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ADAM, MARCUS                           MO-65-2-103
ADAMS, MARCUS                          MO-65-1-7
ADER, BENJAMIN                         MO-65-B-169
ADER, HENRY A.                         MO-65-1-22
ADER, HENRY A.                         MO-65-2-121
ADER, JACOB                            MO-65-C-71
ADER, JOHN                             MO-65-B-26
ALEXANDER, JOHN D.                     MO-65-C-68
ALLEY, H. J.                           MO-65-1-20
ALLEY, H. J.                           MO-65-2-90
ALLEY, WILLIAM                         MO-65-B-66
ANDERSON, WILLIAM                      MO-65-1-222
ANDERSON, WILLIAM                      MO-65-C-37
APPLEGATE, WILLIAM                     MO-65-B-137
ARBUCKLE, B. F.                        MO-65-1-308
ARBUCKLE, B. Y.                        MO-65-C-39
ARNOLE, WILLIAM                        MO-65-3-37
ARNOTE, WILLIAM                        MO-65-1-178
BALKER, LEVI P.                        MO-65-C-154
BALLEW, CRAWFORD                       MO-65-1-482
BALLEW, MARTHA                         MO-65-1-208
BALLEW, MARTHA A.                      MO-65-3-100
BALLEW, PHEBE                          MO-65-C-195
BALLEW, THOMAS                         MO-65-C-107
BALLEW, WILLIAM B.                     MO-65-2-155
BARBER, HIRAM                          MO-65-C-191
BARL, DAVID W.                         MO-65-2-132
BARNES, ELIZABETH                      MO-65-C-186
BARNES, V. JOHN                        MO-65-B-258
BAUL, CYRENUS                          MO-65-3-70
BAWE, CYRENUS                          MO-65-1-182
BAWSHER, ELIZABETH                     MO-65-3-183
BEADLE, RICDE                          MO-65-B-140
BEAVER, SAMUEL J.                      MO-65-1-344
BEDARD, MARTHA MAIA                    MO-65-C-269
BEDARD, MARTHA MARIA                   MO-65-1-443
BELL, MARTHA J.                        MO-65-B-183
BEVER, SAMUEL J.                       MO-65-3-304
BOICE, DAVID                           MO-65-B-146
BOICE, DAVID                           MO-65-B-2
BOOTH, W. G.                           MO-65-1-511
BOSELY, GIDEON                         MO-65-B-1
BOSLEY, GIDEON                         MO-65-1-210
BOWSHER, RUSH                          MO-65-1-44
BOWSHER, RUSH                          MO-65-2-184
BOXLEY, JENNIE                         MO-65-3-75
BRANARMAN, ABRAM                       MO-65-B-180
BRANARMAN, ABRAM                       MO-65-1-95
BRANNAN, LEWIS W.                      MO-65-3-265
BRANNON, MARIA                         MO-65-C-281
BRANTLEY, JAMES                        MO-65-1-301
BRANTLEY, JAMES                        MO-65-3-246
BRANTLEY, WILLIAM                      MO-65-2-10
BROGAN, URIAS                          MO-65-2-254
BROGAN, URIAS                          MO-65-1-99
BRUMMETT, GEORGE                       MO-65-2-43
BRUNER, ADAM                           MO-65-1-264
BRUNER, ADAM                           MO-65-3-163
BRUSH, LEWIS                           MO-65-B-197
BRYAN, JOHN W.                         MO-65-B-11
BRYANT, W. H.                          MO-65-2-49
BRYANT, W. P.                          MO-65-3-233
BRYANT, W. P.                          MO-65-1-295
BUREN, COSBY                           MO-65-B-241
BURK, GIBSON                           MO-65-1-415
BURK, GIBSON                           MO-65-B-107
BURKE, MAURICE F.                      MO-65-1-339
BURKEYBILE, CICERO BENTON              MO-65-1-479
BURLINGGAME, GILES                     MO-65-1-17
BURR, JOHN                             MO-65-C-168
BURROWS, JOSEPH H.                     MO-65-3-149
BURROWS, JOSEPH H.                     MO-65-1-253
BUTCHER, RICHARD L.                    MO-65-1-291
BUTCHER, RICHARD L.                    MO-65-3-223
BUTLER, BERNICIE CATHERINE             MO-65-3-119
BUTLER, PERNICIA CATHERINE             MO-65-1-233
BYERS, JAMES W.                        MO-65-B-41
BYERS, JONATHAN                        MO-65-B-64
BYERS, JONATHAN                        MO-65-1-282
CACHELL, JOHN S.                       MO-65-3-204
CAIN, RICHARD                          MO-65-1-124
CAIN, RICHARD                          MO-65-2-284
CALLINGS, HIRAM                        MO-65-3-253
CAMPBELL, ASA                          MO-65-1-52
CAMPBELL ASA                           MO-65-2-224
CARLISLE, DANIEL W.                    MO-65-3-387
CARLISLE, DANIEL W.                    MO-65-1-398
CARTER, EDWARD                         MO-65-B-100
CASPER, FREDRICK C.                    MO-65-2-263
CASTEEL, FELIX W.                      MO-65-1-126
CASTEEL, FELIX W.                      MO-65-3-5
CAVANAUGH, PATRICK                     MO-65-B-149
CAWAW, MARLY D.                        MO-65-3-340
CHAMBERS, JOHN W.                      MO-65-1-36
CHESNUT, SAMUEL                        MO-65-B-29
CHESTNUT, SAMUEL                       MO-65-B-129
CLAMANDS, WILLIAM J.                   MO-65-1-104
CLAMANDS, WILLIAM J.                   MO-65-2-272
CLAMENS, ROBERT                        MO-65-B-247
CLAPHAM, THOMAS                        MO-65-1-149
CLAPHAM, THOMAS                        MO-65-C-16
CLARK, J. B.                           MO-65-3-348
CLEMENS, JOSEPH                        MO-65-B-188
CLEVELAND, JAMES                       MO-65-1-315
CLEVELAND, JAMES                       MO-65-3-262
COAN, E. C.                            MO-65-3-366
COAN, STANLY W                         MO-65-3-366
COCHELL, J. S.                         MO-65-1-279
COLE, MARGARET                         MO-65-3-212
COLE, MARGARET                         MO-65-1-281
COLLINGS, AMACY J.                     MO-65-B-133
COLLINGS, AMACY J.                     MO-65-B-46
COLLINGS, HALLIE BURTON                MO-65-1-382
COLLINGS, HALLIE BURTON                MO-65-3-375
COLLINGS, HIRAM                        MO-65-1-310
COLLINGS, LORENZO D                    MO-65-2-219
COLLINGS, LORENZO D.                   MO-65-1-61
COMBS, WILLIAM                         MO-65-B-8
COUSINS, CHESTER C.                    MO-65-C-115
COUSINS, FRANKLIN J.                   MO-65-1-413
COUSINS, FRANKLIN J.                   MO-65-C-223
COWAN, MANLEY D.                       MO-65-1-365
COWAN, MIRIAM                          MO-65-1-448
COWGER, ELIAS P.                       MO-65-1-472
COX, CHARLES W.                        MO-65-1-475
COX, CLARA E.                          MO-65-1-485
CRAIG, ELI                             MO-65-3-356
CRAWFORD, SUSAN A.                     MO-65-3-114
CRAWLEY, SAMUEL                        MO-65-1-85
CRAWLEY, SAMUEL                        MO-65-B-233
CREWS, JAMES A.                        MO-65-C-119
CREWS, W. F.                           MO-65-3-112
CREWS, W. F.                           MO-65-1-225
CRIBB, T.                              MO-65-1-189
CRIBB, THEADORE                        MO-65-3-94
CURTIS, IRA C.                         MO-65-3-279
CURTIS, LABERN                         MO-65-3-10
CURTIS, LABERN J.                      MO-65-1-119
CURTIS, SAMPSON D.                     MO-65-C-121
CURTIS, SAMUEL                         MO-65-3-77
DAVIS, JOHN G.                         MO-65-1-454
DAVIS, LEVI P.                         MO-65-B-252
DAWLER, JAMES                          MO-65-1-289
DAY, VALENTINE                         MO-65-B-155
DEAN, ENOCH                            MO-65-B-16
DECKARD, MALINDA                       MO-65-B-178
DELAMETER, HENRY A.                    MO-65-1-506
DESHLER, CLARK                         MO-65-2-126
DEYOE, CYRUS                           MO-65-1-167
DEYOE, CYRUS                           MO-65-3-44
DEYOE, JOHN H.                         MO-65-1-229
DEYOE, JOHNH.                          MO-65-3-116
DODGE, JOHN                            MO-65-B-328
DOLAN, ARTHUR W.                       MO-65-1-256
DORAN, PATRICK                         MO-65-B-57
DOWLER, JAMES                          MO-65-3-220
DRAKE, JAMES T.                        MO-65-C-146
DRAPER, MARY                           MO-65-3-189
DRINKARD, JOHN H.                      MO-65-3-167
DRINKARD, JOHNH.                       MO-65-1-266
DRISCOLL, ISABELLE                     MO-65-1-170
DRISCOLL, ISABELLE                     MO-65-3-68
DUALLS, NICHOLAS                       MO-65-B-45
DUREE, DAVID J.                        MO-65-2-13
DYKES, CHARLOTTE                       MO-65-1-367
DYKES, CHARLOTTE                       MO-65-3-351
DYKES, R. G.                           MO-65-C-277
EBERHART, RACHEL                       MO-65-1-227
EBERHART, RACHEL                       MO-65-2-181
EGELAND, O. M.                         MO-65-2-240
EKISS, MICHAEL                         MO-65-B-200
ELLIS, J. N.                           MO-65-3-140
ELLIS, JASPER N.                       MO-65-1-250
ELLSWORTH, JACOB                       MO-65-1-458
ELMON, EMMA                            MO-65-C-58
ELMORE, GALEL                          MO-65-3-354
ELMORE, GOLD                           MO-65-1-372
ENGLAND, JOSIAH S.                     MO-65-2-65
EVERETT, MINERVA                       MO-65-3-102
EVERETT, PHILLIP                       MO-65-B-264
EVERITT, THOMAS H.                     MO-65-1-157
EVEWITT, THOMAS F.                     MO-65-C-24
FAUGHT, MARY                           MO-65-C-132
FLAHERTY, WILLIAM                      MO-65-1-378
FLAHERTY, WILLIAM                      MO-65-3-359
FLETCHER, HIRAM                        MO-65-B-285
FLETCHER, HIRAM                        MO-65-1-153
FLETCHER, JENNIE                       MO-65-1-391
FLETCHER, JENNIE                       MO-65-3-373
FLOOD, HENRY                           MO-65-1-83
FLOOD, HENRY                           MO-65-B-125
FOSTER, JOHN                           MO-65-1-237
FOSTER, JOHN                           MO-65-3-121
FRANKLIN, LEWIS                        MO-65-1-259
FRANKLIN, THOMAS                       MO-65-B-112
FUGIT, DAVIS F.                        MO-65-1-77
FUGIT, DAVIS F.                        MO-65-C-205
FULLERTON, T. M.                       MO-65-C-41
GALLIGER, WILLIAM H.                   MO-65-C-202
GALLUP, ED H.                          MO-65-1-395
GALLUP, ED H.                          MO-65-3-384
GANN, S. B.                            MO-65-2-260
GARTON, SARAH A.                       MO-65-C-49
GAY, LEWIS                             MO-65-B-114
GEORGE, ABNER                          MO-65-C-92
GIBLER, DAVID                          MO-65-B-280
GIBSON, GEORGE W.                      MO-65-B-222
GILFILLAN, FRANCIS                     MO-65-1-518
GINTNER, JAMES                         MO-65-B-215
GIRDNER, ANDREW MAC                    MO-65-C-79
GIRDNER, ANDREW MAC                    MO-65-1-58
GIRDNER, E. L.                         MO-65-1-10
GIRDNER, E. L.                         MO-65-2-53
GOODIN, JAMES M.                       MO-65-3-368
GORMAN, PATRICK                        MO-65-1-28
GORMAN, PATRICK                        MO-65-2-142
GRAHAM, NATHAN                         MO-65-3-343
GRAHAM, NATHAN                         MO-65-1-362
GRANLEE, ELIZABETH A.                  MO-65-C-130
GRANLEE, JOSEPH V.                     MO-65-C-105
GRIFFIN, R. F.                         MO-65-1-436
GRIGSBY, WILLIAM                       MO-65-2-7
HAMILTON, JOSHUA F.                    MO-65-1-438
HAMILTON, JOSHUA F.                    MO-65-C-266
HAMMON, EVE E.                         MO-65-2-46
HAMMONDS, JAMES                        MO-65-B-55
HAMPSHIRE, WILLIAM W.                  MO-65-C-135
HARDY, EUGENE                          MO-65-1-490
HARRIS, C. L.                          MO-65-2-211
HARRIS, EMMA STEPHENSON                MO-65-3-172
HARRIS,E MMA STEVENSON                 MO-65-1-274
HART, JAMES                            MO-65-1-176
HART, JAMES                            MO-65-3-83
HART, JOHN                             MO-65-B-60
HARTSOOK, SYLVESTER                    MO-65-1-303
HARTSOOK, SYLVESTER                    MO-65-3-249
HAYLOCK, SABRINA                       MO-65-3-179
HENDERSON, JAMES R.                    MO-65-B-185
HENRY, JONATHAN                        MO-65-1-26
HENRY, JONATHAN                        MO-65-2-136
HICKS, WILLIAM H.                      MO-65-B-210
HIGGINS, JOHN M.                       MO-65-2-167
HIGGINS, RICHARD                       MO-65-1-331
HIRONS, JENNIE                         MO-65-1-407
HIRONS, JENNIE                         MO-65-C-214
HOLLARDS, JAEMS H.                     MO-65-C-83
HOLLARN, JAMES                         MO-65-1-456
HOLLENBECK, JACOB                      MO-65-2-106
HOLLENBECK, JACOB                      MO-65-1-50
HONN, MARY JANE                        MO-65-C-34
HOOKER, J. B.                          MO-65-1-223
HOOKER, J. B.                          MO-65-3-110
HORTON, JOHN D.                        MO-65-B-175
HUBBARD, WILLIAM JACKSON               MO-65-1-409
HUBBARD, WILLIAM JACKSON               MO-65-C-217
HUGHES, MARIA L.                       MO-65-2-160
HULSE, WILLIAM H.                      MO-65-B-109
HYDE, IRA B.                           MO-65-1-417
HYDE, IRA B.                           MO-65-C-226
HYDE, OSCAR R.                         MO-65-C-187
JENKINS, JOSEPH                        MO-65-1-32
JENKINS, JOSEPH                        MO-65-2-152
JOHNSON, LEWIS                         MO-65-B-167
JOHNSON, MARGARET M.                   MO-65-2-26
JONES, NOAH                            MO-65-2-202
JONES, S. M.                           MO-65-1-488
JONES, TOBIAS                          MO-65-B-255
KAHLER, CHARLES L.                     MO-65-1-193
KAUFFMAN, JACOB                        MO-65-1-46
KAUFFMAN, M. H.                        MO-65-1-293
KAUFFMAN, M. H.                        MO-65-3-230
KAUFMAN, JACOB                         MO-65-2-213
KAYTON, ELEANOR B. S.                  MO-65-2-38
KAYTON, HENRY                          MO-65-B-135
KEATING, WILLIAM                       MO-65-C-19
KEETON, FRANCIS M.                     MO-65-1-241
KEETON, FRANCIS M.                     MO-65-3-48
KEITH, ARKELSON                        MO-65-B-290
KEITH, ARKELSON E.                     MO-65-1-112
KELTNER, LAURA                         MO-65-C-138
KENNEDY, JOSEPH A.                     MO-65-1-40
KILLGORE, JAMES                        MO-65-B-98
KNOWLES, LOGAN                         MO-65-B-119
KUHN, JOHN                             MO-65-2-16
KUHN, JOHN H.                          MO-65-1-217
LARISON, MAHLON                        MO-65-B-96
LAUGHLIN, ALEX                         MO-65-B-122
LAUGHLIN, MILTON M.                    MO-65-1-143
LAWRANCE, PRESLEY N. O.                MO-65-B-205
LAWRY, DAVID W.                        MO-65-3-257
LEMIAUX, THOMAS W.                     MO-65-C-6
LEMMAX, CHARLEY K.                     MO-65-3-81
LEMMAX, DORINDA                        MO-65-3-79
LEWIS, HENRY N.                        MO-65-1-191
LEWIS, HENRY N.                        MO-65-3-96
LEWIS, JAMES P.                        MO-65-1-81
LIDNSEY, A. M.                         MO-65-B-78
LINN, SIMON C.                         MO-65-1-421
LINN, SIMON C.                         MO-65-C-232
LITTEN, HAARD B.                       MO-65-1-359
LITTON, H. B.                          MO-65-3-334
LITTON, SOLOMON                        MO-65-1-4
LOE, JOHN                              MO-65-B-34
LOGAN, JOSEPH A.                       MO-65-3-310
LOGAN, JOSEPH A.                       MO-65-1-341
LOWRY, ANDREW                          MO-65-B-42
LOWRY, ANDREW H.                       MO-65-C-271
LOWRY, DAVID W.                        MO-65-1-312
LOWRY, LEWIS R.                        MO-65-1-445, 514
LOWRY, LEWIS R.                        MO-65-C-279
LOWRY, SIMEON L.                       MO-65-1-461
LOWRY, WILLIAM                         MO-65-C-27
LUNDY, JESE                            MO-65-B-208
LUTES, WILLIAM                         MO-65-B-48
LWRY, ANDREW                           MO-65-1-199
LYON, ELIZA ANN                        MO-65-B-192
MANAUGH, THOMAS N.                     MO-65-2-83
MANAUGH, THOMAS N.                     MO-65-1-155
MANAUGH, THOMAS N.                     MO-65-1-156
MANFULL, JOHN                          MO-65-1-201
MARTIN, HENDERSON                      MO-65-1-212
MARTIN, HENDERSON                      MO-65-3-106
MASTERS, DELBERT                       MO-65-1-522
MASTIN, AARON L.                       MO-65-2-207
MASTIN, AARON L.                       MO-65-2-207
MASTIN, AARON L.                       MO-65-1-79
MASTIN, OSCAR A.                       MO-65-1-525
MAUCK, JAMES EDGAR                     MO-65-1-268
MAY, AARON E.                          MO-65-B-235
MCCLELAND, JOSIAH                      MO-65-B-3
MCDONALD, LEM                          MO-65-3-239
MCDONALD, LEMUEL                       MO-65-1-299
MCDONALD, PHILIP C.                    MO-65-2-247
MCDONALD, PHILIP C.                    MO-65-1-87
MCDONALD, WESLEY                       MO-65-2-123
MCDOUGAL, FESTUS H.                    MO-65-1-347
MCDOUGAL, FESTUS H.                    MO-65-3-295
MCKEE, ALFRED                          MO-65-2-194
MCKERN, GEORGE                         MO-65-1-248
MCKERN, GEORGE                         MO-65-3-132
MCKIDDY, JONATHAN C.                   MO-65-C-193
MCKIDDY, JONATHAN C.                   MO-65-1-231
MCMAHAN, BENJAMIN                      MO-65-2-41
MCMAHON, SARAH                         MO-65-3-40
MCQUERRY, JOHN H.                      MO-65-1-73
MCQUERY, JOHN H.                       MO-65-2-231
MCREYNOLS, ISAAC                       MO-65-B-282
MERCER, J. T.                          MO-65-1-202
MERCER, J. T.                          MO-65-3-61
MEREDITH, HARRIET R.                   MO-65-C-29
MESSENGER, SAVILLA                     MO-65-1-495
METTON, ELI                            MO-65-B-74
MILLER, MICHAEL                        MO-65-1-327
MILLER, MICHEAL                        MO-65-3-289
MILLER, ORLANDO                        MO-65-C-112
MINSHALL, A. T.                        MO-65-3-85
MITCHELL, JOHN C.                      MO-65-B-317
MOBLEY, URA M.                         MO-65-C-256
MOORE, DAVID                           MO-65-2-70
MOORE, DAVID A.                        MO-65-B-163
MOORE, HESTER A.                       MO-65-3-31
MOORE, LUCETTA                         MO-65-B-294
MOORE, MELT                            MO-65-1-276
MOORE, MELT                            MO-65-3-160
MOORE, ROBERT                          MO-65-3-31
MOORE, T. B.                           MO-65-3-324
MOORE, T. B.                           MO-65-1-356
MOORE, THOMAS W.                       MO-65-B-230
MOORE, W. H.                           MO-65-2-28
MORRISON, JOSEPH                       MO-65-B-39
MOSS, AQUILLA B.                       MO-65-1-426
MOSS, AQUILLA B.                       MO-65-C-239
MOSS, JOSEPH                           MO-65-2-73
MOSS, SARAH A.                         MO-65-1-429
MOSS, SARAH A.                         MO-65-1-429
MOSS, SARAH A.                         MO-65-C-243
MOSS, WILLIAM M.                       MO-65-1-204
MOSS, WILLIAM M.                       MO-65-2-278
MUDGETT, F. H.                         MO-65-3-381
MUDGETT, F. H.                         MO-65-1-388
MULLINAX, CHARLES G.                   MO-65-C-262
MULLINAX, CHARLES J.                   MO-65-1-440
MULLINS, WILLIAM E.                    MO-65-C-21
NEAL, JOHN OLIVER                      MO-65-1-1
NELSON, SARAH J.                       MO-65-1-131
NELSON, SARAH J.                       MO-65-3-16
NELSON, SOPHIA E.                      MO-65-C-149
NELSON, WILLIAM C.                     MO-65-3-12
NELSON, WILLIAM C.                     MO-65-1-129
NEWLIN, JESSE                          MO-65-C-62
NICHOLS, NELSON J.                     MO-65-1-306
NICHOLS, NELSON J.                     MO-65-3-242
NICKELL, JAMES                         MO-65-B-13
NORCROSS, ABRAHAM                      MO-65-B-172
NORTON, JOHN B.                        MO-65-B-267
ODER, JOHN G.                          MO-65-1-286
ODNEAL, GEORGE M.                      MO-65-B-44
OLOR, JOHN G.                          MO-65-3-226
ORTON, ELDON C.                        MO-65-1-272
ORTON, ELDON C.                        MO-65-3-197
ORTON, HOBART G.                       MO-65-1-220
ORTON, HOBERT G.                       MO-65-3-108
OVERTON, MOSES                         MO-65-C-51
OVERTON, WILLIAM                       MO-65-3-292
OVERTON, WILLIAM                       MO-65-1-329
OWEN, JOHN M.                          MO-65-1-42
OWEN, JOHN M.                          MO-65-2-187
PACE, ADAM                             MO-65-C-60
PARSONS, JAMES                         MO-65-B-276
PAXTON, WILLIAM C.                     MO-65-2-146
PERKINS, J. S. SR.                     MO-65-3-319
PERKINS, JOSIAH S.                     MO-65-1-350
PETERS, REUBEN                         MO-65-B-72
PETERSON, LEONARD S.                   MO-65-3-363
PETERSON, LEONARD V.                   MO-65-1-376
PHELPS, JOHN J.                        MO-65-B-83
PHILLIPS, SAMUEL D.                    MO-65-B-212
PHILLIPS, WILLIAM J.                   MO-65-3-157
PHILLIPS, WILLIAM J.                   MO-65-1-263
PICKETT, J. C.                         MO-65-1-434
PICKETT, JOSEPH C.                     MO-65-C-259
PICKETT, JOSEPH C.                     MO-65-3-259
PIERCE, AZABAH                         MO-65-B-261
PIERCE, GEORGE                         MO-65-1-256
PIERCE, RUTH                           MO-65-B-80
POLLOCK, DAVID W.                      MO-65-1-88
PORTER, JAMES HAZARD                   MO-65-1-297
PORTER, JAMES HAZARD                   MO-65-3-236
POWELL, JOHN L.                        MO-65-1-252
POWELL, OHN L.                         MO-65-3-145
POWERS, HIRAM                          MO-65-B-62
PRICHARD, JACKSON                      MO-65-C-178
PRICHARD, JOSEPH                       MO-65-B-36
PROCTOR, WILLIAM                       MO-65-B-307
PUFFER, N. A.                          MO-65-1-352
READ, LYDIA B.                         MO-65-1-245
READ, LYDIA B.                         MO-65-3-135
REED, DAVID P.                         MO-65-2-93
REGER, CHARLOTTE                       MO-65-3-301
RHEA, ALBERT L.                        MO-65-2-1114
RHEA, SEARBEARD                        MO-65-B-131
RHOADES, WILILAM                       MO-65-1-277
RHOADES, WILLIAM                       MO-65-3-104
RICHARD, MARY J.                       MO-65-C-1
RICHARDSON, BENJAMIN                   MO-65-2-164
RICHARDSON, WILLIAM                    MO-65-2-4
RILEY, JOHN                            MO-65-3-192
RILEY, JOHN                            MO-65-2-269
RILEY, JOHN                            MO-65-1-270
RILEY, PHILANDER                       MO-65-1-337
RILEY, PHILANDER                       MO-65-3-301
ROBINSON, MARCUS L.                    MO-65-3-128
ROBINSON, MARCUS LINDSEY               MO-65-1-242
ROCKEY, GEORGE A.                      MO-65-3-175
ROGERS, ALLEN                          MO-65-1-423
ROGERS, ALLEN                          MO-65-C-235
ROGERS, HESTER E.                      MO-65-B-310
ROSS, MINNIE                           MO-65-1-184
ROSS, MINNIE E.                        MO-65-3-87
ROWLEY, CAROLINE                       MO-65-2-197
RUSHTON, SOLOMAN                       MO-65-B-314
RUSHTON, SOLOMON                       MO-65-1-164
SANDES, JOHN W.                        MO-65-C-98
SANDLIN, JOHN N.                       MO-65-C-85
SCHOOLMAN, WILLIAM                     MO-65-1-188
SCHOOLMAN, WILLIAM                     MO-65-B-105
SCOTT, ALEX                            MO-65-B-225
SCOTT, JOSEPH G.                       MO-65-1-207
SCOTT, JOSEPH G.                       MO-65-3-98
SCOTT, ROBERT                          MO-65-B-152
SEAMAN, J.                             MO-65-1-133
SELBY, JAMES B.                        MO-65-B-69
SERCY, WILLIS                          MO-65-C-125
SHANNON, MARGARET A.                   MO-65-2-59
SHANNON, REES                          MO-65-B-288
SHARP, PEARLEE                         MO-65-1-451
SHAW, URANIE MARIE                     MO-65-3-20
SHAW, WILLIAM F.                       MO-65-1-159
SHAW, WILLIAM F.                       MO-65-2-178
SHELTON, H. H.                         MO-65-C-53
SHILT, CYRUS                           MO-65-1-142
SHILT, CYRUS                           MO-65-C-175
SHIPLEY, JAMES                         MO-65-1-109
SHIPLEY, JAMES                         MO-65-2-78
SHIRA, SAMUEL                          MO-65-2-51
SIMS, CYRUS                            MO-65-1-432
SIMS, CYRUS                            MO-65-C-250
SMALLEY, ISAAC                         MO-65-C-141
SMITH, ARCHIBALD                       MO-65-1-374
SMITH, ARCHIBALD                       MO-65-B-7
SMITH, ISAAC K.                        MO-65-C-32
SMITH, JOSEPH                          MO-65-3-274
SMITH, JOSEPH                          MO-65-1-320
SMITH, JOSEPH                          MO-65-B-244
SMITH, JULIA A.                        MO-65-B-315
SMITH, NANCY A.                        MO-65-2-63
SMITH, SARAH A.                        MO-65-1-235
SMITH, SARAH A.                        MO-65-3-72
SMITH, SARAH C.                        MO-65-1-235
SMITH, WILLIAM J.                      MO-65-2-257
SMITH, WILLIAM J.                      MO-65-1-147
SNAPP, FRANKLIN A.                     MO-65-3-64
SNOW, JOHN                             MO-65-B-20
SNYDER, HEZEKIAH                       MO-65-C-55
SNYDER, PETER                          MO-65-1-101
SNYDER, PETER                          MO-65-B-52
SNYDER, SARAH J.                       MO-65-2-56
SORETHERS, ROBERT                      MO-65-B-272
SOUTHWORTH, O. H.                      MO-65-2-34
SPEAR, WILLIAM                         MO-65-1-64
SPEER, NANCY                           MO-65-1-284
SPEER, NANCY                           MO-65-3-215
SPEER, WILLIAM                         MO-65-2-190
SPENCER, DAVID L.                      MO-65-3-23
SPENER, DAVID L.                       MO-65-1-121
STACY, PHILANDER                       MO-65-1-138
STACY, PHILANDER                       MO-65-3-27
STANLEY, JACKSON                       MO-65-3-269
STANLEY, JOHN                          MO-65-B-322
STANLEY, JOHN F.                       MO-65-3-209
STANLEY, JOHNATHAN                     MO-65-3-34
STANLEY, JOSEPH W.                     MO-65-1-465
STANLEY, RICHARD                       MO-65-C-127
STANTURF, AARON B.                     MO-65-B-50
STANTURF, J. H.                        MO-65-1-255
STANTURF, J. H.                        MO-65-3-154
STECKMAN, R.W.                         MO-65-C-247
STEPP, JOSEPH B.                       MO-65-C-73
STEWART, AMANDA                        MO-65-1-385
STEWART, AMANDA                        MO-65-3-378
STEWART, GEORGE MASON                  MO-65-1-400
STEWART, GEORGE MASON                  MO-65-C-208
STEWART, HARRET B.                     MO-65-B-160
STILES, HARLEY B.                      MO-65-1-240
STILES, HERLEY C. B.                   MO-65-3-125
STILES, SIMEON                         MO-65-C-125
STILES, SIMOEN                         MO-65-C-162
STOCKMAN, FRANCIS                      MO-65-B-9
SULLIVAN, JOSEPH                       MO-65-1-174
SWAN, BENJAMIN                         MO-65-1-161
SWAN, JESSE                            MO-65-3-56
SWAN, JESSE                            MO-65-1-161
SWINGLE, GEORGE                        MO-65-1-92
SWINGLE, GEORGE                        MO-65-C-76
TEDDER, ELIJAH                         MO-65-B-22
THOMPSON, CHARLES                      MO-65-B-102
THOMPSON, MARGARET                     MO-65-C-88
TILLOTSON, ISAAC                       MO-65-B-325
TINNES, CHARLOTTE                      MO-65-C-200
TODDEN, CLAUS                          MO-65-2-87
TRAINER, HARVEY                        MO-65-2-282
TRAVIS, K. W.                          MO-65-1-405
TRAVIS, K. W.                          MO-65-C-211
TULLIS, JOHN M.                        MO-65-C-95
UNDERWOOD, ELIZABETH JANE              MO-65-3-390
UNDERWOOD, ELIZABETH JANE              MO-65-1-402
VANDERAN, WILLIAM                      MO-65-1-115
VENCILL, ROBERT H.                     MO-65-1-369
VOILS, JAMES S.                        MO-65-B-93
WALTERS, AMANDA M.                     MO-65-3-92
WALTERS, WILLIAM                       MO-65-C-65
WALTERS, WILLIAM B.                    MO-65-2-216
WALTERS, WILLIAM B.                    MO-65-1-48
WALZ, SARAH                            MO-65-3-328
WARNER, ELECTA J.                      MO-65-2-244
WASHBURN, LEMUEL                       MO-65-1-137
WASHBURN, LEMUEL                       MO-65-2-294
WEAVER, JOHN D.                        MO-65-C-274
WEEESNER, JOSEPH                       MO-65-C-144
WELLS, LEWIS                           MO-65-1-411
WELLS, LEWIS                           MO-65-C-220
WELLS, ROBERT GEORGE                   MO-65-3-314
WHAN, JAMES                            MO-65-2-21
WIDNER, HENRY                          MO-65-1-151
WIGGINS, ELIJAH G.                     MO-65-C-47
WILD, WILLIAM                          MO-65-1-54
WILD, WILLIAM                          MO-65-2-172
WILDER, HENRY R.                       MO-65-2-1
WILKERSON, MARGARET A.                 MO-65-2-288
WILKERSON, MARGARET E.                 MO-65-3-1
WILLFORD, SARAH                        MO-65-C-164
WILLIAMS, JASON                        MO-65-1-107
WILLIAMSON, JASON                      MO-65-2-289
WOODARD, NATHANIEL                     MO-65-1-71
WOODS, JAMES L.                        MO-65-C-44
WOODS, NICHOLAS                        MO-65-1-323
WOODS, NICHOLAS                        MO-65-3-282
WRNER, CHARLES                         MO-65-C-171
YATES, C. W.                           MO-65-B-300
YATES, ELZA                            MO-65-1-30
YATES, ELZA                            MO-65-2-96
YATES, SILFINA                         MO-65-1-186
YATES, SILFINIA J.                     MO-65-3-90
YINGLING, HULDA M. N.                  MO-65-1-68
YINGLING, HULDA M. N.                  MO-65-2-227
YINGLING, JOHN                         MO-65-B-297
YOUNG, A. L.                           MO-65-C-253
YOUNG, JAMES WILFORD                   MO-65-1-500
YOUNG, PRESTON                         MO-65-C-12
YOUNG, SARAH J.                        MO-65-1-354
YOUNG, SUSAN J.                        MO-65-3-321

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