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ADAMS, ALVAH H.                         MO-74-C-41
ADAMS, JOHN I.                          MO-74-E-456
ADKINS, JAMES A.                        MO-74-D-347
AIRY, GEORGE C.                         MO-74-E-272
ALBRIGHT, DANIEL M.                     MO-74-E-245
ALBRIGHT, JOEL                          MO-74-D-178
ALEXANDER, FAYETTE W.                   MO-74-C-78
ALEXANDER, JAMES H.                     MO-74-C-364
ALEXANDER, JOSEPH E.                    MO-74-D-476
ALEXANDER, MARY A.                      MO-74-E-12
ALGEO, CHARLES                          MO-74-C-352
ALGER, JAMES H.                         MO-74-C-26
ALKIRE, DAVID A.                        MO-74-E-350
ALLEN, JOHN H. SR.                      MO-74-E-549
ALLEN, SAMUEL                           MO-74-D-48
ALLUMBAUGH, JOHN                        MO-74-B-111
AMES, ARETHUSA B.                       MO-74-D-362
ANDERS, LEWIS                           MO-74-D-96
ANDERSON, CHRISTIAN                     MO-74-E-302
ANDERSON, CHRISTIAN                     MO-74-C-179
ANDERSON, THOMPSON F.                   MO-74-C-165
ARMSTRONG, ANDREW                       MO-74-E-567
ATHERTON, WILLIAM M.                    MO-74-E-470
ATKINSON, HUGH M.                       MO-74-E-34
AYSHFORD, JOHN                          MO-74-E-573
BAILEY, HENRY                           MO-74-C-142
BAKER, JOHN W.                          MO-74-D-226
BAKER, WILLIAM                          MO-74-E-541
BARE, DAVID                             MO-74-C-204
BARINGER, DANIEL SR.                    MO-74-D-271
BARNES, NATHANIEL A.                    MO-74-C-55
BARRETT, CHARLES                        MO-74-D-67
BARROCK, OBEDIAH                        MO-74-C-337
BARRY, ELLEN A.                         MO-74-E-258
BARRY, MARGRET M.                       MO-74-D-308
BARTLEY, DANIEL J.                      MO-74-D-580
BARTON, NATHAN                          MO-74-D-297
BAUBLITS, HENRY F.                      MO-74-D-54
BEAL, CHARLES                           MO-74-C-24
BEDWELL, JASPER                         MO-74-E-110
BEGGS, JOHN                             MO-74-D-355
BELL, WILLIAM D.                        MO-74-E-168
BELLINGS, BIRD                          MO-74-C-40
BENEDICT, JOHN P.                       MO-74-D-232
BENNETT, ANNA                           MO-74-D-550
BENNETT, EDGAR E.                       MO-74-E-6
BENNETT, SAMUEL                         MO-74-E-368
BERG, WILLIAM                           MO-74-E-387
BERNAL, JOHN                            MO-74-D-148
BICKETT, SARAH M.                       MO-74-D-462
BIRDSELL, JOHN                          MO-74-E-230
BLACK, JONATHAN M.                      MO-74-C-403
BLACK, SAMUEL J.                        MO-74-C-65
BLAKE, FRANCIS                          MO-74-C-315
BLEYLEY, ANDREW                         MO-74-C-127
BLOM, NICHOLAS                          MO-74-E-125
BOATWRIGHT, RICHARD J.                  MO-74-E-329
BOHART, PETER H.                        MO-74-D-367
BOOTH, HARRIET                          MO-74-D-287
BOSCH, JOHN C.                          MO-74-E-137
BOSLEY, SYLVESTER SR.                   MO-74-D-542
BOYER, PETER                            MO-74-C-285
BRACKEN, CORNELIUS L.                   MO-74-E-298
BRADLEY, CLARRISSA                      MO-74-E-94
BRADLEY, GEORGE W.                      MO-74-E-121
BRADLEY, MARK B.                        MO-74-C-124
BRADY, WILLIAM                          MO-74-E-394
BRAND, FREDERICKE                       MO-74-D-108
BRIDGES, JAMES R.                       MO-74-D-113
BRIGGS, LOORENZO D.                     MO-74-D-203
BRINKMAN, HENRY                         MO-74-E-23
BRITTAIN, L. C.                         MO-74-D-281
BRODRICK, ISAAC                         MO-74-D-275
BROWN, ISAAK                            MO-74-C-169
BROWN, SAMUEL S.                        MO-74-C-140
BROWN, WARREN E.                        MO-74-C-371
BUGBEE, ORPHICE E.                      MO-74-D-585
BURCH, JOHN S.                          MO-74-E-37
BURDIC, WILLARD A.                      MO-74-C-354
BURGESS, HULDAH                         MO-74-D-23
BURNES, JOHN                            MO-74-C-405
BURRIS, ENNIS                           MO-74-B-117
BURRISS, WILLIAM                        MO-74-D-590
BUTNER, ALBERT                          MO-74-D-419
CAMERON, ANDERSON S.                    MO-74-C-350
CAMERON, ETTA MAY                       MO-74-D-320
CAMERON, WILLIAM G.                     MO-74-C-177
CAMPBELL, WILLIAM                       MO-74-D-213
CANDLE, GIM                             MO-74-D-471
CANDLE, JESSE                           MO-74-D-205
CAREY, JOHN                             MO-74-D-353
CARMICHAEL, ARCIBALD                    MO-74-C-154
CARTER, SARAH A.                        MO-74-C-195
CARVER, NILES                           MO-74-E-195
CASE, CHESTER J.                        MO-74-E-523
CASTEEL, JAMES H.                       MO-74-C-62
CHADDUCK, GEORGE B.                     MO-74-E-421
CHASTAIN, JAMES M.                      MO-74-C-193
CHESNUT, EDMOND                         MO-74-D-69
CHRISTY, ANDREW                         MO-74-D-76
CLARK, A. G.                            MO-74-C-265
CLARK, W. H.                            MO-74-E-288
CLELAND, ALEXANDER                      MO-74-C-75
CLISER, JAMES M.                        MO-74-E-223
CLYMERS, JOSIAH                         MO-74-E-559
COIN, JOHN                              MO-74-E-321
COLE, WILLIAM M.                        MO-74-D-389
COLVIN, AMBROSE                         MO-74-D-396
COLVIN, JOHN                            MO-74-C-85
COOK, FAYETTE                           MO-74-E-199
COOK, JAMES                             MO-74-C-137
COOK, RACHAEL                           MO-74-E-292
COPPER, JOHN                            MO-74-D-414
COPPLE, LEM                             MO-74-D-439
CORBITT, JOHN                           MO-74-D-169
CORBITT, MARY                           MO-74-D-171
CORRY, BRIDGET                          MO-74-C-376
COTTON, SOLOMON                         MO-74-D-37
COX, JOHN F.                            MO-74-C-120
CRAVEN, ANDERSON                        MO-74-D-305
CRICKETT, MARY C.                       MO-74-C-227
CRIGER, WILLIAM                         MO-74-C-367
CROSBY, DANIEL H.                       MO-74-E-170
CROSSON, REBECCA                        MO-74-E-80
CROWHURST, ALFRED                       MO-74-D-370
CUMMINS, STEPHEN                        MO-74-E-241
CURFMAN, CHRISTIAN                      MO-74-E-214
CURNUTT, WILLIAM R.                     MO-74-D-381
DANIELS, BICY NEEL                      MO-74-D-94
DAVIDSON, MARY                          MO-74-D-565
DAVIS, ELIZABETH                        MO-74-C-311
DAVIS, FRANCIS M.                       MO-74-D-193
DAVIS, GEORGE W.                        MO-74-C-59
DAVIS, JAMES MANNING                    MO-74-C-106
DAVIS, JOHN C.                          MO-74-C-34
DAVIS, JOSHUA                           MO-74-D-87
DAVIS, LEWIS F.                         MO-74-E-83
DAVIS, SAMUEL W.                        MO-74-C-94
DAVIS, WILLIAM H.                       MO-74-C-145
DEAN, JOHN                              MO-74-D-51
DEMPSEY, JOHN                           MO-74-D-311
DENNING, JAMES T.                       MO-74-D-551
DENNY, CHARLES P.                       MO-74-E-383
DEWOLF, ANN E.                          MO-74-E-310
DILK, NICHOLAS                          MO-74-D-318
DIMON, ABRAM H.                         MO-74-C-246
DINSMORE, T. B.                         MO-74-E-452
DIXON, ELISHA                           MO-74-D-228
DODGE, DANIEL J.                        MO-74-E-335
DONLIN, JOHN                            MO-74-E-97
DONLIN, JOHN OF JOHN                    MO-74-E-92
DORAN, JESSE B.                         MO-74-E-338
DORAN, LAWRENCE                         MO-74-C-203
DORAN, ROBERT                           MO-74-C-360
DOWIS, ISAAC                            MO-74-C-46
DOWNING, WASHINGTON                     MO-74-D-514
DRYDEN, JOHN A.                         MO-74-D-139
DUNGAN, ISAAC J.                        MO-74-E-344
DUNLAVEY, JAMES                         MO-74-E-186
DUNLAVY, FRANK                          MO-74-E-308
DUNLEAVY, ANTHONY                       MO-74-E-530
DUNNING, JOHN LUTHER                    MO-74-C-143
DYCHE, CHARLES E.                       MO-74-D-474
DYER, ELIJAH C.                         MO-74-D-323
ECKERT, GEORGE                          MO-74-E-484
ECKLES, JAMES H.                        MO-74-D-512
EISCHEID, JOHN                          MO-74-D-153
ELLINGTON, PERMELIA                     MO-74-C-229
ELLIOTT, FRANK P.                       MO-74-D-375
FANNON, HOLTON                          MO-74-E-45
FARLEY, WILLIAM B.                      MO-74-B-127
FARNAN, CHRISTOPHER                     MO-74-E-283
FIKE, ISAAC                             MO-74-D-530
FOLEY, JOHN                             MO-74-D-124
FOOT, WILLIAM C.                        MO-74-E-32
FORCADE, SARAH J.                       MO-74-D-211
FORD, MARSHALL                          MO-74-C-289
FORT, ELIZA ANN                         MO-74-E-53
FOSTER, WILLIAM J.                      MO-74-C-103
FOX, PEETER                             MO-74-E-465
FOX, RATLIFF                            MO-74-E-583
FRAWLEY, FRANK                          MO-74-E-73
FROST, THOMAS                           MO-74-C-339
FUCHS, KARL                             MO-74-D-116
GARTEN, ROBERT                          MO-74-C-383
GASKILL, DAVID                          MO-74-D-104
GATES, JAMES D.                         MO-74-E-1
GAUNT, THOMAS W.                        MO-74-E-235
GIBSON, ISAAC S.                        MO-74-D-60
GILLESPIE, ROBERT Y.                    MO-74-D-82
GILLMORE, JAMES                         MO-74-C-108
GILMORE, JOHN                           MO-74-D-246
GIVENS, JAMES                           MO-74-C-53
GODSEY, EDWARD S.                       MO-74-E-25
GOFORTH, WILLIAM K.                     MO-74-B-107
GOFROTH, WILLIAM                        MO-74-C-69
GOOD, JOSEPH F.                         MO-74-C-30
GOUKEL, JOHN                            MO-74-E-562
GRAHAM, MARY J.                         MO-74-E-436
GRAHAM, ROBERT                          MO-74-E-128
GRAHAM, SOPHIA C.                       MO-74-D-495
GRAVES, JAMES                           MO-74-C-36
GRAVES, JULIUS                          MO-74-C-200
GRAVES, WILLIAM B.                      MO-74-D-130
GRAY, A. M.                             MO-74-C-162
GRAY, LEWIS D.                          MO-74-E-462
GRAYSON, WILLIAM                        MO-74-E-209
GROVES, ALBERT C.                       MO-74-C-411
GROVES, HIRAM                           MO-74-D-39
GROVES, JACKSON                         MO-74-E-581
GUTHRY, MICHAEL                         MO-74-D-164
HAGEY, SUSANA                           MO-74-D-423
HALASEY, JOHN                           MO-74-D-464
HANCOCK, JAMES FRANCIS                  MO-74-D-181
HANNA, ANN                              MO-74-E-360
HANNA, JAMES                            MO-74-C-110
HARMON, RICHARD                         MO-74-D-121
HARRIS, ZACHARIAH                       MO-74-C-389
HARRISON, PATRICK                       MO-74-C-252
HAWK, PETER                             MO-74-D-587
HAYS, ANNA D.                           MO-74-D-1
HEAD, BIGGER J.                         MO-74-D-64
HEATH, JAMES W.                         MO-74-D-102
HEFLIN, LEWIS                           MO-74-C-214
HENSON, THOMAS                          MO-74-E-374
HERNDON, BENJAMIN F.                    MO-74-E-553
HICKS, ELI                              MO-74-C-409
HICKS, HARRISON                         MO-74-E-28
HICKS, MARTHA M.                        MO-74-E-401
HIGHSMITH, MARY E.                      MO-74-D-393
HINTON, WILLIAM                         MO-74-C-238
HOGAN, SALLIE A.                        MO-74-E-183
HOLT, JACKSON M.                        MO-74-E-515
HONAKER, BENJAMIN F.                    MO-74-E-587
HOOD, JONATHAN WILSON                   MO-74-D-452
HOOVER, JAMES S.                        MO-74-D-519
HOOVER, MELVILLE C.                     MO-74-D-519
HOSTETTER, JOHN                         MO-74-D-44
HOTCHKIN, CLARA                         MO-74-E-412
HOWARD, ABRAM                           MO-74-D-8
HOWDEN, LYDIA L.                        MO-74-D-501
HOWENDOBLER, BELL                       MO-74-E-537
HOWENDOBLER, JACOB                      MO-74-C-240
HUDSON, JOHN E.                         MO-74-E-181
HUFF, THOMAS J.                         MO-74-C-57
HUFFMAN, AMERICA                        MO-74-C-14
HUFFMAN, JOHN D.                        MO-74-C-348
HUFFMAN, JOSEPH                         MO-74-E-415
HULL, CHRISTIAN H.                      MO-74-C-249
HULL, ELEAZUR S.                        MO-74-C-344
HULL, SAMUEL                            MO-74-D-291
HUTCHINGS, ANDREW J.                    MO-74-E-59
HYDE, MARTHA E.                         MO-74-D-301
HYDE, OLIVER                            MO-74-B-124
IRICK, JOHN                             MO-74-E-313
ISAACS, GEORGE S.                       MO-74-D-485
JACKSON, BENJAMIN                       MO-74-C-358
JAMES, CHARLES F.                       MO-74-E-10
JENSEN, SOREN                           MO-74-D-574
JERMAN, JOHN                            MO-74-C-273
JOBE, MARY                              MO-74-E-202
JOHNSON, PHILLIP                        MO-74-C-28
JOHNSON, THOMAS                         MO-74-B-103
JONES, ALFRED                           MO-74-D-457
JONES, ALFRED TREES                     MO-74-E-377
JONES, JAMES                            MO-74-C-8
JONES, JOHN                             MO-74-C-297
JONES, JOHN D.                          MO-74-D-332
JONES, RACHEL                           MO-74-D-295
JONES, WILLIAM                          MO-74-D-344
JONES, WILLIAM B.                       MO-74-C-235
JOSLIN, JOSIAH                          MO-74-C-401
KAUFMAN, CHARLES                        MO-74-E-521
KEEF, JOHN                              MO-74-C-146
KEEFE, ARTHUR                           MO-74-C-393
KEITH, JOHNW.                           MO-74-D-74
KELLEY, SARAH                           MO-74-C-381
KELLOGG, HENRY M.                       MO-74-E-192
KELLOGG, JAMES H.                       MO-74-E-145
KELLOGG, MILO F.                        MO-74-E-176
KEMPER, CLARK                           MO-74-E-347
KILDOW, JOHN B.                         MO-74-E-76
KILL, JOHN                              MO-74-D-448
KING, JOHN                              MO-74-C-270
KINGERY, ALVIN                          MO-74-C-47
KIRCH, WILLIAM                          MO-74-D-444
KNOBEL, BARTHOME                        MO-74-D-285
KNOX, ELIZABETH E.                      MO-74-D-411
KORELL, BEEDY W.                        MO-74-D-91
KRAUS, GEORGE                           MO-74-E-51
KRETTOW, AUGUST                         MO-74-D-454
KUGLER, ISAAC P.                        MO-74-C-211
KUHNS, ELIZABETH                        MO-74-C-188
KYLE, JAMES M.                          MO-74-E-88
LAMAR, THOMAS J.                        MO-74-C-262
LAMB, JACOB                             MO-74-D-487
LAMME, WILLIAM S.                       MO-74-E-418
LANG, JOHN                              MO-74-C-73
LANNING, ISAAC A.                       MO-74-D-78
LANNING, WILLIAM V.                     MO-74-D-190
LATSCHAR, DAVID S.                      MO-74-C-156
LAWSON, DAISY V.                        MO-74-E-546
LAWSON, JAMESM.                         MO-74-D-267
LAYMAN, JOSEPH                          MO-74-D-195
LEACH, CALVIN                           MO-74-E-498
LEAKEY, THOMAS                          MO-74-C-256
LEE, ISAAC T.                           MO-74-E-285
LEEFFLER, ELIZABETH                     MO-74-C-267
LESTER, ORIN N.                         MO-74-E-159
LINDSAY, AMANDA M.                      MO-74-E-134
LINDSAY, JOHN H.                        MO-74-D-547
LINEBAUGH, FRANCIS M.                   MO-74-D-72
LITTLER, ISAIAH W.                      MO-74-E-318
LITTZ, LEONARD                          MO-74-C-104
LLOYD, MARY A.                          MO-74-C-306
LLOYD, MARY A.                          MO-74-C-164
LOCH, EVA B.                            MO-74-D-175
LOGAN, ANNA C.                          MO-74-E-363
LUTZ, JACOB                             MO-74-C-101
LYLE, HUGH                              MO-74-D-553
LYLE, JAMES                             MO-74-C-335
LYNCH, MARY                             MO-74-C-370
LYTLE, JOHN W.                          MO-74-D-155
MACKWELL, CHRISTINA                     MO-74-D-469
MALONE, THOMAS                          MO-74-C-319
MALOTT, AUGUSTUS F.                     MO-74-D-63
MALOTT, IDA                             MO-74-D-133
MANELA, JAMES                           MO-74-C-15
MANLEY, HARRISON                        MO-74-D-10
MANLY, LEBBUS                           MO-74-C-32
MANN, LEWIS J.                          MO-74-D-157
MARKER, ISAAC                           MO-74-C-67
MARLEY, RACHEL                          MO-74-D-42
MARSHALL, LEWIS                         MO-74-E-477
MARTIN, JOHN H.                         MO-74-D-47
MASTERS, GEORGE SR.                     MO-74-E-446
MAWHORTER, THOMAS                       MO-74-C-96
MCCARTY, THOMAS R.                      MO-74-E-365
MCCASKEY, NOAH                          MO-74-C-394
MCCORD, DAVID A.                        MO-74-C-49
MCCORD, WILLIAM                         MO-74-C-39
MCCORD, WILLIAM H.                      MO-74-C-82
MCCORMICK, THOMAS F.                    MO-74-E-173
MCDANIEL, MARY                          MO-74-C-407
MCDAUGHERTY, WILLIAM                    MO-74-C-158
MCDOWELL, THOMAS L.                     MO-74-D-340
MCDOWELL, WILLIAM                       MO-74-C-224
MCFARLAND, MARY E.                      MO-74-D-33
MCGLOTHLAN, WILLIAM                     MO-74-D-167
MCGREW, SIMON N.                        MO-74-D-537
MCGUIRE, JOHN                           MO-74-C-161
MCKEE, THOMAS J.                        MO-74-E-275
MCKEE, WARNER                           MO-74-C-314
MCLAIN, JAMES                           MO-74-C-6
MCMILLEN, MARY S.                       MO-74-D-431
MCNEAL, JAMES G.                        MO-74-E-42
MCQUARY, PLEASANT                       MO-74-C-118
MCQUINN, MAURICE                        MO-74-E-425
MCROBERTS, HENRY M.                     MO-74-C-329
MCZINGO, SILAS                          MO-74-C-332
MELVIN, JAMES                           MO-74-D-260
MERSCHER, BERNHARD HENRY                MO-74-D-119
MERSHER, JOHN HENRY                     MO-74-D-230
MEYER, ELIZABETH                        MO-74-C-298
MEYER, LUDWIG                           MO-74-C-190
MICHEL, CASPER                          MO-74-D-399
MILLER, ARTEMUS                         MO-74-E-269
MILLER, ISAAC                           MO-74-D-532
MILLER, JOHN F.                         MO-74-C-323
MILLER, ORRIN                           MO-74-D-407
MOFFAT, CATHARINE                       MO-74-E-481
MOFFAT, JAMES                           MO-74-D-539
MOFFITT, IRENA                          MO-74-D-416
MOFFITT, JAMES F. C.                    MO-74-D-578
MOORE, LEVOZIER                         MO-74-C-243
MOORE, WARREN S.                        MO-74-E-300
MORAN, BRYAN                            MO-74-D-215
MOREHOUSE, MARTHA E.                    MO-74-E-123
MOREMAN, CATHARINE S.                   MO-74-E-107
MOREMAN, THBOMAS S.                     MO-74-E-116
MORGAN, ADONIJAH                        MO-74-D-223
MORGAN, JOHN B.                         MO-74-C-20
MORGAN, WILLIAM WHITE                   MO-74-D-162
MORRIS, JAMES                           MO-74-C-217
MOSS, SOLOMON                           MO-74-E-380
MOSS, SOLOMON COLUMBUS                  MO-74-E-263
MOTTER, DAVID B.                        MO-74-C-293
MURRY, WASHINGTON G.                    MO-74-E-427
NAPER, WILLIAM                          MO-74-D-159
NATHMAN, JOHN                           MO-74-D-328
NEELY, THOMAS                           MO-74-C-130
NEFF, ANDREW H.                         MO-74-E-432
NEFF, SAMUEL                            MO-74-C-325
NELSON, JACOB                           MO-74-E-527
NEWCOMER, WILLIAM                       MO-74-E-265
NEWLON, IRA B.                          MO-74-E-102
NICHOLAS, JOAB                          MO-74-E-504
NOFFINGER, PETER                        MO-74-B-128
NOFSINGER, PETER                        MO-74-D-27
NORMAN, WESLEY                          MO-74-E-473
ODONNELL, WILLIAM                       MO-74-D-209
OLMSTEAD, ARVILLA                       MO-74-D-325
OLMSTEAD, JOHN W.                       MO-74-E-207
OREILLY, MATTHEW                        MO-74-E-48
OSBORN, WILLIAM                         MO-74-E-99
OTIS, MERRILL                           MO-74-D-136
OVERMAN, JOHN                           MO-74-C-210, 218
PAINE, ALMIRA                           MO-74-C-223
PARCHER, LYMAN                          MO-74-D-335
PARKER, ASA M.                          MO-74-B-126
PATTERSON, ROBERT B.                    MO-74-C-206
PATTON, THOMAS                          MO-74-B-100
PEIRCE, ANDREW                          MO-74-D-567
PENCE, JAMES H.                         MO-74-E-467
PERRY, OCTAVE (M.D.)                    MO-74-C-379
PETTYJOHN, WILLIAM                      MO-74-D-342
PFEIFER, JOHN                           MO-74-E-4
PHIPPS, JOHN H.                         MO-74-E-324
PICKEREL, JOEL                          MO-74-B-106
PITTMAN, LOVINA C.                      MO-74-C-151
PORTER, JOHN S.                         MO-74-D-19
PORTER, WILLIAM L.                      MO-74-C-317
PORTERFIELD, JULINA                     MO-74-E-153
POTTER, CHARLES H.                      MO-74-C-322
POWELL, NATHAN                          MO-74-C-276
POWELL, WILLIAM                         MO-74-E-147
PRATHER, ISAAC NEWTON SR.               MO-74-C-3
PRATHER, JAMES B.                       MO-74-D-183
QUIRK, JOHN                             MO-74-E-149
RADFORD, BUCKNER M.                     MO-74-D-90
RAINEY, THOMAS G.                       MO-74-E-71
RAPER, HENRY                            MO-74-D-379
RAY, SAMUEL H.                          MO-74-C-87
REA, ROBERT                             MO-74-C-135
REAKSECKER, ISAAC                       MO-74-E-295
REDDICK, ELIJAH                         MO-74-E-189
REYNOLDS, ALEXANDER C.                  MO-74-D-517
REYNOLDS, SARAH J.                      MO-74-E-444
RIDGEWAY, SAMUEL L.                     MO-74-D-217
RIMEL, NATHAN J.                        MO-74-D-57
RINGOLD, LUDWELL C.                     MO-74-D-6
RITCHLIN, IGNATIUS                      MO-74-C-254
ROBERTS, ANDREW                         MO-74-C-71
ROBERTS, JESSE                          MO-74-B-115
ROBINSON, BARTLEY                       MO-74-D-545
ROBINSON, RICHARD P.                    MO-74-D-489
ROBINSON, THEODORE L.                   MO-74-D-385
ROBISON, WILLIAM M.                     MO-74-E-233
RODMAN, CORNELIUS                       MO-74-D-35
ROME, STEWART MONCRIEFF                 MO-74-D-186
RONEY, HENRY                            MO-74-E-459
ROSEBERRY, T. E.                        MO-74-D-250
RUSNOGLE, JOHN                          MO-74-E-533
SAVILLE, ELLEN G.                       MO-74-E-64
SCHMIDT, HENRY                          MO-74-D-491
SCHMIDT, JOHN                           MO-74-C-362
SCHOLL, JOSEPH                          MO-74-D-151
SCOTT, DAVID B.                         MO-74-C-258
SCOWDEN, WILLIAM                        MO-74-D-279
SCWEIKHARDT, FREDERICK B.               MO-74-E-590
SEELER, PETER                           MO-74-C-51
SEVERS, DANIEL F.                       MO-74-E-15
SEXTON, NANCY                           MO-74-E-62
SHAMBERGER, JOHN                        MO-74-D-240
SHANKS, WILLIAM S.                      MO-74-E-39
SHARP, HENRY                            MO-74-B-109
SHAW, AARON                             MO-74-D-314
SHAW, MONTGOMERY P.                     MO-74-C-148
SHEA, JEREMIAH                          MO-74-D-409
SHEA, PATRICK                           MO-74-C-374
SHEIRBON, JOHN                          MO-74-D-391
SHELMAN, ADAM N.                        MO-74-E-21
SHELTON, ALBERT                         MO-74-C-92
SHEPHERD, ALLEN                         MO-74-C-377
SHEPHERD, FRANKLIN                      MO-74-C-183
SHEPHERD, THOMAS F.                     MO-74-E-212
SHINABARGER, WILLIAM B.                 MO-74-E-370
SHORT, HEZEKIAH B.                      MO-74-D-562
SHRADER, PETER                          MO-74-C-346
SHROYER, WILLIAM                        MO-74-C-231
SIMONS, CLOVIS N.                       MO-74-C-138
SKIDMORE, DANIEL                        MO-74-C-384
SKIDMORE, HAMILTON                      MO-74-D-558
SKOUDEN, JOHN                           MO-74-D-111
SLATER, MARTIN M.                       MO-74-D-257
SMAIL, JOHN                             MO-74-C-308
SMENY, MILES                            MO-74-C-391
SMITH, BASHA A.                         MO-74-E-326
SMITH, CALEB P.                         MO-74-D-100
SMITH, DAVIS N.                         MO-74-D-441
SMITH, JAMES                            MO-74-D-483
SMITH, JOHN C.                          MO-74-C-147
SMITH, JOSEPH                           MO-74-C-197
SMITH, MICHAEL H.                       MO-74-D-25
SMITH, SARAH                            MO-74-D-541
SMITH, WILLIAM V.                       MO-74-D-237
SNODGRASS, ROBERT                       MO-74-E-518
SPEIDEL, JACOB                          MO-74-D-173
STAPLE, HATTIE                          MO-74-D-480
STEPHENSON, JESSE                       MO-74-C-12
STINCH, JOHN H.                         MO-74-D-460
STINE, JOHN                             MO-74-C-112
STINSON, WINNIE                         MO-74-D-4
STOCKTON, THOMAS J.                     MO-74-E-248
STONEBRAKER, JOHN                       MO-74-B-101
STURTEVANT, JENNIE L.                   MO-74-E-279
SUTER, SANTA                            MO-74-D-358
SWANK, CORNELIUS                        MO-74-C-133
TALBOT, PERRY H.                        MO-74-C-233
TAYLOR, ISAAC W.                        MO-74-D-571
TAYLOR, MARGARET                        MO-74-D-503
TEESE, GEORGE F.                        MO-74-D-199
THILL, HENRY                            MO-74-C-386
THOMAS, MILAM                           MO-74-D-401
THOMPSON, JOSEPH P.                     MO-74-C-304
THRASHER, ORLENA                        MO-74-D-290
THROCKMORTON, CHARLES A.                MO-74-E-8
THROCKMORTON, WILLIAM                   MO-74-D-582
THULL, NICHOLAS                         MO-74-D-426
TIMMONS, MARTHA                         MO-74-D-80
TOLIVER, WILLIAM                        MO-74-C-116
TOWNSEND, HALSTEAD S.                   MO-74-E-255
TRAINOR, MICHAEL                        MO-74-C-331
TULLER, EUPHAMIE R.                     MO-74-C-398
TURNER, GEORGE W.                       MO-74-E-390
TURNER, JOHN G.                         MO-74-C-287
TYLER, LAFAYETTE                        MO-74-C-89
VANBUREN, EDWARD                        MO-74-E-216
VANHORN, A. W.                          MO-74-E-143
VANSTAVEN                               MO-74-C-122
VAUGHAN, JOHN                           MO-74-D-141
VAUGHAN, MARY                           MO-74-D-434
VAUGHN, HANNAH B.                       MO-74-E-355
VINSONHOLER, JACOB                      MO-74-C-44
VOELKER, CHRISTIAN                      MO-74-E-508
WALLACE, AARON M.                       MO-74-D-498
WALSH, PATRICK                          MO-74-D-277
WALTERS, ELISHA                         MO-74-C-150
WALWORTH, DENISON G.                    MO-74-C-172
WAMPLER, JOSIAH                         MO-74-D-127
WARCHIME, JOHN                          MO-74-C-186
WARE, JEHU                              MO-74-D-221
WARE, JOHN H.                           MO-74-D-13
WARNICK, WILLIAM                        MO-74-E-496
WASHINGTON, JOHN                        MO-74-D-569
WEATHERMAN, ISAAC NEWTON                MO-74-C-43
WEATHERMAN, LEWIS WILLIAM               MO-74-C-300
WEAVER, DELOSS                          MO-74-C-10
WEBER, ANDREW                           MO-74-C-159
WEBER, MARY J.                          MO-74-E-488
WEIDMAN, ALBERT                         MO-74-D-526
WELSH, JOHN P.                          MO-74-D-31
WEST, JOSHUA                            MO-74-C-18
WESTFALL, CHRISTIAN H.                  MO-74-E-112
WESTFALL, CLAUDE R.                     MO-74-D-377
WHALEY, JULIA ANN                       MO-74-D-207
WHITE, JAMES M.                         MO-74-D-235
WHITE, WILLIAM                          MO-74-D-436
WHITENACK, FURDELIA                     MO-74-E-556
WILCOX, GEORGE W.                       MO-74-D-373
WILDING, THEODORE J.                    MO-74-D-467
WILLSON, JOHN W.                        MO-74-C-22
WILSON, GEORGE                          MO-74-C-114
WILSON, HIRAM D.                        MO-74-E-69
WILSON, JOHND.                          MO-74-D-446
WILSON, MARY                            MO-74-D-555
WILSON, MARY C.                         MO-74-E-341
WILSON, QUINTON                         MO-74-E-441
WILSON, THOMAS P.                       MO-74-C-396
WING, ELIZABETH O.                      MO-74-C-171
WIRTH, ALOYS                            MO-74-E-493
WIRTH, JOHN                             MO-74-E-511
WISSER, GEORGE                          MO-74-D-383
WISSLEAD, EDWARD                        MO-74-E-162
WOMDER. KPMATJAM                        MO-74-E-252
WOOD, ABIGAIL C.                        MO-74-E-227
WOOD, MARY J.                           MO-74-D-30
WOOD, NIMROD                            MO-74-D-201
WOOD, SAMUEL J.                         MO-74-D-145
WOODS, CONRAD                           MO-74-D-251
WORKMAN, JOHN                           MO-74-E-304
WORTH, GIDEON B.                        MO-74-C-302
WRIGHT, ELENORA E.                      MO-74-D-330
YEOMANS, ELISHA B.                      MO-74-C-295
YOUNGER, HENRY J.                       MO-74-D-450

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