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Column One: Name of Testator
Column tWO: County #, Volume #, Page # | 1 = 1902 - 1933 |
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ANDERSON, ELIZABETH                     MO-15-1-266
ARNOLD, JAMES                           MO-15-1-175
ASH, HARVEY                             MO-15-1-150
ASH, LOVIN R.                           MO-15-1-315
AUSBARN, JOHN R.                        MO-15-1-357
AUSBARN, W. P.                          MO-15-1-132
AYERS, JOSEPH L.                        MO-15-1-309
AYRES, BENJAMIN F.                      MO-15-1-155
BAIN, A. W.                             MO-15-1-144
BAKER, LEONARD M.                       MO-15-1-110
BAKER, TEANEY                           MO-15-1-298
BARR, DELPHA E.                         MO-15-1-300
BEER, MARY R. M.                        MO-15-1-275
BENDER, W. T.                           MO-15-1-114
BINGMAN, LUCRETIA                       MO-15-1-327
BRICKETT, CHARLES E.                    MO-15-1-207
BROWN, ADAM E.                          MO-15-1-187
BROWN, PHILIPPINA E.                    MO-15-1-247
BURHANS, JOSEPH W.                      MO-15-1-83
BURKE, J. J.                            MO-15-1-128
BURKE, WILLIAM                          MO-15-1-98
BYLER, DAVID N.                         MO-15-1-142
CABLE, WILLIAM P.                       MO-15-1-172
CAVINESS, ALBERT                        MO-15-1-80
CHALFANT, HENRY W.                      MO-15-1-236
CHALFANT, LOUIS P.                      MO-15-1-13, 17
CONNELL, JOSEPH                         MO-15-1-3
DANIELS, MISSOURI C.                    MO-15-1-69
DAVIDSON, S. J.                         MO-15-1-285
EMRY, MERRELL D.                        MO-15-1-134
EVANS, CORBETT                          MO-15-1-89
EVANS, MARTIN E.                        MO-15-1-117
EVANS, MONROE P.                        MO-15-1-254
EVANS, WILLIAM B.                       MO-15-1-228
FARMER, ANDREW S.                       MO-15-1-184
FARMER, JOHN M.                         MO-15-1-360
FLOYD, CHARLES S.                       MO-15-1-167
FOSTER, THOMAS M.                       MO-15-1-204
FOWLER, JAMES M.                        MO-15-1-270
GADDIS, MINNIE COLE                     MO-15-1-339
GARRISON, E. F.                         MO-15-1-226
GARRISON, JAMES                         MO-15-1-243
GIBSON, JAMES, K. P.                    MO-15-1-190
GILL, JESSUP                            MO-15-1-295
HALL, ELIZABETH                         MO-15-1-193
HAMMER, SIMON C.                        MO-15-1-47
HART, LEWIS                             MO-15-1-66
HILLHOUSE, W. W.                        MO-15-1-112
HONRAHAN, JOHN                          MO-15-1-41
HOPKINS, CHARLES                        MO-15-1-145
HOPKINS, CHARLEY                        MO-15-1-330
HUBER, P. R.                            MO-15-1-282
HURT, ELIZA JANE                        MO-15-1-130
HUSTON, WILLIAM A.                      MO-15-1-221
JACKSON, SAMUEL Y.                      MO-15-1-240
KINCAID, GEORGE L.                      MO-15-1-383
KNAPP, GEORGE C.                        MO-15-1-364
KNIGHT, N. F.                           MO-15-1-140
KUISE, A. W.                            MO-15-1-148
LEA, WILLIAM L.                         MO-15-1-217
LEWIS, JESSE                            MO-15-1-20
LINCH, JAMES W.                         MO-15-1-38
LODGE, THOMAS WYBRANTS                  MO-15-1-65, 77
LOGAN, WILLIAM T.                       MO-15-1-50
LONG, ELBERT F.                         MO-15-1-199
LONG, Z. T.                             MO-15-1-303
LUDY, EDWIN S.                          MO-15-1-378
MACE, THOMAS M.                         MO-15-1-312
MAULDER, RUFUS                          MO-15-1-8
MCCLELLAND, WILLIAM J.                  MO-15-1-178
MEADS, THOMAS A.                        MO-15-1-318
MENICUS, JOHN C.                        MO-15-1-354
MILLER, DAVID P.                        MO-15-1-126
MOONEY, WILLIAM                         MO-15-1-101
MOONEY, WILLIAM                         MO-15-1-63
NOLAND, MARY E.                         MO-15-1-291
PARISH, JAMES M.                        MO-15-1-180
PARKS, JOSIAH S.                        MO-15-1-350
PEARCEY, EULA                           MO-15-1-118
PERKINS, JAMES B.                       MO-15-1-125
PHILLIPPE, JOHN                         MO-15-1-72
PITTS, NANCY E.                         MO-15-1-258
RASH, JOSEPH B.                         MO-15-1-381
RENFRO, JAMES F.                        MO-15-1-107
ROGERS, ROBERT                          MO-15-1-93
SANTER, XAVIER                          MO-15-1-138
SCOFIELD, C. S.                         MO-15-1-196
SCOTT, SILAS J.                         MO-15-1-6
SEYMOUR, D. R.                          MO-15-1-33
SHELTON, GEORGE W.                      MO-15-1-262
SMIITH, JAMES                           MO-15-1-158
SPENCER, RICHARD W.                     MO-15-1-10
SPROUSE, Y. A.                          MO-15-1-288
STANTON, JOHN B.                        MO-15-1-366
STAPLETON, JOHN                         MO-15-1-323
STAUFER, JOHN                           MO-15-1-306
STONER, MARY M.                         MO-15-1-122
STROVE, W. W.                           MO-15-1-27
TAYLOR, EDWIN                           MO-15-1-321
THERON, JOHN W.                         MO-15-1-250
THOMAS, MARY J.                         MO-15-1-280
THORNTON, GREEN C.                      MO-15-1-29
TUCKER, J. W.                           MO-15-1-379
TURPIN, JESSE T.                        MO-15-1-1
WARREN, ELIZABETH                       MO-15-1-44
WATSON, A. J.                           MO-15-1-54
WILSON, JONATHAN DAVIS                  MO-15-1-232
WINDES, HENRY H.                        MO-15-1-104
WINFREY, J. L.                          MO-15-1-162
WINFREY, RUBE                           MO-15-1-336
WOODSIE, WILLIAM                        MO-15-1-332
WORTMAN, MARY                           MO-15-1-136
YARBAUGH, SUSAN E.                      MO-15-1-120
YARNALL, AARON B.                       MO-15-1-15

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