ME-1-4-95
MANN, ANDREW                           ME-1-2-423
MARBLE, DANIEL C.                      ME-1-4-447
MARBLE, OLIVER                         ME-1-4-290
MARR, CYRUS                            ME-1-3-217
MARRINER, S. ALEBY                     ME-1-4-495
MARSTON, DAVID                         ME-1-2-407
MARSTON, SARAH                         ME-1-2-416
MARTIN, EBENEZER G.                    ME-1-4-156
MAXWELL, CHARLES                       ME-1-3-509
MAYFORD, CALEB                         ME-1-3-24
MAYO, HEPSEY                           ME-1-4-365
MCCANN, LYDIA                          ME-1-4-283
MCCARTY, HANNORAH                      ME-1-4-410
MCKENNEY, HENRY                        ME-1-4-343
MCKENNEY, JANE P.                      ME-1-4-298
MCKENNEY, SALLY                        ME-1-4-186
MCKENNY, CHARLES P.                    ME-1-3-9
MEADER, LEVI                           ME-1-4-336
MERRILL, ALVAH 2ND                     ME-1-2-296
MERRILL, ENOCH                         ME-1-3-185
MERRILL, JABEZ                         ME-1-1-415
MERRILL, JABEZ                         ME-1-1-79
MERRILL, SARAH                         ME-1-4-229
MERRILL, THOMAS                        ME-1-3-205
MESERVE, JOSEPH                        ME-1-1-15
MILLER, WILLIAM                        ME-1-1-324
MILLETT, EDMOND C.                     ME-1-3-7
MILLETT, JOHN D.                       ME-1-3-510
MILLETT, LEMUEL T.                     ME-1-4-144
MILLETT, NANCY                         ME-1-4-54
MILLETT, THOMAS                        ME-1-2-365
MILLETT, WILLIAM                       ME-1-3-359
MILLIKEN, WILLIAM                      ME-1-3-305
MITCHELL, CHRISTOPHER                  ME-1-3-506
MITCHELL, JEREMIAH                     ME-1-4-438
MITCHELL, ROBERT                       ME-1-4-304
MITCHELL, SAMUEL                       ME-1-4-138
MONROE, JOHN                           ME-1-4-408
MOODY, CHARLES                         ME-1-3-307
MOODY, SEWELL                          ME-1-4-260
MOORE, HANNAH M.                       ME-1-4-287
MORRIS, SILAS                          ME-1-3-32
MOSES, BENJAMIN M.                     ME-1-4-370
MOTTRAM, DAVID                         ME-1-4-472
MOULTON, EDWIN                         ME-1-4-169
MOWER, CALVIN                          ME-1-4-434
MYRICK,S TEPHEN                        ME-1-4-83
NASH, ELISHA                           ME-1-1-323
NASH, JOHN                             ME-1-4-383
NASON, JEREMIAH                        ME-1-4-348
NEAL, WILLIAM                          ME-1-4-93
NEWELL, EDWARD                         ME-1-3-371
NICHOLS, SAMUEL                        ME-1-3-139
NORRIS, LYDIA S.                       ME-1-1-12
NORTON, ABIGAIL J.                     ME-1-4-270
NORTON, TRISTRAM C.                    ME-1-4-296
NOWELL, JOHN H.                        ME-1-2-366
NULTY, AGNES                           ME-1-4-100
NULTY, PETER                           ME-1-4-78
OLIVER, CHARLES L.                     ME-1-4-357
OSGOOD, NATHANIEL                      ME-1-4-114
OWEN, JEFFERSON                        ME-1-4-28
PACKARD, JOSIAH                        ME-1-4-261
PAKCARD, STEPHEN                       ME-1-4-279
PARCHER, DANIEL                        ME-1-4-117
PARKER, CARLTON                        ME-1-4-507
PARKER, PETER                          ME-1-1-95
PARKER, WILLIAM                        ME-1-1-361
PARSHLEY, JOHN                         ME-1-3-152
PATCH, DAVID                           ME-1-4-204
PATTERSON, ELIAS                       ME-1-4-128
PEARY, JAMES R.                        ME-1-3-228
PENLY, JOHN                            ME-1-4-396
PERHAM, BETSEY                         ME-1-3-353
PERHAM, JOHN                           ME-1-3-2
PERKINS, SUSANNA                       ME-1-4-317
PERKINS, TIMOTHY                       ME-1-4-246
PERLEY, HULDAH                         ME-1-4-123
PERR, ALANSON                          ME-1-4-511
PERRY, B. B.                           ME-1-4-101
PERRY, GAD                             ME-1-3-423
PETTENGILL, JOHN                       ME-1-3-526
PHILLIPS, AMOS                         ME-1-3-348
PHILLIPS, MARTHA                       ME-1-4-22
PHILLIPS, OTIS                         ME-1-4-253
PHILLIPS, PHILIP                       ME-1-2-466
PICKARD, SAMUEL                        ME-1-4-384
PIERPONT, BOADICEA T.                  ME-1-4-428
PILLSBURY, LEVI                        ME-1-4-347
PINKHAM, LEMUEL                        ME-1-3-466
PINKHAM, STEPHEN                       ME-1-3-437
PLUMMER, PETER W.                      ME-1-4-393
POLLARD, SYLVIA L.                     ME-1-4-454
POMPILLY, ISAIAH B.                    ME-1-4-306
PRATT, ELISHA                          ME-1-2-121
PRATT, REUBEN D.                       ME-1-4-322
PRATT, SALLY                           ME-1-1-415
PRAY, OTIS                             ME-1-4-473
PREABLES, W. WILLIAM                   ME-1-3-34
PRESCOTT, LYDIA W.                     ME-1-1-395
PURINGTON, HARRIET D.                  ME-1-4-11
RACKLEY, BENJAMINP.                    ME-1-4-465
RAMSDELL, ELISHA P.                    ME-1-3-251
RAND, JOSIAH C.                        ME-1-2-307
RAND, REUBEN                           ME-1-4-286
RANDALL, LEVI C.                       ME-1-3-309
RAYNES, OCTAVIA B.                     ME-1-4-125
REDDINGTON, ASA                        ME-1-4-480
REED, HENRY M.                         ME-1-4-301
RICE, GEORGE                           ME-1-2-418
RICH, DAVID                            ME-1-1-385
RICHARDS, SALLY F.                     ME-1-4-445
RICHARDSON, CHARLES W.                 ME-1-4-110
RICHARDSON, SAMUEL                     ME-1-3-355
RICHARDSON, WILLIAM H.                 ME-1-3-136
RICHMOND, BENJAMIN                     ME-1-3-234
RICHMOND, MARY                         ME-1-2-46
RICKARDS, TABITHA                      ME-1-3-280
RICKER, GEORGE                         ME-1-3-243
ROAK, ISABELLA                         ME-1-3-458
ROBERTS, LUCY B.                       ME-1-1-93
ROBINSON, LOAMMI                       ME-1-3-141
ROGERS, SUSAN                          ME-1-4-324
ROGES, CHARLES                         ME-1-4-231
ROWE, LOUISA G.                        ME-1-4-321
ROWELL, JOHN                           ME-1-4-4
RUSSELL, DANIEL                        ME-1-4-39
RUSSELL, MARY                          ME-1-4-452
RUSSELL, WALTER H.                     ME-1-4-300
SAFFORD, BENJAMIN                      ME-1-2-189
SANBORN, HENRY                         ME-1-3-363
SAUNDERS, WILLIAM                      ME-1-3-366
SAWTELLE, NATHAN                       ME-1-4-377
SEABURY, CATHERINE P.                  ME-1-3-476
SEABURY, DAVID                         ME-1-3-206
SEABURY, MARCUS                        ME-1-4-320
SEAVEY, JOHN                           ME-1-4-52
SHAW, JOSEPH C.                        ME-1-4-477
SHAW, STEPHEN                          ME-1-4-198
SHEPPERD, NATHANIEL                    ME-1-3-70
SKINNER, JOHN                          ME-1-2-508
SKINNER, JOHN                          ME-1-3-36
SMITH, HIRAM                           ME-1-3-487
SMITH, ISAAC A.                        ME-1-4-463
SMITH, NATHAN                          ME-1-3-188
SNELL, ELEAZER                         ME-1-4-30
SPRAGUE, VOLNEY                        ME-1-3-207
STAPLES, ELIAS                         ME-1-4-520
STATEN, ELIAS H.                       ME-1-3-255
STETSON, J. H.                         ME-1-3-19
STINCHFIELD, JOHN                      ME-1-1-240
STINCHFIELD, REBECCA                   ME-1-4-516
STINCHFIELD, STEPHEN                   ME-1-2-428
STONE, JESSE                           ME-1-1-407
STROUT, JONATHAN                       ME-1-4-46
STROUT, JOSEPH                         ME-1-3-37
STROUT, OSGOOD                         ME-1-4-134
STROUT, WILLIAM W.                     ME-1-4-392
SWEETSER, NICHOLS                      ME-1-4-331
SWETT, JOHN                            ME-1-2-327
SYDLEMAN, JOHN                         ME-1-4-53
SYLVESTER, HARVEY                      ME-1-3-381
TAFT, JOSHUA K.                        ME-1-4-505
TEAGUE, BANI                           ME-1-4-2
TEAGUE, FREEDOM K.                     ME-1-4-406
TEAGUE,D ANIEL H.                      ME-1-4-256
TEEL, AMMI C.                          ME-1-4-359
THAYER, PERSIS                         ME-1-3-320
THOMPSON, HENRY H.                     ME-1-4-467
THOMPSON, IRA                          ME-1-1-410
THRUSTON, MOSES W.                     ME-1-1-517
THURLOW, MOSES W.                      ME-1-2-275
THURLOW,R OBERT                        ME-1-4-329
TILTON, TRISTRAM                       ME-1-3-149
TIMBERLAKE, JAMES JR.                  ME-1-1-30
TIRRELL, CHARLES                       ME-1-2-372
TORREY, JAMES                          ME-1-4-372
TRACEY, JONATHAN                       ME-1-3-334
TRACY, ALBERT N.                       ME-1-4-325
TRUE, BELA                             ME-1-1-49, 59
TRUE, JOHN                             ME-1-4-299
TRUE, JOHN A.                          ME-1-1-90
VARNEY, JAMES H.                       ME-1-3-15, 17
VERRILL, ALDEN J.                      ME-1-3-14
VERRILL, EBEN                          ME-1-3-523
VERRILL, ICHABOD B.                    ME-1-4-323
VERRILL, SARAH P.                      ME-1-3-8
VINING, MARY V.                        ME-1-4-367
VINING, POLLY                          ME-1-4-376
WADSWORTH, ELIJAH                      ME-1-3-39
WAKEFIELD, LOUISA B.                   ME-1-4-223
WALKER, JOHN                           ME-1-3-391
WARDSWORTH, JESSE                      ME-1-2-420
WARREN, JOHN Q.                        ME-1-3-280
WASHBURN, CYRUS                        ME-1-4-130
WATERHOUSE, A. P.                      ME-1-3-287
WATERHOUSE, AI                         ME-1-3-6
WATERHOUSE, JOHN                       ME-1-4-267
WATERMAN, JOANNA                       ME-1-3-44
WATERMAN, JONAH                        ME-1-4-150
WATERMAN, LOWDOICK                     ME-1-3-50
WEBSTER, RHODA S.                      ME-1-1-275
WELCH, BENJAMIN A.                     ME-1-3-436
WEYMOUTH, JOSHUA                       ME-1-3-358
WHEELER, ABRAM                         ME-1-4-152
WHITE, DARIUS                          ME-1-3-227
WHITMAN, DAVID                         ME-1-2-317
WHITMAN, ROYAL                         ME-1-4-75
WHITNEY, SAMUEL                        ME-1-4-315
WIGHT, NELSON                          ME-1-4-127
WILBUR, BENJAMIN                       ME-1-4-436
WILKINS, DAVID                         ME-1-4-106
WILLIAMS, HARRIET                      ME-1-4-140
WILLIS, SARAH                          ME-1-2-10
WILSON, ASENETH                        ME-1-4-166
WILSON, JAMES                          ME-1-4-34
WING, GREENLIEF                        ME-1-4-374
WINSLOW, DAVID H.                      ME-1-4-178
WOOD, JOSEPH M.                        ME-1-3-27
WOODBURY, NANCY                        ME-1-3-390
WOODMAN, ALVINA                        ME-1-3-194
WOODMAN, HIRAM E.                      ME-1-3-470
WOODMAN, JACOB                         ME-1-3-69
WOODSOM, ANNA                          ME-1-1-241
WOODWARD, DOLLY                        ME-1-3-311
WRIGHT, JOEL                           ME-1-3-68
WRIGHT, MARY                           ME-1-4-441
WYMA, ALBERT                           ME-1-4-98
YOUNG, MOSES 2ND                       ME-1-1-476
YOUNG, WILLIAM S.                      ME-1-2-509

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